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Fox Nation's Independence Day HOT Twitter Box: #ProudAmerican

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#ProudAmerican: McFarland: The United States Of America: The One Essential, Exceptional, Indispensable Nation

By K.T. McFarland, FOX NEWS I’m proud to be an American because we have done something no other great nation in the history of the world has done – we have used our great power not to enslave others, but to enable them.

Hillary's Email Story Unravels

By KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL, Wall Street Journal Clinton scandals have a way of bumping and rolling along to a point where nobody can remember why there was any outrage to begin with.

Reddit Alternatives Unable To Handle Influx Of Members After Reddit’s Firing Of Victoria Taylor Leads To Site-Wide Revolt

With Reddit entering a full-scale revolt following the firing of a popular employee, attention has turned to the fledgling alternatives that so far have been unable to handle the influx of members leaving Reddit.

Adult Film Coming Soon? ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Offered $1.5 Million

Could an adult film soon be released by Jenelle Evans? Following the release of Farrah Abraham’s Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom and news of Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit’s possibly upcoming adult film, Evans has spoke out, revealing Vivid Entertainment offered her $1.5 million to star in her own adult film.

SF Tourist Shooting: Attraction Goer Killed, News Crews Mugged, Suspect In Custody

The victim of a SF tourist shooting has left a mother grieving and in a state of disbelief. 32-year-old Kathryn “Kate” Steinle was shot dead in the San Francisco tourist attraction’s waterfront.

Jonathan Ford: Arrested Again Trying To Break The Animal Out Of The Shelter He Sexually Assaulted

On June 10, Jonathan Ford, then owner of the ‘I Love Lucy Pet Rescue Center’ was arrested on charges of bestiality.

19 Healthy And Delicious Ways To Use Your Spiralizer

Oodles and oodles of noodles! Zucchini Cacio e Pepe Cacio e Pepe is a traditional “cheese and pepper” pasta in Italy.

Light Lines: Stunning String Installation Inside Abandoned Church

[ By Steph in Art & Installation & Sound. ] What seems at first to be narrow rays of turquoise light streaming in through the stained glass windows of a vacant Gothic Revival church turn out to be over 6,500 feet of paracord painstakingly wound around ornate posts and columns.

Celebrate Your Independence With These Four Cocktails

Getty Image Alright let’s be real, the official drink of July 4th is beer — preferably consumed while barbecuing ribs, leading a “U-S-A!

Nest Cam

Get the eyes, ears and 1080p HD video streaming you need when you’re away with Nest Cam. It seamlessly integrates with your current Nest products in one convenient app, has advanced Night Vision, and enhanced activity alerts powered by Nest Aware.

Scientists Create Responsive Holograms that You can Touch

Image: Digital Native Group For anyone who grew up watching Star Trek, real life holograms are a dream come true.

Divorce Doesn’t Make You a Bad Dad. You Do

Despite a difficult divorce, this dad vowed to be in his kids lives no matter what. Here’s how he fulfilled that promise.

A Summer Cottage in France Gets Updated

What once was a summer cottage in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France is now the updated Chalet ‘Dag’ in Chamonix by Chevallier Architectes.

Chevrolet Impala Enthusiast Details His Lifelong Obsession

Chevrolet Impala enthusiast Don Rogers developed a lifelong obsession for the classic automobile dating back to a young age when he owned his first ’64 Impala.

What Almost Was: Sean Connery as Gandalf [Video]

What if Sean Connery hadn’t turned down the role of Gandalf in Lord Of The Rings? What Almost Was has the answers, and the only tavern in Middle Earth that makes a Vesper Martini.

You need to watch Sundance's Rectify on Netflix. We talked with its star.

Aden Young is giving one of the best performances TV has ever seen — but chances are good you haven't seen a single minute of it.

5 Sites to Easily Start Your Blog Using Evernote, Trello or WordPress

Want to start a blog or website as quickly as possible? Here are a few sites that make it easy. Blogger and WordPress are arguably the easiest two platforms for starting your own blog, but we wanted to know if there was anything easier out there.

Summer Grilling Just Got Real with "Grillary Clinton" Spatulas — Food News

Pin it She doesn't just have her sights set on the White House. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also wants to win summer, and right now she has her sights set on your grilling.

Why Are Waters Around The World Turning Blood Red? People Fear It Is A Sign Of The End Times

Bodies of water around the globe are reportedly turning “blood red” which has sparked a number of people to fear that the End Times are near.