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Mesmerising time-lapse shows how bees evolve from eggs in 21 days

This is the part your parents missed out when they told you about the birds and the bees. In a project for National Geographic, photographer Anand Varma filmed a bee’s first 21 days of life, showing us how it transforms from a larva into an adult inside their brood cells.

Star Trek garden gnomes boldly go where no gnome has gone before

The Starship Enterprise has arrived at their latest destination: your lawn. Online store ThinkGeek has given garden gnomes a geeky makeover by making them wear Starfleet uniforms, complete with matching pointy hats.

Grandma kills it with her dance moves on the streets of Brussels

Just recently a little old lady and her pet poodle were walking through Brussels when they decided to stop and listen to a street performer.

Solve this complicated math puzzle and you’re smarter than the rest of us

Think you’re a math genius? This puzzle might just stump you. We’re no math geniuses here but this math puzzle has frustrated us for hours. The problem was handed out to 8-year-old students in Vietnam but even parents had a hard time helping their kids find the solutions.

A children’s literary translation of Kanye West and his world

Don’t worry, you won’t have to watch the Bound 2 music video ever again. But you might want to take a look at a children’s book called ‘Bound 2gether’.

Artist paints giant murals of women bathing in the ocean while he rides a surfboard

Is it still considered street art if it’s not on the streets? Having grown up in Oahu, artist Sean Yoro shows his affinity for the ocean by integrating its surface into his hyperrealistic murals – all the while trying to balance on a surfboard!

The most chaotic proposal video ever (Mum even face plants into the sand)

Most proposals that are caught on video are romantic and filled with lengthy speeches about how the man wants to be with the woman forever.

Delta’s new safety video is choc full of Internet memes and viral characters

Delta has made the Internet go crazy with its new safety video that stars, well, the Internet. To make sure everyone on the flight watches the not-so-watched pre-takeoff video, Delta has recruited some of the hottest Internet sensations to ever live, such as Roomba cat, Overly attached girlfriend, Screaming goat, and the Harlem Shake.

This girl absolutely, definitely, without a doubt hates pineapple on her pizza

Hating pineapple on pizza is like hating cute little fluffy bunnies eating raspberries. But you know what?

5 (extremely) good reasons why you should explore Queensland this winter

Stay home this winter? No way! Queensland is waiting for you with its glorious sunshine and non-stop activities.

Crane takes on 2 tigers at Chinese zoo, kicks some serious butt

If cranes have taught us anything this week it’s that we should never mess with them. Not even a little bit.

Mewgaroo: a hoodie that has a kangaroo pouch for your cat to sleep in

Now you can bring your cat along wherever you go, without having to carry a leash or a cardboard box.

The elderly are introduced to urban art in Lisbon, Portugal

It looks like Lisbon, Portugal, is the place to grow old. In this city, the elderly are able to discover the fine art of graffiti through LATA 65 – an organization dedicated to introducing the older generation to urban art.

Not many people can ride this bicycle and it’s for a very good reason

Knowledge is not understanding, Dustin reminds us in this video. ‘The algorithm that’s associated with riding a bike, in your brain, is just that complicated’, he says.

Van Damme’s ‘Bloodsport’ turned into a 30-second Mentos ad parody

Who doesn’t love a good Mentos ad? That catchy tune, those cheesy smug smiles – it’s all very early 90s and you can’t help but love them.

Hand-painted skeletons reflect on consumer culture across the world

This is art you don’t see everyday! Gurt Swanenberg has hand painted skeletons and skulls of animals with the logos of major brands across the world.

Hands up if you love Earth’s new flag for space exploration!

Construction of The International Flag of Planet Earth from Beckmans College of Design on Vimeo. When humans from Earth meet aliens on another planet, we’ll probably need a flag to wave out of our spaceship to show them we mean no harm.

These beefed up kangaroos will make you feel all sorts of awkward

Digg Senior Editor Veronica de Souza says it all when she makes the comment, ‘Are they kind of hot? What am I feeling right now?

The sun has a halo in Mexico City and residents can’t stop looking at it

Don’t look directly into the sun – that’s rule number one. But when the sun has an incredible halo around it, how could you not look directly into it?

Floating pizzeria is located in the picturesque waters off Fiji

Most pizzerias are basic – a counter, a few chairs, and a case for cold drinks. Nothing special, really.