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This is how likable people stay so

This post originally appeared at LinkedIn. More from Kathy here. This year, my work on Forbes, Huffington Post, and LinkedIn has allowed me to connect with millions of people I never would have had the chance to without these avenues.

Six simple ways to be happier

This post originally appeared at LinkedIn. Want to be happier? I have good news and bad news. First, the bad news: Research shows that approximately 33-50% of your level of happiness is hereditary.

These are the CIA’s tips for spies on how to avoid detection at airports

Let’s get one thing clear: The two secret CIA documents published today by Wikileaks will not make you a clandestine officer.

Facebook is playing a cat-and-mouse game with Russian censors

On Saturday (Dec. 20), Facebook blocked access to an event page in Russia. The page calls for a demonstration on Jan.

New evidence that fast food is bad for kids’ learning

The consequences of a poor diet may have been laid bare by a new study published in Clinical Pediatrics (paywall), which suggests that children who eat regularly at McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and the like don’t perform as well at school as their peers.

A shopper’s guide to ethically-sourced down jackets

In the earth’s northern hemisphere, many of us are staring down another blisteringly cold polar vortex this winter.

It’s time parents accept not all kids should go to college

This post originally appeared at LinkedIn. You can follow Dustin here. “Not every kid is meant for college.” That statement, or some close variation of it, is something I hear and read more and more.

Why 2014 was the year of the movie trailer

Film, as a whole, had an up and down 2014. If the first half of the year was mostly bereft of quality movies (here’s to you, The Grand Budapest Hotel), then the second half has been absolutely packed with excellent films that justify the Academy’s decision a few years ago to expand the Best Picture nominee field to 10.

The future of management training is simulations

Overnight, after spinning off its research based drug business into AbbVie, Abbott Laboratories found itself a very different company.

The US is going to get a new, capitalist Cuba—and it might not like it

Cuba is already far from being the place it used to be. The once proudly tattered mansions of central Havana sport fresh paint jobs and modern fittings.

The two whitest film franchises could soon have black lead actors

The chairwoman of Sony Pictures, whose hacked emails have entranced everyone from North Korea to George Clooney, has said who should take over from Daniel Craig as the ninth actor to play the character onscreen: “Idris should be the next bond.” She means Idris Elba, the actor best known for playing Stringer Bell on HBO’s The Wire.

Why black Americans love Fidel Castro

When it came to matching words with deeds on the topic of racial equality, the most stalwart leader of the Western hemisphere, over the course of the 20th century, was Fidel Castro.

“Panic Saturday”: the new British name for the last miserable shopping day before Christmas

Christmas is about families coming together at the end of the year to put aside our differences and be thankful for what we have.

What BMW’s China fender bender reveals about the country’s slowing economy

Targets are great motivational tools—to both deceive as well as achieve. In China, the government’s promotion system sees local officials overstate their provincial outputs to the tune of a few trillion yuan, for example.

American college students say they would rather study with real books, not laptops

Ebooks, tablets and computer-based learning might be pervading elementary and middle schools throughout the US, but college students are still old-school.

America’s next presidential election is about to look like an episode of “Dynasty”

When asked last year about the prospect of her son Jeb running for president, former first lady Barbara Bush responded that “…we’ve had enough Bushes.” Apparently not.

The patented Nike shirt that could track your heart rate and blood pressure while you exercise

Nike appears to be looking into new uses for the Nike+ sensor it first released in 2006. A patent awarded to the company on Dec.

2014 was a year of sport mismanagement

The sporting year 2014 will be remembered, depending on what sport you are a fan of, for the odd moment of individual brilliance, a dramatic team collapse and the enduring excellence of a couple of veterans.

Here are the days when Americans got the most wasted

BACtrack, which makes breathalyzers that connect to smartphones, recently released data on Americans’ drinking habits over the last year.

The seven most important economic charts of the week

Oil is…up? Share Tap image to zoom Americans are paying a lot less for energy these days. Share Tap image to zoom The Swiss National Bank went into negative interest-rate territory.