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Uber tells passengers to quit using Uber Pool as a hook-up service

When ride-sharing apps Uber and Lyft created carpooling services in 2014, some people thought it would be fun to use chance encounters with other passengers on their routes as a speed dating opportunity.

The leader of the Dutch far-right is using a conviction for hate speech to boost his popularity

Geert Wilders, a Dutch populist political leader, was convicted today of inciting discrimination for saying that the Netherlands would be safer with fewer Moroccans.

The professional world is full of copycats who are mimicking successful people

Former National Football League executive Michael Lombardi made a fascinating comment on an NFL podcast recently on differentiating between a mimic and the real thing: “There’s two kinds of snakes you come across.

Instead of teaching students to be better at math, South Africa has dropped its passing mark

South Africa’s Department of Basic Education has lowered the pass rate for mathematics to just 20% in an effort to keep children moving through the country’s struggling school system.

The second stage of mobile dominance is now beginning, says an Andreessen Horowitz partner

The questions of what will they look like and who will control them are now answered. The next two decades, predicts Benedict Evans, a partner at venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, will be how smartphones redefine myriad industries from automobiles to ecommerce.

A Harvard study shows that optimistic women live longer

Optimism is a potent drug. A study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health published Dec. 7 in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that women who have a positive outlook have a much lower risk of dying from serious illnesses, especially cardiovascular diseases.

America risks losing the war on terror in Afghanistan unless it legalizes the opium trade

According to a recently released report by the Afghan Ministry of Counter Narcotics and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), opium production in Afghanistan has risen by 43% in the last year.

A simple system for tracking happiness helped me get data on what really brings me joy

One of the best pieces of advice I got in graduate school was from journalist and entrepreneur Christie Nicholson, who taught a class on business entrepreneurship.

Quartz’s favorite books of 2016, reviewed in 25 words or less

The idea for Quartz’s “Best of 2016” book list is brevity because our readers’ time is valuable. We compiled reviews of some of our favorite books published this year in 25 words or less—so you can get straight to reading.

The amateur porn industry can teach us a lot about online privacy

It’s early November in Portland, Oregon, and Dan Savage—probably America’s best-known sex-advice columnist—is standing on the stage of a former high-school auditorium, engaging the audience in a bit of call-and-response.

The ridiculous and heartbreaking reality of playing Goofy at Disney World

A 20-year career playing Goofy came to a screeching halt for one employee at Walt Disney World after he dragged Donald Duck across the floor following an altercation over an autograph.

The future of storytelling will combine the virtual world with the real one

In film, we’ve seen Ferris Bueller and others break the fourth wall by talking to their audience; in mixed reality, the walls disappear altogether.

As fake news perverts people’s opinions, and political systems fall apart, should we let computers decide how to rule the world?

The world economy has had sluggish growth for years. Cities are congested like never before. Man-made fake news pollutes citizens’ thinking.

The US Navy is trying to deal with its sexual assault problem by giving sailors a reporting app

In a bid to curb on-duty sexual assault between servicemen and women, the naval warfare branch of the US armed forces is placing its bets on a smartphone app.

Researchers have identified the types of intelligence that make aging workers valuable

One need look no further than Silicon Valley for evidence that older workers are judged as less sharp—and less productive—than their younger peers, despite mounds of research suggesting the opposite.

Half of millennials make less than their parents did at their age

The American dream hinges on the idea that future generations will do better than the ones that preceded them.

Ghana’s media is calling its close election for the opposition

Two days after its Dec. 7 polls, with official results yet to be announced by Ghana’s electoral commission, local media is calling the election for the Nana Akufo-Addo, the main opposition candidate.

Airbnb employees may have a case of the pre-IPO blues

Working for Airbnb apparently isn’t as spectacularly amazing as it was last year. Last year, the sharing economy mascot took the top spot on Glassdoor’s list of best places to work, beating out companies like Facebook and Google.

A new study on fake memories can explain why people believe fake news

Memories can lie. A new study published on Nov. 28 shows the human brain can create memories of events that never occurred, and these false memories can subsequently change how people view themselves and others.

Scientists are predicting that c-sections will lead to bigger babies

Since the world’s first documented case of a woman surviving a cesarean section in medieval Prague, the cesarean section has become a catch-all solution for all manner of problems surrounding a child’s birth.