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You’ll soon be able to search Google maps even when you’re offline

It’s soon going to become a lot harder to get lost, even when you’re in an unfamiliar city without cellular service.

China is probably not really growing 7 million tons of asparagus every year

It’s Spargelzeit (asparagus season) in Germany—the celebrated time from late April to June 24 when white asparagus (aka white gold, edible ivory, the king of vegetables) is everywhere.

You can become less sexist and racist while you sleep

There are many benefits to a good nap—improvements to your mood, performance, and memory among them. As a bonus, you could also wake up a bit less racist and sexist.

Why all programmers should earn their master’s

There exists a common misconception that working before graduate school makes smart career sense. Many assume that a higher degree will still be waiting after a few years in the industry and will be of greater value when bolstered with real-world, working experience.

African Development Bank picks Nigeria’s Adesina as its new president

Akinwumi Adesina, Nigeria’s minister of agriculture and rural planning will succeed Rwanda’s Donald Kaberuka as the next president of The African Development Bank (AfDB).

GoPro and Google are partnering to make 360-degree virtual reality videos

The wearable camera company GoPro announced at Google’s I/O conference today that it will develop a multi-camera array that can shoot immersive virtual reality video, with the help of Google Jump, Google’s new virtual reality system.

The US school system’s treatment of black kids is a national scandal

Although it has been over 60 years since the Brown vs. Board of Education decision, black students in the US are still more likely to receive out-of-school suspensions for minor violations of the code of conduct.

Bangladesh is becoming a secular society in name only

Once again, a blogger in Bangladesh has been murdered. Ananta Bijoy Das was on his way to work on May 12 in the northern district of Sylhet when four men attacked him with machetes and killed him instantly.

In Friday’s FIFA election, Sepp Blatter will be the winner, and the loser

With breath-taking effrontery, Sepp Blatter is now portraying himself as a crusader against corruption within FIFA, soccer’s scandal-plagued ruling body, and his personal fiefdom for the past 17 years.

Surprising absolutely no one, San Francisco’s rents are the most expensive in the country

The bad news: San Francisco has the highest median rents of any of America’s large metropolitan areas, according to a recently released analysis by NYU’s Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy.

Lessons from Charles Darwin on working from home

In 1842, Charles Darwin and his wife Emma moved their young family to Down (now Downe), a village about 15 miles south of central London.

The future of luxury cars is big and ugly

This week, Lamborghini, renowned maker of sexy, incredibly low-slung sports cars for the super-wealthy, announced a new car that will become the third model in its product range: an SUV.

Among the connections of FIFA and Qatar 2022: the Clinton Foundation

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been questioned before about the donor list for the family foundation that her husband, former president Bill Clinton, started after he left office.

Good news on the global fight against hunger

In 2000, United Nations member countries agreed to ambitious development targets that they hoped to reach by 2015.

Watch Google’s keynote at its I/O conference live

Google’s biggest event of the year is finally here. The tech community has been eagerly waiting for Google I/O, the search giant’s annual confab for developers, where Google is all but certain to unveil the next generation of Android.

Scientists have created robots that can adapt and recover like an animal when damaged

You’re panting, trying to hold your breath. If that robot finds you, you’re toast. The door creaks open—and you shoot.

Why cleaners are just as valuable to my startup as computer scientists

When my co-founder and I began working on Managed by Q, the company didn’t look much like it does today.

Americans lead two separate lives: one pays the bills, the other is fulfilling

Last summer, I did something that many of us dream about, but which few people actually do: I quit my job, left home for a while, and took some much-needed time to sort out my life.

Tanzania is betting big on 4G by taking back a Bharti-Airtel stake in the state telco

In an aggressive move to re-assert itself in the telecom space, the Tanzanian government has reached a deal to buy back a 35% stake of the state-owned Tanzanian Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL) from India’s mobile operator Bharti-Airtel in a transaction worth $7 million.

The three things I tell women in my social entrepreneurship class

The future of American economic growth is in the hands of women, but much of their entrepreneurial potential remains untapped.