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Glitches and Colors – The conceptual tattoos of Aleksy Marcinow

A selection of the conceptual tattoos by Aleksy Marcinow, an artist based between Germany and England, who explores the limits of tattoos with these ultra-colorful creations.

Extinguished – This adorable short film reminds you what falling in love means

Extinguished is an adorable short film, which reminds you what falling in love means. The story of a young man with a broken heart, who will light the flame once again.

Dream and Reality – Interactive video by Major Lazer

Going from dream to reality in a simple click? This is what offers Know No Better, the new interactive music video from Major Lazer!

The Tokyoiter – Illustrators pay a beautiful tribute to Tokyo

With The Tokyoiter project, some illustrators pay tribute to Tokyo, creating fake magazine covers in the style of The New Yorker.

Paper Nature – The delicate paper creations of Woodlucker

A selection of the paper creations by Ann Wood and Dean Lucker, aka Woodlucker. This artist duo reproduces specimens of fauna and flora, butterflies, flowers, feathers or insects, with a lot of realism and meticulousness.

This woman continues to parody the most popular Instagram photos

Here is Celeste Barber, an ordinary woman who is having fun parodying the most popular Instagram photos!

These homemade SpongeBob figurines are simply awesome!

Here are the SpongeBob Toys, some explosive SpongeBob Squarepants figurines in tribute to the famous cartoon character!

Urbex – Visiting an abandoned Love Hotel in Japan is fascinating

Photographer Bob Thissen proposes to visit an abandoned Love Hotel with this amazing urbex session in Japan!

The twisted street art of Tom Bob invades the streets of New York

The American street artist Tom Bob invades the streets of New York with his offbeat creations, using street furniture like sewer plates, poles or electrical terminals to create colorful and twisted characters and animals.

Rone is painting beautiful faces in abandoned houses

The Australian street artist Rone has unveiled his Omega Project, painting beautiful faces in an old abandoned house in Melbourne.

With Street Chef, Subway is playing with virtual graffiti!

Si vous avez toujours rêvé de voir vos créations artistiques sur les murs de la ville, Subway® vous propose de tester le Air graffiti virtuel grâce à son truck Street chef.

The oldest color printed book in the world is simply beautiful

The Shizhuzhai Shuhua Pu is the oldest color printed book in the world! This book of illustrations was printed in China in 1663 by the printer Hu Zhengyan, who used a revolutionary technique for the time, the polychrome xylography, invented at the end of the Ming Dynasty.

Some impressive sand sculptures in tribute to the aquatic life

These sand sculptures, which pay tribute to the aquatic life, were made in Denmark as part of the Søndervig Sand Sculpture Festival.

This octopus can hunt on land!

An octopus that hunts on land. Well, your life will never be the same now than you know that some Australian octopuses are able to move on land at low tide to hunt crabs, or you.

Chinese model makes 100 poses in 1 minute

An impressive performance of a Chinese model, capable of making 100 poses in 1 minutes, almost two poses per second!

A breakfast made of LEGO? – An awesome short film in stop motion

Lego In Real Life, or how to prepare breakfast with ingredients made of LEGO! An awesome stop motion short film imagined by BrickBrosProductions, which necessarily reminds me the videos of PES.

La Belle Époque – More than 200 vintage posters available for free!

You can now download more than 200 vintage posters from the Belle Époque! Famous for its posters created by great artists, such as Alphonse Mucha or Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the Belle Époque spread out in France between 1879 and 1914, a period marked by social, economic, technological and artistic progress. Art of the Poster 1880-1918 is a beautiful collection of posters from the Belle Époque, available as free download, published on Flickr by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Coffee Cone – In Tokyo, this café serves tea and coffee in crispy cones

This is Coffee in a Cone, a new trend launched by Coffee Cone, based in Tokyo. This Japanese café had the brilliant idea to serve its teas, coffees and other capuchino in ice cream cones decorated with colorful sugar, creating some delicious edible and crispy cups!

Marseille will soon have its own Subaquatic Museum!

The Marseille Subaquatic Museum, or MSM, will soon offers the people in Marseille to dive to discover the underwater sculptures of the artist Jason DeCaires Taylor!

Westworld – A trailer for season 2!

It’s the turn of the series Westworld to unveil its trailer for season 2! After the trailer of the second season of Stranger Things, HBO has just released the trailer for the season 2 of Westworld at the famous Comic-Con convention.