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Cheesecake Factory Servers Make the Worst ‘Fancy’ Parody Imaginable

We apologize in advance for having you watch this awful Iggy Azalea ‘Fancy’ parody video, brought to you by the employees of a Buffalo, NY Cheesecake Factory.

How National Chocolate Intake Corresponds to Nobel Laureates

In a somewhat tongue-in-cheek move, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study called “Chocolate Consumption, Cognitive Function, and Nobel Laureates,” which included the above infographic.

Kobayashi Challenges a Tiny Hamster to a Hot Dog-Eating Contest

Competitive eater Kobayashi is a machine.

Peeved Pizza Restaurant Employee Rubs Junk on Pizza

Here’s how to avoid finding a pubic hair in your dinner: Don’t order it right before closing time.

Starbucks Is Testing A New “Mini” Frappuccino Size

It turns out that not everything is bigger in Texas. Houston is one of the markets where Starbucks is currently testing its new “Mini” Frappuccino size, according to Starbucks Melody.

Watch Abbi and Ilana of ‘Broad City’ Smoke Up and Eat Cereal

Prepare to get meta: Comedy Central’s Broad City is using a web series to tease the next season of its television series which began as a web series.

PBS Breaks Down The Science of Beer Making

Remember that dude in college who tried to make beer in his dorm room?

Awesome Beer Packaging Matches Beer Colors with Their Pantone Shades

Spanish creative agency Txaber has come out with a beer packaging design concept that pairs the color of each type of beer with its corresponding Pantone shade.

Portland’s Breakside Brewing Pushes the Boundaries of IPAs with Liquid Nitrogen-Blasted Fresh Hops

While fall means pumpkin beers for some people, IPA lovers know that the true star of autumnal drinking is fresh-hopped ales.

How Does Food Influence Our Dreams?

Will tonight's meal influence your dreams? We enlisted Dr. Gary Wenk, author of Your Brain on Food, to help us figure out the link between diet and dreaming.

You Can Now Get Cold-Brew Coffee with Hops in It

There’s plenty of common ground between fans of craft beer and fans of small-batch coffee, but combining the two generally falls to the brewers, who deploy java in coffee stouts and other hyper-charged ales.

Coca-Cola Brings Back Surge Thanks to Some Dudes on Facebook

Get out your mood rings and frost your tips, ’90s kids: Coca-Cola has brought back Surge soda after a 12-year hiatus.

Skoshbox Is A Subscription Service For All Your Japanese Snack Needs

From all-black burgers to genre-bending vending machines, it’s tough to deny that Japan rules the snacking universe.

Food Porn Can Fill You Up with Virtual Calories, Says Science

Good news, weight watchers: New research shows that you don’t need to eat food to feel full, you can also just look at it.

Watch Competitive Eaters Crush Cannolis to the Strains of Pavarotti (Video)

Last week, the zeppole stands and carnival games invaded the streets of Little Italy once again for the 88th Annual Feast of San Gennaro—a 10-day festival that celebrates Italian-American culture in NYC.

Watch This Thai Restaurateur School You On Proper Thai Food Etiquette (Video)

You might be skilled with chopsticks, and you might like showing off those skills whenever you go out to eat Asian food.

Queen Martha to Gwyneth Paltrow: Fall Back, Ma—I Run This Lifestyle Sh*t

In case we haven’t made it abundantly clear in the past, Martha Stewart is a G. She is beautiful, she is bawdy, and she is possibly the oldest white woman to ever be referenced on a Jay Z track.

Which Professions Have the Most Voracious Coffee Drinkers?

According to a study of 10,000 professionals, the most coffee-obsessed field is journalism. The survey, conducted by the UK-based press company Pressat, shows that 70% of respondents feel their working ability is at least partially reliant on their daily cup of coffee.… The post Which Professions Have the Most Voracious Coffee Drinkers?

The 10 Dishes That Made My Career: Marc Vetri

On occasion, Marc Vetri’s father would labor for hours over spaghetti with crab, a feast that lured in the neighbors.

The Road to al Pastor: Playing Chess Against Yourself

Alex Stupak is the James Beard-nominated chef and owner of Empellón Cocina and Empellón Taqueria in New York City.