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Taser Photoshoot – When a photographer electrocutes his models with a taser…

The stunning “Taser Photoshoot” series created by photographer Patrick Hall, who decided to electrocute his models with a taser, capturing their expressions at the exact moment of the electric discharge… Some pretty dynamic and explosive portraits!

Tattooed Disney Princesses – The illustrations by Emmanuel Viola

The “Tattooed Disney Princesses” series of Italian illustrator Emmanuel Viola, who transports the famous Disney princesses into the world of tattoos… Between glam, gothic, hipster and pin-up !

The Silent Line – Remains of an abandonned railroad in Paris captured by photographer Peter Folk

The stunning series “By the silent line” of French photographer Pierre Folk, who documents since 2011 the remains of the famous abandoned train line in Paris: La Petite Ceinture.

Sweet Candy – The sculptures of Camila Valdez

The sculptures of the Argentinian artist and designer Camila Valdez, based in Buenos Aires, who transforms the female body into ice cream, popcorn, donuts, cupcakes and other appetizing treats.

Turn your toasts into adorable teddy bears…

A little Japanese gadget that will let you turn your toasts into adorable little bears… Cuteness overdose!

Yokohama Sand Art – An incredible sand sculpture

An impressive sand sculpture created in Japan during the “Yokohama Sand Art Exhibition 2014“, a Sand Art festival bringing together the best sculptors from around the world to work on the theme “Culture City of East Asia“.

Hard Copy – When fashion meets 3D printers

With “Hard Copy - Graduate Collection“, the world of fashion and design meets again the 3D printers, revealing amazing, geometric and light shapes.

Visualizing the amounts of copper and diamond extracted from mines

With his series “For What It’s Worth“, photographer Dillon Marsh, based in South Africa, tried to represent the amounts of copper and diamond extracted from mines in the Namaqualand region.

When a photographer gives a huge facelift to old photographs from archive…

Fascinated by the thousands of old photographs on glass plates from the Costica Acsinte Archive, the Australian photographer Jane Long has decided to give a facelift to these portraits, turning them into a series of beautiful surreal and poetic photographs… Costica Acsinte, a Romanian photographer during World War I, took thousands of photographs, documenting until his death, in 1984, the Romanian people and their culture.

A dad and his son have fun with special effects – The new adventures of the Action Movie Kid!

We already talked about the “Action Movie Kid“, or when a creative father and his son have fun with special effects (Action Movie Kid part I).

Visiting Paris through an old Pentax 67

“Paris Through Pentax“, a nice nostalgic wandering in Paris, performed without cheating with an old Pentax 67, filmed with a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema camera using a homemade mount system… A video created by Mathieu Maury and Antoine Pai from Maison Carnot.

Augmented Climbing – Combining climbing, video games and augmented reality

If the project “Augmented Climbing” is still only a concept, the idea is here: combining climbing, video games and augmented reality!

Anime and Superheroes – LEGO creations by Ieyasu Tse !

The creations of Ieyasu Tse, based in Hong Kong, who imagines the LEGO versions of superheroes and famous characters from manga or anime, from Wolverine to Evangelion through Iron Man, Dead Pool, Sailor Moon, Street Fighter or Gundam and Spiderman!

SKIN – A photographer documents the skins of animals

With her “SKIN” project, the Japanese photographer Yusuke Sakai documents the skin, hair and feathers of animals, from giraffe to zebra through elephant, rhinoceros, pink flamingo or camel, exploring the beautiful natural patterns, colors and textures.

FREAKS – The twisted world of Pawel Bajew

We already talked about the Polish photographer Pawel Bajew with his excellent portrait series “Classic Cinema“.

21 new street art creations by Mr. THOMS

A new selection of funny and twisted street art creations by the Italian artist Mr. THOMS, including his last two pieces, dedicated to selfies and addiction to Facebook. We already talked about his work with “One Man Band – The Street Art by Mister Thoms“.

Oceanographies – The Flying creatures of Giulia Pex

“Oceanographies“, a nice set of flying creatures in illustrations on photographs, born from a collaboration between illustrator Giulia Pex, who we already talked about with “SuperDad – The drawings on photographs by Giulia Pex“, and photographer Luca Broglia.

The Photoshop mirror for fans of retouching

“Photoretouche“, a Photoshop mirror for the retouching addicts… A nice gadget that brings the interface of the famous software to integrate it into your interior!

[65 pictures] UFUNK – The Week End Selection n°102

Week End Selection n°102: a selection of WTF, cosplay, retro, advertising, illustrations, pictures and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… You can find all previous Week end Selections here.

Photographer turns his mouth into a pinhole camera…

British photographer Justin Quinnell, fascinated by pinhole and film photography, had the idea of turning his mouth into a camera.