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Link About It: Earth's Soil is Becoming Endangered

Though it may not seem like it, the Earth’s soil is a precious and magical material that we all depend on to sustain human life, yet we still treat it like, well, dirt.

Link About It: Night Vision Eyedrops

Night vision eyedrops are now a real thing thanks to Science for the Masses, an independent biomedical research lab in California.

Krass Journal: The new Adelaide-based independent publication isn't afraid to dig into art, culture and politics for the ravenous reader

It takes sass and guts to stand out among the plethora of newly founded independent print publications crowding the scene these days.

Link About It: Car-Sized Salamander Fossils

Archaeologists have discovered a massive boneyard of prehistoric super-salamanders in Algarve, Portugal.

Volvo's New Safety Initiative: Life Paint : The Swedish car-maker's latest project aims to help cyclists avoid nighttime accidents

As urban streets are increasingly shared between drivers and cyclists, road safety is more of an issue than ever before.

Buy: MX Master Wireless Mouse

The hand-sculpted Logitech MX Master wireless mouse was made with ergonomic comfort in mind. Its shape was meticulously moulded for comfort, while the laser sensor makes it usable on even the glossiest surfaces, and in just four minutes it can be charged......

Generator Paris: The innovative hostel brand opens its biggest location yet, offering private rooms with terraces (and hammocks)

"Hostel" isn't the first word that comes to mind when you step into the freshly opened Generator Paris—from its sheer size alone (916 beds across eight floors) to the supremely Instagrammable communal spaces (where Tom Dixon lights are paired with......

Light Denim for Spring: Four comfortable variations on jeans for the warmer months

The world of denim is a wide one to say the least. With roots in workwear, the fabric staple has become a casual (and more recently) everyday wardrobe standby.

ListenUp: New music from Hudson Mohawke, a song for the haters by Kehlani and Shamir Bailey in puppet form in this week's musical round-up

Son Lux: Change is Everything With latent, unassuming power found among sweeping rhythms and perfectly timed chirps, the track "Change Is Everything" from NYC's Son Lux was released in accompaniment with the news of a new album, Bones, due out in......

Link About It: This Week's Picks: Gloria Steinem talks learning feminism from women of color, Boeing patents a "force field," The X-Files returns and more in this week's look at the web

1. Gloria Steinem on Black Women and Feminism Feminist, journalist and activist Gloria Steinem told Black Enterprise that she thinks black women invented the feminist movement.

Three Exceptional NYC Bars in Unexpected Locations: Worthy food and drink adventures in lesser-wandered neighborhoods

New York City forever defies expectations. Strolling a different street on the way from work to one's home can reveal a masked gem that's been quietly entertaining for years.

Link About It: Apparently America Hates Bieber

A few weeks ago, Mic ran a survey asking Americans who their least favorite musical act was, giving them just a blank box to fill out with no pre-selected options.

ListenUp: Son Lux: Change Is Everything

With latent, unassuming power found among sweeping rhythms and perfectly timed chirps, the track "Change Is Everything" from NYC's Son Lux was released in accompaniment with the news of a new album, Bones, due out in June 2015.

Jean Jullien's 'Poor Traits' Exhibition: The French-born artist's first US show is a charming, earnest, selfie-encouraging delight

French-born, NYC-based artist Jean Jullien’s first US solo show, “Poor Traits,” opens tonight at LA's HVW8 Gallery.

Buy: Cool Bananas Pillow

Brooklyn-based Aelfie Oudghiri offers up plenty of playful designs through her cushions and rugs, but our favorite is this 16"x16" "Cool Bananas" pillow.

Creative Combinations from Compartés Chocolate: Heritage production techniques meets contemporary flavor pairings in these sweet bars

There's no such thing as too much chocolate. Though single origin bars are an excellent taste experience in the nuances of cocao from place to place, there's something to be said for the inventive and unexpected.

Baselworld 2015: Moon Phase Watches: Masterful interpretations of the classic watch complication

A rather popular complication in luxury watchmaking, a moon phase indicator is often a nice design touch rather than a useful tool—unless one looks to the stars for more than inspiration.

"And Tomorrow" Exhibition at City Bird Gallery: Two worlds collide as illustrator Ian Bertram and stencil artist Mor collaborate to transform the exhibition space from floor to ceiling

The meeting of illustrator Ian Bertram and stencil artist Mor is nothing if not cosmic. First encountering each other as members of Con Artist collective, the two artists have become entangled in each other's techniques, despite their wholly different......

Buy: Hand-Dyed Silk Shirt Dress

Brooklyn-based Upstate makes tie-dye utterly covetable and sophisticated with their new summer collection.

Three Signature Wines from Tom Gore Vineyards: Delightful drops from Alexander Valley, Sonoma produced by a second-generation farmer

Tom Gore, founder of the eponymous Tom Gore Vineyards, often refers to his wines as "farm-to-glass." It's a claim he can comfortably make, as he himself tends and harvests the hundreds of acres of grapes that ultimately become his wines.