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Obama was told to stop flirting with a man’s fiancee: his reaction is priceless!

While casting his vote in Chicago on Monday, President Obama got caught unexpectedly in a bizarre love triangle.

All the animals in rock’n’roll song titles in one awesome infographic

From the Hounds of Love to the Super-Fly, rock’n’roll is filled with more animals than you can shake a very large stick it.

You may do a double-take as you walk pass these works in Istanbul by Spanish street artist Pejac

Spanish street artist Pejac has been delighting his fans around the world with optical illusions that play with the environment they are set against while offering an unusual perspective for the viewer.

The largest sculpture you’ve ever seen underwater carries a heavy responsibility on her shoulders

Meet Ocean Atlas, the name of this sculpture of a Bahamian girl, who’s 18 feet tall and weighs a hefty 60 tons.

When tech and cartoons collide, the results are transformative

‘I think working digitally has changed my creative process in that it’s more fluid. I can definitely work through ideas faster’, says cartoonist Jordan Crane.

Weird terrariums make plants look like they have legs

Groot, is that you? Milan-based designer and creative director Matteo Cibic has created a collection of surreal terrariums that let plants stand on their own two feet – if plants had feet, that is.

Our favourite Australian literary journal Going Down Swinging needs you!

Good-looking Melbourne literary journal Going Down Swinging has been trapping cleverly ordered words in both print and audio recordings and releasing them into the world since 1980.

A panorama glitch gave this woman super long selfie arms

Are you sure this is a museum? It sure looks like the X-Men mansion to me! Reddit user ‘Strid3r21’ was taking a panorama photo of the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois when he caught one interesting subject: a woman doing a selfie with a really long arm!

This might look like the scene of an accident, but it’s actually an art installation in Melbourne

Nobody panic just yet! This isn’t the sight of a tragic accident, it’s actually a theatrical tribute to one of Melbourne’s classics: the W-class ‘rattler’ tram!

This artistic couple are roving Western Europe painting faces on trees

ZONENKINDER - The Tree Project from Zonenkinder Collective on Vimeo. Game of Thrones anyone? This ongoing art project gives faces to decaying trees.

Cool mum dresses her baby in new costumes each day until Halloween

New York-based writer and mum Jessica Chavkin just can’t wait for Halloween. In fact to show her excitement, she’s counting down the days by dressing up her baby, Noah, in a different costume every day.

Moving Portraits: Title Shots featuring Montreal-based martial artist Rory MacDonald

In this episode of Moving Portraits: Title Shots, we explore Montreal with Rory MacDonald and he tells us how he can only express himself through martial arts.

French artist creates grass carpet running through a sleepy town

Hollywood eat your heart out! This green grass carpet running through a tiny provincial village in France trumps the red carpet every time.

This guy who built a home made gun that fires paper airplanes is our hero

First we brought you the crossbow built from office supplies, and now we’re proud to present… the paper airplane machine gun!

Meet Perfection: learn about how Absolut is crafted

From seed to sip, every drop of Absolut Vodka is expertly crafted by generations of farmers and distillers from the small village of Åhus, Sweden —in a region with more than 400 years of superior vodka-making expertise.

Sir Ian Mackellen gives some school children some sorely needed advice (as Gandalf)

There is little that we can say that will add to the awesomeness of this video. All we can suggest is that you turn off all distractions and commit yourself fully for twenty seconds.

Pandas gang up on their zookeeper after he tried giving them medicine

Here’s something new we learned today: apparently, pandas do not like medicine. In fact, they’ll smother you with fluffy if you as so much try to give them their daily prescription.

NYC artists take over subway carriage in a battle of art against advertising

There was a time when the subway trains of New York were covered in vibrant graffiti, inside and out.

The rifles that these soldiers held in vintage photos are altered to give you a different perspective

We can’t change history but we can certainly learn much from it. Mister Blick, a French creative, shares his perspective on war by marrying gritty, vintage, black-and-white photographs of soldiers amidst the action with vivid and larger-than-life blossoms.

Meet Bailey, the talented dog behind the famous meme

Meet Bailey, a talented Golden Retriever who gets into hilarious everyday situations. If she looks familiar, it’s because she’s a famous meme!