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An iPhone app to identify the Pantone colors in real life!

Simply named Cone, this iPhone application is able to identify the Pantone colors from real life! Use a photo, or the camera for real-time results, and simply touch the image to get the corresponding Pantone color, but also its hexadecimal code.

House of Cards – Obama’s official photographer captures Frank Underwood

Reality meets fiction when Pete Souza, the official White House photographer under Obama, enjoys photographing Frank Underwood, the famous character of House of Cards played by Kevin Spacey!

Average Bob – This guy spends his time sleeping with celebrities

Average Bob is back. This guy continues to insert himself in the photos of celebrities, this time trying to sleep with the most possible stars, literally, thanks to Photoshop montages.

Hands and Flowers – The poetic illustrations by Noel Badges Pugh

A selection of the delicate illustrations of the artist Noel Badges Pugh, with studies centered on hands and flowers.

Making Moves – A surreal dance video

Making Moves is a surreal dance video created by motion designer Kouhei Nakama, who is having fun animating 3D characters with strange movements, thanks to a multitude of visual effects.

Dystopia – The dark and futuristic universe of Jaroslaw Marcinek

A selection of illustrations by the Polish artist Jaroslaw Marcinek, who takes us into a dark and futuristic world, populated by robots, massive machines and strange creatures.

Making vintage bulbs by hand

Here is how the vintage lightbulbs are handmade by Wiliam & Watson, a workshop in London that continues to use traditional techniques rather than modern machines.

Alone in Central Park – An Insomniac photographer captures New York

Being insomniac is sometimes good, as proved by photographer Michael Massaia, who captures beautiful images of Central Park in the middle of the night, completely emptied of its walkers.

Creative Birdhouses – When two designers imagine birdhouses

With their Loger les Ailés project, the French architects and designers Gwendal Le Bihan and Raphaël Vaillant-André imagine a series of creative birdhouses, with different shapes, materials and colors for the birds.

Audio Graffiti – A new form of vandalism!

The artwork Audio Graffiti is a collaboration between Belgian street artist Thierry Jaspart and German street photographer Conrad Weise.

Retro Gaming et Nature Morte

Aussi loin que je me souvienne, les jeux vidéo ont toujours fait partie de mon quotidien, tout autant que les crayons et les feutres.

Petites Luxures – Some deliciously naughty illustrations

With her (or his) project Petites Luxures, this anonymous Parisian illustrator has been exciting Instagram for over a year.

Separate Reality – Explore these impressive paintings with virtual reality

With his series A Separate Reality, the Russian artist Alex Andreev lets us dive into his universe thanks to virtual reality!

Cats and Pop Culture – The lovely earrings by CatMade

When cats meet pop culture, an adorable collection of earrings created by the young Russian designer Rita, aka CatMade.

BIKI – This adorable bionic fish is an underwater drone

Here is BIKI, an adorable underwater drone that takes the shape of a bionic fish! Imagined by the designers of Robosea, this little drone will capture underwater photos and videos, controlled from a smartphone.

Young girls and sex toys – An extremely disturbing campaign

The Free a Girl organization has just published an extremely disturbing campaign, featuring little girls unpacking sex toys.

LUNAR – They turn the NASA archive photos into an amazing video

LUNAR is a beautiful video, created by using only archive photos from NASA, around the Apollo project!

Jeff Koons installs a giant inflatable ballerina in the heart of New York

The famous artist Jeff Koons has installed a giant inflatable ballerina in the heart of New York! This monumental 14-meter-high artwork, simply entitled Seated Ballerina, took its place in the center of the Rockefeller Center.

Publish your projects on UFUNK!

For all the creatives! You can now publish your projects and creations directly to! This new feature is open to all those who want to share their visual creations with our community: art, design, photography, street art, illustration, tattoo, architecture, DIY, video, animation, typography and so on… This new feature allows you to easily and quickly compose your post, with images and video, and to present your work, your creations and your universe, whether you are amateur or professional.

[68 pictures] The Week-End Selection n°244

It is now time for the Week-End Selection n°244! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet.