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Photographer recreates vintage sexist ads by reversing gender roles

By recreating these sexist vintage ads, and by reversing the gender roles, photographer Eli Rezkallah takes a look at the evolution of manners, ideas, and the role of women in our society with his series entitled In a Parallel Universe.

Enter the surreal and colorful world of David Stenbeck

A selection of the surreal and colorful creations by David Stenbeck, aka DovNeon, who leads us into a strange and fascinating universe mixing 3D, photography and visual experiments.

This cute Japanese accessory turns your cat into a fruit tart

Here is the Fruit Tart Cat Bed, an adorable Japanese cat bed that will turn your cat into a real hair pie!

Sweet Love – She illustrates love in the little moments of everyday life

When the Korean artist Young Joo Kim is having fun illustrating love in the little moments of everyday life.

If the birds had arms – A highly improbable and hilarious compilation

What if the birds had arms? Birds With Arms is a compilation of highly improbable and hilarious videos created by the users of Reddit.

Nintendo Labo – Some amazing cardboard experiments for your Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo has unveiled Nintendo Labo, a collection of amazing experiments for the Nintendo Switch! These new cardboard gadgets, to build by yourself, will offer players to discover new ways to play with their console: remotely controllable robot, fishing rod, piano, motorcycle handlebars, etc.

Art of Nature – The poetic Land Art creations by Richard Shilling

A selection of the amazing Land Art creations by Richard Shilling, a British artist who reveals a soft and poetic universe, using only natural elements to create fascinating and ephemeral compositions.

Discover the most beautiful pictures from the Hasselblad Masters Awards 2018

The famous brand Hasselblad, well known for its high-end cameras, has just unveiled the winners of the Hasselblad Masters Awards 2018 with some impressive photographs!

Kodak is resurrecting the Super 8 with a new camera!

Kodak is reviving the Super 8 film by unveiling a little more its Super 8 Camera! In the digital age, but also surfing on the trend that perpetuates the art of vintage film photography, Kodak has decided to revive the iconic Super 8 camera with a modern design and options combining the benefits of digital and analog photography.

This illustrator transforms everyday objects into futuristic spaceships

When the illustrator Eric Geusz is having fun transforming everyday objects into futuristic spaceships!

Bruce Lee, a Jedi master with a lightsaber?

What if Bruce Lee was a Jedi master with a lightsaber? When the legend of martial arts films meets the universe of Star Wars, an amazing mashup imagined by Patrick Nan, who modifies a scene from the famous Hong Kong movie Fist of Fury (1972) by incorporating lightsabers and better, light-nunchaku.

Omoshiro Block – These Japanese post-its unveil hidden architectural wonders

Real works of art, here are the Omoshiro Block, some Japanese post-its which reveal architectural marvels and miniature sculptures when they are used!

Roadtrip across Iceland – A video moodboard from the Adobe Stock collections

This roadtrip across Iceland, both epic and poetic, was created entirely from videos available in the Adobe Stock collection!

The strange conceptual sculptures of Adam Niklewicz

A selection of the conceptual and surreal sculptures by the artist Adam Niklewicz, who transforms everyday objects into strange, mysterious and offbeat situations.

New York Double Exposure – Fly over the city with this surreal and contemplative video

New York Double Exposure is a contemplative aerial wandering, which offers you to fly over the city of New York with a simple mirror effect.

Knitted Camouflage – When knitting meets urban camouflage

For their project entitled Knitted Camouflage, photographer Joseph Ford and artist Nina Dodd are having fun creating amazing urban camouflages, by hand knitting pullovers that blend into the landscape.

Wooden Kids – This street artist pays tribute to childhood and curiosity

The American street artist Joe Lurato continues to populate the streets with his creations, installing painted wooden characters in the urban environment!

Bananas – An experimental and pretty offbeat video

Bananas is an experimental and offbeat video created by Xander Marritt and Elias Freiberger, aka FutureDeluxe, who are having fun displaying bananas in improbable and colorful situations.

The Week-End Selection n°278

[69 pictures] It’s now time for the Week-End Selection n°278! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet.

Earthquake Lamp – A connected lamp that reacts in real time to earthquakes

The Earthquake Lamp is a connected lamp that reacts in real time to earthquakes around the world. After the Political Lamp, the cloud lamp that reacts to the tweets from Donald Trump, this new creation by Parse/Error explores the connection between the human and the planet Earth, as a tangible interaction, and crystallizes our fear and our fascination for the power of nature.