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A Transformer to Take Over MotoGP

Designed for future MotoGP racing, the electric BMW iR concept focuses on mid-race transformation for enhanced performance.


We’ve seen loads of lighting solutions through the years. Some quirky, some functional, some absolutely endearing.

Extinction-inspired Lighting

Inspired by ancient marine dinosaur fossils called Ammonites, the Amonita desk lamp is first sculptural decor and second a source of soft illumination.

The Backwards Tea Brewer

An alternative to messy drop-in tea brewers, ZaDno is an all-in-one tea serving solution where you drop in the water.

Anchor of Light

Called “Anchor-1″ for its shape, this minimalistic desk lamp utilizes a 3-facet design to adjust the angle of inclination and light direction.

The Smart Home, Simplified

If you’ve ever played with a “smart home” remote, you know it’s a black hole of confusion and over-functionality!

Skutch for Everything Sketching

Skutch is an innovative sketching tool that combines design and geometry in an instinctive manner. Like an extension of one’s hand, its unique shape has been studied to allow the use of all geometrical design functions without limiting creativity.

Birds Got the Hang of It

The Qarta bird feeder explores species-specific designing to accommodate the needs of the American Goldfinch.

A Soy Latte for me and a Black Coffee for my pen

As much as that would probably get you a few bewildered stares at your local barista, that sentence makes complete sense if you own a WINKpen.

Help from above

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it superman? No. It’s superman’s equivalent, though. The JCB 4RS is an emergency response vehicle designed to be dropped from the skies on a disaster zone.

One Marker to Rule Them All

The Copic Marker proves that big things come in small packages! Unlike a limited, space-consuming set of colored markers, it gives users endless color options in one compact device.

A Seat for Any Situation

Somewhere between a comfy poltrona and an occasional chair, the Reves chair was designed to envelope the user when they choose.

Sustainable Shell Smartphone

The HTC GO GREEN is an evolution of Peter Dudas’ HTC ONE M8 that focuses on sustainability. Rather than a brushed aluminum unibody frame, the design features precision-bent bamboo for a look that’s natural, warm and more eco-friendly.

A ladder to make neighbors jealous

You’ve probably played the board game Snakes and Ladders before. Here’s a ladder with a new personality.

No more stupid touchscreens

I have a smartphone, and recently bought a laptop. Both are equipped with a touch-sensitive screen, much against my wishes.

A Blast from the Past Phone

The Macintosh Phone Concept is exactly as it sounds! This novel device explores how Apple’s flagship product might’ve looked and worked had it been released 20 years before the first iPhone.

Introducing, the PlaTEApus

Inspired by what might be the strangest creature on earth, the VivaBoo is a goofy take on the tea infuser that’s as friendly to use as it is to look at.

Love My Pair Of Denim Frames

This is one of those designs where you go … why didn’t I think of it before! Down right damn mister! Solid Denim Sunglasses – it can’t get cooler than this if you ask me.

Android that Makes Sense

Inspired from the original hTc ONE M8, this simplified concept is immediately recognizable in terms of its functionality.

A Lighter for the Shop

Inspired by mechanics, Flint is a stylish lighter with a strong, rugged identity and form that was designed to resemble a chuck key.