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Cop charged with stealing nude pics from women’s phones

Prosecutors in Contra Costa County, directly across the bay from San Francisco, have filed criminal felony charges against a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer, Robert Harrington, who is accused of seizing and distributing racy photos copied from arrestees’ phones.

Motorola Droid Turbo Initial Battery Test Reveals About A Day’s Worth Of Use

When the Motorola Droid Turbo was only a rumor, one of the rumored features of the handset is that not only could it charge fast, but it could feature a battery that would last users two days.

HTC Rapid Charger 2.0 Announced

You might recall that Motorola unveiled the Turbo Charger a while back. The charger, for those unfamiliar, basically allows users to charge their devices faster assuming that it has Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology on board.

Judge Rules That Police Can Force Users To Unlock Fingerprint-protected Devices

There has been some debate as to whether law enforcement agencies can compel a company such as Apple or Google to unlock the phone belonging to either one of their customers, especially when it is locked by a PIN code.

Jealous you can’t get iOS 8’s awesome Handoff feature on your Android phone? Give this new app a try

One of this year's coolest new iOS 8 additions is Handoff, a new feature that lets you quickly move information and data between iOS devices and your Mac.

Android Central 209: New Nexus, Droid Turbo and You!

We're back from yet another week on the road, this time for Verizon's Motorola Droid Turbo event, as well as Google's Lollipop open house.

Roku Adds Google Play Channel to its Lineup

In an unexpected move, Google Play has now come to all current generation Roku devices. While there have been numerous methods of getting Google Play content to your television, most of them have involved Google Devices, or other streaming solutions running some form of Android.

‘What to Think’ Episode 27: Aneesh Chopra on and the future of health

Image Credit: VentureBeat For our latest podcast we connected with former White House CTO Aneesh Chopra at VentureBeat’s HealthBeat conference to talk about the state of the government’s insurance marketplace, among other things.

Oingo Boingo: Dead Man's Party

It's October 31st. You're stranded on a ~haunted~ desert island. The evil powers that be have stipulated that you must listen—and sing along!

Smigin Lets You Build and Learn Useful Phrases In Different Languages

iOS: If you're traveling internationally—or want to make simple conversation with a non-English speaker—the Smigin app on iOS lets you build phrases quickly, gives you native pronunciation, and lets you save important phrases as favorites to use later on.

These Cats Want In On The Halloween Fun, Dress As Orphan Black, Star Wars, & Disney Characters

Can’t have Halloween without cats. Above is a Star Wars Leia costume from Petco in case you want to get choked to death by your cat.

Engadget Daily: Samsung's all-metal phone, a Wii U eulogy and more!

A lot can happen between the time and the sun rises and sets -- especially in the future we live in. So, what's new 'round these parts?

Minuum iOS update picks up new languages, advanced settings (Giveaway)

Show someone Minuum’s linear keyboard for the first time, and you’re bound to see some head-scratching.

Contextly Expands Its Content Recommendation Platform To Include Videos And For-Sale Products, Too

 With the latest expansion of its content recommendation tools, startup Contextly isn’t just pointing visitors to relevant articles, but videos and products, too.

Google CEO Larry Page invokes Steve Jobs in interview, defends ambitious Google X projects

In an wide-ranging interview published Friday, Google CEO Larry Page briefly touched on late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs to highlight the differences between the two companies, one being hyper-focused on a small set of products and another with fingers in seemingly everything.

A final word from Taylor Martin

This article is my 628th piece of content (give or take) for Pocketnow. After somewhere over half a million words written (not including video scripts), it’s also my last.I have been sitting on my bed every night this week, staring at a blinking cursor and trying to figure out where to even begin.

Apple, Inc. shares reach new peak as company gears up to pay investors $2.8 billion in dividends

Apple shares reached a new all time high of $108 for the end of October, less than two weeks prior prior to the company's quarterly dividend distribution date.

For just $0.99, this iPhone app that will tell you when you’re going to die

If for some reason you really need to know when you’ll die, then the App Store’s got you covered, as Business Insider found a new $0.99 iPhone app that will guesstimate your death day for you.

Friendly Reminder to Snap up Demon’s Crest for Halloween on the Wii U

Just a friendly reminder that one of the Super Nintendo’s best and brightest hidden gems is now live on the Wii U Virtual Console.

Why middle-aged entrepreneurs will be critical to the next trillion-dollar business

GUEST POST Image Credit: VLADGRIN / Shutterstock Steve Jobs was 52 when he announced the iPhone. That was in 2007.