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Time at Its Least

In the designer’s own words, there’s simply “not much to say about Circulo!” Beautifully simple, the modern design presents a different way of telling time.

The Ultimate Cool-Tool

Every once in a while you come face to face with a product that redefines its standards in a way so simple, you wonder, “Why didn’t anyone every think of this before?

Indicator Innovation

Why leave sophistication to the cars? We spend our time encouraging bicycling as a greener and healthier mode of transport, but we don’t do much to better the experience through innovation.

Rain-Ready Racer

The F1 series McLaren-Honda concept explores the design, proportions and regulations of Formula 1 racing in the near distant future.

3D Printed Phalanges!

As advanced as 3D printing has become, we still imagine the results as being rudimentary. The Printed Prehensile is an exploration into complex 3D printing capability and attempts to register similar characteristics with the human appendage.


Take your eyes of the pretty lady and look at the chair. Well, try to, because it’s so unbelievably minimal, you may not even recognize it.

Origami Stairs

Origami Stairs began with a simple idea to manifest lightness literally symbolically. The design owes its form to its distinctive unidirectional cantilevered tread which tapers as the deflection forces diminish at its outermost limits.

The Infrared Walking Cane

Simply called the Safe Stick, this revolutionary walking stick for sight-impaired individuals goes beyond the limitations of traditional designs, utilizing a network of checkpoints at landmarks like bus stops and intersections to help users navigate safely and more effectively.

Look, Ma, No Hands!

  The ANICORN Series 000 contemporary timepiece equips a unique concentric disc system to display the time in an entirely new way.

A light with dark humour

The way our mind processes knowledge and information is increasingly begin to mimic our digestive system.

A new chair everyday

You probably re-upholster your furniture every other year. Change the cushions probably once every six months.

Secure Your Noggin and Bike In One

Loki combines the two most common peripheral bike accessories to create the ultimate safety must-have that keeps both rider and bike secure.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Joe Sardo’s ultramodern line of multifunctional furnishings will make you sweat! In an unexpected marriage of fitness and furniture, the series blurs the lines between work, rest and recreation. A sofa-treadmill… a cycle-desk… they’re hybrid home furnishings that get both the mind and body moving!

Hands-free Washing like Never Before

Almost unrecognizable as a water fixture, the Hudōr Faucet incorporates a system that allows the user a “hands-free washing experience” by integrating a motion detector, an easily replaceable liquid soap dispenser and a bacteria disinfectant black light.

Gazing into the future

Just look at this monocular before you look into it. While it looks like Batman’s sonic screwdriver, you have to agree it’s supremely good looking.!

Wearable Heartbeats

Doppel is performance-enhancing wearable tech that can naturally make you feel more alert or relaxed on demand using the innate human response to rhythm.

That’s Design Amore!

A collaboration between Alfa Pizza and designer Dario Martone, the Puro line of modular pizza peel mounts (the thing that grabs your pie when it’s finished!

Suspended Geometry

Constructed entirely from metal, the U32-1 pendant lamp explores the concept of modern lighting, taking heavily from contemporary urban trends; particularly the tension and structure of the modern city landscape.

Surety of Purity

Your immune system takes quite a beating when you’re sick. Which means you’re susceptible to catching more diseases than before.

Custom Print Your Walls!

How often have you thought about painting your favorite superhero or secret fantasy on the wall across your bed?