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This Instagram account exposes travel bloggers’ fake camping pics

Instagram might be filled with well-lit, perfectly-framed, beautifully-composed photos, but it’s also filled with BS.

Australia’s gender pay gap is shrinking

The annual report from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) shows blokes still have fatter paychecks across all industries and occupations.

Legendary cops threaten to arrest man for his ‘crimes against food’

We’ve all seen (and gorged on) some pretty baffling food hybrids over the years, from the cronut to the ramen burger to KFC’s Double Down.

Meet the man who photographs people and artworks that perfectly match

German photographer Stefan Draschan spends an eternity inside museums to see not only the art but also other art lovers.

We got a local artist and rap duo to give us a creative insider’s tour of New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a hidden gem. But while it’s known for its idyllic shores and stunning scenery, it’s the island’s pulsing arts and music scene that stole our hearts; there’s ...

Remember that Aussie couple that threatened to divorce if YES won? Well, what now?

Nick Jensen made international headlines back in 2015 when he wrote an article for the Canberra CityNews titled Gay law change may force us to divorce.

Marco Rubio just got some sweet, sweet revenge on Trump

2016 will forever go down in history as the year U.S. politics hit an all-time low. With now-U.S President Donald Trump in the running, the 2016 campaign quickly degraded into ...

This teen makes the most adorable 3D latte art you’ll see: we interviewed her about it

Daphne Tan, a 17-year-old artist from Singapore, creates 3D coffee foam that everyone loves on lattes.

This film about a dog-cat couple is something all married couples can relate to: we interviewed the team behind it

Some couple fight and bicker like cats and dogs, but in Chilean director Fernanda Frick’s 18-minute short film, one married couple literally is a cat and a dog.

Laps: A short film about sexual assault on the NYC subway

For her student film at NYU, filmmaker Charlotte Wells created a six-minute short that shows what many women have endured during their daily commute: sexual assault.

What each Stranger Things 2 episode would look like as a book cover

Now that we’ve all binge-watched Stranger Things 2, it’s time to obsess over all the fan art that’s come out.

Cancun will pay you $60,000 to move there and live it up

Looking for a new job? You might want to apply to become a CEO – a Cancun Experience Officer, that is.

This artist turns travel memories into the most memorable tattoos

What’s the best way to memorialise your travels? You could take pictures, buy souvenirs, or better yet, get a tattoo – but preferably one done by French artist Franck Pellegrino.

Hollywood’s sunny side: People are sharing epic stories of celebrities doing good

From actors to rock stars to wrestlers, this flurry of firsthand accounts is so satisfying to read. In the wake of one of the lowest points in Hollywood history, with some huge names ...

For the first time ever, the iconic Barbie doll will wear a Hijab

Mattel has set a new milestone for the company after releasing their first hijab-wearing Barbie, a doll modeled after an American Olympic medalist.

Yes, it’s true: Disney just announced a decade’s worth of new Star Wars content

During Disney’s last quarterly earnings call, the entertainment mammoth announced plans for yet ANOTHER Star Wars trilogy and a brand new TV series!

These photos show that NYC is even more stunning during ‘blue hour’

For seven years, photographer Journey Gong wandered the streets of NYC capturing mesmerising sights during the time period known as blue hour.

This photo book wants to prove Trump wrong about Mexico

For their new book Sweet Dreams, photo collective Tripod City traveled throughout Mexico documenting its contemporary culture to dispel racial stereotypes – especially ones cast by Donald Trump.

Iconic Sydney art installation, ‘Always Was Always Will Be,’ to be removed

It’s a sad day for art lovers in Sydney. One of Sydney’s most iconic and best-loved pieces of art is being removed.

You’ll never look at tipping the same way after seeing what this couple did

That’s if you tip at all. We ain’t judging. If you’re pondering a nice dinner out soon, this goodie we’ve unearthed is just for you.