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A Donkey Sweetly Snuggling A Human Is Enough Internet For Me, Thanks

This is a cute video of a donkey named Dementia giving human Tom Nutter some primo cuddles while relaxing on the sofa.

Take A Look Inside The World’s First Hello Kitty Convention

The world’s first ever official Hello Kitty Convention is taking place now at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Downtown LA.

Let’s Cook!: Baking Bad Is A Breaking Bad-Themed Cookbook

On November 6 a Breaking Bad-themed cookbook will be released. It’s called Baking Bad and it was put together by food writer Walter Wheat.

A GoPro Taped To A Bottle Of Whiskey, Passed Around A Wedding

Youtuber James C took a GoPro camera and duct taped it to a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. Then he passed the hooch around a wedding.

This One-Legged Paralympian’s Costume Is Better Than Yours

Remember Josh Sundquist, the one-legged paralympian who is a total pro at Halloween costumes? See: HERE and HERE for a refresher and then peep this year’s costume.

Now Kitties Can Celebrate Furr-20 With These Catnip Joints

Catnip is like ganja for felines, so it only makes sense that it would come rolled up in a joint. Stark Raving Cat is selling a 5-pack of these Catnip Joints for $10.

A Time-lapse Showing Braces Straightening Out Teeth

This is an entrancing time-lapse of braces straightening out a set of teeth. The chompers belong to an 11-year-old girl who had the braces on for 18 months.

Foldable Flasks Make Boozing On The Go Easy & Discrete

Lugging around bulky bottles of hooch is a thing of the past! Meet Wine2Go and Flask2Go, freezable, reusable, foldable pouches that conveniently and discretely contain booze.

Goats Standing On A Donkey Because Why Not?

Youtuber jantanification posted this video of SPOILER not one but two goats standing on a donkey. It’s a real treat to watch.

OK Go Is Back With Another Highly Impressive Music Video

OK Go has put out some pretty crazy-impressive music videos and this one’s no exception. Today the band released their latest vid, I Won’t Let You Down.

The Little Mermaid Wedding You Always Dreamed Of IRL

Check out this elaborate Little Mermaid wedding fantasy photoshoot! It was put together by online wedding marketplace Your Cloud Parade with Traci Hines as the Little Mermaid herself.

A Cat Dressed As Princess Jasmine, Riding A Magic Carpet

This is Max-Arthur, a cat best known for dressing as a shark and riding a Roomba, dressed as Princess Jasmine, riding a magic carpet powered by a Roomba.

This Line Of Popsicles Kinda Looks Like Sex Toys

Dangerous Popsicles is a collection of 3-D printed popsicles created by Wei Li. They’re apparently shaped like different viruses and diseases like MRSA, influenza, chicken pox, E.

It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Dachshund’s Creek

Youtuber and dog enthusiast Mike Immerman re-created the beloved 90s teen drama Dawson’s Creek with weiner dogs.

Playboy Models From Days Of Yore Get Back In Front Of The Camera

New York Magazine coordinated this photo shoot with former Playboy models and interviewed the ladies about their experience working with the magazine.

Cactus Cupcakes: Look Painful, Are Delicious

Generally, a cactus is not something you wanna put in your mouth. But what if that cactus was a cupcake?

Wacky, Yet Fashionable Shirts For Stoners

Shirts for Stoners kinda sounds like a charity benefiting topless potheads, but it’s not. It’s just what I decided to call this line of trippy hoodies and sweatshirts.

A Baby Rhino Imitates A Goat Resulting In All The Adorable

Because goats are the new sloths which we all know replaced cats as the internet’s most popular animal, here’s a baby rhino imitating a goat.

This Genius Replaced Ice With Candy In His Automatic Ice Dispenser

Redditor Deric Peace replaced the ice in his automatic dispenser with candy. Because ice is overrated.

A Paralyzed Man Walks Again Thanks To Science

What a time to be alive! Darek Fidyka was paralyzed from the waist down, but in walked science and everything changed.