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Tokyo Ramen Festival Has a Special Tent For You To Snap Food Porn

The Tsukemen Grand Prix is an annual festival held in Tokyo where tsukemen makers come together to battle it out for over a month, in order to decide which noodle maker reigns supreme.

Experience Spago’s $145 Tasting Menu in 60 seconds

The latest video in Eater’s original series, 60 Second Tasting Menu, gives you a one-minute visual tour of the fall menu at Spago, Wolfgang Puck’s Beverly Hills flagship.

More Than 2,500 Dentists Teamed Up On a Buyback Program for Halloween Candy

Eating like 200 chocolate bars in one sitting is pretty gross.

Watch the Trailer for ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ Season 5

Jerry Seinfeld is back with season 5 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which premieres Nov. 6 on Crackle.

Our 5 Favorite NYC French Restaurants, By Category

From old-school classics to Brooklynized bistros, here are our favorite French spots in New York City.

Starbucks Will Deliver Coffee to Your Office Desk Starting Next Year

Starting in 2015, Starbucks will offer a delivery option in its mobile app. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said, “Imagine the ability to create a standing order of Starbucks delivered hot or iced to your desk daily.

Ridiculous Mashups Foods of the Week

We’re living in an age of mashup-food mania, a time in which a new frankenfood unveils itself everyday.

The ‘Psycho’ Shower Scene Carved Into Pumpkins Is Tasty Terror (Video)

Brooklyn-based artist Yuliya Tsukerman’s specialty is modern scrimshaw art on ostrich eggs.

This Urban Farm Experiment Spent $44K to Make a Sandwich

As the obsession with all things artisanal continues to spread throughout the food world, one group of artists in Amsterdam decided to push the quest for an artisanal ham and cheese sandwich as far as it could go.

10 Essential Roast Recipes

There is nothing quite as cozy as a good roast sputtering away in the oven on a Sunday afternoon while you’re lounging on the couch watching football. As the cool weather arrives, we all start start craving ultra-comforting food.

Hide Your Stash with this Magic Aquafina Bottle

If you have some dank kush you need to stash, this fake Aquafina bottle—which totally looks like a real Aquafina bottle—is a great option.

Hollywood Artist Becomes Next-Level Pumpkin Carver

Sculptor Jon Neill creates seriously scary Jack-O’-Lanterns. The talented artist carves hyperrealistic zombies, monsters, and creepy clowns out of pumpkins.

Kim Severson Explains The Greatness of Tri-Tip

Beef is delicious—but all those different cuts can get confusing, beyond a porterhouse or strip. For example, you’re probably sitting there asking yourself right now: “WTF is tri-tip?

Snoop Hops Into the Booze Game with Cuca Fresca

Hip-hop has a storied relationship with booze. Rick Ross shills sparkling rosé, Bay Area rap legend E-40 has his own wine label, and Jay Z has been pushing “gold bottles”—a.k.a., “Ace of Spades”—down our throats since “Show Me What You Got” came… The post Snoop Hops Into the Booze Game with Cuca Fre

Need it Now: Baking Bad Cookbook by Walter Wheat

Breaking Bad fans who spent 1 day, 23 hours, and 32 minutes of their lifespans watching all five seasons of the hit show can now recreate the characters and memorable scenes through a pun-filled parody cookbook.

Amy Poehler DNGAF About Orange Tic Tacs, Has a Thing for Cocktail Sauce

Yesterday, everyone’s favorite Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler did a Reddit AMA while eating chips and salsa, to promote her new book Yes, Please.

Pizza King Dom DeMarco Had the Perfect Response to Not Topping Zagat’s Best NYC Pizza List

Last week, Zagat released its list of the best restaurants in NYC for 2015. In the pizza category, Paulie Gee’s nabbed the number-one spot, with Lucali coming in very close behind in the #2 position.

New Study Finds That 30% of Shrimp is Misrepresented In Grocery Stores and Restaurants

If you love shrimp in America, you’re not alone. Shrimp is by far the nation’s most popular seafood.

Need It: An iPhone Dock That Looks Like a Bowl of Ramen

Few things are as fortifying as a bowl of ramen—after you slurp a bowl of steaming broth and noodles, it can feel like you’re a whole new person.

Artist Henry Hargreaves Explains His Quest to Turn Superheroes into Chocolate

We spoke to him about his new Jabba's Bounty project, a chocolate-filled throwback to childhood. The post Artist Henry Hargreaves Explains His Quest to Turn Superheroes into Chocolate appeared first on First We Feast.