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No More Waiting for iWatch

For a gadget that tells time, the exact release of Apple’s rumored iWatch are still a mystery! Until then, get your fanboy fix with this concept by Francisco Costa, because it’s probably not far off from the real thing.

Tron Dartboard

Love this laser-empowered, Tron-inspired dartboard that can be put up just about anywhere. The great news is that the darts can be color-coded and divided as per the teams and they are not needle pointed.

Dragonball Z for the Firemen

Light Ball is an illuminating ball designed for firemen. The innovation here is that the ball emits light and absorbs smoke at the same time.

Eye Development Meets Entertainment

This thoughtful sensory toy, called Wiggle, stems from designer Adva Rave’s own immersive experience working with visually impaired kids and aims to help children practice their eye movements while having fun.

If James Bond Wore a Smartwatch

Most smartwatch designs are focused around ultra-minimal, even futuristic styling with either a monocoque band or simplistic rubber strap and square interface… but that look isn’t for everyone!

Ebony And Ivory Time

Inspired by the piano keys, Glissando is an elegant timepiece that sits well on a wrist. While its not packed with features like chronograph or turbillion, what makes its desirable is its unique time-telling ability.

Locomotive Legacy

Since 1968, the EF66 series of electric-only locomotives have been synonymous with strength & dependability, ushering in the golden age of engine craftsmanship in Japan for high-speed trains.

The Gripping Story

Whether in the kitchen or on the desktop, orienting your iPad upright with firm hold can be a nuisance.

Skewer with Style

The latest from Martin Jakobsen, the Peli serving tray is for entertainers who care as much about presentation as they do flavor!

A Convenient Household Combo

“.tubEvolution” is just that- an evolution of 3 dissimilar yet practical things packed into one convenient package.

Stackable and Sexy Bottles

The Bellows Bottle is a concept that makes transportation of liquids an easy experience. The bottle collapses and expands to pump out water and is very convenient to stack when empty.

The Bluetooth Speaker Gets Dropped

The first of their kind, LOOP Bluetooth speakers are the perfect way to add high-quality, multidirectional sound to your room without taking up valuable surface space.

The T1 Lamp for the Win!

The T1 lamp is a unique handmade, efficient and portable gadget that’s made from 80% recycled materials… all that without sacrificing style!

Modular Vanity

Balans is a modular vanity unit that is minimalist and aesthetic in design. Instead of adding more storage space and drawers, the modular function allows you to interchange the existing surfaces and assign them the new required purposes.

Twist and Shake

Saltgen Pepper (a twist on the Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper) is a tribute to the band that’s right at home in any modern kitchen.

The Bluetooth Speaker Gets Dropped

The first of their kind, LOOP Bluetooth speakers are the perfect way to add high-quality, multidirectional sound to your room without taking up valuable surface space.

Industrial Structures Turned Musical Instruments

The Human Harp is a device that clips on to any urban or industrial structure that enables the user or “movician” to play it like a giant instrument!

Baby’s Guardian Angel

The multi-award winning AngelCare1200 is a video, sound and movement monitor for optimized for a variety smart devices.

Making Beaches Safer

The SOS Rocket is a unique safety buoy that earmarks safe swimming areas at the beaches. In case the currents sweep a swimmer, they can latch onto one of the buoys and release the helium-filled SOS balloon and thus attract the lifeguard’s attention.

Leaning Lighter

Based around a design that’s gone largely unchanged for years, the Sway cigarette lighter is proof that even minor tweaks can mean greater functionality.