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Tall Man Goes to the Movies

I've been going to the theater more often now that I can use a $5 senior ticket, but Pillsbury was confronted with the prospect of buying $12 tickets for Black Panther Friday night.

Startling Evidence Indicates Funded Propaganda Campaign Responsible for War on Fake News

“Is ‘fake news’ real?” asked investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson during a Tedx talk this month — posing the paradoxical question in the context of its explosion in popularity during the 2016 presidential election — or is the term, fake news, itself, a fabrication?

Guys Talkin’ Guns

Embed from Getty Images — With yet another tragic school shooting in the United States, some men get together to discuss, to feel and to learn.

School shootings are completely normal. Stop pretending like they aren’t.

(TFC) – I hate to be the one to break this to the American populace, but reports of school shootings in the news should’ve stopped shocking the nation years ago.

Ravean's heated gloves and mittens smash early Kickstarter goals

Ravean has been developing different self-heating outdoor accessories for several years now, from vests and hoodies to sleeping bag liners.

Brass Tactics hands-on: Scaled-down VR strategy game remains challenging

Brass Tactics Arena, the free-to-play spin-off of Brass Tactics, has launched on Oculus Home for the Oculus Rift with Touch, and UploadVR got the chance to go hands-on with it prior to its release for some updated thoughts.

InYard Therapy Swing

Everyone tells us movement is an excellent de-stresser. Moving our bodies can help us let go of anxiety, stress and moodiness associated with modern day life.

Backlash Over Facebook’s Not So Private Virtual Network

> Source: – Onavo All VPNs do is route information through a third-party server online, but paired with traffic encryption, they can prevent governments and service providers from spying on users.

Mattel Unveils A Lara Croft Barbie In Honor Of The ‘Tomb Raider’ Movie

Warner Bros. Over the last few years, Mattel has branched out with its Barbie line to include heroes from the comic book world like Wonder Woman, but they’ve never modeled a doll after the star of a mature-rated video game series.


Link&Start is a small, beautiful and eco-friendly device that works as great as it looks. No matter your country, language or age.

‘Love Worth Making’ is Full of Tips on how to Keep the Passion Alive

‘Love Worth Making’ A book full of all kinds of wonderful tips I rarely read self help books. I have nothing against them, just not a type of book I read often.

Paris Hilton has a new song and it’s exactly as bad as you think

Paris Hilton has been teasing new music on social media, and now the wait is finally over. “Thank god!

Parkland students lash out at Trump, NRA on Sunday talk shows: ‘You sicken me’

Multiple students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were paraded onto Sunday talk shows over the weekend and they had one message for President Donald Trump, the National Rifle Association and politicians who support gun rights.

3 things parents should know about flu

Some facts to soothe the panic. We haven’t yet hit peak flu season, but we seem to be approaching peak flu panic.

Tiny Home Design With a Hidden Bed

The tiny home builder Cubist Engineering, which is based in Greenwich, New York has created a very interesting tiny home, which has no standard bedroom.

Cock up: Malaysian govt mocked for printing barking rooster in Year of the Dog ad

The Malaysian government was forced to apologize after putting a barking rooster in a newspaper ad celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Another Beginning of Spring

The wild rosemary offers itself to the ecology. And in gratitude, under warm sun of a late winter morning, it becomes alive with the somnolence of the bees.

Meta-Footwear: Sneaker Protectors, So You Can Have Shoes for Your Shoes

[ By WebUrbanist in Design & Products & Packaging. ] These new Shoes for Shoes combine sandals, galoshes, and, well, shoes, to create a hybrid fashion phenomenon making its way from the runways of Men’s Fashion Week in Paris to a store near you.

Do You Believe Her Now?

With new evidence that he lied to get onto the Supreme Court, it’s time to take the idea seriously.

Quirky Photo Series Of Models Wearing All Of Their Clothes At Once

(All photos via Libby Oliver/CHEW ON THIS ART) It's natural to assume fashion models own a lot of clothes, especially when you consider many of the designers and brands they pose for give them a ton of free clothes after the shoot.