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Vladmir Putin and Kim Jong-Un are now cat scratching posts

After seeing a Vladimir Putin butt plug, is anyone even surprised someone made these? Online security service is selling Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un cat scratching posts to raise awareness against cyber censorship.

Celebrities crying will kinda make your celebrity-hating self happy

Celebrities cry. And they cry a lot. Movies are constantly bombarded with movie stars crying into their hands, onto shoulders, and in Nicolas Cage’s case, crying all the way to the bank with his stellar performance in Vampire’s Kiss.

Prism coffee table puts rainbow cheer in your home

We are taking our hats off to Maurie Novak of Melbourne-based MN Design for designing this crazily beautiful prism table.

Would you eat what death row inmates had for their last meal?

We’ve got to admit this is a bit morbid. Still, what an idea! Death Row Dinners, which aims to serve what prisoners on death row ate for their last meal, is a pop-up event due to take place next month in East London’s Hoxton Square.

This video of a guy challenging strangers to a pillow fight is very funny

You gotta give it to YouTube user, ZaidAliT, who decided to shatter the tension around exam week on his local campus by challenging random, unsuspecting students to a pillow fight.

This awesome pantone beer packaging matches the colour of the brew with the colour of the can or bottle

We are in awe of this clever beer packaging design by Spanish designer Txaber, who studied Graphic Design at CVNP in Bilbao.

50 Cent by any other name? Make that Malaysian RM1.50

This snapshot of a Malaysian newspaper hat has hilariously valued rapper 50 Cent at RM1.50, has been making the rounds in my Twitter feed since yesterday.

Alaskan TV reporter dramatically quits on air after disclosing she’s the founder of the AK Cannabis Club

Oh, live TV, you’ve gotta love the pitfalls. This is a breaking story that is already running amok on social media: following a story on the Alaska Cannabis Club, which ‘connects medical marijuana cardholders in need to medical marijuana cardholders with green’, KTVA reporter Charlo Greene (yes, that IS her real name) made an unscripted announcement that she was in fact the club’s owner and then promptly resigned on air (‘F— it, I quit’) in order to dedicate her energy to fight for the right to legalize marijuana in Alaska.

These then-and-now photos of former Playboy Bunnies is a beautiful reflection on the joys of aging

A couple of weeks back we ran a revealing series of photos by photographer Robyn Twomey, who took beautiful portraits of former Playboy Bunnies at the Former Playboy Bunny Reunion (yes, there is a such a thing!

This Pan Am experience guarantees zero turbulence

Almost a century after Pan Am took to the air, this iconic airline is coming back… kinda. Called the Pan Am Experience, this is the chance for everyone to experience the smooth service of yesteryear aboard a replica of the airline’s Boeing 747, all from the comfort of the ground (this 747 is located in a production studio).

This remarkable MRI video shows ALL aspects of the human body in motion

[Slightly, briefly NSFW] Ever wondered what your body looks like on the inside? Have you considered what happens to that gulp of pineapple juice when you swallow it, or what your lungs look like when they’re expanding with air?

Incredible photography from the annual Visa pour l’image photojournalism festival

The international festival of photojournalism-Visa pour l’Image-just took place in Perpignan, France.

This children’s toy might just be the rudest phone we’ve ever seen

The first thing that springs to mind when we watch this video is: why is a grown man (although admittedly we can only see his hands) playing with a toy aimed at under-five year olds?

Now you can stick a tongue into hot water and make tea

We’ve seen all types of tea infusers, but this one, we have to say, really takes the cake. You can now literally stick this red tongue into a mug water and drink tea out of it.

Needy cat owners! You may be stressing out your cat

The Guardian has published an article on how to spot warning signs of stress in your cat, and one of the top causes appears to be… needy cat owners who seek attention from their cats.

Finally, a cup holder that never spills a drop of that drink

Maksimatic has come up with a genius design that makes sure your morning coffee or drive-thru soft drink never spill a drop along your journey.

Stunning pictures taken by animals equipped with cameras

Photographer Chris Keeney usually calls the shots for his images, but for his PetCam project, he took the unusual route of relegating the work of documenting everyday life according to 20 four-legged animals instead.

We interviewed Jason Nelson, Digital Poet and course lecturer at Griffith University

In today’s whirlwind world of competing technologies that get faster, better and brighter each day many people are exploring how the digital and mechanical can fit in with our human lives.

Help the homeless: Buy a font made from their handwriting

This is such a beautiful initiative: the Arrels foundation recently partnered The Cyranos McCann ad agency for Homeless Fonts, where anyone can buy fonts based on the handwriting of homeless individuals.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Finally we have the answer!

Forgot world peace, poverty and climate change. All these problems pale in comparison to an age old question that has plagued mankind since mankind had the brains to be plagued by such things.