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Man Invents A Giant Air Purifier For A City In Peru

In Lima, the notoriously polluted capital of Peru, a retired naval engineer by the name of Jorge Gutierrez has invented a giant air purifier and has placed it in Lima’s district of Jesus Maria.

Mustard Ad Reminds You To Be Remembered For The Right Reasons This Christmas

[Click here to view the video in this article] United Kingdom-based advertising agency adam&eveDDB has created an humorous online Christmas film for Maille mustard.

GoPro May Be Releasing Its Own Line Of Drones In 2015

Image: Nathan Parks GoPro may be developing its own line of consumer drones, slated to be released in late 2015.

French Inventor Creates Pills That Make Your Farts Smell Like Roses & Chocolate

French inventor Christian Poincheval has created pills that claim to ease indigestion while “perfuming� your farts to make them smell as sweet as roses or violets.

Turn Your Leftover Thanksgiving Food Into Delightful Typographic Artworks

[Click here to view the video in this article] Here’s how you can turn you leftover food and spices from Thanksgiving dinner into lovely typography art projects.

Boy Recreates Iconic Mustaches For Movember As A Lovely Tribute To Late Grandpa

Albert Einstein At 12, William Heath may be too young to grow a mustache, but that did not stop him from taking part in Movember in the most creative way possible.

Slow Motion Video Captures Flies Being Zapped By An Electric Bug Zapper

[Click here to view the video in this article] Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy from YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys have created a morbid slow motion video of flies being zapped by an electric bug zapper.

Flowchart: Should I Buy This?

Click to view full enlarged version Click to view full enlarged version With the Black Friday sale happening soon, the above flowchart by GOOD Magazine will help guide you in your purchase decisions.

Humorous Photographs Of People Posed Like They Have Just Fallen

Photographer Sandro Giordano is back with more funny pictures of people posed like they have just fallen.

Fun Popcorn Maker That Makes You ‘Shake’ To Create Flavored Treats

[Click here to view the video in this article] With this fun popcorn maker, prepping snacks for movie nights at home will never be the same again.

Comprehensive Tea Chart Features 104 Different Types Of Tea In The World

Click on image to enlarge Click on image to enlarge This chart designed by Pop Chart Lab is a “tribute to the second-most-famous caffeinated beverage�.

Infographic: Weird And Wonderful Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Following our recent feature on how Christmas is celebrated, let us get acquainted with the weird and wonderful Christmas traditions that are found around the world.

Satirical Illustrations Show The Lives And Struggles People Face Today

UK-based illustrator John Holcroft has created a series of satirical artworks that comment on the lives and struggles of modern life.

Disturbingly Funny, Twisted Comics That Will Warp Your Mind

Spanish illustrator Joan Cornellà, who previously warped our minds with his hilariously absurd drawings, is back with more of his dark, twisted brand of humor.

VSCO For Mac, A Designer’s Concept

Fans of popular photo-editing app VSCO Cam would love the following concept idea by Netherlands-based designer Aziz Firat.

Infographic: How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

So you already know how to craft the perfect LinkedIn profile, but do you know how to optimize it? Business website Quick Sprout has created an infographic that shows you how to make your LinkedIn profile get noticed.

Bank Gives US$30,000 To Individuals To ‘Make Today Matter’

[Click here to view the video in this article] What would you do if you were given US$30,000 and 24 hours to make a difference?

‘Clients From Hell’, Creatives Contribute Their Real-Life Encounters

Encountering a difficult client might be part and parcel of your job. But if the conflict is wearing you out, the following website is just for you.

Elegant, Well-Composed Photos Of Airplanes Flying Overhead Between Buildings

Italy-based photographer Gustav Willeit has a fun series featuring monochromatic photographs of airplanes flying over the New York City skyline.

If Guys Post Pictures And Selfies Like Girls On Instagram

Image via @tappdaddy If guys acted like girls on Instagram, the results would be unthinkable. Witty + Pretty sifted out some pictures of guys on Instagram poking fun at girls in their cliché poses.