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Mario Kart meets Mad Max Fury Road

A funny and twisted mashup in which the colorful universe of Mario Kart meets the apocalyptic world of Mad Max Fury Road.

Le Petit Chef – A miniature chef on your plate thanks to 3D projection mapping

Le Petit Chef is an amazing performance of 3D projection mapping in which a miniature chef invites himself on the table of guests to prepare their meals right before their eyes.

Inserting the famous portraits of classical painting in his Instagram photos

Great Masters Having Great Times is an Instagram project created by Brazilian Lorenzo Castellini, who is having fun cutting-out the famous portraits of classical painting to insert them into the reality of the streets of Sao Paulo.

Bike Balls – Offer a pair of balls to your bike

Offer a pair of balls to your bike with the Bike Balls, some funny and twisted safety lights, shaped as testicles obviously, to hang behind your saddle to add a dose of testosterone to all your trips!

Reborn Baby – The strange phenomenon of the ultra-realistic handmade baby dolls

With her Mother Love project, the artist and photographer Jamie Diamond examines the strange phenomenon of Reborn Babies, some ultra-realistic handmade baby dolls.

Mashups – The strange and amusing hybrid objects of Martin Roller

A selection of the strange and amusing hybrid objects of German artist Martin Roller, who hijacks everyday objects to create mashups, some improbable and delirious encounters between a tire and a birthday cake, a banana and laces or a shoe and cold cuts… A twisted project in line with When a designer imagines the worst possible user experience or the Improbabilità series by Giuseppe Colarusso.

Snail Adventures – Beautiful pictures of snails by photographer Gabi Stickler

After the miniature world of snails by Vyacheslav Mishchenko, here are the photographs of Gabi Stickler, an amateur photographer who captures the adventurous life of snails into cute and poetic compositions.

Blasepheme – When French artist Blase hijacks old classic paintings

The amazing creations of the French artist Blase, based in Paris, who is having fun hijacking old classic paintings of the nineteenth century.

Petite Conne – A little insult in the wild

A twisted series soberly entitled Petite Conne (French for little bitch), created by talented French photographer Jean-Baptiste Courtier, who is having fun writing this insult in all possible ways, either with letters from a Scrabbles, engraved on a tree, spray painted on a car or written into a biscuit… We already talked about Jean-Baptiste Courtier with his previous projects White Helmets et Pink Elephant.

Nikon has designed a camera for your dog

Nikon Asia has designed a camera for dog as part as their Heartography project, which involves capturing the dog’s heart beats to trigger the camera when it is excited.

Waves – The sculptures of Denise Romecki

The beautiful ceramic sculptures of the American artist Denise Romecki, who in the same ways as the Crashing Waves series by Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker, seeks to capture the beauty and strength of ocean waves into delicate creations.

Four girls travel the world to find the scenes from cult movies and series

Fan Girl Quest is a project created by four friends, Tiia, Satu, Johanna and Essi, traveling around the world for two years looking for scenes from cult movies and series, overlaying the images on real places with an iPad, from Walking Dead to Harry Potter through Game of Thrones, the Avengers, Breaking Bad, Sherlock and so on… I also recommend you the excellent series Reality revisited by photographer François Dourlen.

[72 pictures] The Week End Selection n°141

It is now time for the Week End Selection n°141! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, cosplay, retro, advertising, illustrations, pictures and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… You can find all the previous Week end Selections here.

Hasch dealers in Marseille offer loyalty cards

Yes, some hasch dealers in Marseille (south of France) are offering loyalty cards! An unusual news published by La Provence, which reports that the dealers of the district of Val-Plan created loyalty cards and gifts to reward their customers, offering lighters, packets of cigarettes or smoking papers to their largest consumers… You can’t stop progress!

AIR: London – The amazing photos of London from the sky by Vincent Laforet

With AIR: London, the American photographer Vincent Laforet continues his awesome series of aerial photographs, capturing the large cities at night from the sky with a helicopter.

RAP QUOTES Dirty South – Geolocalizing the words of famous rappers

Between hip-hop and geolocalized street art, here is the RAP QUOTES Dirty South project of the artist Jay Shells, who after his RAP QUOTES New York and RAP QUOTES Los Angeles series is now landing in Atlanta and the southern United States, home of the Dirty South.

Searching Sirocco – An amazing skateboard video featuring Kilian Martin

Searching Sirocco is the latest video featuring the talented skateboarder Kilian Martin, who we already often talked about.

Miniature Office – When a creative office worker gets bored at work

The excellent series Miniature Office imagined by Derrick Lin, a creative office worker who decided to transform the moments when he was bored into amazing and funny miniature scenes, using small characters to play with office equipment… Images © Derrick Lin / via

Sea Level – The aquatic street art of Hula

The stunning street art creations of Hawaiian artist Sean Yoro, aka Hula, who uses his paddle board to access walls just above sea level, creating beautiful portraits of women playing with water, waves and reflections… Images © Hula

The evolution of Bikini from 1890 to 2015

A video that retraces the evolution of Bikini and swimsuit, from 1890 to 2015, from the full swimsuit of the 1900s to the actual swimwear through the invention of the bikini in 1946 by French engineer Louis Réard (thank you wikipedia).