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COLORS – A tribute to color in everyday life

COLORS is a short film that celebrates color in our everyday lives, focusing on the small colored details that inhabit our daily lives.

Mario Is Unreal – Mario meets the ultra-realistic graphics of the Unreal Engine 4

Mario Is Unreal, or when the famous mustachioed plumber from Nintendo meets the ultra-realistic graphics of the Unreal Engine 4, far away from the usual cute and colorful world of the saga.

Tattoos and Celebrities – The lastest Shopped Tattoos by Cheyenne Randall

A new selection from the Shopped Tattoos series by artist Cheyenne Randall, who continues to imagine the imaginary tattoos of celebrities, from Liz Taylor to Christina Ricci through James Franco, Bill Murray, Frida Kahlo or Sofia Loren… His previous creations: Shopped Tattoos part I / Shopped Tattoos part II.

The coloring book of Game of Thrones will make you use a lot of red color…

The Game of Thrones coloring book, a funny and twisted series designed by the illustrator Grant Lindahl, who imagines what might look like an illustrated version for kids of the dark world of George R.R.

Wonderland – The creative Instagram photographs of Ponypork

A selection of the Instagram photographs of Ponypork, who uses a view from above to achieve some creative and colorful self-portraits documenting his artistic experiments.

Street Art – The artist iHeart creates an open air exhibition in Vancouver

The Canadian street artist iHeart, who we had already talked about with iHeart, between street art and social networks, continues to explore the new means of communication and the freedom offered by the street art to create a wild exhibition in Vancouver entitled #asignoftimes, unveiling his new ironic and offbeat creations in the manner of an art gallery.

Pancake Art – Some ultra-detailed pancakes

The ultra-detailed pancakes of Tiger Tomato, who uses colored pancake dough to create famous characters from pop culture, from the Simpsons to Frozen through Pokemon, Sonic or Minions.

The ordinary life of Robert the extraterrestrial

Robert Maurice Debois is an alien living a very ordinary life on our good old planet Earth. A strange and endearing character created by French artist Brice Krum, far away from the usual explosions and spaceships of science fiction, who humanized the character to the maximum, even creating him a Facebook, an Instagram account, a Tumblr and even Tinder.

100 years of beauty in one minute – The evolution of style in Russia

After Mexico, Korea, India or the United States, here is a new episode of the 100 years of beauty in 1 minute series, which explores in video the evolution of style and hairstyles in Russia, from 1910 to 2010.

Dream Koala – An awesome music video between apocalypse and space opera

Earth. Home. Destroy is a beautiful music video mixing an apocalyptic end of the world with space exploration, leading us into a mesmerizing, sensitive and dreamlike space opera.

36 Days Of Type – A beautiful alphabet between tattoo and typography

36 Days Of Type is a project of the Colombian illustrator and graphic designer CaliDoso, who imagined a nice typographic alphabet inspired by flashes, these boards full of quick illustrations that tattoo artists use to showcase their designs as an example of their work, creating an alphabet playing with all the codes of traditional tattoo.

Woman vs. Computer – An awful video explaining computers to women in the 80s

How to explain computers to women in the 80s? Of course with incredibly poorly chosen metaphors, horrific visual jokes, questionable comparisons, very bad actresses and futuristic special effects.

A Girl Can Dream – The dreamlike and surreal paintings of Mark Elliott

The A Girl Can Dream series of American artist Mark Elliott, who leads us into a dreamlike and surreal universe, exploring the fine line between dreams and nightmares.

Dirty and messy desks meet classical painting

You Are Standing in an Open Field, a series of amazing still lifes by Canadian artist Jon Rafman, who photographs extremely dirty and untidy desks with landscapes and scenes from classical painting as a background, exploring our relationship to modern society and new technologies.

Papercraft – A photographer stages her models with cute paper accessories

The creations of photographer Adriana Napolitano, based in Berlin, who is having fun staging her models with some colorful papercraft accessories, imagining tentacles, superhero costumes, tools or food hand crafted with a lot of humor.

Luminosity – A photographer captures a cave lit by bioluminescent worms

With his Luminosity series, the New Zealand photographer Joseph Michael captured in long exposure some beautiful images of a cave lit by bioluminescent worms, also called glowworms or Arachnocampa Luminosa, which like fireflies use a chemical reaction to create light, bathing the cave in an amazing

Flipping the Bird – A montage of more than 160 actors giving the middle finger in movies

Flipping the Bird, a montage that includes dozens of actors giving the middle finger through more than 160 movies, from Aliens to X-Men through Evil Dead, Easy Rider, Robocop, Star Trek, Mad Max, The Matrix and many other… A middle finger compilation created by the team of Supercut.

[79 pictures] The Week End Selection n°146

It is now time for the Week End Selection n°146! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, cosplay, retro, advertising, illustrations, pictures and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… You can find all the previous Week end Selections here.

Streets of Mexico – Art director transforms his Instagram photos with strange characters

In line with the Snapchat Doodles by Geeohsnap, here are the creations of the Mexican art director Diego Huacuja, who is having fun populating the streets of Mexico with strange characters in black and white, simply by drawing on the photographs taken with his smartphone.

RekaOne – The street art of James Reka

A selection of the street art creations and paintings by Australian artist James Reka, aka RekaOne, who imagines colorful compositions inspired by cubism, art deco, modern art, but also the aesthetics of ancient Greece.