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New models for new media

Not watching Twitter FOR months Twitter, the micro-blogging service, has received the kind of free attention of which most companies can only dream.

France’s PSA Group may plan to buy Opel, GM’s European operation

AFTER sweeping past a significant milestone, drivers rarely slam their vehicles into reverse. Yet General Motors (GM), which last year joined Toyota and Volkswagen in an elite group that sells over 10m vehicles a year, may be on the brink of such a manoeuvre.

Planet’s satellites offer customers a new world view every day

BUILT by the Indian Space Research Organisation, the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle threw itself into the sky at 3.58am GMT on February 15th.

Traditional media firms are enjoying a Trump bump

DONALD TRUMP calls it the “failing” New York Times in his tweets, but his presidency has breathed new life into the newspaper and other mainstream media outlets.

Why bosses are flying more for play, not work

AS SCHOOLS across Europe break for February half-term, it is not just the Alpine pistes that are congested: private-jet terminals across the continent are also full to bursting.

America’s latest spectrum auction

MARKETS don’t simply emerge, but are created by the state, argued Karl Polanyi, an economist, in “The Great Transformation”.

Electric cars are set to arrive far more speedily than anticipated

THE high-pitched whirr of an electric car may not stir the soul like the bellow and growl of an internal combustion engine (ICE).

Corporate short-termism is a frustratingly slippery idea

AS AMERICA’S economy has misfired over the past decade, several grand theories have emerged about what went wrong.

Sales of green vehicles are booming in Norway

TO JUDGE by the gleaming rows of Teslas, Nissan Leafs and other electric cars parked in the snow in central Oslo, Norwegians might already have given up on the internal combustion engine.

Tata’s governance is still faulty

Chandra in, Cyrus out PROFIT is to good corporate governance what tides are to swimming trunks: when the former is high, absence of the latter tends to go unnoticed.

Ralph Lauren and Macy’s tell a similar tale of woe

NEW YORK’s fashion week, which will start on February 9th, promises the usual show of glamour, but a more fascinating industry display came a week earlier.

Internet firms’ legal immunity is under threat

GOOGLE, Facebook and other online giants like to see their rapid rise as the product of their founders’ brilliance.

Snow-making companies in a warming world

Better than mud THE creamy glide of fresh powder sends skiing enthusiasts into ecstasies. Scraping over brown patches and dodging lumpen rocks inspires far less enthusiasm.

Grab battles Uber in South-East Asia

Overtaking manoeuvres SCOOTER-DRIVERS in bright green helmets enliven the dusk of rush hour in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s commercial centre.

Shareholder democracy is ailing

DEMOCRACY is in decline around the world, according to Freedom House, a think-tank. Only 45% of countries are considered free today, and their number is slipping.

Beating Apple, Xiaomi and the gang in China

DONGGUAN, a southerly Chinese city near Hong Kong, is better known for cranking out cheap trinkets than for producing high-end equipment of any kind.

America’s booming pet health-care business

AT THE 42,000-square-foot clinic in Hollywood that is owned by VCA, an animal-hospital chain, you may find a Pomeranian on a course of stem-cell therapy or a Shih Tzu having a hip replacement.

The market for alternative-protein products

MOST people like to eat meat. As they grow richer they eat more of it. For individuals, that is good.

TVs: the next testing scandal?

Plug and pay VOLKSWAGEN, a German carmaker, has been disgraced for designing clever software that allowed it to cheat on emissions tests for diesel cars.

Logistics companies fear the return of hard borders

DURING the day, Leipzig’s airport is quiet. It is at night that the airfield comes to life. Next to the runway a yellow warehouse serves as the global sorting hub for DHL, a delivery firm owned by Deutsche Post of Germany.