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The British import a quarter of their food from the EU, and that’s a problem

Hopefully the British worked up an appetite as they voted to leave the European Union. They will need it in coming months as the country hashes out plans for how feed its people.

Doctors are telling their patients to get fitness trackers, and they aren’t listening

It seems patients aren’t quite getting the message when their doctors recommend incorporating wearables and other fitness trackers into their lives.

Brexit sent everyone scrambling to their brokerage accounts

The global market turmoil following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union has left investors scrambling to their brokerage accounts.

The Britons who voted to divorce from the EU confused a boring marriage with a bad one

There are good reasons to leave a marriage—constant conflict, deep differences, a deranged partner. There are also less good ones—conversation’s a bit dull, the sex isn’t great, or you have the same thing for breakfast every morning.

The science of getting your kids to eat more vegetables

Parenting in the information age can be maddening. Data and opinions are everywhere, but helpful advice often feels in short supply.

There are soon to be a lot more Brits living with Brexit than would have actually voted for it

Like many other political realignments, the UK’s vote to leave the European Union has split along generational lines.

With Brexit, Vladimir Putin is rid of his strongest EU opponent

Ever since Moscow faced its first EU sanctions after annexing Crimea in 2014, Russian president Vladimir Putin has faced one all-but-immovable object on the continent—the United Kingdom.

Spain’s elections this weekend let more disgruntled Europeans vote against the status quo

Following tight on the heels of the Brexit vote, Spanish legislative elections on Sunday (June 26) are an important test of how much further disarray the European electorate’s frustrations will inflict on those committed to holding the region together.

The EU was an inspiration to the rest of the world, and now it’s not

Like the rest of the world, Latin America is feeling the effects of Brexit in the form of plunging currencies and stocks.

Donald Trump’s visit to Scotland inspired some very creative British profanity

It’s no secret that much of Scotland despises Donald Trump, and has for years, thanks to his controversial golf course plans and his showy arrogance when visiting his mother’s homeland.

US stocks just wiped out their gains for the year

Hours after the UK voted to quit the European Union, investors put stocks on notice. Major US indexes had their worst day since last August.

Young Britain is using the same hashtag as Muslims after the Paris attack

In November 2015, the deadly terrorist attack on Paris had Muslims jumping on Twitter to condemn those they supposedly shared a religious identity with.

Some people are too distracted by North Korea’s new missiles to pay attention to Brexit

How is Brexit playing in South Korea? Barely. While the western world is currently rattled by the outcome of referendum, South Korea seems to be the only place in East Asia with a muted reaction to the results.

India’s $146-billion IT industry has no idea what will happen to its European business now

The Indian IT outsourcing industry is bracing itself for some major challenges following Britain’s vote to exit the European Union (EU) on June 23.

President Obama just designated Stonewall the first US national monument for LGBT rights

US president Barack Obama on Friday (June 24) designated the Stonewall Inn, an underground gay bar in New York’s Greenwich Village , a national monument, making it the country’s first ever such monument honoring LGBT rights.

With the Brexit vote, millions of English voters may have handed the IRA its ultimate victory

For many years now, the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland has been virtually invisible.

“Pub?”: Brits respond to Brexit with typically British gallows humor

On a black day for the British economy, Europhiles, and the 48% of Brits who voted to remain, the only potential antidote is some black British humor.

What air travel between the UK and Europe looked like pre-Brexit

The UK today is the most popular air transit point in the European Union for EU travelers. About 138 million air passengers flew between the UK and EU in 2015 according to Eurostat.

What it looks like when Brexit crushes your business

If want to see how Britain’s vote to leave the EU affects businesses, look at the airlines. British Airways parent International Airlines Group is already warning investors (pdf) not to expect a repeat of last year’s surge in profits.

What Brexit means for your investment portfolio

Today is not the day to look at your personal pension balance. You probably have less money than you did yesterday, and odds are the market will recover from the shock of the referendum.