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Taking ‘belfies’ against glass-walled pools is totally a thing now

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, ‘belfies’ appear. #Cringe The latest trend that’s sweeping social media is none other than the ‘belfie’.

Everyone is in love with this man’s dream-like giant bouquets

We’ve just discovered the snazziest florist on Instagram. His floral creations are blowing up the internet, and hey, we can see why!

This guy recorded his disappointed dad’s rants and remixed it into a banger

It’s never easy listening to a parent reprimanding his or her kid – unless, of course, it comes in the form of a catchy song.

In Japan, you can have virtual girlfriend to keep you company while you eat

The Japanese have done it again. They’ve made us question humanity with the introduction of a new virtual reality.

Michael Jackson’s pet chimp is now an artist with his own exhibition

Michael Jackson’s monkey Bubbles is about to sell some paintings for a shit ton of money. And no, we’re not joking.

This company caused outrage by banning beards

People are outraged at this company for banning beards for “health and safety” reasons. Sounds like hipster discrimination to us!

These creepy stop-motion sci-fi shorts will horrify you

If these don’t push you to the edge of your seat, nothing will. Every now and then, we come across short films that either tug on our heartstrings or send shivers down ...

US Senators caught on hot mic bitching about Trump, call him “crazy”

Bitching about your boss is a time-honoured tradition. For many it’s what gets them through the work day, a great way to bond with colleagues you otherwise have nothing in ...

Salvador Dali’s 1957 game show guesting was as surreal as could be

As it turns out, Salvador Dali’s artworks aren’t the only ones that he’s made bizarre. His TV appearances are too.

We’re all confused by this strange ad about VIPoo pre-toilet spray

On Sunday night, Australian television viewers were left perplexed after watching an ad promoting a toilet air freshener that lets you “poopulate” with confidence.

Amazing photo series shows what dinnertime is like in different households

In her thought-provoking work, photographer Lois Bielefeld gives us a glimpse of how different families and individuals partake of a ritual we all perform every day: dinner.

These imaginative flower vases showcase the beauty of metal

Japanese brand Yokohama Makers Village has unveiled a stunning collection of metal vases that’ll change the way we perceive the material.

The internet has a new obsession: The Hot Dog Boy Memes

Augmented reality is promising and it could serve a lot of purposes in the future. But for now, we’re just content on using it to fuel a meme.

Man with a ‘FREE METAL’ sign gives neighborhood a performance for the ages

Forget free hugs. One man – nay, hero and legend – has given the world something much better: FREE METAL.

Man stands on active volcano and nearly gets hit by eruption

When Yasur Volcano in Vanuatu, Australia erupted recently, renowned filmmaker and explorer Geoff Mackley had the best and worst vantage point to witness it.

Meet the artist who turns earrings into adorable little cats

Siberia-based artist Margarita Ivanova of ‘Cat Made’ creates earrings that are the purrfect complement to any crazy cat lady outfit.

Gal Gadot became BFFs with this young Wonder Woman and I’m not crying you’re crying

The Wonder Woman franchise continues to deliver. The blockbuster hit of 2017 was one of the most surprising and heart-warming stories to come out of Hollywood, and a huge step ...

Studies suggest drinking three cups of coffee daily could prolong your life

Go on, keep sipping. Every big coffee drinker has come across judgment at some point: “You drink too much.

Photographer spends his time hunting for the wackiest and most beautiful loos

A mother-in-law’s worst nightmare. We’ve heard of travel bloggers, food bloggers, even cat bloggers—but this is the first time we’ve come across a toilet blogger.

Artist couple takes the quirkiest photos with architecture as props

The couple that plays together, stays together. Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda are just like any other couple—they have their good days and bad days, they argue, celebrate anniversaries, and go through typical ...