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Restaurant serves up sushi with human flesh, lots of it, for accompaniment

You should do yourself a favour and check your morals at the door of pan-asian resto-bar Buddha Bar in Knightsbridge, London.

Geeky tights reveal pop culture characters on your knees when worn

We’ve located Batman, and you won’t believe where he was found hiding. Online store Hot Topic gives ordinary tights some geeky appeal by weaving in pop culture characters in the fabric.

This capybara bathing with ducklings wins cutest video of the week, trust us

Don’t even question why there’s a full-grown capybara in a bath tub. Or why there are three adorable ducklings in the bath with him.

Auckland airport employ sniffer sheep to help customs fight imitation cider

When you drink cider, are you drinking Monteith’s 100% fresh crushed New Zealand apple cider? Because if not, you’re probably drinking a cider made from foreign apple concentrate by a bunch of cheeky Aussies.

A portable robotic printer that’s so small it fits inside your pocket

PRESENTED BY Smartphones may be getting bigger, but printers? They’re getting smaller and smaller. One printer is so small, in fact, that it can actual travel from home to work in your pocket.

Question: Is this a supermarket or a disco? Answer: It’s both!

Encouraged by their first success of a good turnout held on February 6, Disco Boodschappen (Disco Shopping) will be held again, this time on April 10, in a supermarket at The Dirk van den Broek on the Marie Heinekenplein in Amsterdam.

This poor dog just can’t seem to catch food thrown at him

He might have failed miserably at catching food, but he sure won our hearts. In the video below, Fritz the golden retriever attempts to do what every dog naturally does: catch food in mid-air.

A mother dog saved all of her puppies from a forest fire by burying them in a hole

And now onto one of the most heartwarming stories of the week. A mother dog has saved all nine of her puppies from burning alive after a forest fire broke out in Chile. She dug a hole, placed her week-old babies inside and not one of them was injured by the flames.

Why does every mac computer have a different charger? Here’s the tongue-in-cheek answer

Nonsense, it’s absolute nonsense! The fact that one of my Apple computers takes an L style connector and the other a T style connector is absolute nonsense.

For $25, you can turn your enemy’s logo into a penis

Two guys who work in tech have obviously had way too much spare time on their hands. They’ve come up with a very novel idea-to create $25 logos, filled with penises.

Female masculinity is explored in this very intimate photo series by Sophia Wallace

Girls Will Be Bois is unlike any other photo series you’ve laid eyes on. It explores everything from femininity to masculinity, racism to classism, and everything in between.

This woman pretended to be a man for 43 years so she can feed her family

When Egyptian woman Sisa Abu Daooh was 21 and pregnant, she lost her husband. As local practices did not permit women to work, she disguised herself as a man, wearing a  ‘jilbab’, which is a loose, full-length robe with wide sleeves, and a ‘Taqiyah’ or a white turban that the males wear.

Rare ‘Magic Rabbit’ from China spotted for the first time in 20 years

Apparently, you don’t have to go to a galaxy far, far away to see Ewoks. In the Tian Shan Mountains of China, researchers have spotted the elusive Ili Pika, an adorable creature which hasn’t been seen in two decades.

Pilot & Captain tees just put Aussie cities on the map

Your proud of where you live. Your city means everything to you. And lucky there’s a company out there who gets this.

Expired polaroids from Iceland by Paul Hoi

Over the course of two weeks in 2014, I explored Iceland through the Ring Road, which connects, from one settlement to the next-the entirety of the Nordic country.

The Teletubbies in black and white will haunt your dreams forever

A few days ago, a creepy black-and-white photo of the Teletubbies went viral on Twitter. As if that wasn’t enough nightmare fuel, here’s another one: a colourless video of the four with matching haunting music.

Treat yourself to a giant Ferrero Rocher that can serve up to five people

Admit it, you’ve eaten one too many Ferrero Rocher chocolates before. And it wasn’t even Christmas time!

Garage Magazine and Finger Music collaborate to bring magazines to life

Garage Magazine is known for being ahead of the curve by combining the arts with fashion, but last month was a first.

Cat turns into a cat-erpillar after walking through a panoramic photo

If a cat had 16 legs, would it still be able to land on its feet? Redittor ‘FallenCoffee’ was taking a panoramic photo of his home when his cat decided to barge in, walking through the frame and creating quite the freaky image: a 16-legged feline centipede, or more fittingly, a CAT-erpillar!

Use these tissues when you weep cos they’ll motivate you to weep no more

As a design student in Portugal, Hugo Santos was given a project to create a product to be exhibited and sold at a pop-up shop.