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FIRE – The first hair coloring that changes color!

The British company The Unseen has just unveiled FIRE, the first coloring for hair that changes color!

Giphy releases 2000 GIFs to learn sign language

Giphy, the famous platform for GIFs, has just released more than 2000 GIFs to learn sign language. Each GIF allows you to understand and learn vocabulary words, classified by categories: lifestyle, emotions, expressions, transportation, travel, sport, cooking, etc.

Superman is a moron

Superman is a true moron, if we believe the twisted and hilarious comics of the illustrator Kerry Callen and his Super Antics series.

The cosmic street art of Mariana

A selection of the street art creations by the Portuguese artist Mariana Patacas, aka Mariana PTKS, who sows geometric, cosmic and colorful shapes on the walls of Porto.

Hoversurf – A futuristic drone bike

The Russian startup Hoversurf has unveiled its Hoverbike Scorpion 3, a futuristic motorcycle drone capable of flying at 50 km/h, carrying up to 120 kg and flying up to 10 meters above the ground.

The ultra-detailed dioramas of Hank Cheng

A selection of the detailed models by Taiwanese artist Hank Cheng, who creates impressive and very realistic dioramas, swarming with tiny details.

Dick the Dog – When Mrzyk and Moriceau promote safe sex

When French illustrators Mrzyk & Moriceau promote safe sex and condoms for MTV. Read the original post Dick the Dog – When Mrzyk and Moriceau promote safe sex on UFUNK

63 differences between British English and American English

British English and American English are not so far apart, although there are many subtle differences, especially in vocabulary.

Tiny Trump – A new satire that turns Donald Trump into a child

In the long list of satires against Donald Trump, here is today Tiny Trump, a series of montages that transforms Donald Trump into a child, symbolizing the puerile and dangerous way of governing of the new president of the United States.

The first artwork 3D printed in space

Entitled Laugh Star, this creation is the first artwork printed in 3D in space, in gravity zero aboard the ISS.

HipDict – This honest version of the dictionary is hilarious

Here is HipDict, a collaborative dictionary that offers alternative definitions, explaining everyday words with an hilarious honesty.

Rainbow Wave – A complex machine made of LEGO

Rainbow Wave, a complex machine made entirely of LEGO by Berthil van Beek. Read the original post Rainbow Wave – A complex machine made of LEGO on UFUNK

FERRO – A poetic and magnetic short film

FERRO is a poetic short film that mixes 3D, magnets and ferromagnetic iron. A beautiful video directed by Norte Estudio.

[78 pictures] The Week End Selection n°232

The Week-End Selection n°232 is here! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… If you need some more, you will find all the previous Week end Selections here.

The Simpsons – A new couch gag directed by Robot Chicken!

When the creators of the twisted series Robot Chicken direct a couch gag for The Simpsons! Read the original post The Simpsons – A new couch gag directed by Robot Chicken!

Ordering clothes on the Internet in 1959

A visionary video of 1959, long before Internet and online shops. Read the original post Ordering clothes on the Internet in 1959 on UFUNK

Action Toys – When a Japanese photographer captures his toys

A selection of the Instagram photos by Hotkenobi, a Japanese photographer who stages his figurines and toys in amazing compositions.

Marijuana Bouquet – Offering weed for Valentine’s Day

Even though Valentine’s Day is over for a few days, here is the Marijuana Bouquet, which proposes you to offer some organic weed to your lover in a romantic way.

Analogue Loaders – A visual tribute to loading times

Analogue Loaders is a beautiful visual tribute to loading times and animated icons that we encounter every day in our daily lives.

STORY – This clock defies gravity with a levitating ball

Here is STORY, an astonishing clock in which the traditional hands are replaced by a metallic sphere in levitation.