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Raf Simons Will Be Showing His Next Collection at NYFW:M in February

New York Fashion Week: Men’s has got off to a bit of a shaky start. While the menswear weeks in London, Paris and Milan are thriving thanks to high-profile names and exciting young talent, the New York scene is relatively commercial, safe and, to many people, uninspiring.

Theresa May is so evasive, a psychologist had to invent a new term to describe her behavior

Before she became the UK’s prime minister a few months ago, Theresa May was described as “straightforward, shrewd, and reassuringly staid,” but also “inscrutable.” Nobody knew her stances on some of the most pressing issues facing the country and, ironically, that helped her win the leadership of her party, and thus the country’s top job, against more opinionated rivals in the post-Brexit scramble.

Logitech Harmony integrates with Amazon Echo to let you control your home entertainment with your voice

Logitech is the latest tech company to embrace Amazon’s Alexa’s voice-controlled smarts, with the news that it is now allowing its customers to control their home entertainment through the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

Hillary Clinton will make a fine US president

Editorial in Nature: In March 2011, this publication suggested that the US Congress seemed lost in the “intellectual wilderness”.

Forget grit, IQ, and culture fit. VCs say this is what it takes to succeed at a startup

When founders are asked what it takes to succeed at a startup, many provide this well-worn answer: “learn to be comfortable with ambiguity”—an equally frustrating and ambiguous response.

Norway nuclear reactor suffered radioactive leak – authority

The Norway Radiation Protection Authority has said that one of the country’s research reactors suffered a leak of radioactive iodine on Monday.

Dear Startup Entrepreneurs, Please Stop Asking For Free Work

Starting a new business can be full of challenges. You’ve got to get customers and clients. You’ve got to have product or service.

Organized Chaos

Caos from Alessandro Criscito on Vimeo. This artistic twist on the credenza ditches the doors for an entirely new way of storing and securing your stuff!

Uber’s self-driving truck company just completed its first shipment: 50,000 cans of Budweiser

In the early morning hours of October 20th, an 18-wheeler tractor trailer pulled into Colorado Springs, Colorado, bearing 50,000 frosty cans of Budweiser beer.

We finally have an “artificial pancreas” for diabetics. But it's a letdown.

Melinda Wedding Carson Wedding, a 13-year-old Type 1 diabetic, wears her insulin pump on her leg during a dance recital.

For Cat People: Adorable Flat Design Illustrations Of 36 Cat Breeds

Based in Moscow, Russia, freelance designer and digital artist Sahua D creates colorful and charming illustrations of people, objects and foods, including Chinese dumplings, pizzas and zodiac signs.

Can Hillary Clinton win a historic mandate?

Two weeks before Republican Donald Trump goes down to defeat on Nov. 8, conservatives are lining up to declare preemptively that the Democratic standard-bearer will not under any circumstances emerge from the election with a mandate to govern or enact an agenda.

What the AT&T-Time Warner deal means for the future of media

It's official: AT&T wants to buy Time Warner for a whopping $85 billion. For anyone who doesn't know, AT&T mostly sells telecommunications services: phone, cable, and internet subscriptions.

How bathing like an ancient Roman did wonders for my health

T.S. Elliott famously said April is the cruelest month. For me, it's August — at least this year. It's hard to say what, exactly, put me over the edge this August.

The 15 Best Sneakers Worn at Crepe City Fall 2016

Visit the original post to see all 15 images from this gallery. Crepe City’s Fall 2016 weekend just wrapped up, and Highsnobiety was in attendance to recap the best sneakers on the ground.

Slam Jam Socialism Enlists Tomorrow’s Generation for a New FW16 Editorial

Visit the original post to see all 17 images from this gallery. The folks at Slam Jam Socialism could never be accused of neglecting the youth.

Legalize heroin

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Art and About: Charlotte Trounce celebrates the architectural beauty of museums and galleries

With her pen and paper in hand, illustrator Charlotte Trounce has journeyed to numerous galleries and museums across the UK to capture the iconic structures and large-scale spaces that house the works of art that the nation has come to treasure.

How Democrats turned on the New Deal — and each other

Despite the many virtues of Barack Obama's presidency, the masses have not shared equally in economic growth during it.

Anti-terrorism raids launched across five federal states in Germany – report

German police forces are conducting several raids across five federal states in response to an “imminent terror threat,” local media reported citing sources in security services.