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Because Tablets can’t levitate

I’m ashamed of admitting that on multiple occasions while texting in bed with my phone above me, the phone has slipped out of my grasp and hit me square in my face.

The No-boundaries Bag

Designed for the active professional, the SUB (Sports Utility Bag) is a must-have gear addition to anyone on a time crunch.

The Must-have Hairdryer

Set to arrive at Hilton and Peninsula hotels in the near future, Column is the hippest hairdryer out there.

First Ever Express Charging Flash Drive

Smartphones and tablets just can’t seem to catch up with the battery life and memory we need! That’s where the Bricwave Xpress comes in.

Foolproof Shoe Sizing

Without trying them on first, buying shoes online is always a risky purchase. Ajust is a service that aims to solve this problem by allowing both retailers and buyers to match their sizes to a standard sizing format that can easily be printed.

The No-Brainer Boiler

If you’ve spent any time in the kitchen, chances are you’ve forgotten about your boiling water a time or two.

A Floating Showroom

The Sonos yacht goes beyond a typical exterior styling study of many similar concepts and explores the true efficiency and usability of such a large vessel’s space.

Bug Catching of Tomorrow

Millions of tiny creatures live all around you – what if you could catch them, see how they look and how they behave?

Rolling in the Deep

The Titanic would have been a very different film if the ship had a Roll Tube. The device is a pretty inconspicuous looking contraption that holds multiple hydrophobic foam boards that expand and inflate on contact with water.

Play With Your Table, Not Your Food

We don’t often think of tables as interactive objects, but the Labyrinth Table contains an entire world of its own inside that you and your guests can control.

The Tool Pen’s Lil Bro

Despite its success, last year’s Tool Pen left a lot of people desiring something smaller or jeweler-sized bits for fixing electronics, intricate equipment, mobile devices and more.

The Tablet for Teams

Nimbus is a tablet directed at shared use in service business environments ranging from creative studios to construction sites.

Handycam for the Mummy’s Tummy

It’s very difficult to envision proper medical care in poverty stricken places. The Mobile Ultrasound is a portable device to help expectant mothers learn more about their babies.

Super Flexible for Super Living

Inlay is a new super modular sofa system comprised of back rest, arm rest and seat modules in various sizes that can be easily configured and re-configured in infinite variations to create seating for any occasion!

Stylishly Segmented Seating

Designed to mimic the protective nature of a mother’s womb, the Segment chair offers users a shell-like sanctuary of relaxation for the body and mind.

No Cold Coffee, Only HOT!

Regular YD-ers know about my coffee addiction and how I love my cuppa joe by my side. According to my survey there are two kinda tea/coffee drinkers, ones who love their brew piping hot (or a particular temperature) and ones who prefer tepid.

Half the Bike, Twice the Fun

Appropriately named the Halfbike, this new you-powered trike allows users to explore new horizons and have fun in an entirely new way!

A Winning Row Boat

Noble like a yacht, light as a feather and aerodynamic like an arrow, the minimalist Neptune single scull rowing boat designed for beginners as well as professionals.

CPR for Dummies

Most of us have had some level of very basic first aid and CPR training… but if it really came down to an emergency situation… would you know what to do?

Wake Up Smarter Each Day

So, the ZZZAM is a smart, connected alarm clock that tracks your sleeping activity. The data that it collects helps in setting the wakeup time, and getting a routine going.