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Beautiful new photo of the mysterious Mouth of the Beast nebula

The European Southern Observatory has published a new Very Large Telescope photo of the cometary globule CG4 or, like they call it, The Mouth of the Beast.

Farmer makes living drawings using cows, a drone and a truck

Witness this farmer creating an smiley using his cattle—because that's what you do when you have cows, a truck, food, and a drone.

Watching this tractor mowing a roadside ditch is truly hypnotizing

After a few hours on the road you get bored and your mind starts asking questions like: How the hell do they mow the ditches on the roadside.

Spectacular Sun halo display captured in video in the Austrian Alps

Kalle Centergren, a Swedish aircraft mechanic, took these stunning images of a Sun halo display when he was skiing in the Austrian Alps a few days ago.

Djokovic plays an insane tennis match against a M1 Abrams tank

Filmmaker and visual effects specialist Michael Shanks created this surreal video showing ATP's number one Novak Djokovic playing a crazy tennis match against a computer generated M1 Abrams tank.

Video: Flyover drone footage of Auschwitz concentration camp is haunting

The BBC flew a drone over the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp today to show off what it looks like and it's absolutely haunting.

Short film: We're so obsessed with our phones that we're missing life

This short animation Mr. Selfie by We Are Seventeen totally nails everyone's over reliance on their phones.

Here's the surprisingly old school way of how an NFL football is made

Super Bowl Sunday is only a few days away and all anyone really wants to talk about is deflated footballs.

These amazing photos are not special effects from a sci-fi film

All those fantastic special effects in Marvel's and other sci-fi movies are child play compared to something real like the Advanced Test Reactor core at the Idaho National Laboratory.

The future of humanity in one photo

Someone posted this photo on Reddit with this title: "So I got a glimpse of the future this morning..." And indeed, we are going to see this more and more in a near future.

These amazing photos are not scenes from the next Marvel movie

All those fantastic special effects in Marvel's and other sci-fi movies are child play compared to something real like the Advanced Test Reactor core at the Idaho National Laboratory.

This may be one of the grossest-looking foods ever but tastes delicious

"If we're eating an animal, we're eating it from head to toe so nothing is wasted," says our friend Anna Péter —from the Hungarian food blog Malackaraj—in this video that shows how to cook with caul fat, "a layer of fat that surrounds the innards of pigs, cows and sheep." It looks gross when raw but I've tasted it and it's delicious.

How breathing marks every single second of our lives

Breathing is not only the most crucial part of our existence but an expression of ourselves at the most basic level.

This Greek island is the perfect paradise—and a supervillain hideout

This amazing place is Monemvasia, a fortified town that resisted a siege of more than three years located on a tiny island in the Peloponnese sea connected to continental Greece through a bridge.

How to make a laser guided blowgun using household objects

Grant Thomson, the King of Random, just posted this video showing how to make a laser guided blowgun using household objects.

Restaurant Noma moved to Japan and this is what its new menu looks like

From January 9 until February 14, Noma, one of the most famous restaurants in the World, moved from its original location in Copenhagen, Denmark, to Tokyo's Mandarin Oriental, in Japan.

Hilarious commercial explains why the unicorns disappeared 

This hilarious ad for French network Canal+ tells the story of why the unicorns disappeared from the surface of the Earth.

Airbnb offers a luxury cable car 9,000 feet above the French Alps

Following to a similar marketing stunt—a plane transformed into a cool loft —Airbnb just listed this fake ad giving anyone the chance to spend a night in a beautifully refurbished cable car 9,000 feet above Courchevel, in the French Alps.

Super close up images of common objects are beautifully alien

If you look at anything closely, you'll begin to see things you never saw before. That's why it's super fun to look at really common objects up close because it reveals a whole 'nother side, the world is both beautifully detailed and disgusting from up close.

Can you recognize these upcoming movies from just a simple icon drawing?

This movie poster by Silenzio actually shows 35 different movies coming out in 2015, all represented with just one icon.