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Painting with Light on a Canvas of Night: Alien Blooms by Hannu Huhtamo

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Photography & Video. ] The strange glowing figures in these images are so complex, you might think they’re screenshots from a digital animation, or created in Photoshop – but there’s no computer-based trickery here.

High-Elevation Dining: 12 Sky-Scraping Restaurants Around the World

[ By SA Rogers in Destinations & Sights & Travel. ] As long as heights don’t make you queasy, you could enjoy one of the best meals of your life from as high as 1,350 feet above street level, gazing out onto bustling cities like Dubai, Tokyo, Toronto, Shanghai and Chicago.

Breaking Vlad: Street Art Takes On Vladimir Putin

[ By Steve in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ] Vladimir Putin of Russia is a polarizing figure to say the least, as these examples of street art, graffiti and stencils from all over the world illustrate.

Abandoned Montage: VFX Film Technique Adapted to Eerie Art Series

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Drawing & Digital. ] Photographs of abandoned houses and dreary, overgrown landscapes are layered with hand-painted elements on glass panels in a technique called ‘matte painting’, one of the original VFX techniques used in filmmaking.

Inverted Roofs: Bowl-Shaped Rain Collectors Naturally Cool Desert Homes

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ] Iranian architects have developed a Concave Roof system to collect rainwater in arid climates with low precipitation, helping cool buildings in hot and dry regions of the world.

Mobility Vision: Hyundai Concept Connects Smart Home to Driverless Car

[ By SA Rogers in Technology & Vehicles & Mods. ] Who needs a garage when your autonomous vehicle could simply pull up into a port inside your home and seamlessly integrate itself with the interior?

Not Your Grandma’s Kitchen: 17 Modern Designs for the Discerning Cook

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ] If these designs are any indication, the kitchen of the future is modular, minimalist, mobile and so unobtrusive that it can practically blend into the furniture in your living room.

Electroads: Wireless Vehicle-Charging Roads Rolling Out in Tel Aviv

[ By WebUrbanist in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ] A series of roads and public buses in Israel are being retrofitted to test an electromagnetic induction system designed to recharge vehicles on the go, eliminating the cost, time, emissions and waste associated with conventional fuel and refueling stops.

Street Light Art: Traffic Signals Emit Surreal Rainbow Streams in Hazy City

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Photography & Video. ] It’s almost a cliche at this point to highlight the beauty that can be found in everyday items, like that scene in the movie ‘American Beauty’ where Wes Bentley and Thora Birch stare at a plastic bag waving around on a sidewalk like it’s the Mona Lisa.

Glow in the Dark Outdoor Art: 15 Designs That Come Alive At Night

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Installation & Sound. ] Phosphorescent paints, pigments and pebbles that charge via sunlight by day and glow after dark transform the nighttime urban landscape, illuminating murals, bike paths, skate parks, rivers and even live snails.

Out Of Limits: 15 Retro-Futuristic Soviet Town Welcome Signs

[ By Steve in Design & Graphics & Branding. ] In Soviet Russia, town welcome you… with retro-futuristic city limits signs that promised more than the blustery, blustering Cold War-era USSR could deliver.

Timelapse Tour: Watch How Global Cities Grow Between 1984 and 2016

[ By SA Rogers in Culture & History & Travel. ] Human civilization has grown and expanded at an amazing rate – or alarming, depending on who you ask – and you can watch the last 32 years of it unfold via satellite imagery thanks to Google’s Timelapse feature.

Facial Reconstruction: Police Use Found DNA to Create Suspect Profiles

[ By WebUrbanist in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ] An art project launched four years ago illustrated how scraps of DNA found in public could be turned into eerily lifelike composite sketches and three-dimensional models — now the police appear to be taking that technology in new (and potentially disturbing) direction.

Vanishing Points: Simple Architectural Drawing Hack Puts Art in Perspective

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Drawing & Digital. ] Architectural drawings have long used geometrical tricks to convey scale, depth, distance and other three-dimensional aspects of realities on two-dimensional surfaces. In a two-vanishing-point drawing, the artist aligns their ruler with a point on one side or the other and draws a line along the edge (or employs another modular straight-edging tool).

Extreme Architecture: 15 Structures Built to Withstand the World’s Coldest Places

[ By SA Rogers in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ] You might say that the kinds of built structures you find in either Antarctic research stations or the coldest permanently inhabited place on Earth (located in Russia) are polar opposites: some are high-tech, capable of elevating themselves above the accumulating snow or departing to warmer climes via helicopter, while others are as humble as it gets.

Baubotanik: German Botanical Architect Grows Buildings Out of Trees

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ] Taking arbosculpture to the next level, German designer Ferdinand Ludwig is working to build not just sculptures but bridges and buildings from living trees.

Sci-Fi to Reality: Giant Manned Robot Method-2 Has Taken Its First Steps

[ By SA Rogers in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ] Looking and working remarkably like the robots in the 2009 movie Avatar, the 1.5-ton, 13-foot-tall ’METHOD-2’ by South Korean firm Hankook Mirae Technology has officially taken its first steps.

Modern Markings: 42 Bold Black & White Tattoo Designs

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Drawing & Digital. ] Modern tattoos are less about sailors, pin-ups and ‘MOM’ and more about bold black lines, complex geometry, architecture, esoteric imagery, glitches and even blacking out entire body parts to cover up old work.

Wash, Raise, Repeat: Vertical Top-Loading Dishwasher Saves Space

[ By WebUrbanist in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ] Dishwashers have become household items in many American homes but have changed little since their invention, leaving room for improvement (especially in cases where ‘room’ is an issue).

Wars Star: Street Art & Graffiti Tributes to Princess Leia

[ By Steve in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ] Star Wars character Princess Leia, played by the late Carrie Fisher, has been feted in street art and graffiti for a long time in countries far, far away.