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The doorknob that cries “Fire!”

I just had to leave this design for the end of the week. The Bleep is unsuspecting, apparently mundane, but incredible to the extent that it may save lives one day.

Please wear your seatbelts!

I firmly believe that the design process applies to futuristic design too. You can only make so many futuristic products that just have AI in every little nook and cranny.

Avatar-esque Lighting

LUME is a far-out lighting solution that harnesses the power of bioluminescence to bring natural light to your living space.

Press Play for Fresh

Speakers have come a long way from being a big, bulky, black box stuffed in the corner of a room. These days, a well-designed speaker can even enhance a room’s aesthetic.

Not Just Another Knife

Insert man-growl here! This Fiskars knife concept is the ultimate outdoorsman’s tool. Whether it’s sawing or cutting with it’s double-edge blade, it’s designed with interchangeable ergonomics that position the user’s hand in a comfortable position for each task.

The force is strong with this lamp!

The Monk Lamp has an cool backstory. Look at it carefully and try and think of an organization/faith from a cult movie series.

The Era of Autonomous Biking!

How do you make a truly ground-breaking bike? You can’t really pick up innovation from the automobile industry and transpose it on the bike industry.

Drone Double-Time

Unlike other quadcopters that have sacrificed speed for agility, the FLYCAT features four small rotors to take off and land and one big engine to fly through the sky.

Light will guide you…

Light is unbelievably versatile. No, I’m not drunk… I’m making quite a revelatory point. It’s used to help our most powerful sense operate.

Time at a Glance

Nytec’s Axiom watch brings modern design and classic analog styling to the wearable tech market. This design is all about making a personal statement of style and substance while avoiding information overload.

Rockin’ Simple

The adorably simple Rolo rocking stool is as utilitarian as it is playful. Its clever construction adds a bit of functionality to an otherwise basic design in the form of slightly rounded feet that allow for a safe tilt and stable resting position.

A Beautiful Wall Clock on your Wrist

Different people expect different thing from their wearables/watches. Some people want to work on the go, others want to track their fitness… Some people want something much more traditional, a chronograph, a barometer, a world clock, the date, definitely.

Get you a speaker that can do both

There seems to be a certain redundancy in the audio industry. People buy and own two products that do the same thing.

A Better, Lighter Bike Lock

A good bike lock can means the difference between… well, having a bike or not! These days, U-locks and chains are the preferred security of most cyclists, but that heavy metal adds increasingly more weight at the same time we’re trying to make bicycles lighter!

A Burning Desire to make Art

Any Photoshop users? Remember the Burn tool? You can own one now! FEBO is a literal burn-brush that allows you to paint with sunlight!

Self-Sustaining Micro Digs

Girl, bye! I’m gettin’ me an Ecocapsule. It’s the first truly independent house, powered by solar and wind energy!

A Sexy Scooter at Home in Monoco

Asking himself, “what would James Bond steal from Batman for a joyride in Monoco”, designer Eduard Bockaj crafted and built this stealthy scooter as a daily driver for himself!

‘Back’ to the future!

Dullahan is a strange sort of product. It isn’t functional, but it’s incredibly interactive and futuristic, with a good deal of aesthetic appeal.

Putting the Stud in Studio Apartments!

I’ve noticed architects and interior designers always have completely bad-ass houses. Makes me wonder why I never took that up myself, because I still sleep in the floor (with a mattress of course!

WinZip for your luggage!

No matter how much space optimization your suitcase company does, ultimately you’ve got to wonder…Maybe you’re not packing right.