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Ten Small Ways To Be Happy

We all need a little spark of a reminder sometimes.  A little confetti in the air.  A little whipped cream on top.

Let It Be Sunday, 132!

Hello my friends!  Welcome to what we hope to make a fine day in the world.  Let’s be kind to one another, remembering that we’re all beating hearts and soaring souls in the world seeking love and safety.

Gumbo Poutine

It’s going to take me years, likely, the rest of my life to master the nuance of New Orleans cooking.

Let It Be Sunday, 131!

Hello sweet friends, How has this week been for you? I feel like I’m in observer mode these past two-handful of days, watching people sort of tumble around me with this and that.

My Ten Favorite Things in Detroit

It was about 4 hours into my visit to Detroit that I realized I was in one of America’s greatest cities.

Baked Coconut Crusted Fish Tacos

Tacos; everyday.  Because corn tortillas last an astonishingly long time in the refrigerator and taste just as good toasted as they do fried.

Let It Be Sunday, 130!

Hello sweet friends! I’m back in New Orleans after a few of the most fantastic summer days in Detroit, Michigan.

Lavender Brioche French Toast

We’re going to take the scenic route to breakfast.   Don’t worry, I do this often in life… usually it’s because I’m stubborn and I don’t like to use the navigation app on my phone.

10 Things I Do To Survive Airplane Travel

At least once a month I’ll find myself in a line at the airport, shoving a small container of my folded belongings through an x-ray machine hoping they make it, without suspicion, to meet me on the other side.

Let It Be Sunday, 129!

Hello sweet friends.  Happy Sunday. Welcome to it!   Two things:  one about television, one not about television.

Double Chocolate Sunflower Cupcakes

I love catalogs.   Both of my parents worked at the post office when I was young. Beyond that it seemed like they were fans of mail in general because it sure did feel like we got a lot of it, catalogs especially.

Let It Be Sunday, 128!

Hello friends!  I hope this Sunday morning finds you happy and well.  I’ve been in Denver for the past few days where I’ve walked up a mountain with a new friend, eaten the best friend chicken sandwich (not hyperbolic) at Stoweaway, and visited the art museum and botanic gardens.

Strawberry Raspberry Rosé Slushies

I’ve come to love a New Orleans summer.  It’s an unapologetic heat that will wear you out on the real-quick.

Let It Be Sunday, 127!

Hello my friends!   Welcome to the weekend!   I spent a few days in Philadelphia last week (it’s been a minute since my last visit) and the city has exploded in overgrown green and off the shoulder dresses and just some very fine summer living.

Simple Jam Hand Pies

I grew up in a family of tremendous home bakers, but I’ll tell you what-  there’s nothing you could tell 8 year old Joy to sway her from the indisputable fact that the best pies came dangerously hot, in a precisely folded paper container, filled with apple flavoring in a delightfully crisp crust from McDonald’s.

Let It Be Sunday, 126!

Hello sweet friends.   This might find some of you enjoying an all-American holiday weekend, and if that is the case… I hope you’re feeling relaxed and easy and certainly not following the man in the White House on Twitter.

Notes on Homemade Ice Cream: Make it!

We’re staring lovingly at a holiday weekend and I hope that means you have some time to rest and play.

Saltine Cracker-Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

I just bought a car with seat heaters. I don’t know.  It’s the middle of summer and I found myself up again the ‘you need to buy a car now’ wall and so I’m working it out, flexing my adult muscles, and troubling every car salesman deeply concerned that I’m approaching car buying without a husband by my side.

Let It Be Sunday, 125!

Hello sweet friends.   I’m glad you’re here. I feel lucky that you allow me to be part of your Sunday routine.

Party Time; Excellent! Snack Mix

I want you to know that I know that this is aggressive.  We’re taking humble Chex Mix and kicking it into high gear… and then we’re naming it after Wayne’s World.