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Luciano Cina Illustrates Foscarini’s Greatest Designs

Italian illustrator Luciano Cina, who also goes by Luccico, re-envisioned the photographs of some of Foscarini’s most popular lighting designs.

A Warehouse is Converted into a Stunning Apartment

Located in the inner-city suburb of Surry Hills, this renovated apartment can be found in the historic Edwards & Co.

Cayman-Inspired Table-Trays by Luca Nichetto

Today’s lifestyles require flexibility, especially in the things we choose to live with and bring into our homes.

Instant Camera Version 2.0: The Impossible I-1

I’m old enough to remember when instant film cameras – specifically Polaroids – were the camera to bring to festive affairs.

A Sling Chair Inspired by Clouds

Osaka-born, Montreal-based Mitz Takahashi is a furniture and product designer whose latest design is the Kumo “雲” chair, which means ‘clouds’ in Japanese.

Friday Five with Andrés Modak

New York City-based Andrés Modak, along with his partner Rachel Cohen, grew frustrated when trying to furnish their home post MBA graduation from the Wharton School.

TERRA! The Armchair Made From Grass

Originally released at Salone Satellite in 2000, TERRA! went on to be sold worldwide until 2005 when it was determined that producing it themselves was no longer feasible.

Fresh From The Dairy: Spirituality + Mysticism

If you live in Southern California, then you know that spirituality is big out here… from palmistry and crystals, mystical ideas, to alchemy and the superstitious evil eye—all that jazz isn’t a new thing, but if you live elsewhere, you might see this trend creepin’ on in… I was inspired to create this Society6 collection after my trips to the desert here in SoCal.

10 Inspiring Children’s Playspaces

We’re still in the dog days of summer which means plenty of outside time while the weather is nice. All of that outdoor play has us dreaming about playing on the playground when we were little.

A Table/Stool Made From Flat Plywood Parts

Based in Amsterdam, product and furniture designer Andreas Kowalewski designed the first product for the newly launched German brand Caussa – the Wedge Table.

OMMO Launches with Simple, Functional Products

Debuting earlier this year, contemporary housewares brand OMMO set out to offer simple, functional products that are defined by their eastern and western influences.

Customize Your Own Unique Lighting with Shelter Bay

For those who want a truly unique spin on their lighting, Shelter Bay offers the ability for anyone to completely customize their own lighting fixtures.

Strike Up Match Holder+Striker by fruitsuper design

Strike Up Match Holder+Striker is a minimal design created by Seattle-based designers fruitsuper design.

LIFT Anti-Gravity Levitating Smartwatch Charger and Lamp for Apple Watch

There’s no lack of rumors, speculations, and hopes buzzing right now about Apple’s expected follow-up to their 1st generation smart timepiece, the Apple Watch.

Unplug and Blend In at the VIVOOD Landscape Hotel

What’s probably the worst thing about traveling? In my opinion, it’s being on vacation without feeling like you’re on vacation.

Andrew Neyer Launches More Fun Stuff

Bright, graphic, and fun, Stuff is a collection of quirky products for the home from Andrew Neyer. Whether it’s a cheeky comb-shaped candelabra or a giant cactus catch-all, each product brings efficient functionality with a witty spin to the home.

The Keeper: An Exhibition of Precious Trash

“The Keeper” at the New Museum is THE most surprising and powerful museum exhibition this summer. Equal parts wondrous and dark, it is a collection of collections (often of collections).

A Pendant Lamp That Plays With Geometry

Exploring geometry and the mixing of both hard and soft materials, Outofstock designed a brand-new pendant lamp for Danish brand Bolia.

Galvanized Steel Furniture for Urban Outdoor Environments

Italian brand Diemmebi recently launched the Zeroquindici.015 collection of outdoor furniture designed by architects and designers Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari.

A Colorful, Budget-Friendly Apartment in Prague

After purchasing an apartment in a hip Prague neighborhood in 2009, a Czech media professional kept it mostly the same.