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The Week-End Selection n°286

[63 pictures] Here is the Week-End Selection n°286! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet.

Kids and Animals – The powerful and poetic paintings by Kevin Peterson

Young children and wild animals, wandering in abandoned urban environments, this is the surreal vision that the American artist Kevin Peterson offers us.

Weird Mashups – The strange and colorful creations of Lea Brisell

A selection of the strange and colorful mashups of Lea Brisell, a young Danish visual artist, now based in Amsterdam.

When our elders send a message to everyone who never has time

Overbooked, stressed, overwhelmed, today we complain about not having the time. Victim like everyone else of this oppressive sensation, our friend the French photographer Philippe Echaroux decided to ask the following question to our elders: What would you say to those who say they never have time for anything?

Immerse yourself in the dark and magical world of Kate O’Hara

A selection of the beautiful illustrations by the American artist Kate O’Hara, who reveals a dark and magical universe through her complex creations but incredibly soft and delicate.

L-Concept – A beautiful retro-futuristic motorcycle inspired by Star Wars

The L-Concept is an amazing custom motorcycle created by the designers of Bandit9. With a deliciously retro-futuristic look, its streamlined fuel tank and turbine engine, the L-Concept takes inspiration from Star Wars vehicles and science fiction to unveil amazing shapes in line with the Eve, Odyssey and Dark Side models, to discover below.

This illustrator is adding one new character per day to his fight scene

When illustrator Tom Gran is having fun drawing a fight scene, adding a new character every day! For this excellent creative challenge, started on January 1, 2018, the illustrator publishes every day on Twitter a new version of his drawing which now has 73 characters.

Fighting censorship on social networks with suggestive collages

In line with Archisexture, the highly suggestive collages of Scientwehst, I invite you to discover today the work of the French artist Émir Shiro, who bypasses the censorship of social networks with offbeat and very evocative mashups.

Tape Art – The amazing electrical tape installations by Darel Carey

Discover the Tape Art by American artist Darel Carey, who uses black electrical tape to create geometric and immersive installations.

The colorful carpets by Patricia Urquiola are beautiful optical illusions

With her beautiful geometric and colorful carpets, Spanish designer and architect Patricia Urquiola reveals true optical illusions.

Starman – Space X pays tribute to the launch of the Falcon Heavy with an incredible video!

The launch of the Falcon Heavy on February 6, 2018, with the now famous Starman sitting aboard a Tesla roadster, will remain in the memories.

Spirit of Japan – The beauty of Japan captured by Hiro Goto

If you like Japan, dive into the Instagram account of Hiro Goto ! This Japanese photographer pays tribute to his country through his beautiful photos, capturing all the energy and spirit of Tokyo, but also the sweetness of life and the contemplative beauty of this fascinating country.

Petit silence – The delicate and enchanting sculptures of Clémentine Bal

A selection of the delicate and enchanting sculptures by Clémentine Bal, a French artist based in Auvergne.

Sushi Teleportation – This startup is printing sushi in 3D across the world

Scanning a sushi, send it to the other side of the world and print it in 3D thanks to edible pixels, this is the idea of the startup Open Meals!

Vintage and colorful, the latest tattoos of Winston the Whale

After his awesome 3D tattoos, which we talked about two years ago, I invite you to discover the latest colorful tattoos of Winston the Whale!

Star Wars Disco Christmas – An old and ultra-kitsch German show resurfaces

Here is Star Wars Disco Christmas, an ultra-kitsch, old-fashioned 80s German show that has resurfaced this weekend thanks to a Reddit user!

The Week-End Selection n°285

[67 pictures] Here is the Week-End Selection n°285! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet.

This image is not an illustration from a manga, but a photograph

At first glance, this image seems to be an illustration straight out of the Initial D manga, designed by Shuichi Shigeno.

This photographer transforms everyday objects into works of art

When the Mexican photographer and artist Mauricio Alejo is having fun transforming ordinary everyday objects into real works of art.

Dualism – The fascinating surreal paintings by Miles Johnston

With his surreal paintings and drawings, the American artist Miles Johnston invites us to dive into the human soul and into the abyss of our feelings.