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Anthony Bourdain Invests in the Slow Journalism of Roads & Kingdoms

What lies beyond Anthony Bourdain‘s investment in street food and super piers? Roads & Kingdoms. The Parts Unkown host is now an editor-at-large and partner at the slow media food culture magazine, and has already begun editing the site’s new Dispatched section preciously dubbed “Original longform reporting curated by Anthony Bourdain“.

Why Didn’t Buddy Valastro’s Sex Offender Brother in Law Keep TLC’s Cake Boss Off the Air?

This Saturday, TLC is hosting a summer block party at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. The Duggar family, stars of the network’s 19 Kids and Counting, won’t be there, but Hoboken baker Buddy Valastro will.

Divorcing Stephanie March Wants a Pound of Bobby Flay’s Horse Flesh

Bobby Flay‘s been holding the purse strings in his divorce from wife Stephanie March from the start, now the former Law & Order actress is going after the purse of her former gift horse Dad’s Crazy.

Maureen Dowd Wants Grey Goose Home Delivery, Doesn’t Want to be Judged

In her Sunday column for The New York Times, Maureen Dowd frets about the “concierge democracy,” established by smartphone apps that deliver home cooking, like Sprig and Spoonrocket, and the booze delivery service Saucey.

Watch Model, Competitive Eater, Nela Zisser Inhale a 5-Pound Burrito

While it’s safe to assume most models’ diets are based on inhaling air and exhaling fat, 22-year old Miss Earth New Zealand 2013 turned competitive eater Nela Zisser proves everything’s backward down under.

Here Are the World’s Second-Best 50 Best Restaurants of 2015

This morning, the San Pellegrino people poured the foundation for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants of 2015, naming their 50 runners-up, aka the 51st through 100th best restaurants in the world, which include eight east and west coast favorites, #56 Saison, #67 Nomad, #69 Momofuku Ko,  #75 Coi, #80 Daniel, #90 Estela, #94 Masa, and #100 Manresa.

Does Stephanie March’s Palate Trump Bobby Flay’s Pre-nup?

While it’s rumored Gato chef Bobby Flay cheated on his wife Stephanie March with his assistant Elyse Tirrell, March claimed yesterday that Flay enjoyed the Law & Order actress’ mouth so much she deserves a reprieve from a prenup that leaves her with only $5,000 a month in alimony.

Everything Chris Gethard Ate in This Week’s Grub Street Diet Without Context

Love New York‘s weekly Grub Street Diet feature? Hate context? Learn everything comedian and Fusion talk show host Chris Gethard ate this past week while learning absolutely nothing about him.

Overcharging World Trade Center Hot Dog Cart Vendor Loses Job

It’s one thing for locals to know the value of a $14 bagel at Black Seed in Lower Manhattan’s Brookfield Place, it’s quite another for tourists to get taken for $30 for a hot dog from a cart down the block.

Brooklyn Restaurant Celebrates Notorious BIG Birthday with “Sardines for Dinner”

Lyrically inspired birthday cake at Bedford Ave’s Sweet Chick. Read Francis Lam‘s 2010 essay for Salon, “What Biggie Smalls’ lyrics taught me about food” and you’ll understand why Bedford Avenue restaurant Sweet Chick is honoring Notorious BIG‘s birthday today: …it was the little things Biggie shared that invested me in the lives lived in his rhymes.

Watch the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Sketch From Letterman’s Late Show Finale

A day after Slovenia Vodka got a major chug and plug from Bill Murray and David Letterman on the Late Show‘s penultimate episode, the talk show host resurrected his infamous Taco Bell drive-thru sketch on last night’s finale.

DC Murder Suspect Identified by Spare Domino’s Pizza Crust

A lesson in 1) food waste, 2) how awful Domino’s Pizza tastes, and 3) why you should never kill anyone ever, the Washington Post reports a spare pizza crust left at the crime scene where Savvas Savopoulos, his family, and housekeeper were murdered has produced evidence of a suspect: Police said they had obtained a warrant for the arrest of Daron Dylon Wint, who they said is 34 and is from Maryland.

James Beard Winner John Devore Reflects on Five Years Sobriety

As any food writer who’s ever chased a bad job interview with a bottle of Johnnie Walker then woken up in a shady Williamsburg hotel two days later gainfully employed by an entirely different food publication can tell you, 1.) alcohol abuse in food media is real, and 2.) you can be one of the best food writers around while totally sober, as John DeVore demonstrates.

Food Network Star Sandra Lee Recovering From Double Mastectomy

Sandra Lee, host of Food Network‘s Semi-Homemade Cooking and companion to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, is currently recovering from a double mastectomy she underwent yesterday, after announcing her breast cancer diagnosis one week earlier.

Watch Bill Murray Chug Slovenia Vodka on David Letterman, Fall Off Stool

Before falling off a stool on the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Bill Murray and David Letterman chugged the actor’s favorite Slovenia Vodka on his final Late Show appearance.

Cool Hunting to Brand Food + Drink Innovators with the CH25

Cool Hunting partners Evan Orensten & Josh Rubin. Eater has its Young Guns, Food & Wine has its Best New Chefs, now Cool Hunting‘s going beyond discovering innovative talent, and getting subjective with CH25, highlighting the stirrers and shakers in the world of Food + Drink (and other stuff like style, tech, etc.) The site’s editor-in-chief Josh Rubin describes the program as “an annual program recognizing the next generation of talent that is defining the future” and there’s an open call for nominations that runs through May 31st, with winners announced mid-July.

SNL’s Darrell Hammond Now KFC’s Colonel Sanders

(Credit KFC) A few days after playing the old face of Bill Clinton on the 40th season finale of Saturday Night Live, Darrell Hammond‘s now the new face of KFC‘s Colonel Sanders.

Did Restaurant Coding Impact Marcus Samuelsson’s Harlem Eat Up! Festival?

The upstairs crowd at Dinosaur Friday night. (Credit: Harlem Eat Up) The picture splashed on the home page for Marcus Samuelsson‘s Harlem Eat Up!

Watch Letterman Talk Munchies, Louis CK on Toothpicks, John Oliver’s Chicken Fight

Watch all this weekend’s funniest food clips, from David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey talking their favorite stoner munchies on The Late Show last Friday night, Louis CK making a plea for you to pick your teeth on Saturday Night Live, and John Oliver taking on the congressmen playing chicken with reforms in the poultry industry on last night’s Last Week Tonight.

Q&A: Ludo Lefevbre Would Rather Win ‘Best New Restaurant” Than Do TV Again

All photos by Adam Robb We caught up with Ludo Lefevbre at The Taste rival Marcus Samuelsson‘s Harlem Eat Up!