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Two Tomato Bruschetta

I want to thank Better Homes and Gardens for giving me the opportunity this month to guest post on their blog, Delish Dish.

The Kings’ Demarcus Cousins Waited Five Years To Unleash This Nuclear Bomb On A Journalist

USA TODAY SPORTS Everyone stop what you’re doing. Stop right now. Drop everything. You’re about to witness social media destruction.

2000 Degrees and Climbing: Weather Map Goes Insane During Live Report

You may look at this and laugh, but if you read my pieces on this site every day you know, this is just another sign of the impending robopocalypse.

Cute miniature kitchen allows you to cook tiny breakfast on tiny pans

Japanese toy company Konapun has this cute but fully functional miniature kitchen that is just perfect to cook a real Thanksgiving dinner for your hamster.

5 Signs You Have Toxic Friends (And Why You Should Keep Them Away)

Shutterstock / Vladimir Gjorgiev Since I was young, I have always attracted toxic friends. As a child, I was very passive and never, ever spoke up to anyone.

4 Game Remakes Well Worth Your Time in 2015

Besides the impending robopocalypse, 2015 looks like it is gonna be a pretty great year for us geeks.

The 9 First-World Diseases You Might Suffer From

GIRLS / One thing I’ve learned from living in one of the most loved/hated metropolises in the world (LA) is our penchant for leading complicated lives.

Surviving the Avalanche

2014 has been a year of some dramatic disasters around the world – Ebola, Gaza and aviation to mention a few – and by no means do I place what happened to me among them.

Adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoes

Every runner could use an extra, ahem, boost once in a while. So these Adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoes are packed with loads of their namesake foam cushioning to return...

Honeycomb Geometry

Karunakar Rayker (CC BY 2.0) Via Alistair Bird at A Periodical: Bees have encouraged mathematical speculation for two millennia, since classical scholars tried to explain the geometrically appealing shape of honeycombs.

Breed Dying

Take a long look at what may be the last generation of Manhattan-raised twentysomethings for whom Brooklyn will seem like a place that is far, far away—so far that they needed to convince all of their friends to move into the same terrible building with them: All three couples were planning to move out of their Manhattan apartments by summer, and although the idea of Brooklyn was appealing — they could potentially get more space for the money — it was also unnerving.

Even Limp Bizkit’s Guitarist Isn’t Looking Forward To This Nu-Metal Cruise

Getty Image When you’re “best known as the current guitarist and backing vocalist of the rap metal band Limp Bizkit,” people expect certain things from you, mainly that you enjoy being the current guitarist and backing vocalist of the rap metal band Limp Bizkit.

Emergencies on Campus: How to Be Prepared For Anything

We may feel indestructible in college, but it can’t hurt to prepare just in case we’re wrong. _________ For those who have considered the need to prepare for crisis and disasters, or parents who are concerned with their child’s safety while away at campus, the challenges of preparing while away at school can be pretty daunting.

Recipe: Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce — Snack Recipes from The Kitchn

This is my favorite spread for making veggie nori rolls, but I also love it as dip for raw vgetables, a sandwich spread, or even a salad dressing, thinned with a little water.

Breaking Up Was The Best Thing To Happen To Both Of Us: Here’s Our Take On What Happened

Unsplash / Ales Krivec We broke up. We’d been together for over a year, but then we broke and finally we broke up.

Awesome new image sequence of Rosetta's lander descending to the comet

Check out this amazing sequence of 19 photos of the Philae lander descending to the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko on November 12, 2014, taken by Rosetta's OSIRIS imager.

Secret co-founder leaves company one month after its relaunch

A month after Secret relaunched its anonymous social network with a bigger emphasis on cleaner design, chat, and one-on-one messaging, one of its co-founders is departing the company.

ESPN will let you buy Cricket World Cup live stream without a cable subscription

More and more TV networks are giving online subscription services a shot, and ESPN is about to try out one of the more interesting approaches to date: it's selling a package specifically for one sporting event, letting viewers in the US pay $99.99 for access to its coverage of the entire Cricket World Cup.

Exploring the Universe with Nuclear Power

Artist’s concept of a Bimodal Nuclear Thermal Rocket in Low Earth Orbit. Credit: NASA In the past four decades, NASA and other space agencies from around the world have accomplished some amazing feats.

Garb: Mobile Office

Wilson and Willy's Anorak Jacket ($279). Proper Cloth Dress Shirt ($145). Levi's Vintage Selvedge Denim ($225).