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Baby opossums chomping on fruit salad is the cutest thing on the Internet

Opossums are cute, but a bunch of baby opossums munching on fruit salad together, is just too adorable.

This Irish paper company is turning hateful anti-gay lies into celebratory confetti

Ireland’s referendum on marriage equality is coming up in May, so it’s no surprise that a few leaflets have been passed around by anti-gay campaigners.

An illustrated collection of all of Don Draper’s conquests

Who hasn’t Don Draper slept with? This Mad Men character might be the founding partner of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to roll around in the hay once in a while.

This owl in the Netherlands loves to land on people’s heads

There’s an owl in the Netherlands who doesn’t like to land anywhere else but on top of people’s heads.

Adorable felted planters turn ordinary flower pots into tiny animals

Italy-based artist Stella Melgrati of The Yarn Kitchen gives flower pots a different look with her collection of whimsical felted animal planters.

If you’re the impatient sort, please do not take a tortoise out for a walk

The resident’s of Tokyo’s Tsukishima precinct have been treated to this s-l-o-w spectacle of a man and his tortoise walking side by side many times of late.

Couple travels the world striking yoga poses everywhere they go

Whenever yoga instructors Claudine and Honza Lafond aren’t teaching at their Sydney-based studio YogaBeyond, they’re often wandering off to exotic locations and taking photos that make the rest of us green with envy – not to mention feel really unfit.

Led Zeppelin just released an interactive video for their song ‘Trampled Under Foot’

Get ready, Led Zeppelin fans, because there’s a new video in town that’s about to get you pretty psyched about 70’s rock all over again.

Amazing! Girl finds her doppelganger who just happened to live an hour away from her

What are the chances of finding your long lost twin who’s not even your twin? Apparently for 26-year-old Niamh Geaney from Dublin, her chances were high, seeing as how she’d already met her twin stranger.

Pop culture bow ties add a dash of geeky to your outfits

Super Mario is the new black (bow tie). Online store Birties has created a series of printed bow ties that feature colourful images from pop culture.

Japanese students made a realistic cat head that turns you into a giant, creepy feline

Is anyone even surprised this came from Japan? At the Japan School of Wool Art, Housetu Sato and his students created a life-like, oversized cat head that when worn, can be the stuff of nightmares.

Students writes a 16-line poem… with 12 lines of cocaine included

W.B. Yeats was deep. William Wordsworth was too. And while this next poem might not be as deep, it certainly got the attention of the teachers at school!

Check out this incredible 3D sleeve tattoo by Tony Booth

There are sleeve tattoos and then there are sleeve tattoos. Completed by tattoo artist Tony Booth, this 3D tattoo looks like it belongs to a cyborg from the future with its intense – and realistic – tile work.

Perfectly-timed photo shows penguins can be terrifying too

This is why penguins live far away from human civilization. While running an ocean acidification experiment near Casey Station in Antarctica, photographer Gordon Trait was able to get this footage of a penguin showing how scary it can be.

Life hack: how to peel potatoes quickly without using a peeler

Love eating potatoes but hate peeling them? Dave Hax (previously) is back with a new life hack that shows us how to peel a bunch of potatoes minus the vegetable peeler.

Girlfriend told him to keep all his geeky stuff in the basement, he rebels with these hidden toys

When his loving girlfriend banished all of his geeky stuff down in the basement, Imgur user ‘Ohhaibroadcast’ decided to get some payback and wage some guerilla warfare.

Aitutaki in The Cook Islands is home to the fifty shades of BLUE

‘You are going to love Aitutaki’, said everyone. At Lost At E Minor, we love a challenge and we challenge you to find a bluer lagoon than that of Aitutaki nestled in the middle of the Cook Islands archipelago.

Restaurant owner posts heartwarming note after someone dug through her trash

When restaurant owner Ashley Jiron went out back to put some trash in the dumpster, she noticed that someone had been rummaging through the leftovers.

Japanese dad photographs his adorable twins through life’s ups and downs

Here’s a question: Does it get any cuter than a couple of Japanese twins giving the peace sign? Nope.

Cute advertising campaign turns Pocky snacks into famous figures

French creative agency Jesus recently came up with a very creative way to get the word out about Mikado (Pocky to non-Europeans), the delicious Japanese chocolatey-biscuity snack.