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Mobile Accessory Masterpieces

The OLKA collection of mobile accessories aim to add a little extra oomph to your charging, cable, and smartphone case needs!

There’s something about the Evoke

Let’s talk about the Evoke, one of the most pleasant looking wireless speakers I’ve seen in a while. The front grill has a beautiful pattern that reminds me of Jawbone’s Jambox.

Pack Smarter!

TROVAL. from FUHUA WANG on Vimeo. The Troval system eliminates the need for traveling with multiple, cumbersome devices so you can pack lighter and more efficiently!

Nuke It in Style!

I dare you to try finding a microwave that doesn’t kill your kitchen’s look and vibe! It’s next to impossible… until now.

A cosmic selfie for your birthday!

What if I told you you’ll never have to search for the perfect birthday or anniversary gift ever again?

A wall-clock for the creature of the night!

There have been loads of times where design and art have blended into each other so much, I couldn’t tell the difference.

Advanced Appliance Aesthetics!

The Belyse air purifier is a part of that era of products that celebrates ‘form follows emotion’. The designer raises the question that everything in the modern day house has an element of emotional design today.

A Modern Take on an Age-Old Tool

A-frame is a modern twist on the “jigae”, a traditional Korean tool used in cities like Seoul to move packs through narrow alleys and corridors.

The Picnic-ready Projector

Are you a movie buff who loves to picnic?! Layer was designed with you in mind. This clever creation, modeled after a lunchbox, makes it easy to watch movies outdoors.

Designed for the Depths

The Pearl Diver is a compact second-stage, scuba regulator that incorporates a streamlined aesthetic.

Everything a power-bank should be

One… is the power-bank we need. It’s bold, non-rectangular, and talented. Yes, the One is a talented power-bank that’s capable of charging your phone, as well as syncing data.

The chair that’s just right

It’s very easy to design a chair that’s ornate and stands out. It’s also really easy to design a chair that blends in, comes along with a set, something somber.

Cup of Joe in a Jiffy!

In a hurry and craving coffee? Need a boost while you’re stuck in a meeting? No need to run out to the coffee shop… keep your coffee on-hand with the Hotshot!

Mobile Metric Magic!

After a while, technology tends to stop impressing. Wow, you can unlock your car with your phone? Sure, I saw it coming… The last thing to excite me truly was the Microsoft Hololens to be honest.

Not Your Grandma’s Egg Cup

Egg cups have gone largely unchanged over the years… until now. This modern, sculptural twist on the egg cup turns your breakfast into a thing of beauty.

Compact Commuting

The Transcender allows you to carry a clean energy vehicle with you just about anywhere you go! As two-wheeled commuting becomes more common, so does the need for flexibility as people transfer from bike to bus or train.

Look at the stars, look how they shine

The Aeon Telescope Kindler brings a new definition to the phrase ‘aim for the stars’. This tiny yet powerful telescope is ideal for the amateur stargazer, making astronomy truly accessible to the masses.

Two for the price of one!

Most of our articles are pretty straightforward in the sense that one article usually caters to one design.

The Sleep Switch

What if you could turn yourself from awake to asleep and back again with just a switch? Simply called the ON/OFF Alarm Clock, its oversized on/off switch form makes waking up and going to sleep feel a lot like that!

Look Ma, No Hands (Surf’s Up Edition!)

Here’s a bag you never thought you’d need, but won’t be able to resist buying if you’re a surfer dude or surfer chick.