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6 Reactions To Unfortunate Work Situations That Designers Understand Too Well

Contrary to common belief, the life of a designer is astoundingly predictable ��������and far less exciting ������ than what most outsiders would imagine.

Take A Peek Into The $100,000 Gift Bags Given To Oscars Nominees

The 89th annual Academy Awards��will take place on 26 February 2017 (Sunday). While some people ogle at the sleek tuxes and gorgeous gowns on the Academy Awards red carpet, the stars in attendance can look forward to grabbing an awesome swag bag.

Infographic: Does A Pretty Office Create A Productive Workforce?

Does your office require a bit of jazzing up? Research has shown that the aesthetics of your working environment affect your productivity level.

Infographic: Does A Pretty Office Create A Productive Workplace?

Does your office require a bit of jazzing up? Research has shown that the aesthetics of your working environment affect your productivity level.

An Exciting Bucket List Of Cool Travel Destinations To Visit In 2017

Whether you consider yourself a tourist or a traveler, one thing does not change: you��travel to see and experience new things.

What The ���Ideal��� Female Body Looks Like In Different Countries

What does a ���perfect body��� look like? UK online pharmacy Superdrug Online Doctors��recently created a project called 'Perceptions Of Perfection' that features 18 photoshopped images of the same woman.

Photography Hack: How To Fold A Reflector Quickly In One Fluid Motion

[Click here to view the video in this article] The less glamorous parts of being a photographer include the chores of setting up one���s equipments before a shoot and then packing them up efficiently after that.

You Will Never Send A Text To Your Ex That You Regret With This Spreadsheet

Unless you are still friends with your ex, it is rarely a good idea to text them frivolously. Now, thanks to the internet, instead of texting your ex, you can simply post your message to an ingenious online spreadsheet instead.

Fun, Humorous GIF Tool Lets You Make Trump Twerk, And Sometimes With Putin

In line with the recent President���s Day, 3D publishing platform Kokowa launched a new GIF tool that allows users to create amusing animations of US President Trump twerking���amongst several other dance styles including the twist, hokey pokey and YMCA.

Man Corrected, Graded His Ex-Girlfriend's Apology Letter And Returned It To Her

When it comes to messy breakups, many of us have been there. Whether you are the dumper or the dumped, it can be hard to see the other side of the story.

A Marijuana Bouquet Delivery Service, Because Flowers Are Too Mainstream

[Click here to view the video in this article] Californian weed farmers Lowell Herb sell beautifully-arranged organically fertilized marijuana bouquets that include wildflowers and eucalyptus.

Finnish Government Releases Charming Emojis Inspired By Finland

Are you visiting Finland for the first time? Get a brief introduction of the country from this adorable collection of Finnish-inspired emojis.

Fun Dummy Text Generators To Use For When ���Lorem Ipsum��� Gets Too Boring

Being a web designer or developer can be fulfilling, but there���ll be some days when even a few cups of java won���t fix your straining eyes from Javascript.

Video: Browse Every Single ���New York Times��� Front Page In Under One Minute

[Click here to view the video in this article] Do you read The New York Times daily? If so, you would likely want to take a look at this fascinating time-lapse video created by data artist Josh Begley.

Watch: An Enchanting Look Behind The Scenes Of Disney���s ���Beauty And The Beast���

[Click here to view the video in this article] There���s no doubt that people have been hyped up for Disney���s upcoming live action movie���some have been eating their feelings at a pop-up Beauty and the Beast themed cafe, which was fully booked almost instantaneously.

Artist Delicately Recreates Famous Pop Culture Characters On Oreo Biscuits

Food artist Tisha Cherry, who previously brought you logos of popular fashion brands cleverly recreated using daily food items, is delicately carving out renowned pop culture characters on small Oreo biscuits.

NSFW ���Trump Troll Doll��� Debuts On Kickstarter, Raising Funds For Mass Production

Sculptor Chuck Williams has trolled Trump, literally. He���s created a figurine based on the US President and launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the doll into mass production.

Japanese Artist Transforms IKEA Shelves Into These Marvelous Parabolic Shelves

[Click here to view the video in this article] IKEA has challenged all kinds of misconceptions about spaces, and this architect has put the functionality of its space-bending furniture to the test.

Infographic: 10 Female Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2017

Created by Living Business, the following infographic sheds light on 10 up and coming female entrepreneurs in business and technology.

120 Illustrators & Animators Collaborate To Show What Love Is, In One Clip

[Click here to view the video in this article] Collaborative animation ���Love Is Love��� features works by 120 artists, illustrators and animators from around the world.