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Artist Takes Magical Photos Of Finnish Winters Under The Northern Lights

Nature photographer Tiina Törmänen is like a creative modern-day Pocahontas. She shares home with aurora borealis-stunning pastel halos in the skies in Lapland, Finland.

Trump aides, allies ready to move on from 'rocky' inaugural weekend

President Trump woke up Saturday fuming over tweets from Friday afternoon unfavorably comparing the size of his inaugural crowd to those of former President Barack Obama, The New York Times reports, citing "several people close to him." Several senior advisers reportedly urged him to move on, while other aides, including press secretary Sean Spicer, encouraged him to hit back at the press — which Trump did, at CIA headquarters on Saturday, saying he has a "running war with the media" and accusing the press of lying about his inaugural crowd, which he incorrectly pegged at about 1.5 million.

In Hollywood, Being Open-Minded About Trump Is Worse Than Rape

Watch the latest video at By Kyle Smith, The New York Post If any celebrity is a profile in political courage these days, it sure isn’t Lena Dunham, Alec Baldwin or Lady Gaga.

Illustrator Applies Popular Logos To Completely Unrelated Products

���Brand Mix��� is a digital project by French illustrator Mike Stefanini, where he takes popular brand logos and applies them to the packaging of completely unrelated products.

WikiLeaks: Send Us Trump's Tax Returns So We Can Release Them

By Rebecca Savransky - The Hill   WikiLeaks on Sunday urged people to submit President Donald Trump's tax returns so the organization could release them.

Netflix launches Abstract: The Art of Design, a series dedicated to Design

Netflix has just unveiled Abstract: The Art of Design, a new series of documentaries dedicated to the world of Design.

Hugo Barra is leaving Xiaomi and going back to Silicon Valley

Xiaomi’s star hire is gone. Hugo Barra announced that he is stepping down from his role as global vice-president at the Beijing-based smartphone maker.

Balmain Celebrates Heavy Metal Music Legends With Its New Fall 2017 Collection

Visit the original post to see all 12 images from this gallery. Location: Paris, France The Vibe: Classic pieces but given some vibrancy through Oliver Rousteing’s abundance of grandeur.

Flynn's Communications with Russia Investigated: Report

By Cyra Master, The Hill U.S. counterintelligence agents investigated National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s communications with Russian officials, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday night.

Sociological Machiavellianism: Peter Berger on Compassion and the Humanistic Antidote to Cynicism

“Cynicism about society is not the only option besides a credulous conformity to this social aeon or a credulous looking-forward to the one that is to come.” In his timeless and increasingly timely 1972 inquiry into human nature and its capacity for destructiveness, the great humanistic philosopher and psychologist Erich Fromm proposed the notion of humanistic radicalism — a mindset and movement that “seeks to liberate man from the chains of illusions,” one which “postulates that fundamental changes are necessary, not only in our economic and political structure but also in our values, in our concept of man’s aims, and in our personal conduct.” A few years later, in his treatise on the art of living, Fromm argued that any attempt to save our civilization from fatality must begin with liberation “in the classic, humanist sense as well as in the modern, political and social sense.” He wrote: “The only realistic aim is total liberation, a goal that may well be called radical (or revolutionary) humanism.” But this systematic movement toward humanism as a form of insurgency and an instrument of cultural, social, and political liberation began a decade earlier with the Austrian-American sociologist Peter L.

We Will Never Tire of Cool Pooches Riding Skateboards

____ The post We Will Never Tire of Cool Pooches Riding Skateboards appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Make Yourself Look Cuter Than You Really Are With Meitu

Apps like Snapchat and Instagram do all kinds of funny things with people's faces when their filters are applied to a photo, but most of these filters are silly and don't improve the look of the person in the photo.

Millions of Women With Millions of Causes Find Solidarity in Protest March Against Trump ... But What Will Come of It?

Watch the latest video at Women March for Everything Under the Progressive Sun By Cori O’Connor, The Wall Street Journal ‘You’re so vain, you prolly think this march is about you,” read a sign at Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington.

Raptor Puppet – A new realistic puppet by Barnaby Dixon

The designer Barnaby Dixon returns with his Raptor Puppet, a new puppet with impressive movements, inspired this time by the famous dinosaur.

Illustrations That Honestly Depict The Struggles Of Freelancers

Based in Porto, Portugal, illustrator Mariana Santos���who is known as ���Mariana, a miser��vel���, meaning ���the miserable one������has created a fanzine filled with drawings that freelancers would be able to relate to.

Once an intern at Citibank, Yes Bank’s Rana Kapoor is now India’s newest banking billionaire

Rana Kapoor took a big risk when he founded Yes Bank in 2003. At that time, India’s banking industry was years away from turning into the site of great entrepreneurial success stories and the country’s billionaire club was still the forte of those with family-owned businesses, usually conglomerates.

Kristen Stewart, Nick Offerman, and Rooney Mara marched for women's rights in a small Utah town

The Park City Women's March was mostly locals, but some celebrities in town for Sundance snuck in too.

Great-grandmother graduates from college with 4.0 GPA

Amy Craton, 94, just received her bachelor's degree, but she's already moved on and is looking forward to earning her master's.

LinkedIn���s Clean, User-Friendly Redesign Looks A Lot Like Facebook

[Click here to view the video in this article] If you are a typical LinkedIn user, chances are that you just use the networking platform as a place to park your CV, and only log in to it when you are looking for a new job.

The Terrifying Beauty of Melting Icecaps

Every summer, as the air warms up and the sunlight beats down on the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, pools of brilliantly blue melt water are formed across the pristine white landscape.