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Van Filled With Massive Amounts of Weed Candy Goes Up In Flames on Bridge

$50,000 worth of “Lemon Drop Kush” lolipops just turned into a cloud of smoke.

Shaquille O’Neal Just Signed on as the New Spokesperson for Krispy Kreme

Shaq Diesel looks like he's in heaven right about now.

Cleveland Will Enjoy a Semi-Truck of Free Ice Cream Thanks to LeBron James

A semi-truck full of Blue Bunny might mean more to the city than a Larry O'Brien trophy.

This New Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Just Single Handedly Saved 2016


The Aubrey Drake Graham Guide to Celebrating

Will Drizzy's thirties mark the end of an era, or the start of a new beginning?

Watch Snoop Dogg Tease Martha Stewart for Getting Drunk in Their New VH1 Trailer

The lifestyle goddess also hand-feeds Rick Ross through his beard.

The 10 Commandments to Cooking With a Wok

How to Cook with a Wok

Woman Sues KFC for $20 Million Over Under-Filled Buckets of Fried Chicken

Is Anna Wurtzburger an American hero, or just someone who misunderstands how advertising works?

The 11 Biggest Takeaways From Vogue's Anthony Bourdain Profile

"The root cause of all life’s problems is looking for a simple fucking answer.”

16 Handles Riffed on Trump’s Sexual Assault Comments. It Ended Poorly

Please, somebody take the Internet away from these brands.

This Woman Was Rewarded With a Pound of Chicken Wings for Not Driving Drunk

“Life is valuable, have a great weekend.”

The “Guzzle Buddy” Turns Any Bottle of Wine Into a Personal Glass

“Plug it and chug it!"

This Farm Got Busted With 20 Guns, a Bunch of Weed, and $90,000 of Stolen Dos Equis

Stay thirsty, my friends.

Auntie Anne's “Pretzel Dogs” Are Causing Serious Confusion in Malaysia

"It is more appropriate to use the name Pretzel Sausage."

Donald Trump's Son Might Have Stolen Lemonade From In-N-Out Burger

Trump's son Eric went to In-n-Out after the 3rd debate and filled his free water cup with lemonade.

Anthony Bourdain: Your Sh*tty Taste in Food Is Driving Chefs to Drink So Much

Anthony Bourdain explains why chefs drink so much.

Watch: This Professional “Zoo Chef" Cooks 1,000 Meals a Day for Exotic Animals

This professional "zoo chef" cooks meals for animals.

The Internet Loves This Guy Who Sat Calmly in a Starbucks During a Massive Flood

The Internet Loves This Guy Who Sat Calmly in a Starbucks During a Massive Flood

Watch Ludo Lefebvre Reveal the Secret Behind His Gourmet Fried Chicken Sandwich

Award-winning French chefs are now getting in on the chicken sando game.

Dez Bryant Couldn’t Catch a Football Because He Sliced His Finger Making Soup

Please keep Bryant in your thoughts during this difficult time.