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I Found This Adorable Puppy In An Abandoned Backyard And Brought Her Home

Vackor was found in an abandoned suburban backyard along with three other puppies. It was cold and they had almost nothing to eat as their mother was really weak.

Darn! Men With Yarn Calendar Brings All Your Dreamy Craftsmen In One Place

We are proud to present our new Club Geluk’s Craftsmen calendar: Darn! Men with yarn. We made this calendar in tribute to the pin up calendars you see in automobile repair shops: pin up girls dragging around tires and other auto parts while showing their sweaty bodies.

14+ Cats That Love Taking Baths More Than You

While some cats do hate water, the common myth that ALL cats hate water is just plain wrong! Water can make cleaning their fur hard for some cats, and can cause ear infections if they aren’t careful, but the cats in this list clearly don’t seem to mind – they even enjoy it!

1946 New York Subway Photographed By 17-Year-Old Stanley Kubrick

Before he went down in history as one of the greatest film directors of all time, 17-year-old Stanley Kubrick was known for something else – New York City subway photography.

The Protectors Of Iceland: My Fantasy Paintings Inspired By Icelandic Myths And Music

I did these paintings for the album “Með Vættum” by the Icelandic metal band Skálmöld. The inspiration comes partly from Heimskringla, an Icelandic Saga, but also from the amazing lyrics written by Snæbjörn Ragnarsson.

This Pitbull-Dachshund Is The Weirdest Mix-Breed We’ve Ever Seen And He’s Up For Adoption

Rami the dog is one of the most unlikely mix-breeds we’ve ever seen. This energetic 1-year-old pup, a cross between a pitbull and a dachshund, is being offered for adoption by the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society in the state of Georgia in the U.S.

Three Brothers Recreate Their Weirdest Childhood Photos As A Gift For Their Mom

These three brothers (and their cooperative dad) are the latest to try their hands at the cute and hilarious childhood-photo-remake trend – and they’ve done an excellent job!

Pixelated Hair Is The Newest Cutting-Edge Trend

X-Presion, a cutting-edge (no pun intended) hair salon in Madrid, has pioneered an interesting new pixelated hair coloring technique that has the internet abuzz.

Finnish Squirrel-Whisperer Feeds Wild Animals For Cute Wildlife Photos

No forest animal in Finland will ever go hungry as long as Konsta Punkka has anything to say about it.

Ukrainian Photographer Brings Fairytales To Life In Magical Portraits Of Women With Animals

Inspired by fairytales from around the world, Anita Anti, a Ukrainian photographer based in New York, takes beautiful portraits of women and animals in forests that seem to pulsate with magical energy and melancholy.

3,000 Years Of Women’s Beauty Standards In A 3-Minute Video

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that eye can see things very differently depending on where (and when) it is.

The Scale Of Nature: I Photographed People In The Alps To Show How Small We Are

My name is Jakub Polomski and I am a professional Polish photographer specializing in landscape and travel photography.

Artist Spent One Year In The Woods Creating Surreal Sculptures From Organic Materials

In an extraordinary act of devotion to his art, sculptural artist Spencer Byles spent a year creating beautiful sculptures out of natural and found materials throughout the unmanaged forests of La Colle Sur Loup (where he lived with his family), Villeneuve Loubet and Mougins.

15+ Kids That Think They’re Animals

I know that childhood is a time when kids form their own identities, but when my kid acts like an animal by drinking from a dogbowl and pees on fire hydrants, I ask myself – what have I done wrong?

Japanese Sculptor Shows How He Transforms Wood Into Surreal Statues

These surreal wood sculptures by Japanese sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemaki will become so much more impressive once you see how much work it took to make them!

Cat Hairband Lets You Wear An Entire Kitten On Your Head

We know that cat-related headgear, like these cat-ear headphones, is popular, but Japanese designer Campanella has doubled down, creating a cat hairband that will place a life-sized kitty on your head.

Amazing Underwater Creatures I Photographed While Diving In Indonesia

I’m an underwater photographer born in Venezuela and photography is my greatest passion. I have had the chance to dive in wonderful and different places, such as Galapagos, Bahamas, Yucatan Peninsula, Coiba, Bonaire, the Canary Islands and most recently – Indonesia.  In the latter I visited the amazing underwater world.

The Palace Of Mystery: My Pictures Of “Quinta Da Regaleira”

I am a Canadian photographer Taylor Moore. I have captured the magic and mystery of the legendary ‘Quinta da Regaleira’ located in the UNESCO village of Sintra, Portugal.

My Surreal Photographs From Burning Man 2014

Last year I attended my first Burning Man festival and had the most insane time of my life. I have never been surrounded by so much creativity and enthusiasm, and as a photographer/videographer I was highly inspired to capture the festival from my own unique perspective.

15+ Spoiled Cats That Probably Live Better Than You

You might consider a spoiled cat to be one that eats better food than you do or has its cat-naps on a silken pillow, but they probably don’t see it that way.