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Hallelujah! Anthony Bourdain to Publish Prequel to Graphic Novel Get Jiro

Remember how freaking bad ass Get Jiro was? Can you tell just how excited we are for a prequel?! New reports say that Anthony Bourdain will publish the prequel, Get Jiro!

Where In the World Is Anthony Bourdain? The Destination Lineup for Season 5 of Parts Unknown - Lineup for Season 5 of Parts Unknown

The destination checklist is just as bad-ass as season four — more war-torn countries, and more unexpected surprises.

Fresh Off The Boat Recap, Episode 9: “License To Sell”

Mom is finally selling houses! Problem is she isn’t licensed. No big whoop for her, the test will be a breeze!

Here Are Your James Beard Finalists for 2015

It’s that coveted day of the year — when boys and girls become men and women, chefs become better chefs, and all of the media will immediately start debating who deserved a James Beard nomination and who didn’t.

Pimp My Ride, Alton Brown Edition

Inside Alton Brown’s tour bus, with a very sneaky bus driver. Nothing better than any sort of tour with Brown, as he gives his viewers a peek into his “rock n’ roll” lifestyle.

Shocking News: Following Cooking Shows’ Recipes Will Make You Fat, Says Study

Well, what did you really expect? If you happen to love your Paula Deen, Giada de Laurentiis, Bobby Flay and their cooking shows, you may be sh*t out of luck.

Fresh Off The Boat… Am I Hate-Watching It?

Fresh Off The Boat is a repeat this week! Really, ABC? You’ve got 13 episodes in the can and already you are doing repeats?

Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson Need $10K to Make Loco’l Happen

Get on the crowdsourcing wave, people! We got so excited about another restaurant opening that we forgot about our fast-food darling.

David Chang to Open Fried Chicken Restaurant, Fuku

Rejoice, rejoice: the king of pork buns is deciding to reign over fried chicken as well. And all was good, as we think they say in the Bible.

Get Excited: Gabrielle Hamilton Signed On For The Mind of a Chef

Yesssss lady chefs yessss — or how about just all-around killer chef? Now that we find out that the next chef tapped to be on the award-winning show The Mind Of a Chef, we are eager to set our DVRs.

Want to Work at The Braiser? We’re Hiring

Well, Team Braiser, we’re l​ooking to hire a ​(very) ​part-time editor to eat your way through chef culture.

Baby Paleo Cookbook On Hold For Health Concerns, Unsurprisingly

The fact that we even had to write out such a thing as a “baby paleo cookbook” proves that there is something very, very wrong with today’s food fads.

Paula Deen Trolling Us All With a New Gaming App

Kim Kardashian has some competition in the app game now — but which caricature avatar is more like the original?

Fresh Off The Boat Recap, Episode 8: “Phillip Goldstein”

Ugh, it’s back to an Eddie Huang-centric episode — keep an open mind, keep an open mind, keep an open mind!

Christina Tosi Has a New Cookbook, Milk Bar Life

Sweet and savory recipes? Mind = bomb emoji. Milk Bar Life, a follow-up to Christina Tosi’s first cookbook, Momofuku Milk Bar, is more of a cookbook for the everyday working chef: recipes collected from “family meals, company outings, and meals cooked at home after a late shift,” according to Eater.

Danny Meyer Is Totes Cool With Chipotle, Starbucks, and In-N-Out; Doesn’t Get McDonald’s

Pioneering that fast food revolution, we suppose. (Wait, we said that about Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson — scratch that.) How about pioneering that burger life?

Finally, A Food Critic Admits That Food Critics Are Out Of Touch

What’s better than a food critic who gives us memorable reviews time and time again? One that’s willing to eat his own words.

What Happens When the Twin Cities’ League of Female Chefs Gets Excluded From Magazine Cover? They Fight Back

It’s all becoming a giant f*ckup of “he said, she said” in the kerfluffle between the Mpls.St.Paul magazine and readers with uteruses chefs everywhere.

Rumormongering: Will Top Chef Film Its Next Season in San Diego?

All signs point to yes. The West Coast is a flutter with rumors of season 13 (HOW ARE WE AT SEASON 13?

Dan Barber Recruits Chefs to Cook With Food Waste at Blue Hill

It’s the first pop-up of its kind — not that we’re surprised by it at all. In fact, it seems perfectly natural that Dan Barber, of Blue Hill fame, would make his restaurant pop-up all about food waste.