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Realistic Barbie Now With Acne, Cellulite, Scars, & More!

Earlier this year artist Nickolay Lamm presented Lammily, a more realistic version of Barbie. The doll has proportions of the average 19-year-old girl.

Protect Ya Neck From The Cold With A Wu-Tang Scarf

Lazy Oaf is selling this Wu-Tang Clan inspired scarf. It’s been dubbed the Protect Ya Neck Scarf presumably because it protects your neck from the cold.

Drink Then Eat These Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses

Cheri of The Watering Mouth brings us this tutorial on how to make Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses. Basically you just toast those sugary poofs, they’ll hollow out in the process.

Watch These Three Grandmas Get High For The First Time

Today in The Best Thing To Happen To The Internet news, this is a video of three grandmas getting high for the first time.

Uncle Chris Changes A Diaper

This is a video of Uncle Chris changing a diaper. He’s unsurprisingly not into it. The man’s got a gag reflex like, I dunno, something or someone who has a super sensitive gag reflex.

If Alcohol Labels Were Honest

What if alcohol labels were honest? Well, if we’re being honest, we’d probably still drink the hell out of it anyway.

A Porcupine Makes Bizarre Sounds While Eating Pumpkin

Youtuber Zooniversity1 posted this video of Teddy the porcupine eating a pumpkin and chatting away like a little cartoon character from another world!

Matching Christmas Sweaters For You And Your Pup

Funky Tails is selling these human and dog matching Christmas sweaters. That’s right, now you don’t have to rock an ugly sweater solo, you can subject your pup to humiliation as well.

Little Kids Dressed As Old People Is Both Hilarious & Cute

Photographer Zachary Scott shot this series showing little kids as old people. Sheesh! Kids these days, amirite?

Ursula Does Her Best Kim Kardashian Impression

Everyone and their gramma has seen the Kim Kardashian naked booty on the cover of Paper magazine. In fact, my granny happened to see it before I did!

Tiny Hamster Hosts Tiny Thanksgiving Dinner For Tiny Guests

HelloDenizen has made a lot of ridiculously adorable videos, but this time they’ve gone too far. They made a tiny Thanksgiving feast for a tiny hamster and his tiny friends.

Be The Light Of The Party With These LED Pasties

Turn your headlights into actual headlights with these LED pasties by Sasswear. Sasswear is right! I think we can all agree there’s nothing more sassy than a light-up areola.

Meet Didga The Skateboarding Cat

Go ahead and open the file drawer labeled “Things That Make Me Smile So Hard I Forget To Breathe” because I’ve got something to add to the mix.

The Big Lebowski Themed Wedding Is The Best Themed Wedding

These are some photos from Chelsea and Jesse’s The Big Lebowski themed wedding. They rented a bowling alley for the big day, played songs from the movie’s soundtrack, served White Russians at the bar, and offered a variety of cupcakes themed after different characters from the film.

Edible Greeting Cards > Inedible Greeting Cards

Eat The Fine Print is a company that makes and sells 100% edible greeting cards. Choose from four different flavors: blueberry, orange sorbet, key lime, and strawberry.

A Sweet Dad Surprises His Sick Little Boy As Spider Man

Dad Mike Wilson has a very sick son Jayden who’s been diagnosed with a Grade 4 Brain Stem Tumor and given not much time to live.

These Wooden Speakers Are Treemendous

Meet the BeamBox, a wireless Bluetooth speaker encased in repurposed wooden beams from barns that are centuries old.

Can’t Stop Smiling At This Smiling Owl

This is a cute video showing a snow white owl smiling its face off at Youtuber Adam Poley. Apparently the little guy always reacts this way when he sees Adam.

Funny Photos Show Peoples’ Faces After Taking A Shot

Shot Face is a series of photos by Tim Charles that captures people before, during, and after taking a shot.

A Beer And Shot Glass In One!

Because doing dishes is overrated, HomeWetBar is selling this beer and shot glass in one. As convenient as it might seem, I’m not entirely sure it makes any since.