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Egypt Changes Solar Power Scheme To Attract International Investors

Egypt plans to change regulations for the next push of solar power expansion following concerns raised by some international project developers.

What will Indian e-commerce companies do to win this festive season?

The stage is set and the stakes are high. On Oct. 2 leading Indian e-commerce companies will kickstart their annual festive season sales.

Joe Biden pummels Donald Trump over no-tax braggadocio: 'Just pay your fair share, for God's sake'

Vice President Joe Biden was on Thursday's Tonight Show, and when Jimmy Kimmel asked him about Monday's debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Biden (a Catholic) crossed himself and joked, "Bless me, Father, for I am about to sin." He said he watched the debate by himself, and "I've never quite seen anything like that." When Fallon asked if he'd ever seen so much fact-checking, Biden replied, "Well, I can tell you what, I've never seen anybody who knew as few facts." "It's not a joke," he added, as everybody laughed.

Beijing warns outsider Japan against ‘playing with fire & messing in South China Sea’

China has warned Tokyo against “playing with fire” and joining US-led naval “patrols” and “exercises” in the disputed South China Sea, telling Japan, which is “outside the region”, that it should stop meddling in affairs that are none of its concern.

If Blizzard���s ���Overwatch��� Characters Were Adorable Felines���

Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie is a Seoul-based design studio that specializes in animal prints and character design.

Engineers Develop Wind Turbines to Harness the Power of Typhoons

[Image Source: Challenergy] Japanese engineers developed an incredibly rugged wind turbine which is capable of harnessing the immense powers of typhoons.

Logitech unveils a new HD webcam for livestreaming

Logitech wants to make livestreaming more accessible, so it is introducing the C922 Pro Stream Webcam today, along with software that makes it easy to create a high-speed, high-quality livestream broadcast for the Twitch generation.

Logitech made a new webcam in the year 2016

Logitech released it last webcam in 2012. When was the last time you bought a webcam? Today it’s introducing the new C922 Pro Stream Webcam, which records in HD 1080p or 720p at 60fps video.

USA Today Publishes Presidential Endorsement for the First Time in its History: 'Don't Vote for Donald Trump'

USA Today, the newspaper you get for free at Holiday Inns around the country, just issued its first ever endorsement of a Presidential candidate in its 34 year history — literally anyone but inflamed carbuncle Donald Trump.

7 things you didn't know about ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Jurassic World’

Jurassic Park and Jurassic World brought some of our favorite monsters from extinction into theaters everywhere.

5 Essential Tech Gadgets You Need In Your Life Right Now

5 Essential Tech Gadgets You Need In Your Life Right Now With the relentless pace of technology, it can quickly become expensive keeping up with the latest trends.

Philippines leader compares himself to Hitler, says he'd 'slaughter' drug users

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte used a speech on Friday to announce that there are "three million drug addicts" in his country, and he would be "happy to slaughter them." Speaking to reporters after a trip to Vietnam, Duterte said that he has been "portrayed to be some cousin of [Adolf] Hitler," adding that Hitler orchestrated the murder of millions of Jews.

How To Get Away With Murder Recap: Finally, Justice Is Served

Two episodes into the third season of How To Get Away With Murder, we're one step closer to finding out who dies in the fire at Annalise's (Viola Davis) house.

The Differences Between Left-Brained And Right-Brained People

Which side of your brain is more dominant? If it���s the left, you���re probably more logical and rational.

USA Today Sets A Different Tone By Breaking Tradition To Call Trump ‘Unfit’ To Be President

Getty Image Many like to point out the biases within the media around the nation, calling out the trustworthiness of the “liberal media.” It’s been prevalent throughout Election 2016, with both candidates showing an aversion to the press and Donald Trump regularly banning some outlets from even speaking to his campaign.

China NEA Drafts Proposed Cuts To 2017 Solar FiTs

The National Energy Administration (NEA) of China has published its draft version of proposed 2017 feed-in tariff (FiT) levels for ground mount and distributed generation PV power plants.

Amazon's next game will be the first to use Twitch's new currency

Amazon's next game is a four-on-four multiplayer battler called Breakaway, the company announced tonight, and will be the first game in the world to use a new currency developed by popular streaming site Twitch.

UN news outlet deletes tweet calling on American expats to ‘stop Trump’

The United Nations’ news agency quickly shuffled Thursday evening to remove a tweet the outlet published requesting “8 million Americans abroad” register to vote to “stop Trump.” The tweet, published at 9:14 p.m.

Would You Survive In "How To Get Away With Murder"?

We’ve all done terrible things.

Ambient rock group Tycho just released a surprise, chill new album

Look, it’s been a crazy week. You started out watching Donald Trump yell for 90 minutes, and now it’s Friday, and you’re ready to take a break.