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Need It: Roberta’s Pizza x Mishka Shirt and Hat Collab

When we said Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout was the only Black Friday item you should care about, we were wrong.

Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout: The Only Black Friday Item You Should Care About

You could line up for a discounted TV at Walmart on Friday. But if you’re anything like us, you’ll be waking up early to cop Goose Island’s revered Bourbon County Brand barrel-aged stouts.

The Only 5 Tips You Need to Survive Thanksgiving Cooking

Anyone can bring a side dish to a Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) feast, but if you’re the one preparing the turkey, there’s a whole lot of tradition that needs to be accounted for.

The Luxurious Life of a Presidential Turkey

Being the leader of the free world might be the toughest job around, but President Obama has at least one easy and rather pleasant responsibility today: Officially “pardoning” a pair of turkeys.

The 25 Best Bars in NYC Right Now

Your one-stop guide to the city's most notable cocktail joints, beer haunts, wine bars, and dives. The post The 25 Best Bars in NYC Right Now appeared first on First We Feast.

Watch Pre-Famous Guy Fieri Selling Car Mufflers on TV

Terrifying picture of Guy Fieri with normal hair, FOH. These awkward commercials in which Fieri shills Flowmaster car mufflers are a hundred times more incredible.

Totino’s Just Did Amazing Things With Buzzfeed’s “Unusable Stock Photos”

How do you top Tim & Eric’s insane Totino’s Pizza rolls ad, if you’re Totino’s?

This Turkey Is Running On A Treadmill For Science, Not Dinner (Video)

Did you know that wild turkeys are actually pretty fast at running? Neither did we, until we saw this video and started reading about the accompanying research of Dr.

Thanksgiving Remix: Marc Forgione’s Turkey Under a Cinder Block (Video)

When Marc Forgione says he wants to show you how to cook a 16-pound turkey under a cinder block, you don’t ask questions.

GIF Tutorial: How to Carve a Turkey

Note: This story originally ran last year (along with a guide to trussing your bird), but we thought you might need a refresher course.

BioBus is the UK’s First Food Waste and Human Poop-Powered Bus

The UK currently has a bus running between Bristol Airport and Bath city center that’s powered by food waste and human feces (or poop).

Attention, Yolk Lovers: Double-Yolk Eggs Are Now Available By The Dozen

If you’re the kind of egg lover who dreams of bathing in drippy yolk or hollandaise sauce, listen up: Grub Street writer Hugh Merwin just spotted double-yolk eggs for sale by the dozen at Brooklyn’s Gourmanoff.

Video: RZA Plugs Veganism for PETA

Wu Tang Clan’s new LP, “A Better Tomorrow,” is finally being released in one week’s time. And rapper RZA is promoting it in an unusual way: by coming out for a meatless lifestyle in a PETA video.

Is Advertising for a “Hostess” Sexist? The City of New York Thinks So

Be careful what you type. Italian restaurant Sistina on the Upper East Side has been slapped with a $5,000 penalty by New York’s Commission on Civil Rights for its choice of words.

Don’t Trip: Pilgrims Did Not Eat Pumpkin Pie or Turkey on Thanksgiving

Today’s Thanksgiving meal—turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie—looks a lot different than the feast Wampanoag Indians and Pilgrims ate in 1621.

Joey Chestnut Smashes Turkey Eating Record at Competition

I once watched Joey Chestnut eat 25 half-size pastrami sandwiches from Katz’s Deli in ten minutes. It was awesome in the true sense of the word, in that it inspired in me admiration, respect, and fear (tinged with disgust).

Ordering Siberia: Exploring the Menu’s Most Improbable Option

Dining out involves grappling with countless variables before you even order. Is your reservation at a civilized hour?

Check Out these Colorful, Surreal ‘Faux Food’ Photos from Cecille Chavez

Doughnuts and iced coffee floating through the air. Chili peppers descending upon a hot dog. Melbourne-based photog Cecille Chavez‘s ‘Faux Food’ series is like a trip to the pantry while dreaming (or on acid).

You Can Now Search New York Times Recipes by Emoji

The New York Times‘ Cooking site has seen some major technological upgrades in recent months, but nothing compares to this bombshell that editor Sam Sifton just dropped on us: The cynical among us will immediately wonder how low we’ve sunk as… The post You Can Now Search New York Times Recipes by Em

These Two Machines Want To Automate Home Brewing for Everyone

If you’re interested in home brewing, but just couldn’t get into traditional methods because you didn’t have the time or patience, two new automated home brewing systems called Brewbot and PicoBrew Zymatic may interest you.