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This airline has created its very own boutique beer, and its name is … Betsy

It had to happen one of these days. In this ever-competitive aviation world, the smallest things can make all the difference.

The President of Iceland said he wants to ban pineapple on pizzas

If you guys thought that Trump was polarising, wait till you get a load of this guy. Sure, people are PRETTY passionate about issues like immigration and climate change, but ...

Bombay Sapphire’s Project Botanicals is turning Sydney into a gin and food lovers paradise

Bombay Sapphire gin? Ingeniously paired dishes? Royal Botanic Gardens? Name a more iconic trio, I’ll wait.

You can get Australia’s hidden art and music gems delivered to you in a box to your doorstep

Not all of us love the idea of having a computer algorithm on Spotify or Pandora deciding what we listen to.

This young Aussie filmmaker’s drone footage of the Philippines is absolutely sick

White sand beaches, blue waters, and an adventure waiting at every corner – how does that sound? The Philippines is known for many things: lovely people, beautiful weather, jeepneys, and an ...

This Japanese-Australian’s adorable animations will make you rethink your breakfasts

Adelaide-based Japanese animator Makoto Koji puts a fluffy spin on modern breakfasts with her new animated short, Breakfasts.

Rihanna’s ‘This Is What You Came For’ gets 80s revamp

This 80s revamp of one of Rih Rih’s 2016 hits is something we could all imagine listening to in an American diner or a roller-blading rink.

Howlin’ at the moon! How the lunar calendar changes the taste of wine

Some people believe the moon holds special properties. Outside of turning people into ravenous werewolves, there are those who believe the moon brings about positive things, like making wine taste ...

Twitter explodes in a fiery battle over the placement of tomato sauce

Where do you stand – cupboard or fridge? The battle lines have been drawn! Twitter users have been known to get into the odd tiff about various matters.

This Kiwi chef hid a secret message for President Trump on the restaurant bill – and it wasn’t pleasant

Receipts aren’t just for paying your bill anymore. Now they can be used to stick it US President Donald Trump!

‘Chicken Attack’ is the latest trending music video you HAVE to see

This new viral video features Japanese yodelling and a chicken-ninja hybrid – let’s be real, it ticks every box and more.

This legend ACTUALLY baked cookies with Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice-cream

Ben and Jerry’s is the ultimate when it comes to ice cream, and ‘Cookie Dough’ is their best-selling variety.

Girl puts on the funniest disguise just to check on her BFF’s date

The difference between friends and best friends? The former bids you goodluck when you go out on a date, the latter bids you goodluck and then buys a fake moustache ...

Brewery gives employees ‘puppy parental leave’ and how do I apply

In Scotland, a local brewery has come up with what has to be the best work benefit yet: a puppy parental leave.

This giant swing-couch hybrid is the yard piece you’ve always wanted

Sorry, Dad. That treehouse is so 1995. Is it a swing? Is it a couch? It’s a Kodama Zome, silly! What exactly is a Kodama Zome?

Guy’s brutal response to break-up letter goes viral, and scores him a date with a stranger

A guy’s brutal response to an “apology” letter from his ex-girlfriend has gone viral after he posted the entire thing to Twitter.

What Black Mirror episodes would look like as comic book covers

Our favourite, creepy Netflix drama has now been reimagined into comic book covers. The science-fiction drama series featuring a range of standalone episodes was first a UK television hit before ...

Tim Tams have finally made it to the USA … you’re welcome America!

But the real question is, will good people of the United States know the proper way to eat them? It’s a fundamental part of the Australian identity, and now the ...

This bizarre game has players fighting evil living panties

Yes, there’s a new game on the market called Panty Party. And yes, it’s as bizarre as the name would suggest.

This jacket lets people ‘experience’ music through their body

Japan always seems to find a way to take the world by storm. This jacket is no exception. Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK has found an exciting way to promote their ...