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An overhaul of Brazilian labour law should spur job creation

IN THE litany of bosses’ gripes about Brazil’s inclement business climate, rigid labour laws vie for pride of place with its convoluted tax laws and its licensing rules (on everything from health and safety to protection of cultural heritage).

Demand for exorcists is soaring in France

FOR A man poised for combat with evil spirits, Philippe Moscato looks remarkably at ease. In casual clothes and chatting about the tools of his trade—a “Vogel” crystal, compass, steel crucifix, pendulum and bag of salt from Jerusalem—he says he can deliver unreal results.

How Donald Trump is monetising his presidency

Golf conflict “PRETTY close to a laughing stock.” That is Walter Shaub’s verdict on America’s standing in the world, at least from an ethics point of view, under President Donald Trump.

The spread of 3D models creates intellectual-property problems

Do try this at home GROOT, a character from Disney’s film “Guardians of the Galaxy”, is usually mass-produced by the entertainment company as a small, collectable figurine and sold by retailers such as Toys “R” Us.

An action plan for Uber’s next chief executive

IT IS said that Travis Kalanick, who resigned as Uber’s boss last month, has been reading Shakespeare’s “Henry V”.

The Trump presidency may not have helped Kushner Companies

WHEN the deal was struck just over a decade ago, for $1.8bn, 666 Fifth Avenue, a 41-storey Manhattan skyscraper, became the most expensive office building ever sold in America.

An illustrious Hong Kong container firm sells to China

Terminal value STONECUTTERS ISLAND in Hong Kong used to be a favoured habitat for poisonous snakes and eye-catching birds such as the white-bellied sea eagle.

Millions of things will soon have digital twins

THE factory of the future will be a building stuffed full of robots making robots. A factory in Amberg, a small town in Bavaria, is not quite that, but it gets close.

Norwegian might still transform long-haul flying

Freddie Laker saw it coming A DECADES-old dream of many low-cost carriers (LCCs), to break into the market for long-haul flights, has also been a long-standing nightmare for executives at full-service airlines, who earn their corn chiefly on such routes.

The fashion industry pays attention to plus-size women

Hot to trot A GOOD fit is everything, stylists often counsel, but in assessing its market America’s fashion business appears to have mislaid the measuring tape.

The United States of debt

POLITICS in America may be an arena of mutual incomprehension with few settled facts, but the debate about the health of American firms’ balance-sheets is, if anything, even more bewildering.

China may match or beat America in AI

AT THE start of this year, two straws in the wind caught the attention of those who follow the development of artificial intelligence (AI) globally.

Russian oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov falls from grace, again

HE WAS back in favour, or so it appeared. After spending several months under house arrest in late 2014, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, a Russian oligarch, relinquished control of Bashneft, a midsized oil firm, to the state.

Craft beer in America goes flat

Over a barrel JULY 4th is a day to celebrate American independence, first and foremost, but also to grill meat and swill beer.

A reality check for virtual headsets

JUSTIN WILLIAMS takes off a virtual-reality (VR) headset and wobbles away from a demo area at E3, the world’s largest gaming convention, in Los Angeles.

Who would buy Air India?

A FAMOUS brand in the world’s fastest-growing aviation market, sitting on valuable slots at international airports and able to borrow cheaply thanks to being state-owned: Air India ought to be hugely profitable.

Hollywood studios dip their toes in virtual reality

For your eyes only OUTSIDE a squat grey building in Santa Monica, the California sun melts the tar. Inside, in a dark room roughly the size of a small shipping container, two men are exploring the world by means of virtual reality (VR).

Why Brexit could entail a hard landing for low-cost carriers

THE European Commission celebrated 25 years of the EU’s internal aviation market in June. The liberalisation of European aviation, which allowed EU carriers to fly between any airport within the bloc, opened the skies to the masses.

Food-delivery firms like Delivery Hero are thriving

Bringing home the bacon NIKLAS OSTBERG spent much of his youth as a competitive cross-country skier in Sweden.

Detroit’s car firms try to match Silicon Valley

IT IS fashionable to say that the city of Detroit is on the up after decades of decline. Amid the derelict buildings there are signs of revival; art shops and trendy food trucks abound.