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Clock Clock 24 – This clock composed of 24 smaller clocks is now on sale!

In 2009, we had already talked about The Clock Clock, a beautiful creation by the Swedish design studio Humans Since 1982.

Guernica Popaganda – When Ron English pays tribute to Picasso

The pop artist and street artist Ron English decided to pay tribute to the famous painting Guernica, created by Picasso in 1937, reinterpreting the masterpiece of anti-war art with numerous references to modern pop culture.

Project Sisyphus – An impressive new machine drawing in the sand

The American artist Bruce Shapiro has unveiled a new machine from his Project Sisyphus, for which he imagines some impressive kinetic artworks capable of drawing in the sand with a complex system of magnets and metal balls.

Horror Cartoons – When an illustrator turns cartoons into terrifying creatures

When the cult and cute cartoon characters from our childhood turn into terrifying and bizarre creatures, a strange series from Swedish illustrator and tattoo artist Dennis Carlsson!

The baby of the cult cover of Nirvana recreates this iconic photo 25 years later

The famous baby on the cover of the album Nevermind by Nirvana just recreated this iconic photo 25 years later!

A selection of images from the National Geographic Photo Contest 2016

Here are the first images of the National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2016! This new edition of the famous photo contest offers photographers worldwide to submit their images through four distinct categories: Animal Portraits, Landscape, Action and Environmental Issues.

Ronald McDonald is now a weird sexy costume for Halloween

Yes, Ronald McDonald is now a sexy costume for Halloween. Girls addicted to junk food will be able to dress up as the iconic clown of the famous fast food chain and replace sweets with burgers.

Ice Cream Books – This strange project crushes colorful ice cream on books

Is it art to crush ice cream on books? Does it make sense to combine literature and frozen delights? In any case, it is the concept of the Instagram account Ice Cream Books, a strange conceptual project that combines books with colorful and delicious ice creams, confronting culture and greed in some pretty visual experiments.

Another World – The stunning surreal creations of Johanna Keller

A selection of the surreal creations of the Russian artist and photographer Joanna Keler, based in Saint-Petersburg, who leads us into a poetic and fascinating world mixing photography, 3D and digital retouching.

Ordering a beer in 16 different countries

Here’s how to order a beer in 16 different countries, from Japan to Iceland through Greece, Australia, Thailand, Egypt or Denmark.

Snapchat Spectacles – Sunglasses with integrated camera to share your life

Snapchat has just unveiled Spectacles, some connected sunglasses equipped with a camera, designed specifically to share your life even more quickly!

[75 pictures] The Week End Selection 211

A few hours late, here is the Week End Selection n°211! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… If you need some more, you will find all the previous Week end Selections here.

Sex and Cookies – An artist is mixing fortune cookies with vintage porn

On Instagram, the artist and photographer Kalen Hollomon creates strange collages, mixing fortune cookie quotes with portraits of actresses from old vintage porn magazines.

Fat Cats – When a photographer pays tribute to the big cats

With his new project Fat Cats, the Canadian photographer Pete Thorne likes to capture portraits of big cats, taking the opposing approach of the memes and images that are usually found on the Internet.

Floral Anatomy – Beautiful poetic illustrations on old book pages

The Spanish duo Magali and Gabi created the design studio PRRINT, who produces beautiful and poetic illustrations on old book pages, combining human anatomy and floral arrangements.

Unstoppable – The explosive adventures of a modern dandy

With Make yourself unstoppable, the clothing brand for men Strellson unveils an explosive and offbeat campaign featuring a modern dandy in some improbable and twisted situations.

Twins Adventures – A creative mom stages her two children during their nap

With her Twins Adventures series, the Japanese mom Ayumi Omori likes to stage her two children during their nap, creating some adorable and funny compositions!

Flow Hive – These revolutionary hives collect honey on tap

Stuart and Cedar Anderson just invented the Flow Hives, some revolutionary hives to collect honey on tap!

Simpsons Time – A couch gag paying tribute to Adventure Time

For their latest couch gag entitled Simpsons Time, the Simpsons decided to pay tribute to the opening credits of Adventure Time!

You Lose – A twisted video tribute to the famous Circle Game

You necessarily know the Circle Game, which prevents you from watching the hands of your friends since elementary school, and that still haunts your parties today.