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Short and sweet

THE unpredictable ways of “Masa” Son, the founder of SoftBank, a Japanese telecoms and technology firm, are well known in Japan.

Oi boy

A bad call “OI” IS a cheerful, informal greeting in Brazilian Portuguese. But after the telecoms operator of the same name made the largest bankruptcy-protection filing in Brazilian history on June 20th, the country may finally be saying goodbye to its hopes of creating a strong, state-backed national champion.

Print my ride

A bumper business ANOTHER milestone has been passed in the adoption of additive manufacturing, popularly known as 3D printing.

Free and easy listening

A chorus of disapproval IN LOVE or in business, it is not a good idea to be on the wrong side of Taylor Swift.

Sleepy giant

CHINESE business leaders will gather on June 26th in Tianjin, a charmless industrial city near Beijing, for the annual “Summer Davos” conference.

All about the base

THE project to understand the human genome has long promised to revolutionise the way that diseases are diagnosed, drugs are designed and even the way that medicine is practised.

Clouds appear

ELON MUSK, a South African entrepreneur, embodies the creative daring of Silicon Valley. He has defied sceptics and overcome setbacks over the years, all the while pushing on with innovations of improbable ambition.

Silver linings

A leg up for security firms REFUGEES arriving on Aegean islands are whisked to “hotspots”—registration centres run by the European Asylum Support Office.

Reweaving the web

TIM BERNERS-LEE ends “Weaving the Web”, a book written in the late 1990s, on an optimistic note: “The experience of seeing the web take off by the grassroots effort of thousands gives me tremendous hope that…we can collectively make our world what we want.” Nearly two decades later the inventor of the web no longer sounds as cheerful.

Keeping on the northern lights

An unusual glow THE list of candidates for the most beleaguered part of Europe’s nuclear-power industry is long.

No business like show business

Bastard, orphan, hero, scholar “HAMILTON”, a hip-hop musical about one of America’s founding fathers and the architect of its financial system, is an unlikely smash.

The imperial CFO

THE days of imperial CEOs have long gone. Today’s chief executives do their best to contain their egos and, instead, project a modest image.

Wider impact

Pulling power WORKERS at a fish market in Panama City disagree on the benefits of the country’s newly widened canal.

Lord of the jungle

The magic middle kingdom A BOLD reimagining of the tale of Tarzan is one of the principal attractions at Shanghai Disneyland, a theme park twice the size of California’s original Disneyland, that opened on June 16th.


“IMAGINE a world where we’re no longer looking up to tech titans such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook...because we are one of them.” So wrote Jeff Weiner, boss of LinkedIn, in an open letter on June 13th.

Job opening

THE ECONOMIST is looking for an investigative reporter to work at its headquarters in London. Research and analytical skills, an ability to write informatively, succinctly and wittily, and insatiable curiosity are essential.

No El Dorado

WHEN phone footage came to light last year of a stripper opening the throttle during the take-off of a commercial jet operated by Aerolíneas Argentina, the public outcry was predictably fierce.

The germ of an idea

No more soft-soaping “HARMLESS to humans”, assured the slogan on humidifier disinfectants sold to South Koreans in the early 2000s by Oxy, a local unit of Reckitt Benckiser, an Anglo-Dutch consumer-goods company.

Trust me

JUNE is usually a cheerful month for admen: they are scheduled to celebrate their feats at the humbly titled Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, which starts on June 18th.

Bloated but still bingeing

Aiming high GUO GUANGCHANG made headlines around the world in December when the billionaire industrialist suddenly disappeared, supposedly to co-operate “voluntarily” with Chinese anti-corruption investigators at a secret location.