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Quartz Weekend Brief—Ferguson’s lessons, water sommeliers, development’s failings, the Hillary show

The little town of Ferguson, Missouri, became a global story again this week, after a grand jury declined to indict police officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown.

Spain’s bizarre tax laws make it easier to sell porn than theater tickets

In 2012, Spain’s ruling party raised taxes on theater and movie tickets to 21%. The tax rate on magazines, including pornographic ones, is only 4%.

A Thanksgiving with people who are truly thankful for America

Share Tap image to zoom Last June I snapped the above photo on Fifth Avenue during New York City’s LGBT pride parade.

A 15-minute Ebola test will be trialled in West Africa

As Ebola continues to kill in West Africa, scientists in Senegal have developed a test that can determine in just 15 minutes whether a patient has been infected by the virus.

The new Star Wars trailer is out: now wait 12 months for the actual movie

It will be more than a year, December 2015, before the movie is released, but when it does, it will hit the sweet spot of Hollywood’s two favorite things—US holiday releases and sequels, as Quartz reported this week.

Thailand’s junta chief asked for a new TV backdrop—and the internet answered

Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, head of the military junta that seized power in Thailand in May, complained to reporters this week that Thais were not tuning in to his weekly televised address, “Returning Happiness to the People.” According to the Thai newspaper Matichon, as translated by the news site Khaosod English, Prayuth instructed producers to change the backdrop for his TV address—currently an image of the Government House building and Thai national flag—to something “more attractive.” And that’s when Thailand’s legion of Photoshop jokesters got to work: Share Tap image to zoom Share Tap image to zoom (Facebook / Change the Background) You can see dozens of Prayuth backdrops at the Facebook page “Change the Backdrop.” Just don’t expect Prayuth to adopt any of the suggestions: When asked by a reporter about the Facebook page today, he said (video in Thai), “I’ve seen it.

LinkedIn data show the US is losing out on the immigrants it covets most

The United States is still the world’s most popular destination for highly skilled professionals. But it doesn’t seem to have quite the allure it used to.

Maglev elevators are coming that can go up, down, and sideways

ThyssenKrupp, the German steel and engineering giant, has created what it calls “the holy grail” of the elevator industry: a system that isn’t dependent on ropes or steel cables.

Your neighbourhood supermarket can now turn into a bank

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) just gave prime minister Narendra Modi’s plan to get more Indians to use bank accounts a massive boost.

The complete guide to live-in relationships in India

Live-in relationships are still considered beyond the pale in India. But, in a country where parents often murder their children for marrying out of caste, many brave couples do live together without getting married.

Map: Nearly half the world can now visit India without queuing at an embassy

The notoriously difficult Indian visa application process is now apparently a thing of the past. The Narendra Modi government on Thursday launched a “tourist visa on arrival” scheme for nationals of 43 countries traveling to India for 30 days or less—and only for “recreation, sightseeing, short duration medical treatment, casual business visit, casual visit to meet friends or relatives.” But it’s not exactly a visa on arrival system.

Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Cameron’s migrant crackdown, Ferguson Thanksgiving protests, OPEC cuts blocked, Sriracha beer

What to watch for today David Cameron tests the EU’s limits. The UK prime minister wants to make EU migrants ineligible for welfare and housing benefits for their first four years in the UK.

Here is what they don’t tell you about feminism and sexuality in Hindu mythology

Hindu mythology reveals that patriarchy, the idea that men are superior to women, was invented. The epic, Mahabharata, for example, refers to a time when there was no concept of marriage.

Activists urge a boycott of Black Friday in solidarity with Ferguson

While US retailers are flooding social media with plugs for the latest Black Friday deals, activists angry about the failure to indict a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager earlier this year are using that same space to urge a boycott of the big shopping day.

With oil prices plunging, OPEC and Russia are on their knees

In a way, the message of OPEC’s inaction today—deciding not to cut supply—is analogous to the challenge that confronted GM and Microsoft in recent years: if it wants to remain relevant in a world it once dominated, and at times made tremble, it needs to change its game.

How do you parent after a night like that?

My son is home from school. He stays in bed while I take his little sister to her fourth grade class.

Would you give thanks for Sriracha beer?

After PepsiCo unveiled “Dewitos,” the gag-inducing combo of Mountain Dew and Doritos chips, no drink-and-food concoction should ever come as a surprise.

How to really understand white privilege

It was a “simple, powerful exercise about privilege.” On Nov. 21, Buzzfeed’s Nathan Pyle posted a lesson he recalled from high school, taught using a ream of paper and a trash bin.

Why Delta is fighting a solution to the chaos at the busiest airport in the world

As any traveller who has passed through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport knows, it is pretty much always packed.

How wealthy black Americans invest their money differently from rich white Americans

It turns out wealth is not a great equalizer—at least not when it comes to investing your riches. A new study by Credit Suisse and Share Tap image to zoom (Brandeis University/Credit Suisse) Brandeis University’s Institute on Assets and Social Policy shows rich black Americans put their money to work very differently from rich whites.