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Thong Jeans

Japanese designer Thibaut recently presented this new style in jeans at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo.


Back in 2002, computer game maker Acclaim Entertainment announced that it planned to advertise its newest game, ShadowMan2, by paying families for the right to place small billboards on gravestones.

The Carsony Brothers

An unjustly forgotten trio of acrobats. Full film below.

Shadowgraph measures beauty

It's interesting that they always have the contestants stand at a slight angle. You'd think it would be easier to have them stand facing the shadowgraph, in order to standardize the measurements.

Follies of the Madmen #331

Puppet experts are always to be trusted.

Growing Up Skipper

In the Barbie family, Skipper is Barbie's younger sister. The 1975 version of her included the unusual feature that moving her arm caused her to experience "plastic puberty" (as one reporter put it).

Home on Wheels

Dora Bryan was certainly somewhat homely for a famous actress, with a female assistant prettier than herself.

Oyster Flatulence

I didn't even realize that oysters produced flatulence, but I guess this is now something new to worry about.

The Fish

An early forerunner of "Rock Lobster."

Left wife, lived in forest for 10 years

Malcolm Applegate claims that he got fed up with his wife's nagging. So he left and went into hiding in a thick woodland outside of London for ten years.

Weighing the Mayor

The town of High Wycombe in England has an ancient custom of weighing their mayors, first upon taking office and again at the end of their term.

The Skewb

If Rubik's Cube is stale, other cube-type puzzles exist. Here's one. More at the Uwe Meffert link.

Michael Fish Moment

With Hurricane Ophelia headed in the direction of the U.K., it seems like an appropriate moment to remember the Great Storm of 1987.

Effect of Gamma Rays on Marigolds

Paul Zindel's play The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1971.

The Laxey Wheel

I love that the Laxey Wheel has a name, "Lady Isabella," and a tribute folk song.


An art installation titled 'Domestikator' was scheduled to be displayed in the gardens of the Louvre next week.

Rubber Creatures from Outer Space

All this month the Durham Art Guild is presenting a collection of clothes made from recycled bicycle inner tubes.

Pass the Dutchie

From 1980s Childhood by Michael A. Johnson: "There's a common misconception that Musical Youth's number one hit in 1982, Pass the Dutchie, is a song about cannabis, when in fact the song is about extreme poverty; the 'dutchie' in the lyrics refers to a type of pot used for cooking.

Catholic Hipster Handbook

New from Ave Maria Press comes the Catholic Hipster Handbook. According to the publisher's blurb, the book is about "yearning to learn more about the faith by seeking out 'Catholic cool'—overlooked saints, forgotten prayers and feast days, and traditional practices long set aside by mainstream believers." The book sounds interesting.

Temporarily Blind

May 1974: Three students at Northeast High School in Philadelphia participated in a medical experiment in which for five days they experienced what it was like to be blind.