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Garden designer to the aristocracy documents the flowers she plants

Isabel Bannerman and her husband, Julian, have been designing majestic gardens for the aristocracy since 1983, including Prince Charles’ stumpery at Highgrove and the Earl’s garden at Arundel.

Adorable kitten gets rescued after interrupting live newscast

Bystanders interrupting live news broadcasts are a reporter’s worst nightmare. But for one journalist who was joined by a stray kitten, it wasn’t a total… CATastrophe.

Join the Dark Side: They have jellyfish that resemble Darth Vader!

Ok so it’s neither from a galaxy far far away nor from a long time ago but this jellyfish is suspiciously similar to Darth Vader.

‘Genderless Kei Boys’ is the hottest fashion trend in Japan right now

It’s been almost a century since clothes that were once only for men began to be designed and produced for women.

A bed that’s also a rocking chair takes naps to the next level

As if getting out of a normal bed wasn’t hard enough, someone just had to make it into a rocking chair as well!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boots will make you say “Cowabunga!”

The turtles have moved out of the sewers and into your wardrobe, with Dr Martens and Nickelodeon releasing a collection of boots inspired by the beloved ‘80s TV series.

This wheelchair lets people with disabilities go on adventures too

Dubbed the iBot 2.0, this wheelchair is capable of tackling off-road terrain, climbing stairs, and even balancing on two wheels.

What Pusheen the Cat stickers would look like in real life

What could possibly be better than Facebook’s Pusheen the Cat stickers? A real life Pusheen the Cat, that’s what!

Science says music in malls manipulate you to spend more

Have you ever felt an overwhelming compulsion to purchase a silk tie? While it may be your passion for fashion, it’s more likely that the gruff sounds of Kurt Cobain ...

Star Wars looks even better when recreated with drones

Since the first film was released in 1977, Star Wars has made a massive cultural impact – and rightly so.

Live the dream by sunbathing on these sexy pool floats

Don’t have a special someone to sunbathe by the pool with? Easy, just buy yourself one. Online retailer Perpetual Kid is selling pool floats that look like a pair of ...

Store your precious wine in a cellar that can be built in a week

Behold the newest weapon in the never-ending war of who has the most tricked-out house. Humans have always sought the coolest way to store their booze, but this wine cellar is ...

This Chicago dive bar is indie-rock heaven

While the heydey of glamorous indie rock and roll (see what we did there) may be behind us, we can forever hold onto the memories.

Paris shops have opened their doors to the homeless

With the unprecedented rise of homeless people in the French capital, small businesses and individuals have joined under the banner of Le Carillon Project to support the swelling population of ...

We never knew chickens could be high fashion models

Meet the hottest chicks in town. And by ‘chicks’, we literally mean baby chickens! In his series Chic Chicks, photographer Dan Bannino captures the birds as high fashion models!

This beautiful observatory lets you see Tasmania’s vineyards unlike any other

To give tourists a better appreciation of the region’s sprawling vineyards, a new observation tower has been built along the Tasmanian east coast.

This table looks like it’s being propped up by rockets lifting off

Stelios Moussaris has created a coffee table that’s out of this world. The Rocket Coffee Table features a base that resembles five projectiles lifting off, leaving a cloud of dust ...

In Italy, a glowing walkway that lets people ‘walk on water’

About 40,000 people are expected to walk on water, thanks to a massive three-kilometre installation in Italy’s Lake Iseo.

Flying a drone inside a church results in some spectacular footage

There are plenty of places where you could fly a drone, but inside a 137-year-old Byzantine church probably wouldn’t be one of them.

Japan has created a smart hybrid car out of…. cloth

We’ve seen plenty of innovative new car concepts, but a smart hybrid car made out of cloth? Now, that’s new!