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Story of Life – He tells the story of people through portraits of their hands

With his project Hands: The Story of Life, the Lebanese photographer Omar Reda wants to tell the story of the people he meets through portraits of their hands.

Open/Closed – An ingenious 3D printed sign

Open/Closed is an ingenious 3D printed sign that transforms the word open into closed thanks to a few toothed wheels.

Surfers facing the giant waves of Nazaré

After The giant waves of Nazaré filmed in 4K, here is a new video by Red Bull, filming the surfers facing the impressive and gigantic liquid monsters of the famous Portuguese surf spot.

Trashy and Sensual – Photographs of mouths by Marius Sperlich

A selection of photographs by the German artist Marius Sperlich, who captures close-ups of female mouths in compositions that are both trashy, explosive and sensual.

Street Memories – Materializing the stories of strangers

Street Memories is a beautiful project by Spanish photographer Nacho Ormaechea, currently based in Paris, who mixes street photography and digital collage to materialize the memories and stories of the strangers he captures on the street.

The world’s oldest written recipe is a recipe for beer!

It seems that the one of the oldest written recipes in the world is a recipe for beer! This Sumerian tablet is from about 3000 BC, more than 5000 years ago, and describes a recipe for beer made from fermented barley flour, but also from dates, coriander or cardamom.

Virtual Reality meets Exercise Bike – Black Mirror is coming?

Here is VirZOOM, a gadget that mixes virtual reality and exercise bike. If the concept seems fun, it reminds me a little too strongly the famous episode of the series Black Mirror!

Trophy Wife Barbie – The twisted life of a Barbie on Instagram

Here is Trophy Wife Barbie, or the unbridled life of a Barbie doll on Instagram! As we talked two years ago about Socality Barbie, which today culminates with more than 1 million followers, this new Instagram account features the famous Barbie, literally and sarcastically transformed into a hunting trophy.

[72 pictures] The Week-End Selection n°237

The Week-End Selection n°237! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet.

She composes a complete song walking in the street

When Kawehi composes a complete song on the street, simply equipped with a microphone, a synth and a loop station.

An impressive project to build the tallest skyscraper of New York

The architects of Oiio Studio have unveiled The Big Bend, a towering project to build the tallest skyscraper in New York!

French Presidential 2017 – 3D printing your favorite candidates

Yes, you can now 3D print the candidates of the French presidential election 2017. Have you always dreamed of collecting the figurines of your favorite candidates?

A disturbing short film on the future of video games

Strange Beasts is a disturbing short film by Magali Barbé, exploring the future of video games and augmented reality… Read the original post A disturbing short film on the future of video games on UFUNK

Happn hijacks the street names of Paris

When the dating app Happn is having fun hijacking the street names of Paris, an amusing street marketing campaign!

Gorillaz unveils 4 new videos, including a 360 one!

Gorillaz has unveiled 4 new videos in the same day, including a 360 video! Between short films and experimental videos, these new music videos announce the new album of Gorillaz, scheduled for April 28 and entitled Humanz.

He continues to transform his son’s drawings into badass characters!

A few months ago we were talking about the French illustrator and animator Thomas Romain, based in Tokyo, who transforms his son’s drawings into badass manga characters.

Reindeer Ink – The delicate tattoos of Zihwa Hongdae

A selection of the fine and delicate tattoos by Korean artist Zihwa Hongdae, based in Seoul at the Reindeer Ink studio.

Glitch Art – The latest street art creations by Felipe Pantone

The latest street art creations by Felipe Pantone, the prolific Argentinian-Spanish artist whose psychedelic works invade the walls of the world.

Moodboard – A tribute to the talent of these female photographers

This month, Adobe looks at The female creativity, and unveils the new face of women in advertising and modern creation.

Unicorn Candle – An adorable unicorn that cries rainbows

Here is the Unicorn Candle, an adorable unicorn that cries rainbows when you light it on! A funny and offbeat candle concept created by the designers from Firebox.