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Unilever picks Rotterdam

PROUDLY overlooking the River Thames, Unilever House looks more royal palace than office building. Built on the site of a Tudor estate, for nine decades it has been the London home to Unilever, one of the world’s largest consumer-goods firms.

Germany’s two biggest utilities strike a deal

Windy with a chance of profits WHEN Johannes Teyssen took control of E.ON in 2010, it was Germany’s second-biggest company after Siemens, an industrial giant.

AT&T’s merger with Time Warner goes on trial

AN ANTITRUST trial over AT&T’s $109bn acquisition of Time Warner, which begins on March 19th, will have more keen observers than one courtroom can handle.

The reckoning at Theranos

“The Next Steve Jobs” “THE Next Steve Jobs” is how Inc., an American business magazine, described Elizabeth Holmes when her photograph appeared on its cover in 2015.

Which firms profit most from America’s health-care system

EVERY year America spends about $5,000 more per person on health care than other rich countries do. Yet its people are not any healthier.

Online starlets are refashioning Chinese e-commerce

Ms Jiang and Mr Liang, salespeople of the year LIANG TAO shifted 80 pink Givenchy bags in 12 minutes.

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi has become the world’s biggest carmaker

RENAULT unveiled the EZ-GO, a concept for a robotaxi, at the Geneva motor show, which opened on March 5th.

Protectionism may impede Delta’s expansion plans

AS AMERICA’S oldest airline still aloft, Delta makes much of its southern roots. At its biggest hub, Atlanta airport, the company museum recounts how it became the world’s second-biggest carrier.

Pakistan’s Murree Brewery shrugs off restrictions on its products

Tipple from a teetotalitarian land QUARTER-LITRE bottles of whisky whizz down a conveyor belt past Mukhtar Ali, a quality-control employee at Pakistan’s Murree Brewery, the only legal beer-and-spirit maker in this Islamic country.

An arcane business structure loses its charm

WHEN British soapmakers merged with Dutch margarine merchants to form Unilever in 1929, the logic was clear.

Ericsson and Nokia are now direct rivals. How do they compare?

“SUCCESS is toxic,” says Risto Siilasmaa, Nokia’s chairman, as snowflakes swirl in the wind outside. Asked what lesson to draw from his firm’s collapse, which started a decade ago, he underlines the dangers of doing too well.

CFIUS intervenes in Broadcom’s attempt to buy Qualcomm

IT WAS only five months ago that President Donald Trump lauded Broadcom, a chipmaker, as “one of the really great, great companies” for announcing its plan to move its legal headquarters to America from Singapore.

America’s companies have binged on debt; a reckoning looms

AMERICA’s companies have been powering ahead for years. Amid growing profits, the recession that began in 2007 seems an increasingly distant memory.

A Chinese oil baron is reportedly detained by the authorities

Ye Jianming in bloom STAFF had routinely been directed to pore over their chairman’s speeches and learn from them.

Inside Warren Buffett’s deal machine

SOME things about Warren Buffett never change, including his non-stop jokes, famous annual letter and his reputation as the world’s best investor.

Sweden tries to increase gender equality on the web

EVER since Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, referred to Sweden as a “hornets’ nest of revolutionary feminism” and as a “Saudi Arabia of feminism”, Swedes have worn this as a badge of honour.

Comcast announces a surprise offer for the British television firm

HAVING failed to get Rupert Murdoch’s attention before, Brian Roberts, chief executive of Comcast, certainly has it now.

Some airport terminals are learning from the luxury-hotel business

Harder to expense THE private-jet industry advertises itself as the height of luxury for the rich. But travelling through the ramshackle, ugly buildings it used to use as terminals was rather like going commercial.

A new boss for McKinsey

THE Jesuits, the US Marines and the Freemasons: McKinsey has been compared to them all, at one time or other.

Two oil majors face a trial in Milan over a controversial deal in Nigeria

Better uses for $1.1bn RESOURCE-RICH Nigeria has long ignited interest from oil firms, but it can be a dangerously combustible environment when it comes to the risk of corruption.