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These Hyperrealistic Cakes Look Like Crab, Ribs, and Pizza

If we told you these were cakes, you’d be like “FOH!”—right? Well, they are. These hyperrealistic, custom-designed cakes were all crafted by Debbie Goard of Debbie Does Cakes.

Bump Mark is a Smart Food Expiration Label That We Need Right Now

How many times have you looked at items in your fridge and wondered if they’re still okay to eat? Food products come with a number of dates—”Best By,” “Sell By,” “Enjoy By”—that can get seriously confusing.

Further Proof That Dunkin’ Donuts Customers Are a Superior Breed of Human

If you had a super power that allowed you to see what everyone is doing on their computers at coffee shops, what would you discover?

Advertisers Can Now Place New Products in Existing Videos

Product placement has turned music videos into cash cows, but some extremely smart person (who unfortunately works in advertising and not oncology) has figured out a way to make them even more lucrative: by inserting new brands into existing videos.… The post Advertisers Can Now Place New Products i

Hate IPA? It Could Be Genetic

India Pale Ale is America’s most popular style of craft beer, but if you can’t stomach the hop-heavy brew, it could be because you taste bitterness more intensely than everyone else.

PepsiCo Wants To Put Carbonated Candy in Your Granola Bars

The company has filed a patent for a "chewy granola product" made with a Pop Rocks-type candy. The post PepsiCo Wants To Put Carbonated Candy in Your Granola Bars appeared first on First We Feast.

Lox Taste Test: Where Should You Buy Your Smoked Salmon in NYC?

We hit up seven of the "best" lox purveyors in the city—from Russ & Daughters to Shelsky's—to see whose smoked salmon is truly The Ultimate.

Watch Action Bronson and Big Body Bes Rip Through New Orleans (Video)

For the latest episode of his Munchies series “Fuck That’s Delicious,” Bam Bam heads down south to Lil’ Wayne country (sadly, no Weezy cameo) to eat his way through the Crescent City.

Does This Colonial Recipe Hack Black Truffles?

Welcome to “Eating History,” a series in which Jaya Saxena of the New-York Historical Society mines the vast archives of the museum and library in search of vintage images and ephemera that offer a look into how New Yorkers used to dine.

Watch Chris Cosentino’s Raw Talk on the Pitfalls of Food Celebrity

A lot of the chatter coming out of this year’s MAD4 Symposium in Copenhagen was about chef Chris Cosentino’s frank discussion of his experiences in food television.

The Pair Behind Thug Kitchen are Two Basic-Looking White People

At this point, you’ve most likely become a fan of Thug Kitchen, the vegan recipe blog that prides itself on being “the only website dedicated to verbally abusing you into a healthier diet.” Maybe you’re still chuckling over our early sampling of Thug Kitchen memes.

This Guy Has Vowed To Meet All 1000+ Facebook Friends For Coffee

How well do you know your Facebook friends? That’s one of the questions that interested Melbourne-based student Matthew Kuleza.

Michelin Drops 2015 NYC Star Ratings

This afternoon, Michelin released its 2015 list of New York’s best restaurants. Of Note: Restaurant Daniel lost its third star.

Food & Wine to Publish All-Female Issue This January

Only 43 women of the 262 Best New Chefs (or less than 16%) have made Food & Wine‘s annual “Best New Chefs” list since it was launched in 1988.

This Is What 1,126 Pounds of Loco Moco Looks Like

There is something vaguely revolting yet oddly irresistible about giant-sized food. And that’s why we’re strangely fascinated by this vat of loco moco that’s big enough to bathe in.

McDonald’s Hong Kong Is Now Serving A Batman Burger

We’re betting that “diners” aren’t the first thing you think of when you think Batman. Still, McDonald’s new Diner Double Beef burger in Hong Kong is all Batman, all the time.

The Nutella Truthers, Led by Chrissy Teigen, Boldly Claim That Nutella Is Not All That

Chrissy Teigen, the Internet’s favorite supermodel-turnt-Twitter rabble-rouser, has poked at a lot of viper’s nests—the Ariana Grande tween fan mafia, Instagram knuckle-draggers who comment on her weight, Chris Brown stans, Amanda Bynes, et al.

Sausage-Stuffed-Crust Pizza Exists in the UK

Can't decide between pizza and pigs in a blanket? Fret not. The post Sausage-Stuffed-Crust Pizza Exists in the UK appeared first on First We Feast.

Bankers Cooked Over 2,000 Sausages for Pro-Democracy Protesters in Hong Kong

Four bankers in Hong Kong were concerned that the city's pro-democracy protesters weren't eating enough.

Meet the McConsensual-Group-Sex Burger, Featuring Chicharrón-Fried Chicken and Two Beef Patties

Culinary Bro-Down, the crown prince of Internet dude food, has caught our attention before with evil-genius mashup recipes like ramen poutine and funnel cake burger.