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In Light of Eternity

A winner of the Franz Award for Porcelain Design, the Sphere pendant find inspiration for this year’s “eternity” theme in the visual symbol.

Hooked About Garbage

Innovations in the field of trashcans are few and far between, which is why the “Hook Me Garbage” caught my fancy.

Portable Lap Desk Installation No. 1

The latest from London-based Yois Design, the Portable Lap Desk Installation No. 1 is a design that will make you say DUH!

Spray n’ Save

However simple, the eco-friendly T-Spray bottle is incredibly innovative in a number of ways! For starters, the bottle features a squeegee adapted directly onto the top in order to free one of the user’s hands during use while also preventing exhaustion.

A Mirror for Reflecting

Architect Roberto Paoli’s LOID mirror isn’t just for checking your makeup and hair… it’s for pondering your perspective altogether.

YD & Red Dot Award: Design Concept Present the One-Hour Free Registration Window Is now LIVE!

It’s that time once again! Go for it tigers! Hit this link to claim your FREE registration code for the 2015 Red Dot Award: Design Concept.

Quick Exit And More

Combining a siren to the standard fire extinguisher is quite a clever move by Jeon Yangwon. The purpose of the design is to alert both rescuers and trapped victims of the location and forge an easy pathway to evacuation.

Let’s All Just Jump

We have seen many skipping rope (Jump Rope) iterations for harnessing Kinetic Energy and transforming it into torchlights.

Drunken Design

The Skoki chair is proof that inspiration can come from the most unexpected of places! Designer Michael Kushner envisioned the chair while observing drunk people’s posture at a pub.

An EV of the Third Dimension

After 3 years in the making, the INNVELO Three electric prototype has arrived, making it one step closer to the consumer market!

The Best Way to Enjoy Math

A winner of the Red Dot and Good Design awards, the Parabola Chair is lauded for its innovative form derived from mathematical analysis and ergonomics!

Swirl, Dip, Splash!

Bathroom faucets have evolved from the lowly status of being tools to wash our hands to status symbols.

Keeping Kids SmartFit

As a parent, it is so easy for us to put the blame on distractive devices and gadgets for our children’s sedentary lifestyle.

No More Slumpin’!

Modern man spends nearly 13 hours a day sitting. Aside from inactivity, it’s just plain bad for the back as you naturally begin to slump from back muscle exhaustion after sitting for long periods.The Backboard is a simple, adjustable lumbar support that helps improve posture and restore the natural curve of the spine when seated.

The Lightest Lights

The Airy Lamp Series is so named for its barely-there materials and faint cut-out form that together make it no more than a subtle silhouette during the day and soft, diffused glow at night.

Scientific Bean Grinding

Coffee-geeks will love Pisona as it merges the versatility of a burr grinder with the compactness of a blade grinder, creating a revolutionary two-phase grinding process that enhances the aroma and flavor of the grounds.

Making A Smart Call

The Smart Call is a … you guessed it … SmartWatch Concept, aimed at helping the speech and hearing impaired folks to lead a technologically-smarter life.

Some yummy looking furniture!

The latest delicious design from Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects, the Wafer collection of home furnishings combines light and dark colored walnut and maple in bold stripes, forming a pattern familiar to the confectionary wafers you couldn’t stop eating as a kid!

Pint-sized Firetruck with a Punch

Designed specifically for India’s narrow, uneven roads, this emergency vehicle concept packs a powerfull firefighting punch in a smaller package.

This Smartwatch for Fit Kids!

Fitness education is most effective when introduced at a young age… but unless it’s presented in an engaging way, kids’ sponge-like brains won’t hold on to it!