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Meet The Interactive, Dancing Traffic Light

This is a fun little video from auto manufacturer Smart Car showing a dancing “Don’t Walk” sign. Where does that little red guy get his sweet moves?

Parents Surprise Kids With A Puppy, Their Reaction Is Heartwarming

This is a super sweet video posted by Youtuber marystevens57. These two kids have wanted a dog for years, so their parents decided to secretly surprise them with a new puppy.

Posable Pumpkin Appendages Give Your Jack O’ Lantern Limbs

Wolf FX is selling these Pumpkin Appendages. Just $30 gets you a set which includes four bendable, vine-y lookin’ limbs: two arms and two legs.

Most Cats Hate It, But This Kitty Loves The Vacuum.

Youtuber Krzysztof Smejlis posted this video of Bobo the cat getting vacuumed. My god, he loves it. Watching him enjoy the experience so thoroughly made me realize I don’t love anything as much as this cat loves getting vacuumed.

Warning Coffee Mug Indicates When It’s Safe To Talk

Etsy shop Simplymadegreetings is selling this funny Warning Coffee Mug. It indicates to the people around you when it is safe to approach you based on your coffee intake.

People Laughing Without Smiling Is Too Creepy For Words

Check out this compilation of Vine videos showing people laughing without smiling. That’s some real talent right there!

The 3 Boob Woman Costume Is Here Whether You Like It Or Not

Last week we learned of the three-tittied chick from Florida. Annnd someone’s already provided a tutorial of a DIY Three-breasted Woman Costume.

Stuffed Pizza Skulls Are The New, Scarier Pizza Rolls

I’ve heard (and eaten more than my fair share of) Pizza Rolls, but Pizza Skulls? SO M3TAL! Beth of Hungry Happenings baked up some badass skull-shaped pizza rolls using a 3-D Mini Skull Pan.

This Dog Secretly Wants Watermelon. He Wants It BAD.

This is a video of a dog not-so-discretely eyeballing a bite of watermelon. Look at him — he wants it bad!

Little Kids Fighting About The Weather Is Hilarious/Adorable

Discussing the weather is usually an indication that a conversation has run its course, but I could watch these little kids talk about weather all day, erry day.

Meet “You Have To F***ing Eat,” The Sequel To “Go The F*** To Sleep”

Remember Go the F*** to Sleep, the hilarious, best-selling book by Adam Mansbach? Well now there’s a sequel, You Have to F***ing Eat.

A Fancy-Pants Coffee Expert’s Take On The Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Spice lattes are the belle of the flavored-coffee ball according to us normals, but what does a COFFEE EXPERT think of the drank?

TOO FAR: If Disney Princesses Were Piles Of Rocks

Rumor has it that the internet will not stop until every possible Disney Princess mash-up imaginable has been completed and gone viral.

The Puppies Jumping In Leaves Compilation You’ve Been Waiting For

Celebrate autumn, every white girl’s favorite time of year, by watching this puppies jumping in leaves compilation.

Pixel Lets You Customize Your The Pixels In Your Waffles!

Pixel is a waffle maker that comes with a special silicone tray that allows you to customize your waffles.

What Happens When A Tinder Date Is Unexpectedly Fat?

Check out this social experiment done by the folks over at Youtube channel Simple Pickup. In the first video, a conventionally attractive woman sets up some dates via Tinder.

Marijuana-Infused Pizza Kills 2 Birds With 1 Stone[r]

Weed and pizza gets along like a new couple who hasn’t been together long enough to get sick of each other’s shit.

Young Guys Lip Sync A Convo Between Older Ladies

Remember when comedy group The Kloons lip synced a conversation had between a member’s older mother and her sister?

Geeky Thumbprint Wedding Guestbook Posters

You know those thumbprint tree guestbook posters that are trendy at weddings? Yeah, me neither — I haven’t been invited to one of those things in ages.

Koalas Fighting. What Is The World Coming To?

Remember when we saw that group of penguins in a slap fight? That was ridiculous. Now we’ve got a pair of koalas, um… in some kind of disagreement.