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Designer revolutionizes Hanukkah by making the Dr.Dreidel

The dreidel game is about to change. He first conquered the music industry with Beats, now he’s revolutionizing Hanukkah.

DIY peppermint shot glasses will forever change how we celebrate Christmas

Be the star of your upcoming office Christmas party by bringing in these goodies. Food blogger Cheri Alberts, the same culinary genius who taught us how to make toasted marshmallow shot glasses, has come up with another delectable DIY recipe: peppermint shot glasses.

Pin-up models drenched in paint look like famous superheroines

Last year, London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz amazed us all after he came up with a series about naked pin-up girls wearing nothing but splashes of milk.

This turtle teaches us not to mind your own business and that a friend in need is a friend indeed!

It’s a S-L-O-W news day and I will give you one. Caught on tape live at the Taipei Zoo, this turtle was taking a leisurely afternoon stroll, presumably to walk off lunch, when it sees another turtle sunning on its back.

Another woman poses with a monkey, another photo goes viral

The trouble with taking selfies with monkeys is that… you’re taking a selfie with a monkey. A tourist on holiday in Bali has given us all a good laugh when she decided to capture a cute moment with a monkey on camera.

Baby elephant gets frustrated after chasing a dog, throws the cutest tantrum

At the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a baby elephant attempts to chase down a dog. However, when you’re a hulking 265 lb.

Guy takes his unsuspecting girlfriend into a photo booth, and proposes!

This is beautiful. Kevin Moran, from Chicago, hatched a plan to propose to his girlfriend, Molly, while in a photobooth to capture the moment in a unique way.

Would you dare take a rest in this gigantic hammock suspended 400 feet above the Moab desert in Utah?

50 thrill seekers took three day off to install this huge pentagon-shaped hammock 400 feet above Moab desert in Utah this month.

This YouTuber has a brilliant idea for holiday cheer: a portable mistletoe!

YouTuber Blake Grisby certainly knows how to spread holiday cheer. With his clever mistletoe contraption strapped to his backpack, the greenery designed to receive a happy holiday kiss follows Blake overhead.

The most unusual, bizarre, creative pens ever invented: This pen will always be ready for action, remaining in a standing position wherever you leave it

The Slända pen is unlike any other pen you’ve seen-or experienced-before. Developed by Gustav Widström and Marcus Heneen, this pen doesn’t need one of those old fashioned pen holders because it stands up all by itself.

Guinea pigs adorably fall in line during their morning commute

We could definitely learn a lot from guinea pigs during their rush hour commute. At the Nagasaki Bio Park in Sakai, Japan, zookeepers built a miniature bridge for the adorable little rodents to ease their transfer between enclosures.

Coca Cola’s St. Nick gets a 21st century makeover with couture clothing

We all know the Santa Claus who appears on the Coca Cola ads during Christmas time. But did you know that jolly figure has been around since the 1920s?

Original Spirits: How four artists celebrate the traditions of Mount Gay rum through their work

With more than 300 years of expertise in creating a handcrafted product, the makers of Mount Gay rum understand the importance of honoring history, process and tradition.

A jigsaw puzzle that shows nothing but 1,000 colours across the CMYK colour spectrum

This is the 1,000 COLOURS puzzle by artist and designer Clemens Habicht. As the name implies, it’s a jigsaw puzzle composed of 1,000 different colors arranged to look like a CMYK gamut.

Why go to the mountains when you can get this climbing wall treadmill in your home?

The treadmill can get boring. And rock climbing in the great outdoors isn’t going to happen every weekend.

Luis Quiles’ controversial illustrations on poverty, privilege and pop culture (NSFW)

All you need is a quick glance at Luis Quiles’ artwork to get an idea of what’s going on in the world today.

Take an heart-pumping lethwei class from the locals in Yangon, Burma

Travel to Yangon for the sacred Buddhist landmarks and exquisite gardens, but don’t forget to do at least one thing any regular local would.

This building looks like a crumpled piece of discarded paper but its design is inspired by something else altogether

Love it or hate it, this piece of crumpled paper of a building will definitely stop you in your tracks.

They may be old and decrepit but these 60 automobiles are going for a cool £12 million

Entrepreneur Roger Baillon collected more than a hundred of vintage automobiles (1930s to 1950s) during his lifetime.

Are you an artist? Submit your work and you could win an original Warhol

In partnership with Absolut, artists from various backgrounds came together recently to commemorate Andy Warhol at an avant-garde art party called Connecting with Warhol.