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An iPhone Stand You Can Wear!

As you might’ve guessed from the name, RYST is a clever design that combines the best of fashion and functionality to hold your iPhone!

The Woof Roof!

The Furfort is the only animal establishment with a terrace. When folded down, it can be used as a bed/mattress, but when the animals need a space more private and secure, they can simply snuggle inside an opening in the bed.

Re-telling the time

I love the thought process behind this design so much I’m going to put forth an open invitation to designers to make concepts using the same principle.

Umm… Why don’t inhalers stand up?!

Even though I’ve used one, I never realized that asthma inhalers aren’t designed to stand upright… and it’s quite strange because there’s no real reason why it shouldn’t!

When Tesla Takes to Water

Unlike Tesla cars, the all-electric Tesla Model Y yacht is a self-sustaining design that charges itself… with a little help from the sun and sea, that is.

Sprout and Proud!

I love me some sprouts! Now there’s a way to get your own homegrown sprouts, even without a garden. It’s called Sproutr, and it’s the world’s first smart growing habitat specifically for sprouts.

Mod Style Meets Ancient Technique

The Nex table and Rail chair, the latest from Alpestudio, are simple yet intriguing additions that play on contrast and material.

The AC you can’t see

I’ll just say it. It’s 2017. We’ve got LG TVs that are as thin as credit cards, so then WHY ARE OUR ACs SO BULKY?

The Touch-Feel Tumbler

Here’s something that’s just simple and beautiful. The Feelable cup has a tactile property that allows it to tell you the level of water without having to actually see the glass.

One Sharp Rickshaw

Rickshaw drivers get a bad reputation for being dangerous but the problem is also in part due to the design of the current vehicle.

Somebody get this lamp a cheeseburger!

The ultra-thin Link lamp shows just how far lighting has come aesthetically in terms of flexibility, and functionally in terms of efficiency!

Party on the Outside, Biz on the Inside

The Ali-Ante storage system’s utilitarian interior means that, for a realistic price, you can deck out the exterior doors to be as fancy as you’d like!

Fitness guru strapped to your wrist

It’s been a year and a half since we showcased the Liv wristband on Yanko Design as an initial visualization, and now we’re looking at a product that looks more luxurious than clinical.

What-a Purifier!

Most people in rural India don’t get access to clean water. They rely on rudimentary techniques like sedimentation (allowing the dirt to settle at the bottom) to extract drinkable water, but chemicals and solvents still remain suspended in the water that gets filtered out.

Rethinking the Mobile Retail Experience

MUV / Rethinking the Mobile Retail Experience from Radlab on Vimeo. Old-school vending pushcarts are literally getting PUSHED out of retail areas by new businesses!

Avian-inspired Illumination

Japanese speakers will understand the inspiration behind this lamp’s name. For those of us who don’t, take a look and think of what long-legged bird it resembles!

One Clever Crutch

The crutch is one of the most simple, time-tested walking aids available, yet Berlin-based design office Werksdesign has found a way to enhance it with smartphone tech!

A Simply Better Steamer

No matter the brand of portable clothes steamer, they all seem to fall into the same narrow design language when it comes to aesthetics.

A Drone You Can Drive!

The Vultran Tyger 1 is a hybrid powered piloted drone that takes inspiration from advanced fighter jets, rotorcraft and modern drone technologies.

Smart Mirror makes you look your best!

Juno is much more than a smart-mirror. Juno represents something much larger, and something that’s a long time coming.