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Could this be the worst unboxing video of all time?

After many moons of arduous negotiations at the highest corporate level, Lost at E Minor finally got hold of one of the most expensive and coveted headphones on the planet.

Internet baffled by couple who replicated childbirth to announce their new cat

This couple has taken to social media to share the news that they’re expanding their family. But it’s not a baby that they’re welcoming: it’s a new kitten.

Waiter collects thousands of sculptures from customers as a form of tipping

In Japan, it’s not customary to leave a tip. However, many customers leave behind tiny sculptures made from chopstick sleeves.

Vegans are mad at these cops who posted a breakfast photo

The North Wales Police have gotten into a social media feud with vegans all over the world after their officers shared an image of an English breakfast on Twitter.

Trump’s suspicious health report has inspired the “girther” movement and we love it

The results from Trump’s recent medical check have inspired all kinds of mockery and ridicule on the net, igniting the so-called “girther” movement.

Burger King’s new ad is as controversial as it is clever

If you ask the people at Burger King, they’d say their Whopper sandwich is to die for. But a new ad from the fast food has taken this belief quite ...

Artist turns (already dead) exotic animals into beautiful works of art

What is dead may never die. Feast your eyes on how this genius preserves the natural beauty of the departed.

This dude reveals what it’s like to travel for years with a cat as a companion

Back in May 2015, Richard East quit his job and sold his house and possessions to travel all over Australia in a camper van with his best friend: his rescued ...

Hard to believe, but the T.rex may have used its tiny arms to ‘slash’ prey

We picked the wrong dinosaur to make fun of. When you’re on top, people will do anything to take you down.

Reality meets fantasy in these Photoshop creations of fruit and vegetable houses

These magical homes are the stuff of dreams. If like me, you never got the chance to build a treehouse when you were a kid, surely you figured something else ...

Designer performs miraculous surgery on a butterfly’s broken wing

Romy McCloskey might be a professional costume designer and expert hand embroiderer, but judging from her life-saving work with a Monarch butterfly, she could also be a vet.

This man secretly makes stunning portraits of other subway commuters

Most people use their phone during their commute, others read while waiting for their stop to arrive.

Horror film imagines what it’s like when a monster wants to be your BFF

A monster chasing after you is certainly a scary thought, but who knew a monster befriending you could actually be scarier?

You can now grow fruits and herbs by planting your used lollipops

Born from the nostalgia of childhood days spent caring for plants, Brennan Clarke found a unique and tasty way to bring people back to the garden.

This Chinese restaurant will let you eat in peace while your children play

It’s nothing like the dreadful “boyfriend bench” at clothing stores. Great design is all about problem solving, and the folks at Chinese architecture firm X+Living knew exactly the problem they ...

Twitter is going nuts for a Google app that matches selfies to fine art

It’s a long weekend in the U.S. (MLK Day) and Americans have found a new way to pass the time. Google’s Arts and Culture app stormed to the top of ...

These hand-knit sweaters were made specifically to blend in

Most sweaters, especially the ugly Christmas ones, are made to make you stand out. However, two creatives have a collection of sweaters that do quite the opposite.

Girl captures the priceless expressions dogs make at her drive-thru window

At Einstein Bros Bagels in Florida, employee Natasha Jones gets to meet all kinds of customers at her drive-thru window, and that includes her favourite customers of all: dogs.

Did you know there were already spy cameras back in 1890?

You’d think spy cameras were only made ‘recently’, perhaps during the Cold War or WWII. But a young Norwegian student’s photo collection shows that these devices were already in use ...

It’s so disturbing to see logs cannibalising each other for firewood

In director Nils Hedinger’s short film, entitled TIMBER, a group of logs trying to survive a cold winter night face a grim scenario: they need to keep their campfire lit… ...