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Koalas Fighting. What Is The World Coming To?

Remember when we saw that group of penguins in a slap fight? That was ridiculous. Now we’ve got a pair of koalas, um… in some kind of disagreement.

Comic Artists Draw Iconic Characters Blindfolded

Back in 1947, Life Magazine had 10 famous comic strip artists draw their iconic characters blindfolded.

A Box Of 2,400 Krispy Kreme Donuts Is All I Want

Krispy Kreme put together this 11.5 ft box of 2,400 of their tasty Original Glazed donuts. That… is a lotta f***ing donuts.

Photos Of Hot Dads Visiting Disneyland

Disneyland: it’s The Happiest Place On Earth (TM) for a myriad of reasons, one of which being that apparently the park is stocked with hot dads.

Reporter Quits On-Air With A Solid “F*** It! I Quit.”

Skip to the 3:00 mark for Ultimate Quittage. Ahhh, this is a perfect video for a Monday! Anchorage, Alaska’s KTVA-TV reporter Charlo Greene was doing a segment on the Alaska Cannabis Club and its hope to bring marijuana legalization to the state.

A Bear Stuck Between Two Rocks. What Does It Mean?!

This is a video of a bear getting stuck in between two rocks. Yogi could stand to lay off the picnic baskets for a while.

The Wine Bottle Hoodie Is For Chill, Laid-Back Vino

Urban Outfitters is selling this Wine Bottle Hoodie for $20. Cool, but do they come in boxed size as well?

An Organization Is Giving Kids Superhero Hands

E-Nabling is an amazing charity organization that is giving children 3D printed prosthetic hands. But not any only regular-ass lookin’ hands — Superhero hands.

Macaroni ‘N Cheese Bread Cone Get In My Mouth

This is a Mac N Cheese Bread Cone recently sold over at Disneyland. Why did they take it off the menu?

Old Cartoon Characters: Where Are They Now?

“Where Are They Now?” is an animation by Steve Cutts. It shows what he’s imagined everyone’s favorite cartoon characters from the 80s and 90s are up to today.

A Traxedo Is When A Tuxedo Meets A Track Suit

Are you a sporty guy who likes to dress to the nines? Meet The Traxedo, the craze sweeping the globe!

This Kitten Kissed To Sleep Is The Cutest Thing

Youtuber manitarita1 posted this adorable video of a little baby kitten being kissed to sleep. Must be nice!

Apparently Kid Is Back! Watch Him In This Adorable Ad.

This is a commercial for Freshpet, a natural pet food maker. The vid features everyone’s favorite redheaded child prodigy, Noah Ritter aka Apparently Kid.

Groom Your Hair & Snap A Pic With The Selfie Brush

Meet the SelfieBrush. It’s an iPhone case with a sliver of a mirror on the front and a brush on the back.

Skyline Wrapping Paper Turns Gifts In A Mini City

Suck UK is selling this Skyline Wrapping Paper. It makes your presents look like mini high-rise buildings.

Peek Inside This Wasps Nest Built On A Window

Youtuber Vang Tsal noticed a colony of wasps were building a nest on his window, so he did what any normal person would do: scream like a little baby and call the exterminator grab his camera and start shooting.

Hamster Battles Kobayashi In Hot Dog Eating Contest

HelloDenizen, a Youtube channel best known for bringing us Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos, making us all go completely f***ing insane because the world was not ready for such things, is back with Tiny Hamster vs Kobayashi.

Drunk Owl & More Incredible Links

No owlciffer, I hasn’t been drinkling. [CubicleBot] YES — Alex Trebek’s mustache is back and better than ever!

Cat Tries To Use The Toilet & Fails Miserably

Youtuber Wellfalcon posted this video of Ender the cat taking a doodie in a people toilet. Well, that’s what he intended to do, but he FAILED.

Teen Petitions To Use His Cat Photo In Yearbook

Draven Rodriguez, cat enthusiast and student at Schenectady High, is petitioning the school to allow him to use this amazing photo as his senior portrait.