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The 3 Most Ridiculous Yet Awe-Inspiring Foods Of the Week

Two we want to nom nom nom nom nom, and one we want to throw out the window. This week’s food crazy features the foods we loved as kids (cotton candy!

One Californian Restaurant’s Quest to Take Down Yelp, One 1-Star Review at a Time

So we’re not the only ones who find bad Yelp reviews hilarious and meaningful. Because of some recent lawsuits and all-around f*ckery from Yelp, restaurants have begun to realize how jacked Yelp really is.

From Our Friends: Buon Compleanno to Mario Batali

It's Mario Batali's birthday, which naturally means a today is a day of fandom worship for the guy with orange Crocs.

WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Talks Meaning of Foodies in Shanghai Season Premiere of Parts Unknown

The whole thing has a very existential kind of thrill to it — what’s the meaning of all the flashing lights and fried foods to our hearts’ desire?

Yum Brand’s Banh Shop Has a Very Large Flaw — Its Communist Symbol Logo

So many facepalms to be had in this overlooked glitch. The Yum Brands Banh Shop, which just opened in Dallas, is causing outrage from Vietnamese residents in the area.

Guess Where Dominique Ansel Will Open His Next Bakery — Tokoyo

And he announced it with a Cronut. From Instagram, Dominique Ansel shared the big news: Dear Tokyo! Yes – it is true.

Yelping the Best Restaurants In the World: Eleven Madison Park

We live in the world of “egotarian cuisine,” or, as Andrew Zimmern recently put it, “the age where no one is allowed to criticize the best chefs and restaurants in the world.” Fair enough, we thought.

Betting on Top Chef Duels, Episode 7: Jennifer Carrol Versus Nyesha Arrington

Because there’s never enough Top Chef, so says Bravo, we are now privy to the newest of the franchise spin-offs: Top Chef Duels.

Can Richard Blais Save the Food Network? A Look At His New Show, Hungry Games

While Richard Blais landed a sweet gig judging on this next Boston season of Top Chef, he landed yet another TV gig — this time on the infamous Food Network.

Coca-Cola Finds a Way to Make Soda Relevant Again, Brings Back 90s Fad Surge

When soda sales flatline, bring back the neon good stuff! Coca-Cola made children of the 90s extremely happy by announcing the re-release of Surge soda, last on shelves in 2003.

CBS Buys Meatball Shop-Inspired Pilot (Quick, Let’s Name Who Should Play Michael Chernow and Daniel Holzman)

Well well, our meatball-slingin’ guys are going to be on TV! Well, ish. Deadline reports that a yet-to-be-named comedy inspired by the beginnings of the Meatball Shop has been bought by CBS.

Andrew Zimmern: Stop Putting Food and Chefs on a Pedestal, America

There is a reason that we keep tuning into Andrew Zimmern’s podcast Go Fork Yourself (and not just for Sriracha feuds or celeb chef spotting etiquette).

Restaurant Tries to Take Down Big Gay Ice Cream with ‘Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream,’ Big Gay Ice Cream Laughs In Their Faces

Because being homophobic, tone-deaf, and completely the opposite of being self-aware is the only way to sell ice cream … so at least so one restaurant seems to think.

Tavern on the Green’s Embattled Chef Leaves 5 Months After Reopening (Yikes)

And management seems pretty desperate to get a new executive chef in the door — one that can stand up to criticism.

Martha Stewart Is Not Having Gwenyth Paltrow, Blake Lively and Their Martha Stewartness

Quit trying to out-Martha Martha herself, ladies — the Queen Bee ain’t having it. In a sort of bizarre interview with the Net-a-Porter magazine, Martha Stewart threw shade at just about everyone (including Orange is the New Black, the penal system, Sheryl Sandberg and the “lean in” mentality).

David Chang Talks Failures: ‘If You Look at 10 Years of Momofuku … Almost Everything Came Out of a Mistake’

Going back to where it all started, David Chang shared with Forbes (while giving a private tour of his test kitchen) of the trials and errors he faced while creating a mini-empire — and they’re juicy.

Yahoo Food Gets Girl-Power on Us, Names Cherry Bombe’s Kerry Diamond as EIC

If this means Ruth Reichl and other lady chefs will grace our computer screens a bit more, we are so in.

The True History of Celebrity Chefs, As Told By a Yale Professor

Here’s how to feel intelligent when talking about your Guy Fieris et al.: watch a professor go over the history (and we’re talking ancient history) of the rise of chefs.

Michael Pollan in Lucky Peach is, Well, Pretty Bleak on the Future of Food

When the title of the story is called “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” (the song which we will have permanently stuck in our heads thankyouverymuch), it’s probably not a good sign as to where we’re going.

Chipotle Employees Quit in Epic Storm-Off, Blaming Corporate for ‘Borderline Sweatshop Conditions’

Taking on the man at Chipotle, hoo boy. Grubstreet reports on a Chipotle location near Penn State University closing for a day, after employees left behind an epic f*ck-off kind of note.