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Colorado River flow could drop 50% by 2100

Warming in the 21st century has reduced Colorado River flows by at least 0.5 million acre-feet—about the amount of water used by 2 million people for one year, a new study warns.

The DNC race is a choice for Democrats to look to the future or stay stuck in the past

The 447 voting members of the Democratic National Committee will convene this weekend and decide who will be the next chair of the national Democratic Party.

Trump Tries To Rename CNN As The ‘Clinton News Network’ During His Tirade Against ‘Fake News’ At CPAC

Donald Trump spoke at CPAC on Friday morning, and if anyone was hoping for a replay of last week’s combative press conference — in which he yelled at the media for 75 minutes — they’d be sorely disappointed by what was essentially a stand-up comedy routine.

Scientists found a way to make lotions out of your skin’s good bacteria to help fight its bad bacteria

Our largest organ—our skin—is crawling with bacteria, as well as fungi, viruses, and even tiny mites.

pomegranate grapefruit paloma

All January and early February, as glacial winds smacked us in our face on the walk to school — and somehow back too (uphill, both ways, etc.) — I counted down the days until we would go to Florida to visit my parents (who winter-as-a-verb there like all the other smart retirees of the Northeast) and thaw our bones for five days.

Woman Shows Off Her '57 Chevy, The First And Only Car She Has Ever Bought

People are constantly saying "they don't make them like they used to", a folksy statement that doesn't really apply to many things despite what the speaker had in mind.

300 'Sanctuary Restaurants' Join 300 'Sanctuary Cities'

By PAUL BEDARD, Washington Examiner The anti-Trump "sanctuary restaurant" movement to shield illegal immigrants has reached parity with the "sanctuary city" effort in many major cities, according to leaders of the effort.

Rant: There are Two Kinds of Photographers

I will probably get a bunch of hate for this article, but whatever. Hopefully, my message will help someone.

This ETQ SS17 Collection Is Brimming With Pastel-Colored Eye Candy

Visit the original post to see all 9 images from this gallery. With balmy weather on the horizon, Amsterdam-based sneaker label ETQ has unleashed a pastel-soaked SS17 arsenal which offers up a fresh twist on traditional looks.

Another Way to Make Economy More Comfortable

Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Walt S., who offered the following after seeing my presentation at the Chicago Travel & Adventure Show: “One tip that I would like to mention regarding travelling (almost) like a rock star on a budget is that it is possible to purchase an empty seat.

Sage Evoke

The Sage Evoke Fly Reel was designed especially for the most hardcore fly fishers that wanted more control to take the big catch.

The epic video of a year in Norway

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube With its imposing mountains, endless plateaus, and echoing valleys, Norway is a country where nature takes the lead.

Dating Advice for Men: How to Flirt and Inspire Attraction on a First Date

— Dear Sandy, I make an effort to show a woman on a date that I appreciate and like her intellect, wit, etc.

Essentials-Only Digital Photography

The LUCID camera is a literal approach to point-and-shoot digicams that makes perfect, simple sense. Rather than a battery-sucking digital screen with lag time and added expense, it features a concave sense that matches the focal point of the camera.

Pita: A Modern, Multifunctional Daybed for Any Room

Caterina Moretti, of Guadalajara, Mexico based design studio Peca, collaborated with Alejandra Carmona on a multifunctional daybed called Pita.

Sheryl Crow Wants Her New Clothing Line to 'Empower' You at a Reasonable Price Point

If there’s something women absolutely need right now, it’s an affordable sense of freedom and confidence.

Make-Out Makeup Is Officially A Trend — & It's A Hot Mess

With all the brushes, cotton swabs, and pricey liquid lipsticks (not to mention time and skill) that go into keeping our lip color in place — and not on our S.O.

Do You Hate When Celebrities Talk Politics? You Might Be A Huge Hypocrite

What happens when an outspoken president with a rock-bottom approval rating and a vendetta against the media takes office right in the middle of Hollywood’s awards season?

This Modded Version of YouTube Lets You Play Videos in the Background with the Screen Off

If you have the Xposed Framework installed, there's a module that lets you enable background playback in Android's YouTube app without buying a YouTube Red subscription.

The Best Raspberry Pi Kits for Your First Project

Planning on a Raspberry Pi-based project? You’ll need more than just the low-cost computer, but what else?