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A Modular Headboard You Can Completely Customize

Daniele De Santis created a modular headboard system called Comoditi that lets you completely customize it to suit your needs.

Miniature Concrete Buildings by Material Immaterial studio

Material Immaterial studio designed a miniature community of modern, concrete buildings as a way to celebrate the beauty of concrete and all the material’s contributions to modern design.

Skeleton: Lighting Inspired by Sand Casting

Itai Bar-On designed the Skeleton lighting series as a modern version of something made using the old technology of sand casting.

Sebastian Foster x Design Milk Print Collection: Jaime Rovenstine

I am excited about the release of another limited edition affordable art print created in collaboration with some of my favorite contemporary artists and art gallery Sebastian Foster.

Memorie Collection by Maderae

David Dolcini and Giacomo Moor make up Italian artisan brand Maderae, where they share a passion for wood and contemporary design.

A Hotel Born From Collaborations with Artist, Makers & Designers

We head Down Under for this month’s Destination Design to Australia’s capital Canberra, home to Hotel Hotel, a property brought about by the Molonglo Group.

METAPHYSICAL REMIX: Restoration of a Turin Apartment

Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa, of UdA Architects, were hired to restructure a 250 square meter (2691 square feet) rented apartment in the center of Turin, Italy, to work for a family with three generations living there – a father, his daughters, and grandfather.

FOODOGRAPHY: A Food Photography Workshop by Carmel Winery

Put an appetizing plate of food in front of someone and there’s a good chance even before reaching for their fork, spoon, or chopsticks, they’ll pull out their phone to capture the moment before the first bite.

High-Tech, Sculptural Jewelry From Lynne MacLachlan

Phase is a sculptural collection of jewelry designed by Lynne MacLachlan that are 3D printed in nylon in a range of colors.

Eskayel and Dane Co. Collaborate on a New Furniture Collection

Eskayel has brilliantly partnered with Dane Co. to bring their dreamy, abstract patterns to handcrafted furniture.

Happy 9th Birthday to Us!

Today is Design Milk’s 9th birthday! Let’s party! Thanks for being supportive by reading and sharing our content.

Sky High Real Estate Prices Equals a New Look for San Francisco

It’s not exactly breaking news that the housing prices in San Francisco are high. The median price for a home in San Francisco is now exceeding $1 million, and those that do come up for sale are going fast — half of the homes sold have only been on the market for two weeks.

Budnitz Bicycles Offers One of a Kind Design by Dalek

You may remember Budnitz Bicycles and now the Burlington, Vermont company has launched a project that features one of a kind designs that are hand painted by the brand’s favorite artists.

A Lamp Made Entirely at a Tailor’s Shop

Metrocuadro Design sets out to rethink the entire production process when it comes to furniture. They seek innovative ways and solutions by asking questions like “Can a table lamp be made entirely in a tailor’s shop?

A Summer Cottage in France Gets Updated

What once was a summer cottage in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France is now the updated Chalet ‘Dag’ in Chamonix by Chevallier Architectes.

APPARATUS Launches New Lighting & its First Furniture Collection

APPARATUS never ceases to hypnotize us with their design charms and their latest falls right in line.

The Design Essentials: iPad Apps for the Creative

Quietly and almost covertly, Apple’s iPad has become a common tool in every realm of professional design.

Stokke Home: A Modular, Multifunctional Nursery

Stokke, designer of modular childrens’ seating and even a zero gravity chair, has recently expanded their collection to include modular, multifunctional furniture.

Friday Five with United Strangers

New Zealand-born, China-based Anthony Robertson and Logan Komorowski are the duo behind United Strangers, a furniture label they launched in 2012 that’s involved in every aspect from design, development, manufacturing, managing, and selling of their products.

Sauder Creates a High-Design, Moderately Priced Line of Furniture

Ohio-based Sauder has been around for 80 years, and the family-owned company has built a reputation with its affordable home furnishings.