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Instagram mum turns her twins’ nap time into amazing adventures

Having kids can be hard, and especially tiring when they’re little. But it looks like one parent has gone that extra bit crazy judging by her Instagram page.

This story on a goat man is too funny even for a news anchor

It’s never easy being a news anchor. You have to put on a straight face at all times, no matter the story.

Some genius made a fake memorial about a fake giant squid attack

Let’s all have a moment of silence for the 400 non-existent people who died in a ferry tragedy that never happened.

Vifa Oslo: a wireless speaker that shows the beauty of minimalism

The simplistic design of Vifa Oslo proves that following the ‘less is more’ mantra is sometimes the better choice.

Japanese artist used a tepee as canvas for her embroidery

In her solo exhibition The Unseen World, artist Tomoko Sugimoto laments on Japan’s tragic past using embroidery and a tepee.

Magic sculptures create different shadows every time you turn them

Artist John V Muntean makes art with sculptures and shadows. His works make you think not only about space and perspective but also truth and the universe.

This cafe serves great latte and will also teach you manners

A local coffee shop in Grandin Village, Roanoke Valley has taken matters in their own hands to eradicate the world from discourteous customers.

Thom Yorke is an awesome holograph in Mark Pritchard’s new video

EDM producer Mark Pritchard has released a new lonely epic sci-fi-like music video featuring Radiohead’s Thom York.

Rainy days in Singapore are great for rain-activated poetry on the sidewalks

Rainy days are great for writing poetry, and now they’re great for reading it too… in the streets of Singapore!

This beekeeper is training his bees to make weed honey!

The real question here is: will it give you a buzz? Nicolas Trainerbees is somewhat of an enigma. The 39-year old Frenchman is an artisan and locksmith alongside the calling that gave ...

Watch: thought-provoking music video shows world leaders in a brawl

Fights, riots, and violence is not something I usually associate with men in suits. That’s exactly why this DJ Shadow and Run The Jewels video is hilariously insane.

These amazing lamp projects will really brighten up your day

A German artist and his team design lamps and light systems and distribute them all over the world. Ingo Maurer is a group of more than 60 of the largest ...

Amusing photo series imagines the secret life of Santa Claus

We’re all well aware of the Santa tale. There’s no way that one man can prepare for Christmas and simultaneously be at every mall around the world.

Florida kid makes barefoot water skiing look easy as pie

I thought it was only Jesus Christ who could walk on water, but clearly, I’m mistaken. A 12-year-old kid in Florida named Jackson Gerard is a water-skiing protege, and he ...

Oh, just Bill Murray bartending last weekend, that’s all

Bill Murray, known for iconic roles in films such as Lost in Translation, Ghostbusters, and Space Jam, has taken on his best role yet: a bartender in Brooklyn.

The Lopifit: an innovative bike that’s like a treadmill on wheels

What do you get when you cross a bike and a treadmill? That would pretty much be the Lopifit, the world’s first walking bike.

Two of Pandora’s musicologists reveal just how much goes into making your Pandora station so personalized

If you’re like us, you know the value in being able to find quality tunes when you need them. Forget trawling through Internet wormholes: Pandora’s music discovery is much more ...

A look into the work of one of Australia’s emerging photographers

Luke Cody, an Australian photographer based in London, travels to the most unforsaken destinations to explore the human condition.

These could easily be the coolest vinyls you’ve ever seen

Wax Records and Mondo have partnered with multidisciplinary artist Curtis Godino to create a series of spectacular liquid-filled vinyl.

Become the Mother of Dragons with gloves that have ‘scales’

Latvia-based mum-and-daughter duo Marite and Kristine crochet gloves that have ‘dragon scales’ on them.