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Happy 4th of July + Best of the Web

The 4th of July holiday totally snuck up on me this year, because we’re deep in planning mode for our new book.

In the Kitchen With: Casey Barber’s BBQ Pulled Pork Pierogies

Casey Barber, cookbook author and editor of Good. Food. Stories, is no newcomer to the column. She has already shared recipes with our readers over the years, including Drunken Spaghetti with Clams and Coconut Cherry Suzy Qs.

Margherita Pizza Recipe from Moby’s in East Hampton

It’s a holiday weekend, so I couldn’t resist doubling up on recipes today, in case anyone needs some extra ideas for backyard cooking.

Before & After: Bronson Canyon Home Makeover

Just a few months after Mimi Choi and Brenden Schaefer purchased their Bronson Canyon home, the couple approached ModOp Design to help prepare the residence for their next major life change – baby Mia’s arrival.

A Chicago Family’s Victorian Cottage

Andersonville is one of my favorite neighborhoods here in Chicago, IL. The Swedish community not only has some of the most fabulous design shops in town, but my friends and I look forward to its Midsommarfest every year.

An Artistic Couple’s Toronto Home

Relationships in which both people encourage each other’s passions and dreams just seem to work a little better.

DIY Printed Table Runner

I’ve always liked the idea of fabric printing and painting, but being a lover of a somewhat more muted color palette, I’ve more often than not been put off by the limited color choice of readymade fabric products.

How to Create a Summer Garden-Style Arrangement

When looking at a florist’s life through the filter of Instagram, it can sometimes seem that flower arranging and flower growing go hand in hand.

Check Out the Cook Republic Kitchen and Home, Designed to Share

Kitchen renovations allow homeowners to customize their setups with open floorplans for entertaining, upgraded finishes in quirky color palettes, or even obscure built-in appliances to perfect favorite dishes.

Photography Basics: Easy, Fool-Proof Considerations for Making the Most of Your Photos

They say a photograph is worth a thousand words. This could not be truer for anyone who runs a small business whose sales rely on photographs of their products or services — which, in the age of Instagram, applies to nearly any business.

Life & Business: Adrienne Arieff

The start-up story for so many entrepreneurs and business owners begins with: I just started and figured it out as I went.

D*S Essay Contest: $500 Prize

After last week’s essay about finding a quieter version of myself, I started thinking about how I was much more interested in hearing other people’s voices and stories these days than my own.

Copenhagen, DK City Guide

Melanie Haynes grew up listening to her grandfather’s romantic tales and memories about his time spent in Copenhagen when he was in the Royal Navy.

A Stylist’s Small Space in Southeast London

My lease doesn’t allow me to repaint. I knew when I signed it that I’d have to live with the dark, yellowish-green walls, hoping that there’d be a way around it later.

The Snug New Jersey Home of an Imaginative Duo

When you call 475 square feet “home,” it’s almost guaranteed that you will be making compromises of some kind.

A Santa Cruz Victorian Fit for a Queen

As the owner of Stripe Design Group and two auxiliary decor stores in Santa Cruz, CA, British expat Suna Lock enjoys the city’s Victorian architecture, which she feels is reminiscent of her beloved London.

#DSFloors and Best of the Web

All week I’ve been hanging around the floors of our house, distracting our dogs while Julia works on her first-ever solo cookbook shoot (!

Cornmeal-Crusted Chicken with White Barbecue Sauce by Rebecca Lang

As a southerner, I’m 99% sure that a deep and abiding love for fried chicken is hardwired in my DNA. I know exactly how I prefer my fried chicken (heavy on the crispy bits, with a side of soft yeast rolls and honey for dipping), but I’m an equal opportunity eater when it comes to different fried chicken recipes.

In the Kitchen With: Marcella Kriebel’s Avocados in the Half Shell

Given summer’s gift of ripe avocados and juicy tomatoes, I thought these very simple recipes for avocados in the half shell with red quinoa salad and salsa roja would be perfect for this week.

Our Favorite D*S Kitchen Makeovers

When I first graduated from college, I was the design assistant for an interior designer at a small firm.