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Elegant, Powerful Airmega HEPA Air Purifiers: Well-sized, app-connected appliances for cleaner breathing

In the quest for air purification at home, one has to shuffle through a lot of products before finding something that actually works well and looks good.

On The Tequila Herradura Express From Guadalajara: Sipping cocktails on a luxury train passing through fields of agave into the heart of Jalisco

With a golden sun rising in the horizon, guests walk through an uncommonly quiet train station (for a bustling Mexican city) and onto a platform dedicated to just one train, the Tequila Herradura Express.

Link About It: National Geographic's 57 Best Photos of 2017

From beautiful to devastating, National Geographic's 57 best photos of the year are stunning. Curated from 112 stories and two million images, the images that made the final cut range from fireflies in the Santa Clara Sanctuary to heartbreaking scenes......

ListenUp: Ezra Furman: Love You So Bad

It's no small wonder to make a song that's altogether likable, relatable and admirable. Ezra Furman does this with "Love You So Bad," which has just been released in video form, directed by frequent collaborator Joseph Brett.

Holiday Gift Guides 2017: Green Rush: From pastilles to pipes, gifts for all the cannabis enthusiasts in your life

This has been yet another year for immense steps forward for the industry, laws and use of cannabis. From edibles to topicals, toking accessories and more, there's no doubt that services and products are becoming more sophisticated.

Temple Contemporary + David Lang's "Symphony for a Broken Orchestra" : A performance on damaged instruments to benefit public schools, from the acclaimed composer

In the first week of December at the 23rd Street Armory in Philadelphia, 400 or so instruments recovered from some 1000+ in a musical graveyard united in the hands of hundreds of professionals and students to perform a work by Pulitzer Prize-winning......

Buy: Papa Papa Charlie

From a high-temperature production process that renders each bowl extra-sturdy (and slightly different from one another), Miwak Junior crafts ceramic smoking bowls and pipes in their California studio.

ListenUp: Schultz + Forever: Backwards

With an '80s-style exuberance and a NSFW music video that starts with a statement-making shot, "Backwards" makes for quite the experience.

Buy: GroBox

One no longer has to have a green thumb to grow their own greenery. With Cloudponics' automated GroBox hydroponic system, which comes complete with LED light and nutrient dosing, plant growth can be overseen through an app—while the box itself does......

Buy: Beboe Cannabis Pastilles

Made from organic ingredients and flavored naturally, Beboe's cannabis pastilles are certainly a sophisticated edible.

Buy: Gold Eyelet Tamper

Made in Portland, Oregon, this 24k gold-dipped brass piece has a double use: a roach-holder and a tamper.

Buy: One Hitter

Available in polished gold-plated steel, matte black or stainless steel, Love + Destroy's 3D-printed one hitter is a simple, minimal and travel-happy piece.

Link About It: Neapolitan Pizza-Makers Added to UNESCO Cultural List

Known as pizzaiuoli, the pizza-makers of Naples, Italy have been added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity listing, by the organization's committee for safeguarding culture.

Holiday Gift Guides 2017: Bikes and Outdoors: For adventurers of all kinds—gear, accessories and more for all their exploits

Many of us love to be outdoors and many others oftentimes need a reminder of the great joys nature and outside activities can provide.

Miami Art Week 2017: All The Colors of The Rainbow: ROYGBIV and unlimited variations of the prism throughout paintings and sculptures

Infatuation with all the colors certainly isn't new—rainbows transfix, prisms delight. When the entire spectrum finds itself working together, there's something quite captivating.

Buy: S1-A Camouflage Riding Jersey

Initially a limited edition piece, Search and State's S1-A riding jersey has just been released again—but in a deeper camo colorway than before.

Buy: Waterproof Airpods Case

Water- and drop-proof, this Catalyst Case can keep AirPods safe across numerous types of outdoor adventure.

Buy: L Train Bike

Created with April of 2019 in mind (when NYC's L Train is set to shut down), Brilliant Bicycle Co's L Train Bicycle is a sturdy and sleek daily commuter.

Buy: Dancing Ladies Tea Towel

Frances Cannon's "Dancing Ladies"-themed illustrations have been a longtime favorite of Melbourne-based studio Third Drawer Down, and now they've put the artwork on a dish towel.

Buy: Zion Throwback Hat

A traditional five-panel cap, this one is a little extra retro thanks to its curly lettering and rope detail.