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Don't Panic: Do This If Your Identity Gets Stolen

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reported that in 2014, 17.6 million Americans aged 16 or older were victims of identity theft.

5 Things You Should Know About Debt Relief Lawyers

Is your combined monthly debt so high that you can't afford to pay your mortgage, utility bills, and car payment?

Ask the Readers: What Financial Mistake Still Haunts You Today?

Many people enjoy being scared, especially around Halloween. But the "spirits" and "monsters" you encounter at a haunted house generally leave you alone when you exit the house.

Best Deals for Tuesday 10/25

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The Smart Way to Pay for Cell Phone Service

The average person spends just under $100 per month on their smartphone bill. This can be a hefty amount for any single person or couple to contend with, especially if they're trying to save money.

Best Money Tips: What You Need to Know About Black Friday 2016

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on things you need to know about this year’s Black Friday, ways to stay motivated when you’re already debt-free, and a few reasons why you should — and shouldn’t — keep all your accounts at the...

Be Careful Who You Owe: Here's Who Can Garnish Your Wages

Benjamin Franklin once said, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Nowadays, some people would want to update that famous quote to include "debt." From student loans to alimony, there are several instances in which your employer must...

Everything You Need to Know About the Best 0% Balance Transfer Cards

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What to Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day

Weddings are notoriously expensive, and one of the biggest expenses is the gown. The average dress costs over $1,300 — not including the cost of alterations.

Best Money Tips: How to Make Money While Running Errands

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on a way to make extra money while you’re running errands, tips to spruce up any small space, and creative storage solutions.

7 Expensive Stocks That Are Totally Worth It

So, you want to buy shares of stock from a familiar company, but are surprised to realize that shares are selling for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars.

Best Deals for Monday 10/24

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How to Launch Your Second Career

The decision to re-enter the workforce, or switch industries, is not one that can be taken lightly. Maybe you're trying to make more money to support your family, or earn extra cash in retirement to fund vacations and create a better standard of living.

How to Clear Old Debt From Your Credit Report

Trying to get your credit score back on track? There are lots of things you'll need to do — like start using credit wisely instead of as a crutch.

Get More Free Travel and More Perks with these Travel Reward Credit Cards

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Get the Most Out of Your Grocery Shopping with Rewards Credit Cards

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Save the Most Money on Your Balance Transfer with Chase Slate

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How to Keep Your Kid's Rich Friends From Ruining Your Budget

Every year, your child will make new friends at school or in their social activities. This can be a great thing, but what happens when your child makes a new rich friend?

Flashback Friday: 47 Brilliant Ways to Save Money on Dinner

You get home from work. You realize you still need to make dinner. But what should you cook? Naturally, you'll want something quick, easy, healthy, and most importantly, frugal.

The Problem With Car Title Loans

Your electric bill is due in three days and you don't have enough cash in your checking account to cover it.