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Spiders appear to offload cognitive tasks to their webs, making them one of a number of species with a mind that isn’t fully confined within the head

Joshua Sokol in Quanta: Millions of years ago, a few spiders abandoned the kind of round webs that the word “spiderweb” calls to mind and started to focus on a new strategy.

I Choose Blue - Hey, No Fair!

I Choose Blue by Taylor Rose Ash learned long ago that you should always take your pocket monsters with you when you visit the county fair, because they're really good at all the games so they can help you win lots of prizes.

His New Collar

Every picture tells a story, and this one is a tale of overconfidence -or maybe just cluelessness. That's the cat door around his neck.

Gazillion 2.0: How an online game company rebooted itself and brought Marvel Heroes Omega to the consoles

Gazillion Entertainment is a company that came back from the dead. It was shedding employees a few years ago, and now it’s celebrating the recent debut of its massively multiplayer online game Marvel Heroes Omega on the PlayStation 4.

Breaking down Kim Dotcom’s bizarre, conspiracy-theory filled week

The conspiracy theory around murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich isn’t weird so much as sad: it drags a man’s fairly recent death into the spotlight in order to promote the idea of a “deep state” plot, based on evidence that’s either speculative or factually wrong.

Body Shaming Comments Are Made To All Sizes & Sexes, As This Viral Hashtag Shows

It's your body. It's your summer. Enjoy them both. Check out more #TakeBackTheBeach, here. Twitter's hashtags can be funny and touching, but the latest one to come to the social media platform is working to empower people who've been body shamed.

Report: Manchester Suicide Bomber Used Student Loan And Benefits To Fund Terror Plot

By Robert Mendick, Martin Evans and Victoria Ward, The Telegraph The Manchester suicide bomber used taxpayer-funded student loans and benefits to bankroll the terror plot, police believe.

Google's AI Is Now Creating Its Own AI

From IFL Science: Google’s pretty good when it comes to designing artificial intelligence. Its most famous neural network, DeepMind, is both able to “dream” and understand the benefits of betrayal.

Is Used Lawn Equipment a Good Deal?

Assembling an arsenal of all the powered lawn equipment you need to trim grass, collect leaves, and clear snow can quickly climb into the thousands of dollars.

How Trump Is Channeling Eisenhower On Middle Eastern Foreign Policy

by Ray Takeyh, Washington Examiner President Trump's triumphant visit to the Middle East is likely to be remembered as the occasion that changed not just United States foreign policy but potentially the balance of power in the region.

The Return of the Repressed

Wolfgang Streeck in The New Left Review: What is significant about the politics of internationalization is the conformity with which those described as ‘elites’, contemptuously by the ‘populists’ and approvingly by themselves, react to the new parties.

Kevin Spacey and Gordon Ramsay had a swearing contest, and it was f**king glorious.

Famed reality TV chef Gordon Ramsay is never one to mince words, which is probably why his new variety show is called The F Word.

Watch: Princeton professor delivers unhinged attack against Trump in graduation speech

Princeton University professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor issued multiple vile attacks against President Donald Trump in her May 20 commencement speech at Hampshire College, a private liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Shahrukh Khan TED talk 2017: The Future You

Video length: 17:55 [Thanks to Syed Tasnim Raza.]

The Inside of a Beatboxer's Throat is a Disgusting Display of Anatomical Gymnastics

Let’s take an educational trip down the throat of a beatboxer and get a far too detailed look at the complex anatomical system that enables us to make strange noises.

Body Slam? What Body Slam? Gianforte Wins: Montana House Candidate Facing Assault Charge Wins Special Election

FOX NEWS - Republican Greg Gianforte won Montana’s special election Thursday despite being charged with assaulting a reporter just hours before polls opened across the state.

Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Brought On By Benghazi Parents

By Daniel Chatin, Washington Examiner A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton alleging that her use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state was the deadly impetus behind the 2012 attacks on the U.S.

Resist: Democrats Just Lost Yet Another Trump-Era Special Election. Here's What it Means.

By Guy Benson, Townhall By now you're aware that Republican Greg Gianforte defeated Democrat Robert Quist in Montana's special Congressional election to replace President Trump's Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke.

Zuckerberg Calls For ‘New Social Contract, Universal Basic Income’

By Trey Sanchez, Truth Revolt Facebook founder and multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg thinks everyone in America deserves a financial “cushion” to give them a leg up in life.

Love is Not in the Air

Embed from Getty Images — We all have a mate for life. Is that helper always suitable for you or willing to help?