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New Embroidered Animals By Chloe Giordano Inspired By Death

Chloe Giordano, the embroidered and illustrator from Oxford, England whom we wrote about earlier, is back with more beautiful, colorful, needle-painted animal embroidery.

This Panda “Daycare” Is The Most Adorable Place On Earth

The Chengdu Research Base in China seems like it just might be one of the cutest places on earth – and it’s vitally important for the survival of the endangered giant pandas that we all love so much, too.

Tiny Paper Bookmarks Let You Grow Charming Miniature Worlds In Your Books

Adding a cute and playful element to the mundane process of bookmarking, these sticky paper tabs let you create little landscapes and scenes on top of you books, ideal for research, study and quick reference to your favorite pages.

New Watercolor & Ink Cats That Slowly Bleed Into Paper By Endre Penovác

Serbian painter Endre Penovac is back at it again with a new series of watercolor cats. When we saw his work last, Penovac’s subject was black cats that seem to fade into the paper.

The More You Connect, The Less You Connect

Shiyang he, a designer in advertising agency Ogilvy’s Beijing office, has created a series of ads for the Shenyang Center For Psychological Research, which highlight the detrimental effects smartphones can have on human relationships.

Woman Adopts Dying Dog To Make His Final Days As Happy As Possible

There’s no Make-A-Wish Foundation for dogs, but if there were, Nicole Elliot could be its CEO. The Columbus, Georgia resident recently adopted Chester, a cancer-ridden dog, from Animal Ark Rescue.

Fashion Illustrator Completes Her Dress Sketches With Food

With her wonderfully simple and playful sketches of various food items as fashionable dresses for runway models, fashion illustrator Gretchen Roehrs shows us just how closely related food and fashion can sometimes be.

This House Hidden In A Cliff Has Amazingly Terrifying Views Of The Aegean Sea

Two Greek architects have created a striking house design called ‘Casa Brutale’ that perfectly complements the powerful concrete style known as brutalism – they’ve embedded their luxury brutalist home into a cliff, creating a severe yet inviting structure with an at once beautiful and terrifying view.

A Dog, 8 Birds And A Hamster Are The Most Unusual Best Friends Ever

Meet Bob, the friendly golden retriever. Bob lives in São Paulo, Brazil, along with his human and at least eight pet birds.

Mom Turns Her Son’s Hearing Aids Into Superheroes So He Would Feel Cool Wearing Them

Cochlear implants and other hearing aids can be difficult for children to wear because of the teasing or exclusion that they might suffer from their peers.

Animals Leave Their Skeletons Behind In Stunning Dark Drawings By Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson, a British artist based in Toronto, creates stunningly detailed and dark pen-and-pencil drawings of various animals with their skeletons and sometimes organs lifting out of their bodies.

22+ Puppies That Can Sleep Anywhere

Sleeping Puppy My Dog Is Sleeping source Sleeping Corgis source My Co-worker’s Puppy Fell Asleep On Her Desk source Sleeping Puppy source Puppy Sleeping On The Table Too Lazy To Move source Peaches Sleeping On The Door Handle On Our Way Home source My Friends Dog Passed Out source Puppy Is Sleeping In His Bowl Mcguffin Goes To The Vet source She Likes To Sleep In The Bowl source Fat Puppy Sleeping source Weird Sleeping Pose source My Sister’s Puppy Was So Tired, She Just Fell Asleep In Her Shoe source Girlfriend Got A Puppy.

Snakes Invade Great Moments In Art History

I love snakes, and a few other humans on this planet also love snakes. Sadly there are so many humans that do not.

New Models Of Suspended Tents That Let You Sleep Among The Trees

Tent company Tentsile recently added three new models to its range of suspended tents. It revealed Trillium, a small, stackable, versatile three-person hammock that can sleep up to three persons, Vista, a two-layer tree tent, and the biggest tent in the range, Trilogy – a massive communal shelter capable of holding six people, with three separate sleeping areas and a central canopy.

I Turn Random Coffee Stains Into Monsters

Hey there, you little bored pandas, Once upon a time there was a little copywriter (that is me, Stefan), who spilled a cup of coffee.

A Museum Let Street Artists Do Whatever They Want On Its Walls. Here’s The Result

Street artists began painting on the walls of the Long Beach Museum of Art on June 26th of this year.

15+ Hilariously Honest Answers From Siri To Uncomfortable Questions You Can Ask, Too

Siri Response Siri Response Siri Response Siri Response Siri Response Siri Response Siri Response Siri Response Siri Response Siri Response Siri Response Siri Response Siri Response Siri Response Siri Response

After 75 Years Of Marriage, This Couple Died In Each Others’ Arms Hours Apart

Alexander and Jeanette Toczko, an elderly couple in California that had been married for 75 years, recently passed away in each others’ arms within less than a day of each other, professing their love for each other until the very end.

I Create Giant Sculptures From Scrap Wood

I’m a Danish artist Thomas Dambo. Everyday I scavenge wood and other materials in my home city Copenhagen, and create different sculptures.

This Abandoned Casino Was Once The Most Magnificent Building In Romania

During a recent trip to Romania, I had the chance to shoot the abandoned casino in Constanta. As a pearl watching over the Black Sea where wealthy travelers and the elite flocked from all over Europe to play and dance all night in what used to be the most magnificent building of the country.