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Alibaba’s latest prospectus carries the starkest message yet for investors—it’s not about your needs

The long run-up to Chinese online commerce giant Alibaba’s blockbuster public offering has been punctuated by numerous updates to the company’s IPO prospectus filed with US regulators, each revealing more detail than the last.

Why making the SAT optional is a mistake

Recently, several colleges and universities in the US have declared that applicants no longer need to submit their SAT or ACT scores to be considered for admission.

I have been stalked since school—the torture of women India turns a blind eye to

Two minor girls, Madhu and Nikita, who ended their lives on August 25 after being stalked wrote in their suicide notes “of fear and shame, of disrepute, of tongues wagging”.

Ecuador’s unhealthy dependence on China is about to get $1.5 billion worse

Ecuador, the serial defaulter that had to ship half of its gold reserves to New York this year for a loan from Goldman Sachs, is asking Beijing about borrowing $1.5 billion more. According to the Andean nation’s finance minister yesterday, the government is in talks to re-open a credit line with China, a deal that adds to what critics say is the country’s unhealthy, growing dependency on its Asian partner.

The Times of India’s new contract to journalists: Giving up personal tweets is “in YOUR interest”

The Times of India issued a new social media policy on Wednesday, a day after Quartz reported on a bizarre new contract that would have forced journalists to establish official accounts, hand over passwords, and allow the employer to post on their behalf.

Another reason to spend money on experiences rather than things—the positive benefits of anticipation

It’s been over a decade since American psychologists Leaf Van Boven and Thomas Gilovich concluded that doing things makes people happier than having things.

TiVo is still around and it actually has a decent business

About a decade ago, people in America were using the term “TiVo” as a verb, inter-changeably with “record” (as in “I’ll TiVo that show”).

Shell is selling one of the most pilfered oil pipelines in the world

Shell is selling about $5 billion of oil assets in Nigeria, and among the properties is one of the most frequently robbed oil pipelines in the world.

Why is Uber so scared of a much smaller competitor?

Uber, the online car service, is reportedly running a secret operation to recruit drivers from competitor Lyft that involves canceling thousands of ordered rides, and wasting drivers’ time.

Apple will unveil the iWatch on Sept. 9—here’s what to look for

The so-called “iWatch” is supposedly real. Apple “plans to unveil a new wearable” device alongside two new iPhones at an event on Sept.

South Korea’s government wants kids to spend less time and money learning English

English tutoring jobs in South Korea, long the preserve of expatriates, may soon become scarce. The country’s education ministry has announced it plans to make the English portion of the national college entrance exam easier, hoping to reduce the exorbitant amount of money and time students spend on private lessons—and to address concerns that tests don’t encourage practical use of English, instead pushing rote memorization of grammar patterns.

Alibaba’s latest IPO filing is a glimpse into its future

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba appears to be ready for its debut. Weeks before Jack Ma’s Chinese online sales giant launches one of the most hyped IPOs since Facebook’s, the technology company has offered a fresh glimpse of its financial results in IPO paperwork updated today with US regulators.

Scientists use lasers to manipulate memories in mice

Researchers have rewired the memories in the minds of lab mice by manipulating their brain cells using a technique that involves pulses of light.

The ridiculously troubled country with the world’s best-performing stock market

It’s Argentina. Yes, economically, the country is a mess. With dwindling foreign reserves and threadbare credit that prevents it from borrowing, Argentina has turned to devaluation to finance itself.

The decline of luxury goods in Japan, as seen through Tiffany’s latest earnings report

Tiffany & Co. had another strong quarter of sales around the world, beating expectations with $993 million in revenue—a 7% increase over the same time last year.

The real reason Burning Man isn’t for regular folks

A year ago today, I arrived in Black Rock City, Nevada, for Burning Man, the annual festival devoted to radical self-reliance and self-expression.

Commute around the world with 12 beautiful Hyperlapse videos

Yesterday Instagram released Hyperlapse, a new app for creating time-lapse videos. Many users responded by making ho-hum videos of their offices—understandable, given how much time we spend at work.

The inside story of how Netflix came to pay Comcast for internet traffic

Netflix hand-delivered 256 pages (pdf) to the US government this week arguing that Comcast shouldn’t be allowed to acquire Time Warner Cable.

That Arizona Uzi shooting by a 9-year-old girl is one of several hundred accidental shootings that will happen this year

By now you’ve probably heard about the nine-year-old girl who accidentally shot a gun instructor at a shooting range in Arizona.

The cease-fire in Gaza by the numbers

Israel and the Palestine Authority have agreed to a long-term cease-fire brokered by the US and Egypt.