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The Golden Years – The sports senior photographed by Dean Bradshaw

The Golden Years, a new series of the photographer Dean Bradshaw, to whom we already had the excellent project Real Life Superheroes, and who this time stages sports seniors in action into portraits full of energy.

Colosses – The gigantic sculptures photographed by Fabrice Fouillet

Colosses is a series from the French photographer Fabrice Fouillet, based in Paris, who decided to document the gigantic sculptures around the world, ridiculously huge compared to their environment.

Chattel – A photographer creates amusing portraits of goats and sheep

With his Chattel series, the photographer Kevin Horan wondered what would happen if his neighbors, goats and sheep from the Whidbey Island, came to him in his studio to be photographed like humans.

Busy Town Jobs – The working world in 2014 explained in a single illustration

Busy Town Jobs is an illustration that summarizes very well the new professions and the working world in 2014… An excellent parody of the children’s books of Richard Scarry created by Ruben Bolling :) Images © Ruben Bolling / via

Constell-action – A light installation of the art collective panGenerator

The Polish art collective panGenerator created last year CONSTELL-ACTION, a beautiful installation consisting of dozens of bright triangles.

Batman vs. Darth Vader – An epic mashup

Batman vs. Darth Vader is an epic mashup in which Batman flies toward the Death Star to rescue Superman from the infamous Darth Vader.

Wildlife – A photographer explores the boundary between human and animal

From an early age, the American photographer Corey Arnold, based in Portland, was fascinated by the wilderness and the thin line between human and animal.

Inventories – The latest anamorphosis creations of Bernard Pras

We already talked about the French artist Bernard Pras, based in Montreuil, and his anamorphosis created from found objects and waste (14 anamorphosis by Bernard Pras).

RED – A beautiful montage that focuses on the obsession of Kubrick for color red

RED is a beautiful montage that focuses at the director Stanley Kubrick and his use of the color red through his various movies, from 2001: A Space Odyssey to The Shining through Barry Lyndon and Eyes Wide Shut.

EN L’ÉTAT – A photographer captures the unusual everyday situations

With his project EN L’ÉTAT, French photographer Franck Gérard captures unusual situations of everyday life since 1999, amassing an impressive amount of pictures, funny, amazing, fascinating or twisted (tens of thousands of images), photographed on the spot around a collection of themes and obsessions, repertoire of shapes, gestures, situations or incidents… Franck Gérard explains: Each image is like a word with which I could or you could write sentences, poems or tell stories.

Domestic Bliss – A photographer mom attack family happiness with black humor

Far from the traditional clichés about family happiness and the joy of having children, photographer Susan Copich decided to take the opposing view to this avalanche of sweetness with Domestic Bliss, a series of photographs in which she attacks the family life with black humor and vitriol.

Pop Culture Coins – 37 new hijacked coins

We already talked last year about the Pop Culture Coins of the artist Andre Levy, who is having fun hijacking with a little paint the effigies on coins came from around the world, to transform them into famous characters of pop culture, from Superman to Link through Flash, Venom, the Blues Brothers, Dr Who or Gandalf and Khal Drogo.

Postcards from Pripyat – Flying over the Chernobyl exclusion zone with a drone

Postcards from Pripyat is a beautiful video created with a drone by Danny Cooke, who leads us into the air to discover the exclusion zone of Chernobyl and the abandoned town of Pripyat.

Collection Appareils – An online archive with over 10,000 vintage cameras

The French website Collection Appareils is an impressive online archive of over 10,000 vintage cameras, each with pictures and information!

Photographer compares the Paris of Assassin’s Creed Unity with reality

Photographer Damien Hypolite, aka Tidamz, decided to confront the video game with real life by comparing the Paris of Assassin’s Creed Unity at the time of the French Revolution with the Paris of reality.

Star Wars Deleted Magic – Two hours of deleted scenes from the original trilogy

Star Wars – Deleted Magic is a documentary directed by Garrett Gilchrist, who assembled almost two hours of deleted scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy!

Deep Spiral – The spherical ceramic of Matthew Chambers

The beautiful spherical ceramic of British artist Matthew Chambers, based in Newport, working with great precision and huge skills to achieve these meticulous assemblies composed of dozens of fine ceramic layers.

Icons – The portraits of Bruno Timmermans

The creations of the Belgian artist and photographer Bruno Timmermans, based in Brussels, who with his New Icons series revisits the modern icons with augmented portraits, covering the faces of Ai Weiwei, Kate Moss, Takashi Murakami, David Bowie, Aung San Suu Kyi or Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons with patterns reminding their actions and creations.

ZANO – This autonomous nano drone can automatically follow you

ZANO is a concept of autonomous nano drone designed to let users shoot themselves with a drone without having to worry about piloting!

Soviet Ghosts – A photographer documents the remains of the Soviet era

For her Soviet Ghosts series, photographer Rebecca Litchfield traveled across thirteen countries to document the remains of the Soviet era, fell in 1991 after 70 years in power.