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HRC In The Wild Collects Hillary Clinton Sightings Because Why the Heck Not - Nobody's searching for Will anymore. It's all about finding Hil.

It seems that everybody wants to find Hillary Clinton. In the utterly terrifying freefall-like climate that we’ve found ourselves in since the election, folks have been searching for any and every semblance of stability or comfort.

Masters of Mobile IV: Survival of the fittest data strategy (VB Live)

VB LIVE: You can capture more data than ever before — but do you know how to use it? Big players like Match are using sophisticated strategies to pull ahead in the fixed-pie world of ad buying.

Snoop Dogg Watching Candy Canes Get Mizzade Will Definitely Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Youtube/Shutterstock Like many of us out there, Snoop Dogg has no idea how candy canes are made. Personally, we’ve always believed they were created by evil grandmas (the ones who got fired from the Waffle Crisp factory) who just want to watch kids crack their teeth, but it turns out that the truth is much worse.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Better Salad

Whether you're cutting back on carbs, looking to lose weight, or trying to incorporate more fresh foods into your life, salads are essential.

Amazon Go stores could watch, listen, and remember your every move

There’s a lot of excitement about Amazon Go, the company’s new kind of grocery store that lets customers take what they need and leave without ever waiting in line, but there weren’t a whole lot of specifics on how this system works.

New breast cancer therapy targets ‘aggressive’ protein

Scientists have discovered a molecular “switch” that makes cells in breast cancer tumors become aggressive.

94-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor delivers sharp message to younger generations: ‘Be American’

A 94-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor issued a sharp message to younger Americans Tuesday: “Be American.” During a telephone interview on Fox News’ “Happening Now,” Lester Lindow, a Navy veteran, said he was aboard the USS Maryland when the Japanese attack began on Dec.

Madonna Twerks for James Corden in ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Teaser

As James Corden continues to bolster his roster of ever-expanding Carpool Karaoke participants, here we get a look at the latest icon to join in on the ever-popular segment.

BAPE Utilizes Its Signature Camouflage Pattern on New Fleece Bomber Jacket

Fresh from its highly-coveted collaboration with adidas, BAPE returns to tease yet another fire release.

7 Out-Of-The-Box Gift Ideas For Kids And Teens

Christmas is a time for shopping gifts and all the goodies for family and friends. As a parent, you shop for a good number of toys and gadgets for your kids and teens every year.

The trailer for 'The Circle' is here — and so is a creepy promotional website

Emma Watson is going to Silicon Valley. The Harry Potter alum shines in the trailer for the upcoming adaptation of Dave Eggers’ best-selling 2013 novel The Circle.  The film follows Mae (Watson), a recent grad who feels lucky to have been hired to work at The Circle, a Facebook/Google-esque mysterious, wealthy Silicon Valley company that catalogs everything and everyone's personal information.

Can Black America and the President Elect Find Common Ground?

Dr. Vibe asks if Black America and Donald Trump can work together Dr. Vibe asks Amed Hazel for his comments on the following stories: The Dr.

JetBlue's 12 Days Of Deals Continues With $30 Flights To The Caribbean, Bermuda & Mexico

We know the holidays are supposed to be about giving and not receiving, but you're going to forget all about that when you hear what JetBlue is gifting us this season.

Return date announced for third and final season of 'The Leftovers'

It's been a year to the day since The Leftovers last aired, which makes Dec. 6 the perfect date for HBO to announce when the Damon Lindelof drama will return for its third and final season.  In a new video released on Facebook and Twitter, Lindelof and series co-creator Tom Perrotta (who wrote the novel on which the show is based) appeared in the white garb of the Guilty Remnant to tease fans about the show's Season 3 premiere date.

Want To Know The Answer To Maeve’s ‘Westworld’ Decision Before 2018?

HBO A lot of answers were given in the Season 1 finale of HBO’s Westworld but not all of them. Considering the show won’t be returning until 2018, that’s a long time for fans to simmer.

Could Badly-Behaved Airline Passengers Lead To A Better Flying Experience For Everyone?

Though it might be disheartening to hear that air rage incidents reported by airlines are on the rise, take heart, my fellow fliers: all those unruly passengers could, arguably, lead to positive change in the industry.

iOS is still an amazing achievement that redefined the world of mobile computing

Last week’s Monday Note on the Macintosh endgame generated more comments and email than usual, which prompts me to pursue the topic, this time with regard to the history and future of the Macintosh operation systems.

GIVEAWAY: The Coolest Tent Hammock In The World!

This post is sponsored by Lawson Hammock. The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson Hammock, winner of the prestigious Gear Of The Year Award by 50 Campfires can be used suspended or on the ground as a tent.

David Brock wants to build a 'Breitbart of the left'

Liberal political operative David Brock is gearing up for four years of Donald Trump, and he plans to remold his media networks into anti-Trump weaponry in preparation.