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Peekaboo Mask and Triffids

Continuing with the theme of odd masks... London designer Hugh Skillen created this unusual "peekaboo" mask in 1952.

Mystery Illustration 70

S&M model? Or not? The answer is here. And after the jump.

Freckle-Proof Sun Mask

Another addition to our collection of weird masks. Note that this sun mask came with a "breather" tube.

Dinner With Drac

Mystery Man Mask

Ads for this "Mystery Man Mask" ran in various monster-themed magazines, such as Spacemen, during the early 1960s.

Johnson Smith Catalog Item #23

2018 NOTE: More masks. If these horrifying masks are "lifelike" in the world you come from, I don't want to visit!

Raus the Maus

Surely of interest to WU-vies. Learn more here.

The Smile Machine

Invented by artist Dick Turner in 1992. The organizers of the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer then got wind of it, and decided it would be "the perfect way to make light of Norwegians' reputation as a dour people and ordered 100,000 of them for Olympic workers and town residents to wear." But they did this without crediting Turner at all.

Follies of the Madmen #355

Oh, no! Will Mr. Decay catch runaway Mr. Tooth? The suspense is unbearable!

Anti-Puberty Pill

In 1969, British health officer Dr. J.V. Walker proposed the development of a pill "to give young people to delay the onset of sexual maturity until they leave college and could earn their own living." Walker felt certain "it should not be difficult to develop a hormone preparation for the job." Such a pill would certainly change the college experience for most people.

Funky Robot

The Cheerios Dollar

If you have any Sacagawea dollars lying around, it's worth taking a closer look at them, because some of them may be worth more than face value.

Wine on Tap, version 2.0

We've previously we've posted about wine on tap in hotel rooms. Such as the Hotel Terminus in France, which in 1953 ran pipes through the walls to achieve this.

Khrushchev vs. Lachaise

2018 NOTE: Here is the basis for the ongoing series whose latest entry is today. Original article behind CHICAGO TRIBUNE paywall.

Artwork Khrushchev Probably Would Not Have Liked 11

Not only do we see "Constructed Torso," but also its creator, Naum Gabo, along with some of his fellow bohemians.

Touch of Yogurt Shampoo

Test-marketed in 1979 and soon abandoned. I think the decision to promote it alongside yogurt makers and yogurt cookbooks couldn't have helped, because it made you wonder, am I supposed to eat it or put it in my hair?

Mystery Gadget 59

Magnetism? Hydraulics? What's up with this gadget? Answer is here. Or after the jump.

Kangaroo Eyes

‘Kangaroo eyes’ = wearing false eyelashes upside down. This was, briefly, a fashion fad during the 1960s.

Norma Jean Almodovar:  Cop to Call Girl

Her Wikipedia page.

Applesauce Surprise Cake

The surprise is earthworms. Hazleton Standard-Speaker - Dec 13, 1975 The recipe, in case you want to try it: Pensacola News - Jan 20, 1976