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Home Ec: DIY Stress Relievers

I’ve found that as winter creeps on, I find myself curling into a little ball on the couch. When the temperatures drop, I pile the blankets on and all thoughts of good posture and staying stretched out and in shape go out the window.

Artwork by Faye Moorhouse

I’m not sure if it’s because winter has me feeling particularly stir-crazy this year, but I’ve lately been jonesin’ for artwork with an unsettling, irreverent flair; work that disregards formal propriety and proudly waves its proverbial bird through the air.

Buffalo’s Cafe Fargo

Even as little as five years ago, one would be hard-pressed to find an instance of the terms “Buffalo, NY” and “cutting-edge design” paired together — at least as far as the latter half of the 20th century is concerned.

Before & After: A Modern Bathroom for a 1905 Farmhouse

I could fill an entire book with the funny stories, quirks and psychology that come with sharing your home online.

Project Sip: Meyer Lemon Gin Cocktail

A few years ago, Meyer Lemons really had their moment in the sun. It seemed like they were the star of every menu, from appetizers to cocktails and desserts.

Flower Identification App

Until recently, there wasn’t a week that went by without me asking, “Why isn’t there an app where you can just upload a picture of a flower or plant and have them tell you what it is?

DIY Clay Wind Charm

When I was younger I collected wind chimes. We would keep them in the garden hanging from trees and in the summer I was never happier than when I sat underneath the chimes on a summer’s evening, listening to them clang musically in the breeze.

Materially Crafted: A DIY Primer for the Design-Obsessed

I love a good DIY book. Primarily because they remind me (hopefully over and over again) that beautiful design isn’t something you have to buy in a store or take down from a shelf.

Architectural Charm in the Suburbs

Moving to the suburbs can be hard – especially if the home being left behind in the city is a 100-year-old house with incredible charm.

Studio Tour: Souda

It’s easy to feel slightly envious of Souda, the Brooklyn-based design collective founded by Parsons alumni Shaun Kasperbauer, Luft Tanaka, and Isaac Friedman-Heiman.

Life & Business: Taylor & Elaine of Local Wanderer

Craving more freedom and fun than they had in their careers, two Canadian pals, Taylor Loren and Elaine Rystead, hopped in a car, quit their jobs and started driving.

Trend Watch: Modest Minimalism

When one thinks of minimalism, the capital “M” design movement that came to prominence in the late 1960s typically springs to mind.

Life & Business: Marketing Can Be Beautiful By Michelle Fifis

After leaving her corporate textile design job in 2010, Michelle Fifis wanted to keep her momentum going, stay up with the trends and industry news and keep track of her inspiration and resources, so she created the blog Pattern Observer.

City Guide: 24 Hours in Grand Rapids, MI

Libby VanderPloeg is an illustrator, letterer and designer who grew up on the edge of the Great Lakes dunes in the lovely Grand Rapids, MI.

A Kansas Home Filled with Color and Pattern

Every once in a while, people luck out and find their dream home on the first try. Other times, it takes years to find the perfect space.

Dusen Dusen Home + Aidy Bryant

Sometimes, when two equally wonderful things collide, something even more spectacular results. For me, that is exactly what happened when Dusen Dusen collaborated with SNL cast member Aidy Bryant for the debut of their first home collection.

A Collector’s “Menagerie” In Portland

It’s fitting that when Casey Shagena decided to open her first business, a boutique housed in a beautifully refurbished Airstream Trailer, she chose to name it “Menagerie.” The term typically refers to a collection of unique specimens — wild animals usually — but for Casey, it acts almost as a guiding principle.

17 Inspiring Photos of Texture

It’s hard to predict what will inspire people the most when it comes to photography online. Sometimes the most specific concepts yield the most impressive results and sometimes something more open and vague, like the idea of texture, can produce the most incredible images.

Megan Williamson + Best of the Web

It’s incredible how much environment can shape and inform the work we do. Since moving to a small town upstate, I’ve found myself less interested in the highly linear and graphic artwork that I typically prefer and more interested in watercolor, pastels and gauche in a way I never was before.

In the Kitchen With: Valery Rizzo’s Caprese

On this column we strive to always share recipes that are simple and seasonal. Based on the Instagram pictures I’ve been seeing of the icy Hudson River, and emails from home, however, I thought I would give our friends suffering from the cold weather something to look forward to when the sun finally comes. Photographer Valery Rizzo is sharing with us this week her very simple recipe for a caprese salad. The beauty of the salad lies in its simplicity. Seek the freshest ingredients to maximize the flavors of the salad, which marry perfectly. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, you can try it out now with your finest local ingredients.