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Wenger, Arsenal eye FA Cup history

London (AFP) - Arsene Wenger would love to silence his critics by making history when holders Arsenal take on Aston Villa in the FA Cup final on Saturday.

Path acquired by the makers of a popular messaging app

Path announced Thursday that it has been acquired by Daum Kakao, the makers of the popular Kakao Talk app.

Samsung is being left behind in the dust (AAPL)

The global smartphone business is booming, growing almost 20% year-on-year, according to new data from Gartner — but Samsung's sales are flagging hard.

Google's Android M: Maybe for milkshake, or maybe not?

Amid the barrage of product announcements at Google I/O we were left without one thing: the name of the new Android operating system.

Google's new photos app has one amazingly useful feature that wasn't mentioned on stage (GOOG)

The new Google Photos app for iOS and Android, which lets you back up an unlimited number of photos and videos from a phone or camera to Google's cloud, has a bunch of nifty features, including an awesome search function.  But the best, and most useful feature in Google Photos may be something a little more subtle: The Google Photos app can scan your photo library and offer to delete similar photos for you, potentially freeing up tons of storage space on your phone.  This feature was shown off at a press event near Google I/O developer conference, where a Google demo guy called it "the free-up space ability." Hopefully, it'll turn out to have a more catchy official name.

The success rates from IVF are nowhere near what people think

"Test tube babies" are not that rare these days. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1.5% of babies born in the US are conceived using what's called Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), of which the most common procedure is in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Google is laying the foundation for the future of virtual reality right now (GOOG)

Google is the most important tech company in the world, depending on who you ask. Between YouTube, Google search, and Gmail, the Mountain View, CA.-based company created, owns and operates much of what we've come to expect from using the internet.

Big changes are coming to Google's struggling social platform, Google+ (GOOG)

Google+ is not dead, but it's about to change. That was the message that Google exec Bradley Horowitz delivered at a special briefing with reporters during Google's annual developer conference on Thursday.

Social media apps are tracking your location in shocking detail (FB)

If you’re like most, you probably don’t want to broadcast your whereabouts at all times. But a lot of social media apps are tracking your location and making it easy for others to do the same.

We finally know who motion capture king Andy Serkis will play in the new ‘Star Wars’ movie

Much of the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" cast has been revealed, but there's still been one giant question mark up in the air until now. revealed the role of motion capture king Andy Serkis in the upcoming film Thursday afternoon, and it sounds like he'll be on the Dark side of the Force.

Get ready for Amazon milk and cereal, as company reportedly plans expansion into food products (AMZN)

Amazon is getting ready to launch its own line of food and household products, as part of its Elements brand, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

How Gamestop avoided becoming the next Blockbuster

Gamestop's sales are growing. The company reported a 8.6% increase in same store sales over the previous year.  Thanks to Gamestop's smart strategy, growth is likely to continue, according to Stephen Ward, commercial director of retail analysis firm Conlumino.  Gamestop is determined to avoid being the next Blockbuster.

Analyst: Oracle 'has been behaving irrationally' towards Workday (ORCL, WDAY)

Workday's stock has crashed about 12% since it reported earnings after the market closed on Tuesday. Although Workday had a good quarter, beating Wall Street's estimates for both revenue and profit, it warned investors that its spectacular growth was slowing a bit.

Taylor Swift is wrong about Spotify

Let's get one thing out of the way: I don't listen to Taylor Swift's music. I'm not one of her millions of adoring fans, which is why I'm not willing to let her off the hook for abandoning Spotify.

Step back 25 years in time to the gritty days of New York City's Meatpacking District

It's almost hard to conceive how much New York City has changed over the past 25 years. Derelict industrial zones and abandoned buildings have been transformed into a hub of industry; what was once a wasteland now is a clean, safe, and very expensive city.

THE E-COMMERCE DEMOGRAPHICS REPORT: Men are actually more likely to shop on mobile than women

The conventional wisdom is that women account for the lion's share of consumer spending, including online purchases.  But it turns out that men are the power shoppers when it comes to purchases made on smartphones and tablets.  In a new report, BI Intelligence breaks down the demographics of U.S.

Get ready for some depressing news about the US economy

We're about to get some terrible news about the US economy.  Sort of.  On Friday morning at 8:30 a.m.

Google unveils Android Pay in fresh challenge to Apple

San Francisco (AFP) - Google on Thursday unveiled its pay-with-a-phone system for Android devices, ramping up its challenge to Apple in mobile payments.

Here’s the case for how Apple could blow up the cable industry

Apple is the company best positioned to take on cable giants like Comcast and Time Warner Cable. That’s one of the key takeaways from a new report on the future of TV, from the investment banking firm Pacific Crest Securities.

Google played it safe today, and the tech industry is a little worse for it (GOOG)

Remember when Google was cutting-edge and cool and a little bit weird? Like in 2013, when CEO Larry Page came out on stage at the company's Google I/O conference and imagined a fantasy world where Google could test out new ideas free from meddlesome regulation?