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Meet The Women Who Make Abortions Possible

This article was originally published on January 22, 2015. In 1973, Jane Roe needed an abortion. She couldn't access one in her state (Texas, where abortion was illegal except to save the mother's life) and so Roe carried to term and gave her child up for adoption.

A New Butcher In Town

BY CARRIE GAVIT When I first ventured into vegetarianism, I gazed longingly at each slice of pepperoni pizza that passed in front of my eyes.

15 Year Old Boy Comes Home With A Porsche. This Is Gold!

After a fifteen-year-old came home with a top of the range Porsche, his parents began to yell and scream, “Where did you get that car?

Google updates Maps and Earth apps with super sharp satellite imagery

Google has updated its mapping applications with new, higher-resolution imagery from NASA's Landsat 8 satellite, the company announced today.

Survey: Most Americans Support Mandatory Recall Fixes for Serious Auto Safety Issues

Most Americans believe if a vehicle has been recalled due to a safety defect that could cause imminent danger, the owner should be legally required to bring the car to a dealership to get it fixed.

Everlast x Supreme Heavy Bag

As long as you're okay with repeatedly punch the company's logos like they owe you money, the Everlast x Supreme Heavy Bag looks like a fashionable way to add some...

These Beer Ads Poke Fun at Maternity Photos

There’s something incredibly touching about a photograph of a mother-to-be cradling her belly and gazing sweetly at her unborn child.

Senators Trying To Strike Down Vermont GMO Labeling Law At Last Minute

Two years ago, Vermont became the first state to pass a law requiring clear disclosures of foods containing genetically modified/engineered ingredients.A number of packaged food giants — including PepsiCo, Mars Inc., General Mills, and Campbell Soup Co.

Pope Francis’s gay-friendly comments don’t match the Catholic Church’s actual policies

Pope Francis’s latest comments on gay people have triggered yet another round of coverage about how gay-friendly this pope is.

10 of Our Favorite Pieces From Goodhood’s Massive Summer Sale

Founded in 2007, Goodhood Store remains one of the best independent shops in London, offering two floors of expertly curated clothes, reading material, and lifestyle goods.

Twitter Debuting Stickers That Act Like Hashtags For Photos

In a move to be more like the cool kids over at Snapchat, Twitter today unveiled a new library of stickers that can be added to photos, which can be searched like hashtags so you can make sure you’re doing social media right.

Top climate leader wants to be U.N.’s head honcho

Outgoing United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres will soon announce her candidacy for U.N. secretary-general, reports Greenwire.

Trump Gaining, but Slowly, With ‘Highly Religious’ Evangelical Christians

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is starting to make up some ground with evangelicals, according to a Gallup Poll out Monday.

U.K. Stripped of Top Credit Grade After ‘Brexit’ Vote to Leave EU

LONDON (TheBlaze/AP) — Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s strips UK of top credit grade in wake of EU vote.

Spirit Airlines Promises To Be Less Awful By Next Year

Shutterstock So you’re booking a flight. Do you go with what you know, the major airline, and hope you can crack the algorithm or do you roll the dice on the notoriously rough discount airlines.

Patriotic People Are Shocked to Learn Where They Really Came From in This Viral Ad

"There would be no such thing as extremism in the world if people knew their heritage." So says Aureile, one of the teary-eyed subjects in "The DNA Journey," a stirring campaign from Danish travel site Momondo that's become a surprise viral hit, tallying millions of global views in just a few weeks (the lion's share for its centerpiece five-minute video).

Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes the Case for “Less Meat, Less Heat, More Life” in China

The phrase may not be quite as catchy as "I'll be back," or "Get to the chopper!" But hey, it'll do.

Collar Brings Back the Ritual of Coffee Brewing

These days, it’s really easy to pop into our corner coffee shop to get a cup of coffee, but that’s not always convenient or cost effective.

Why It’s Tough Being a Man

What happens when you have a fear of expressing emotions, and hide your embarrassment and shame? — Thirteen Brittish men open up to share why it’s tough to be a man in Britain today.

How to take pics of fireworks

THE FOURTH OF JULY IS COMING UP, and that means fireworks. And fireworks mean that your friends are going to start posting terrible pictures of fireworks on social media.