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Long behold, #TheDress emoji!

Long behold, #TheDress emoji!

3 Things I Learned About Sex by Writing Erotica

Spencer Dryden starting writing Erotic Romance at 63. From fantasy to the Big O, he’s learned a lot. — I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I never imagined writing fiction, especially erotic romance, even though I enjoy reading it.

Moschino Fall/Winter 2015 “Ready to Bear” Capsule Collection

After recently getting a look at the Moschino by Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2015 collection, we take a look at the brand’s intriguing “Ready to Bear” capsule.

What the CIA was really up to after 9/11

Robert Grenier joined the CIA in 1979, just as the Shah of Iran fled to America. It was a low point for the agency, but Mr Grenier, imbued with the ethos of the fine East Coast schools he had attended, particularly Dartmouth College from which he had only recently graduated, was eager to serve.

How Leonard Nimoy (RIP) grew to love Spock as much as we did

Andrew Collins in The Guardian: As with many others of my generation, Mr Spock was my babysitter. What we now refer to as “the original series” of Star Trek – it having since been superseded by four others, not to mention a dozen motion pictures – was famously cancelled by NBC in America in 1969 after three seasons, but it started airing here that July and boldly went into eternal syndication like no show had done before.

This Pod-Based Hotel In Japan Is Crazy But Amazing

Digging this insane hotel in Kyoto, Japan that’s full blown minimal and doesn’t have separate and private rooms for guests, but sleeping capsule pods and communal bathroom and closet areas.

Here's what's new on Netflix in March

Netflix has released a list of its March releases, and there are plenty of originals coming from the video-streaming site.

Ethan Ali: 3-Year-Old ‘Whipped To Death’ Because He Couldn’t Spell

In a viscous crime hard to comprehend, a 3-year-old was allegedly “whipped to death” by his aunt because he was having difficulty with a spelling lesson.

Why these karaoke company founders turned down 4 offers of $1.5 million on 'Shark Tank'

. Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: What the Chinese saying 'The ugly wife is a treasure at home' actually means

These Incredible Bars Are Hidden Behind Secret Entrances

It isn't that hard to find these watering holes — provided you know where to look. Hidden behind vending machines, refrigerators, and even fake walls of kegs, there are some pretty neat places to grab a drink.

Parts of the Northeast just weathered the coldest February on record

Talk about a record you could do without. Several Northeastern cities just suffered through the coldest February since reliable records began, NBC News reports.

Dark Energy Camera Takes Accidental Gigantic, Magnificent Picture of Comet Lovejoy

Oops! In a happy accident, Comet Lovejoy just happened to be in the field of view of the 570-megapixel Dark Energy Camera, the world’s most powerful digital camera.

Apple Just Dropped A Ton Of Cash On A 12-Page Vogue Ad – Here’s A Look At It

Apple just dropped a whole lot of cash—which they can obviously afford—on a mega ad spread in the latest issue of Vogue.

Kate Middleton Rushed To Hospital Following ‘Excruciating Abdominal Pains’

Kate Middleton was reportedly rushed to hospital in the last few days after suffering from “excruciating abdominal pains” and fearing the worst for her unborn baby, the Duchess took no risks and immediately sought medical attention.

Stephen Johnson: Police Chief With Heel Fetish Arrested, Fired For Hiring Prostitutes On

Stephen Johnson, the 53-year old Miami Gardens Police Chief, was arrested over the weekend for hiring prostitutes on the controversial website

POP BOOK: Fujifilm UK Launches Cheap and Easy-to-Make Photo Books for Smartphone Pics

Services such as Mosaic already let you make photo books in 5 minutes for $25, but if that’s still too taxing on your time and rich for your blood, Fujifilm UK has a new service for you.

In 2003, He Was Booted From a Game for His Dancing. See What Happens When a Camera Crew Tries to Get This Fan to Dance Again.

Minnesota fans are a special breed. Kevin Garnett, who returned to the Minnesota Timberwolves to uproarious approval this month, has no bigger fan, perhaps, than, ”Jiggly Boy.” Image via YouTube In a video put out by the team on Friday, footage from 2003 shows the fan dancing and tearing off his shirt, revealing a “KG” stamp on his arm, before security escorts him out.

NBA News: Former Knick Favorite Anthony Mason Dies At 48

After being diagnosed with congestive heart failure earlier this month, longtime NBA player and former New York Knicks great, Anthony Mason has died.

‘Sister Wives': Kody Brown Almost Quit Show After PMS Comment Backlash

The stars of TLC’s Sister Wives have endured plenty of criticism over the years, but negative comments about plural marriage weren’t what made Kody Brown almost decide to quit the show — he didn’t seriously consider leaving until he got called out for complaining about PMS.

NSA’s Mass Phone Surveillance Program Gets New Life, Extended Until June

CREDIT: AP The National Security Agency’s controversial phone metadata surveillance program reauthorized under the Patriot Act got an extension until June, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) announced Friday.