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How to make your own almond-hugging bear cookies

Only a mad man would dare eat these sweet, adorable teddy bear cookies innocently embracing almonds and other nuts!

What happens when you dress a cat up in a shark suit and put it on a Roomba? This!

Oh, boy. Words simply don’t do justice to sheer ridiculousness of this scenario that Youtuber TexasGirly1979 constructed of a cute cat dressed in a shark outfit scooting around the house on a Roomba in front of an equally cute kid who is entirely enthralled by the situation.

This dude ended up posing in a humiliating calendar after losing a bet

His bros could’ve made him pay up with cash, but decided make him do something worse. Much worse. Henry Stern, aka Instagram user ‘allstern’, finished dead last in his football fantasy league.

Yup, the view is pretty good from the highest waterfall in the world!

Angel Falls in Venezuela, the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, is a mighty beast, falling from 979 meters (3,212 feet) in the air.

Facepalm! Fascism is a fashion accessory in certain parts of Asia

Every few years we hear of some incredibly bizarre subculture we can’t wrap our minds around, but this one takes the cake.

Artists have created an entire wall made from flavourful jelly

Your childhood dreams have come true! Here is an entire wall made out of jelly. Designed by artists Lisa Hein and Robert Seng, this creative duo took three whole weeks to construct this wall, with every little bit of the construction performed on-site.

This anti-selfie app allows you to censor your own face

Finally, and it’s about time too, an anti-selfie app has been launched. Named SLMMSK, Glitche’s iOS app comes with 10 anti-selfitis filters for people who do not have regular urges to share their face with anyone and everyone online.

This artist paints hyperrealistic 3D scenes of people swimming and then interacts with them

Venezuela-based artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez is a hyperrealistic painter whose oil paintings of watery subjects seem so real you may just want to take the plunge with them too.

Kid draws on wall, creative mum saves the day by adding more drawings

‘When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade’. What that actually means is when your kid doodles all over your wall, you make the best of a bad situation by drawing more doodles!

Watch how electronic makeup changes this girl’s face in just seconds

Talk about #MakeupTransformation! This past week we saw average people turning into their look-a-like celebrities using makeup, and I gotta say, we were pretty impressed.

This baby wombat became the subject of a Photoshop battle on Reddit and the results were hilarious

Strike one up for the Reddit community. They got a hold of this sweet, innocent baby wombat and subjected it to a torrent of Photoshop wickedness, trying to outdo each other with their outrageous reinterpretations of the little fella’s character.

This might look like a lake, but it’s actually a $2 million swimming pool

What’s a good way to spend $2 million? THIS. Called ‘The Mountain’, this extravagant pool located in Springville, Utah is the stuff dreams are made of.

These photos show real women around the world at the moment of orgasm (NSFW)

Quick, avert your eyes. Or not! These rather revealing photos by Linda Troeller show a range of emotions and reactions from 25 women of different ages and cultural backgrounds at the very moment that they orgasm.

Whoa! This video of a Pitbull licking a baby Cottontail Rabbit is about the cutest thing we’ve seen all year

Well, it has good taste in friends. Placid pitbull, Sharky, is captured here cleaning Wild Baby Bunny in a video that will have you adding both to your Christmas wish list this year.

Photographer seeks out peaceful moments in the midst of hectic travelling

Travelling can be a very stressful business from time to time. Rushing through airports, scurrying between platforms or wedging yourself in among hundreds of sweaty people, none of this is exactly calming and we inevitably go through at least some of it in our lives.

Heart-melting photos show the awesome transformation of abused dogs before and after they were rescued

Kudos to our friends at the aptly named Bored Panda who put together an uplifting and thought-provoking collection of photos to commemorate International Homeless Animal Day, which was last Saturday, August 16.

Who knew that underneath the streets of London there’s a secret skatepark

London: a city of intrigue, plotting and pigeons. The old metropolis’ centre sits on top of miles of sewers, crypts, passageways and abandoned tube tunnels (that’s ‘metro’ to you out-of-towners).

These specially commissioned va-va-voom sculptures depict the spirit of the Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an annual hill climb featuring historic motor racing vehicles held in the grounds of Goodwood House, West Sussex, England where fans can see F1 va-va-voom machines as well as cars and motorbikes from motor-racing history climb the hill.

It’s hard to believe that these sculptures are really made of stone

Hirotoshi Itoh, a.k.a Jiyuseki, is a Japanese artist who works with purposefully difficult materials to create light-hearted sculptures that challenge the convention of that material.

This artist has created a different miniature diorama every day for the past four years

When I see fruit and vegetables, I can only think of food. Artist Tanaka Tatsuya sees broccoli and parsley as a potential miniature tree or forest and has been using such everyday objects creatively with his collection of tiny figurines, turning them into various replicas of life events that will elicit an amused smile from appreciative viewers.