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Delightful Photographs Of An Adorable Tiny Kitten Going On Amazing Adventures

When Jesús Segura found himself unemployed for over a year, he decided to utilize his free time by shooting his adorable tiny kitten Napoleon going on amazing adventures.

Infographic: How To Curb Distractions & Stay Focused

Virgin Pulse, part of the Virgin Group, has put together an infographic detailing the common distractions at work and the healthy habits you can cultivate to curb them.

McDonald’s Sets Up Huge Lunch Box-Shaped Restaurant To Promote New Items

[Click here to view the video in this article] To ramp up promotional efforts for its new Aussie rump steak wraps and salad, McDonald’s Australia has set up a pop-up restaurant in the shape of a gigantic lunch box.

Infographic: Why Good Writers Perform Better & Earn More At Any Job

Click to view enlarged version Apparently, people who have good writing skills tend to perform better at their jobs and get paid more.

‘Pizzadilla’: Easy To Make Quesadilla-Pizza Hybrid Takes 15 Minutes To Cook

Step aside pizza cake, the ‘Pizzadilla’ might just be the next pizza food trend. This easy to make quesadilla-pizza hybrid only takes 15 minutes to prepare—using a skillet, layer a generous amount of cheese and pizza sauce between two tortillas.

Flawlessly Layered Glass Sculptures Mimic The Beauty Of Ocean Waves

Sydney-based artist Ben Young, who we featured previously, returns with more beautiful glass sculptures made with layers of glass that he painstakingly cut and pieced together.

Delightful GIF ‘Magnets’ Collected From Fictional Cities In Popular Movies

Portuguese design and animation firm Snack Studio has created a collection of GIFs called the ‘Impossible Magnets’.

Facebook Unveils ‘Rooms’, An App For Creating Personal Communities

Facebook has released ‘Rooms’, an app that “lets you create places for the things you’re passionate about” and discuss it with other people with the same interest.

Astronaut Captures Breathtaking Photographs Of Earth From Space

Havana to Washington Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, whom we last heard singing David Bowie in space, has just released his new book featuring beautiful photographs of our planet taken during his time onboard the International Space Station.

Interactive Charts Show The Eating Patterns Around The World

Just how much grains, vegetables and meat is the world consuming yearly? National Geographic, with the help of Fathom, has put together an interactive data visualization that shows us the eating patterns of different countries around the world.

Starbucks Adds The ‘Chestnut Praline Latte’ To Its Holiday Drink Menu

Image via yvrandrew Starbucks will be adding a new holiday drink to its seasonal menu on 12 November 2014, after its successful debut in selected stores last year.

The ‘World’s First Smart Carry-On Suitcase’, Controlled Via Smartphone

[Click here to view the video in this article] ‘Bluesmart’ is the “world’s first smart carry-on suitcase” that is synced and controlled via your phone.

This Camera App Will Help You Solve Math Equations Instantly

[Click here to view the video in this article] ‘PhotoMath’ is a brilliant app by Microblink that uses the smartphone’s camera to scan and solve math equations.

Google Unveils A New Email App That ‘Reads’ Your Inbox For You

[Click here to view the video in this article] Google has unveiled a new email app that not only turns your current Gmail inbox into a mobile-friendly, organized system, but it also gives you quick updates about your emails without making you click to view them.

Interesting Graphs Show How Text Messages Change From Dating To Marriage

Data scientist Alice Zhao has compiled a series of charts and graphs that explores how text messages between her husband and her have changed from when they were dating to after being married for a year.

The ‘World’s First Smart Carry-On Suitcase’, Controlled Via Smartphone

[Click here to view the video in this article] ‘Bluesmart’ is the “world’s first smart carry-on suitcase” that is synced and controlled via your phone.

Artist Dresses Up As Drag Characters By Posing With Fine Art Portraits

Multimedia artist and photographer Nigel Grimmer has created an ongoing series of portraits that are part art and part human.

A Simple Redesign Of The Electric Kettle, Uses Only A Rod To Boil Water

[Click here to view the video in this article] Danish design studio Chudy and Grase has given the classic way of boiling water with an electric kettle a rework.

An Easy Self-Made Frozen Candy Dispenser For All Your Halloween Treats

[Click here to view the video in this article] If you’ve always wanted your very own sweet dispenser, you have reason to cheer.

Infographic: 10 Irritating Co-Worker Habits

Click to view enlarged version NeoMam Studios has created an infographic that highlights 10 annoying habits displayed by co-workers.