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A Stylist’s 1830s East Coast Farmhouse

I love taking a look inside old homes. There’s a level of charm and quirky character that newer builds rarely have.

A Timber Pole Home Among the Eucalyptus Trees for a Growing Family

This time last year, I went on a eucalyptus kick. I hung some in my shower, I pinned DIY eucalyptus decor and flower crowns on Pinterest, and I hunted every flower shop close-by for more.

Seeing the Potential in a San Francisco Rental

When renting in a big city, it’s almost always a given that an apartment won’t automatically meet all the criteria of one’s idea of a “perfect” home.

The 2015 Obama China Reveal (DS Goes to Washington)

Last Tuesday I was going through my email when I noticed one that stood out. The subject line was “Invitation to the White House“.

Weekend Pattern Downloads from Hannah Lee!

This weekend Hannah Lee spoiled us with two extra pattern downloads for Saturday and Sunday. I’m heading down to Philly this weekend, so I’m sharing them both today!

Naps, Bubble Baths, The Company of Loved Ones + Best of The Web

This week I’ve really been thinking about the importance of work-life balance. Between raising a 4-month-old puppy who has the energy of four dogs (something I’m sure is mutually felt by Grace as well, with the addition of her adorable Winky!

In the Kitchen With: Janet Fletcher’s Lamb Meatballs

I go through cookbook phases periodically. At times, I really want varied recipes from someone whose writing and food tastes are interesting to me.

Home Ec: Open Storage Solutions

Recently, I went through my closet… again. No matter how diligent I am about not letting “stuff” accumulate, my apartment somehow always gets back to a state of bursting at the seams.

Pattern Download from Hannah Lee: Day 5!

We’re coming to the end of Hannah Lee’s awesome week of free downloadable patterns, and before we head into the weekend (Hannah drew pattens for this weekend, too — so stay tuned!

Our First Before, Before & After: The Front Parlor at Fairview

Since I live in the oldest town in West Virginia and a mere 10 minutes from the Antietam Battlefield, I tend to stroll around at night hoping for a glimpse inside the historic 18th- and 19th-century homes that line our tiny streets.

Before & After: Paige and Todd’s Kitchen Renovation

In my home growing up, we had the tiniest kitchen. It had been an add-on to the house in the 1950s, but apparently the previous owners thought they shouldn’t add too much — it was teeny.

Tasha Tudor’s Garden

Growing up, there were few things more important to me than books. I collected them and read them with such excitement and was always happy to end my day reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe with my parents.

Pattern Download from Hannah Lee: Day 4!

I’ve been in pattern heaven all week with these custom designs from designer/illustrator Hannah Lee. So far we’ve seen a colorful hand print, a modern eye/shape pattern and a cheery cactus-style print; and today Hannah is back with her fourth pattern.

DIY Hanging Half Frame

Ever since moving into our flat two and a half years ago, I’ve really enjoyed gradually filling all the blank, white spaces on our walls.

In Madrid, Respecting the Old and Embracing the New

For the past two years, jewelry designer Olivia Terrell and her husband Andrew have lived in this apartment in the Malasaña neighborhood of Madrid, Spain.

DIY Bamboo Branch Starburst Mirror

I love it when I see bloggers embrace, champion and even create trends happening in interior design. Over the past few years, the ideas on DIY blogs have been heading towards using interesting and accessible materials to create home accessories.

Free Pattern Downloads from Hannah Lee: Day 3!

Maybe it’s all the different plants and flowers blooming right now, but after a winter of minimalism and neutral hues, I feel ready for color and pattern in a BIG way.

Life & Business: The Thrill of the Hunt with Jillian Bremer

The first 3-5 formative years of any new business are the most critical and can dictate whether you’ll fly or whether you’ll flop.

Life & Business: Cy Lauz of Chrysalis Lingerie

Before making her way into the world of fashion design, Cy Lauz worked in interior design, event and set design and prop styling.

Providence, RI City Guide Update

It’s not every day that a city guide pulls me in enough to make me want to move there, but Christine Chitnis‘s guide to Providence, RI is definitely one of them.