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Who Is This Man And Why Is He Creepily Videobombing Samantha Ponder?

ESPN Ho-hum, another Florida State deficit, another Florida State come-from-behind victory. It’s getting kinda old.

Startup Unveils A Flying Car That Runs On Regular Gas Fuel

[Click here to view the video in this article] Image via AeroMobil Slovakian startup AeroMobil is taking us one step closer to the dream of owning a flying car.

Pictured: Moment great white shark STALKS surfer as he paddles for wave

Andy Johnston was chased by this three-metre great white shark (Picture: Frits De Bruyn) This is the moment a 3 metre great white shark chased a surfer as he paddled for a wave.

Artist Nickolay Lamm shows how men’s bodies differ around the world

Nickolay Lamm compared the vital stats of men from the Netherlands, USA, France and Japan (Picture: Nickolay Lamm) Women are used to having their bodies analysed and criticised, but digital artist Nickolay Lamm has turned the spotlight onto men.

Forget the calendar, here’s a designer candle that counts down to Christmas Eve

Counting down to Christmas is one of the most exciting times in a kid’s year (…and an adult’s). But instead of going with the traditional advent calendar this year, why not countdown in a more unique way… with a candle!

Personal Income And Spending Miss

Personal spending fell by 0.2% in September, and personal income climbed by 0.2% in September, according to the latest personal income and outlays report from the BEA.

Men’s sex quiz – are you a pervert?

This man is a little bit odd (Picture: Austral Int./REX) Ever had a sexy thought which made you wish your mind had a ‘Delete’ button?

Unsettling Post-Mortem Photographs from the Victorian Era

via Viral Nova [Please follow the link to see all of the photos]: The Victorian Era was a pretty morbid time in human history.

The Halloween Edition: Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

Via Paul Cory Chucky and Tiffany (Child’s Play) photographed by Paul Cory, submitted to our Flickr Group.

Halloween 2014: 5 of the most romantic horror movies for a date night

I can hardly watch! (Picture: Ximagination) When you’ve finished trick or treating, raising demons with Ouija boards or dressing up as various ‘sexy’ versions of everything known to man, Halloween is the perfect time to catch up on some horror movies.

Quiet Survival: A Story of Detainment

Erin Kelly recounts the story of Jeffrey Fowle and two other Americans who were recently detained in North Korea.

22 Halloween Decorations You Can Put Up And Leave Until Christmas

I'm one of those people who loves holiday decorations, but hates the process of putting them up only to take them down a few weeks later.

Why some animals have blue, green, or purple blood

Your blood is red. That's the case for most animals on Earth. But there are exceptions. Certain types of marine worms found in shallow ocean waters around the world have green and purple blood.

There's a Sofa in This Kitchen (and We Love It!) — Kitchen Spotlight

There are few things we love more than a spacious kitchen, but Kelly and Ed's wonderfully wide kitchen has a few more things that gave us a pleasant surprise.


The employment cost index increased by 0.7% in Q3, which was higher than the 0.5% expected by economists.

Chelsea Handler's NSFW Instagram Kicks Up a Lot of Controversy

Chelsea Handler is the latest female celebrity to get in trouble with Instagram for posting a topless photo.

Michael Jordan: President Obama Is A ‘Sh**ty’ Golfer

Michael Jordan may think Barack Obama is a great politician, but he believes the leader of the free world is a hack when it comes to the golf course.

Nudie Winter 2014 ‘Face 2 Face’ Lookbook

Swedish denim brand Nudie drops their Winter 2014 ‘Face 2 Face’ collection, inspired by the “well-groomed dandy” who dressed up in finer garments and took on another face to trick others that he was someone else. The dark, androgynous looks include tailored pieces with a focus on fabric textures, while silhouettes are fitted.

Soleil, Ivanka, Alyssa, and More Shared the Sweetest Snaps of Their Tots This Week!

Family playtime was a common theme among celebrity families over the past week. Whether on vacation or simply visiting the local pumpkin patch, celeb kids spent plenty of quality time with their parents.

2 Out Of 23 People In A Room Have The Same Birthday — Here's Why

How the Birthday Paradox can be used to explain a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.