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Hair Care During Nuclear Attack

Prompted by the recent threats from North Korea, Guam's Office of Civil Defense recently issued guidelines on what people should do in the event of a nuclear emergency.

Supergeared Bicycle

Are supergeared bicycles that will ride at super fast speeds an actual thing? Or did this guy just build a complicated derailleur system?

Self-Lighting Cigarettes

Self-lighting cigarettes seem to be an idea that inventors keep dreaming up, not realizing that the idea has already been tried.

Follies of the Madmen #323

Original ad here.

Paid to teach empty classroom

An early example of the "teacher paid to do nothing" phenomenon. Nowadays we've got the Rubber Room. Portsmouth Daily Times - Jan 16, 1926

16 Old Ladies Locked in the Lavatory

The artist.


The Infraphone, invented by Douglas Reddan circa 1960, used infrared light to allow people to communicate wirelessly at distances of several hundred yards.

Miss Beverly Hills 1960

In our continuing annals of oddball beauty contests, this 1948 event must qualify as exceptional. Newspaper coverage here.

The X-Rated Hypnotist

In the 1970s, hypnotist Charles Lamont got the idea of promoting himself as an "x-rated hypnotist." He kept this up until the 80s.

The Beachcomber Bar, UK

Anglo Hula: less is not more.

Spreadsheet Championship

John Dumoulin of Virginia recently won an international competition on Microsoft Excel proficiency, which was part of the larger Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship held in Anaheim, CA.

Ethel Merman’s Disco Album

Source of story.

Sexy Pineapple Diet

This diet from 1970 was simple. Just eat only pineapple for two days every week. On the other days you can eat whatever you want.

JFK as Angel

Source of text. Regretably, the only image I could find has this watermark hiding some of the details.

Romanian Jail Craze

No matter how bad you think things might be, at least you're not in a Romanian jail pounding rusty nails into your head.

George Washington Glick

As you can see from this 1914 article George Washington Glick was practically unknown when his statue was new.

Doesn’t notice plane crash

If a plane crashes in your yard and you don't heard it, did it make a sound? Arizona Republic - Apr 24, 1993

Miss Garlic

"Miss Garlic will be chosen on the basis of personality, congeniality, talent, knowledge of garlic — and breath." Greenville News - Feb 10, 1986 Southern Illinoisan - Feb 11, 1986

Stolen Lampposts

Police in Lelystad (the Netherlands) arrested a man who was driving with two stolen lampposts strapped to the top of his car.

Zippo Car

The Zippo Manufacturing Co. built the Zippo car in 1947 by adapting a Chrysler Saratoga. However, the weight of the lighters kept causing the tires to blow out.