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Life Unedited

The hubs has been in the field helping my family out for the last month or so we have had a lot of “girls nights” as Miss K likes to call them.

The Best Red Wine Vinaigrette

This is my easy recipe for the best Red Wine Vinaigrette made from scratch using five simple ingredients.

6 Orange Cocktails for Halloween

Halloween’s just around the corner. To celebrate, check out some of our favorite orange Halloween cocktails.

Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter

An easy recipe for almond butter full of cozy pumpkin spices. Just 3 ingredients, 10 minutes & absolutely irresistible!

Super Green Turmeric Bloody Mary

Nick and I met 21 years ago when we were starry eyed and 18. Within a month, we had forged a bond that went deeper than societal norms and expectations.

Soften Butter Quickly with this Trick

It’s Halloween weekend, so I know you’re baking treats for all the festivities. Tomorrow is our celebration day where we’ll head on over to our friend’s house for a celebration.

Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Hazelnut Streusel

After a weekend of traveling and socializing I stayed in on Monday and made myself a pumpkin coffee cake.

Halloween Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Yum! Halloween Chocolate Covered Pretzels – Easy, salty, sweet and eek! Chocolate-covered pretzels SO good IT’S scary!

Green Ghoul Cake

Only 3 days until Halloween! Normally it’s not a holiday that excites me very much, but last year I made this super fun Marshmallow Madness cake and decided that crazy Halloween cakes needed to become a yearly tradition.

Chowhound’s Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving

The best way to cook a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner is to think ahead. Here, some tips, techniques, and game plans that will help you host your best turkey day yet.

Healthy One-Pot Chicken Chili

This Healthy One-Pot Chicken Chili takes only 30 minutes to cook and tastes like a cool-weather dream!

Buttermilk Drop Biscuits

Whenever I make biscuits I almost always make Buttermilk Drop Biscuits. They are super easy to make and almost fool proof.

One-on-One with the Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay, Part 2 Champion

In the new Chopped tournament, 12 former Chopped champions are getting the chance to go up against Bobby Flay in battle.

Pumpkin Juice

There’s more to pumpkin juice than just breaking into a haunted pumpkin patch, fending off the zombies, and juicing a pumpkin.

Bourbon Apple Cider Shrub Cocktails

A shrub acts as an infused simple with a vinegary punch that mellows with resting. You’ll be rewarded for patience.

Cherry Pancetta Pork

Cherry Pancetta Pork | Medallions with a little cherry love. Read on to get in on the action… In this recipe, we sear our pork medallions, then braise them a short bit in stock, wine, malt vinegar, soy, and honey, before we top them with sauteed shiitakes, roasted red bell pepper, ginger and some other friends.

Black Velvet Halloween Cake- Gluten Free and Vegan

Hi Guys!!! Here we are, with just a few days to Halloween and all of the festivities are under way. In fact, I made these brownies to take to school today because Coco was the farmer in the first grade rendition of “The Little Pumpkin.” Pete and I were all excited to go and see her and I was in charge of bringing treats and juice.

#Totoroweek Katsudon with Furikake + “No Recipe” Fried Rice

Oh haiiiii twice in one week mah peebles! (Sorry.) Just checking in quickly today to bring you the (quasi-non) recipe for these little dudes.

Hot Buttered Whiskey Cider

We planted thousands of garlic cloves in the rain at the farm today. The fields were muddy as hell but we had to dig deep, deal with the conditions and just grin and bear it.

Girl Tries To Prove Her Head Fits In A Pumpkin, Doesn't End Well

White girls have a reputation for being addicted to pumpkin around this time of year, but this girl went too far.