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This German music festival is installing a beer pipeline

Uncontroversial fun fact #34: Germany runs on beer. Perhaps the only group of people who love beer more than Germans are heavy metal fans.

WATCH: Crazy woman/superhero leaps onto her car to stop carjacker

Melissa Smith, a brave Milwaukee woman, took matters into her own hands when a man attempted to steal her car as she was pumping gas.

Trump shoves PM to get into a photo because he is an actual man-baby

Trump’s appearance at the NATO meeting in Brussels is going about just as well as everyone thought it would.

Bride with no girlfriends invites her bros to her bridal photoshoot instead

When computer engineer Rebeca Abrantes was making plans for her bridal pictorial, she realised one thing: she had no girlfriends to take part in it.

This marijuana ingredient may be the key to better memory and learning

Professor of Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn in Germany, Andreas Zimmer and his team have found that the main compound in marijuana can help increase memory and learning ...

This brewery wants you to drink beer made from urine

A Danish brewery is putting the ‘p’ in pilsner with a new drink crafted using 50,000 litres of urine.

Smash Mouth’s ‘All-Star’ is so profound when made into a TED Talk

Smash Mouth’s iconic 1999 hit All-Star might make for a great Pixar soundtrack, but who knew it would also make for an inspiring TED Talk?

This definitive list of Disney’s hottest princes somehow includes centaurs and Bambi’s dad

“True, that he’s no Prince Charming, but there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see.” — Belle Ladies, all aboard the childhood feels train.

Italian women can now apply for paid period leave

This new policy helps open the floodgates for women’s rights in the workplace, in Italy and beyond. The European nation is set to become the first Western country to offer ...

WTF! Republican candidate for Montana allegedly ‘bodyslams’ Guardian reporter – and the audio has been released

In the latest WTF moment in this new Trump world, a Republican House candidate for Montana, Greg Gianforte, has allegedly body-slammed Guardian reporter, Ben Jacobs, after he asked a seemingly ...

Homing pigeon caught trying to smuggle nearly 200 ecstasy tablets across international borders

This sounds like an Onion article but I swear to god it’s real. A homing pigeon’s dastardly plan to smuggle 178 ecstasy tablets into Kuwait has been foiled by authorities, ...

Artist’s intricate paper sculptures highlight the plight of endangered species

A Filipino graphic designer and art director has created a stunning series of paper sculptures depicting endangered animals.

Now you can have a North Korean ‘waifu’, thanks to this strange dating simulator

What could be sexier than an ominously secretive dictatorship that demands nothing short of absolute loyalty and has a history of making people disappear?

Sadly, Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya’ will NOT be Australia’s new national anthem

Malcolm Turnbull clearly does not want to shake it like a Polaroid picture. The Australian government has rejected a petition by some Outkast fans to change the national anthem, from ...

Designer makes beautiful typographic mosaics of all the places he visits

In his ongoing series Fauxsaics, designer Nick Misani commemorates his travels around the world, not with souvenirs, but with mosaics.

Chris Cornell’s isolated vocals from ‘Black Hole Sun’ prove how special he was

With Chris Cornell’s shocking passing last week, people are commemorating him by sharing his songs. One such performance shows just how godly his voice was.

This brilliant ‘smog-free’ bike lets you clean polluted air as you pedal

We all know bicycles are good for the environment, seeing as they produce zero emissions. However, Dutch artist Dan Roosegaarde wants to make bikes even better: by getting them to ...

This boy just had the most wonderful ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’-themed birthday party

Robin Williams might have already passed away, but his legacy lives on – even in the form of a kid’s birthday party.

Yep, the president of Tajikistan damn near pulled Trump’s arm off at the shoulder when they shook hands

It seems president Trump isn’t the only one who likes to menacingly yank the hand of anyone who gets too close for comfort.

Ouch! Melania Trump pulls her hand away from her husband … for the second day in a row!

Ok, ONE time we can put down to just having a bad day, but twice in a row! Seriously, what is going on here?