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Colu Aims To Bring Blockchain Technology Everywhere

 Since its inception, investors have looked at the blockchain technology that powers Bitcoin’s cryptocurrency as a new platform to bring a new level of trust to real world transactions.

Encrypted Messaging App Wickr Hides Behind Cats To Post Facebook Pics Privately

 Cat photos are some of the most popular images on the web today, and encrypted messaging service Wickr is tapping into that, along with one of the classic tricks of the spy trade called steganography, to launch a new service that marks its first foray into the wider world of social networking: a way to post Facebook photos from Wickr by hiding them behind pictures of cute kitties.

Luna’s Smart Mattress Cover Can Help You Sleep Better

 Luna co-founder Matteo Franceschetti presents a pretty appealing vision of what it can be like to go to bed: As you lie down, the lights, temperature (of both the bed and the room), and the music all adjust to a setting of your choice.

Top 10 Cancelled Video Games

Prey 2. All I need to say is Prey 2. As an avid gamer, I will always drool at the Blade Runner aesthetic and potential of what that game that could have possibly been.

So what is the deadline for Lollipop on the M8?

It’s February 1 at ~5:48PM CST if you want to skip the rest of this. So days keep marching on and you might be wondering what exactly the timeframe and wording of HTC’s 90-day guarantee for getting Android Lollipop on the M8 and M7 versions of the HTC One.

The Case That Turns Your Phone Into A Polaroid Camera Is Now On Kickstarter

 The Prynt case, which lets you print photos directly from your phone, is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

The DEA is collecting information about “millions” of Americans without public oversight

A semi-secret surveillance program developed by the Drug Enforcement Administration is collecting location information about “millions” of Americans through the use of a license plate-reading system to which state police departments also contribute data.

JotterPad 11 Brings An Updated Material Look With A Typewriter Mode, Rhyme Dictionary, Custom Font Support, And More

I love JotterPad. I've said it before, but I thought I'd preface with this disclaimer and then convince you why you should love it too. I'm not in the business of coercing anyone, but I think we'd all be better off if we did more writing, be it regular note taking, prose, poetry, journaling, or anything that involves putting a series of words in an order that makes sense with a decent serving of imagery and correct grammar sprinkled on top.

Casual Games with Surprisingly Good Stories

While most casual games are not known for having stories, some have very enjoyable ones! Some developers actually take the time to add a fun story to their light games.

Tron-like Glow headphones pulse to the music and your heart

At first glance, a pair of Glow headphones might seem like gimmicky glow-in-the-dark earbuds that are designed to get your attention and not much else.

Smart mattress cover can control the temperature and the coffeemaker

For those who can't commit to a $1,000 mattress (a lot of people, most likely) even if it is high-tech, this much cheaper smart mattress cover called Luna might be the better choice.

Prynt's smartphone instant selfie printer lands on Kickstarter for pre-orders

Is 2015 the year that we start rolling back the progress of the last 20 years? In addition to dressing like extras from The Facts of Life, we've started buying Vinyl again and people are even discovering the "joys" of instant photography.

Mario Lives: An A.I. Mario Plays Itself In ‘Super Mario World’ Like a Person Would

Just read the above title a few times and try to process it. If you brain cannot wrap around the concept, maybe this will help.

Apple Pay is secure, but weak ID checks by partner banks create vulnerability, claims report

While Apple Pay is the gold standard for safe card transactions, some partner banks are leaving customers vulnerable to fraud via identity theft thanks to weak checks when cards are added to Apple Pay, according to mobile commerce consultants Drop Labs.

Twitter Adds Group DMs, Mobile Video Capture And Editing

 Twitter has added the ability to Direct Message with more than one person at a time, meaning you can now have private group conversations on the service.

Google Fiber is about to announce its biggest, most ambitious expansion yet

Awesome news for everyone who loves 1Gbps Internet services: Google Fiber is starting to expand much more aggressively.

Want To Bake Your Own Bread? Make It Easier With A Lékué Bread Maker

Baking your own bread is an attractive proposition when you consider freshness, taste, the lack of additives, and reduced salt content.

Galactic Defense Arcade Watch – retro asteroids fun on your wrist

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, that’s for sure. Back in the day, you’d get a full dosed version of the retros, complete with cheap chrome, dodgy materials and the like.

Why We Laugh at Robot Fail Videos

The fall of Asimo A bipedal humanoid robot, standing just over 4 feet tall, takes the first few steps up a staircase before crapping out, rigid and pathetic as it falls backward.

Alfred’s new iOS app turns your phone into a remote for your Mac

Running With Crayons, the developer behind popular OS X search replacement app, Alfred, has launched a companion app for iOS, allowing you to perform actions on your Mac using your phone.