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Pop-A-Point Tools

Rewind to school days and do you recollect absentmindedly play with the Pop-A-Point rainbow pen? Who knew that such a simple idea of a functional mechanical pencil would inspire a bunch of designers to create an innovation that revolutionizes the tool industry!

Hip to be Square

The square-shaped smartphone never caught on, but a look at the BlackBerry L and we might consider it!

The Healthy Handle

At first glance, Impulse might appear to be just like any other umbrella, but take a look at its handle and you’ll spy something a little bit different.

Evolution of the Vacuum

Whether you’re all about the ease of a vacuum or like things the old school broom-in-hand way, tidying up where the wall meets the floor can be tricky either way.

Capsules of Light

The Ignite light is a fresh take on the emergency torch that strays from the bulky body, opting for a sleeker yet equally effective form.

Phones of Future Past

Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold. In the past 20 years we’ve had to say goodbye to so much.

A Shopaholic’s Christmas

If you’ve lived in a hostel, you’ve definitely tried to hang more than one item of clothing on a single wardrobe hook.

Clasp and Cook

In light of everything being portable, it’s only fair that cooking stoves go that way too. The Clasp Range is a portable stove that is lightweight, easy to charge and totally ready for the go.

Avian-inspired Architecture

At the entrance of the landmark city of Mashhad, Iran, this “living architecture” is inspired by the birds inhabiting the city’s Imam Reza shrine, where tourists flock to take in the architecture & avian dwellers.

Siri needs her beauty sleep

I guess the most natural way to charge your phone would be to prescribe it some bedrest. The phone is becoming increasingly human (like in the movie Her, for example) and visually, we could do better than plugging a cord into our phone to invigorate it.

The Eternally Future-proof Smartphone!

This concept, by 91 Mobiles, aims to be the end-of-the-line for smartphones… and it really does leave little to be desired.

Designed to Chair-ish

Petra Salarić’s Z Chair is proof there’s space for art in everything we do, no matter how simple. Named for the characteristic Z shape of its sides, the unique form provokes pondering its construction despite being composed of a minimum of overall material.

Envisioning the Eco-Jet

Designed for the not-so-distant future, the AWWA·QG “Progress Eagle” 800 passenger aircraft features innovations in form and tech that make it both bigger and greener than an Airbus A380.

Crystal Math

No. That isn’t a Pokémon. It’s a chair; and a pretty fine one, that too. Inspired by quartz, and built using an intricate mathematical algorithm derived from the mineral’s complex crystalline structure, the armchair comprises of a wooden frame and geometric cushions that you can arrange to make sure the chair feels comfortable.

Nominate your best designs to A’ Design Awards 2015

Here’s some news that you could use: The International A’ Design Awards are calling for entries of best works worldwide and they want you to also be involved with it.

A Second Chance

As the name suggests, “A Second Chance” is the latest upcycle project for the VitrA brand that breathes new life into factory waste components.

American Shaker Meets Modern

Store and hang a variety of your things with complete customization using the American Shaker-style Manolo series of multifunctional mounted organizers!

A walk(man) down the memory lane

A decade ago, there used to be two categories of humans. The Nokia lovers, and the Sony Ericsson lovers.

We Are VR

The moggles are what you get when you combine Google Cardboard with the Nintendo Wiimote. A better combination than you’d think, the Moggles headset and controller (and your handy little smartphone) are all you need to transport yourself to a virtual world that you can interact with.

The Handsome Hawg

The latest from the gearheads at Thunderbike, the Precision-R project showcases their custom Frame-Kit and original Thunderbike Monoblock wheels cnc-machined out of solid aluminum blocks.