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How I Manage Being a Sensitive Guy

Embed from Getty Images — I’m a Highly Sensitive Person (don’t laugh, you’ll upset me), which means I think and feel very deeply.

Russia accused of ‘erasing Muslim heritage’ for restoring collapsing Crimean mosque

Russia has been accused of trying to “erase Crimean Muslim culture” by restoring a local mosque. However, workers at the site say they are saving the historic building from crumbling after years of neglect.

Fe review — a conversation with a breathtakingly beautiful alien forest

REVIEW: Zoink’s Fe is a gorgeous reverie, awash in beautiful colors and accompanied by a soundtrack of soulful strings.

Descente Allterrain continues to flex its technical know-how with their SS18 line

The collection gets updated with new styles and rain-ready materials. For SS18, Descente Allterrain has updated its collection with a new range of colorways and jackets that are ready for a light sprinkling or a torrential downpour.

Biophilic design: How architecture can contribute to a healthier, less-stressful life

Despite the many conveniences and advantages of modern life, wellbeing and contentment continue to evade many of us.

Marketers Need Structured Innovation to Achieve Real Progress

Innovation is a powerful force for business success, but big companies can sometimes be too slow to adapt.

How These 4 Brands Are Using Their Apps to Personalize Customer Experience

In mobile Darwinism, every app fights for a consumer's undivided attention and home screen, but the reality is they tend to stick with their go-to apps.

Volkswagen's autonomous Vizzion concept ditches the steering wheel

Volkswagen's stable of future-focused I.D. concepts continues to grow, with the German automaker today announcing a new premium electrified sedan ahead of next month's Geneva Auto Show.

Vox Sentences: Iran is quietly building up its military in Syria

Vox Sentences is your daily digest for what's happening in the world, curated by Ella Nilsen. Sign up for the Vox Sentences newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox Monday through Friday, or view the Vox Sentences archive for past editions.

Celebrating The Irreverence Of London Street Style

Londoners have a particular irreverence when it comes to putting an outfit together. They're happy to forgo conventional styling in favor something more off-kilter, and they possess a masterful way to fuse high and low, wearing streetwear with tailoring, maybe throwing an Aries long-sleeved T-shirt over a tulle Molly Goddard dress.

Common blood pressure medication could delay onset, or even prevent, type 1 diabetes

New research into off-label uses for a 50-year-old drug commonly prescribed for high-blood pressure has found that it could prevent the onset of type 1 diabetes.

Lawmakers Brand Some Gaming Loot Boxes “Ridiculously Exploitive” And Call For Change

Dice/EA Gaming loot boxes have evolved from a supplementary and unnecessary part of a game to a near-mandatory money-sink for consumers if they hope to get the most out of their usually full-price purchase.

Everyone Loves a Good Roller Coaster

— At Kings Island, the amusement park where I live, there’s a roller coaster named Diamondback. You come out of the gate and up a massive hill, before plummeting 215 feet toward the ground at eighty miles per hour.

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It’s been almost 19 years since I founded Universe Today, back in March, 1999. Back when I started, it was a primarily an email-based newsletter with an archive version on the web where people could read it if they wanted to.

Scientists connect 15 genes with our facial features

Researchers have identified 15 genes that determine our facial features. Our DNA determines what we look like, including our facial features.

Unlike CRISPR-Cas9, this protein can cut RNA

Researchers have discovered a single protein that can perform CRISPR-style, precise programmable cutting on both DNA and RNA.

Nosferbatu: Researchers reveal vampire bat’s genetic secrets

Scientists have cracked the mystery of how vampire bats can survive solely upon the blood of their victims.

Enormous blood pressure study yields surprises

An analysis of the genetics and smoking habits of more than half a million people sheds new light on the complexities of controlling blood pressure.

Here’s what the White House says Trump is going to do about school shootings

The White House indicated that President Trump is willing to back some changes in order to try to prevent more gun shootings in the wake of the horrible Florida school shooting that took 17 lives.

Here’s How to Buy Sean Wotherspoon’s Nike Air Max 1/97 Next Month

Visit the original post to see all 6 images from this gallery. Brand: Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Model: Nike Air Max 1/97 Key Features: Corduroy upper, Air Max 1 sole, corduroy pull tabs, tongue patches Release Date: March 26 Price: $160 USD Buy: Nike SNKRS Editor’s Notes: In celebration of this year’s Air Max Day, Nike is set to release Sean Wotherspoon’s Vote Forward-winning design of the Air Max 1/97.