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It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Dachshund’s Creek

Youtuber and dog enthusiast Mike Immerman re-created the beloved 90s teen drama Dawson’s Creek with weiner dogs.

Playboy Models From Days Of Yore Get Back In Front Of The Camera

New York Magazine coordinated this photo shoot with former Playboy models and interviewed the ladies about their experience working with the magazine.

Cactus Cupcakes: Look Painful, Are Delicious

Generally, a cactus is not something you wanna put in your mouth. But what if that cactus was a cupcake?

Wacky, Yet Fashionable Shirts For Stoners

Shirts for Stoners kinda sounds like a charity benefiting topless potheads, but it’s not. It’s just what I decided to call this line of trippy hoodies and sweatshirts.

A Baby Rhino Imitates A Goat Resulting In All The Adorable

Because goats are the new sloths which we all know replaced cats as the internet’s most popular animal, here’s a baby rhino imitating a goat.

This Genius Replaced Ice With Candy In His Automatic Ice Dispenser

Redditor Deric Peace replaced the ice in his automatic dispenser with candy. Because ice is overrated.

A Paralyzed Man Walks Again Thanks To Science

What a time to be alive! Darek Fidyka was paralyzed from the waist down, but in walked science and everything changed.

Pikachu & Snorlax Pokémon Beds… I Choose You!

Check out these Pikachu and Snorlax Pokémon beds. God, they look comfy. You can hit up Etsy seller Iamknight to custom order the Snorlax version HERE or head over to Ali Express to snatch up the Pikachu one HERE.

Baby Ostriches Lend Support To An Injured Baby Elephant

This is a super short and sweet video showing Wass the baby elephant being rescued. The poor little guy fell down a man-made well and had to be airlifted to the David Sherldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya.

This Chainsaw Massacre Prank Is Absolutely Terrifying/Hilarious

This is an insanely evil chainsaw massacre prank pulled by Nick Santonastasso and Youtuber Vitaly. Nick was born with one arm and no legs, so he uses it to his advantage.

Glazed Donut Stuffed With Cheeseburger, Please Get In My Mouth

Philly’s PYT Burger brings us the Bacon Cheeseburger D’oh Nut! It’s a warm glazed donut stuffed with creamy bacon cheeseburger, topped with bacon crumbles.

The Air Umbrella Uses A Force Field Of Air To Keep You Dry

Revolutionizing the umbrella is about as impossible as reinventing the wheel. Until now. This is the Air Umbrella, an umbrella that creates a force field of air that shelters you from the rain.

Price Is Right Contestant Spins A $1.00, Promptly Loses Mind

This is a delightful video of a The Price Is Right contestant named Eliot. In the clip, he spins not just one but TWO $1.00.

Emoji Masks Make The Easiest Halloween Costume Ever*

Halloween is just around the corner, do you already have your costume? If you answered no, join the club!

A Sick Man & His Dog Are Reunited At The Hospital = All The Tears

This is a sweet story about a man and his dog. When 73-year-old James Wathen was admitted into the hospital, he was forced to part with Bubba, his one-eyed Chihuahua.

Canned Batman & More Incredible Links

Mmm, Batman in a can. [Reddit] 21 hamsters caught stuffing their faces. [Pleated-Jeans] The best ways to sneak alcohol anywhere (other than in your belly).

Playing Princess Bride Monopoly Is No Longer Inconceivable

Boardgame night just got Princess Bride-ier! Big Bad Toy Store has Princess Bride Monopoly available for pre-order for $40.

An Artist Uses A Magnifying Glass & The Sun To Make Art

Artist Jordan Mang-osan uses wood as his canvas and a magnifying glass coupled with the sun as his medium.

Watch This Woman’s Breasts Dance To Mozart

Sara X is a woman. A woman with a unique talent — titty dancing. This is a video of her boobs getting their swerve on to Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik.” Fancy!

Drinking Coffee Just Got More Tentacle-y With The Octopus Mug

ThinkGeek is selling this Octopus Mug. It’s got a tentacle for the handle. Grip it and it’s just like you’re holding hands with an octo.