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Anthony Bourdain Claimed to Be the Savior of CNN, While Parts Unknown Premiere Numbers Drop

Everyone is ready to claim Anthony Bourdain as the saving grace for CNN (because uh, who watches anything besides FOX News now and that is a different story of how we fell about that), but no one really wants to admit that his show is already slipping in numbers from last year — ouch.

Here’s the Much-Talked About Chris Cosentino Mad4 Talk on the Pitfalls of Food TV

Remember the buzz about Chris Cosentino’s talk at the MAD Symposium — how being on food TV would ruin us all?

Mario Batali to Open Eataly in Los Angeles in 2017

It’s happening. Yep, Mario Batali confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that the newest outpost of Eataly will open in L.A., in the outdoor mall Westfield Century City.

The ‘Michelin Man’ is Actually a Michelin Woman, and Here’s the Michelin Star Count for Our Favorite Restaurants

The New York bigwig restauranteurs are getting calls today from the Michelin Guide, aka the “Michelin Man,” whom we delightfully found out was a woman.

Thug Kitchen Founders Revealed to Be White (Everyone Act Surprised Now)

Actually, we can’t even feign surprise at this news. Epicurious exposed the budding brand (with a cookbook in the works) and its founders to be two white millennials, Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway.

Let’s All Pause And Watch the Prettiest Sushi at Nobu

Time-lapse sushi? Yes please. To celebrate a jaw-dropping 20 years at Nobu, Vanity Fair created a look back at the front lines of Nobu Matsuhisa’s restaurant.

When Will Women Chefs Rise Up to Be On Food & Wine’s ‘Best New Chefs’ List?

Alas, women still have to crack the glacé “lass ceiling” on Food & Wine’s annual “Best New Chefs” (or BNC) list.

Wolfgang Puck Slams Top Chef Talent, Wanted to Fire Them All

According to Wolfgang Puck, if you cannot make a proper omelette, you don’t belong on TV. Puck stopped by HuffPost Live to talk about his new cooking appliance (an oven?

Why is Kitchen Nightmares Most Infamous Couple, from Amy’s Baking Company, Threatening Customers With Knives?

Quick update, for those still interested in Amy’s Baking Company: It’s evidently still terrifying. Because now knives are being used outside the kitchen, and we’re left wondering what could have made Amy and Samy Bouzaglo snap.

Jose Andres Makes a Convincing Cannibal Chef, Apparently

We got so caught up in the friendship between Jon Favreau and Roy Choi that we completely missed another celebrity chef teaming up with Hollywood: Jose Andres and the TV show Hannibal.

The Fastest Growing Restaurant Chain in America is a Breastaurant, So Go Ahead and Give Up Now

Adding boobs is the key to success, if you didn’t already know. (A certain microbrewery already knew that.) Meet Twin Peaks, the racier Hooter’s-esque restaurant (seriously, that’s what the chain is going for).

This is a Condom Cookbook …

The more you know, we guess? Granted, we can’t argue against anything promoting safe sex, which is what this new Japanese condom cookbook is meant to do.

Vice Confirms That Being a Chef is Like, Really, Really Manly

An article entitled “Being a Chef Made Me Forget I Have a Micropenis?” Let’s just throw in every stereotypical male chef in there and roll around a bit, shall we?

Jon Favreau, Roy Choi Tease a Chef-Themed Restaurant

While Jon Favreau continues to ride the Chef train for as long as possible — extending the movie’s release into theaters by months, touring the states for El Jefe cubano sandwich demos — he dropped another tidbit about his future plans.

Is Emeril Lagasse At the End of His Rope?

According to some comments he made at an event to promote his new TNT show, On the Menu, Emeril Lagasse is … rather bleak on the future of restaurants.

Betting on Top Chef Duels, Episode 8: Stephanie Izard Versus Kristen Kish

Because there’s never enough Top Chef, so says Bravo, we are now privy to the newest of the franchise spin-offs: Top Chef Duels.

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon’s Fake Preview of the Paula Deen Network Seems Weirdly True

Who knew that so many of the current TV shows we watch could be turned into Paula Deen jokes? Here’s a short crack that Jimmy Fallon took at Deen on last night’s Tonight Show momologue; admittedly, all of the “shows” about to air on the new Paula Deen Network don’t sound terribly off from the real thing.

Here’s the First Peek at Roy Choi’s New CNN Show, Street Food

It’s a pretty legit teaser — and look at that still! When we become rich and famous, we want our ver own street art portrait.

Carla Hall Takes to Kickstarter for New Restaurant in New York City, Carla’s Southern Kitchen

The Chew co-host’s new restaurant will be her first foray into New York City’s dining scene, hurray! Prepare for some “Nashville-style hot chicken” and even a market selling Nashville-made products, reports the Nashville Scene from Carla Hall.

In Awesome Lady Chef News, 3 Michelin-Starred Chef to Open 2 New Restaurants in New York City

Bienvenue à New York, Anne-Sophie Pic. News broke yesterday that the famed French chef Pic would be opening two restaurants in New York City next year; one will be a cafe, an extension of Metcafé in Monaco, and one a more formal restaurant, La Dame de Pic, in the same building.