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The key difference between Indian and Chinese students studying in the US

India and China compete neck and neck many categories. Here’s a new one: the number of students each has in America.

Kolkata, once a red bastion, is turning blue and white

West Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee is a bit of an artist. She is now turning Kolkata, the state’s biggest city and its capital, into her canvass.

Your next car will be watching you

For years motorists have complained about surveillance from speed cameras and license-plate readers. The next frontier in keeping tabs on motorists will be tracking drivers’ eyes.

The key to healthcare innovation is empowering nurses

Sandeep Jauhar argued a few months ago in a New York Times’ op-ed that “Nurses Are Not Doctors” and shouldn’t be given the same responsibilities to care for patients.

To be more productive at work, put a plant on your desk

The quest to design the perfect office space—a working environment that boosts employee well-being and maximizes productivity—is never-ending.

Why Apple’s mobile-payments system might actually work

Despite a lot of investment and even more hype, mobile payments haven’t really taken off. While the idea of using a mobile phone or other device to quickly and securely pay for things sounds appealing, only between 3% and 7% of consumers in the US and Europe use their phones to buy coffee, books, or other physical goods in stores, according to Bain (pdf).

These are the cheapest cloud storage providers right now

Consumer cloud storage just got cheaper—again. Dropbox recently lowered its prices, with one terabyte (TB) of data now going for $10 per month.

The complete guide to getting yourself to like healthy food

It would be great if instead of chocolate, you regularly craved vegetables. And it actually can happen—you just have to stop eating the chocolate and start eating the vegetables.

Japan’s Muji will need to convince Indian shoppers that they don’t need logos

Muji, the retailer of minimalist clothing, stationery, and homewares, will be the first Japanese retailer to enter India, one of the world’s most coveted shopping markets.

Why a tough year for America’s Democrats could be a good opportunity for the party’s far left

Most of the world by now knows of the Tea Party, the right-wing political movement that has been a formidable force in American politics in recent years.

As the West tries to punish Moscow, China touts growing energy ties with Russia

The US and the EU are scrambling to strengthen sanctions against Russia, in response to mounting evidence that Russian troops are invading Ukraine.

Shekhar Gupta’s editorship at India Today group comes to premature end

In his previous job as editor-in-chief of the Indian Express, Shekhar Gupta clocked 19 years. In his new job as editor-in-chief at all India Today properties, he won’t complete three months.

Hong Kong’s democracy fight shows how wrong everyone was about democracy coming to China

Yesterday, Beijing handed down a proposal for reforming Hong Kong’s election process that pro-democracy activists say falls woefully short what was originally promised to the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

How America’s shale gas boom brought Rajasthan farmers a fortune and why it is being taken away

When shale gas companies in the United States hiked their production six-fold in the last six years, it brought untold prosperity to farmers living 21,000 km away in Rajasthan, the Indian desert state with poor economic and social indicators.

A billionaire’s son designs an app to keep nosy parents at bay

Whatsapp founder Jan Koum migrated from Ukraine to the US when he was 16 and his family got an apartment on a social support scheme.

Americans are about to be reminded that butter is a luxury

The fact that Americans have stopped vilifying butter and embraced its full-fat role as part of a “wholesome, “natural” diet is perhaps old news by now. Earlier this year, we learned that US butter consumption officially hit a 40-year high in 2012, and that hardly anyone eats margarine anymore.

What Macau’s “election” says about the future of Hong Kong

After months of pro-democracy protests, including over the weekend, China finally has unveiled the framework for Hong Kong’s 2017 election of its chief executive.

What Abe and Modi need from each other

The six million followers of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have been surprised to see a new language on his twitter feed: Japanese.

Reminder: Don’t question France’s 35-hour working week

Emmanuel Macron has been the French economy minister for less than a week and already his words are coming back to haunt him.

The White House’s roster is starting to resemble Google’s list of former employees

At the height of the financial crisis, the White House frequently found itself turning to veterans of Goldman Sachs to tackle the emergency, leading to the firm’s nickname: Government Sachs.