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The savviest fashion essentials for the global traveler

This is part one of our holiday gift guide for your Quartziest friends and relatives. Watch for new installments each day in the upcoming week.

Paris is really close to ruining its skyline—again

When you think of Paris, you do tend to think of 42-story glass pyramids, don’t you? The French capital is seriously considering building “the Triangle Tower” in the 15th arrondissement, near Porte de Versailles, in a stunning bid to reverse years of anti-skyscraper rhetoric.

The story of spatchcocking and how Mark Bittman changed Thanksgiving forever

Americans have been cooking Thanksgiving turkeys for more than 100 years. But it’s only the last few when a radical innovation in turkey preparation has started to become mainstream: “Spatchcocking,” or removing the backbone and flattening the turkey.

South Korea is threatening to jail selfie stick retailers

The South Korean government is going after sellers of uncertified camera extenders, threatening fines of up to 30 million won ($27,000) and prison time of as long as three years.

200 years of latex clothing, from secret fetish to high fashion

Earlier this week, the Italian tire company Pirelli shared photographs from its racy 2015 calendar: the 51st in its annual series that features naked and nearly naked supermodels in seductive situations.

LA’s best Instagrammers took over this contemporary art show

LOS ANGELES—How do you promote a contemporary art exhibition in the age of social media? For the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the answer was to bring in some of LA’s most-followed Instagram users and let them preview an exhibition.

Modi has decided to honour Obama at a time when others have written him off

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi pulled off a calibrated masterstroke when US president Barack Obama accepted his invitation to attend the Republic Day parade as the guest of honour.

The markets finally realized that winter is coming

It snowed a lot in parts of the US earlier this week, and the whole country was shivering as temperatures dipped below freezing in all 50 states.

The failure of Silicon Valley’s say-anything immigration push

The Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn executives who banded together behind Mark Zuckerberg’s immigration reform lobby have yet to see a payoff on the money and political capital they’ve spent to influence the debate in Washington.

Teens grossed out by new school lunches hatetweet at Michelle Obama

Just over a year ago, Michelle Obama unveiled an updated set of dietary guidelines for US public schools.

The week’s nine most important economic charts

Japan slipped into recession… Share Tap image to zoom …and the yen fell to a seven-year low against the dollar Share Tap image to zoom Natural gas prices rose after a winter storm buried parts of the US in record amounts of snow Share Tap image to zoom One measure of US inflation crept up Share Tap

Desperate for an economic boost, Paris turned on its Christmas lights earlier than usual this year

Like they do every November, the mayor of Paris and a popular celebrity of the moment switched on the Christmas lights yesterday along the famous Champs Elysées shopping boulevard.

Obama forgets his phone, runs back into the White House to get it

Presidents—they’re just like us. Barack Obama boarded a helicopter this morning, on his way to Las Vegas to promote his immigration policy, before realizing he had left something behind.

The unstoppable march to self-driving cars is already underway

The prospect of cars that drive themselves taking over our streets tends to make people nervous. But the road to fully-autonomous cars is paved with semi-autonomous safety features.

What to make of the Chinese Stock Connect’s big, splashy bellyflop

This has been a big week in Chinese financial history: It marked the first time people outside mainland China could buy Shanghai-listed stocks.

Are you paying more for your IKEA furniture than shoppers in other countries?

Known for its simple Scandinavian design, affordable prices, and strangely beguiling meatballs, the international furniture behemoth IKEA has faced a bit of controversy as it expands into South Korea.

Delta’s flag-waving meets its match in market realities

US airline Delta is placing an order for 50 wide-body planes with the European consortium Airbus. The deal would be worth $13 billion for Airbus if Delta was paying list price (typically, such deals are discounted) for the 25 A350 and 25 A330 aircraft the airline says it needs to replace its aging American made Boeing 747 and 767 aircraft.

A Chinese hospital is tasing men to simulate the pain of childbirth

Soon-to-be dads in one Chinese province can now sign up for a new kind of childbirth preparation: free sessions in which they are literally shocked into understanding what their partners are about go through.

China’s censors have some ideas about how to make the global internet more “fair”

China’s censorship of the internet is so effective that the vast majority of the country’s university students have little knowledge of the Tiananmen massacre that happened just 25 years ago.

Netflix’s zeitgeisty holiday ad will make you awwww, then lol

It’s that time of year, when companies unveil their holiday marketing campaigns, and Netflix has an early contender for the season’s best ad.