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The rules on allocating take-off and landing slots favour incumbents

LAST year nearly 3.7bn passengers took to the sky on commercial jets. Few would have given much thought to exactly why their flight was scheduled at the time it was.

A new class of startup is upending America’s consumer-goods industry

Tommy John’s got the consumer covered IN MANY ways, Tommy John, a startup based in Manhattan, resembles a tech company straight out of Silicon Valley.

Allergan’s unusual legal tactic attracts political scrutiny

“BRAZEN” and “absurd”: Allergan certainly drew a reaction from American lawmakers when it transferred its patents for Restasis, a dry-eye drug, to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe in September.

Indian firms make the best of coerced do-goodery

CHARITY begins at home—or, if you are an Indian boss, in the boardroom. Since 2014 firms there by law must spend 2% of profits on corporate social responsibility (CSR), loosely defined as doing good in the community.

Toutiao, a Chinese news app that’s making headlines

WHEN rumours swirled in August that Baidu, a Chinese online-search giant, was buying Toutiao, the scrappy news-aggregation platform reportedly quipped in response that reports had mistaken the buyer for the seller.

An Indian tycoon’s raid on Anglo American is a riddle

Agarwal contemplates his next move THE floors in the Mayfair mansion where Anil Agarwal, an Indian tycoon, lives in London are made of chequered marble.

Is AT&T’s bid for Time Warner vague or Machiavellian?

THE proposed takeover of Time Warner by AT&T is one of the most important deals of the decade. It would create America’s sixth-largest firm by pre-tax profits, one that delivers internet and media services to hundreds of millions of people.

Flannery unveils his strategy to revive GE

“NUMBER one, cash is king…number two, communicate…number three, buy or bury the competition.” These rules were laid out by Jack Welch, a brash but brilliant former boss of General Electric (GE).

Japan’s top two lavatory-makers are at last making inroads overseas

WHEN staff at the Louvre in Paris head to the bathroom, the toilet lid opens as they approach, a warm seat heats their derrières, and, once done, their nether regions are washed and dried precisely.

Trouble for the AT&T-Time Warner deal

In the eye of a storm THE titans of media in America have decided this is an opportune moment to join together in mega-mergers, the better to take on the giants of Silicon Valley.

A German hardware giant tries to become an ultra-secure tech platform

Bosch mobilises BOSCH is everywhere. It has 440 subsidiaries and employs 400,000 people in 60 countries.

Publishers are wary of Facebook and Google but must work with them

IN RECENT months Google and Facebook have made changes that may escape the notice of most of their billions of users, but not of news organisations.

3G Capital, magicians of the consumer industry, need to learn a new act

OCCASIONALLY a business idea emerges that is so simple you cannot believe it works. Consider the five founders of 3G Capital, an investment firm.

The reaction from American business to tax reform is mixed

“CUT, cut, cut!” That is what President Donald Trump wanted to name an eagerly awaited Republican proposal for reforming America’s tax code.

Broadcom’s $130bn Qualcomm bid highlights a ruthless chip industry

AT FIRST glance the chip business and the Serengeti appear to have little in common. But both are arenas where large predators hungrily stalk big game.

IKEA undertakes some home improvements

You snooze, you lose ON A Sunday afternoon, just beyond London’s M25 ring road, shoppers participate in the ritual that is a trip to IKEA.

Many Japanese-made cars enjoy an afterlife in Myanmar, but not for much longer

Gridlock in Yangon THE Japanese make cars that last but replace them relatively quickly. The average car in Japan is three years younger than in America.

A merger between CVS Health and Aetna could be what the doctor ordered

STANLEY and Sidney Goldstein would scarcely recognise their creation. In 1963 the brothers opened a humble storefront in Lowell, Massachusetts, selling health and beauty products.

The airline industry’s most outspoken boss goes global

AIRLINE bosses are often household names due to their attention-seeking behaviour—from the foul-mouthed rants of Michael O’Leary, chief executive of Ryanair, to the model-flanked antics of Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic.

Japan Inc gingerly embraces more foreigners

MICHAEL WOODFORD, the first non-Japanese president of Olympus, likened the camera-maker’s board members who sacked him in 2011 to “children in a classroom”.