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Bontoy the Traveling Toy

There’s nothing like traveling with children. It can be hectic to keep them entertained while on the go.

The billionaire retailer who wants to rule every kitchen in India

Kishore Biyani wants to own your pantry and control your kitchen. The 55-year-old businessman who built the Future Group into one of India’s largest retailers now has grand ambitions to put together a big grocery business.

Watch: The Evolution Of Women���s Heels Over The Last 100 Years

[Click here to view the video in this article] Created just for ladies, the following video by Mode takes a look at the evolution of heels over the last 100 years.

Letter with a map instead of an address delivered to the right place

When you don't have an address but really want to mail a letter to someone, you have to improvise. A tourist drew a MAP on the front of this letter rather than adding an address… and it… — Kris & Becca Richens (@RichensWorld) August 31, 2016 A tourist who stayed at a horse farm in Bú∂ardalur, Iceland, did not have the property's exact address, so on an envelope drew a detailed map and wrote (in English) the information she did have: "Country: Iceland.

Kelly Le Brock Remembers The Quieter Side Of Her ‘Woman in Red’ Co-Star Gene Wilder

Orion Pictures In yet another truly sad moment in an already sad year that has been 2016, legendary comedian and actor Gene Wilder’s passing has hit everyone pretty hard.

Survivors Of The Aurora Massacre Will Now Have To Pay $700K To Cinemark

Getty Image After the devastating movie theater shooting in Aurora, CO, back in June of 2012, many have discussed the best way to move forward after the tragedy.

Lomography's next instant camera should take way better photos

When I reviewed the Lomo Instant last spring, I said I wished Lomography had taken a little more inspiration from its own LC-A and developed a great automatic exposure system for its first instant camera, given the expense of instant film.

How Popular Are Your Opinions About TV Series?

The ultimate showdown. View Entire List ›

This Little-Known Pioneering Educator put Coding in the Classroom

Embed from Getty Images Therese Keane, Swinburne University of Technology and Leon Sterling, Swinburne University of Technology A man who was arguably the most influential educator of the last 50 years – though he was not widely known to the American public – died on July 31.

Mika Tolvanen designs minimal umbrella stand for NakNak

Maison&Objet 2016: Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen based the simplicity of this umbrella stand on a vintage cast iron model he found at a flea market (+ slideshow).

The Burning Desire for Hot Chicken

Honestly, I had never heard of Nashville Hot Chicken until KFC started advertising it (for a limited time).

Austrian official ‘recommends’ Muslim kids don't wear headscarves to kindergarten

An Austrian deputy mayor has urged parents to avoid sending their daughters to kindergarten wearing headscarves as the covering insinuates men look at them in a “lustful” way.

Blame it on the brain! Scientists find ‘switch’ responsible for binge drinking

People who struggle with enjoying just one alcoholic drink may be able to blame binging on their brain’s wiring: Scientists say they discovered a mechanism which determines both how much alcohol a person drinks, and how much they’re able to tolerate.

Posters Of Famous Movies Get Humorously Reimagined With ���Olympians���

The Rio 2016 Olympics might be over, but there���s still the 2016 Paralympics happening between 7 and 18 September in Rio de Janeiro that���s already caused a stir.

Instagram Unveils New ���Zoom��� Function For Close-Up Views Of Photos And Videos

Instagram has been busy updating its features of late. Following up on the debut of Instagram ���Stories��� and its new tool that enables users to zoom in while taking a video, comes the platform���s highly requested option that allows users to zoom in on photos and videos.

$55 Million in Cocaine Was Just Discovered at a Coca-Cola Plant

(ANTIMEDIA) Hundreds of kilos of cocaine were found in a Coca-Cola plant in France last Friday, making the seizure of the drug one of the largest ever on French soil.

Jeff Bridges Covers Bob Dylan With A Very Dude-Like Version Of ‘The Man In Me’

Jeff Bridges showed off his musical chops during the filming for Crazy Heart and he’s rocked out plenty of times with his band The Abiders.

Sphero launches Star Wars Force Band wearable to control BB-8 droid

If the Force is strong with you, then maybe you’ll be able to control BB-8, the cute Star Wars droid from Sphero.

10 Tricks to Make Back to School Easier for Everyone

Road-Tripping to College? When to Buy Gas Buy gas on Monday or Tuesday. People fuel up on Thursdays and Fridays for weekend trips, so most gas stations up the price before a big travel weekend on Wednesdays.

Did Donald Trump lie about discussing border wall payment with Mexico's president? Maybe not.

Maybe something was lost in translation. Maybe somebody is lying. Or maybe Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Donald Trump are being super precise in their language.