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Five Things To Do Right Now To Stop Procrastinating

Do you want to stop procrastinating? Do you find yourself constantly spinning your wheels and feeling like your to-do list never stops growing?

Are Men Or Women More Successful At Saving For Retirement?

**NOTE: This article is being submitted on behalf of Zina Kumok of Retirement Online NOT Tarelle Tolson of Stone Temple** The sphere of finance and economics is largely male-dominated.

5 Techniques for Increasing your Focus in 5 Minutes

Did you know that for every distraction, you will have to wait for at least 25 minutes before things return to normal?

6 Ways On How To Attract Love In Your Life

If you’re single, then I’m pretty sure you are looking for the right life partner. If you are, you need to have a good understanding of how to attract love.

Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2016

Towards the end of 2015, a number of predictions about fitness trends for 2016 came out. Some of them were outdated while some ideas really grabbed our attention.

4 Best Teas To Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that there are teas to help you lose weight? To reduce our daily stress, relaxing with a brewing cup of tea in hand is one of the best and healthiest alternatives. Whether it is summer or winter, people love drinking tea for its aroma and wonderful health benefits.

3 Healthy and Inexpensive Ways to Cope with Anxiety

Anxiety has been a huge part of my life. As someone who suffers from social anxiety, I struggle with feelings of anxiousness on almost a daily basis.

4 Good Reasons For Marketing With Facebook

Have you ever thought of marketing with Facebook? If you’re not sure where to get started on your online marketing strategy, why not start where everyone already is: Facebook!

15 Budget Worthy Smart Home Improvements

Giving our homes a makeover is often limited to a paint job, changing the drapes, or reupholstering the couch.

Saying No As Much As Yes To Enjoy Life More

Most of us, women in particular, have a hard time saying no. We don’t want to disappoint anyone, especially not the people we love.

Hope Is In The Air

How does one find hope? Where does hope come from? My head? My heart? My faulty logic? Some survival strategy?

4 Habits That Will Improve Your Focus And Destroy Procrastination

Admit it. You’re frustrated. You’ve got this great new idea that you’ve been dying to work on, but your progress has been stop and go at best.

3 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Do you want to know how to live the life of your dreams? One goal that nearly all people have in common is living a wonderful life.

A Ballerina’s Story: How I Learned To Love My Body After Years Of Hating It

Early in life, I learned to view my body as a sort of prison. While other little girls spent time playing and living carefree young lives, I struggled my way through ballet class– attempting to forcefully train my body to be graceful, obedient, and beautiful.

Tips In Choosing A Restaurant For A Romantic Date

Are you needing tips in choosing a restaurant for a date? You’re out to impress. You invite your partner to meet you at a hot new restaurant in town for a romantic date after work.

Old Dubai to New Dubai: A View

In the past few years — let’s say over 20 years — UAE has been transformed from Night to Day especially Dubai.

5 Key Rules To Create A Killer Presentation

Whether you are a teacher who wants to deliver an interesting lecture to students in the classroom, a marketer presenting in front of important customers, or the CEO of Apple trying to impress his fans at the yearly event, you all have the same challenge: how to present like a super star, in a way that your audience will never forget..

How To Make Your Job Search More Productive

Job-seeking can be quite the undertaking, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the process. You’ll need to have a good amount of self-discipline to get through the application stages, and a good amount of resilience to power through the inevitable rejections.

3 Unconventional Ways Of Thinking That’ll Help You Change Yourself

People become accustomed to ideas when exposed to them often enough. And while this isn’t always a bad thing, it can sometimes lead you to believe things that aren’t truly beneficial to you.

5 Smart Tricks To Avoid Uncomfortable Situations

No life is complete without periodic doses of extremely uncomfortable situations or moments. A part of a successful societal identity is about handling these situations better.