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Science says we’re about to have the biggest breakup weekend of the year

December 7, 2016 — a date which will live in infamy: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally broke up (maybe).

This artist draws the cutest tribal clothes on animals

In his series Animal Doodles, designer Rohan Sharad Dahotre dresses animals in beautiful African tribal art and clothing by – as the title implies – drawing doodles on them.

Australian artist scans herself to make ‘boob and butt’ mugs (NSFW)

Brisbane-based artist Alice Lang makes anatomically-correct mugs of boobs and butts. Her nude model? Herself.

America’s airport security ranked as one of the world’s best Instagram accounts

Rolling Stone has created a list of the 100 best Instagram accounts (presumably of all time), and you should definitely scroll through!

The #GreySweatpantsChallenge unexpectedly went from steamy to funny

Challenges on social media can be good. The Ice Bucket Challenge raised over US$41 million in research for Lou Gehrig’s disease. Then again, some challenges make me wonder what useful things people ...

So it seems, sea lions love the smell of holiday spices as much as we do

According to a recent study, sea lions are getting into the Christmas spirit – or at least, their noses are.

This galaxy jigsaw puzzle can be played in infinite combinations

Some jigsaw puzzles seem to take forever to complete. The Infinite Galaxy Puzzle, however, will literally take you forever to complete.

A ladle that makes it look like there’s a swan in your cooking

Tel Aviv-based OTOTO Design has come up with a clever ladle that’ll make your guests think you’re serving swan in your soup.

Google Timelapse shows depressing 30 years of eco destruction

In 1984, human population was at 4.7 billion. In 2016, that number rose to 7.4 billion. What does a planet with an additional 2.7 billion inhabitants look like?

Company makes 500 copies of discontinued cup just for autistic boy

Marc Carter only wanted one replacement sippy cup for his autistic son, Ben. But instead, he got a lifetime supply.

In Denmark, supermarkets selling expired food are all the rage

While most people abhor the thought of eating food already past its expiry date, the Danish are actually lining up in droves for it.

This man’s epic mugshot includes a full-grown parrot

Every year, the internet offers us a crop of odd or amusing mugshots from the United States. But this must be the first one to feature a full-grown parrot.  Based on ...

Husband loses it after wife tells him she adopted a coyote

Coyotes don’t make for excellent house pets, especially around babies. Justin Bogh from Seaside in Oregon knows that, but unfortunately, his wife didn’t (or so he thought).

This baby kangaroo really, really hates saying goodbye

Goodbyes can be tough. Even when you’re just a simple kangaroo, living in the Kangaroo Sanctuary of Alice Springs.

Woman makes funny dog cosplay using nothing but cardboard

Semba is a Japanese woman who took the internet by storm by creating the most adorably hilarious costumes for her little dog using only cardboard.

Donald Trump’s granddaughter is taking China by storm

This adorable five year old might just soften the hardest of diplomatic hearts. A video of Arabella Kushner, eldest child of Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, reciting Chinese poetry is making the rounds ...

These pandas are having trouble adjusting to life in China

Lun Lun and Yang Yang, a pair of adult giant pandas on loan from China to Zoo Atlanta in Georgia, USA, recently had to bid farewell to their US-born children and ...

The Stingray slippers you didn’t know you needed

Stingrays and feet are natural enemies. Indeed, stingray-foot relations have been nothing but constant war for millennia.

The godawful Star Wars holiday special you were never meant to see

Quick: what’s the worst Star Wars movie ever? Seems pretty obvious, right? You might say to yourself: “Surely nothing can be worse than the beige mediocrity that is The Phantom ...

The reason behind Antarctica’s glowing blue clouds isn’t good

Beautiful as it may be, the electric blue sky warns of an ugly future as a result of global warming. According to scientists, noctilucent clouds have already appeared over Antarctica ...