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GREASE Answers and Winners!

Whoa—WHAT a fun quiz! I’m so glad there are so many Grease lovers out there. And the number of 100% scores was amazingly high for this quiz.

9 by Novogratz Giveaway!

Many of you may remember that a few years ago, Cortney and Robert Novogratz traveled to the ranch to convert an old storage room into a bedroom for our girls.

Big GREASE Quiz: Enter Now!

Time for the big GREASE movie quiz! There’s never been a movie like it since. I love you, Danny and Sandy!

My Favorite Blender!

Today, because I’m back from my trip, because I slept until 6:30 am and it felt really nice, because the weather is getting cooler, and because I love ya, I’m giving away three (3) Blentec blenders, each with an extra blender pitcher to make life worth living on busy cooking days!


This was taken shortly before I started blogging. I only owned a point-and-shoot camera then, and didn’t know anything about photography…but this is still one of my favorite photos of him.

Hotel Room Tour: Hotel Bel Air, Los Angeles

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to do photo tours of various hotel rooms on this section of my website.


I was running (okay, walking) Saturday evening (wait, was it Saturday? I think it was Saturday. At least I hope it was Saturday.

GREASE Movie Quiz: Tomorrow Night!

I can’t believe this hasn’t happened yet. It’s long overdue. The time has finally come. I’m having a GREASE movie quiz tomorrow night!

First Day of School – Over and Out!

By Heather Sanders While it may appear as though I took this photo in the morning, I snapped it around 2:00 pm, after checking on a load of laundry.

Takeoff and Landing

First of all: Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend of rest, relaxation, excitement, exercise, watching movies, dusting, eating…or whatever it is that you hoped to accomplish this weekend.

Shells & Cheese (and Bacon and Peas)

Sometimes you feel like making macaroni and cheese that involves making a roux, then making a white sauce, then adding cheese to making it a cheese sauce.

Community Question: Learning Styles?

Community Question is a category inspired by you. Here and there readers write in with questions that are better served by the varied, experiential knowledge of those who read and contribute in the comments.

1994 Movie Quiz: Answers and Winners!

Great job on the quiz, guys! Here are the stats, answers, and winners! STATS 5091 people took the quiz.


By Heather Sanders Change is hard, whether expected or not; it involves stepping outside of one’s comfort zone–sometimes into the unknown–and accepting a new normal.

1994 Movie Quiz: Enter Now!

Time for the 1994 Movie Quiz! Hard to believe these were released…gulp…twenty years ago!  : TO ENTER To enter, select the correct answer to each question below.

Chicken Quesadillas

Chicken Quesadillas are absolutely a go-to recipe in our household, but while I’ve made them on my show (and have posted different variations of quesadillas here through the years), I just realized yesterday that I’ve never posted the recipe!

Big 1994 Movie Quiz: Wednesday Night!

Warning: I’m getting ready to tell you something that’ll make you feel old. Are you emotionally prepared?

“Seriously Delish” Cookbook + Le Creuset Giveaway!

I have a sweet foodblogging friend named Jessica Merchant, and she has a blog called How Sweet Eats. Anyone who’s read Jessica’s blog for any length of time can tell you that there’s one phrase that can always be used to describe Jessica’s cooking: Seriously Delish.

Sweet Faces

Aw, I love these two girls. Albeit in slightly different ways.       Hooker’s a dog. Alex is…well, my daughter.

Orange Chicken

I made this Orange Chicken on my Food Network show a few weeks ago, and I just realized yesterday that I’d never shared the recipe here on my totes cray recipe blog.