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The Eagles are Soaring — and So is Carson Wentz

> Source: – Cam%20Newton But over the past six weeks, that’s exactly what has happened, with Wentz emerging as the National Football Conference’s most popular QB on Social, sporting a 72 percent positive score over the last 30 days.

Three Design Studios Reinventing One of America’s Most Timeless Furniture Styles

Original minimalist designs have never really gone out of style. Read More »

John McCain takes a barely veiled swipe at Trump's Vietnam-draft-deferring 'bone spurs'

President Trump may prefer war heroes who were not captured, as he infamously said of Sen. John McCain in 2015, but McCain apparently prefers presidents who did not avoid serving in Vietnam because of bone spurs — a condition Trump says kept him out of the war after his college deferments ran out.

Disney Edition Of Monopoly Is Set To Make The Holidays Fun Again

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Left background by Depositphotos via Crello, left image via Amazon, right screenshot by Disney via GIPHY The holiday season appears to lose more of its sparkle each year you get older.

Some Google Pixel 2 XL Users Already Plagued By Screen Burn-Ins

It looks like Apple isn’t the only one suffering from faulty units within its early batch of iPhone 8 gadgets.

Burger King may have just come up with the best ad about bullying, ever

Normally it might be a little weird to rely on a fast food chain to make an important point about something as serious as bullying.

Casagrande Laboratory designs cross-laminated timber micro house for city dwellers

To free up space in cramped cities, Finnish architecture firm Casagrande Laboratory designed this self-sufficient prefab house to fit on the footprint of a single car parking space.

How the US Government Created and Coddled the Gun Industry

Embed from Getty Images — Brian DeLay, University of California, Berkeley After Stephen Paddock opened fire on Las Vegas concertgoers on Oct.

Here's What My Parents' 1974 Wedding Would Cost In 2017 Dollars

Before planning her own wedding, Meg Keene thought about the nice, classy wedding her parents had in 1974.

Trump as Superman might be the most cringe-inducing image you will ever see

Trump’s eldest son took to social media to share a digitally manipulated photograph of the US president as Superman.

Sexual harassment claims topple 2 Wall Street executives, hit Hollywood director, restaurateur

Fidelity Investments fired two high-level executives in the past few weeks amid sexual harassment complaints, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post reported Sunday, and the Los Angeles Times and New Orleans Times-Picayune published reports of serial sexual harassment against a Hollywood writer/director and a New Orleans celebrity restaurateur, respectively.

Super Typhoon Lan lashed Tokyo on the weekend, but didn’t put a dent in election turnout

Super Typhoon Lan, a Category-4 equivalent hurricane, wreaked havoc across Japan’s main island over the weekend, just as people went to the polls to vote in parliamentary elections.

After analysing 4,000 films, researchers confirm that Bollywood movies are still crazy sexist

Bollywood has been notorious for its mistreatment of woman characters—and now data proves it. Over the years, women portraying central characters in Hindi cinema have been few and far between.

U.S. warns about hackers attacking nuclear, energy, aviation, water, and manufacturing industries

(Reuters) — The U.S government issued a rare public warning that sophisticated hackers are targeting energy and industrial firms, the latest sign that cyber attacks present an increasing threat to the power industry and other public infrastructure.

5 Ways to Deal With a Child Who Lies

At some point, most (if not all) children will lie to their parents. Many times these lies are harmless, brushed aside as cute, little white lies that will make you chuckle, saying things like “the hamster ate my homework.” But some kids struggle with lying much more than others.

Chilling CCTV VIDEO captures man pushing woman on rail track in cold blood

A CCTV camera has captured a man calmly pushing a woman on rail tracks at a Hong Kong train station, then walking away in cold blood.

From roadside jugaad to unicorn-run chains, mobile repair is now serious business in India

Sahil Qureshi operates out of a hole-in-the-wall shop amid bakeries and pharmacies in Santacruz, a western suburb of Mumbai.

Researchers have found an unexpected axis of North Korea’s cyber activity: India

India and a handful of other countries are unwittingly aiding North Korea as it carries out cyberattacks against its enemies.

Thousands take to streets in Malta to demand justice for slain anti-corruption journalist (PHOTOS)

Thousands of people poured into the streets of the Maltese capital, Valletta, on Sunday to voice their indignation over the death of a prominent investigative journalist, known for exposing state corruption, who was killed by a car bomb last week.

How to stock your pantry for snacking emergencies, according to a health coach

It happens to the best of us: You’re hanging out at home, and all of the sudden you’re hit with a “Must.