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All we want for Christmas are these cheeseburger and pizza bed sets

Lying down on a delicious spread of pepperoni and cheese was once just a pipe dream. Not anymore. The pizza bed set is now available, and it even brought a friend along: the cheeseburger bed set!

This awesome NES controller coffee table can be used to play video games

Let’s see you try throwing that when you’re angry! Logan Miller of ‘MillerWoodshop’ handcrafted this coffee table inspired by the vintage Nintendo Entertainment System controller from the 80s.

This one-piece outfit provides GPS, Wi-Fi and air-cleaning technologies

You wouldn’t know it just by looking at it, but this one-piece suit has electrical threads woven into the fabric to enable it to provide GPS, Wi-Fi, and air-cleaning technologies.

Age is just a number for these wrestling grandmas!

You’ve probably heard someone say ‘I’m too old for that’ or ‘I can’t do that, I’m too old’. Well, you know what?

Go minimalist these holidays with a nativity set of wooden blocks

London-based designer Emilie Voirin has put an end to the debate about what Jesus Christ and his family looked like.

Animal rights activists hold a funeral for a frozen chicken in a Californian supermarket

If you found yourself in a grocery store lately, you might’ve been caught in a funeral, too. For a frozen chicken.

This kitty toy smells like your cat because, well, it’s made of its own fur

If your kitty sheds hair like nobody’s business and coughs out fur balls even as we speak, you may want to take up kitty crafting.

This is how famous artists would plate Thanksgiving meals

We knew food presentation is an art form, but this is taking it too literally! In her series ‘Thanksgiving Special’, San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein visualizes what it would be like if famous artists plated Thanksgiving meals.

The Ikea man has now evolved into 151 original pokemon

Previously, we showed you graphic designer Sedki Alimam’s amusing series about IKEA’s iconic instruction manual character.

Cat-shark hybrids are one of the weirdest things we’ve ever seen

Now we’ve seen everything. First we brought your Dirds (dog-bird hybrids), then there were Meowls (cat-owl hybrids), then there were Slittens (sloth-kitten hybrids).

Meet the first doll with realistic proportions of the female body, and beauty woes like acne and cellulite!

Step aside Barbie, you with your impossible blondness and paranormal vital stats. Here comes Lammily, the first fashion doll that is made according to the average female body proportions.

This NYC bakery serves freshly baked perfume-scented cookies

The world has gone completely nuts and created a cookie that smells like perfume. It’s 100% edible though, so maybe it’s not so crazy, but still, cookies are meant to smell like cookies, not perfume!

You definitely do not want to abstain from the absinthe at this French flavored salon in Sydney

As you part the heavy black curtains and step inside Absinthe Salon, you’ll see many small tables laid out with ornate metal-and-glass fountains in what looks presumably like a cosy Parisian cafe during the turn of the 19th century.

Keep your facial hair safe while preparing food with a trendy beard net

If you’ve been growing your facial hair for Movember, you might’ve found that it’s not as easy to keep it clean while eating.

Less known historical characters who have ‘unleashed’ great creativity: Clyfford Still, the pioneer of the abstract impressionist movement

Abstract expressionism is mentioned and you immediately think of artists such as Jackson Pollock or Wassily Kandinsky.

This plane froze on the tarmac, so the passengers moved it with a giant push

Want to get from A to B this holiday season? You might have to push the plane on the tarmac! This story comes from Igarka airport, just above the Arctic Circle, where the plane carrying 70 passengers actually froze to the ground.

The ultimate beverage class is here… the bubble wrap glass!

Who doesn’t love bubble wrap? It’s the thing we all look forward to popping for days on end after unwrapping a gift.

Beautifully lush cinematography on show in independent Aussie film, Love is Now

Independent Australian film Love is Now features a host of Australian talent, including actors Eamon Farren, Claire van der Boom and Anna Torv.

The clothes-drying rocker: yep, a clothes dryer AND a rocking chair in one!

Sure, we can all multi-task, but not like the Object Chair E. Created by Seoul-based designer Seung Yong Song, this chair provides an extra comfy place to sit and rock away the stress of the workday, in a minimalist design.

Bob Dylan surprised a superfan with a private concert … just for him!

The other afternoon, 41-year-old Bob Dylan superfan, Fredrik Wikingsson, walked into Philadelphia’s Academy of Music.