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���The Littlest Alphabet Book��� Features Tiny, Minimalist Calligraphic Drawings

We have previously featured London-based designer and illustrator Andrew Fox for his minimalist animal drawings made with a calligraphy pen.

Gorgeous Flat-Packed Mobile Shelters That Can Be Assembled In Under An Hour

Have you always wanted to go camping and immerse yourself in nature, but the idea of sleeping in a tent just puts you off?

Watch: Empowering Body Image Ads Hilariously Roasted With ���Chonk��� Parody Spot

[Click here to view the video in this article] Saturday Night Live is always quick to satirize issues in the world, and one of its unfortunate victims is the empowering body image advertisement.

���Dumbest��� Questions That Customers Have Ever Asked

Anyone who has every worked in customer service can agree that as insufferable as customers can get, some of the things they say make for hilarious stories to friends.

Swiss Company Designs A Rocket-Shaped Fountain Pen That Is Worth $20,000

Swiss premium writing tool company Maison Caran d���Ache has teamed up with luxury watchmaker MB&F to create a limited-edition fountain pen, named ���Astrograph���.

Meet Nintendo Switch, The New Portable Gaming Console With a 7-Inch Screen

[Click here to view the video in this article] After months of speculation, Nintendo has finally unveiled Nintendo Switch, which is a new gaming system that operates as both a home and portable console.

LOL: Transform Your iPhone Into An Exploded Galaxy Note 7 With This Sticker

There is now a new way to live life on the dangerous side���walking around with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or worst, trying to bring it on board an airplane.

Epic Backpack Makes It Look Like You Have A Pet Dragon On Your Back

Designer Bob Basset, who is known for his unique, fantasy-inspired pieces, has created a custom backpack that takes the form of a dragon.

Watch: Tom Cruise Acts Out His Movie Career In 9 Minutes With James Corden

[Click here to view the video in this article] With 30 years spent in the film industry, Tom Cruise is known for his repertoire of iconic movies.

Infographic: How Americans Get To Work Each Day

How do you usually travel to work every day? In the following infographic from Title Max, you would find a detailed break-down of the modes of transportation that Americans use to get to work.

Kodak Unveils Updated Logo And Branding Identity Inspired By Retro Design

After a decade, Kodak has redesigned its logo and identity to be more aligned with the current consumer market.

Watch: A Never-Before-Seen Teaser Of Doctor Strange���s Combat Powers

We have been teased with Dr. Stephen Strange���s journey to becoming the mystical hero, Doctor Strange, and watched his training process as Strange gets schooled in the magical arts.

Man Chilling At Starbucks During A Flood Becomes Subject Of A Photoshop Battle

image via tbmostjhk via Kristy Chan and citricacidx With the imminent arrival of Super Typhoon Haima, Hong Kong is currently experiencing severe flooding and rainstorms.

Man Creates A Drone Dementor, Scares People By Flying It Around His Neighborhood

As a loving father to Harry Potter-crazy daughters, 50-year-old Michael Irvine decided to created a unique Halloween prop for them���a dementor.

Infographic: What Your Favorite Color Reveals About Your Personality

Many of us have a specific color we are always drawn to. Whether it���s red, black or yellow, each of this color says something about your personality.

NSFW: Watch 100 Strangers Show The World How Their Orgasm Faces Look

[Click here to view the video in this article] This video by Cut Video somehow got 100 people to pretend to have an orgasm on camera.

Adorable ���Crazy Eyebrow Cat��� Is Always Judging You

Image via @lilly_crazyeyes Lilly the cat has eyebrows that would make many humans ooze with jealousy.

Fun Ways To Become More Creative In 10 Minutes

Like other skills and attributes, creativity does not simply appear overnight. To be a more creative person, one has to constantly try to think creatively.

Incredibly Visually Satisfying Patterns Made Out Of Ordinary Objects

Image via @witenry Visual artist Adam Hillman creates visually satisfying patterns made out of various colorful material to produce an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed.

Watch: Simon���s Cat Faces His Greatest Nemesis In A Halloween Special Episode

[Click here to view the video in this article] In the 2016 Halloween special episode, titled ���The Monster���, Simon���s Cat faces his most terrifying enemy���the vacuum cleaner.