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crunchy Brussels sprout salad

Maybe it’s the current political climate or maybe it’s wanting to start the new year off with some renewed focus on what I’m eating…but I’ve been craving colorful, textural food.

everything bagel-spiced brussels sprouts

everything bagel-spiced brussels sprouts | running with tweezers I blame Turkey and the Wolf in New Orleans for this.

Instant Pot Sweet Potato, Carrot and Red Lentil Soup

It’s been quiet around here. For most of the past year, it had been pretty quiet in my kitchen – as far as my own cooking was concerned.

Cookbook Favorites 2016 – the annual giveaway!

It’s been pretty quiet around here, friends. For that, I am sorry. 2016 has been an incredible year and an incredibly busy one.

currently – february 2016

recipes i’m obsessed with: i love a creamy green soup. this roasted cauliflower kale soup is a beauty.

currently – january 2016

recipes i’m obsessed with: these shoyu ahi tuna poke quinoa bowls from i am a food blog. pretty much all of my favorite things in one dish.

tulum, mexico – december 2015

Of all the posts I’ve done on RWT, the travel-related ones have been some of the most popular. I’ve had countless emails/tweets/IG comments about recommendations for Tulum, Mexico – a place we’ve been three years in a row.

making everything a salad

I’m knocking out two of my 2016 goals with one post here – to get back to blogging again more regularly here in the New Year…as well as trying to get in more vegetables wherever I see that I can.

Cookbook Favorites 2015 – and my annual giveaway!

Every December since 2011 here on RWT, I highlight my favorite cookbooks and then give some away to a lucky reader.

my love of Brussels sprouts and things on bread

This recipe is pretty much a mashup of all my current favorite things in life: throwing things on flatbreads, recipes that are hardly recipes at all, cheese and Brussels sprouts.

simple | luxury

I was on location last week at Cakes & Ale (a wonderful restaurant in Atlanta – do yourselves a favor and go) and I turned to the chef, Billy Allin and said “This might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever said…but I have a white truffle at home.

can’t get this salad out of my head

It’s been a week or two since I’ve been back from Lummi Island…and I cannot for the life of me get this salad out of my head.

where the wild things are | lummi island, washington

I’ve tried for days to think of the words to describe the workshop weekend I just experienced in Lummi Island, Washington with Martin Hyers and Andrea Gentl.

a new way with Brussels sprouts

We’ve decided to go back to Tulum this year – for Christmas rather than a September trip – and I’m already doing what I know best when traveling: trawling through related hashtags on Instagram looking for the inside scoop on new places.

my essential summer salad

Another recipe with tomatoes in it. I know, I know. Fear not – the nasty, mildewy blight that has stricken my tomatoes has rendered them bare.

the easiest summer gazpacho

my first gazpacho of the summer. i can’t believe it’s taken me until August to make one. it’s just too darned hot to cook, frankly…and now that i’m home for a stretch…making a batch of this to have on hand for easy (and cold) lunches was much welcome.

remembering life BK

i’m sat here trying to form sentences. bleary-eyed still after two cups of coffee and an afternoon Diet Coke (something that is not a habit for me – afternoon caffeine is a big no).

tomatoes all dressed up for summer

the summer garden is in full swing and our tomato plants are bountiful beyond my wildest dreams. it’s an embarrassment of riches that I take a lot of joy in photographing and likely oversharing on Instagram.

A 2-day food photo & styling workshop with Helene Dujardin in Birmingham, AL – April 25th & 26th!

I’ve gotten so many emails in the past few months from folks asking whether I’d be helping to teach any food styling workshops this year.

put an egg on it

A current trend around our house is the Mexican-ish breakfast. Mexfast? In the small town we live in now, our only options for breakfast are the local coffee shop (they do make a mean biscuit, though!