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Gorillaz Announce Their First North American Show in 7 Years

Just last week, your favorite cartoon band Gorillaz took to the stage in London for a live performance of their upcoming album Humanz, joined by featured guest artists Pusha T, Kelela, Danny Brown and more.

Ep. 163: Target Trickery or Just Premature Shenanigans? – and more

Episode 163 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. Download MP3 –  Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS!

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Comes With 646 New Emoji

Visit the original post to see all 3 images from this gallery. With yesterday’s release of the new Galaxy S8, Samsung users are about to be gifted with 646 new emoji.

OneTwoTrip raises $3 million, plans new B2C and B2B services

OneTwoTrip has raised $3 million in funding from Bank Saint Petersburg with the bank taking a small stake in the online travel agency.'s first headphones are the wireless Buttons

Ex-Black Eyed Peas member and noted gadget lover has returned to the tech world with another new product.

Graphic design grad Georgia Cranstoun reconsiders authorship with a “bootleg” book

You may recognise Australian graphic designer Georgia Cranstoun’s name from our graduate line-up of 2016.

Reigning Champ's latest MLS collection celebrates Seattle champs, the Sounders

Reigning Champ's latest MLS collection celebrates Seattle champs, the Sounders The Seattle Sounders had a lot to be excited about this past year as the team went on to win their first ever MLS Cup in the franchise's history.

Mary J. Blige’s New Album Features Kanye West, Kaytranada & More

Mary J. Blige has just shared some huge, huge news. The multiple Grammy-winner took to Twitter to share the release date of a new album titled Strength of a Woman, along with the fact that it is “one of [her] most powerful albums.” It also has a tracklist that is truly out of this world.

H&M Is Launching a New Brand Called Arket

Business of Fashion is reporting that fast-fashion titan H&M is set to launch a new retail brand called Arket.

This Site Customizes Sounds to Help You Concentrate or Fall Asleep

There are lots of apps out there with sound effects meant to soothe you to sleep, to help you concentrate, or to simply drown out the noise around you.

Samsung Pay will soon let you pay online merchants through Visa Checkout

Samsung has announced a new partnership with Visa that will open up Samsung Pay users to online merchants through Visa Checkout.

Why Do Some English Speaking Countries Pronounce Z as “Zed” and Others as “Zee”, The Fish That Talk With Farts, Why People in Old Photos Stick One Hand in Their Jackets and More

In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we look at why various English speaking countries pronounce the letter Z differently, the Fish that communicate using farts, who the woman was in the famous Great Depression photograph plus much more.

The Logo Evolution Of Penguin, Random House, And Other Renowned Publishers

Penguin and Bantam While most logos are designed to feature prominently on their brands��� products, this is not the case for publishing houses.

Tens’s New Sunglasses Add Instagram-Like Filters to Your Vision

Visit the original post to see all 4 images from this gallery. Given that Glasgow isn’t exactly known for its good weather, the Scottish city might seem like a strange base for a sunglasses brand.

Meanwhile In Baghdad, Don't Forget Another City Under Siege / LE FIGARO BAGHDAD — A continuous flow of cars, scooters, and three-wheeled vehicles pour onto the avenues of Sadr City, Baghdad's massive Shia district, where roundabouts honor the memories of martyrs killed at the front-lines.

Illustrator Richard Ellis’ joyfully large-breasted and bare-bottomed characters

Manchester-born, Melbourne-based Richard Ellis balances two practices. He works a day job of graphic design, but at night he turns into a chucklesome illustrator who draws large breasted, bare bottomed characters in a signature sketchy style.

How to use Snapchat in the 90’s

Here’s what Snapchat would look like if you used it in the 90’s. See also: What if Instagram was invented in the 80s?

Rob Bailey talks through creating over 40 posters for London Underground

If you’ve been catching the London Underground recently you will have spotted Rob Bailey’s striking illustrations for Transport for London.

Bohuy Kim’s “strange but splendid” poster designs

South Korean designer Bohuy Kim avoids defining himself by a certain style but rather sees his work as revealing “the characteristics, values and approaches” he has.

Stephen Colbert catches an odd moment in Trump's women's empowerment speech

Stephen Colbert Rickrolled his audience on Wednesday's Late Show, after reminding everyone about House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes' cut-rate James Bond act, with the added twist that he will never give up his source.