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News of the Weird (January 15, 2017)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M510, January 15, 2017 Copyright 2017 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Japanese Typewriters

The first Japanese typewriter was invented in 1915 by Kyota Sugimoto. By the 1920s these typewriters had begun to be used by Japanese businesses.

Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith, Dancers?

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are so jealous! They had a recent naked performance in NYC. Link is to safe-for-work NEW YORK TIMES coverage.

Penny Payment

In the news recently, yet another case of paying with pennies. This time it was Nick Stafford of Cedar Bluff, Virginia who wheelbarrowed 300,000 pennies into the lobby of the DMV.

Milton Metz, RIP

I never heard his radio show, but Milton Metz seems as if he were an amiably weird guy. Obit here.

Blood Painting

In Culver City, California, artist Illma Gore is painting a canvas with human blood to protest the upcoming inauguration of Donald Trump.

The Bubble

Wikipedia page.

The Tullock Spike

The economic theory of risk compensation suggests that laws intended to increase safety, such as mandating safety belts in cars, can sometimes have the opposite effect by making people feel safer and therefore encouraging them to engage in riskier behavior.

Alice White and Bunnies

I am not sure why 1930s actress Alice White was made to pose with bunnies so often, but she certainly looked fetching with them.

Anti-Cow Kicker

October 1938: Alice Anthony models an "anti-cow kicker" invented by Bill Vernia of Odebolt, Iowa. Pittsburgh Press - Oct 16, 1938 The Franklin News-Herald - Oct 7, 1938

The Whittlesea Straw Bear

Official site here. Wikipedia page here.

How To Lick Pimples

Source: Santa's Christmas Comics, Dec 1952 via reddit

Follies of the Madmen #300

Original ad here.

Non-Terrifying Gas Mask

1941: Charles Leguillon, a manager at the B.F. Goodrich Co., invented a "non-terrifying gas mask" that a pretty girl could wear "and remain a pretty girl and not become a gargoyle." The media proclaimed that for this he deserved "female thanks," because of course all women want to continue looking their best, even during chemical warfare.

Wonderful Ching-Ching

Additional images and full PDF download here.

News of the Weird (January 8, 2017)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M509, January 8, 2017 Copyright 2017 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

The Voice of Snow White

Snow White and Adriana Caselotti (source: The Disney Wiki) I came across a story in a 1938 newspaper about how Adriana Caselotti got the job of being the voice of Snow White in Disney's 1937 movie: Three years ago when Adriana Caselotti, above, was 18, she was a naughty little girl who listened in on the phone calls of her father, Guido Caselotti, Hollywood voice teacher.

Yuma Swastika Bridge

I spent New Year's Day in Yuma, Arizona, where I had a chance to see a local oddity — the Swastika Bridge, which can be found out in the desert just north of the city.

Irv Pollock, Auto Dealer

According to this verbal portrait of the era,, the Toledo, Ohio, car-dealership scene of the 40s, 50s and 60s was a vibrant, competitive time.

Mousetrap Cigarette Lighter

Introduced at the 1941 meeting of the Inventors of America society in New York — a combined mousetrap and cigarette lighter.