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How Texas Beef Ribs Became BBQ's Newest Star

To escape the shadow Aaron Franklin cast with his world-famous brisket, pitmasters have leveraged the enormous, Instagram-ready beef rib to stay relevant.

Watch Dax Shepard Take on the Hot Ones Challenge

Dax Shepard eats spicy chicken wings with Sean Evans on Hot Ones.

A Definitive Ranking of Fast-Food Chicken Tenders

Ranking fast-food chicken tenders, from Popeyes to Bojangles'.

Watch Sean Evans Learn How to Make Real Deal Buffalo Wings

Hot Ones host Sean Evans learns hot make Buffalo Wings with Dan & John's.

A Conflicted Pub Owner From Ireland Reacts to America's St. Patrick's Day

An Irish bar owner reacts to the tradition of St. Patrick's Day in America.

Watch Kyle Kinane Take on the Hot Ones Challenge

Comedian Kyle Kinane and host Sean Evans eat spicy wings on Hot Ones.

The Complete Guide to Cooking Eggs at Home

Boiled, poached, scrambled, fried—an "egg whisperer" explains the nuances of making eggs at home.

Watch Charlie Sloth Take on the Hot Ones Challenge

British radio host Charlie Sloth eats spicy wings with Sean Evans on Hot Ones.

Guy Fieri Slang 101: How to Talk Like the Mayor of Flavortown

To understand the essence of Guy Fieri, you have to speak his langauge. We breakdown the catchphrases and rhyme schemes of this Food Network legend.

We Don't Work Without Women

Why we are participating in the International Women's Strike

An Illustrated History of Craft Beer in America

From risk-taking trailblazers to the rise of beer geeks, we look at how America evolved from a laughing stock to a suds powerhouse.

Watch Russell Brand Take on the Hot Ones Challenge

Russel Brand and Sean Evans eat spicy wings on the latest episode of Hot Ones.

8 Bogus Pizza Myths, Debunked

A handful of experts topple some of the most prevailing pizza myths.

Watch Sean Evans and Brian Redban Eat Some Scorching Nashville Hot Chicken

Sean Evans and Brian Redban eat Nashville Hot Chicken at Howlin' Ray's in Los Angeles.

The 10 Dishes That Made My Career: Rick Bayless

From mole to cochinita pibil, chef Rick Bayless talks about 10 milestone meals that influenced his career.

Watch Sean Evans and Daym Drops Review the Spiciest Fast-Food Menu Items

Daym Drops and Sean Evans team up to review the speciest fast-food menu items on the market.

Watch Mac DeMarco Take on the Hot Ones Challenge

Mac DeMarco eats extra-spicy chicken wings while taking on the Hot Ones challenge.

The Complete Guide to Homemade French Fries

From crinkle cut to skinny, here is the complete guide for making french fries at home.

The United States of BBQ: The Best Barbecue From Each of the 50 States

From Texas brisket to North Carolina pulled pork, two bbq scholars pick the best bbq from each of the 50 states.

Enter to Win an All-Expenses-Paid Trip to NYC to Meet Hot Ones' Sean Evans

We want to fly you out to the five boroughs to let you get sauced with Sean. Dope, right?