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[78 pictures] The Week End Selection 221

The Week End Selection n°221! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… If you need some more, you will find all the previous Week end Selections here.

Infinite Galaxy Puzzle – An amazing spatial puzzle with no beginning or end

Here is the Infinite Galaxy Puzzle, an amazing puzzle that pays tribute to the immensity of the universe with a very special characteristic: this puzzle has neither beginning nor end.

Weird Correlations – How to make statistics say anything you want

Spurious Correlations is an excellent project that demonstrates once again that you can make statistics say anything you want.

Onsen Park – Transforming Japanese hot springs into an amusement park

In Japan, the city of Beppu wants to transform its hot springs into an amusement park! The traditional Japanese onsen are genuine institutions in the country, and the town of Beppu is renowned for its many hot springs.

Beer overdose – Displaying all the 24,727 pubs of UK on a single map

Here’s what the UK looks like when you display the 24,727 pubs in the country on a single map. You like beer and you want to visit them all?

Cheese Advent Calendar – The Advent calendar for cheese lovers

After the Erotic Advent Calendar or the advent calendars for adults with beers, whiskeys and other spirits, here’s the Cheese Advent Calendar, an Advent calendar for all the cheese fans!

Magic Clay – Funny experiments with stop motion and modeling clay

Magic Clay is an amazing short film of claymation, the technique combining stop motion with modeling clay.

What Russian women hide in their bags?

The Russian photographer Sergei Stroitelev decided to answer a question of the utmost importance: What do women hide in their handbags?

Spotify reveals the most embarrassing habits of its users

For its latest campaign, Spotify has decided to reveal the most embarrassing habits of its users by posting them on giant billboards!

The sadness of dogs locked up in cars

The Silence of Dogs in Cars is a series from the British photographer Martin Usborne, of whom we had already talked about with his previous project Nice to meet you, portraits of abandoned dogs.

Google Earth Timelapse – Discover the evolution of the world seen from the sky!

If the Google Earth Timelapse project started in 2013, it has just been updated with billions of new satellite images, allowing you to observe the evolution of the world from the sky!

Sexy Farmers – When the French farmers pose for a sexy calendar

After the very sexy Firefighters Calendar 2016 created for Firefighters Without Borders, photographer Fred Goudon is back with The Farmers Calendar 2017, a new sexy calendar for 2017 that features naked French farmers in suggestive positions.

Pop Hits – Hilarious parodies of famous songs with clever illustrations

After his book DJ Set, the Icelandic illustrator Hugleikur Dagsson is back with Pop Hits, a new book in which he parodies the titles of the cult songs through trash and hilarious illustrations.

Wild Americana – An explosive vision inspired by the 60s and 70s

My mind just exploded thanks to Nadia Lee Cohen! Through her photographs, she leads us into America in the 60s and 70s, creating a hyperreal universe with saturated colors.

Dripping Colors – The impressive street art of Dasic Fernández

With his poetic and colorful street art creations, the Chilean artist Dasic Fernández unveils captivating portraits in which the colors are dripping towards the sky as attracted by a mysterious force.

Fantastic Beasts – The beautiful tattoos of Brando Chiesa

A selection of the beautiful tattoos by the Italian artist Brando Chiesa, based in Florence, who imagines fantastic animals inspired by Asian mythology and Japanese aesthetics.

AirSelfie – A mini-drone for your selfies

The AirSelfie is a mini drone designed specifically to help you take selfies! Hidden behind your smartphone thanks to a special case, you will just need to slip the AirSelfie and to pilot it with the dedicated app to take your air selfies, but also photos and videos.

Pregnant animals under X-rays

Here is what pregnant animals look like when you look at them under X-rays!

Artist transforms the profile pictures of random people into 3D portraits

When the artist Lance Phan is having fun turning the profile pictures of random strangers into amazing 3D portraits!

Daniela – A photographer pays tribute to his mother with beautiful portraits

Italian photographer Niko Giovanni Coniglio decided to pay tribute to his mother with some amazing portraits, capturing his mom in amusing and offbeat situations.