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Food Futures: Arctic Seed Vault Adds 10,000 New Varieties

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ] Adding to its existing collection of over 800,000 seeds, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault has just received a series of 4 deliveries representing species from 100 countries around the world.

Skinny Portable House for Singles Takes One Day to Build

[ By Steph in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ] These narrow, movable, single-person residences provide affordable housing for young people shut out of more conventional options by the housing crisis in Europe’s major cities, while also finding uses for a proliferation of vacant lots.

Candy Carpets and Chocolate Skulls: 13 Edible Designs

[ By Steph in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ] Would you walk up to a gallery wall made entirely of sweet-smelling dark chocolate and lick it, Willy Wonka style?

Freedom Fishing: Deserted Mall Full of Fish to be Demolished

[ By WebUrbanist in Abandoned Places & Architecture. ] Though the circumstances of their liberation seem somewhat more political than practical, the thousands of fish set to be freed into the wild may not care much about the reasons for the positive change in venue either way.

Recycled Skylines: 8 Green Urban Tower Typologies for 2050

[ By WebUrbanist in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ] Exploring eco-friendly strategies for cities, this series of conceptual ‘Smart Tower’ skyscrapers and mid-rise structure incorporates design elements to reduce pollution and create renewable energy all while integrating with existing built environments.

Dream Rooms: 14 Unreal-Feeling Art Gallery Transformations

[ By Steph in Art & Installation & Sound. ] You might have to pinch yourself to ensure that you’re still awake as you walk into surreal dreamscapes of billowing clouds, seemingly endless fields of stars and rooms that appear to bend and shift in physically impossible ways.

Afterglow: Luma Tower, Glasgow’s Shining Art Deco Icon

[ By Steve in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ] Rising from the trashes of vandalism and neglect, Glasgow‘s former Luma Light Bulb Factory has recaptured its Art Deco glory as the residential Luma Tower.

Pixel Performers: Digital Projection Mapping on Live Dancers

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Installation & Sound. ] Combining choreographed movement and projected abstractions, these works of performed art are visually stunning, creating effects and illusions far beyond the sum of their parts.

Your Neighbor Darth Vader: Doorbells for Fictional Characters

[ By Steph in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ] Only particularly perceptive passersby would even notice that they’re standing outside the residences of Marty McFly, Luke Skywalker and the Teenage Ninja Turtles, as labeled on doorbells and mailboxes on the streets of Paris.

Lost & Found: Underwater Ghost Town Resurfaces 25 Years Later

[ By WebUrbanist in Abandoned Places & Architecture. ] Like a corroded time capsule, this submerged village has risen from the depths after being flooded decades ago when the local lake broke its banks and left Epecuen under dozens of feet of water.

Face Hacking: Transformations via 3D Projection Mapping

[ By Steph in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ] Actors gain access to thousands of different faces instantaneously as their facial topography is scanned and altered in real-time using 3D projection mapping.

Seaside Stunners: 14 Cliff-Clinging Houses with Crazy Views

[ By Steph in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ] Dangling precariously from cliffs, tumbling down hillsides or jutting out over the water, these beautiful seaside homes feature mirage-like rooftop infinity pools, diving boards that lead nowhere, terrifying drop-offs and terraces that seem to float.

Made in China: World’s First 3D-Printed Apartment Complex

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ] The same company known for printing 10 home in less than 24 hours is back with a new record-breaking construction project: a multistory apartment structure built using recycled building materials and fast-hardening cement, paired with an ornate villa assembled using the same technologies.

Open Source Homes: 6 Free Plans Put High-End Design in Reach

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ] Rendering luxury-class house designs accessible to the public is just part of the beauty of Paperhouses, an endeavor to raise the quality of free house plans and and explore the potentials for architecture to be as open as technology can be.

Textscape: 3D-Printed Typography Stretches Up Like City Blocks

[ By Steph in Design & Graphics & Branding. ] Like braille for the seeing, this 3D-printed text raises off the page to add an extra dimension of physicality and meaning to its subject matter, the end result resembling a cityscape made of typography.

Retro Style Tech: 10 Modern Gadgets with a Nostalgic Look

[ By Steph in Technology & Vintage & Retro. ] If you’re nostalgic for Walkman-equipped jogs, need a desktop computer that fits into a midcentury modern design scheme or just want to gaze lovingly at cassette tapes and reminisce while you’re working, these gadgets will scratch that itch while still providing all the functions you expect from contemporary technology.

Power Grows on Trees: Wind Energy via Leafy Green Turbines

[ By WebUrbanist in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ] Addressing noise and visual pollution associated with wind energy generation in urban contexts, these trunk-style towers support suspended leaf-shaped turbine housings, hung from organic-looking branches.

Prism Break: China’s Eye-Soothing Rainbow Road Tunnel

[ By Steve in Architecture & Cities & Urbanism. ] A 1,000-foot long rainbow underpass in Zhengzhou, China is designed to help drivers’ eyes adjust from daylight to a artificial lighting and back again.

Cool as Ice: 10 Years of Artist-Made Shanties on Frozen Lakes

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Installation & Sound. ] Over the past decade, over 1,000 artists and 60,000 visitors have taken part in this incredible seasonal arts event, coming together to create an annual temporary arts community-on-ice in one of the nation’s coldest states.

Coke Machine Acts as a Secret Portal to Hidden Speakeasy

[ By Steph in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ] You’d never guess that there’s anything amiss at ‘The Press,’ a sandwich bar in Shanghai, unless you actually witnessed the surreal sight of someone pulling a lever on a vintage Coca-Cola machine and disappearing into it.