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The Top 10 Chefs You Need To Know In Atlanta

New York may be a culinary mecca, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of food talent. And as such, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight celebrity, notable, or otherwise up-and-coming chefs you should know about across the country.

An Intervention For Those Considering Buying the Denny’s ‘Grand Cru Slam’ Breakfast for $300

Dear Person Who Is Considering Buying the Denny’s “Grand Cru Slam,” Congratulations — you’ve officially bought into something that should never, ever, exist.

5 Things We Want to See at the Real Life ‘Friends’ Central Perk Pop-Up

Are your middle school dreams finally coming true, dear children? A real life Central Perk?! Yes, yes, and yes — cue up the “Smelly Cat renditions.” Entertainment Weekly reported on the Warner Bros.

9 Last-Minute Labor Day Recipes You Desperately Need

Let’s recap how our usual Labor Day grill-outs, barbecues, and parties go: We make lazy person plans to “maybe do something” with people that weekend.

Betting On Top Chef Duels, Episode 4: CJ Jacobson Versus Stefan Richter

Because there’s never enough Top Chef, so says Bravo, we are now privy to the newest of the franchise spin-offs: Top Chef Duels.

New Study Confirms What We Already Knew: It’s a Hard Knock Life for Chefs and Restaurant Workers

The plight of fast food workers has gained lots of traction recently, what with minimum wage talks, legislation for paid sick leave, and protests for fair wages.

The New Ice Bucket Challenge Involves Tacos, Beer, and Access to Abortions

What began as a Twitter joke is slowly turning into another social media campaign, this time aiming to give low-income families access to abortions.

10 Foolproof Grill Tips From Our Favorite Chefs

It’s summer, it’s a holiday, and everyone always loves an excuse to eat. It makes sense, then, that one of the most popular ways to celebrate Labor Day weekend is by having a backyard cookout.

13 People Who Are Way Upset By Burger King’s Move to Canada

It slightly invokes the whole “freedom fries” thing from a decade ago, does it not? We mean, what are we supposed to eat now — poutine Burger King fries?

Chris Cosentino Warns to ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ in MAD4 Talk

MAD4 took a big stand this year with its talks, what with announcing a major fast food concept from Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson, and especially putting San Francisco chef Chris Cosentino right before keynote speaker Albert Adria (which is pretty cool that it’s Albert Adria, amirite?

The Grub Street Diet Skinny: How Much Did Josh Lucas Spend Last Week?

Every week the Grub Street Diet breaks down local celebrities’ dining habits like a small intestine tell-all, and if you’ve ever wondered how fat a wallet it takes to fill Andrew Knowlton’s belly with Prime Meats, whiskey and Cheetos, or hydrate Stephanie LaCava at Sant Ambroeus, The Braiser’s doing the math to give you the skinny.

Roy Choi to Go Into Fast-Food with Daniel Patterson (And The World Rejoices)

Roy Choi + Daniel Patterson + burgers = the fast-food nation we’ve been waiting for. The big announcement from this year’s MAD Symposium is that two California kids, Choi and Patterson, will open up a fast-food concept called loco’l, opening of fall 2015.

The Only Tweet You Need to See From the #Mad4 Symposium

In which we food bloggers are compared to pedophiles? Uh…. We’ve been following along our favorite food geek conference, the MAD symposium, with people like David Chang, Chris Consentino, Alex Atela, and Roy Choi.

For Your Viewing Pleasure, a Tumblr with Foods Identical to Iggy Azalea

Because it’s Friday and also what is this beauty. Jezebel pointed us in the direction of the Tumblr “Foods That Look Like Iggy Azalea,” a very scientific portrayal of our favorite foods compared to our new, bright and shiny rap queen.

Eater’s Editor in Chief Calls For Real Change in Restaurant Industry (and Not Just Reservation Apps)

Think she’s looking at you, Resy. Eater’s Editor in Chief, Amanda Kludt, published an essay on another site within Vox Media, The Verge, on her thoughts on the future of the restaurant industry.

The Best New Restaurant is Troy Restaurant, Home to Dragonslayers, Statues, and European-Something Recipes

In what can only be described as the greatest restaurant commercial ever, a new Staten Island restaurant has … really outdone itself.

7 Bloody Marys That Jumped the Shark

When did a Bloody Mary get so g-d complicated? An evolution of our favorite drink that went awry somewhere along the way.

Chef, Winner of James Beard Humanitarian Award Matt Haley Has Died

Chefs are remembering the Delaware chef Matt Haley, who died earlier this week while on a humanitarian trip in Leh, India.

Top Chef Crewmembers Say Boston Teamsters Attacked Padma Lakshmi and Crew During Filming

It’s a pretty Top Chef heavy week and all, what with season 12 premiering October 15. But now crewmembers are exposing a pretty nasty incident between Teamsters and the crew of Top Chef that happened this last June, and are blaming both Bravo and the production company, Magical Elves, for putting the team in a dangerous situation.

Class of 2014: The New Cheftestants on Season 12 of Top Chef

Everyone loves to start speculating early about the new chefs to enter the world of Top Chef — and here they are in all their glory.