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Burger King Russia Tries Out Controversial Advertising Technique

Burger King is the most-lit fast-food chain in the world. This is fact.

McDonald’s will Start Testing All-Day Breakfast on 4/20

McDonald’s announced last month that it would test out all-day breakfast in an undisclosed “domestic market.” Word comes from Burger Business that starting Monday, San Diego will get to order McMuffins and hash browns at any time of day or night.

HBO Documentary About NYC ‘Cannibal Cop’ Premieres at Tribeca Film Festival

A New York police officer who became known as the “Cannibal Cop” will give the public a taste of what’s really going on inside his mind.

Bell’s Brewery Trolls Budweiser With Bell’s Pumpkin Peach Ale

The mockery and indignation directed at Budweiser since it slammed craft beer makers and fans in a Super Bowl ad hasn’t died down—instead, it has fermented.

VIDEO: Wine Experts Taste Test Duck Dynasty and 50 Shades Wines

Upon tasting Duck Dynasty-themed Duck Commander Pink Moscato, Terroir manager Paul Grieco comments, “Nose-wise, it’s taking me back to a very bad place.

Our 5 Favorite Sandwiches in The Bronx

Photos by Liz Barclay (@liz_barclay) From early morning pick-me-ups (bodega bacon, egg, and cheese), to late-night drunk food (sloppy, over-sized parms), New York is a bonafide sandwich town.

Ridiculous Mashup Foods of the Week

We’re living in an age of mashup-food mania, a time in which a new frankenfood unveils itself everyday.

The Poutine Tornado is a “Natural Disaster for Your Taste Buds”

You may recognize Josh Elkin as the chef of Canadian YouTube cooking show Epic Meal Time. Elkin has invented a variety of poutine creations, including items like Poutine Dumplings and Deep-Fried Sushi Poutine.

Chipotle’s Customers Score as the Most “Liberal” in the Country

What are the political affiliations of the typical Taco Bell, Starbucks, and Chipotle customer? The Wall Street Journal pulled together a fascinating chart that shows the likeliness that a conservative, liberal, or “middle of the road” American will visit a specific chain restaurant.

A Meth Bust at a Georgia Burger King Makes It the Most-Lit Fast-Food Chain

East Ellijay, Georgia, a small town that’s situated at the foot of the Chattahootchee National Forest, has a Burger King that we’re assuming is no different than any other American Burger King…With the exception that its customers could buy meth… The post A Meth Bust at a Georgia Burger King Makes I

The Top 10 Restaurants at Google, Facebook, and Apple

Most of us are stoked about employee benefits like discounted gym memberships and 401K matching.

Drink This Toro y Moi Wine While Listening to a Playlist by Chaz Bundick

Before chillwave godfather Toro y Moi became popular, frontman Chaz Bundick graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in graphic design.

The Return of the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

Here at First We Feast, we’ve made a habit of tracking down the wonkiest, most eye-grabbing food mash-ups for the benefit of our your amusement.

Pure Caffeine Powder, a Potentially Deadly High, is Sold in Bulk Online

Most of us can’t get through our day without a hit or two of caffeine.

The State of the BBQ Union

A grease-covered, bespectacled pitster (pitmaster + hipster) by the name of Aaron Franklin is a semi-finalist for a 2015 James Beard Award in the category of Best Chef Southwest.

Former Playmate Pamela Anderson Serves Meat-Free Meals to Arizona Inmates

Former Playmate Pamela Anderson joined Phoenix sheriff Joe Arpaio to serve a meat-free meal to inmates at Pheonix’s Tent City jail this afternoon.

Watch Bourdain Pound Soju and Eat Korean BBQ With Salarymen

In the first episode of Parts Unknown season 5, Bourdain heads to South Korea to eat Korean BBQ with random salarymen. “My mission: to ingratiate myself with a group of total strangers,” he says.

Don’t Forget to File Your Taxes—And Also Your Pizza Return

Today is tax day, which means the guy dressed as the statue of Liberty who has been loudly soliciting people outside my window for two weeks can finally get lost.

Kind Bars are Healthy, Just Like “Free-Range” Farming is Natural

Kind bars market themselves as a healthy snack, which is why they can be found at gyms and fashion events where other snack bars are absent.

Americans Spend More on Dining Out than Groceries for First Time Ever

Most of the people reading this will order delivery or go out to eat tonight.