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What to Buy (and Avoid Buying) in November

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the holidays are way too close together, aren't they? You barely have time to recover from one before the next festive occasion is on top of you.

Best Money Tips: Clever IKEA Furniture Hacks

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on IKEA furniture hacks, apps that are changing how we spend money, and products to buy before Black Friday.

Best Deals for Friday 10/31

Link for teaser title: American Eagle: 31% off sitewide w/ coupon code, Clearance Toys at Target: Up to 65% off, Stacy's Baked Pita Chips...

6 Ways to Make Your Tiny Apartment Feel Like a Castle

Do you live in a small space? You're not alone. It can feel stifling at times, but I'm here to help you discover a few ways to push out those walls (even if only in your mind).

6 Avoidable Mistakes That Will Get You Overcharged Every Time

Shopping for anything — from a new big ticket item, to small household goods, to replacing a service provider — can be a big hassle.

These 7 Exercises Are Scientifically Proven to Increase Happiness

There are reasons to work out beyond the want of six-pack abs. Science tells us that exercise can actually lift away negative moods and emotions, making us feel lighter and re-energized.

10 Wasteful Things That Frugal People Do

It's easy to assume that the more frugal you are, the more money you will save. But it's also possible to get duped into believing you're saving when you are really not.

Best Money Tips: How to Get Along With Anyone

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some excellent articles on how to get along with anyone, tried-and-true frugal living tips, and last-minute Halloween savings.

Best Deals for Thursday 10/30

Link for teaser title: Lucky Brand Jeans: Up to 50% off sale items, Petco: 20% off entire purchase w/ printable coupon, Best Buy: 20% off...

5 Things Millennials Do Later Than Previous Generations Did

For millennials — young adults ages 18 to 33 — life unfolds a bit more slowly than it did for previous generations.

8 Ways to Save on a First Date Without Looking Cheap

A first date is your chance to get to know someone better — and if you're lucky, make a love connection.

Boost Your Home's Value With These 5 Projects

Whether you've lived in your home for decades or just moved in, ROI's something to consider when thinking about home improvement projects.

4 Signs You're Burned Out (and How to Recover)

You're working long hours, taking care of your family, and trying to keep up with your friends. Most of your friends may even call you superhuman.

5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Credit Card Data Breaches

Every week the news seems flooded with yet another example of a retail data breach. These data breaches have exposed the credit card information of millions of consumers.

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12 Delicious Slow Cooker Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Cooks

I'm sure many of us are seasoned veterans when it comes to using our slow cookers to simmer up soups, casseroles, and other dinner favorites.

Best Money Tips: Save Money By Winterizing Your Life

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on how to save money by winterizing your life, how to feed your family on $80 a week, and 200+ mind-blowing upcycling ideas.

Best Deals for Wednesday 10/29

Link for teaser title: Macy's printable coupon: $20 off $50, Gillette Venus Compatible Razor Blade 16-Pack for $17 + $4 s/h, Butterfinger...

The NFL's 5 Most Frugal Players

Professional football players are among the highest-paid people in America, and yet the story of the bankrupt NFL retiree is so common it's become a stereotype.

10 Surprising, Non-Physical Benefits of Exercise

Sad fact: Research suggests that about half of people who begin a regular exercise program will throw in the (sweaty gym) towel within six months.