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In Case Of Fire – Get Air Pocket

One of the main causes of death during a fire-related emergency is not burns but asphyxiations from gas.

The Mighty Powerful Leaf

Inspired by the process of photosynthesis and the ability of leaves to make food for the plant, designer duo Hyosang Pak and Dongseong Jeong have designed this sweet Leaf-shaped Solar Charger for mobile phones.

Let’s Bottle It Up!

The Balloon Plug is a great bottle cap that is versatile enough to fit any bottle. It has a very special way of sealing the neck and opens only when you release the special valve.

Senior Phones

With a name like “No hint will be lost on a kindred spirit”, you’d expect me to write a poem or an essay, but I’m actually going to write about an easy-to-use phone and communication system that is designed for the older generation.

Safer With The City Firefly

Designed as a bicycle chain lock system, the City Firefly doubles up as a safety gear for cyclists. Blending fashion with functionality is clever and what makes this concept stand out is the ease with which one can move from one space to the other.

Confessions of a Coffee Addict

Like most of you, I’m a coffee addict and love to carry my java with me. The problem with most cuppa joe’s is that they don’t provide for instant gratification, aka brewing on the go.

Meet The First Aid Blanket

I love the world of inspiration, imagination and concept design! How else is it possible that we have two strikingly similar concepts, designed by teams that are geographically poles apart and both go on to win prestigious design awards.

In The Mood For A New Laptop?

Love this refreshing design for a laptop by Antoine Beynel. It’s got that sexy aluminum finish and neat keys on the keyboard.

This is the Samsung Galaxy S6

Based on the creative inputs from their community, the 91mobiles team has drafted their version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone.

New Skin … Faster Than Ever

The ReSkin Device is an innovative medical tool that can help burn victims make recovery faster with the help of skin grafts.

Red Dot Awards: Design Concept and Yanko Design Party Hard – Part 1

As the jury member of the 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept, Yanko Design’s Takashi Yamada was asked why he focuses on concept design so much.

Neat Pair of Headphones

Headphones these days are either over packed with features or over packed with design. Finding a pair that balances the two is quite difficult.

The Camp All-rounder

Love this idea of making things compact and portable, especially with camping gear. So what we have here is the 2 In1 Walkie-Talkie Audio, it is basically an LED Flashlight, Bluetooth Speaker and SOS GPS Locator Device, rolled into one.

The Age of Modular Phones

The Xcel 1M concept phone has the vibe of being a very simple modular phone that does away with complicated user interfaces.

CKIE: Shop Till You Drop Without Breaking The Bank

There are three different kinds of shoppers: Avid Shoppers, Hate-them Shoppers and Smart Shoppers. This holiday season; let’s make sure ALL of us are Smart Shoppers!

The First-ever Swinging Backpack!

No more strapping and restrapping over and over while you’re commuting. The Wolffepack is the world’s first and only backpack that swings your stuff to the front but stays strapped to your back to give the user better access, more comfort and greater security.

Giveaway: Five Days, Five Watches with Touch Of Modern – Today is The Szanto 2253 Watch

All good things must come to an end, and so must the Giveaway Love, hence today is the last day! The super popular Flash Sales Site Touch Of Modern is giving away an Szanto 2253 Watch to one lucky winner right here on Yanko Design.

Foodie Meets Scientist

The BIO-LAB Kitchen takes inspiration from the concept of creating sustainable food products by manipulating biological systems.

Tablet Accessory with a Twist

Vyne is cleverly named after its functional flexibility that makes it an extremely versatile stand for tablets of any kind.

Just When You Need It … The Sound Blaster Roar

The Sound Blaster Roar is a portable Bluetooth Wireless speaker, designed to deliver loud and well-balanced audio out of a compact booklet-sized speaker.