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Can You Spot The Difference Between China’s Fake ‘Paris’ And The Real City?

Images by François Prost and featured with permission If you want to see the Eiffel Tower and the Versailles, you now have options.

America's global leadership image took a big hit last year

President Trump's "America First" presidency has pulled the image of American leadership to new lows, according to the new Gallup World Poll report released Thursday.

Air India’s sale hinges on how its gigantic debt is managed

The Narendra Modi government is lining up Air India for privatisation, but there’s a four-letter word that could stall the national carrier’s takeoff: debt.

Netherlandish Proverbs

Hanging at the Gemäldegalerie art museum in Berlin, Germany, is an unusual painting. Measuring 64 inches by 46 inches, this 16th century oil-on-oak-panel painting is populated by a swarm of miniature men, women, children and animals performing a range of extraordinary and bizarre acts—two men defecating out of a window, a man biting into a wooden pillar, another man banging his head against a wall, a man burying a calf, a man attempting to scoop up spilled porridge, and a woman tying into a bundle what appears to be the devil.

H&M Hires ‘Diversity Leader’ Amid Controversial ‘Monkey Hoodie’ Backlash

Image via monticello / In its attempts to redeem itself following its controversial ‘monkey hoodie’ debacle, Swedish fashion retailer H&M has announced that it will be appointing a global leader in the area of “addressing diversity and inclusiveness.” Backlash towards the retailer ignited last week after Canadian singer The Weeknd expressed offense over the hoodie’s catalog image, which showed a young black boy dressed in the apparel with the words, “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle.” The Grammy-winning artist went on to publicly declare that he was severing ties with the brand, a move that was subsequently executed by American rapper G-Eazy—who was slated to release a clothing line in partnership with H&M on 1 March—as well.

Watch Namibia’s tourism industry cash in on Trump’s diplomatic blunders

Namibia is really capitalizing on president Donald Trump’s diplomatic gaffes. Trump allegedly referred to African countries as “shithole countries” along with Haiti and El Salvador in a White House meeting to discuss the US immigration reform last week.

How to Change Your Google Profile Picture

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to change your online profile pictures. Some tools, such as Gravatar, work on several sites, but they don’t feed into Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

52 dead in bus fire in western Kazakhstan (VIDEO)

At least 52 people have been burned to death after a passenger bus caught fire in western Kazakhstan, authorities confirmed.

Rotational 3D printing spins out stronger structures

Harvard engineers have demonstrated a new 3D printing technique that allows users to finely tune the arrangement of short fibers in the printed material.

The state of WebVR heading into 2018

GUEST: Last year was action-packed for the WebVR industry, as we predicted. One of the most interesting developments was Amazon entering the fray by introducing the developer preview of Sumerian, a browser-based tool that makes it even easier for developers to create WebVR content.

Front designs modular rugs that can be folded up into furniture

Swedish design studio Front has created a collection of colourful rugs, then transformed the design to produce matching poufs.

Starting Your Own Business

A hundred years ago, starting a business was best left to those with enormous fortunes, those rich enough to risk enormous loss.

The U.K. now has a Minister for Loneliness

Before she was assassinated in 2016, British lawmaker Jo Cox established a commission on loneliness and pushed the government to appoint a minister to tackle the problem affecting an estimated 9 million Britons, from the very young to the elderly.

McDonald’s Reveals Packaging Changes That Could Greatly Influence Its Industry

Image via 8th.creator / Fast food giant McDonald’s might not be creating an eco-friendlier version of its logo anytime soon, but the same can’t be said about all of its packaging.

McDonald’s Reveals Changes To Packaging That May Greatly Influence Its Industry

Image via 8th.creator / Fast food giant McDonald’s might not be creating an eco-friendlier version of its logo anytime soon, but the same can’t be said about all of its packaging.

NASA Unveils Makeup Kit That Its Men Designed For Female Astronauts

Image via Shutterstock You’ve probably seen the kind of food astronauts eat or how much cooler fidget spinners work in space—but did you know NASA was once interested in creating full-fledged makeup kits?

Starbucks Introduces An ‘Everything Croissant’—And It Is, Well, Everything

Image via Starbucks Starbucks has announced a French-inspired take on an American favorite, the ‘Everything Bagel’, and it truly has it all.


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Trump’s suspicious health report has inspired the “girther” movement and we love it

The results from Trump’s recent medical check have inspired all kinds of mockery and ridicule on the net, igniting the so-called “girther” movement.

Conan Gets Some Help To Send A Very Special Message To Haiti Ahead Of His Visit

Conan O’Brien announced his latest travel special over the weekend, tweeting that he’d be heading to Haiti in response to President Trump’s “sh*thole” comment about the country.