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Apple Says It's Investigating the iCloud Leaked Nudes Hack

Apple is investigating several iCloud account violations that resulted in hackers spreading leaked photos of naked female celebrities online.

Additional Nexus 9 Details Surface Online

It has been a while since Google teamed up with a hardware partner to launch a new Nexus device. Fans have waited for far too long for a new Nexus tablet and if recent rumors are to be believed, a new 9-inch Nexus device developed by HTC is in the pipeline.

Create Diseases And Off Patients In Dry Gin Studios Bio Inc.-Biomedical Plague

Usually when you think about medical simulation games and doctors, you think of helping people. That of course isn’t always the case as proven by the ever popular Surgeon Simulator game that we finally saw make its way to Android last month.

Wizeline, with a fresh $6.7M, wants to create a ‘corporate brain’ to boost product dev

Above: Wizeline's priority list of proposed features Image Credit: Wizeline Sixty percent of R&D budgets are wasted on features that are never used.

Apple ‘actively investigating’ alleged iCloud hacking that caused celebrity nude photo leak

Re/code has received a statement from Apple about the alleged hacking incidents. Natalie Kerris says: “We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report,” said Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris.

RunScribe Is A Wearable For Granular Gait Analysis

 Do you heel strike or are you a forefoot runner? If you have no idea what that question means this wearable probably isn’t for you.

Apple 'actively investigating' alleged celebrity iCloud account hacks

Yesterday a massive theft of photo data from celebrities made its way onto the internet. iCloud was named as the source of the data, though no information was provided as to how it was exploited.

4 hilariously awful Kickstarters that you will not believe are real

Kickstarter has become a wonderful way to watch hilariously deluded people fail to achieve their completely ridiculous dreams.

MOTA SmartRing May Be the Most Discreet Wearable Yet

We’ve seen all the different smartwatches that tell their wearers when calls and emails come though, but most of them are bulky and pretty obvious. If you want smart, discreet notifications without giving up your favorite vintage wristwatch, then the MOTA SmartRing may work for you.

Review - Amzer Double Layer Hybrid Case with Kickstand for Nokia Lumia 1520

Amzer's Double Layer Hybrid case for the Nokia Lumia 1520 is a rugged full-body cover, much like Incipio's DualPro line of cases.

Apple 'Actively Investigating' Hacking of Celebrity iCloud Accounts

Apple is investigating the breach of several celebrity iCloud accounts that allowed hackers to access the private photos and videos of multiple well-known actresses, according to a statement an Apple spokesperson gave to Re/code.

Apple 'actively investigating' alleged hack that revealed nude celebrity photos

Apple says it is "actively investigating" an alleged exploit to its iCloud service that allowed hackers to post dozens of private celebrity photos to public message boards this weekend.

Is Deutsche Telekom now desperate? They have now Lowered the price of T-Mobile

As we all know, the telecommunications  industry is a very intense one and those who can’t survive either go bankrupt like Amp’d mobile, if you can even remember them, or they get swallowed up by the bigger players like what happened with Cingular and the now monstrous AT&T.

Worth another read: Smartphones and Sex — your answers

Earlier this year we asked about how your smartphone affects your sex life. For some, it's a natural progression in the digital world.

Update: Sex Geckos on Russian Space Satellite All Reported Dead - This isn't very sexy at all.

If you, like us, have been gleefully following the story of the fornicating gecko-filled satellite that briefly lost contact with Earth a few months ago, then we’ve got bad news for you: According to Roskosmos space agency, all the geckos on the satellite have gone to that big lizard orgy in the sky.

How cloud gaming is leading us to the Holodeck

SPONSORED POST This sponsored post is produced by OTOY. The kind of holographic experience that Gene Roddenberry imagined in Star Trek: The Next Generation may soon go beyond sci-fi fantasy. The seeds for it are already being sewn in today’s cloud gaming industry, and in particular, by cloud graphics company OTOY.

Press Fit Standing Desk Review: An Affordable Option With U.S. Manufacturing And Materials

 A standing desk is a resource for the home office that’s increasingly common, but they’re still not affordable or convenient in most cases.

Twitter knows if you’re male or female, which is only the beginning for targeted ads

Conventional wisdom says that Facebook is better for advertisers than Twitter. After all, Zuckerberg’s billion-strong user base willingly gives up a host of data points upon signing up, from gender to job to age.

Apple Reportedly Teaming Up With Credit Card Companies for Mobile Payments

Rumors are picking up steam that Apple will be announcing its mobile payment system at its event scheduled for Sept.

Mystery (Partially) Solved: Stonehenge Was a Complete Circle

One of the mysteries of Stonehenge has been solved because someone was too lazy to get a longer hose.