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Holiday Shopping: Gun Control

Embed from Getty Images Have you considered adding a bulletproof backpack for your children and grandchildren?

Liberal SJWs protest ‘Nazi’ Ben Shapiro but are completely clueless when asked one simple question

Last Monday, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro gave a speech about fascism and the breakdown of free speech on college campuses nationwide.

This Man Being Buried With Cheesesteaks Is The Ultimate Gritty Philly Story

Getty Image The Philadelphia Cheesesteak must be respected. That’s something I’ve come to learn as a denizen of Chicago, who thought for years that a Philly cheesesteak was simply an Italian beef.

The Terrifying Potential for Masculinity

Embed from Getty Images — Men are aggressive. Men don’t show emotions. Men never avoid a fight. Men are reasonable.

Priest urges church to abandon Christmas, ‘hijacked’ by Santa

A Catholic priest has urged the church to abandon the word “Christmas” because it has been “hijacked by Santa and reindeer.” Read Full Article at

Outspoken Trump Critic Jeff Flake Was Caught On A Hot Mic Saying Republicans ‘Are Toast’

Among the many congressional Republicans who have announced they will not be seeking reelection in 2018, Arizona Sen.

Report: Trump’s Staff Keeps Him Happy With ‘Delusional’ Good Polls

He apparently gets upset when he sees the regular polls.

StudioAC opens up interior of century-old Hilton House in Toronto

Toronto firm StudioAC has gutted a Victorian property in the city to reconfigure the layout and create more spaces for entertaining.

How Can Men Win the Inner Game of Sex?

Embed from Getty Images Dr. Vibe asks certified sexologist Dr. Stephen de Wit about men and the game of sex During the conversation, Dr.

Thomas Lenk Is Back And Just As Fabulously Fashiony As Ever

Celebrities aren't always trendsetters or fashionable at all, but when they are fashiony the way they wear those clothes that are different than regular people clothes makes them look extra cool in their cool clothes.

8 Simple Tweaks to Transform Your Boring Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is a symbol of autumn, and it's the traditional dessert to whip up for your fam when Thanksgiving Day arrives.

6 Reasons Why Dieting Fails You Every Time (And What To Do Instead)

Embed from Getty Images If you’ve tried to dieting more than once in your life, then you already know…Diets don’t work.

Things We Saw Today: A Video Tour of Every Star Wars Video Game

IGN put together this super-cool montage of every Star Wars video game ever made. It’s fun to see not only how video game technology has evolved over the years, but how the medium has helped to expand the Star Wars universe.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys or how I learned to stop worrying and love the surveillance state

Do Not Feed the Monkeys preys on the fear that drives people to put tape over their webcams. In it, you’re tapped into surveillance cameras that spy on different locations and people going about their lives.

‘Last Flag Flying’ Has Three old Friends go on an Uplifting Journey

‘Last Flag Flying’ A film with some good moments War is the topic of a lot of movies recently. They can take place in the past, or deal with more recent events.

Dallara Stradale Road Car

Chassis constructor Dallara has built everything from Formula One to Le Mans and Indy Cars — pure racing vehicles under their own brand or for customers.

Busy Phillips Makes The Best Point About Commenting On Actress' Bodies

Busy Phillips has some choice words for one Rite Aid customer and pretty much the entire planet. After a late-night session at Soulcycle, Philips stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a few things.

Olivia Munn On How Hollywood Is Failing To Vindicate Sexual Abuse Survivors

Olivia Munn says she will not forget how quickly Hollywood moved on from her accusation that Brett Ratner sexually harassed her.

Top U.S. general says he would reject ‘illegal’ nuclear strike order from President Trump

What happened? The U.S. military’s top nuclear general said Saturday he would reject an order from President Donald Trump to launch a nuclear warhead if he deemed it “illegal.” Gen.

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