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A Definitive Ranking of Fast-Food French Fries

First We Feast ranks the best fast-food french fries.

The 10 Dishes That Made My Career: Michael Voltaggio

First We Feast interviews Michael Voltaggio about 10 milestone dishes that influenced his career.

Watch Rhett and Link Eat the World's Spiciest Curry With Sean Evans

Rhett and Link eat the spiciest phaal in the world with Sean Evans at Brick Lane Curry House.

How Locol's Zero-Star Review Tests the Limits of Restaurant Criticism

A panel of writers and critics weigh in on Locol's zero-star controversy.

An Illustrated History of American Whiskey

We look back at whiskey's improbable rise, from surviving colonial rebellions to defying odds in the "white spirits" era.

Behold the Turkish Meat Mogul Behind the Viral #SaltBae Meme

#SaltBae is latest viral meme to take the Internet by storm.

10 Breweries Primed to Breakout in 2017

Predicting the breweries that will breakout in 2017.

Serena Williams Is Trolling Her Followers With a Taco-Studded Engagement Ring

Serena Williams posted a photo of a taco-topped engagement ring on Instagram.

The United States of Pizza: The Best Pizza From Each of the 50 States

From Neapolitan pies to clam pizza, here is a list of the best pizza in each of the 50 states.

A Philosopher Bro Debates the Merits of Tacos and Burritos

What's the better tortilla vessel—the taco or burrito? We debate the merits of each.

Year in Pictures: Daniel Krieger's 13 Best Food Photos of 2016

From In-N-Out inspired cheeseburgers to elaborate displays at NOMA, the veteran photographer supplied us with loads of #foodporn.

In Defense of 2016's Viral Bagel Trends

Viral bagel trends make the bagel more relevant than ever.

Hot Ones Mailbag: Watch Sean Evans Answers Common Fan Questions

Host Sean Evans answers fans' burning questions about Hot Ones.

The Best Soul-Food Dishes, Ranked

From fried chicken to red drink, here are the best soul-food dishes, ranked.

The Most Memorable Meals of 2016

First We Feast's most memorable meals of 2016.

NYC's Best New Bars of 2016

From a LES cocktail den doling out history lessons, to a Hell's Kitchen craft-beer sleeper, here are the newcomers that kept us coming back for more.

6 Foods That Tell the Real Story of Hawaii

From saimin to cake noodle, here are the foods that tell the real story of Hawaii.

America Turned Christmas Beer Into a Joke

How America ruined Christmas beer.

Watch the Hot Ones Holiday Special

The most memorable Hot Ones moments of 2016.

The 10 Best Beers of 2016

The best beers of 2016.