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Google, Facebook and other tech titans form 'Partnership on AI'

Five of the biggest tech companies have launched a collaboration to help the public understand the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Spotify finally launches in Japan, the world’s second largest music market

 Afters years of waiting, Spotify has finally launched its music streaming service in Japan. We reported earlier this month that the launch would happen before September is out, and the company just about delivered on that timeframe.

Didi Chuxing makes information security push with new U.S. research lab and hires

 Didi Chuxing, China’s largest ride-hailing company, has hired two distinguished security experts to lead a new U.S.-based research center as part of a major push to increase its data security efforts.

Apple CEO Tim Cook to headline Sen. Orrin Hatch's Utah Tech Tour on Friday

Apple CEO Tim Cook is slated to sit down with U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch this Friday in a Q&A session that will cap off the senator's Utah Tech Tour, an event created to shine a light on the state's technology community.

Large Looking Man Prepares Seemingly Small Lasagna

Without an outside reference point, it’s impossible to say whether Jay Baron is exceedingly large or the food he makes quite small indeed, but there’s a definite disparity of scale going on throughout his YouTube channel Walking with Giants.

This story about filmmakers who went AWOL after crowdfunding $75k actually has a happy ending

Two years ago, a trio of Chicago-based indie filmmakers and sketch comedy artists called FND Films launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $75,000 for its first feature film.

Xiaomi Mi 5S Teardown: What Lies inside the $300 Flagship?

The Xiaomi Mi 5S and 5S Plus officially opened for sale today online and really the progress has been rapid.

Komatsu's self-driving dump truck doesn't even have a cab

Despite the dream of the self-driving car, most autonomous vehicles still have a steering wheel, giving passengers the option to take control at a moments notice.

Manhattan's Union Square Cafe Will Outfit Managers With Apple Watches to Improve Hospitality

Union Square Hospitality Group and Resy, a restaurant reservation startup, tonight announced at the TechTable Summit that every manager and sommelier at the Union Square Cafe will be outfitted with an Apple Watch to help improve customer service, reports Eater.

The Americas declared the first region to eliminate the measles

As it was with smallpox, polio, rubella and congenital rubella syndrome, the Americas has become the first region in the world to eliminate measles.

Tim Cook to appear at Utah Tech Tour alongside Senator Orrin Hatch

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to appear at the Utah Tech Tour this Friday, September 30th. Senator Orrin Hatch will host a special question and answer session with the Apple executive at the event, which will take place at the Grand America in Salt Lake City.

Crunch Report | Facebook’s futuristic frozen facility

Uber’s self-driving trucks are coming in 2017, BlackBerry will stop making its own hardware, Facebook gives us a behind-the-scenes look at its server farm in Sweden, Nvidia researchers teach a car to drive from studying humans, Twitter opens up Moments so they can be created by anyone.

Two more of Final Fantasy’s leading ladies confirmed for World of Final Fantasy

See full gallery on TechnoBuffalo World of Final Fantasy is piling on two more popular females from the Final Fantasy franchise onto the game’s cameo roster, as confirmed by Famitsu.

Apple Music takes top honors in music streaming customer satisfaction study

Although it isn't as popular as Spotify (yet), Apple Music has apparently done a better job of satisfying paying customers.

ESA experiment aims to prevent "sick" spaceships

In 1992, cosmonauts aboard Russia's Mir space station discovered that their orbital habitat was overrun with a fungus growing in the view ports and behind control panels like some alien invader.

Watch the Rosetta probe fall into its death spiral this Friday

On September 30th, the European Space Agency's (ESA) Rosetta probe will cap off its 12-year career surveying Comet 67P (aka Churyumov-Gerasimenko) by slowly descending to its surface.

This terrible editorial is a monument to Silicon Valley’s sexism

Women in tech can be more successful with this one weird trick: erase yourselves! That’s the lesson of an ill-considered op-ed from John Greathouse, a venture capitalist and professor at UC Santa Barbara, published today in The Wall Street Journal.

iOS 10 share nearing half as it overtakes iOS 9

It’s been fifteen days since the release of Apple’s latest version of its mobile software platform. As of 3pm Eastern Time today, more actively used iPhones and iPads had iOS 10 than any other version of iOS.

Shake Shack's founder is making the Apple Watch relevant to the hospitality industry

NYC restaurateur, Shake Shack founder, and millionaire Danny Meyer is having a good week. He’s invested in a home-cooked food delivery start-up, introduced paid parental leave for all of his employees, and today almost single-handedly made the Apple Watch — a very expensive trophy gadget at best — relevant.

This iPhone 7 case aims to bring back the 3.5mm headphone jack

Apple made the courageous decision to remove the headphone jack with its new iPhone 7, but that won’t stop third-party accessory companies from thinking of every way imaginable to bring the port back.