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Sony World Photography Awards 2015 – Discover the winning photographs

After my personal selection of 36 photos from the Sony World Photography Awards 2015 and the 23 photos from the shortlist announced last month, here are finally the winners and the awarded photographs of the Sony World Photography Awards 2015, organized in collaboration with the World Photography Organization.

Electronic Items – The retro animated GIFs of Guillaume Kurkdjian

A selection of the retro animated GIFs of French animator and illustrator Guillaume Kurkdjian, based in Nantes, who with his Electronic Items series pays tribute to the iconic electronic devices from the 90s, from the Minitel to the laserdisc players through the fax or the synthesizer.

Flying Baby – A photographer stages his 18-month-old son with Down syndrome

The Flying Baby series of the American photographer Alan Lawrence, a father of five children who features the young Wil, his 18-month-old son with Down syndrome.

Les collages surréalistes de Marcelo Monreal

The Faces [UN]bonded series of the Brazilian artist Marcelo Monreal, who explodes portraits of celebrities and top models, revealing vegetal elements, to create surrealist digital collages.

Modern Days – The funny and satirical illustrations of Jean Jullien

A selection of the funny and satirical illustrations of French illustrator Jean Jullien, based in London, who with his project News of the Times offers us an offbeat look at the excesses of our modern society in the age of Internet and the omnipresence of smartphones.

Cutting dogs perfectly round or square – A new WTF fashion in Taiwan

Apparently, cutting the hair of dogs as a bush so that their head is perfectly round or square is a new trendy fashion in Taiwan… A phenomenon as strange as WTF, but at least that is safe for animals!

Netflix displays 50 tips from Saul Goodman to help you circumvent the law

When Saul Goodman helps you to circumvent the law thanks to 50 tips displayed in the streets and the subway, a pretty daring campaign for the new series on Netflix, the spin-off of Breaking Bad entitled Better Call Saul.

The man with two mouths

Fantasía – A surreal music video between Michel Gondry and Wes Anderson

The Fantasía music video, directed by Pablo Maestres for the Spanish band Fur Voice, leads us into a surreal world, at the crossing between the universes of Michel Gondry and Wes Anderson, in which a disoriented young girl reminding Alice in Wonderland goes alongside with four eyed cats, frightening birds and other strange characters… Simply awesome!

Album Cover Faces – 11 new body painting creations by Natalie Sharp

After her series of cults album covers painted on faces, the British bodypainter Natalie Sharp is back with 11 new creations imagined for the Record Store Day.

The awesome geometric tattoos by Dr. Woo

A selection of the amazing tattoos by artist Brian Woo, aka Dr. Woo, one of the most famous tattoo artists in Los Angeles, whose delicate compositions mix animals and geometric diagrams with an incredible finesse.

In Hong Kong, a campaign uses DNA found on littering to recreate the faces of polluters

In Hong Kong, the anti-litter campaign The Face of Litter is using the DNA found on littering thrown into the street to virtually recreate the faces of polluters… An amazing concept created for the Hong Kong Cleanup organization, which to raise awareness of the population, wants to literally put a face on the problem.

Nature is beautiful – A beautiful captivating and fascinating montage

Simply entitled The Coolest Nature Video Ever by its author, here is actually a video montage about nature, captivating and fascinating, with some beautiful images of animals and plants combining time-lapse and slow motion.

The alarming and impressive retreat of glaciers in Alaska in only 100 years

The alarming retreat of the glaciers of Alaska in just 100 years, visualized by comparing photos taken in the last century with pictures taken in recent years.

Behind The Door – Documenting the daily life of the children of hoarders

Compulsive hoarding, or hoarding disorder, is a disease that affects between 2% and 6% of adults, leading them to accumulate excessively and compulsively objects up crowding.

R2-ME2 – When 90 artists pay tribute to the legendary R2-D2 from Star Wars

R2-ME2 is an exhibition paying tribute to the famous and legendary R2-D2 from the Star Wars saga. Dozens of artists have thus proposed their interpretation of the little droid, including Mike Hollister, Andrew Pasquella, Bruce Mitchell and many others… The customized figurines from the R2-ME2 project, organized by Sideshow Collectibles, were displayed during the Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim, California.