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13 men crafted a health care bill that is even worse for women than the AHCA

The Senate’s long-awaited version of Obamacare reform was published today (June 22), and, like the House bill that was passed in May, it will cut health care benefits for the poor, make them more expensive for the elderly, and lower taxes for the rich.

DC spills its secrets, the small towns that have too many jobs, and other stories you may have missed

1. The magical mystery cure A group of Senators spent weeks quietly working on an Obamacare replacement, and on Thursday, the secret draft was finally released to the public.

The season finale of “Fargo” tackles the “post-truth” chaos of the Trump era

This post contains spoilers. Creator Noah Hawley and the cast of the FX drama Fargo haven’t been coy about the influence of Donald Trump’s presidency on the show’s third season.

Disney gave its beloved Han Solo film to the safest pair of hands possible

Disney took a risk handing its upcoming Han Solo movie to a pair of young filmmakers. Then, it fired them.

Facebook’s global expansion no longer has its mission statement standing in the way

Facebook has a new purpose in life. “Our new mission is to bring the world closer together,” Mark Zuckerberg told CNN Tech today (June 22) in his first in-depth television interview since 2012.

History has paved a path for CEOs to return and it’s not one for Travis Kalanick

Boards have a penchant for bringing back ousted company founders: “boomerang bosses” is a well-worn phrase.

The “Downton Abbey” film is happening, but it’s best to keep your expectations low

The catalog of films based on recently ended television shows is not impressive. Downton Abbey, the series that brought literal gold to the golden age of TV, will soon join it.

Young Finns are moving into homes for seniors to escape Helsinki’s expensive housing market

A small studio at Helsinki’s Rudolf Seniors Home costs €290 ($320), roughly half of what is usually costs for a cheap apartment in the capital.

Until the robots can arrange flowers, there will still be jobs for humans

Much has been written about the rise of automation, and what it means for the future of employment. There’s mounting evidence that workers in wide swaths of job categories will be replaced, and the most vulnerable jobs are ones that require little education and offer low pay.

Private investment could be the key to bringing electricity to millions of Africans

Across Africa, electricity is a luxury afforded almost exclusively by the affluent. About 600 million poor or rural people—or two in three Africans—do not have access to a power supply.

The new Republican health-care bill is no longer a secret. Here’s who it could hurt the most

The US Senate has finally released the health care bill (pdf) it has been writing behind closed doors and intends to vote on next week.

There would be no Uber without Travis Kalanick

Travis Kalanick made Uber great. It’s easy enough to forget, especially this year, as Uber’s founder and newly deposed chief executive has come to embody startup culture gone awry.

Spotify is waking up to what it could be: MySpace, but better

Since MySpace’s fall, music has been almost entirely absent from social media. In their current interactions, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all lack a convenient way to share music amongst friends, the way that MySpace once encouraged.

Why the world’s favorite airline wants a piece of the one in 74th place

American Airlines is no fan of the world’s favorite airline, Qatar Airways. The feeling isn’t mutual.

Nearly every rich country guarantees at least one year of early childhood education—except the US

Fifteen years ago, the US, the UK and Germany sent roughly the same share of kids into early childhood education or care.

Good managers give constructive criticism—but truly masterful leaders offer constructive praise

Getting feedback from your coworkers is scary. A leader at one of my previous jobs once said that my emotional stability fell somewhere between that of a squalling infant and pubescent teen.

Older men are fathering a generation of successful geeks, new research has found

Science has found some problems with becoming a dad in later life: A body of well-publicized research has linked increased paternal age to autism and other conditions in kids.

The EU wants to break the secrecy around firms that help create offshore accounts

Out of the 140 firms cited in recent leaks, the Swiss financial services giant UBS helped create the biggest number of offshore companies, 13,285, according to a report published in January.

It took just 81 days for this chip maker to die after Apple dropped it

The British firm that supplied the designs for Apple’s graphics chips is up for sale, less than three months after the maker of the iPhone said it would no longer use those designs and would instead come up with its own.

Ether grew 4,500% this year and should surpass bitcoin in the next few weeks

The market value of the cryptocurrency ether increased by 4,500% over the last six months.