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Big Maze: Bjarke Ingels Group

This looks fun and since we’ll be attending festivities in Maryland this weekend, maybe we’ll be able to squeeze in a quick jaunt to the National Building Museum in Washington D.C.

Pizza in the Wild: Jonpaul Douglass

Daniela shared this Instagram photo series with me last week and it’s right up our alley, both because they’re absurd—starting with the title—and because they’re pizza-related, two things we really enjoy.

21st Precinct: Street Art & Graffiti Art Show

I stopped by the opening of Outlaw Arts’ graffiti and street art show 21st Precinct last Saturday evening.

Land of the Giants: Choi+Shine

Can’t say that any electrical pylons I’ve seen are particularly attractive with all those cables protruding from their metallic structures, but at least this design by Jin Choi and Thomas Shine of Choi+Shine Architects in Boston injects a little humor and personality into these massive forms.

The Water Tank Project: Word Above the Street

Look up New York! The Water Tank Project has started to roll out…or maybe “wrap around” would be more accurate.

Jello Brick Wall: Hein & Seng

Artists Bob Seng and Lisa Hein have created their Jello Brick Wall sculptures on more than one occasion.

Ryan McGinness: Signs

I noticed a few of these in Nolita the other day and then again yesterday right around Astor Place. I wondered what they were about and have since learned that it’s a public art project titled Signs by artist/designer Ryan McGinness fabricated and installed by NYC Department of Transportation (DOT).

Flederhaus: House of Hammocks

The Flederhaus—a pun off the word fledermaus which means ‘bat’ in German—is a fun structure in Vienna designed by architects Heri & Salli explicitly for hanging around and relaxing.

Apex Predator Shoes: Fantich & Young

East London artist duo Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young who make up the studio Fantich & Young, create conceptual sculptures addressing “parallels between social evolution and evolution in the natural world.” The original Apex Predator—described as predators with no predators of their own, residing at the top of the food chain—tooth-soled shoe sculptures started with the Barker Oxford shoes inlaid with 1050 false teeth in their soles in 2010.

Form Scratch: Kolkoz

Swiss accessories luxury brand Bally has launched a year-long initiative expanding their commitment to art and design with their project titled Form Scratch presented during Art Basel last month.

Matt Reilly of Japanther: Skateboard Painting

A couple of months back I made the trip out to Mana Contemporary (a surprising cultural hub in Jersey City) and witnessed Matt Reilly of Japanther—a band established by Reilly and Ian Vanek while students at Pratt and described by art reviewers as “art-rock installation paratroopers” —skateboard paint.

João Onofre: Box Sized Die

This isn’t the first time artist João Onofre displays his art installation titled Box Sized Die, nor is it likely to be the last.

Stik: Stick Figure Street Art

When it comes to street art, it doesn’t get much cuter than Stik. The British graffiti artist based in London paints mouthless and noseless stick figure characters on walls, doors, water towers, and more, that despite their minimalistic quality exude warmth and charm.

Çanakkale Observation & Broadcast Tower

At first glance, the winning design for a 100-meter-tall observation and broadcast tower set to be built in the city of Canakkale—on the northern part of the Aegean coast of Turkey—looks like the latest in cutting edge amusement park rides.

Shadowing: Jonathan Chomko & Matthew Rosier

I get a particular thrill out of exploring and discovering things on my own, by chance. I’m not a big fan of GPS and forever get annoyed at the level of detail on Mapquest or Google maps when trying to get directions.

Rona Pondick: Hybrids, Teeth, & More

I probably should know Rona Pondick’s work—after all she studied under Richard Serra and her impressive list of exhibitions include the Whitney.

Mentalgassi & Mundano: Pimp My Carroça

The German street art trio Mentalgassi (previously here) joined forces with Mundano in São Paulo, Brazil, to create this clever series of characters donning their customized trash backpacks for Pimp My Carroça, an environmental and cultural group that aims to add a little color and humor to the importance of recycling and not littering.

Sambre: Escalier de Secours & More

Inspired by the half-timbered houses and architecture of Orleans, France, French artist Sambre (previously here) whose signature style involves using recovered wood in a variety of impressive installations, is in the process of building his latest work titled Escalier de Secours (Fire Escape in English) in the center of the Church of St.

OK Go: The Writing’s on the Wall

It’s been a couple of years, but it comes as no surprise that OK Go’s latest music video for their new single “The Writing’s on the Wall” is amazing.

Tara Donovan: Index Cards & Acrylic Rods

It was a spectacular day this past Saturday here in NYC, ideal for strolling through Chelsea and taking in a lot of art.