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Playful Photo Series Features Man Performing Creative Stunts On An Ordinary Bike

Japanese Instagrammer Mamoru Kanai’s playful series ‘Riding Pop’ features pictures of himself performing creative stunts on a bicycle all over Tokyo.

Graphic Designer Creates Shortcut Guide For Geometric Illustrations & Type

Graphic designer Jude Landry has come up with a handy guide for creatives who need to draw with stroked vectors.

10 Photographers To Follow This Week

Follow Jaap van den Beukel Armed with their cameras, lenses—and perhaps, smartphones—these talented photographers capture compelling images of amazing places and wonderful things.

Artist Creates Incredibly Detailed Illustrations Of Imaginative Scenes

Sweden-based freelance illustrator Mattias Adolfsson has an impressive collection of detailed sketches of fictional worlds and characters.

A Humorous Look At Why Designers Shouldn’t Be Told How To Do Their Job

Designers, or professionals working in the creative industry, would often face the unavoidable scenario of various individuals contributing their two cents’ worth in the design process.

‘The New Yorker’ Unveils Its First Animated GIF Cover

The New Yorker has unveiled its first animated GIF cover, and it is as lovely and classy as you would expect from the venerable publication.

Watch: 10 Ways To Cook An Awesome Steak From Around The World

[Click here to view the video in this article] If you have always wanted to enjoy an indulgent steak dinner at home, now you can.

A Confectionary That Sells Marijuana-Laced Chocolate Bars And Candies

Based in California, chocolate company KIVA Confections has created a scrumptious line of chocolate products infused with medicinal cannabis—“that is potent, consistent, and enjoyable to consume” for the cannabis edible market.

Infographic: How The Ideal Female Body Evolved Over Time

Aesthetics clinic Elanic has come up with an infographic tracking the evolution of the perceived perfect female figure over time.

Actor George Takei Narrates Award-Winning Animation On Life’s Common Fears

[Click here to view the video in this article] Clinching multiple international awards, ‘The Missing Scarf’ deals with some of life’s everyday worries, as a squirrel goes on a journey to seek his lost scarf.

Stunning Entries From The 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest

A tree dreaming by Christian Spencer In the Strezlecki desert of Australia a flock of galahs replenish on the only small water available at the base of this lonely tree.

A Concept, Shell-Like House That Uses Tidal Waves To Generate Electricity

Architect and designer Margot Krasojević has unveiled a concept, futuristic shell-like house that is designed to be located at a beach, which uses tidal waves from the sea to harness electricity.

Brilliant Ice Cream Scoop Protects Your Wrist, Lets You Get Frozen Treats Easier

Bothered by the poor design and ineffectiveness of current ice cream scoops on the market, mechanical and aerospace engineer Michael Chou has invented one that makes scooping the frozen treat easier.

A Pencil That Lets You Draw A Six-Mile-Long Continuous Line

Based in the UK, design agency Lyon & Lyon has created “The Six Mile Pencil” that “indicates how far you've drawn and contains 6 miles of graphite”.

Magnum’s Bruce Gilden Gives A Critical Appraisal Of Art Photography

Under the invitation of global media channel VICE, New York-based Bruce Gilden delivers a frank critique of art photographs.

Tattoo Artist Draws Delightful Pop Culture Characters Using Colored Pencils

Norwegian tattoo artist Dino Tomic has created a collection of impressively realistic drawings using only colored pencils.

Japanese Store Hires Artist For Every Outlet To Create Stunning Hand-Drawn Signs

[Click here to view the video in this article] Japanese discount chain store Don Quijote—familiarly known as Donki—has created a behind-the-scenes footage of their amazing pop signage artist at work.

Infographic: The Most Regrettable Tattoos Ever

Putting an unfortunate tattoo permanently on your skin is usually one of the last things that anyone would want, yet, it is mind-boggling how some people end up leaving the parlor with “regrettable” tattoo designs.

A Pencil That Lets You Draw A Six Miles Long Continuous Line

Based in the UK, design agency Lyon & Lyon has created “The Six Mile Pencil” that “indicates how far you've drawn and contains 6 miles of graphite”.

Interactive Mirror Delivers Positive Messages To Women, Shows They Are Enough

[Click here to view the video in this article] For the release of their debut single Enough, Austin-based all-women rock band The Mrs.