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A Strange Cookbook Inspired By The Food Brad Pitt Eats In His Movies

Publisher Long Prawn has just released an odd cookbook���all the dishes featured in this 52-page book is inspired by the food that actor Brad Pitt eats in his movies.

Fun, Free Workout Ideas For When A Gym Membership Is Too Expensive

For some people, signing up for a gym membership or for fitness classes is a great way to get them to exercise���however, this way of keeping fit can also be an expensive one.

Infographics: 30 Life Skills Every Functioning Adult Should Master

The society expects all of us to function well as adults once we reach legal age. However, many of us could use a guidebook to adulting even after years of technically being a grown-up.

Artist Puts On Lipstick, Kisses The Canvas To Create Unique Portraits

Based in Toronto, Canada, artist Alexis Fraser, also known as Lipstick Lex, is giving makeup a whole new function by kissing on the canvas, leaving lipstick prints in strategic places to create stunning and detailed portraits.

New Lingerie Movement ���Leisur��e��� Challenges Norms With Photoshop-Free Campaigns

For a long time, the underwear industry focuses on selling items that are considered sexy, but uncomfortable and not functional.

How Not Having Sex Can Be Empowering And Redefine Your Life

No matter the reason or situation, some have decided that sex is not for them. To some people, the intimacy is sacred or they underwent traumatic sexual assaults, and choosing the celibate lifestyle just works for them.

Hilarious Drunk Confessions That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Getting drunk has caused many people to do ridiculous things that they would regret later. Website Comedy Central has collected a list of 21 drunk confessions via the Whisper app that will make you feel good about yourself.

Useful Travel Tips From The Flight Crew, Frequent Fliers For Your Next Trip

If you want your flight to be a smooth, comfortable one, there is nobody who can help you achieve that like the flight crew and frequent fliers who are always on a plane.

In Tokyo, A Store And Cafe In An Underground Carpark That You Can Drive Into

Typically, underground carparks are not the most inviting of places���however, the Nishi-Ginza Parking Lot in Tokyo is definitely an exception to the rule.

Watch: Why Do We Fall In Love With Certain Books?

[Click here to view the video in this article] Is there a certain book that you can read over and over again?

The ���Most Painful��� Bug Stings, According To A Man Who���s Experienced Them All

[Click here to view the video in this article] When Justin Schmid was a budding entomologist, he and his zoologist wife realized that there was no existing scale to measure the pain of insect stings.

For Creatives: Gorgeous, Inspiring Workspaces Created By IKEA Stylists

���A natural palette is like a blank canvas for the mind, making it easier to create.��� Your workspace should not only reflect the nature of your work, but also your personality.

Nike Pulls Off Ambitious Ad, Single-Take Style, With Unique Choreography

[Click here to view the video in this article] Nike China has launched a riveting new spot titled ���The Next Wave��� that makes its complicated choreography look seamless.

Honest Illustrations Reflect How Smartphones Influence Relationships Today

Technology has no doubt benefited people���s lives in more ways than one. It���s brought humans closer together, allows individuals to communicate regularly and conveniently with loved ones across the globe and more.

Raw, Stripped-Down Underwear Campaign Stars Real Women Photographed At Home

New Zealand underwear label Lonely Lingerie has launched a no-frills underwear campaign called ���#LonelyGirlsProject���.

Heart Wrenching Portraits Of Refugees With Their Most Precious Belonging

Ahmet, 23 ��� fled from Eritrea, 2013. I got on board of a ship in Libya which had to bring us to Italy.

Filmmaker���s Amusing Video Imagines What ���Pok��mon Go��� Looks Like In Real Life

[Click here to view the video in this article] Filmmaker Joe Murayama of Los Angeles-based PixelStormFilms imagines what Pok��mon Go would look like in real life via his recent creation ���Pokemon Invasion���.

Amazing Fashion Illustrations Created Using Only Nail Polish

Living in Singapore, visual artist Chan Clarence showcases her illustrations of haute couture and dreamy gowns on her Instagram page.

Kanye West���s ���Famous��� NSFW Figurines Are Now On Display As An Art Exhibit

Kanye���s NSFW music video for ���Famous��� has got the whole world talking about it, which features 12 naked celebrities, such as Rihanna, Amber Rose and Taylor Swift, in bed together.

Too Cute: A Royal Tea Party Featuring Four Adorable Corgis

[Click here to view the video in this article] When a few Corgis come together dressed in bow ties, what happens is a fancy tea party fit for royalty.