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A Colorado Dairy Queen Served A Lye-Laced Milkshake To A 7-Year-Old

It’s been a rough month for a couple of people who just wanted a tasty beverage, and instead got a slug of lye—a potent and poisonous industrial cleaner.

Arby’s Launches “Gyros” to Prove It’s Got More Than Roast Beef

In the never-ending fast food game, Arby’s has been a perpetual ‘also-ran.’ McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, KFC, and Chick-fil-A all have unique brand identities that most people who live in North America can identify.

Twitter Reacts to People Suffering in the Hamptons Due to Rosé Shortage

OMFG. Restaurants and wine shops in the Hamptons are running low on rosé, reported the NY Post yesterday.

Pinups & Pints is America’s First Strip Club Microbrewery

The Dayton City Paper investigates and reports on a curiously novel, unexpectedly racy find this week: a microbrewery by the name of Pinups & Pints.

Vine Magician Zach King Does Spectacular Things with Food

The Houdini of Vine makes waffles in his computer, prints pizza, and turns Peeps into live baby chicks.

This Just In: Calling a Girl Your “Cinnamon Apple” Won’t Stop Her From Leaving Your Sorry Ass

This week in Unfortunate Moments Captured on a Cellphone Camera, we have a distressed young man groveling at the car window of his former lover, who appears to have spurned him for a new beau.

Twitter Philosophers: Ferran Adrià vs. Jaden Smith

When a chef opens a oyster, is he cooking? — Ferran Adrià (@ferranadria) August 25, 2014 Food world luminary Ferran Adrià has only been on Twitter for a few months, but he has already revealed himself to be a… The post Twitter Philosophers: Ferran Adrià vs.

Beer with Baby: Modern Times Blazing World

Welcome to Beer with Baby, a column in which beer writer Joshua Bernstein reviews craft brews through the eyes of a tired, over-stressed parent.  Few things can drive a dad to drink quite like vacation.

For a Limited Time Only: Buy a 99-Pack of Beer for $99

Don’t know why we haven’t caught wind of everything that Austin Beerworks, a fascinating craft beer brewery based in Austin, Texas, has been doing all these years—but their newest product is explosive, to say the least.

Watch Drake Spoil Nicki Minaj with Cheez-Its and Cheetos

“All you gotta do is point. You want Nutella dip sticks? Your friend want something too?” These are words that many girls would like to hear Dizzy utter to them in the middle of a convenience store, no doubt.

Australian Pop-Up “Jafflechutes” To Parachute Grilled Cheeses in NYC

Melbourne-based pop-up restaurant Jafflechutes—the three-man team behind the world’s “first float-down eatery”—is making its epic return to New York City.

Uber Tests Meal Delivery with New ‘UberFRESH’ Service

Everyone's favorite taxi service company is sliding into the fast-food delivery game. The post Uber Tests Meal Delivery with New ‘UberFRESH’ Service appeared first on

Japanese Company Comes Out With Bread Cutters That Mold Pop-Up Animals

In a bout of creativity that we can only say has produced the cutest results, Torune, a Japanese company dedicated to elevating dining tool decor, has crafted a series of bread cutters and molds in the shapes of a panda,… The post Japanese Company Comes Out With Bread Cutters That Mold Pop-Up Animal

The Rap Fan’s Guide to Riesling

In the post-Cristal era hip-hop, the rap-world palate for wine has expanded considerably.

Tim Hortons Debuts “Buffalo Crunch Doughnut” at the NY State Fair

Tim Hortons continues to out-America America. The post Tim Hortons Debuts “Buffalo Crunch Doughnut” at the NY State Fair appeared first on

Understand What Food Labels Mean With This Handy Cheat Sheet

It’s a familiar scenario: You’re at the grocery store. You’re trying to be an eco-conscious consumer who also cares about animal welfare, so you’re reading all the labels on all your groceries.

Exploring the Burgers of Mexico City

When Mexico City’s steady parade of tacos, tortas, tamales, tostadas, and tlacoyos (what the denizens wryly call the “Vitamin T” diet) is so exceptional, why waste time and stomach space eating burgers?

Stop Eating Sushi Like A Noob (VIDEO)

Like nearly all aspects of life in Japanese culture, eating sushi is an art not to be trifled with.

USDA Graphs Explain The Breakdown of a U.S. Food Dollar

If you've ever wondered exactly how each dollar you spend on food breaks down, the USDA has just the tool for you.

New York Restaurants Pioneering the First CSA for Seafood

You’re probably familiar with the idea of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), a hyper-local economic model that acts like a matchmaker between producers and shoppers.