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What wealth does to your soul

WHEN I WAS 14, I met a man with a talent for restoring a sense of fairness to a society with vast and growing inequalities in wealth.

Mother’s Depression Tied to Later Delinquency in Kids

By Tara Haelle HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, Dec. 22, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Teens are more likely to smoke, drink and use marijuana — and to do so at an earlier age — if their mothers were depressed when the kids were in grade school, a new study says.

This Asian-American Doll Is Completely Inoffensive… Or Is It?

Saturday Night Live takes a stab at making a non-white doll that won’t offend anybody… (If the embedded video doesn’t work for you, try this one.)

Loggers Assassinating Peru’s Land Defenders | Interview with Kate Horner

Abby Martin interviews Kate Horner, Forest Campaigns Director, about the massacre of four indigenous activists in Peru for standing up for their land, and the trade of illegal logging worldwide.

Elf On The Shelf’s Nightly Journey To The North Pole Derailed By DUI Arrest In New Jersey

Riverdale Police Department A New Jersey man wearing an Elf on the Shelf costume had his nightly journey to the North Pole rudely interrupted Friday evening by police officers who found his parked vehicle to be more than a little suspicious.

The Old-Fashioned Remedy One Dietitian Calls Her "Drug of Choice"

Simmering bones for 15 hours and sipping on what remains sounds like an outdated ritual, but I can't go anywhere these days without someone asking me about bone broth!

What Sound Do Zebras Make? They Laugh Like a Wheezy Old Uncle…

Serious professionals would probably call a Zebra’s noise a “bray,” but give it a listen yourself. It’s totally a laugh, and hearty one at that…

How to Make Pliers from One Piece of Wood with 10 Cuts (Not Including the Ones on Your Fingers)

If you visit the Warther Museum in Dover, Ohio you will see someone deftly whip a single stick into a pair of working pliers in about 10 seconds and with only 10 incisions.

This insane fried chicken cheeseburger waffle is three burgers at once

Matthew Ramsey, the creator of this insane Pornburger says he woke up to this crispy fried chicken between two cheeseburger waffles, sriracha mustard, american cheese and smoked bacon, and then went back to bed.

NASA wants to explore Venus with inflatable air-born "habitats"

News: NASA's Space Mission Analysis Branch has unveiled a research project to send astronauts to Venus, envisioning "lighter-than-air" pods that could hover above the clouds to house explorers.

Photos Of People Posing With Junk Food Styled To Look Like Renaissance Paintings

Based in Brooklyn, New York City, German photographer Rebecca Rütten created a series titled “Contemporary Pieces� that is inspired by both Late Renaissance paintings and fast food culture in the United States.

China's leader is telling the People's Liberation Army to prepare for war

Over the last several months, Chinese leader Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party have repeatedly exhorted the People's Liberation Army to "be ready to win a war." Xi has repeatedly called for greater military modernization, increased training, and enhanced overall readiness of the Chinese army, navy, and air force.

Boyfriend Puts 365 Love Notes in a Jar for His Girlfriend to Read All Year

This has to be the most thoughtful gift anyone could ever give to their significant other. This Reddit user wrote 365 different love notes to his girlfriend of 8 years and then put them in a jar for her to open and read every day for an entire year.

We need to talk about the health risks of wearable technology

Fashion brands and technology companies are understandably breathless over the promise of wearable devices.

How Black Santa helped me believe again

I don’t remember ever believing in Santa. My earliest memory of the subject is at age six when I asked my mother if I could have a bike for christmas.

Bianca Chandon Country Flag Polo Hats

Skate brand Bianca Chandon keeps things clean and classic with its latest releases. Known for its throwback designs and classy branding, the brand founded by Alex Olson, presents its new country flag polo hats.

12 encounters on trains in Europe

Photo: Andrew Smith 1. Groups of Australian gap-years They’re freshly graduated, or perhaps cashing in on their month-long “holidays.” I don’t think I’ve ever traveled through Europe by train without hearing rowdy Australian kids from three cars down.

Somehow the Music

Grant Clauser offers an affecting poem on those who are often alone during the holiday season. — Somehow the Music My daughter plays Christmas songs on her viola at the Elmwood Cross Home for Seniors, and as I watch the women in wheelchairs and walkers, gowns tied sloppily at the shoulders I think how by the time she graduates from high school half of these people will be dead.

Festive catch-up time – every Tnooz webinar from 2014

Tnooz has produced countless webinars over the course of 2014, covering everything from metasearch and payments to retailing and guest profiling.

Successful New Year's Resolutions Have This One Thing in Common — Does Yours?

About 45% of Americans make New Year's Resolutions, little wishes with wings sent out into the universe on high hopes that they'll come true.