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A Sleek, Handmade Light That Can Turn Nearly Anything Into A Lamp

New York-based light enthusiast and entrepreneur Luke Kelly has created a novel concept for a lamp, in the form of a sleek, handmade wooden LED base, which effortlessly transforms any ordinary object in your home into a source of light.

How Airports are Becoming Spaces for Art

  Image of via Shutterstock On a recent trip to Nashville, something caught my eye as I wandered through the city’s airport with typical traveler’s exhaustion.

Which "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Character Are You?

Laters, baby.

Learn How To Properly Use Semicolons With This Video Game-Themed Tutorial

[Click here to view the video in this article] What are semicolons, and how do we use them? In this TED-Ed Original animation, science writer Emma Bryce shows us how to properly use semicolons in our writing.

The 31 coolest video game companies in Europe

Europe has a vibrant video game industry, with countries like the UK, France, and Germany playing host to established companies as well as smaller, "indie" developers that work on some of the world's most successful and creative apps.  So which companies have games worth checking out?

27 Times Mr Gay New Zealand Made Thinking Sexy

*Ponders mortality sexily* Like that time he thought whilst pulling up his pants. "Why did I take my pants off?

Your Daily Shopping List | BAPE, Y-3, Quartersnacks & More

Here’s your daily shopping list courtesy of Highsnobiety’s shopping platform What Drops Now. Each day we bring you a curated selection of the latest streetwear, sneakers, fashion and lifestyle products.

The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Good morning! Here's everything you need to know in the world of advertising today. 1. These are the 10 companies that spend the most on advertising in the US. The annual Ad Age "200 Leading National Advertisers" report is out.

Ewen Spencer snaps skaters who take over the Stratford Centre by night

I’ve got nothing but admiration for household name photographers who, even at the peak of their careers, use zines to get their freshest work out into the world.

Canada scolded by human rights groups for poor treatment of indigenous women

A Canadian human rights group has told the UN that the troubles faced by the country’s indigenous population are one of Canada’s most pressing social issues.

Rolls-Royce shares are still cratering

Rolls-Royce's stock tumbled another 3% within the first hour of trading, after already cratering 9% the previous day, following its third profit warning in just over a year.

Prada enlists Wong Ping and five other illustrators for animated campaign

Prada is no stranger to ingenious collaborations, and the more eccentric, the better. With a longstanding reputation for pushing the envelope with its campaigns, counting contemporary artist Francesco Vezzoli, filmmaker Wes Anderson and architect Rem Koolhaas among its many collaborators, Prada’s directional relationship with the arts has consistently made the fashion house a trailblazer.

Italian prepares to ride iceberg in the Atlantic

An Italian adventurer is planning to spend a year on an iceberg in a specially designed capsule. His icy sojourn is set to begin this winter, when he will ride a huge mass of ice until it melts.

At last, Uber has found a friend in India

Uber has finally found an Indian state that likes it. After months of regulatory battles with a number of states in India, Uber has signed an agreement with the Telangana government for setting up an office in Hyderabad.

Which Australian Marriage Equality Bill Are You?

There’s four to choose from! There's no marriage equality in Australia, but soon enough, there will be a grand total of four bills in parliament, all aiming to legislate on the issue.

Fraser Muggeridge's "happening" puts graphic design into an art context

The worlds of conceptual art and functional graphic design cross perhaps less often than they should.

New Google Tool Lets You Easily Build Websites With Material Design Look & Feel

If you���ve ever wanted to let your website have more of a Material Design look and feel, good news! Google has announced its release of ���Material Design Lite��� yesterday.

Nina Kazanova creates a tropical identity for virtual reality festival

Nina Kazanova captures the virtual world perfectly in the identity she’s created for Token, a virtual reality festival of the arts that focuses on new technologies and how they manifest themselves in our environment.

More Americans watched the Women's World Cup final than the NBA Finals or the Stanley Cup

The most-watched soccer event in US TV history Continue reading…