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Kenya’s international airport finally has clearance to start direct flights to the US

In July 2015, former US president Barack Obama dangled the prospect of direct flights between Kenya and the US.

Hong Kong’s love affair with Tesla vehicles looks set to grind to a halt

Over the past three years, Hong Kong has turned into an unexpected hub for the world’s best-known electric car.

New research finds a strong link between air pollution and babies born prematurely

In a far-ranging study analyzing data from 183 countries, researchers have pointed to a strong link between air pollution and preterm babies, estimating that one in five babies (pdf, p.4) are born prematurely because of their mothers’ exposure during pregnancy to high levels of PM2.5, fine particulate matter that can reach deep into the respiratory tract.

Chimamanda Adichie says we don’t have enough children’s books that tell African realities

Chimamanda Adichie is vocal about many things and African literature ranks highly on that list. The Nigerian author, in a video by The Atlantic, says, without enough local alternatives, African children have to read books that don’t portray realities they can identify with.

Countries are using the EU’s greatest fear as their ultimate bargaining chip

Sharing a land border with the European Union comes with both perks and drawbacks. In a bid to boost trade with the EU and promote other aspects of integration, Turkey and Morocco have found that controlling the flow of migrants across their borders with the EU is a powerful bargaining chip.

Mughal emperor Aurangzeb protected Hindu temples more often than he demolished them

Hindu and Jain temples dotted the landscape of Aurangzeb’s kingdom. These religious institutions were entitled to Mughal state protection, and Aurangzeb generally endeavoured to ensure their well-being.

I gave up my perfect Google-charmed life in the US to move back home to India

I am what they call a “US Return.” After more than a decade living in the United States, I moved back to India for good.

The world’s harshest regime is calling its strongest ally “mean” for buying less of its coal

North Korea has put its sole major ally, China, in an awkward position. Though the two countries are often aligned because of their opposition to the US, a series of recent actions from Pyongyang is now testing their relationship.

Listen to the sounds that make up the Indian religiosphere

For early-risers in many Indian cities, the sounds of temple chants, calls to prayer from the nearby mosque, and the tolling of church bells often mingle together in the morning.

Here’s the scary truth: Almost every major Indian startup has made the same mistakes as Snapdeal

India’s bustling startup ecosystem is in a state of hysteria as e-commerce major Snapdeal implodes. In yet another attempt to shape up and survive, the company will lay off 600 people over the next few days.

Malaysian police say Kim Jong-un’s brother was poisoned with a banned chemical weapon

Malaysian authorities are slowly getting to the bottom of the death of Kim Jong-nam. According to Reuters, police state that the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was poisoned with a substance known as VX nerve agent, considered to be (pdf, p.15) a “weapon of mass destruction” by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

When there’s traffic, there’s also an alarming rise in domestic violence

Society pays a heavy price for traffic. It leads to lost time, more pollution, and increased spending on gasoline.

Get high while you can: the Trump administration is going after legal marijuana

While campaigning for US president, Donald Trump said marijuana legalization should “be up to the states.” But, in an about-face from the campaign trail, the Trump administration now appears to be planning to shut down legal recreational use.

Donald Trump’s trans bathroom restrictions will stunt much-needed progress in school sports

Bathrooms are once more a political battleground in America. US president Donald Trump’s rollback of the Obama administration’s policy on transgender bathroom use yesterday (Feb.

The US attorney general just officially nixed the Obama administration’s plan to phase out private prisons

US attorney general Jeff Sessions officially rescinded a memo issued by former president Barack Obama’s Department of Justice to phase out the use of private prisons for federal inmates.

Trump sidekicks Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus tried to stage a love-in, but their awkward body language betrayed them

The top two aides to US president Donald Trump have been trying to show the world that, despite reports about their “war for the White House,” they’re actually really, really good buddies.

Money can buy a luxury car—but many rich Americans would still rather have a pickup truck

The rich are just like everybody else, at least according to their car purchases. The Ford F-150 pickup truck was most popular 2016 vehicle for Americans with incomes above $200,000, according to a study by consumer-research firm MaritzCX.

The new strategy for US and Mexican diplomats: Stick to the facts and avoid the name “Trump”

Donald Trump has sent US-Mexico relations into a tailspin. To set them back on track, the countries’ top diplomats avoided any mention of the combative US president when they briefed reporters (link in Spanish) on their first meeting in Mexico today.

A Super Smash Bros-playing AI has taught itself how to stomp professional players

In a crowded convention center in San Jose, Calif., this past January during the Genesis 4 Super Smash Bros.

A crowdfunding startup is working with ranchers to let people become “steakholders” in individual cows

The sharing economy already allows people unfettered access to cars, apartments, and pets. Why not add grass-fed beef cattle to the list?