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New Spam Filter

The spam filter on the new version of our hosting software seems extra sensitive today, having mistakenly bagged comments by Expat and Phideaux.

The Royal Handbag Code

While on a lecture tour of the United States in 1990, Raymond Fullager, an expert on the British royal family, revealed the existence of a royal handbag code.

Bensen Gyrocopters

Aren't drones a little wimpy, when you could be flying your own Bensen Gyrocopter? Original ad here. Heck, even Batman had one!

Things Named After Mae West

Mae West in "She Done Him Wrong" (1933) Actress and sex symbol Mae West cast a large shadow over popular culture, as can be seen by the number of things named after her.

Cow Triplets

Cows are a definite WU theme. But in all these years, I do not believe we have ever commented on the rare instance of triplet calves.

News of the Weird (August 21, 2016)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M489, August 21, 2016 Copyright 2016 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Beirut Spite House

Beirut Spite House A "spite house" is a house whose primary reason for being is to annoy someone. In The Hidden Dimension (1969), which is a study of how people perceive space, the American anthropologist Edward T.

Coco Cod:  Worst Flavor Mashup Ever?

Original ad here. Original ad here.

Plastape Poses

Poses (pronounced poh-ZAYS) were introduced in 1949 as an alternative brassiere that attached to the chest by means of adhesive strips of something called Plastape.

Mystery Illustration 28

In what industry or occupation is this a professional signal? The answer is here.

Are you an extraterrestrial?

Working off the theory that millions of years ago extraterrestrials spliced alien code into our DNA, the NY Daily News offers a list of 11 signs that suggest you might be part extraterrestrial (because apparently some of us have more of the alien code than others).

Keep Your Funky Side Out

Original ad here. A band so forgotten, they do not even have a Wikipedia entry or any songs on YouTube.

Hop’n Gator Beer

In 1969, the Pittsburgh Brewing Company introduced Hop'n Gator Lemon-Lime Lager, which was a combination of beer and Gatorade, but with 25% more alcohol than regular beer.


Original text here. Despite this 1915 revelation of fraud, Tanlac continued to sell for at least another 30 years.

Da-Dum… Da-Dum… Da-Dum

Researchers at UC San Diego (my grad school alma mater) have published research documenting that the "ominous background music that often accompanies shark footage" can cause people to view sharks in a negative light, whereas the same footage set to "uplifting background music" doesn't have this effect.

Byron Randall, collector of potato mashers

Byron Randall (1918-1999) was an American West Coast artist, but he also received recognition as a collector of potato mashers.

Miss World 1969

Dig those beehive 'do's!

Treating Tuberculosis with Sunlight

In a medical reference book from the 1940s, The New People's Physician (1941), I came across these pictures of kids in classrooms and playing sports dressed only in their tighty-whities.

Alligators Climb Trees!

Gators can climb trees, who knew?!?

News of the Weird (August 14, 2016)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M488, August 14, 2016 Copyright 2016 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.