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40-year-old Twinkie

At the George Stevens Academy in Blue Hill, Maine, a Twinkie has been kept on display for 40 years. Back in 1976, chemistry teacher Roger Bennatti placed the Twinkie on top of the class blackboard in response to a student question about the legendary shelf-life of Twinkies.

Mystery Illustration 23

What world-famous organization features this spokes-donkey? The answer is here.

You Know Who I Am

A case of mistaken identity? The Daily Standard (Sikeston, Missouri) - Apr 7, 1952 Brief Encounter. In Cambridge, Mass., Theodore Murphy complained to police that a man he did not know appeared at his apartment door, punched him in the face twice, departed saying: "You know who I am."

The Geography of Madness

The notion of Koro, or supernatural penis theft, is practically a NOTW trademark. I'm pretty sure I first learned about this delusion from Chuck about thirty years ago.

Slip Slidding Away 2: Slime Of The Snails

The insects appear to be rising up against us by sabotaging the roadways! First the mayflies here and now snails sliming the Autobahn.

Death by Dishwasher

This is disturbing, but also definitely weird. Of all the possible ways to off yourself, why choose a dishwasher?

Williams-Dekker Piano-Teaching Computer

This oddball hybrid technology seems to have vanished from history, as I can learn little about its fate after its 1970 launch.

Its The Real Thing

Some think of a pool full of Coca Cola and Mentos and say, "Why?" These guys said, "Why not!"

Slip Slidding Away

Havana, Illinois has a bug problem. Not bed bugs or cockroaches, mayflies. Their bridge is covered in them and by covered I mean up to six inches deep.

Eels smelling alcohol

Various sources report that the sense of smell of the eel is so acute, that if you were to pour a few drops of alcohol into the Great Lakes (or Lake Constance, according to who's telling the story), an eel would be able to smell it.

Bob “Bazooka” Burns

Full story here.

Said no at altar

I guess that's why it's posed as a question. You don't have to say "I do." Anyway, if you're 16, the correct response to a marriage request is 'No.' Unfortunately, it seems that Lois did end up getting married a week later, despite her initial reluctance.

Skinny Suicides Survival Rate

I had this post in the queue before Alex did his story about the woman jumping yesterday. Maybe this is the explanation for her miracle.

News of the Weird (June 26, 2016)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M481, June 26, 2016 Copyright 2016 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Waitress learns her lesson

1951: Miss Evelyn Marshall learns a lesson, the hard way. The Courier-Journal - Dec 24, 1951 Woman 'Cured' By 5-Story Dive; Won't Jump Again Denver, Dec.

Motorized Ice Racing

Something frosty to contemplate during the summer heat. Full history here.


Editor’s Note

Yr View from the Ledge Editor is having to alter the Mon-Wed-Fri posting regimen . . . to Tue-Fri . .

Scientist who thought women were like apes

The wikipedia article on Oxford anthropologist Arthur Thomson (1858-1935) notes that he's best remembered for formulating Thomson's Nose Rule, which states that ethnic groups from cold climates tend to have thinner noses than groups from hot climates.

Mystery Illustration 22

Which very famous movie star--he flourished from the 40s right into our present millennium--is this awkward drawing supposed to represent?