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How Great Is It To Work At Twitter? This Hilarious Recruitment Video From 2012 Will Show You (TWTR)

Job-hunting site Glassdoor just released its list of the 25 companies with the best corporate cultures.

Don't Expect Discounts At Gap This Fall

Gap shoppers have come to expect deep discounts and promotions.  But JPMorgan analysts believe that Gap will stop offering 30% to 50% promotions on items this fall.  The company is "optimistic" that it will be able to sell products at full-price this fall, according to a report led by analyst Brian Tunick.  Gap's new strategy, which includes stocking less inventory and trying a new marketing agency, will probably drive sales, according to the report.  The analysts also believe that Gap's fashion sense will improve under creative director Rebekka Bay.  While cheaper, fast-fashion companies like H&M are gaining popularity with shoppers, they are unlikely to threaten Gap, according to Tunick.  "The company still believes they can offer value in other ways (such as testing a new loyalty program)," the analysts write.  Gap is also testing programs that would allow shoppers to find and pick up items in stores.  Tunick has previously written that Gap has trouble being consistent because of its price points.  The chart shows where apparel retailers rank in terms of fashion and value.  In every category, Gap is simply average.  The company isn't the cheapest, like Old Navy and Uniqlo.

Here's Your Chance To Take Private Tours Of LinkedIn, Twitter And More

We're sending one lucky winner and a friend to Silicon Valley for an insider's look at the upper echelons of the tech world.

The 20 Best US Cities For Culture

Living in a city that values recreation, art, and culture is important. Property Shark, a property research website, put together a list of the 20 U.S.

Here's The $3,500 Gift Bag Musicians Will Take Home At MTV's Video Music Awards

After Beyoncé and this summer's buzzed about singer Iggy Azalea perform at MTV's Video Music Awards this Sunday, they'll go home with a gift bag valued at more than $3,500.

Rick Perry Just Released A 'Wanted' Shirt With His Mug Shot

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) seems to be enjoying the spotlight that has come with pushing back to his recent indictment.  The latest move: His new political action committee unveiled a T-shirt featuring Perry's mug shot.

RAND PAUL: 'Let The Democrats Put Forward A War Hawk Like Hillary Clinton'

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) seems itching to take on Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential contest.

Here's The $3,500 Gift Bag Musicians Will Take Home At MTV's Video Music Awards

After Beyoncé and this summer's buzzed about singer Iggy Azalea perform at MTV's Video Music Awards this Sunday, they'll go home with a gift bag valued at more than $3,500.

We Spent A Night On The Town With Yelp's 'Elite' Reviewer Squad

From an outsider's perspective, becoming a Yelp Elite is akin to joining a secret society.  Elite members bear special badges on their Yelp profiles, and they're invited to private events where up-and-coming restaurants and bars provide food and drinks for free.

How To Watch Any Soccer Goal In The World Within Seconds Of When It's Scored

The proliferation of the instantaneous soccer goal Vine — the phenomenon where a seemingly endless number of Twitter users make six-second videos of goals within seconds of when they hit the back of the net — is one of the great sports internet developments of our time.

The Riskiest Thing Bond Investors Are Doing Right Now

The July FOMC minutes showed that a rising number of participants were willing to raise rates sooner.

Republicans Are Trying To Conquer Alaska For Its Oil

If Barack Obama has to spend his final two years in office using his veto as often as his golf clubs, he will curse Alaska's primary voters.

Here's How The Kremlin's English-Language Propaganda Organs Are Spinning Russia's Incursion Into Ukraine

The current situation in Ukraine is reaching a head as Russian armor and aid trucks are freely flowing over the boarder, an act that Ukraine has called a "direct invasion." For the first time in months of crisis, accused Russia of directly intervening in Ukraine's restive east, where Kiev has been fighting Russian-supported separatists.  Separatists in the east of the country have routinely received arms and logistical support, at the least, from Russia.

CHART OF THE DAY: Facebook Tops The 10 Most-Used Apps, But Google Isn't Far Behind

The latest data from comScore, which was charted for us by Statista, shows how the tried-and-true mainstream apps from America’s biggest tech companies are still dominating mobile app stores.  Facebook, in particular, leads the pack with the most unique visitors — the social network enjoyed roughly 115.4 million unique visitors in the month of June.


Stocks were mixed as all eyes were on the Kansas City Fed's annual economic symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Move Over Tesla — Google Is Now A Carmaker (GOOG)

Google has logged hundreds of thousands of miles with its self-driving cars. When the vehicles have been in "autonomous mode" (translation: driver not in control), they've never had an accident.

White House: Russia Tried To Sneak Military Vehicles Into Ukraine By Painting Them Like Civilian Trucks

The White House accused Russia of painting military vehicles to look like ordinary civilian trucks, as Ukraine claimed there was a "direct invasion" by a Russian convoy without its consent.

Draghi 'confident' ECB measures will boost economy

Frankfurt (AFP) - European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi said Friday he is "confident" the ECB's recent policy measures will help get the eurozone economy back on its feet.

A Robot Is Grading Your Fantasy Football Draft And Is Being Pretty Brutal About It

The robots now writing the Associated Press' company quarterly earnings stories are now grading your fantasy football draft, and they're being kind of harsh about it.

Russia's 'Eurasian Union' Shows Putin's Nostalgia For The Soviet Union

"It is like you've been dating a girl for a long time," grins Pavel Andreev, an editor at a state-controlled broadcaster, Rossiya Segodnya, explaining why it has taken so long to press ahead with the Eurasian Union.