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Your New Dream Car Is This Pepperoni Pizza Corvette

This is the Pepperoni Pizza Corvette by Dan Collier aka PizzaMan Dan. He showed off the ‘za car at the 31st Annual International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas last week.

Smart Umbrella Reminds You To Take It Along When There’s A Chance Of Rain

This is Kisha, the world’s first smart umbrella. It connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and reminds you to take it along with you when there’s a forecast of rain.

This Raccoon Reaching For Food Is Funnier Than It Should Be

This is a super short video of a raccoon reaching for a treat. It was posted by Youtuber lgreko100. I don’t know why it’s so damn funny to me, but it is.

Popular Fitness Trends Of The Last 100 Years In 100 Seconds

Healthcare service Benenden put together this video of a model showing off the most popular fitness trends of the last 100 years in 100 seconds.

Keep Your Drink Chilled With The Zombie Hand Ice Mold

Check out this Zombie Hand Ice Mold sold over at The Foodiggity Shop for $12. Chilling! In more ways than one if you know what I mean.

The Make Your Own Panties Kit, For Crafty Lingerie Enthusiasts

Uncommon Goods is selling this Make Your Own Panties Kit for $20. It includes a pair of skivvies, rickrack trim, and a cherry accent.

Watch As A Kitten Disappears Into The Rug When She Lies Down

Youtuber Chris Fifield-Smith posted this video of a sleepy kitten. When she finally conks out, she disappears into the matching rug.

The Rubber Throne Is Made Up Of 200 Dildos Instead Of Swords

Bondara, a UK-based bondage company, has created The Rubber Throne. It’s a take on The Iron Throne from Game of Thrones, but instead of swords, it’s made up of 200 dildos.

Centipede Cat & More Incredible Links

Walking kitty + panoramic shot = CENTIPEDE CAT. [Laughing Squid] A Pop Tart and a donut had a baby. Mazel tov!

Bulldog vs Leaf Blower: The Match Of The Century

This is a short video of a bulldog and a leaf blower. It’s pretty funny, but I was a genuinely concerned we was going to be blown inside out completely a la Inside-Out Boy.

See Charlie Brown Reimagined As Horror Movie Villains

These are just a few, see the full size version in all its glory gory HERE. DeviantARTist CitizenWolfie aka Dennis Davies reimagined poor, sweet Charlie Brown as horror movie villains.

The Giant Burrito Body Pillow Is Both Parts Cozy & Delicious

Meet The Super Burrito. It’s a giant burrito body pillow, because who hasn’t dreamed of cozying up with that bean and cheesy goodness?

Watch This 1950s Housewife Tripping On Acid FOR SCIENCE

“Everything is so beautiful and lovely and… alive!” This is a video of a 1950s housewife dropping acid for an experiment by  Dr.

So The Cheeseburger Ball Gag Is A Thing That Exists

How can I break this to you easy? I can’t. I’m just going to come out and say it: the Silencing Slider aka cheeseburger ball gag is a thing that exists IRL.

A First Person POV Video From A 325ft, 95MPH Roller Coaster

The Fury 325 has a 325-foot drop, reaches speeds of 95 MPH and it just opened to the public today at Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Ant Watch Will Not Actually Keep The Time, Is Still Cool

This is the Ant Watch sold over at Analog Watch Company for $59. It comes with 5 real ants, some sand, a food/water dropper, tweezers, and a case opening tool.

Have A Bare Potato Delivered To Someone With Mail A Spud

Mail A Spud is a service that will deliver a potato via snail mail for $10. The product site says there’s no box, no envelope, just a potato with some stamps all over it.

Make Mini Landscapes On Your Fingers With These Stackable Rings

Etsy shop CliveRoddy is selling these super cute stackable rings that make tiny landscapes. There are three different sets available — House, Mountains, and Trees — which can all be mixed and matched for THE ULTIMATE FINGER LANDSCAPE.

This Dog Is Really Really Bad At Catching Food In His Mouth

This is Fritz the golden retriever learning how to catch food in his mouth. He is bad at it. He is whatever the opposite of TOTAL PRO is.

You’re Definitely Gonna Want One Of These Octopus Hairpieces

Last year ago we met artist Kirstie Williams and her homemade bad to the ass tentacle octopus hairpieces.