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Trump learns a hard lesson on Obamacare: It’s easier to criticize something than to fix it

US president Donald Trump’s signature campaign promise, the complete repeal and replacement of Obamacare, is now dead, at least for the foreseeable future, after it didn’t get enough votes in the US House of Representatives, despite a Republican majority.

Health-care stocks are celebrating the death of Donald Trump’s health-care bill

It was an uneasy day for health-care stocks—until the very end. Rumors started flying when the US House of Representatives went into recess at 3:30pm on March 24.

Elon Musk has a curious new sales pitch for the Tesla Model 3

On Friday afternoon, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to update the company’s pitch for the forthcoming Model 3… by tamping down expectations.

Donald Trump’s answer to Obamacare has failed spectacularly

The US House of Representatives has pulled a bill to repeal and replace “Obamacare”—a key part of Donald Trump’s election campaign—due to lack of support on Friday.

Scientists just changed the way we build genomes to make them 270,000 times cheaper

In 2003, the US Department of Defense and the National Institutes of Health announced that—13 years and $2.7 billion later—they had finally finished mapping the human genome.

A glamorous young Russian nationalist is leading her country’s love affair with Trump and Le Pen

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s visit to Moscow on March 24 went a whole lot better than her New York trip in January.

Even sex workers earn more if they get a college degree

The surest way to boost your earnings is to get a college degree. But it is hard to tell whether university makes you smarter—and thus, more valuable—or if it simply signals to employers that you are a smart, motivated person they should hire for well-paying jobs.

Indian engineers are so bad that a tech giant wants to hire high school graduates

High schoolers now have a shot at getting jobs college graduates dream of. Starting this April, Noida-based software giant HCL Technologies is going to prepare 200 high-school students for entry-level software engineering jobs.

A new bill on US copyright law would take power from the Library of Congress and give it to Trump

US copyright laws are severely outdated, and it looks like lawmakers are finally taking action. Yesterday, a bipartisan bill was introduced in the House of Representatives that proposes to change the country’s head of copyright from someone appointed by the Library of Congress, to someone picked by the president.

Trump’s landmark Keystone XL pipeline deal will create 35 long-term American jobs

US president Donald Trump on Friday approved the Keystone XL pipeline that his predecessor, Barack Obama, had suspended.

Is there any way to combat the rise of low-tech terror?

London’s deadliest attack in a decade, when a 52-year-old British man used a car to plow into pedestrians and later stab a policeman, was a stark reminder of a disturbing trend: As terror attacks become less sophisticated, they are also becoming more difficult to prevent.

Latest version of Trumpcare makes covering pregnancy, hospitalization, and drugs optional

A last-minute tweak to the American Health Care Act, the bill that would repeal Obamacare, will leave it up to state governments to decide whether they want to require “essential health benefits”—a list of bedrock services like prescription drugs and hospitalization insurers must now provide.

When diverse groups interact, everybody ends up smarter and healthier

A striking fact about the tide of nationalism sweeping through the West is that it is strongest in places with the least diversity.

The Arctic is missing ice three times the size of California this year

It’s the end of the Arctic winter and there’s less sea ice than ever before—ice the size of three Californias is missing.

All the versions of “Rogue One” we didn’t get to see

In the run up to the home-video release of Disney’s Rogue One—which lands in the US today, on digital platforms like iTunes and Amazon Video, and DVD and Blu-ray on Apr.

The GOP’s health-care plan is a joke. Here’s what Congress should actually do to fix Obamacare

Republicans’ push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act in the US has exposed a wide gulf between the GOP’s critiques of the law and the “solutions” they are offering.

Donald Trump’s healthcare debacle is ripped directly from “Arrested Development”

If you thought the Republican party’s bumbling efforts to overhaul healthcare in the US seemed familiar, that may be because you saw it play out in uncanny detail on a cult network comedy 14 years ago.

The four-day work week is being put to the test in an unexpected place—rural schools

Nearly half the school districts in the US state of Montana are on a four-day week. Children and teachers at these schools spend those days—usually Monday to Thursday—in the classroom, staying for a few extra hours in lieu of coming in on a fifth day.

Why American jobs have a higher risk of automation than jobs in Germany, the UK, and Japan

You’ve been warned before—robots are coming for your job. The speed of technological advancement, particularly in smart automation, has sprung countless economic studies and political warnings about how many people are likely to lose their jobs to this rise of the machines.

Trump’s treasury secretary says one of the top threats to US jobs is “not even on our radar screen”

Automation is one of the biggest concerns (paywall) of labor economists these days. But US president Donald Trump’s Treasury secretary thinks the threat that robots will replace whole classes of white- and blue-collar jobs is too remote to even think about.