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6 Alternative Ways to Do Thanksgiving

Growing up, there was never any doubt about how Thanksgiving would be celebrated. Grams cooked the turkey and ham; the rest of us provided the traditional sides and desserts.

Enter to Win Over $1,000 in Hedgeable’s Holiday Giveaway!

In honor of the holidays, Hedgeable is giving away big bucks exclusively to Wise Bread readers including a $1,000 grand prize!

Best Money Tips: Eat Healthy and Amazing for $50 a Month

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some terrific articles on how to eat healthy for $50 a month, financial moves to make in your 20s, and tips for living on one income.

8 Free Apps to Boost Your Online Productivity

I feel fortunate to be in my thirties. In my opinion, it's the sweet spot for all things related to technology.

How to Host Thanksgiving in a Tiny Apartment

You've decided to accept the challenge of being the host with the most this Thanksgiving, but there's just one tiny problem — your smaller-than-small apartment.

12 More Grammar Mistakes That Are Making You Look Stupid

Having bad grammar can be a job killer. Some employers won't hire people who use poor grammar.   Even in industries, such as IT, good grammar is a requirement.

Beware of These 5 Signs You're Becoming Less Frugal

There comes a point in every careful spender's life when they've become so darn good at this whole frugality thing that they no longer need to track their finances so strictly.

Read This to Maximize Your Rewards and Cash Back This Holiday Season

Tis the season for shopping, and for most of us that means swiping some plastic. Did you know that choosing the right credit card for your purchases is more important than ever during the holiday season?

Best Money Tips: Use Human Nature to Help Your Finances

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on using human nature to help your finances, ways to save on apartment utilities, and how to find your passion.

Best Deals for Thursday 11/20

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Another 7 Travel Destinations Not Worth the Money

After my previous two articles on travel destinations to avoid (7 Popular Vacation Spots That Aren't Worth the Money, and 7 MORE Destinations), it became quite clear that there was a need to highlight more places that you should cross off your "see it at all costs" list.

5 Ways to Automate Your Finances

No matter how hectic your schedule, it's important to keep your personal finances on track. Let them fall by the wayside, and you could face late fees or a damaged credit score.

How to Survive the 5 Most Common Emergency Situations

Nuclear fallout, asteroid strikes, and sinkholes are rare. But, yes, emergencies do happen. And while you'd be foolish to spend time preparing for any of those three disasters, it's smart and doubly worthwhile to prep for some of the more common ones.

How to Use Credit Cards to Improve Your Credit Score

There are a lot of myths racing around online about how your credit cards impact your credit score. It can be confusing because the way credit scores are computed doesn't always match with actual credit-worthy behavior.

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People Who Love Thanksgiving Do These 8 Things, Do You?

I'm not someone who tends to love Thanksgiving. The truth is, I find it so stressful that it's hard to figure out how to enjoy it in and around the food I have to cook, the decorations I have to put up and take down, and the seemingly constant stream of people.

Best Money Tips: Surprising Ways to Save on Groceries

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on surprising ways to save on groceries, money myths debunked by experts, and reminders that'll change how you think.

23 Tips for Traveling With Pets

You don't want to leave your furry family members behind if you don't have to. So here are 23 tips for traveling with pets to help you navigate the world of sticky border regulations, pet-friendly accommodation hacks, flying with pets, gear to make the journey easier, and much more.

Best Deals for Wednesday 11/19

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9 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Awesome for Under $100

The kitchen is the hub of life. Sure, it's where we put the cat's food and scrounge for snacks in the middle of the night, but also, major life events happen in and around the kitchen.