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Startup Unveils A Flying Car That Runs On Regular Gas Fuel

[Click here to view the video in this article] Image via AeroMobil Slovakian startup AeroMobil is taking us one step closer to the dream of owning a flying car.

The Brand Evolution Of Nike Condensed In Three Minutes

In the latest instalment of its ‘Brand Evolution’ series, Fast Company turns the spotlight on global sports brand Nike.

This Cuddly Dog Is Giving Celebrities A Run For Their Money On Instagram

There’s a 12-year-old adopted Shih Tzu, named Marnie, causing waves on social media with her winsome pose—a head tilt coupled with her tongue hanging out.

Infographic: Essential Creative Food Hacks That You Can Try At Home

Here are some great food hacks that you should master in the kitchen for a fuss-free cooking experience.

An Illustrated Chart Featuring Apple’s Insane Collection Of Over 500 Products

Pop Chart Lab has released an updated version of its illustrated poster that charts Apple’s “insanely great” collection of more than 500 products.

For Designers: Website Generates Endless Color Palettes With A Click

Designers, you can now get endless, cool color palettes with the hit of your keyboard spacebar. Coolors is an easy-to-use website that generates color schemes almost instantly.

Adobe’s Halloween Murder Mystery Puzzle Will Test Your Photoshop Skills

As a run-up to Halloween, Adobe has been releasing complex PSD files containing clues to an interactive murder mystery game it is running on its Facebook page.

An Honest Look At Instagram VS Real Life

[Click here to view the video in this article] In this new video by BuzzFeed, it shows us that not all pretty photos we see on Instagram are picture-perfect in real-life Can you relate to the amusingly truthful short?

Honda Promotes Two Cars In Brilliant ‘Double-Sided’ Video Ad

[Click here to view the video in this article] To promote both the Honda Civic and Civic Type R models, agency Wieden + Kennedy London has created a brilliant “double-sided” video ad.

Daring Man Creates An 'Angry Birds' Style Catapult To Launch Himself Off A Cliff

[Click here to view the video in this article] Professional base jumper Tancrede Melet is an adventure seeker, and he constantly prepares for more audacious jumps to challenge himself.

Adorable ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ Characters Wish You A Happy Halloween

[Click here to view the video in this article] After wishing us Happy April Fools’ and Valentine’s Day, the adorable ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ characters are back to wish us a Happy Halloween.

Japanese Food Festival Has A Special Tent For You To Snap Food Porn Pictures

In Tokyo, Japan, the Tsukemen Grand Prix is an annual festival where tsukemen (a type of dipping noodles) makers come together to battle it out for over a month, in order to decide who the ultimate noodle maker is.

This Japanese House Has Signature Curved Floors And Walls

Japan-based architecture practice Takeshi Hosaka Architects has designed a stunning house in Byoubugaura, Yokohama (aptly named ‘House in Byoubugaura’) with signature curved floors and walls.

Doodle Sketches Of Adorable Animal Characters In Sad, Sad Situations

From Rochester, Kent, in the United Kingdom, illustrator Ben Cameron calls himself the ‘creator of the world’s saddest doodle, apparently’.

Infographic: The Best & Worst Of Halloween Candy

Online website The Daily Meal knows this is the season for trick or treating, so they have created an infographic that charts America’s most loved candies.

You May Know How To Design, But Can You Protect Your Intellectual Property?

UK-based invention and patent company Innovate Design knows the pains that are involved with trying patent and protect your product and designs.

Victoria’s Secret Ads Suggest Its Models Have Perfect Bodies, Cause Outrage

Victoria’s Secret has sparked outrage for its latest campaign promoting its new range of ‘Body’ bras.

Amusing Animated Short Tells Us Why Being A Skeleton Is A Terrible Idea

[Click here to view the video in this article] Production company Gentleman Scholar has created an amusing animated video that tells us why being a skeleton is probably a terrible idea.

Infographic: How Coffee And Tea Can Help Keep Your Body Healthy

Westways Vending has created an infographic that reveals the healthy benefits of drinking coffee and tea.

Facebook’s London Office Gets A Stunning Doodle Makeover

[Click here to view the video in this article] UK illustrator Geo Law was commissioned by Facebook London as an Artist in Residence, to give its office walls a vibrant makeover.