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An Infographic Showing The Craziest Burgers From Around The World

Food Republic brings us this excellent infographic detailing some of the most CRAZIEST burgers from all around the world.

7 Signs That Cats Are Scientists

Here’s a cute and informative video demonstrating 7 signs that cats are scientists. It features Youtube celeb cats Cole and Marmalade.

Watch Gordon Ramsay And Kevin Spacey Have A Swear Off

This is a short video from the premiere episode of Gordon Ramsay’s show The F-Word. It features the famous chef and Kevin Spacey having a swear off.

This Just-Married Couple Experienced A Hilarious Photobomb

Photographer Rebecca Sprau was shooting wedding photos for couple Jenessa and Brad when two cows decided to photobomb the Precious Moments®.

Coach Released A Limited-Edition NASA-Inspired Space Collection

Check out this limited edition NASA-inspired Space Collection by Coach. It offers bags, backpacks, key chains, sweaters, and other accessories adorned with stuff like rocket ships, planets, astronauts… They’ve even got a t-rex wearing a jet pack, because why in the hell not?

A Cringeworthy Compilation Of Absurdly Bad 90s Commercials

This is a 10 minute compilation of 90s commercials. They are bad. They are dumb. They will make you cringe.

Like Free Stuff? Enter For A Chance To Win These Giveaways!

Enter below for a chance to win this week’s giveaways!   LOLL poncho towels. These towels have two secret pockets!

This Sushi Soap Looks JUST LIKE The Real Deal!

Etsy shop Soapopotamus is selling Sushi Soap! For just $10, you can get three Sushi Soaps — one that looks like ikura, ebi nigiri, and sake nigiri.

These Dogs Wait Patiently For Their Own Name To Be Called

If you think your dog is well behaved, you should see these guys! These dogs wait patiently for their own name to be called.

Camp Bacon Is A Real Event That Exists Just For Bacon Lovers

Bacon lovers (which is p. much everyone, right?) rejoice! Camp Bacon is coming to an Ann Arbor, Michigan area near you.

If Adults Acted Like Toddlers, It Would Look A Lot Like This

This is Youtuber Kristina Kuzmic demonstrating what it might look like if adults acted like toddlers.

A Furry Chewbacca Seat Belt Cover & More Incredible Links

The Chewbacca seat belt cover, because Star Wars everything. [Laughing Squid] Cirque du Soleil is building a theme park and it looks awesome.

A Dog Crashes The News And Scares The Hell Out The Reporter

Watch as this dog crashes the news! The Russian news channel Mir24 anchor is not having it! She is understandably thrown off by the appearance of the pup, but then she non-understandbly starts to freak out.

Watermelon Bread Looks Like Watermelon In Loaf Form

Check out this super cute watermelon bread by Youtuber May Lynn! It looks easy enough to make, but appearances can be deceiving.

GIVEAWAY: The LOLL Poncho Towel With Secret Pockets

This is the LOLL poncho towel. It’s a towel, beach cover-up, bag, and mobile changing room all in one thanks to its secret pockets.

This Cyclops Goat Looks Like He Comes From Outer Space

Youtube channel Barcroft Animals posted this video showing off India’s cyclops goat. He was born just last week with one eye in the middle of his forehead, so he’s been dubbed The Cyclops Kid and his family considers him a miracle.

One Classy Teenager Took His Senior Photos At Taco Bell

Meet Andrew McBurnie. He just graduated from Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School. But before he walked across the stage to accept his diploma, he had his senior photos taken at Taco Bell by photographer Wesley Taylor.

Watch A Humpback Whale Shoot A Rainbow From Its Blowhole

Orange County Outdoors brings us this video of Wally the humpback whale. It shows him shoot a rainbow from his blowhole!

Guac Lovers Will Definitely Want This Giant Avocado Pool Float

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t even blink when you’re told that guacamole is extra, you will most likely love this Giant Avocado Pool Float by BigMouth Inc.

The Happy Gecko And Gecko His Toy & More Incredible Links

Meet that Happy Gecko and his toy. Okay, all together now: daaawwww! [Mashable] How do we feel about rompers for men… Yea or nay?