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Playful and Colorful Street Art Works by Wes21

Swiss street artist who calls himself

Dreamy Coconut Lamps by Vainius Kubilius

Vainius Kubilius came up with an ...

Amazing Balloon Sculptures of Animals by Masayoshi Matsumoto

Masayoshi Matsumoto

Delicate Wood Carvings by Joey Richardson

Joey Richardson  was surrounded f...

Artistic Objects Made From Found Items by Martin Roller

German artist Martin Roll...

A Green School In Paris by Chartier Dalix Architectes

In one of the suburbs of the French capital has been implemented an original architectural pro...

Glass Jellyfish Sculpture by Richard Satava

Something resembling glass vases with jellyfish inside creates glass artist

Geometric Animal Street Art by Dzia

Belgian street artist Dzia began his career ...

Realistic Animal Lollipops By Shinri Tezuka

Japanese artist Shinri Tezuka is the owner of a shop called

Coin Replica of the City of Chingqing by He Peixi

Chinese artist He Peixi used about fifty thousand coins, and a mountain of agates to create a ...

Hyper-realistic Cacti Illustrations by Kwang-Ho Lee

South Korean artist

Sculptures Made from Keys and Coins by Michael Moerkerk

Australian artist Michael ...

Valley House: Contemporary Asymmetrical Wooden House

Ukrainian architect and designer Kostiantyn Kuvika of

Trees Grown into Furniture by Full Grown

The founder of the company Full Grown, U...

Impressive Table Sculptures by Michael Beitz

Artist Michael Beitz creates very u...

BMW Apollo Streamliner Motorcycle Concept by Mehmet Doruk Erdem

This motorcycle was created by Turkish industrial designer

Music Expressed Through Paintings by Melissa McCracken

American artist from Missouri Meli...

The Original Outfits of a Bulldog Named Maya

Tania Ahsan became famous after placing in her

Grand Cancun Eco Island by Richard Moreta Castillo

The idea of  eco islands may well be regarded as the next stage of evolution in the developmen...

Black Pearl: A Steampunk Motorcycle Powered by a Steam Engine

A custom shop in the Netherlands called Revatu...