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Wear the Oldest Space-rock On Your Wrist

Unlike the LIV Rebel watch that was designed to be a maverick, or the Ferro AGL watch that takes inspiration from aircrafts, The Zelos watch series take on a classic style that never dies.

The Nike watch of future past!

Back in the day, Nike launched the Triax series of sports watches that all had a very interesting design detail.

Where no vacuum has ever cleaned before

You call it the VC500, I call it the Pinocchio Vacuum! This little concept dustbuster comes with an extendable snout that allows it to clean your car inside out, reaching hitherto un-cleanable crevices and gaps like the underside of the seat, or what I call ‘places where dark matter exists’.

Red Bull Gives Your Vacuum Wings

The idea of an energy drink company making a vacuum is weird and unexpected, yet the result is totally awesome!

FaceTime on your Apple Watch?!

The Apple Watch goes as close to working as efficiently as the smartphone in your pocket. It even comes with a gallery that allows you to view your photos, but it lacks one crucial detail.

Phone-Charging Curtains!

The Solar Blind is one of those designs that’ll make you wonder… “Hey, why didn’t I think of that?!”.

Stay Cool, Breathe Clean

Wind Ball presents new innovations in air circulation, cooling, and purification for the home. It’s elegant, wand-shape is ideal for 360° oscillation.

The Bottle That’s A Hit With Everyone

Good design solves existing problems without creating new ones. The HIIT Bottle in that regard is a hallmark of good design.

Take a break, Tesla…

Sounds like we have designers who have gone head on with Elon Musk and Tesla here! The Solar Energy Storage Pro locks horns with announcements Tesla made to debut solar charging roof tiles and a power brick to help people harness solar energy to power homes.

A drone you can eat

You’re wondering if you read that right… Let me tell you, you most certainly did. The Pouncer is like no other drone before in the sense that it’s designed to be used just one time.

Earphones that let you go with the flow

Have you ever wondered why marching music (brass band music) is designed to have such a fixed rhythm?

The Bottle That’s Hit With Everyone

Good design solves existing problems without creating new ones. The HIIT Bottle in that regard is a hallmark of good design.

EVs, Move Over!

While the EV may be the most efficient mode of transportation on the road, they’d better make way for UVs like the Changan which are right around the corner!

The lamp with 20 faces

The U34 lamp is all about efficiency through repetition without sacrificing style. The 20 faced icosahedral shape is formed by repeating equilateral triangles of identical dimension.

Snow-domination transportation

The RDSV concept vehicle looks like an absolute beast. Even with its lean frame, it manages to look like it could outwit any mountain terrain.

The Optimus Prime of Speakers

Like the Transformers from which it was inspired, the TransSpeaker aims to be a multifunctional friend!

Time-saving shaving!

If products are frequently used together, they can be clubbed together, right? This very idea lead to the spork, the toothbrush with the gum scrubbing pads, and now… the Evolutionary Brush, by Legacy Shave.

What future kitchen appliances will be like

Gotta love this twist on the rice cooker! Called the “Haier Multipurpose Cooker”, it takes the versatility of this popular appliance and multiplies it times 3!


A total of 156 printed items were used to transform an existing motorcycle into an uber-aggressive and stylish street bike!

A Form-follows-Evolution Bike!

Form exercises can lead to the making of rather brilliant conceptual products or automobiles. Think of the Iron-Man suit or the Batmobile concepts that started as an exercise in form design and went on to develop detail and get realized into absolutely iconic prototypes.