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Exxon Fraud Probe Is Shaping Up to Be the Biggest Bipartisan Climate Battle Ever

As GOP lawmakers try to shield Exxon from a state attorneys general probe into alleged climate fraud, the DNC calls for a separate Justice Department investigation.

Beautiful Minimalist Tattoos Inspired By Popular Disney Films

Image via romeolacoste The effect of a Disney film lasts long after the movie ends. Merchandise, fan art and fan fiction all exist out of a pure love for these stories, and these minimalistic tattoos are no different.

Summer Bucket List 2016!

It’s time!  It’s past time to set our intentions for these long, sunny, sweaty, playful, days.   How do you want to craft your summer?

Chattahoochee Plantation, The 10-Foot Wide City

In the early 1950s, Atlanta, the most populous city in the U.S. was growing at an incredible rate spilling its borders into the surrounding areas.

Charyn Canyon: The Grand Canyon of Central Asia

Tucked away between the Ketmen and Ulken-Bogut mountain ridges in the southeast corner of Kazakhstan, close to the border with China, lies the “Grand Canyon of Central Asia” —an impressive gorge about 90 kilometers long carved by the fast-flowing Charyn river (also spelled as Sharyn) during its northward journey from its headwaters in the Tian Shan Mountains across the arid semi-desert east of Almaty.

Chattahoochee Plantation, The 10-Foot Wide City

In the early 1950s, Atlanta, the most populous city in the U.S. was growing at an incredible rate spilling its borders into the surrounding areas.

Do You Actually Have Terrible Food Opinions?

I mean, should pineapple really be on pizza?

How to Post Photos to Instagram With iOS Photos

One of the relatively new and wildly underrated features to come to the Instagram app is the ability to post photos without even opening the app.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto will judge Uniqlo’s $10,000 T-shirt contest

Uniqlo is once again pushing the boundaries of T-shirt creation, this time promising a $10,000 prize to the person who can design the best Nintendo-themed T-shirt.

Donald Trump isn't really advertising in battleground states. Hillary Clinton is buying ad time in Nebraska.

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign added Nebraska to the list of states where it is running ads, including the traditional swing states of Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, and Colorado, plus North Carolina.

Infographic: How To Pet-Proof Your Garden

Created for pet owners, the following infographic by Home Advisor will teach you how to create a pet-friendly garden for your fur baby to enjoy.

Netherlands rolls out world-first nationwide Internet of Things network

South Korean telco SK Telecom recently claimed it was rolling out the world's first nationwide Internet of Things (IoT) network, but it looks like the Netherlands has beaten it to the punch.

Recipes For Day 13 of Our Clean-Eating Plan

Breakfast: Almond Butter "Quesadilla" C&J Nutrition Almond Butter Pear Breakfast Quesadilla Ingredients 1 tablespoon almond butter 1 (8-10") sprouted grain tortilla 1 medium pear, sliced 2 teaspoons dried cranberries 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil Directions Spread almond butter evenly over the tortilla.

2-Ingredient Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

2-Ingredient Strawberry Banana Ice Cream-you only need two ingredients to make this healthy ice cream.

Positivity and Listening Fueled Success for Sam Adams Founder

I recently received a copy of Jim Koch’s book, Quench Your Own Thirst. Jim is the founder of The Boston Beer Company and brewer of Samuel Adams beer.

Why Are Some People Transgender?

Recent legislative struggles around public restrooms and transgender rights have been so contentious they made Caitlyn Jenner have to pee.

The Best Solutions to Your Bug Woes

This week, I have a special bonus episode for you. You may have heard that Quick and Dirty Tips recently added a new podcast called Who Knew?

Club 75 & JOYRICH Team Up for One of Our Favorite ‘The Simpsons’ Capsule Collections

Visit the original post to see all 4 images from this gallery. Parisian outfit Club 75 has come together with JOYRICH for a special Simpsons-themed collaboration.

15 Hot Dogs Guaranteed To Be The Best Sandwiches You've Ever Had

These ain’t your normal dogs… Hawaiian Hot Dogs Recipe Here. The Endless Meal / Via Hot Dogs with Chipotle Cheese Sauce and Bacon Corn Relish Recipe Here.

Must Have Summer Drink Recipes

Sharing my Must Have Summer Drink Recipes with you today! With Summertime bringing warm temps it’s so nice to have some refreshing drink recipes on hand to make with the kids and poolside entertaining.