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Dog With Deformed Paws Gets 3D-Printed Prosthetic Legs That Let Him Run

Derby, a Husky mix dog born with severely deformed front paws, can now walk thanks to some of the latest 3D-printing technologies.

Extreme Make-Up Art Inspired By Dark Fantasy World

When I was 14 (now I’m 23 y.o.), I began experimenting with make-up, starting with small paints on my arms and of course doodling on my arms at school, probably something everybody did!

The Adorable Adventures Of Marty Mouse

Meet Marty Mouse, which isn’t truly a mouse, just like Virginia Wolf isn’t truly a wolf. He is actually an adorable little dumbo pet rat.

13+ Of The Most Creative Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The ugly christmas sweater exists in a strange sort of limbo – everyone “hates” them and calls them ugly, but everyone still ends up wearing and loving them during the holiday season anyway.

Cute Sign Language Illustrations By Alex Solis

Alex Solis is an illustrator and web designer from Chicago who’s created this amazing series of illustrations to teach us sign language with lovely characters.

Old Hubcaps Recycled Into Stunning Animal Sculptures By Ptolemy Elrington

Ptolemy Elrington knows exactly what to do with all of those wheel hubcaps you see littering the side of the highway.

Reptiles Can Be Cute Too (16+ Photos)

When you hear the word “cute,” furry baby bunnies, lovely kitties and happy puppies probably come to mind.

15+ Cosmic Tattoo Ideas For Astronomy Lovers

Space, which represents humanity’s next unexplored frontier, can inspire a deep sense of awe in many of us.

Bacon Earrings, Curry Necklaces And Other Fake Food Accessories

My name is Norihito Hatanaka and I create a fake food accessories. Normally, my factory creates ‘industrial art food models’ for display at restaurants.

Mr. Incredibeard Is Back With New Epic Beards

Remember when we wrote about Mr. Incredibeard and the epic beard sculptures he made on his face? Well, he’s back with more over-the-top beard-dos.

Animated Paintings Of Weeds Slowly Taking Over The City

I’m inspired by the resilience of weeds. I look for them in the cracks of the sidewalks near the walls I’m about to paint, and then I portray them at a scale that is certainly bigger than the attention we pay them.

50 Shades Of White With A Touch Of Red: New Winter Foxes By Roeselien Raimond

Roeselien Raimond, a Dutch nature photographer who takes especially warm and beautiful pictures of wild red foxes, agreed to share some exclusive new winter fox photos with Bored Panda and talk to us about her work.

Flowers Frozen In Ice Look Like Beautiful Watercolor Paintings

By freezing beautiful and colorful flowers into large blocks of ice, Japanese artist Kenji Shibata has created a subject for his photos that is both strikingly beautiful and poignantly symbolic.

Beards Of Romania

A beard is always a nice touch to a man’s outfit and personality. Every beard has its own story, its own style and an interesting owner.

20+ Creative Gifts For Bird Lovers

Whether its the magical freedom of flight that they possess or their delicate and graceful features, there are some people who just seem to fall under some sort of spell when they see a bird.

Rush Hour On Guinea Pig Road In Japan

The Nagasaki Bio Park zoo in Japan has an ingenious and incredibly cut way of moving large amounts of guinea pigs between enclosures.

1000-Piece CMYK Color Gamut Jigsaw Puzzle By Designer Clemens Habicht

You’d think that everything that could be done with jigsaw puzzles has already been done, but artist and designer Clemens Habicht has reimagined this classic pastime by getting people to reassemble colors rather than shapes – 1,000 colors, to be exact.

Norwegian Guy Plunges Into Frozen Lake To Rescue Drowning Duck

When this bearded badass in Norway saw a duck trapped under the ice on the surface of a lake, he didn’t hesitate to leap into the frigid lake, shattering the ice, rescuing the duck and making a new feathered friend in the process!

Poetic Dogs: Photo Project Compares Shelter Dogs And Famous Writers’ Expressions

Last March I’ve rescued my dog Rothko from a shelter and from that day on my life changed. He was found in a gypsy camp, in very poor state and after his adoption I’ve realized how many dogs are in the same condition all around the world and how a single adoption could change their lives and help supporting the situation in a dog shelter.

14+ Dogs And Cats That Destroyed Christmas

Your cat or dog might be the most adorable and innocent creature in the world, but when the holiday season comes around, they can suddenly become wild and unstoppable destroyers.