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Don't Miss Fox News' 'The Tangled Clinton Web,' Sunday At 10pm ET

Fox News Insider Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House in 2001 "dead broke." Now they're among the political super-rich.

Spaced Newbie Recap, “Ends” - Life just isn’t like the movies.

Can all season finales mimic what the season one of Spaced managed to accomplish? There’s no come together moment for the group which is a bit of a shame after the last episode; They’re all splintered into their own storylines for the most part.

Dry Dog, Wet Dog

Brisbane, Australia-based photographer Serenah Hodson captured her delightful series, aptly named "Dry Dog Wet Dog," in the most likely circumstance that a dog will throw anyone the Stink Eye.

‘The Flash’ Trailer Teases The Final Four Episodes Of The Season

Not even a month ago, a new trailer for The Flash premiered at WonderCon which sets up the remainder of the season.

An Introduction to the Sexual Revolution

Graduate student Ariel Gordon discusses how the sexual revolution of the 1960s evolved into the sexual revolution of today.

Historic Dharahara Tower Collapses In Nepal Earthquake

The Dharahara tower, one of Nepal’s most iconic landmarks in their capital city of Kathmandu, collapsed to rubble Saturday after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake shook the nation.

Elon Musk's Twitter account has been hacked (TSLA)

Elon Musk's Twitter was hacked late Saturday afternoon. So was the website and Twitter account for Tesla Motors.

This Dad Got His End-Of-Life Wish To Experience His Daughters' Life Events He'll Miss

With the help of a local nonprofit, Charlie Kwentus was able to treat his girls to a night they will never forget.

Stickering it to the man: Airbnb packs SF City Hall for public meeting on home sharing law

The battle lines were clearly marked as the overflow crowd filled San Francisco City Hall on Thursday evening.

‘Tom’s Diner’ Covered By Britney Spears? Yes, And It’s ‘Maybe Even Great!’

Wait, what? Iconic anti-folk tune “Tom’s Diner” covered by pop diva Britney Spears? Yes, you read that correctly.

‘Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One’ Finds Male Leads?

While the Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim, California, did a lot to clarify a lot of goings on in the Star Wars universe, there were still plenty of mysteries to keep fans on their toes.

Sister Confirms Climber's Death On Mount Everest Using His Instagram Account

Dan Fredinburg was one of at least 10 climbers and guides killed after a massive earthquake in Nepal triggered an avalanche on the world’s tallest mountain.

Adopted German Shepherd Puppy Refuses To Take Nap, Mom's Reaction Is Priceless (Video)

Adopted German Shepherd Puppy Refuses To Take Nap, Mom's Reaction Is Priceless (Video) This German Shepherd Puppy Runs Around And Play Instead Of Taking Nap (Video) German Shepherd Tries To Get Her Adopted Puppy To Go To Bed (Video) Adopted German Shepherd Puppy Refuses To Take Nap, Mom's Reaction Is Priceless (Video) Headlines Humor Lifestyle Has Been Optimized The puppy in this video is like most human kids — they have a lot of energy and when it’s nap time, the pup would rather run around and play.

UFO Mystery Solved? [Video]

2015 has proven so far to be a year full of UFO activity, and among the related bizarre characteristics of this UFO activity has been sightings near erupting volcanoes.

18 Ways You Destroy Your Chances At Having The Love You Truly Deserve

Love is scary, but you don’t have to let fear ruin your relationships. — When love enters our lives, it changes the world around us; we’re swept off our feet, shaped by the one who came along and radically transformed as a person.

Things We Saw Today: Jared Leto’s Joker Meets The Internet - What if he got memes tattooed all over his body instead?

what if jery was the joker? via @todayiwatched — Seinfeld Current Day (@Seinfeld2000) April 25, 2015 Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad Joker picture has been floating around for about a day now, and the denizens of the Internet wasted no time in taking their jabs at the actor’s take on the villain.

VH1 Made A Major Change To ‘Dating Naked’ For The Second Season

VH1 Season two of VH1’s bare-it-all reality show Dating Naked is just around the corner, ensuring the summer stays steamy with blurred-out boobs and packages galore.

26 Questions We Have For Casino Workers

Do people actually get peed on? How low are the odds, really? NBC On average, how many people do you see cry per shift?

Could Israel’s water technology ease drought conditions in California?

The post Could Israel’s water technology ease drought conditions in California? appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

Did a ‘rough ride’ by police cause Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore?

The post Did a ‘rough ride’ by police cause Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore? appeared first on PBS NewsHour.