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Places With Sad Names & More Incredible Links

I did not know there are some many places with sad names, but now I do and now I’m depressed. [Pleated-Jeans] The one thing you have to do in every country according to tourists.

The Museum Of Ice Cream Has A Pool Full Of Sprinkles!

The Museum Of Ice Cream made its debut in the city of New York, and now it’s making a necessary stop in Los Angeles starting April 22!

The Latest New Emojis Includes Wizards, Mermaids & More!

Emojipedia just announced the new emojis included in the Emoji 5.0 update. You can expect wizards, mermaids, fairies, the “I love you” sign, Frankenstein’s monster (?

A Little Girl Thinks A Water Heater Is A Robot And It’s Too Cute

This is a little girl named Rayna greeting a broken water heater because she thinks it’s a robot. If you do not melt completely into your office chair when she says “I love you, Robot!

Parents Smoke Weed With Their Adult Kids For The First Time

Cut Video wrangled up some parents and their adult children and had them smoke weed together for the first time.

The World’s Most Expensive Taco Will Cost You $25,000

The Grand Velas Los Cabos hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is serving up the world’s most expensive taco.

The Singing Lady Sponge Holder Is The Best Sponge Holder!

Peleg Design is selling this adorable Singing Lady Sponge Holder for $15. I want one. No — I NEED one.

Watch This Lady Glue A Bunch Of Googley Eyes To Her Face

Youtube makeup artist Madeyewlook glued a bunch of googley eyes to her face. This is a video of that.

BEHOLD! The Unicorn Horn Dildo Is A Real Thing That Exists

Here’s the Unicorn Horn Dildo sold by Geeky Sex Toys. As you can see, it’s a dildo that looks like a unicorn horn.

Have Some Meat Cake Decorated With Meat Flowers From Japan

Japanese restaurant Gyu-Kaku is selling this raw meat cake that’s decorated with raw meat flowers for Meat Day, which is on March 29th.

This Video Of Robots Rapping Is Actually Kind Of Cute

Youtuber Dylan F Glas bring us this video of robots rapping to the tune of Rapper’s Delight by Sugar Hill.

Watch Dog Ross Teach You The Joy of Dog Painting

Here’s Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund doing his best Bob Ross impression resulting in… Dog Ross, The Joy Of Dog Painting.

The Smallest Breakfast Burrito & More Incredible Links

The smallest breakfast burrito ever is suh kyuuuuhhht. [Youtube] Here’s a Death Star teapot because: STAR.

Is It Just Me Or Does This Spiky Bean Bag Chair Look Uncomfortable?

Blackman Cruz is selling this sea urchin inspired spiky bean bag chair. It costs $19,500, which is way out of my bean bag chair price range, by like $19,480.

You Are Gonna Love This 90s Inspired Sailor Moon Cosplay

This is some seriously amazing 90s inspired Sailor Moon cosplay. Peep the video is by Kevin Truong, Ilja Maran, Justin Element and the Tiger Beat-esque fashion spread by photographer and cosplay enthusiast Dominique Zamora of CineCosu Studios.

This Crying Unicorn Candle Sheds Wax Tears As It Burns

Check out this Crying Unicorn Candle on pre-order from Firebox for $25. Set the wick on fire and watch the wax tears flow.

This WTF Video Will Make You Feel Both Scared And Loved

“Hi Stranger” is a claymation video by Los Angeles-based animator Kirsten Lepore. It is equal parts creepy and validating.

Watch A Cat Tuck Herself Into Her Miniature People Bed

This is a minute long video of a cat tucking herself into her miniature people bed. I found it adorable, and yet, as it ended, I found myself saying “WTF did I just watch?

Not Sure If Prosecco Flavored Nail Polish Is Cool Or Weird…

Nail polish: you’re not supposed to drink it. Or so I’ve been told. Still not 100% convinced, TBH. Regardless!

A Moving Dartboard Makes Sure You Hit The Bullseye Every Time

Youtuber Mark Rober brings us this moving dartboard. It’s been engineered to make sure you hit the bullseye every time.