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Prefab “carbon-positive” houses actually make more energy than they use

Prefabricated homes already have plenty going for them: They don’t take long to construct, can fit into small urban spaces, and can even be an affordable housing solution.

For generations, Icelandic babies have napped outside in freezing temperatures

Icelanders tend to brag about their hardiness when it comes to cold weather and beating wind. They usually trace it to Viking ancestors, who fought through heavy storms just to get to this isolated island.

Scientists may have found the solution to killer peanut allergies—and it’s simpler than you think

Peanut allergies are on the rise in the US—they have more than doubled since 1997, affecting at least 2% of the US population (the latest available data is from 2010).

Why I became a computer scientist instead of a doctor

When I dropped out of medical school in 2007, it happened in two stages: the first, administrative and fairly straightforward; the second, emotional and more complex.

Narendra Modi just cracked India’s economy open a tiny bit more

Minutes into his budget speech, India’s finance minister all but declared victory. “The credibility of the Indian economy has been re-established,”Arun Jaitley said.

After 50 years, Warren Buffett is suddenly shifting his target metric

The pursuit of value has been the abiding obsession of Warren Buffett in the 50 years since he took over Berkshire Hathaway and, in fact, far before then.

Scientists might make Pluto a planet again, if they can decide what a planet even is

In 2006, Pluto lost its status as a planet. It was downgraded to a “dwarf planet,” in fact, a decision that rankled many who had grown accustomed to the solar system containing nine celestial bodies—including Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory: There may be a chance to revisit the controversial move again this year.

The world’s craziest financial contract allowed people to go back in time and invest in the future

The French like to invest their savings in life insurance, and Max-Hervé George’s father probably thought he was being wise by buying his son a policy, worth 50,000 francs (now roughly €8,000), when he was seven years old.

The only two numbers that really matter in Narendra Modi’s much-hyped budget

For all the excitement, most budget numbers in reality in India—and elsewhere—are only incremental changes over the past.

Here’s what India Inc. has to gain from Narendra Modi’s big budget

The Narendra Modi government’s first full-year budget is balanced and promising, focusing on four key areas: infrastructure, manufacturing, black money and taxation.

Here comes Swatch’s defense against the Apple Watch

As the Apple Watch launch approaches, one of the most interesting incumbents to keep an eye on is Swatch, the mid-price, design-driven Swiss watchmaker.

Photos: One of Ukraine’s most nationalistic cities has become a refuge for nearly 2,000 Muslims

Among the million-plus Ukrainians displaced by the fighting in the east are thousands of Jews and Muslims.

What net neutrality and that dress have in common: They’re what the internet was meant to be

“You guys,” a friend tweeted on Thursday, “today was what the Internet used to be like ALL THE TIME.” He was talking, of course, about “the dress“—the image of a garment that looked white and gold to some people and blue and black to others, or even looked different to the same people at different times of day, and drove what seemed like the entire internet crazy.

Kids dress up as the African American leaders you won’t hear about this Black History Month

Every February, educators and activists scramble to make the most out of Black History Month, the 30-odd days each year when America nods to the accomplishments of notable African Americans.

The surprising FIFA decision that infuriated ESPN

This week, FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, confirmed it would proceed with a plan to host the 2022 soccer World Cup during the northern hemisphere winter.

Elegant design solutions to save your food from languishing in the fridge

As life-changing as the invention of the refrigerator was, the hulking and ubiquitous appliance is a major energy consumer (pdf).

This woman braved the catcalls to protest street harassment—in Afghanistan

In the fall, a viral video followed a woman down the streets of New York City, where she experienced constant, intrusive, and threatening catcalling from the men that passed her.

What do India’s sharpest graduate students think about Arun Jaitley’s budget?

India’s finance minister, Arun Jaitley, presented the first full-year budget of the Narendra Modi government on Saturday.

The stock markets have delivered a verdict against Narendra Modi’s big budget

The Narendra Modi government’s decision to keep stock markets open on Saturday, Feb. 28, seems to have backfired.

India’s finance minister has delivered two budgets—both in colours of #TheDress

Indian finance minister Arun Jaitley wore a blue Nehru jacket today to present his second union budget.