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Amazing aerial photo of Hong Kong streets flooded with people

The good fight for freedom and democracy against the China's dictatorial regime continues in Hong Kong, where protesters keep flooding the streets in stunning protests.

This is why you should never tease dogs trapped inside parked cars

I've been spooked by dogs in parked cars plenty of times, but I never teased them. Unlike the guy in this short created by London-based animation house Birdbox Studios.

Badass Hong Kong protester catches and twrows back tear gas grenade

Hong Kong police often uses tear gas, among other things, to disperse the thousands of citizens that participate on the Occupy Central demonstrations.

The importance of physical contact depicted in a beautiful video

Spanish filmmaker Francisco Montoro shows in this beautiful video that communication goes beyond words.

Musicians take the place of Never Ending Story actors in surreal video

Head swaps aren't new but they are an unlimited source of fun. This video for the song On & On—by DUM—takes footage from Never Ending Story and superimposes the faces of the members of the band on the ones from the characters in the movie—they change some other things too.

To buy this car you have to prove how tough you are first

It doesn't matter how much money you have. If you are not tough enough, you can't afford this car. If that were true we would be living in a completely different planet with a completely different set of principles.

Short animation: The meaning of life, explained by third graders

A trio of 9 year olds and a 6 year old helped Prince Ea come up with this lovely stop motion animation video that uses their illustrations to answer the meaning of life.

Hidden camera in bra reveals how many people check out a woman's body

It's an obvious stunt. Nestle Fitness outfitted a woman with a bra camera to show just how many people sneak a glance throughout the day.

Murakami turned a Pharrell music video into an anime-style video game

Here's the official music video for Pharrell Williams' latest single "It Girl". It's a visual trip that combines lovely anime and nostalgia inducing 8-bit video games with the always colorful imagination of artist Takashi Murakami.

This is probably the most fun you can have jumping on a seesaw

I think we should re-visit the playgrounds of our childhood to see how much fun we can have now. Because if it's anything like these guys from the Streaks Show, it looks like it'll be an insane amount of fun.

This portrait made with electric sparks is the ultimate homage to Tesla

Phil Hansen is a multimedia artist "who specializes in representative portraiture using media that connect to the subject matter." This portrait of Nikola Tesla using electricity is the perfect example of that.

Cool animated technical illustrations show how animals fly

Science illustrator and animator Eleanor Lutz has created these cool animated technical drawings of flying animals in motion.

Amazing photos of a hundred mountaineers doing crazy stunts in the Alps

We have covered Robert Bösch's photos featuring a hundred alpinists doing crazy things before. but here are the complete series because they are simply beautiful and amazing.

Chinese noodle chef tries to hook customers using opium poppy shells

The South China Morning Post reports on a noodle shop chef who was secretly adding opium poppy shells used for the creation of opium and heroin.

Stunning video of an aurora filmed from a TIE fighter—or the ISS cupola

I would never get tired of looking through the cupola of the International Space Station, which is how I imagine Darth Vader's Death Star bedroom window.

Artist redesigns US bills incorporating pop culture icons

Artist James Charles redesigned the US money by adding contemporary pop-culture icons. In this series called American Iconomics the classic green bills are modified or changed completely with the faces of Yoda, Einstein, or Mr.

Rare white shark on white shark attack captured in terrifying video

The huge fish always eats the less huge fish: Witness the attack of a white shark against a younger one recorded on Neptune Island, 50 miles off the coast of Australia.

This burger may look disgusting but it's all the breakfast I want today

Behold PornBurger's Croque Van Damme, a decadent mix of croque-madame and burger made with Belgian waffle instead of bread, "dijon mustard, two smashed patties, applewood smoked gruyere, country ham, an over easy duck egg, and parmesan bechamel." Oh sweet baby Jesus.

This music video could perfectly be a Black Mirror episode

This music video for the song Function/Void by British musician The Bug (aka producer Kevin Martin) features a dystopian futuristic world that is literally falling apart—like the life of the sad and lonely humans that inhabit it.

New Interstellar poster and trailers show more of the spaceship

I'm so stoked about this movie that I may start wearing my spaceman pijamas out of the house. So stoked that, even while I'm always against trailers, I'm glad they keep releasing new material, like the banner above or the barrage of international and TV trailers below.