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Quit Any Bad Habit (In 6 Steps)

Bad habits have something in common. Either it’s a cigarette you are reaching for, a cup of coffee, an energy drink or a sugar and fat laden dessert.

5 Ways To Create the Foundation of a Long Term Relationship

Every relationship has its peaks and valleys. Sometimes the valleys seem so deep and wide that it feels like you’ll never get out of them.

9 Little Things Happy People Don’t Do

Have you ever noticed that the happy people in this world seem to do things, or rather not do things that differ to what the majority of unhappy people would do?

Buying an Investment Property? Here’s What You Should Care About

A lot of people consider investing in real estate a great investment option. And why not? The ultimate aim of buying an investment property is to increase your wealth and safeguard your financial future.

The Best of Life Metaphors & Similes

You can look at life in many ways. Below are my favorite life metaphors and similes categorized based on the lesson it evokes.

The 20 Laws of Spiritual Power—How to Become a Spiritual Badass

So you want to become a spiritual badass? By following these laws you will learn to be a spiritual badass, to be both perceived as spiritually powerful and, more importantly, feel the depth of your own latent spiritual power.

Strategies And Tips On How To Avoid Procrastination

“How soon ‘NOT NOW’ becomes ‘NEVER’.” Martin Luther King Jr. With today’s constant flurry of activities, it’s easy to fall into the habit of procrastination.

8 Powerhouse Energy Secrets Every Nine-to-Fiver Should Know

It never works, does it? That one tactic you’re sure will finally energize you all the way from nine to five.

Five Inspirational Must Read Books for 2015

What better time than the beginning of a new year to make some positive life changes? The challenge is in figuring out where to begin and how to stay motivated.

Facing the truth is hard but something you need to do to succeed

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.

Ideas On How To Free Yourself From The Reality Trap

Have you ever been told before to be more realistic? I have spent so much of my life, being told this, especially by those closest to me, and it grates on me every time.

3 Keys to Staying Focused & Reaching Your Goals

It’s easy to drift. Life is hectic for all of us and if we’re not intentional about our direction in life we can easily wake up one day and wonder how we got where we are.

How to be Seen as a Leader at Work and get Promoted Quick

Some people watch it happen. Some people say what happened. And some people make it happen. The world and more importantly your workplace is crying out for people who make it happen.

3 Things I Learned from Playing Big in Life

Chances are that most of us at one stage or another have found ourselves at a pivotal crossroad in our lives.

5 Reasons a Female Friend is the Perfect Wingman

What is your biggest fear when you are on a date with a woman? I know a lot of guys who would say that their biggest fear is to land in the zone that no man wants to land in.

5 Reasons Why You Must Constantly Learn

How many times you had the feeling that you are lost with a new subject at work? If you are like most people, probably many times… But don’t worry!

Tips for a Healthy Relationship

Beginning a relationship is a very easy job; but the thing which gets a little tricky is maintaining it.

The Theory of Scarcity and How It Can Change Your Life

There is a theory in economics called the theory of scarcity which basically discusses that there is limited availability of certain resources at any point in time.

How to Decide What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Any of It!?

Every day, I start my work day by looking at the list of things I planned to do that day. Most times, I’m pretty much on track with meeting goals and deadlines but there days when I look at my list and …nothing… I’m not motivated to do anything I scheduled to do!

Can instant messaging help you regain control of your inbox?

Instant messaging (IM) has suffered unfairly over the last 20 years, afflicted with a rocky reputation as a social media platform for gossiping teenagers and bored university students.