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ICYMI: Our Favorite Incredible Things Of The Week

Feeling a little behind? Here’s a roundup of our favorite Incredible Things of the week! This Luxury Hotel Is The First Hotel To Have A Rainforest Inside!

The Kachula Blanket Is The Best Blanket For Adventuring

This is the Kachula blanket by Coalatree. It’s the best blanket for adventuring! Why? Well, it’s waterproof, windproof, odor resistant, for starters.

See Popular Magazines Reimagined As Dog Magazines

ChromAnimals enlisted graphic designer John Francis Try to reimagine popular magazines as dog magazines.

GIVEAWAY: The ClimateCase Keeps Your Smartphone From Getting Too Hot Or Cold

This post is sponsored by ClimateCase. We’re giving away a free ClimateCase to one lucky Incredible Things reader!

Now You Can Store Ziploc Bags Vertically With The Zip n Store

The Zip n Store is a storage system for your fridge that holds Ziploc bags vertically. It’s already met its goal on Kickstarter (HERE!

You Have To See This Teacher’s Rap Video For His New Class

Dwayne Reed is a first year teacher in Chicago. He decided to forgo the boring “Welcome Back” letter and make a rap video to welcome his fourth grade class instead.

A Timelapse Of Caterpillars Walking Is Mesmerizing AF

This is a short but totally worth a watch timelapse of caterpillars walking in a line. Multiple lines, actually.

This Luxury Hotel Is The First Hotel To Have A Rainforest Inside!

The Rosemont Hotel & Residences of Dubai is the world’s first hotel with a rainforest inside! It will also feature an artificial beach, sky pool, and trampoline park.

Flesh Love Is A Photoseries Of Couples Vacuum-Sealed Together

Flesh Love is a photo series by Tokyo-based artist Hal. His subjects are all couples vacuum-sealed together.

Just A Chicken Strutting Around Wearing A Pair Of Pants, NBD

This is a video of a chicken strutting around wearing a pair of pants. That is pretty much it! And what else could you possibly ask for?

The Jockstrap Planter: For Gardeners With A Green, Um… Thumb

Wow, everyone. Gather around. This is important. Pansy Ass Ceramics is selling the Jockstrap Planter.

This Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp Is The Sweetest Lamp There Is

Check out this super sweet Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp sold by Perpetual Kid. It comes in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

This Is What Bathing In 1250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce Looks Like

This is a video of Youtuber CemreCandar having a hot sauce bath consisting of 1,250 bottles of hot sauce plus a bunch of hot peppers.

Book Worm Fashionistas Will Love This Cute Book Purse!

A few weeks back we saw the Book Backpack by ThinkGeek. Now the company is selling this Book Purse for $40.

Weeeee! Makeup Embossed With Butts, Penises, & Vaginas

Bitch Slap Cosmetics, the company who brought us penis-shaped lipstick, is now selling highlighter embossed with butts, penises, and vaginas. They’re starting at $20, which, if you think about it, is a small price to pay for butt/penis/vagina makeup.

Grilled Cheese Stuffed With Spaghetti & More Incredible Links

Grilled cheese stuffed with spaghetti. It’s like two of my favorite foods got freaky and had a baby and now I want to eat that baby.

How To Stop Your Friend From Taking Pictures Of Their Food

This is a short video showing a nice young lady taking pictures of her food. Just as she’s going in for what was probs the money shot, her dinner date screws it all up.

One Restaurant Is Now Serving Pokémon Burgers Because Why Not?

Down-N-Out of Sydney, Australia is now selling Pokémon burgers! Choose from Pikachu, Bulbasaur, or Charmander.

Meet The First Ever Robot Suitcase That Follows Autonomously

This is the COWAROBOT R1, the world’s first ever robot suitcase that follows you autonomously. It’s equipped with sensors so it doesn’t run into stuff, plus it’s got a portable power bank to charge your smartphone or other devices. Currently the futuristic carry-on is crowdfunding on IndieGogo where they’ve exceed their goal by over threefold.

Hamsters Playing Super Mario Bros IRL Is The Best Thing Ever

Last week Hello Denizen gave us a video of a dog playing Pac-Man IRL. That was great. Now Youtuber yutako55 brings us this video of hamsters playing Super Mario Brothers.