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3 Unconventional Ways Of Thinking That’ll Help You Change Yourself

People become accustomed to ideas when exposed to them often enough. And while this isn’t always a bad thing, it can sometimes lead you to believe things that aren’t truly beneficial to you.

5 Smart Tricks To Avoid Uncomfortable Situations

No life is complete without periodic doses of extremely uncomfortable situations or moments. A part of a successful societal identity is about handling these situations better.

A Guide to Buying Glasses Online

Do you want to know how to buy glasses online? If you wear glasses but can’t find a style that you like on the high street, you can opt to search on the Internet. Choice can be limited for you if you’re restricted to one opticians but there’s a plethora of availability online.

7 Convincing Reasons for Working as a Freelancer

Freelancing offers a whole new world of opportunities. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a programmer, game developer, graphic designer, photographer, writer, blogger, editor, financial consultant, or a makeup artist – if your profession is not inseparable from a company, you can find your own gigs and make money on the go.

5 Easy Ways To Feel More Energized At Work

If you need help on how to get more energized for work, read on. This is the story of my most embarrassing moment at work.

How To Be The Hero Of Your Own Story

If you feel your life is on a boring and mind-numbing repeat day after day with no end in sight, it’s time to make changes and be the hero of your own story.

Top 5 Tips On How To Stay Hydrated

With things heating up outside, it’s important that we know how to stay hydrated throughout the day. Without water, we simply couldn’t function!

5 New Ways To Eat Breakfast And Skip Mid-Morning Slump

If you find yourself suffering from a slump in the middle of the morning, you need new ways to eat breakfast.

How to Succeed as an Underdog

So you think that being an underdog is a disadvantage? Sorry, but we beg to differ. Despite the negative connotation of this word, there is something special about being an underdog.

How Your Mental Health Depends On Your Confidence

I’d like to be able to say that confidence is everything, but that’s not exactly true. For a time psychologists and educationalists actually thought that.

5 Night Time Mistakes That Will Keep You Awake

It’s three a.m., and you are up, rolling around, trying desperately to get some good sleep. But, your body is just saying NO!

3 Fresh Productivity Hacks to Get More Done

Do you want to tackle your to-do list, but you’re just not sure how? I share your passion for productivity, but sometimes I get stuck in a rut feeling like my productivity has stagnated.

EARTH DAY – Earth VS Man? No, Let Us Join Hand in Hand

It was like something out of a movie. The small boy sat, gazing in awe at the numerous sign boards and infographics that littered the main streets of Karachi City.

How To Deal With Setbacks. A Fool-Proof Strategy To Get You Back On Track

Let your mind drift for a moment… You’re in a perfect place—a place where every morning you wake up feeling confident, ready to take on the world and win.

6 Tools to Increase Your Self-Employed Productivity

The benefits of being self-employed are stunningly obvious to those who have decided to take the plunge.

How To Change Careers Without Losing Your Mind

You hate your job. The economic outlook in your field is grim. You’ve moved and there are no openings in your area of expertise.

2 Strategies to Get Your Business Unstuck

Is your business stuck, paralyzed, not moving forward? You know where you want to be 5 years from now, do you feel like you’re on the right path to achieving it, or does it seem like the days tick by without you getting any closer to those dreams?

Should I Get a Loan? : Ask Yourself These Questions

Getting a loan is serious business. Nearly everything in life requires a financial backing to make a large purchase unless you have plenty of money.

How to Stay Motivated at The Gym

You walk into the gym, throw on your gym shoes, and you are off to the races. Starting with a brisk walk on the treadmill, every second feels like an eternity.

4 Essential Checkups You Should Have Each Year

It can be difficult to get yourself to regularly visit the doctor, but it is an essential process to ensure that you are healthy.