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Sun Noodle Make-At-Home Ramen Kits Are Here To Save You

We all love a fantastic bowl of ramen, but what if you’re either a college kid, or else you just don’t feel like leaving the house?

Hot Pockets Sales Are In Serious Trouble

Last year, Nestlé revamped Hot Pockets and gave them a “foodie makeover” to appeal to millennials. Then the Kate Upton/Snoop Dogg Hot Pockets video happened, and we all took a moment and were actually glad they existed.

Photo Essay: Craft-Beer and Wood-Fired Pizza Heaven at Ithaca Beer Co.

We stopped by Ithaca's O.G. craft brewery to sample draught-only beers and BBQ pulled-pork pies. The post Photo Essay: Craft-Beer and Wood-Fired Pizza Heaven at Ithaca Beer Co.

Watch Guy Fiery Softly Kill Pizza (Video)

Welcome to Flavortown, slow-mo style, set to the sensual vocals of Roberta Flack. This, friends, is peak Internet.

Man Drops 33-Minute YouTube Video Convincing You Not to Drink Water

Former nurse and current online porno actor and writer Peter Filak hasn’t drank water in over two years.

Designer Vegetables Are Going To Make Your Future Meals Awesome

Farmers have long been cross-breeding fruits and vegetables, creating new hybrids like pluots (plum-apricot), tangelos (tangerine-pomelo) and broccolini (broccoli-gai lan).

How To Drink Coffee Like A European (Infographic)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned walking down the streets of Manhattan, it’s that no one wants to look like a tourist.

Former Grimaldi’s Employee Opened Knock-Off in China

A word of caution to would-be franchisees: Don’t forget to tell the original owners you’re opening a new branch of their restaurant.

Woman Gets Dumped By Boyfriend, Uses KFC as Her Rebound

We’ve all been dumped, and we’ve all had to find small ways to mend our bleeding hearts.

Starbucks’ Chestnut Praline Latte Sends Twitter into a Spiral of Basic-ness

Starbucks just announced its latest seasonal creation, a Chestnut Praline Latte, which will hit stores on November 12.

The Problem with Hip-Hop at Restaurants

“They have a ridiculous dry-aged burger, and they play a ton of Biggie.” Swap around a few details in that sentence (the burger could be a “killer chicken-liver mousse,” Biggie could be Wu-Tang Clan), and you’ve pretty much got the most… The post The Problem with Hip-Hop at Restaurants appeared firs

BBQ Legend Red’s Barbecue Is Standing Strong in Ferguson, MO

In northern St. Louis County, Red’s Barbecue is apparently the place to go for good barbecue.

Chef Showtime Wants To Sex Up Your Kitchen

Say you end up on The Real World, where you unleash your vocal skills on the world. If you don’t launch a career in music immediately, what do you do?

When #PizzaBoyz Attack (VIDEO)

We maintain that there’s nothing grosser than being slapped in the face with a slice of pizza. This is the stuff of nightmares, people.

21 Revealing Facts from Roy Choi’s Reddit AMA

The Kogi chef—and 'Street Food with Roy Choi' star—answers Redditors' burning questions about LA tacos, instant ramen, Eddie Huang, and more.

Watch an Overjoyed Porcupine Eat His First Pumpkin

Do you remember trying pumpkin for the first time? Maybe it was in a pie, or stewed into a curry. Teddy Bear, the talking porcupine, is overjoyed when he discovers the taste of pumpkin.

D.C. Restaurant is Charging $1 Extra for Artisanal Ice Cubes

Like a Portlandia skit come to life, Washington D.C.’s latest haute cocktail development is hand-crafted ice.

What Your Diet Does To Your Sperm Count

Bad news for all you vegetarian dudes out there: Your meatless diet might be improving your overall health, but it’s not doing your boys any favors.

Eating History: The Haunting of the Planters Hotel

Welcome to “Eating History,” a series in which Jaya Saxena of the New-York Historical Society mines the vast archives of the museum and library in search of vintage images and ephemera that offer a look into how New Yorkers used to dine.

Chili’s Line Cook (and Struggle Rapper) Fired for Taking Sexy, Shirtless Photos at Work

A Chili’s line cook and struggle rapper in Brandon, Florida was fired from his job at the chain restaurant after uploading suggestive photos of himself at work on Facebook.