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Greece’s new finance minister learned about tearing down capitalism from working at a video game company

Yanis Varoufakis is widely expected to become Greece’s new finance minister after Syriza, an upstart left-wing party made up of marxists, greens, communists, and everything in between, won elections there.

Behold the rare beauty of the underside of an iceberg

Quick, think of an iceberg. What probably popped in your mind is a mountain of frozen white bobbing menacingly in on a polar sea—like the one that sank the Titanic.

A gigantic asteroid will fly very close to Earth today

Today, an asteroid about a third of a mile in diameter will zip by Earth, closer than any celestial object its size until 2027.

“Meteorological bomb” will bring historic snowfall to the east coast

This post will be updated with the status of the storm as it progresses. 9:00 a.m. EST: It is snowing lightly in New York City.

Would more psychiatric asylums solve the mental health crisis in America?

For many, the phrase “psychiatric asylum” conjures up haunting and disturbing images: lobotomy procedures, drugged and restrained patients, the creepy facility in the movie “Shutter Island,” the cruel Nurse Ratched from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” But that image may be outdated.

The haunting street photography of a Hong Kong migrant domestic worker

The story of the American street photographer Vivian Maier, who worked most of her life as a nanny and was discovered and lauded as one of the last century’s greatest photographers after her death in 2009, has captured the imagination of documentarians, curators, and young photographers.

The world’s in-flight Wi-Fi offerings, ranked

Wi-Fi has become one of the most sought-after things on a flight, even more important to passengers than a reclining seat or extra legroom.

How Germany is reacting to Greece’s confrontational new leaders

Greece’s election has sent shockwaves throughout Europe—and especially through Germany. The euro zone’s biggest economy and paymaster has reluctantly footed a big bill for bailing out Greece and other euro members, extending financial aid in return for strict and unpopular austerity measures.

Can you guess the language being spoken?

Languages are as diverse as the people who speak them. But to foreign ears, they can be hard to tell apart.

Robinhood’s free stock-trading app, and its long odds of survival

Will Robinhood ever hit the mark, profit-wise? Share Tap image to zoom The trading app where people get to buy and sell US stocks for free—unlike with most brokerages, which charge a few dollars per trade—has sent a shot whistling across the bow of the US brokerage industry.

Internet television has arrived: Why Sling TV marks the beginning of a new era

The internet and television have finally converged. On Tuesday, Jan. 27, Dish Network will begin rolling out the first live television service delivered entirely over the internet and available across the United States.

China’s World Expo pavilions embrace the “weird architecture” it is spurning at home

For six months starting on May 1st, Milan is hosting the World Expo, which has been held every five years since 1851 as a showcase for human progress.

Carlsberg may soon be serving beer in cardboard bottles

Carlsberg is developing the world’s first fully biodegradable bottle for its beverages. The “Green Fiber Bottle” will be made from sustainably sourced wood fiber or paper pulp—think of the material used in egg cartons and protective packaging for electronics products—and will be much lighter than glass bottles, according to the company’s Senior Packaging Innovation Manager, Håkon Langen.

The six African elections to watch this year—and why

This year, 11 countries across Africa are holding key national elections, significant since it wasn’t too long ago that the vast majority of the continent was run by a mix of military dictators and “president-for-lifers.” And yet it is clear that the economic development everyone is counting on will not be possible without political stability.

Photos: America’s first ladies charming India—and vice versa

If it is US president Barack Obama’s second official visit to India, so it is for first lady Michelle Obama, too.

Apple’s latest store opening is one of 25 reasons the company needs to keep Beijing happy

Apple’s new store in Hangzhou, which it opened with great fanfare over the weekend, is just one of five retail stores the company is opening in China ahead of Chinese New Year on Feb.

This poetic street art paying homage to old Shanghai is being erased by government bureaucrats

Chinese authorities are taking some heat for scrubbing graffiti from the walls of a soon-to-be-razed neighborhood in Shanghai’s central Jingan district. The graffiti—whimsical images of a girl asleep clutching a book or guarding a home accompanied by classical Chinese poetry—was popular with locals who were fond of exploring the crumbled homes and buildings for a glimpse of street art, which is largely absent from most Chinese cities.

Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Greek anti-euro victory, BA-Aer Lingus tie-up, Obama-Modi talks, genetically-modified mosquitoes

What to watch for today Greek’s radical left party tries to form a ruling coalition. A larger-than-expected margin of victory this weekend gave the anti-austerity Syriza party 149 seats in the 300-seat Greek parliament.

How Pakistan and China are covering Obama’s India visit

A bear-hug, a nuclear breakthrough and a promise to deepen defence ties—Obama’s landmark trip to India is off to a flying start.

The new Greek prime minister’s first tweet after winning was to the lead actor in “House”

After it became clear that Greece’s far-left Syriza party was on its way to an historic election victory, leader Alexis Tsipras—the likely next prime minister—delivered an impassioned speech to supporters in Athens.