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Soufuu: A Meeting Spot for Rest and Disconnection

With everyone being plugged into their devices 24/7, it’s hard to remain connected to people in real life.

Stargaze and Sleep in Snøhetta’s 7th Room at the Treehotel

Snøhetta takes vacationing in the woods to higher heights (pun intended) with an additional cabin to their Treehotel, a collection of seven guest suites nestled high up in the pine forest of Northern Sweden.

Leander’s Linea Cot Takes Your Tot From Crib to Sofa

Babies spend such a finite amount of time in a crib making the high cost of them seem almost pointless.

The Acorn Collection By Vita Copenhagen

As VITA Copenhagen says, “see everything in a new light this year!” To help with that, they’ve launched their Acorn lighting collection, where serenity and elegance meets with hygge culture.

O2 Bluetooth Earphone by Shane Li

Tangled cords are a daily earphone annoyance which makes Bluetooth models an appealing option. Shane Li has created a concept that not only keeps your cords neat, it has a built-in power bank that charges the earphones while you’re carrying them around.

Jardisac: The Breathable Garden Pot

Terra cotta pots are the long used standard when it comes to growing plants but by the time you add the plants, they can be quite heavy.

8 Iconic Houses in Palm Springs, California

With its short distance from Los Angeles, Palm Springs is a popular locale for those looking to escape the urban sprawl for a little bit of laid back paradise.

Listen: Episode 24 of Clever: Mimi Plange

In Episode 24 of Clever podcast, fashion designer Mimi Plange talks to Amy Devers and Jaime Derringer about being born in Ghana, growing up in California, and nurturing herself on a steady diet of fantasy movies.

A Look at Amuneal’s Brass-Focused Designs

We first spotted Amuneal at last year’s ICFF where they presented this stunning brass kitchen. Since then, we’ve been a bit infatuated with the Philadelphia-based custom fabrication and design company and wanted to see more of the kitchen, along with other designs they’ve been working on.

On Pins: Elliott Hundley’s Epic Collages

It’s difficult to look away from Elliott Hundley’s manically overwhelming collages, which extend so far off the canvas that they’re rightfully called “sculptures”.

Gloom & Mist Lighting from Emre Yunus Uzun

Gloom & Mist are a pair of lamps, in either a classic table or ceiling light version, with moody, blown-glass shades.

Nostalgic Lofree Keyboard Brings Back the Touch and Sound of Typewriters

Even years later since its mainstream demise, many of us still pine for the autonomous sensory meridian response inducing clickety-clack of a mechanical switch keyboard, a last-gen peripheral that delivered a pleasurable and resolute tactile and auditory feedback with every keystroke.

Grovemade Debuts Wood and Leather Watch Collection

Grovemade has long been known for their wooden tech accessories but over the years the brand has far surpassed that category to include all kinds of handcrafted goods and accessories.

A Former Air Base Is Converted Into Modern Design Studio

Though it was built in the 1930s, the Ypenburg Air Base in the Netherlands was way ahead of its time.

COOPER Watering Can by Stephen Roy

Combining rock maple and brass, Stephen Roy recently designed a watering can that’s far superior to the throwaway plastic variety.

Filo Modular LED Light Bulb Lets Your Plug In Features

The newest LED light bulbs offer in the ballpark of a 20 year lifespan. Even subtracting the the possibility that number will only grow as LED and OLED technology matures, that means we may need to change a light bulb only four times in the span of an average lifetime!

Bar Gantz Creates Furniture Through Steam Bending

If you haven’t heard of steam bending it’s a specific type of wood-working technique that softens wood so that you can easily mold it to the shape you desire.

Get The Spa Treatment at Home with Parachute’s New Bath Collection

The following post is brought to you by Parachute. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design.

A Sculptural Seat Designed for Daydreaming

Being able to kick back and relax is a luxury for most and when you have a seat that lets you climb into all different angles and positions, even better.

ASH NYC Designs Rye Brook’s New Dig Inn Eatery

ASH NYC’s second collaboration with Dig Inn takes it to Rye Brook, NY where they were charged with designing a 4,200 square foot space that promotes the small-chain restaurant’s “Dig-isms,” values that promote well-being, community, and relationships.