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Twilio’s new API synchronizes app data in real-time between devices and users

Twilio has launched a product that lets developers incorporate real-time synchronization into their applications.

#blacklivesmatter and #pokemongo

Two of the biggest stories the last two weeks — Black Lives Matter and Pokémon Go. One might not think that there is much of an overlap — but they'd be wrong.

Man Tries The ‘Seinfeld’ Michigan Bottle Deposit Scam In Real Life, Fails

Fans of classic ’90s TV and wacky schemes may remember an episode of the show Seinfeld where a character concocts a scheme to take soda bottles from New York and cash them in in Michigan.

#RioProblems Could Be Far Worse Than #SochiProblems

Getty Image When the Olympics roll around every two years — counting both Summer and Winter — the games are supposed to elicit feelings of hope, sportsmanship, and national pride.

I’m Over You And It Feels So Good To Say It (And Finally Mean It)

Bianca des Jardins I see your name light up my phone and now I feel nothing. I feel no desire to open it immediately, I have no interest in trying to dissect your pretty little words, I have no smile unintentionally coming across my face anymore.

How to Sort Dropbox by File Size, Find Duplicates, & Free Up Space

It’ll happen to everyone at some point. All the free space Dropbox has been offering will run out, despite effortless ways to unlock more space.

Cats' Reactions to Owners

The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research, now in all-pdf form. Get a subscription now for only $25 a year!

Why China’s Middle Class Is Suddenly Being Squeezed / CAIXINMEDIA BEIJING — Chinese people watching American television series are exposed to an enviable image of an average middle class American family.

Facebook admits it blocked links to DNC email leaks after censorship accusations

Facebook has confirmed without reason that it temporarily blocked links to the WikiLeaks files of leaked internal Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails.

Hollande: French church attackers pledged allegiance to ISIS

French President François Hollande said Tuesday that the attackers of a Normandy church had claimed allegiance to the Islamic State.

UnReal season 2, episode 8: “Fugitive” sends the season off the rails, thanks to an awful twist

This show has completely lost sight of its three most important characters. Every week, critic-at-large Todd VanDerWerff and culture writer Caroline Framke get together to talk about Lifetime’s splashy scripted drama UnReal.

Watch John Oliver Destroy Trump & the RNC

In an election season that has already felt like a warped episode of The Twilight Zone, the recently wrapped Republican National Convention was just the cherry on top of the surreal sundae.

Taxi app shake-up in Europe, Hailo brand to be phased out

Mytaxi has merged with Hailo, giving its owner Daimler Group a 60% stake in what is now Europe’s biggest taxi app business.

Nine Hilarious New Audiobooks To Binge On Your Next Road Trip

The Muppet Movie Here’s a secret: the best way to pass time on a road trip is listening to comedy audiobooks.

Motorola Moto E3 vs Moto G4 vs G4 Plus vs G4 Play: What's the difference?

Motorola has announced several smartphones this year, including a new Moto Z range, a refreshed Moto G range comprising three devices alone and an updated Moto E.

Martine Rose’s Spring 2017 Collection Is Inspired by Vintage Clothing

Visit the original post to see all 24 images from this gallery. London menswear designer Martine Rose has an affinity for spontaneity and the different, which would definitely explain the style inspiration behind her new Spring 2017 line.

IRL: July 26, 2016 | Michelle Obama Unites Democrats, Ariana Grande Regrets Licking Donuts & Other News

Out in the real world news is happening and here are the highlights. Michelle Obama pours her heart out as democrats turn focus to fighting Donald Trump Democrats began their presidential nominating convention yesterday with a successful struggle to fully unite behind Hillary Clinton, following a day of intraparty squabbling and protests.

Daniel Stern Reunited With His ‘Home Alone’ Co-Star For The First Time In 26 Years

Twenty-six years ago, Daniel Stern — then best known as the narrator in The Wonder Years and A.J. “The Reverend” Shepherd in the greatest movie about cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers ever, C.H.U.D.

How Bernie Sanders die-hards are making sense of him endorsing a politician they despise

PHILADELPHIA — Michael Sparks was so revolted by the idea of seeing Bernie Sanders endorse Hillary Clinton two weeks ago that he had to go to the gym to watch the speech.

10 things you need to know today: July 26, 2016

1. Powerful Democrats tried to get the party's convention on track Monday after its first day was marred by a leak of internal emails that threatened party unity with signs some officials had favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.