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A Wabi-Sabi Table Inspired by Japanese Culture

xN (or xNewtons) is a table, from mob studio, that blends a mix of Japanese culture, traditional carpentry, and the beauty of imperfection, or wabi-sabi.

Fresh From The Dairy: Trailers

I’ve been thinking a lot about traveling and camping lately – specifically in trailers. While in the past I wasn’t very adventurous, our move to California has somehow unearthed some sort of outdoorsy spirit inside me.

A 32nd Floor NYC Apartment Overlooking Madison Square Park

Manhattan-based architect Andre Kikoski designed this luxury, 1500-square-foot apartment located on the 32nd floor with incredible views overlooking Madison Square Park.

The Flow Collection: Jewelry Inspired by Water

Ebbing and flowing like water, The Flow Collection is jewelry that’s inspired by nature. With smooth, organic shapes and soft, gentle lines, each piece reflects the water’s moment in time as it’s captured into a solid shape.

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade: What to Consider with New Construction

Since moving into my new home out in the suburbs, a few people have asked me about the challenges of purchasing new construction in a planned community/tract home.

Tingest: A Collection Inspired by Scandinavian Design

With Alexander Lervik at the helm, relatively new brand Tingest has launched their second collection of products for the home, which are inspired by Scandinavian design.

LU-Tables by Bao-Nghi Droste Design

LU-Tables is a minimalist design created by German-based firm Bao-Nghi Droste Design. The principle designer, Bao-Nghi Droste, was originally born in Stuttgart, Germany, and graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt.

A Wall Lamp Made From a Sheet of Paper

YOY, the geniuses behind the canvas paintings that were actual seats, is back with POSTER, a wall lamp made from a sheet of A2-sized poster paper.

A Villa in Denmark Located on the Edge of a Forest

Located in Aarhus, Denmark, Villa R sits on the edge of a forest, pushed back as close to the trees as it could be built. C.F.

Inside Scandinavian Design at the Stockholm Furniture Fair

Stockholm-based designers Färg & Blanche curated and designed Inside Scandinavian Design, an exhibition focusing on Scandinavian design and the work and values behind it.

Sonos Commemorates Blue Note Records With Limited Edition Blue Note PLAY:1

If the name Blue Note Records evokes starry-eyed adoration and fond musical memories of jazz’s greatest giants, then the exclusive new design from Sonos honoring 75 years of the most celebrated jazz label in history might be music to your ears and eyes.

Edgy: Hexagonal Wall Tiles for KAZA Concrete

Patrycja Domanska and Tanja Lightfoot designed Edgy, a collection of hexagonal wall tiles for KAZA Concrete.

David Abad’s Lap Bench for B.LUX

David Abad’s Lap Bench performs double duty for your patio space. Not only does it provide seating, it has a built-in lamp.

Discarded Leather Gets New Life in Structural Skin

Despite being one of the most commonly used materials in the world, leather production is still an extremely inefficient process due to its origins.

DUST: A Multi-Sensory Concept Label & Boutique

With only a minimal website and one launch party, DUST is a mysterious new space that recently opened in Melbourne.

12 Methods From 12 Designers at the Stockholm Furniture Fair

For the second year running, Swedish-born Disegno founder and editor-in-chief Johanna Agerman Ross curated Twelve for the Stockholm Furniture Fair, an edit of established independent, Nordic designers.

Traven: A Collection of Furniture by Christian Vivanco for Nido Meubles

Designer Christian Vivanco partnered with Nido Muebles, a company focused on the development of child-appropriate objects, to create Traven.

A Stool You Can Carry Around With You

You know that feeling when people come over and you realize you don’t have enough seats for everybody?

Where I Work: Sebastian Herkner

Born in 1981, German designer Sebastian Herkner graduated from HfG Offenbach am Main (Offenbach University of Art and Design) in 2007, where he studied product design and found an early calling for designing objects and furniture.

Furniture Handmade in 3 to 5 Minutes

Jenny Nordberg set out to try something new – to make homemade, artisanal furniture but in a mass produced type of way, i.e.