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Little Ree Mini Tour! by Ree

I’m excited that my new children’s series, Little Ree, is released next Tuesday! Little Ree is a semi-autobiographical tale of my transition to country life after marriage, as seen through the eyes of a little girl names—wait for it—Ree!

Spring Fever Poll: Winners! by PW Fun & Learning

Thanks for taking our spring poll, everyone! So fun to know about all the grilling, flower-planting, weed-pulling, closet-cleaning, and spring-breaking you’re all doing!

Favorite Baking Tools: Kitchen Scale by Joanne

While most American baking recipes don’t require you to have a kitchen scale, I absolutely love having one.

Spring Fever Poll! by PW Fun & Learning

Spring is in the air! The sun is showing its face more often, and we’re getting excited for gardening, organizing, dyeing eggs and just being outside more!

How to Make Milk Kefir by Erica

Kefir is an amazing health food. It contains probiotics that are good for your gut and good for your mind.

Blossom Jubilee Giveaway! by Ree

The Pioneer Woman spring line is popping up in Walmart stores all over this great land of ours, and I think you are going to go crazy for the new dinnerware patterns!

Passing Along My Habits by Ree

Bryce and I were driving home to the ranch the other evening and were smacked in the face by this gorgeous sunset!

9 Tips for Back-of-the-Bag Chocolate Chip Cookies by Bridget

For me, the chocolate chip cookie has no equal. It’s buttery, it’s sweet, it’s salty, it’s chewy, it’s chocolaty, it’s PERFECTION.

Green Things: Answers and Winners! by PW Fun & Learning

Great job on green things, guys! And happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here are the stats, answers, and winners.

Potluck o’ the Irish! by PW Food & Friends

It’s Friday! And it’s not just any Friday. Today, rivers will be dyed green, Guinness taps will flow a little more freely, and more than 100 parades will be held all across the United States.

Green Things Quiz: Enter Now! by PW Fun & Learning

Here we go with green for St. Paddy’s, everyone! Good luck (of the Irish!)! TO ENTER To enter the quiz, answer the questions below and submit your answers.

Spring Break by Ree

When the kids were really little, I could sometimes sneak spring break past them. Since we homeschooled, they were unaware that there was such a thing as “spring break” and even though I’d sort of take it easier, we’d still keep going with reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic so their brains wouldn’t get rusty.

How to Make Slow Cooker Caramelized Onions by Sommer

Rich silky caramelized onions. What could be more perfect spooned over pork or steaks? Or how about served with cheese and sausage on a charcuterie board?

Spring Dinnerware Giveaway! by Ree

The online launch of the P.W. spring collection was last week, but this week is when you’ll start finding it in stores!

Green Things Quiz: Wednesday Night! by PW Fun & Learning

On St. Patrick’s Day, we bring out the green! Green clothes, green beer, maybe even green eggs and ham!

My Top 15 Baking Tips by Erica

Baking involves a fair amount of skills to pull off successfully. There are many techniques you need to master.

Four $300 Pioneer Woman Shopping Sprees! by Ree

My new spring line launched online yesterday, and will start launching in stores over this coming week.

Blueberry Cinnamon Crumb Baked French Toast by Meseidy

There are obvious reasons to love baked french toast—mainly because it’s french toast, and french toast is one of the best breakfast foods ever created.

Thank You…and Here’s a Dinner Idea! by Ree

First things first! Thank you so very much for your incredible input/suggestions for my cookbook title last week.

Wednesday by Ree

First of all, I would just like to commend myself on the incredibly creative spin I put on blog post titles.