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Six Cocktails for Great Whiskey: Masterful mixed drinks worthy of the finest brown liquors from around the globe

The extensive, alluring worlds of whiskey, Scotch and bourbon can feel daunting to novice drinkers—especially when there's an expectation to drink it neat or with a bit of water.

Link About It: NYC's Massive Hidden Pot Farm

Hidden below a thriving maraschino cherry business in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Arthur Mondella was secretly running the largest pot operation in New York City history.

Buy: Power Reserve

Upgrading the monotonous (and for some smartphone addicts, extremely nerve-racking) act of phone charging is the new collaboration between Supreme and portable battery experts Mophie—and there's a ring on it.

The Coca-Cola Bottle: An Icon at 100: Atlanta's High Museum of Art pays homage to the iconography at an exciting exhibition

In 1915, the Coca-Cola Company distributed a brief to bottle makers across the US. The request was to craft a bottle so distinct that it could be recognized by hand in the dark—that its essence would remain visible even what shattered.

ListenUp: Leonard Nimoy: By Myself

Today, news broke that Leonard Nimoy passed away at the age of 83. Bringing the half-human, half-Vulcan Mr.

Link About It: Full Body Transplants are Near

Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero is stirring up some controversy in the medical world by proposing that successful full-body transplants are only two years away.

Travel With No Limits: The Adventurists: Dangerous, dirty and sure to be an experience you'll never forget

On the homepage of UK-based "travel" organizers The Adventurists, a deadpan warning clearly states: "Your chances of being seriously injured or dying as a result of taking part are high." Still interested?

SHARE: Not Your Average Art Book: Each of the 50 pages is an artwork meant to be torn out and hung on the wall, or given away

Since their launch last year, Scandinavian indie publisher New Heroes & Pioneers have been busy dreaming up not-your-typical art books—and their latest title is certainly one that won't be collecting dust on your coffee table or bookshelf.

Mercato Centrale, Florence: From tripe sandwiches and pizza to €3,000 truffles, this new Italian food hall has something for any culinary enthusiast

by Ananda Pellerin When visitors walk through the sliding doors into Florence's Mercato Centrale they are immediately hit by the earthy smell of truffles.

Absentroux Herbal Wine with Wormwood: A bright green botanical drink that's handmade in France

At this year's South Beach Wine & Food Festival, we stumbled upon the rather distinct absinthe herbal wine Absentroux.

Link About It: Carbonating Booze With a SodaStream

As Supercompressor recently discovered, a SodaStream is not only good for making fancy soft drinks, it can create some seriously refreshing spirits.

Hella Jongerius at Design Indaba 2015: The iconic designer expresses how she keeps a holistic human touch in the mechanical world of industrial design

Dutch industrial designer Hella Jongerius has been a design force to be reckoned with for decades, known for both her own products and the work she’s done for companies such as Maharam, IKEA, Vitra and more.

ListenUp: The Living Statues: Blackout

Milwaukee garage rock band The Living Statues have opened for the likes of Best Coast, Mayer Hawthorne and Banks, but they'll soon become a headliner in their own right.

Link About It: NYC's Last Typewriter Repairman

Paul Schweitzer is quite possibly the last of his kind. The 76-year-old has been fixing typewriters since the age of five and has witnessed first-hand the rise and fall of a machine that was once found on nearly every desk in New York City.

Buy: Terra Hydro Terrarium

These copper edged glass terrariums crafted by a designer duo from Ichikawa, Japan exhibit the beauty of the entire plant.

Introducing the Runcible Heirloom Electronic: A next generation mobile phone and wearable tech hybrid inspired by a pocket watch and built to last

Even today's most beautifully designed smartphones will be disposed of in time. As the technology within becomes outdated, the whole device is discarded or donated and the collective conscious grabs hold of something shiny and new.

Test Drive: The All-New 2016 Volvo XC90: The highly capable seven-seater SUV draws on Scandinavian design heritage and delivers on expectations

An hour outside of Barcelona in a sleepy seaside town that only sees action a few months of the year sits the culmination of an $11 billion dollar investment.

Amy Lerner on Training for the Rallye des Gazelles: Geared up with her AEV Jeep Wrangler, the award-winning rally pilot talks trials and teamwork across the Sahara

Only stars light up the sky as we pull over to the roadside in the middle of the desert. We are here to meet Amy Lerner, a New Jersey housewife and mother of two turned American Expedition Vehicle (AEV) rally pilot, as she trains for this year's......

Cocktail Courier Hits Chicago: Everything you need to whip up superb cocktails delivered straight to your door

When you're looking to order beer, wine and spirits directly to your home, both Drizly and Minibar Delivery App can get alcohol to you rather quickly.

Link About It: Level Brings Motion to Standing

Whether you're sitting down or standing at your desk, body pain caused by your job is often created by one thing: stagnancy.