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Miss Chicken Feathers

A gold watch is actually a pretty nice prize for having hair most like that of a chicken's feathers. Source: Milwaukee Journal - Jan 16, 1924


Karlsson-on-the-Roof from Maripuka85 on Vimeo. Young boy subject to hallucinations is befriended by drunken fairy godfather.

Chocolate Gas

Happy Thanksgiving! If you're not eating your Thanksgiving meal alone today, it might be a courtesy to others to take one of Mr.

Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

Get Out And Push

These people really wanted to get home for the holiday!

The Gray Shadow

"Lift the gloom of gray that darkens your face!" Source: The Raritan Township and Fords Beacon - Apr 10, 1936

Texaco Fire Chief Speaker Hat

I don't think the gal in the third video is wearing one....

Follies of the Madmen #236

Shun the Mustache Kiss!

We're now three weeks into Movember. So this seems like timely advice from the Washington Post - Apr 28, 1912.

Maine man counts one million peas to win bet of $2.50

Life moved at a slower pace in Meddybemps, Maine back in 1922. Probably still does. According to Wikipedia, the 2010 census listed Meddybemps as having a population of only 157.

Alcohol Is Dynamite

Barbie Head Shoes

More strange Barbie stuff. Included in footwear designer Jeffrey Campbell's summer 2013 collection are shoes that have clear, lucite heels filled with the heads of Barbie dolls.

Insanity Defense for Illicit Sex

Apparently, slightly more complicated strategy than merely saying, "Baby, you drive me crazy!" Original article here.

Home Grown

Labgrown penises coming soon! Maybe they will get around to less important things like, oh say, kidneys someday.


And now for a short musical interlude:

Drive Me, Daddy

How refreshingly charming to find a young lady who is also a gearhead.

Barbie - now with acne!

Strange Barbie dolls have been a recurring theme here at WU. We've seen scaled-up Barbie, makeup-free Barbie, non-human Barbie, Ancient Minoan culture illustrated with Barbie, Virgin Mary Barbie doll, etc.

God Manifests as an Elephant

I'm not sure if God sent a real elephant to get us to go to church, or if God Himself manifested as an elephant, or if the whole elephant thing is just a metaphor.

Nipper, the corn-eating cat

Nipper, cat owned by Dorothy Brinn, likes to eat his corn in comfort. His mistress fixed up this skewer and Nipper uses it for about two ears a day.

How To Improve Immigrants’ English