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Japan and Pop Culture – The tattoos of Andrea Raudino

A selection of the striking tattoos of the Italian artist Andrea Raudino, aka Nemo, based in Florence.

Glass eye – The making of an ocular prosthesis

An amazing video that reveals the secrets of the making of an ocular prosthesis, commonly called glass eye, from the imprint to the precise reproduction of the color and shape of the eye of its wearer.

Flying over a train – An impressive drone piloting demonstration!

An impressive demonstration of drone piloting! The Youtubeur Nurk FPV shows the extent of his technique while he flies his drone over a train, chaining loopings and passing close to the train, a bridge, and so more.

Isle of Dogs – The new movie from Wes Anderson (trailer)

Wes Anderson unveils the trailer for his new stop-motion movie: Isle of Dogs! Three years after his last film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and eight years after his first animated feature, Fantastic Mr.

Astronomy Photographer of the Year – The incredible winning photos

The Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017 is now closed, and I invite you to discover the incredible photos of the winners!

Pleasure – The new sensual music video by Justice

With Pleasure, the famous French band Justice unveils a new hypnotizing and sensual music video. A video directed by Alexandre Courtès, who defines this music video as a scene of supernatural Love, playing on the extrapolation of feelings during the sexual act.

Automatica – When industrial robots unleash their power on musical instruments

When industrial robots synchronize to play bass, drums, piano and even scratch on turntables, an amazing performance entitled Automatica!

Observing the assembly of a Leica is fascinating

The famous brand Leica has just released a video that unveils the assembly of its Leica M10 camera. A very interesting video that shows us the manufacture of a camera, from the assembly of the electronic parts to the finishes.

The subversive collages of NaroPinosa

A selection of the very subversive collages of NaroPinosa, who does not hesitate to mix sex, politics, ancient art, classic painting and pop culture to blast our references.

Dadbag – There’s no need to drink beer to get a Dadbod

In recent times, the Internet has talked a lot about the Dadbod, the contraction of Dad Body, also known as the beer belly.

The latest twisted and surreal creations of Tony Futura

As we were already talking about Tony Futura two years ago, I propose you to discover today his latest twisted creations, mixing classical painting and pop culture in amusing and surreal compositions.

The magical compositions of a 19-year-old creative

Only 19-year-old, the young artist Ronald Ong unveils a magical and enchanting world through colorful compositions.

This artist turns famous brand logos into weapons

When artist Tom Galle turns the logos of famous brands into weapons, creating a Nike dagger, a Facebook crowbar or a McDonald’s brass knuckles.

London Street Art – A street art walk through London

A selection of street art creations visible in London! Having spent a few days in London last week, I propose you a selection of street art creations, murals, stickers or collages seen in the streets.

The incredible energy of dancers captured in slow motion

When the photographer Niv Novak captures the incredible energy of the dancers in fascinating slow motion videos!

Psychedelic Smoothie – She imagines ultra-colorful vegan creations

Here are the ultra-colorful vegan creations from Rachel Lorton, who composes her smoothies as psychedelic artworks!

Street Art – The beautiful creations of NeverCrew on display in London

The talented duo of street artists NeverCrew, formed in 1996 by Swiss artists Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi, unveils its latest creations at the Unit 5 Gallery in London.

When three roommates play The Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava, or when three roommates wake up discovering that the floor has become lava. An offbeat short film that plays with the famous game from our childhood The Floor is Lava (which apparently makes a big comeback since this summer).

The Week-End Selection n°261

[69 pictures] The Week-End Selection n°261 is here! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet.

Watch a baby panda growing up, from its 1st day to its 1st month!

What if you were attending the first few days of the life of a baby panda? The Zoo Beauval proposes you to discover the evolution of a tiny panda named Myz, from its first day until its first month.