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Feminism doesn’t need more inspiration—it needs more anger

From the stage of the Women in the World (WITW) conference, a summit organized by media powerhouse Tina Brown for the sixth year in a row, Sunitha Krishnan, a feisty Indian anti-trafficking activist, asked the audience: “Why are we silent?

A massive earthquake has just shaken Nepal and northern India

We will update this post as more information becomes available from Nepal.  A little before noon, a massive earthquake—measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS)—hit 77km northwest of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city, sending strong tremors through the landlocked Himalayan nation and across northern India.

Quartz Weekend Brief—Comcast’s defeat, Bangladesh’s curse, chlorine in Syria, Spamerica

Ever so rarely, something comes along to challenge the narrative that the US government is beholden to the corporate interests that fund political campaigns.

China’s bull market clearly kept charging this week

Chinese stocks performed really well this week. Again. No, margin lending activity hasn’t really calmed down (paywall).

Podcast: How airlines use data to charge more—and how fliers are fighting back

Quartz and Marketplace are collaborating on a new podcast. It’s still in preview mode, but we’re releasing the latest episode for your enjoyment and feedback.

24 hours with the Apple Watch: There is a strange but wonderful computer from the future wrapped around my wrist

The Apple Watch launched today in nine countries after a long, dramatic, celebrities-on-Instagram-fueled lead-up.

The thing that makes Bangladesh’s garment industry such a huge success also makes it deadly

When the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed two years ago today and killed more than 1,130 people outside Dhaka, Bangladesh, a harsh global spotlight suddenly shone on the country’s garment industry, which had quietly been making more and more of the world’s cheap clothes for years.

PepsiCo is taking aspartame out of Diet Pepsi in US

Hot on the heels of Kraft’s announcement that it is taking artificial dyes out of Macaroni & Cheese, another food giant is reformulating a famous product: PepsiCo says that Diet Pepsi sold in America will no longer contain aspartame.

Germans are paranoid that the US is spying on their data

Germany and the United States have enjoyed a special relationship ever since World War II. But today, the strength of that relationship is being tested by differences over personal privacy rights: Germans deeply distrust how the US handles digital data.

Apple and other US companies haven’t done enough to keep conflict minerals out of their products

Several dozen major American companies are failing to adequately ensure that minerals funding conflict in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) don’t end up in their products, according to two international nonprofit groups.

The happiest countries in the world, ranked

Traditionally, a nation’s economic health is measured by its wealth. But increasingly, some leaders and policymakers are turning their focus to a more human notion of well-being: happiness.

A 64-year-old engineer is suing Google for age discrimination

Diversity in technology has been a hot-button issue as companies, pushed on by Google’s initial disclosure, reveal gender and race statistics that are less than flattering.

Obama should say ‘genocide’ when he talks about what happened to Armenians

Today, Apr. 24, marks the centenary of the Armenian genocide—what the Armenian government describes as the systematic killing of more than 1.5 million minority ethnic-Armenians living within the Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War (1915).

What I learned about being an adult by going back to preschool

As soon as I heard there was going to be a preschool for adults, I knew I had to attend. I was feeling exhausted from being a full-time single mother, and this sounded like the perfect opportunity to unwind. Co-founder Michelle Joni Lapidos and I set up a “preschool interview,” via Skype, and she asked me what I remembered from the first time around.

A rare, incredibly cute “pocket shark” was just discovered

Only two people have ever spotted a “pocket shark” in the wild. But government scientists stumbled upon one in their own lab.

The eight most important economic charts of the week

Euro zone consumers are feeling a little worse about the economy … Share Tap image to zoom … and so are German investors.

Time Warner Cable customers, throw your cable box out the window!

If there were any reason to support the merger of America’s two largest television providers, it was that Time Warner Cable customers would finally have been able to ditch their lousy set-top boxes for Comcast’s superior technology.

Meryl Streep’s inspiring solution to Hollywood’s ageism problem might actually work

American comedian Amy Schumer blew up social media this week with a parody sketch brilliantly skewering ageism in Hollywood.

At least four different cable calamities sprung from the failed Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal

Now that Comcast has announced its merger with Time Warner Cable is off, we can tally up some of the damage to the two companies.

Four out of five children don’t recognize when they’re being advertised to, a study finds

It’s hard enough for adults to navigate the internet’s maze of content—editorial, “advertorial,” sponsored, or native.