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Pad Phai (a.k.a. Pad Thai Pie)

When my friend Ray challenged me to make Pad Phai (Pad Thai Pie), I smirked and couldn’t resist accepting.

Gooey Sticky Sweet King Cake Pecan Pie

“Beads!! Beads!!” the Mardi Gras parade-goers chant.  Forget that!  I say, “Pie!!  Pie!!”  I’m talking about the ultimate Mardi Gras dessert – King Cake Pecan Pie.

Loaded Funfetti Dessert Nachos

This may be the Super Bowl dessert of all Super Bowl desserts – I made cookie dessert nachos, you guys!

Chocolate Rum Cupcakes with Chocolate Mousse Frosting

Sometimes cupcake recipes can go frosting-free, the cake a perfect dessert all on its own.  These chocolate rum cupcakes, however, should always be presented as a package deal with their chocolate mousse frosting.

What Do You Think?

Can you believe it’s 2015?  I still remember when the year 2000 seemed so far away and futuristic (Where are the flying cars, people?

EASY 3 Ingredient Brazlian Coconut Clusters

Of all of the Cookie Project cookies that I’ve made, these Brazilian coconut clusters are by far the easiest.

No Bake Crispy Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies

“When can you make those cookies again?”  my husband asked.  ”Those cookies” referred to these no bake crispy chocolate peanut butter bacon cookies.

Lemon Poppy Seed Sandwich Cookies

Poppy seed filling is seldom used in American cookies.  In fact, the only time I see it with regularity is in Hamantashen, and even then, I’d never heard of someone making the poppy seed filling from scratch.

Nuts in a Blanket

I just learned that at 38 I’m middle-aged.  Someone had to tell me.  I guess I thought that middle age was 50 (we’re all going to live to at least 100, right?

Roasted Chestnut Cookies with Cocoa and Caramel

As many of you know, I grew up in New York.  While St. Louis is now my home, I still spend lots of time in the Big Apple.

Hot Milk and Honey for a Sore Throat Sniffles Day

With a son in preschool, cold weather means sniffles and fevers and persistent coughs that never seem to go away until the flowers bud in early spring.

Peppernut Snowmen Cookies

Peppernut cookies, or Pfeffernusse in German, are traditionally tiny spice cookies (the size of a nut) and are loaded with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg.

Mini Cherry Turnover Cookies

I fully acknowledge that I have one of the best jobs in the world.  I stay home, bake desserts, and get paid for it.

Baked Brie Monkey Bread

Monkey bread looks simple enough – like a rustic Bundt cake.  It hides a secret: It is made of balls of cinnamon roll dough that you can rip off with your hands – allowing your family and friends to literally break bread together.

Chocolate Gingerbread Pretzel Cookies

Everything is better with chocolate – including gingerbread.  These chocolate gingerbread pretzel cookies have all of gingerbread’s spices with the addition of melted dark chocolate.

Chocolate Mousse Frosting – Dark, Decadent, and Creamy

What’s better than a bowl of chocolate mousse and a big spoon?  Chocolate mousse piped on top of your favorite cupcake!

Cherry Vanilla Cream Cheese Spritz Cookies

If a cookie is breathtaking, I jump to the conclusion that more effort was taken in its appearance than in its flavor.

Banana Bread Cookies with Hazelnuts and Dulce de Leche

These soft banana bread cookies taste just like mini banana breads. They may, perhaps, be better than banana bread – unless your banana bread is studded with chopped hazelnuts and drizzled with dulce de leche.Read the full article here

Two Must Try Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies – Soft and Crispy

I’ve baked all kinds of unique cookie recipes for my Cookie Project.  When I thought about including a gluten-free cookie, I realized that somebody following a gluten-free diet may just want a solid/dependable recipe for something basic like a chocolate chip cookie.

Streusel-Topped Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies are Christmas classics and I knew that I wanted to include some version of them in my cookie project.