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The back of this cake reveals an intricate library interior

Now this is a cake that I wouldn’t mind not eating! At first glance, the front of this cake looks simple enough, a pair of doors, some shrubs, a library sign.

Clouds are equally majestic to look at from space as it is on earth

Since arriving at the International Space Station a few months ago, astronaut and geophysicist Alexander Gerst has captured the beauty of our planet with his camera.

Artist uses feathers as canvas for her paintings

Talk about an unconventional canvas! Indiana-based artist Jamie Homeister paints the portraits of birds using their very feathers!

This story of a modern day message in a bottle is truly heartwarming

In today’s world so many stories are faked and fabricated over the internet and it’s increasingly difficult to have faith in the little miracles that make up our existence.

This company makes shoes that look like confectionary treats

Those heels look shoe delicious! Orlando-based shoe company ‘The Shoe Bakery’ creates footwear that are inspired by confectionary treats like ice cream, cupcakes, donuts, and cake.

These are the sexiest rolls of foam you will ever see

I never knew rolls of foam could turn me on… until today. Previously, we featured French sculptor Etienne Gros’ series ‘Les Mousses’, wherein he bends, tucks, and pinches foam to look like the gorgeous curves of a woman’s body.

Rather than fighting crime, this Japanese hero has found himself a worthier cause

We’ve just discovered our new favourite superhero. His name is Mangetsu Man and you’ll never guess what is his super power is.

Little pork butt can transform any mug into a piggy bank

Don’t have the heart to smash a cute, little piggy bank into itty-bitty pieces? This pig – or rather, just his bottom – is the perfect alternative for you!

Artist makes all kinds of edible art using rice krispies

Whereas most people would see lip-smacking candy, New York-based Jessica Siskin sees art and a business opportunity!

We never knew surrealism looked so good as tattoos!

Most tattoos have underlying messages that require the observer to ask the owner what they mean. But in this case, I don’t think the owners themselves even understand what their tattoo means!

This nail polish changes colour when it detects date rape drugs

Four graduates from North Carolina State University’s Materials Science & Engineering department have found one way women could avoid date rapes: Get a manicure.

These two guys take FOREVER to get out of the water even though there’s a huge shark right next to them

This video has to be seen to be believed. The incident took place in Destin, Florida, in the Southern United States.

Someone is naked in this photo shoot, and it’s not the models

There’s a serious surplus of nude arty photo-shoots out there. As a result, it’s totally refreshing when a photographer turns the stereotype on its head.

This immortal jellyfish can live forever, so long as it keeps mating!

Amazing news, The secret to eternal life has been cracked and it turns out it’s been under our noses this whole time!

What this professional dancer does to his body is insane

Berlin-based dancer Rauf Yasit calls himself Rubber Legz and you’ll see why. This guy has the ability to pose in any way for the camera, making us all feel a little uncomfortable at the same time!

Finally, a colouring book for grown-ups to ease the pain of … growing up

Let’s face it-life isn’t half as good as we thought it’d be when we were kids. We don’t get to play all day.

Cinema screens in China are now being overrun by audience text messages

Remember when you used to catch a movie when you wanted a stress-free day or you just felt like unwinding on the weekends?

This ‘cannon’ shoots salmon upstream to help them spawn

While hydroelectric dams provide hydro-power, they also block the migration of fish such as salmon, which typically swim long distances to return to their original homes to breed.

This guy takes foot selfies to the next level by traveling to Russia’s remote places

Somewhere in the remotest regions of Russia, one anonymous man is waking up to the sight of picturesque landscapes.

Small things that are surprisingly big: cardboard sheet school desks

A single sheet of cardboard can’t do much, right? Wrong! In India, many children go to school but don’t have the luxury of sitting behind a desk.