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A 4 Turbine Tesla

Turbines? What turbines? Well, they’re not the kind you might expect and you’ll have to look a little lower to find ’em!

One Intelligent Teddybear

Finally, we can ditch all the remotes for something even easier to use than a smart home tablet! He’s called Bearbot and he’s hoping you’ll adopt him into your home!

The bike that’ll turn heads!

It’s Friday, so time to close this week with a banging design that’ll have you drooling all through the weekend!

When Nature Calls (Differently)

I’ve noticed a terrible tendency in me of late. I’m in front of my laptop. I’ve got Facebook open. Just then, my hand reaches for my phone, and I habitually unlock it and open Facebook on my mobile.

Go Home Coat Rack, You’re Drunk

The Drunk Palo coat stand earns its namesake from the palo borracho (literally, “drunk stick” in Spanish) tree from which it draws inspiration.

The Powerful Power-Bank!

I don’t imagine #bendgate ever happened with phone chargers or power-banks, but who knows. Lithium ion batteries are pretty unstable little things.

Smarter Safety Basics

Designed for construction job sites, Exo is a system of safety products that takes the guess work out of protection.

Smart Home Control on a Roll

Controlling your home has never looked or been more fun! The DICE Smart Remote Control is a playful system that allows users to quickly toggle between and adjust atmospheric options from the comfort of anywhere from bed or the kitchen table.

Double-Decker Dining!

The Double Buffet is something I can absolutely support! I dread buffet settings because of the way the food’s just ready and waiting for you to eat it, but the damn line in front of you is separating you from it.

Lifehack cutlery!

I don’t always generate stories to connect my life to the products I talk about on Yanko. They’re all life experiences and stories, and this one is too!

One Fancy Phone

Designed for the “international elite” the svelte Elite Guard Smartphone boasts lux looks and high-end tech for the discerning customer.

A Car-Substituter, Scooter Commuter!

It’s our natural tendency to make things slimmer and more powerful. The personal computers we use became smaller and smaller till they finally began fitting in our pocket a decade back.

A Breezy Bose

This Bose isn’t your average speaker … errr… in fact, it’s not a speaker system at all. Instead of sweet tunes, it blasts ice cold air!

Make Your Delay a Vacay

RESTING FURNITURE FOR AIRPORTS from Rafael Martín on Vimeo. If you’ve ever missed a flight or been delayed you’re familiar with camping out in an uncomfy plastic seat using your luggage as pillow.

Origami Organisms!

You’ve got vegan meat, imitation fur,faux leather, but nothing’s quite as classy and cute as the PaperTrophy!

I present to you…

The Conbox channels this beautifully minimal, Muji vibe and to be honest, I’m absolutely loving it! When completely packed, it looks like a modern dimsum steamer, but it’s an entire table fan disassembled, packed neatly into a tiny little box!

A BMW Tribute to Turbo

BMW 2002 Hommage celebrates the birth of the turbocharged car. Though it’s a tribute to the 1973 BMW 2002 Turbo, it’s based on the current BMW M2 sports coupe.

One Super-slim Sliding Smartphone

Quite possibly the coolest slide phone since the Sidekick, the Sony Shadow is all about comfort, more free space for your fingers, and a roomier and clearer screen when you’re playing games, watching videos, surfing or just texting!

You Better Work Bench

From jewelry makers to woodworkers, we all do different types of work yet the tables available for us to use are largely the same.


Probably the most scary medical procedure to even observe, is surgery performed on someone’s eye. I imagine design can go a long way in not just making that procedure simpler, faster, and more effective, but also in making the idea of it less daunting.