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Floridapocalypse: The End of the Sunshine State

Nick Moran at The Millions: There are many ways to die in Florida, and a hurricane is only one. For example, you could be undone by the effects of sea-level rise — more than 3.7 inches since 1996 — which will soon turn Miami into America’s Atlantis.

Are You a #ProudAmerican? Here's How to Share Your Pride!

Are you Proud American? Show your pride and send Fox News your pictures on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using #Proud American !

Todd Starnes: Feds Want You to Eat Healthier S’Mores

By Todd Starnes, Fox Nation I have disturbing news to share with you from your federal government. The USDA wants Americans to remove chocolate and marshmallows and fire from our summertime s’mores.

Pelosi: Clintons Will Have To Answer For Foundation

By Ben Kamisar, The Hill House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) praised Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s vision for the country while admitting that the continuous stories about her family’s foundation raise "questions that they’ll have to answer.” Turn off Comment:  Art

This Week in Culture: May 30, 2015

FIFA gets compared to the mafia, profiles on Paul Millsap and Ronda Rousey, John Nash dies and the National Spelling Bee ends in a tie, again.

Disney’s Cancelation of ‘Tron 3’ Is Latest In High Potential, Low Performance Trend For Franchise

Sorry Tron lovers, but it looks like you won’t be getting a sequel to Disney’s 2010 movie, Tron: Legacy.

Deja Vu: Prince Shembo Forces Atlanta Falcons To Deal With Issues Of Animal Cruelty Once Again

Linebacker Prince Shembo put the Atlanta Falcons in a familiar position Friday when he was arrested for allegedly killing his former girlfriend’s dog.

An interview with Masha Gessen

MH Miller at The Guardian: The book begins by tracing the Tsarnaev family’s movements between 1985 and 2012, from locations in Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Kalmykia and Istanbul to Boston and elsewhere, though they have become predominantly associated with Makhachkala in Dagestan – “a backwater”, as Gessen describes it, in the North Caucasus.

People Explain Their Childhood AIM Names

“I was trying to get chicks on AOL.” BuzzFeedVideo / Via

New York government commits to shutting off lights to help migrating songbirds

Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that state-owned and state-managed buildings from Buffalo to Gotham and Binghamton to Plattsburg will participate in the Audubon NY Lights Out program.

Google Photos Helping Google Plus Refocus On Social Instead Of Imagery

Now that Google Photos is out there for all the world to see, it appears as if the Internet giant has another big hit on its hands.

How to Identify Someone’s Class Origin in Less than 30 Seconds

The spiritual victory of middle-class values in North America has been nothing short of astounding. Even the ultra-rich Bill Gates drives a sensible car and walks around in khakis.

Studio Fights, Borrowing From ‘Jurassic Park’, And More ‘Independence Day’ Facts

20th Century Fox When it comes to movie blockbusters, they didn’t come much bigger than Independence Day did back in 1996.

How a handful of companies is forging the future of robotics engineering

GUEST: Robotics are going to be a critical part of how we solve the big problems of the future. Unfortunately, it’s still an immature industry, hampered by a lack of standards, a focus on proprietary hardware and software, and no institutionalized mechanism for sharing knowledge among engineers.

TED Talk: Jimmy Nelson on Shooting Portraits of the World’s Vanishing People

Photographer Jimmy Nelson has spent years traveling the globe in a quest to document the world’s most fantastic indigenous cultures before they and their way of life disappear.

Vidur Draws Inspiration from the Simplicity of Form for Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

Contemporary menswear label Vidur presents their new fall/winter collection. Inspired by the simplicity of form, minimal shapes have been taken on and done up in various technical fabrics.

Man Impaled By Swordfish In Hawaii, Anti-Fishing Critics Call Randy Llanes’ Death ‘Karma’

A man impaled by a swordfish in Hawaii was apparently a long-time boat captain named Randy Llanes. It is said the man entered a deadly battle with the sword fish only to be wounded, and some anti-fishing critics are calling this a case of “karma.” In a related report by the Inquisitr, a 16-year-old Tasmanian fisherman caught a 580 pound swordfish, but it took an amazing six hours to reel the large catch onto the boat.

Rand Paul says we should just let Patriot Act provisions expire. Here's why he's wrong.

A Patriot Act provision that the government claims allows it to scoop up the calling records of every American is set to expire this weekend.

Martin O'Malley, That Guy From Maryland, is Running for President

Former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor, Martin O’Malley has made it official: He announced earlier today that he would be seeking the Democratic nomination.

The week's best editorial cartoons: Volume 2

Artists take on the FIFA arrests, the 2016 circus, and more. See more cartoons here.