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Plain packaging and health warnings on food and drink could cost companies hundreds of billions

Plain packaging on food and drink, akin to that on tobacco products in many countries, could cost companies hundreds of billions of dollars, says a new report.

Brr it’s cold in here, it must be Best of the Web in the atmosphere!

This week’s Best of the Web is coming to you from a very chilly place indeed, but it’s ok – we’ve got jumpers, thick socks and warm crumpets on the go, so we’re at optimum hygge level or whatever the 2017 equivalent for cosiness is.

SomeOne rebrands Hiyacar, the “Airbnb for cars”, inspired by movement

The London office of design agency SomeOne has rebranded Hiyacar, coined “the Airbnb for cars” and one of the UK’s fastest growing brands in the sharing economy.

Mirror Mirror's identity for Integrated 2017: is it real, or is it not?

“With a brief about creativity and criminality, a graphical direction referencing spray paint and street-art was initially exactly what we didn’t want do to,” explains Antwerp-based design studio Mirror Mirror, “but we kept returning to it, thinking to ourselves: ‘It’s a cliche not to use a cliche’.” This year, the multi-disciplinary studio was tasked with creating the visual identity for Integrated 2017 and its answer was a series of faux-in-situ visuals and a “post-real” poster campaign.

Alex Moy’s animation explores where our minds drift off to when we’re distracted

Wanderer follows the thoughts of a man and his struggles to stay grounded in a moment. Animated by Chicago-based Alex Moy, we’re invited into the protagonist’s world and we begin to “pick up on the very small ticks of the room around him”, leading to a “visual rhythm that hypnotises the viewer”.

Coventry wins bid for UK City of Culture, a chance “to show the world what we are made of"

Coventry has been announced as the UK’s next City of Culture to take place in 2021. The West Midlands city won the bid against Swansea, Stoke-on-Trent, Sunderland and the Scottish town of Paisley.

Friday Mixtape: Jake Chapman’s band, Funhole

This week’s Friday Mixtape is curated by Jake Chapman. Known mainly as one half of revered and purposefully shocking YBA sibling duo Jake and Dinos Chapman, today the artist lets us in on his musical tastes and introduces us to his band, Funhole.

Hezin O's charmingly illustrated 2018 calendar inspired by A-Z cards for children

When we saw that Hezin O had produced a beautifully illustrated calendar for 2018, we had to get in touch and find out more.

Behind California Sunday’s teen issue, made (mostly) by teenagers

The latest issue of The California Sunday Magazine set out to focus on teenagers across its remit in California and the American West, and in order to truly embody its subject, worked with largely teenage contributors.

Hezin O's charmingly illustrated 2018 calendar inspired by A-Z cards for children

When we saw that Hezin O had produced a beautifully illustrated calendar for 2018, we had to get in touch and find out more.

We kick off Review of the Year 2017 with a party – come and join us on 14 December!

It’s that time of year everyone, so get into the festive spirit even more by joining It’s Nice That for our Review of the Year 2017 party!

Hi Studio brings teletext back into our lives, in print

Hi Studio, founded by designers Megi Zumstein and Claudio Baradun are excellent, excellent book makers.

Erich Brechbühl’s posters are witty and inventive, with an element of surprise

We first covered the work of graphic designer Erich Brechbühl way back in 2012. Since then he’s been making moves in the poster design world, helping to create a solid design community in Lucerne – one that’s beginning to have an impact outside of Switzerland.

Studio Ghibli breakaways Studio Ponoc release English trailer for first film

Attention Ghibli fans: Studio Ponoc, the new animation house from the Japanese animation studio’s former producer and director, Yoshiaki Nishimura and Hiromasa Yonebayashi, has released the English language trailer for its first film.

Do Not Design uses illustration to create approachable branding for Singapore’s Archifest

Singapore-based studio Do Not Design produces broad ranging graphic design. From ideas for brands to designing a website or a publication, its ability to mould to the brief at hand means the studio’s work can be found all over the globe, online or in person.

Christian Rodriguez follows his cousin Leo immigrating from the Dominican Republic to the USA

Leo is a project by photographer Christian Rodriguez that follows the journey of his cousin of the same name, who had received his visa to live in America while Christian was out on a trip to the Dominican Republic to see his family.

Soshiki Hakase's hyperactive new animation is filled with zombies and fidget spinners

Soshiki Hakase and his animation studio Furifurisoshiki popped onto our radar back in spring when he made a pastel-hued world packed with objects and animals brought to life with human characteristics in a music video for Japanese singer/songwriter YeYe.

Why dyslexia makes you a great designer

London-based designer Jim Rokos, curator of Dyslexic Design, explains how he believes dyslexia can bestow abilities conducive to a great creator.

Anxy Magazine: The Workaholism Issue explores the impact of working hard versus working compulsively

“Our goal is to make talking about mental health normal. It’s not about self-help,” says Indhira Rojas, founder and creative director of Anxy Magazine.

Time magazine announces Person of the Year 2017, The Silence Breakers

Time magazine has announced its Person of the Year 2017 is The Silence Breakers – “the voices that launched a movement”, shot by German photography duo Billy & Hells.