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LOL: The ���Crying Jordan��� Meme Is Now The Name And Logo Of A Sports Team

If you spent more time than you should on the internet, you would probably have come across the popular ���Crying Jordan��� meme at some point.

Brilliant Ad Campaign Turns Real Amazon Review Into Humorous New Tagline

[Click here to view the video in this article] Created by agency Barton F. Graf, the funny and ingenious new ad campaign of Emerald Nuts would make you chuckle.

The 11-Minute Workout That Kendall Jenner Follows To Keep In Fine Fettle

[Click here to view the video in this article] It���s no secret that model Kendall Jenner has to look her best wherever she goes.

Go Over The Rainbow With These Colorful Churros

Image via theloopchurros These rainbow churros blessed by the touch of leprechauns have captured the hearts of many over on Instagram.

Gordon Ramsay Makes Plane The One Thing That He Will Never Ever Eat

Image via gordongram The internet���s favorite F-word-loving chef, Gordan Ramsay, dishes out his must-have kitchen tools, go-to dinners and the one thing he will never consume in an interview with Refinery 29.

Dark And Twisted Versions Of Disney Characters That Will Keep You Awake At Night

���Mutant Mickey in Labor���, image by Sara Le Roy and featured with permission London-based Dutch artist Sara Le Roy has transfigured your favorite happy-go-lucky Disney characters into carnal and aberrant creatures that your mother will likely disapprove.

Watch: 10 Famous Symbols With Meanings And Origins You Never Knew About

[Click here to view the video in this article] You���ve been sending heart emojis on a daily basis, but do you know how the heart symbol first came about?

Infographic: Fascinating Folklore Around The World And Where To Find Them

You may have spent your childhood afraid of the monster in your closet, but in Sweden, people seem to be more afraid of encountering a haunted train with a lack of graffiti and advertisements.

Japanese Subway Creates Funny Retro Posters To Help Tourists Get Around

Image by Seibu Railways via Spoon & Tamago If even the ���most beautiful��� photo of Kyoto isn���t enough of a push for you to book a trip to Japan, maybe the country���s quirky signs and posters will.

���Unicorn Horn Dildo��� Will Take You On A Magical Ride Thru Your Afternoon Delight

[Click here to view the video in this article] Image via Geeky Sex Toys There seems to be no end to the unicorn trend, what with adorable crying unicorn candles and toasts that look either much too pretty or gruesome, depending on how you view it, to eat.

Incredible Easter Eggs Already Discovered In Upcoming ���Spider-Man: Homecoming���

[Click here to view the video in this article] Image via video screenshot Before you read any further, please note that this feature contains spoilers for the film Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Quiz: Are You A Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic Learner?

Image via Shutterstock As the saying goes, ���Strength measures differently amid individuals.��� A group of individuals can be given the same information, but the ways in which it is absorbed can differ from one person to the next.

Google's ���Fuchsia��� Operating System Gets A New Logo

Around August last year, it was discovered that Google was working on a secret operating system project named ���Fuchsia���.

Watch: 14 Things To Know About ���Game Of Thrones��� Season 7

The great war is here. Season seven of HBO���s hit series Game of Thrones can���t come soon enough. Unfortunately, it���s still four months till the series��� UK premiere on 17 July.

Infographic: 20 Common Reasons Why Startups Fail To Succeed

Startupfreak, a website dedicated to business, startups and related tools, has created this infographic that sums up 20 common reasons why startups nosedive.

Logoism: A Design Tome Featuring 1,500 Contemporary, Cutting-Edge Logos

If you are a graphic design geek, or simply someone who enjoys looking at brand marks, this freshly published design book would be right up your alley.

Adorable Miniature Knitted ���Hats��� That Keep Your Eggs Warm At Breakfast

Here is something to make you look forward to breakfast more than you already do���incredibly cute crochet cozies in the shape of animals that help to keep your eggs warm.

Facebook Debuts New Tools, Plus ���Stories��� That Boasts ���Masks��� From Latest Films

Snapchat continues to face stiff competition from its social media rivals. Just recently Apple introduced ���Clips���, an app similar to the aforementioned but with its own unique features.

Watch: The Top 10 Uses Of Silence In Movies

[Click here to view the video in this article] YouTube channel CineFix, which previously showed us 7 fun facts about the Power Rangers, is back with a new video.

���Spider-Man��� Puts His High-Tech Suit To The Test In New ���Homecoming��� Trailer

[Click here to view the video in this article] Unlike the first official trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming that focused on the teenage superhero���s high school setting, this second teaser highlights the spidey���s high-tech suit, courtesy of Iron Man, aka ���Tony Stark���.