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I’d like a room with a forest-facing view please

Oh, the irony. We evolved and built cities, concrete jungles, civilizations, only to absolutely detest the lifestyle and want to connect with nature again!

Design by subtraction

Designers of our favorite Home Aquaponics Tank, San Francisco based Daylight Design come to us with a rather astute observation.

By popular demand, an iPhone with an audio jack!

I love my Google Pixel 2. I, however, hate the absence of the audio jack. I don’t understand why phones are embracing this absolutely unnecessary trend… well actually I do.

A Contemporary Throwback

Before the smartwatch, there was Casio. Whether we knew it or not at the time, the iconic Japanese brand has spit out some of coolest timepieces of… well… our time.

How do you design for zero-gravity??

Industrial designers are required to fit themselves into a wide variety of scenarios so as to solve problems effectively.

One Popsicle That’s Not For Licking

The Popsicle keeps you cool in an entirely different way that the name suggests! It’s a first-ever personal fan that actually looks pretty cool for once!

The Outdoorsman’s Coffee Grinder

Memetic Coffee Grinder – Designed to inspire hikers, at home. from Matthijs Huijbregts on Vimeo. Ever heard of memetic product design?

The wallet that’s smaller than your cards!

Great things come in small packages. That’s what they say… and they’re probably referring to the FOCX Smart Wallet.

More Wall, Less Clock

The idea behind the Wyzer wall clock by Reinhard Dienes was to make the wall a part of the clock. Using large plastic hands and a small clock mechanism, the Wyzer hides everything behind the colorful hands of the clock, so you’ve got a clock that’s literally all hands and no face.

For a different kind of ‘refueling’

I love the metaphoric connection between the fuel for cars and the fuel for humans. The Danish Fuel Tank Bar Cabinet uses Jerry Cans from World War II and turns them into outwardly quirky, but inwardly lavish mini-bars.

A Clock that Changes Like the Sky

UPDATE: less than 72 hours left, grab yours now! The 12-hour clock is possibly the most common wall clock in the world.

Because switches are too boring

Determined to reinvent the switch, Berlin-based r l o n created the mysterious yet inviting L3. With nothing but a light ring, a wooden platform, a metallic sphere and a dimmer switch (practically hidden from view), you’re invited to figure out how to switch the light on… and when you do, it’ll feel like nothing short of sorcery!

This Laptop is Every Designer’s Wet Dream

Why this doesn’t exist already, I don’t know! Aptly named the Logitech Lapdesk, it’s the latest concept from designer Erik Tuft and it explores the integration of a stylus/tablet combination directly into the laptop body.

One Mean, Green Wing

The latest flight concept from Oscar Viñals, the HSP Magnavem is essentially a big wing with a delta shape!

Who Said Print is Dead?!

UPDATE: less than 72 hours left, grab yours now! You could play Texas Hold’em on the internet via a website or an app, but there’s a different joy in being able to hold actual cards in your hand, in that fan orientation.

Designed to look un-designed and well-designed

The lack of design details doesn’t make a product less attractive, or badly designed. In fact, if consciously done, minimalism and sensibility can together create an aesthetic that is calm, comforting, pleasing, and more importantly, highly noticeable.

Elon Musk’s favorite chandelier

I’m assuming there’s a very small group of people who find themselves to be passionate about rocket science and chandeliers.

For the love of Pacific Rim

Robot fighting. There is nothing that sounds cooler in the world and the very thought of it can is so much more exciting than sitting down and playing video games.

Who Said Print is Dead?!

You could play Texas Hold’em on the internet via a website or an app, but there’s a different joy in being able to hold actual cards in your hand, in that fan orientation.

Take Your Clothes Iron To-Go

I’ve seen a lot of iron concepts come across my desk but this is probably the first with serious potential for taking it on the road.