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This toddler’s awesome daily affirmations will help you think more positively, too

This girl already has it figured out! Happiness is most definitely a choice and Jessica has already made up her mind: she is happy!

Kama Sutra-inspired lollipops will give you more than just sugar cravings

‘KamaSugar’ is a collection of lollipops that will solve your sugar cravings, but will make you crave for something else.

Still think wrestling is real? Ha! Here’s the audio that will make you feel foolish

This YouTube video mashes up various WWE clips. With audio of the actual conversations, we now all know the truth: it’s totally real.

You can relate better to Disney princesses if they had realistic hair

Disney princesses have long been the source of inspiration for many young ladies around the world. They’ve also been the source of unrealistic body image expectations, what with those dreamy eyes, tiny waistlines, and perfectly coifed hairstyles.

These large scale murals in Italy are absolutely stunning

Francesco Camillo Giogino is his name, but he prefers a simpler one: Millo. This Italian street artist carries on simplicity in his stunningly large murals in Italy.

A farmer in Kansas herded his cattle into a smiley face shape to bring some much needed cheer to the world

Most people see cows as, well, cows. Farmer Derek Klingenberg, on the other hand, sees them as art. In the drone video below, the Kansas-based farmer uses his truck and supreme herding abilities to herd his cows into a smiley face formation.

Woman throws bacon at cops because she believed they were ‘pigs’ and it was ‘feeding time’

Well, it’s not everyday that you get meat thrown at you. Or, that you do any meat-throwing yourself. But for Massachusetts woman Lindsey McNamara, throwing meat isn’t all that weird.

Care to stay in this Airbnb luxury cable car that’s 9,000 feet above the french alps?

Those with fear of heights need not apply. Airbnb has announced a contest that offers a night’s stay inside a cable car-turned-luxury hotel room situated 9,000 feet above the French Alps.

Nendo created a chocolate series to represent Japanese words for texture

In Japanese, there’s an onomatopoeic word that describes texture. Using this word as inspiration, Oki Sato, leader of Nendo design, thought up this unique texture design for chocolates.

Yep, a good whiff of your fart may just repair your damaged human cells

I knew I was on to something when the mini me made my playground companions smell my farts. At the University of Exeter in England, a new study has revealed that exposure to hydrogen sulfide, which is gas produced when our body breaks down food, could prevent mitochondria damage.

These severed heads of cute animals are actually just realistic paintings

Don’t panic just yet. These severed head of lovable, innocent animals are not the works of a madman. They’re actually works of art!

1 million residents of Beijing are living underground as part of the ‘Rat Tribe’

Beijing might be known for its high rise buildings and millions of residents but below this enormous city you’ll find an underground world that’s home to around 1 million residents.

Quirky thumb drives that look like severed thumbs

Rather than relying on digital manipulation, conceptual photographer Justin Poulsen uses physical props for his images.

The cutest video on the Internet: a kitten playing in a box of ducklings

Well, I think this just might break the Internet. This cute cuddly kitten does the cutest thing a cute cuddly kitten could possibly do.

Fun products that are unexpectedly versatile: The Black + Blum Hot-Pot BBQ… a herb grower that also functions as a barbecue

If you’ve always wanted a herb garden that did more than just sprout rosemary and sage, you’re going to love the Black + Blum Hot-Pot BBQ.

Cupcake panties will give your man more than just sugar cravings

Previously, lingerie brand KnickerRocker gave us adorable animal panties that turns your bum into pandas, foxes, pigs, and bunnies.

Artist Jun Cha merges tattoos with fine art in an incredibly creative new genre

Created by artist and visionary Jun Cha, MONARC encompasses a fascinating new genre of art. Merging tattoo art with fine art and design, Jun Cha opened MONARC as a space to expand the unique creative collaboration.

Take a look at these X-rays of women in corsets. Ouch!

While corsets are strangely beautiful, they can’t help but make us wince in pain. These stunning X-rays are images from Doctor O’Followell’s Le Corset (The Corset), a book written in 1908.

French court rules Nutella is not a girl’s name

If you live in France and planning to name your baby girl Nutella, you’re out of luck. A French court recently barred a couple from naming them after the hazelnut chocolate spread, saying that ‘the first name Nutella, given to the child, is that of the commercial brand of a spread’.

Passengers were frustrated and restless on a delayed flight, until a barbershop quartet kept them all entertained!

US Airways flight to New Orleans was delayed for maintenance after all the passengers had boarded. Sitting on the plane for a total of 5 hours with their seatbelts fastened and tray tables up, the flight attendant knew the people in the cabin were getting restless.