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Machine translation startup Lilt raises $2.35 million round led by Redpoint, Zetta

Lilt, a startup that has developed a web application and application programming interface (API) for helping translators work more quickly, is announcing that it’s raised a $2.35 million seed round.

Apple thought about making Microsoft’s Surface Studio years ago

Microsoft's new Surface Studio is an intriguing, albeit incredibly expensive, new PC geared for creative professionals.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Discuss Potential Supernatural Series Finale, Raise Your Hand if You Feel Personally Victimized By This

I know we don’t like to talk about it but, if I can borrow a few words from Aragorn, a day will come when Supernatural must end.

Bots can help with daily Slack workflows

GUEST: In 1908, Henry Ford’s Model T assembly line changed factory operations forever. By 1921, the term “workflow” was being used in a railway engineering journal.

This Facebook Poll About Donald Trump Sure is Weird

There’s a lot of weird stuff happening on Facebook, and our readers often send us tips and screenshots of strange happenings from their News Feeds.

Deal: Jackery Portable Chargers From $22.49 – Today Only!

While smartphones these days are getting better in the battery department, there is still room for quite a bit of improvement as the batteries in our devices could stand to last a little longer than they do on average.

Mozilla’s Project Quantum is a next-gen rendering engine for Firefox

The makers of the Firefox web browser have announced a plan to replace the browser’s Gecko rendering engine with a next-gen version called Quantum.

Xbox One offering free multiplayer this weekend on Xbox One, Borderlands also free

Microsoft and 2K Games have joined forces to bring down the price of multiplayer games this weekend to absolutely nothing.

Google Allo gets an upgrade that includes some ‘Stranger Things’

Google announced an upgrade to the Google Allo messaging app that is a combination of actual improvements and enhancements to make things a little easier for users as well as a marketing tie-in with the hit show Stranger Things.

Wear Flip Flops In The Rain

It’s Fall in North America, and that means it’s probably about to rain where you live, or it just finished raining, or you’re reading this blog outside in the rain right now and your phone is all wet.

These plant molecules moonlight as internal thermometers

Scientists have long known that molecules known as phytochromes help plants detect light during the day and adjust growth accordingly.

Gumby and dog are the best pals

Dogs are good. Did you know that dogs are good? That they are, in fact, a perfect way to cheer up everyone in your life?

How Reverb uses social to turn 8M monthly visitors into buyers (VB Live)

VB LIVE: Social is essential. Where else can you increase your brand’s visibility, have one-on-one conversations and turn skeptical browsers into totally sold buyers?

Facebook draws criticism for ‘ethnic affinity’ ad targeting

 ProPublica pointed to some potentially problematic Facebook ad capabilities today — specifically, the ability to include or exclude users from a given ad campaign based on their “ethnic affinity.” These capabilities have existed for a while (Facebook told ProPublica’s Julia Angwin and Terry Parris Jr.

Apple says new MacBook Pro’s 16GB RAM limitation is to maintain battery life efficiency

Apple has commented on the decision to limit the new MacBook Pro’s RAM to a maximum 16GB, informing a customer in an email that offering more would make for a compromised experience.

This flashlight is strong enough to start a fire and cook breakfast

The FlashTorch Mini is a burning flashlight that produces an incredible 2,300 lumens of white light strong enough to illuminate the dark and ignite a fire.

IDC: 50% Of Polled Galaxy Note 7 Owners Moving To iPhone

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its subsequent two recalls and indefinite pulling from the market have been a major story over the last few weeks.

Meaningless survey claims some Note 7 owners have switched to iPhone, sky also blue

A survey from IDC hit the inboxes of tech journalists nationwide this afternoon. It was meant to assess the damage to Samsung's brand following the Note 7 recall, and see how consumer confidence had been damaged.

Nomu S30 Review – A Rugged Phone with Decent Looks

Nomu is a newcomer to the Chinese smartphone game and they have a one interesting device that is called S30.

Comparing Skyrim: Enhanced Edition with the classic version

Skyrim's new Special Edition promises a graphics overhaul, but how does it compare with the original -- or the original's mods?