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12 Lady Chefs (and Non-Chefs) Who Owned 2014

Has there been a better year for female chefs? Probably not. After the inevitable sh*t show of 2013, what with TIME proclaiming that dudes basically run the food world, we didn’t have much hope for 2014.

Can Joe Bastianich Become a TV Star Outside of MasterChef?

Is it just us, or does everyone seem incredulous that Joe Bastianich could be even remotely popular in Italy?

When You’re Blake Lively, You Get Cooking Lessons From a Top Chef

Blake Lively may be no Martha Stewart, and by god no Gwyneth Paltrow, but she does have her connections.

11 Food Trends We Hope To Not See In 2015

‘Tis the season to be predicting all the sh*t you’ll be eating next year. And if we’re to believe everything the food media writes about, then we’ll be gobbling up all the bone broth, veggie fro-yo, and black burgers we could ever imagine!

According to David Chang, French Food Is Like, Over

And he blames himself for the death of French cuisine in America, while calling himself a Francophile (who loves cheap beer).

The Best Christmas Parody You’ll See All Year: ‘All I Want For Christmas Is Food,’ As Sung By a Pug

We feel this pug, and not just because Mariah Carey has infiltrated our brains with her most annoying song as it does every freaking Christmas.

Taco Bell Still Not Understanding The Definition of ‘Taco’

But getting there, at least. We have been over this before, Taco Bell’s apparent confusion as to its namesake food.

The Last-Minute Foodie Gift Guide For the Lazy

So you didn’t quite prep your turkey in time for Thanksgiving dinner, and you’re behind on your Christmas gift shopping.

WATCH: This Very ‘Real’ Congressional Hearing On Gluten-Free Skewers Your Gluten Allergy

No, it’s not real at all, but we too would crumble under oath should we be asked to enjoy a gluten-free doughnut.

WATCH: Shaq Makes Easy Bake Oven Holiday Treats, Don’t Ask Questions

Because Shaq with a childsize toy oven is a beautiful thing — truly, the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season.

WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Does Care About The Taste After All

Oh look, there’s Anthony Bourdain talking about The Taste! That’s a good thing. Our friend Ali Rosen at Potluck Video (disclaimer: yes she’s a friend of ours; yes she’s awesome) talked to Bourdain a bit more about the things he doesn’t usually get to talk about: The Taste, his publishing work, his target audiences for his many different shows.

WATCH: Allison Robicellli Shoves Nutelasagna in Nick Lachey’s Face, and All Was Well

It’s already the hottest dessert of winter 2014, so of course Allison Robicelli, of cupcake fame and now Nutelasagna fame, would bring her Nutelasagna to Nick Lachey on VH1′s Big Morning Buzz.

WATCH: The First Sneak Peek At Eddie Huang’s Fresh Off The Boat On ABC

It includes references to Notorious BIG, “white people lunch” as quoted by a teeny and adorable Eddie Huang, the American Dream, and Taiwanese shopping markets — oooh yeah, we’re in.

And The Worst Bar Of The Year Goes To …

It’s Mug Shots, in St. Joseph, Mo., where the owner decided that the most brilliant marketing tactic to get people to buy Fireball or whatever horsesh*t cinnamon-flavored liquor they wanted to sell was to make it the “Michael Brown” special.

Guardian Critic Jay Rayner Drops the Biggest Bomb On Food Trends 2015: ‘There Will Be Food’

The 12th month of every year brings one constant if you work in media: you will be rounding up the best/ worst/ dumbest/ smartest/ weirdest/ craziest/ MINDBLOWINGOMG from the past year, and then predicting the MINDBLOWINGOMG trends that are to come in the next year.

Harvard Professor Loses Sh*t Over $4 on Chinese Food Bill, Officially Making Him Worst Restaurant Customer Of the Year - Harvard Professor Loses Sh*t Over $4 on Chinese Food Bill

As we take into account a new year and look back on the craziness that was 2014, we have to admit — this is the story that won it all.

Kristen Kish The Newest Cherry Bombe Goddess Cover Girl

If we didn’t already want Top Chef winner Kristen Kish (and the good people at Cherry Bombe) to be our best friends already, we certainly do now.

The Wrath the Nutelasagna Brought: Allison Robicelli’s Dessert Blowing Up New York City, World

So much so that our gal and favorite baker Allison Robicellis had to address everyone’s concerns on Twitter.

WATCH: Wylie Dufresne Gets Emotional in Trailer for The Last Days of wd~50

You can tell that this film is not only going to be a slew of food porn, but also some tearjerking moments as well.

Update on Jason Rezaian, Anthony Bourdain’s Friend in Iran: Still Detained, Charged with ‘Unknown Crimes’

Seems as though Anthony Bourdain has good reason to be a little jaded by his whole experience in Iran.