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‘Racist’ smoothie ads in Austria spark online controversy (PHOTOS)

An advertising campaign, launched in Austria by an organic smoothies producing company, has sparked controversy and was slammed for its “racist” overtones.

Soccer star Neymar’s record-breaking pay is good news for his teammates

In the biggest payday ever for a soccer player, French football club Paris Saint-Germaine bought Barcelona FC’s former striker, Brazilian-born Neymar da Silva Santos Jr., on Aug.

Public Goods Bathroom Essentials

We spend too much money on the household items we use. And Public Goods wants to change that with a line of sustainable products for the home and bathroom.

Probiotics Could Cut Sepsis in Infants for Just $1 a Day

Bacteria, viruses and other germs sometimes set off the immune system to overreact, producing a severe condition called sepsis.

When a superfan crosses the line, things will never be the same again (short film with Sean Young)

  bOING bOING’s resident video guru Eric Mittleman has been one of my nearest and dearest friends for over a quarter century.

For $10 a month, a Netflix co-founder wants you to go to the cinema as much as you like

Imagine seeing all the movies as you want in cinemas for the same price as your monthly Netflix subscription.

A Travel Primer For Guam’s Culture, Food, And Beaches

Shutterstock There’s a good chance you’ve seen Guam come up a lot on your social feeds lately. Sadly, it probably hasn’t been connected to travel.

Demi Lovato's Motto For Seeing Crushes at the Gym Belongs on a Frickin' Poster

A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on Jun 28, 2017 at 11:14am PDT From Disney actress to international pop star, Demi Lovato has won the world over with her honest lyrics and down-to-earth personality, but her ability to keep it real when promoting body positivity has made her a true inspiration in the fitness world.

Oregon governor signs bill requiring health insurers to cover abortion

Oregon Democratic Gov. Kate Brown signed legislation Tuesday requiring health insurers to cover birth control and abortion without charging patients a co-pay, The Washington Post reported.

Animated Simulation Shows What The Eclipse Will Look Like In Your Zip Code

The total solar eclipse on August 21st is required viewing because there won't be another like it until 2024, but unless you live in a narrow strip of the United States it's only going to be visible as a partial eclipse.

Uber is letting some drivers pick and choose where they drive

Uber is experimenting with giving a key decision-making power to drivers, making good on its “be your own boss” tagline.

‘Patti Cake$’ Is A Straight-Out-Of-Jersey Story Of Hip-Hop Dreams

Fox Searchlight “Sometimes I wake up in the morning and it cuts me like a knife / I come face-to-face with my longing for another world, another life,” Bruce Springsteen sings over the opening and closing credits of Patti Cake$, the feature debut of writer/director Geremy Jasper.

Happier Campers: Take Your Gear to a New Level With These 15 Innovations

[ By SA Rogers in Destinations & Sights & Travel. ] Elevate your camping style with the latest high-performance gear like twig-burning stoves, tree tents, bear-proof coolers and portable loungers.

CrossFitter Jennifer Smith Shows Off Her 15-Minute 6-Pack "Transformation"

Ahhh the power of lighting, body posture, and a good smile! 😐➡️😃💪#transformationtuesday #15minuteslater •• 📸: @sevanmatossian //@ascudds A post shared by Jennifer Smith (@jensmith008) on Aug 15, 2017 at 12:55pm PDT Think fit, toned people look that way all the time?

These are the most Instagram-worthy waterfall hikes in all 50 states

There are times when the treadmill or stairclimber comes in handy, but Mother Nature is really the ultimate gym.

Google Home now makes voice calls, and they’re free in Canada and the U.S.

Starting today, Google Home smart speakers will be able to make voice calls free of charge to contacts and millions of businesses in the United States and Canada.

OK4 Outdoor Knife

Outstanding cutting power–and outstanding value to boot–the scandi grind OK4 Outdoor Knife is crafted from Japanese knife steel–3mm hardened carbon steel–with an electrophoretic deposition rust resistant coating, and boasting a fire-starting spine all affixed to a Santoprene friction grip.

The Volleback Solar Charged Jacket Is Glowing Outdoor Wear

Although the Volleback Solar Charged Jacket won’t offer its wearer the same superhuman abilities as those made famous by Kryton’s most famous son, Kal-El, this lightweight adventure jacket does operate similarly to Superman: it’s a large wearable solar surface engineered to gather sunlight and convert it into energy, turning the entire outer layer into a glowing phosphorescent wearable at night.

Casa Xixim by Specht Architects opens up to Tulum's jungle and ocean

Bedrooms at this holiday villa in the Mexican resort of Tulum open onto expansive terraces overlooking the tropical forest and beach.

12 commandments for living in Hungary

Editors note: All images are authors own. Thou shalt not refuse a glass of pálinka. Pálinka is Hungary’s signature fruit brandy, traditionally enjoyed to consummate a meal and easily found at any liquor store, bar, or restaurant.