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Link About It: This Week's Picks: Farewell to Stephen Hawking, erosion at Easter Island, Airbnb for luggage and more

1. The Erosion of Easter Island One of the most remote inhabited locations, Easter Island captivates because of the remnants of the ancient civilization it once housed: moai statues and "ahu" platforms, found predominantly along the island's coast......

The Dead Rabbit’s Irish Coffee Recipe: Noah Rothbaum secures the components for Jack McGarry and Sean Muldoon's cocktail variation

There's always a time and a place for an Irish Coffee—and if you're going to commit to one, it might as well be the best.

Buy: Invisiball Ice Kit

Elevate your entertaining game with perfectly spherical ice balls, free of bubbles and impurities, made in your own kitchen.

Link About It: The Erosion of Easter Island

One of the most remote inhabited locations, Easter Island captivates because of the remnants of the ancient civilization it once housed: moai statues and "ahu" platforms, found predominantly along the island's coast.

ListenUp: Hailey Tuck: Alcohol

Gently jazzy and undeniably charmed, Hailey Tuck's cover of "Alcohol" keeps the original Kinks' wit intact but lends some glamour.

Buffalo's Lakeward Spirits Craft Distillery: Repurposing the 115-year-old Barrel Factory for a spirituous operation

Buffalo continues to reclaim the grandeur of its past in ways both accessible and exciting—a benefit to its residents and an invitation to those drawn to the western New York city and its surrounding region.

Cannabis Recommendation Site, Say Hi: An editorial platform with insight on the best new products

Tapping into the fervor and drive around cannabis products, Say Hi might be the perfect discovery service, anchored by an editorial platform for those looking to stay updated on the most innovative marijuana-related releases.

Buy: Beoplay E8 Earphones

Delivering the signature, high-quality Bang & Olufsen sound, the Beoplay E8 earphones are made from the finest materials.

Link About It: New Mind-Uploading Start-Up Can Only Preserve "Fresh" Brains

Y Combinator start-up Nectome believes they're capable of backing up the mind for future digitization.

ListenUp: The Decemberists: Once In My Life

With "Once In My Life," The Decemberists tap into their ability to soar gently, sailing along elegant waves of wonder and whimsy.

Link About It: Farewell Matt Dike, Producer and Co-Founder of Delicious Vinyl

Producer, DJ and co-founder of Delicious Vinyl, Matt Dike has passed away at 55 years old. Behind the scenes, Dike produced the Beastie Boys' 1989 record Paul's Boutique (along with the Dust Brothers), as well as frat rap including Tone Loc's "Wild......

Interview: Baranowitz + Kronenberg Studio : Process, inspiration and why the design team behind Ibiza's Sir Joan hotel doesn't believe in "style"

Contemporary stereotypes surrounding Ibiza are drenched in mega-clubs, day parties, super-yachts and plenty of EDM, but one of the island's newest hotels, Sir Joan, is an oasis that harks to the island's heyday.

Link About It: A Wave of "Airbnb for Luggage" Services

There are plenty of scenarios in which, before a plane or after a hotel check out or vice versa, there's time to explore but no place for luggage.

Buy: Jogger-Inspired Golf Pants

Cut for more than the course, Nike's jogger-inspired golf pants focus on comfort first. A premium cotton/spandex stretch fabric offers a dynamic fit (including an elastic waistband) that's appropriate for lots of outdoor activities.

Translating an Iconic Figure into a Restaurant Concept, NYC's Brigitte: A meeting of the South of France and Brazil in the Lower East Side

There's an exuberance to the corner of Canal and Ludlow. Its neighborhood—a confluence of the LES, Chinatown and Two Bridges—has seen high-profile additions like the Metrograph join NYC staples like Bacaro.

ListenUp: Leon Bridges: Bet Ain't Worth the Hand

One of two new singles from R&B artist Leon Bridges, "Bet Ain't Worth the Hand" declares its intentions with the opening notes: to transfix and inspire.

Road Trip: LA to Santa Barbara: We use Silvercar's seamless service to explore some gems along the Californian coast

California's coast offers so many types of adventure as it stretches from the warm Baha border through the crisp cutoff of Oregon's forests.

Link About It: Farewell, Stephen Hawking

Perhaps the world's most celebrated icon of contemporary science, physicist and author Stephen Hawking has died.

Test Drive: 2018 Maserati Levante: We put the luxury SUV to the test in the desert of the UAE

Until a couple of years ago, crossing the Sharjah desert in a Maserati would have been impossible. But in the Italian sportscar maker's new sport utility vehicle, it's both possible and pleasing.

Link About It: Pritzker Winner Balkrishna Doshi's Work for the People

Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi, the 2018 Pritzker Prize winner, certainly has a roster of showpiece commissions that demonstrate imagination.