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Teatime Made Anew with Purpur

For her graduation project, Roxanne Flick designed a set of teaware entitled “Purpur” inspired by the beauty of nature and the beauty of art, two separate worlds that often collide together in design.

House as a Rock by Global Architects

In the Westlandse Zoom dunes in the South of Holland, Global Architects were hired to design a minimalist modern house in this beach locale.

Elevate Entertaining With Sarmarie

Sarmarie Higgins, a self described “flamboyant artist, printmaker, comedian, yogi” has partnered up with Jeremy Happ (the structural designer, builder, woodworker, philosopher, yogi) to create Sarmarie Designs.

From Concept to Reality: The Self-Lacing Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

Like any proper technology, the new Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 goes by a more personable moniker – E.A.R.L. – a friendly stand-in for its more long-winded given name, the Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing sneaker.

Say Hello to Hemp Sunglasses

While traditionally used for well, other things, hemp is a very sustainable product that can be used within 3 months, compared to trees that take years to go.

Friday Five with Alexander Tochilovsky

Photo by Laura Mircik-Sellers Letter lover Alexander Tochilovsky is a New York City-based graphic designer that divides his time between teaching typography and graphic design at The Cooper Union and curating the Herb Lubalin Studio Center of Design and Typography.

Driftscape: Traveling Untethered

Imagine being able to take a vacation anywhere in the world, unconstrained by the limits of sea, air or land.

A Parisian Pied-à-terre by Piret Johanson Studio

Piret Johanson Studio recently completed a complete renovation of this Paris Pied-à-terre. The existing 1,300 square foot space was revised to open the floor plan up and to redesign the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets.

Uluru Modular Concrete Seating by Shiro studio

When we think of concrete, we tend to think of it as heavy, but London-based Shiro studio used UHPC (ultra high performance concrete) in their latest design.

10 Artist-Designed Laptop and iPad Skins from Society6

You probably already know all about Society6’s art prints and phone cases, but did you know they also have artist-designed skins for your laptop and iPad?

Plumen 003: The World’s Most Beautiful Light Bulb?

Though not traditionally thought of the as the sexiest of items, Plumen took that on as a challenge to create yet another functional, beautiful light that not only lights its surroundings, but enhances it.

House of Fluctuations by Satoru Hirota Architects

House of Fluctuations is a minimal home located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Satoru Hirota Architects.

The ODDSSON: A Ho(s)tel That Combines The Best Of Both Worlds

Generic hotel with beige and white everything? Pass. A hostel with questionable sheets, snoring strangers, and claustrophobic cinder block walls?

The Osloform Serpentine Stereo Is Stunningly Simple

Simple is a word which can be equated as a positive or negative. If taken to an extreme, being “simple” connotes the unsophisticated, a very ordinary state.

FOLDED: A Wall Storage System to Organize & Display Everyday Items

Dutch designer Johan van Hengel recently completed his first design for Scandinavian design brand MUUTO that will both organize and display your favorite objects.

Round: The Sculpture of Lars Fisk

Twelve balls rest on the floor of Marlborough Chelsea gallery in New York this month, all works by Brooklyn sculptor Lars Fisk.

Modular LED Table Lamp with Flexible Positioning

Much like tree branches, the Flow Lamp’s parts grow together resulting in a smooth and seamless silhouette designed by Andreas Kowalewski for Normann Copenhagen.

A Heated Outdoor Bench by Galanter & Jones

Galanter & Jones has been on a mission to keep you and your butt warm outdoors for years and it’s a mission we can get behind (heh).

50 Manga Chairs From Nendo

Earlier this year, Japanese design studio nendo presented an installation during Milan Design Week with Friedman Benda of 50 mirror finished chairs, which were inspired by manga comics in Japan.

Listen: Episode 13 of Clever with Tanya Aguiñiga

In this episode of Clever, Mexican and American artist/designer/maker/activist Tanya Aguiñiga shares with Jaime and Amy what it was like growing up in Tijuana and crossing the US border every day to attend school in the US, how an accidental haircut during her troubled teenage years got her kicked out of the house, and how a dedicated mentor gave her the encouragement she needed to become an artist.