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The Swiss Army Knife is obsolete

Never thought I’d say this but Victorinox, you’ve been outdone. The Columbia Survival tool kit just blows my mind.


How do you retain a minimalist, geometric style yet cater to ergonomics? The Pillowed Furniture series manages to do that with its stepped design.

The Salvation of Suitcases

It’s 2016 already, can we have upgraded suitcases now? The only innovation I’ve seen in baggage design in the past decade is the fact that we’ve got more colors… and that doesn’t cut it for me.

The Answer to Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most difficult for patients and their loved ones not only because of the mental deterioration but also the lack of independence and stigma associated with dementia.

A Philosophically Advanced Automobile

BMW has been on quite a roll, showcasing some of their most jaw-droppingly futuristic concepts. Only last week we saw a simply stunning rendition of the future as interpreted by Rolls Royce.

Noise-cancelling Never Looked So Good!

Earphone makers may have managed to cancel out the noise but they’ve yet to cancel out the ugly! Sure, the tech has come a long way considering it’s now available in an in-ear form, but styles haven’t quite caught up.

The ‘Z’enith of chair design

The Z Chair gets its name from the ‘Z’ shaped structure of its framework, but there’s more to it than just alphabetic resemblance.

Say hello to 3D painting!

I’m sure you’ve heard of 3D printing… but have you ever heard of 3D Painting?? Skins, by ATO is an experimental textile project that involves a newly developed felt + velcro fabric.

Outdoors and Chill

Earlier this week, we saw the trampoline chair, today we take a look at the hanging tent chair! The Cacoon is your hammock upgrade that you can hang from anywhere and instantly make it your cozy little zen space!

A Bike for Hipster Kids!

Whether it’s clothes or toys, it seems like kids outgrow things faster than you can replace them. Understanding that kids grow like weeds, designer Zhang Ting crafted this bespoke bicycle that not only adapts to little ones’ changing height but also helps them transition from scooting to cycling.

A Speaker That’ll Make You Sweat

If you’ve ever played rugby, football or another field sport, you’re probably familiar with cone drills.

A Super Simple Staple Solution

Ever tried to staple your stack of papers in the center? You’ll only end up with a crumpled mess if you use existing straight staplers.

CKIE Product of the week – Mobot Bottle

The Mobot may sound like some type of robotic product, but it isn’t. The bot comes from the word bottle, rather than robot.

Take that, Guitar Hero!

There are a lot of devices out there that claim to be able to teach you how to play a guitar. The truest thing however, is that only a guitar can teach you how to play a guitar.

Drive a car with your mind!

Aside from allocating designated handicapped spots, not much has been done for handicapped people, transportation wise.

The Smartwatch Killer

If you’re going to strap something to that wrist, it should either be Iron Man’s Laser Repulsor, or a classy looking watch (Analog Chronometer = WIN).

Care for a Cup of Tea

In the busy world we live in, we rush around for food, for work, with our noses in our devices, we don’t take the time to stop and relate and enjoy the world around us.

Clearer Mirror, on the Wall

It’s the little things in life that make us happy, no? Finding your keys when you put your hand in your purse, having exact change for the taxi cab, bathroom mirror staying un-fogged even after a steamy bath.

The transportation evolution revolution!

The Grasshopper conceptual bike looks unusually fresh, but the keen YD enthusiast will be able to draw parallels with this Honda conceptual bike from more than 10 years ago.

Replacing the campfire with ‘lamp’fire

Any avid camper will know the importance of having a portable light with them. Not the flashlight on your phone, but more like a lantern or lamp.