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Wild chimps are drinking palm wine in West Africa and are displaying signs of being drunk

Chimps have finally discovered the joys of alcohol, in the form of palm wine. We’re feeling very proud!

Pledge money to see these film guys get matching crew cuts

You’ve probably seen plenty of perks that come with Kickstarter campaigns. Free baseball caps, personalized mugs, maybe even a meet and greet.

Stunning images of glowworms in 30-million-year-old limestone caves in New Zealand

If photographer Joseph Michael isn’t working for the New Zealand tourism commission, someone get him a job quick.

Artist imagines what it would be like for security cameras to hang out together

Have you ever noticed how surveillance cameras are always alone? There’s a good reason for that. Prague-based artist Jakub Geltner shows us how disturbing it can get if these devices hung out together, just like a flock or a herd.

Snails get their shells painted to avoid getting stepped on

Wanting to help snails avoid getting accidentally stepped on, artist Stefan Siverud has come up with a creative way to get them noticed: by painting their shells with art.

This video shows us all how to hold a baby

How do you hold a baby? You probably thought there were a couple different ways to hold a wriggling babe, but as this man shows us, there are infinite ways to hold a baby, and they’ve all got a name.

New inspirational photographs from famed photog Marcin Ryczek

Back in 2013 we (along with everyone on the Internet) fell in love with Marcin Ryczek’s beautiful photo, ‘A Man Feeding Swans in the Snow’.

This is what happens when a street artist and the city council go at each other

Whenever London-based street artist ‘Mobstr’ would stencil in an artwork, he’d find it the next day painted over by the city council.

Whales are caught singing for their lunch in Alaska

Humpback Whales Bubble Feeding Drone Views from AkXpro on Vimeo. Seeing a humpback whale in the wild is mesmerizing, but seeing a pod of them from a seagull’s point of view – while fishing for their lunch – is breathtaking.

Brand new car gets witty camouflage to keep it from being stolen

When one guy got himself a brand new car, he wanted it to be absolutely theft-proof. But rather than installing fancy security systems, he came up with a cheaper alternative: he covered it in rust.

Good guy chooses his beagle over his dog-hating girlfriend in epic craigslist ad

When his girlfriend of four years told him to get rid of his dog Molly, Redditor ‘Getzen’ had no choice but to put out an ad on Craigslist.

Private thoughts on love go public in this emotional art series

Georgia-based photographer Peyton Fulford asked people all over the world to send her their most private thoughts, diary entries and text messages.

This tree full of plastic bags is one ginormous art installation

Now we’ve certainly seen everything! Cameroonian artist Pascale Marthine Tayou created his latest installation at Art Basel Unlimited 2015 by building a giant tree that produced plastic bags.

This font was designed to raise awareness for dyslexia

To raise awareness for dyslexia, graphic designer Daniel Britton designed a very different type of font.

Behold! The glowing gherkin chandelier has arrived

“Bompas & Parr’s Gherkin Chandelier” by David Lane and Jeremy Valender - NOWNESS presents from NOWNESS on Vimeo.

People dressed up as Einstein to smash a world record… of people dressed as Einstein

It was relatively obvious why hundreds of people were dressing up as Albert Einstein last month. They were gathering to smash a world record… of people dressing up as Albert Einstein.

Lazy son is not so lazy and remixes his Mum’s demands

When we were teens, parents loved to tell us we were lazy, and that our bedrooms needed cleaning. Well, guess what?

Stunning urban art at Montreal’s street art festival, MURAL

Montreal’s street art festival MURAL returned this month on Saint-Laurent Boulevard with 20 new works of visual art created on its grounds – we mean, walls – over a span of 11 days, culminating in the grand completion on June 14.

Artist creates massive murals by recycling old colourful doors

Belgian street artist Stefaan De Croock, better known as ‘Strook’, covers public walls with massive murals depicting silhouettes of people.

Benjamin Franklin as a saint illustrates how we worship money

In his thought-provoking series ‘Saint Franklin’, Ukrainian photographer Yurko Dyachyshyn creates collages that depict Benjamin Franklin as a saint, illustrating how we’ve come to worship money and materialism.