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Fallout Biscuits

Back in 1961, the U.S. Office of Civil Defense came out with 'fallout biscuits.' They were vitaminized crackers.

Fragrance-coded card catalog

In 1974, the public library in Upper Arlington, Ohio added scratch-and-sniff scents to its card catalog.

The Candy Tangerine Man

Ronald’s no protester

But I wonder how Ronald ever got targeted by the selective service system if he hadn't registered yet.


Breadwoman is a character who wears rags and a loaf of bread on her head while she dances to electronic music.

Buttless Jeans

The new look in jeans from UK fashion brand The Ragged Priest. Cost: $125. Underwear not included. More info: Yahoo!

Static Copyrighted

From a recent New Yorker article: Sebastian Tomczak, an electronic musician from Australia, uploaded a ten-hour white-noise video to YouTube, and was promptly walloped with five infringement claims...

Drive-Thru Funeral Home

In 1968, Herschel Thornton of Atlanta, Georgia opened the world's first drive-thru funeral home. He called it a "mortatorium." The press dubbed it the "remains to be seen" funeral home.

Trimming the Largest Yew Hedge

According to The Telegraph, they use a cherry picker nowadays to trim the thing. It produces almost a ton of clippings, which are sold to pharmaceutical companies who use yew extract as a key ingredient in a chemotherapy drug, Docetaxel.

Shed Defender

AKA leotards for dogs. Available at The patent pending Shed Defender is intended to be worn in the house, car, or anywhere you don’t want dog hair, dirt, dander, and allergens.

Prisoners who escape a day before release

The recurring weird news theme of prisoners who escape from jail a day before they're set to be released.

An urge to conquer something big

1961: A 14-year-old boy commandeered a Trailways bus and drove it fifteen blocks because he "had an urge to conquer something big" and wanted to drive it "somewhere." Compare this to Bronx bus driver William Cimillo who, in 1947, instead of following his daily route drove the bus to Florida because he was overcome by "that old spring-time urge." There must be a name for the psychiatric condition of being overcome by a desire to drive a bus to somewhere far away.

Smoking Ants

The earliest report I can find of people in the Persian Gulf smoking ants is the one below, from 1994.

The Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure

This curious book, compiled and published by the U.S. Government, is a catalog of examples of ethical failure among federal employees.

Cooking with your mouth

Why use a food processor when God gave you a mouth? The video was created by artist Nathan Ceddia who claims his intent was to help people avoid cooking-related injuries by encouraging them to use the mouth as an 'all-in-one utensil.' The idea of eating food that's been mixed with another person's saliva reminds me of the saliva noodles I posted about long ago.

Mongolian Box Prison

Source of photo. Source of drawing.


Back in September 2017, artist Noëmi Lakmaier lay still for nine hours as a team of balloon assistants and a "bondage engineer" attached 20,000 balloons to her immobilised body.

Follies of the Madmen #344

Sleeping couple happy to be awakened by cigarette parade. Original ad here.

LadyCare Menopause Magnets

The manufacturers of LadyCare Magnets claim that women can ease the symptoms of menopause by magnetizing their underwear.

83-Year Payment Plan

With the arrival of 2018, Henry Hepper can now finally stop making those monthly payments. Detroit Free Press - Sep 29, 1935