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This Is What A Model Can't Leave Her House Without

Phone, wallet, keys, and lipstick: The mantra of many a millennial woman. Beyond those four basics, however, every woman has a few necessities that might seem just plain weird.

The Perfect Tattoos For People Who Hate Tattoos

Small and delicate tattoos are all the rage right now, and they're especially perfect for anyone looking to get some ink without getting too much attention.

Cowboys, Pop Stars, Droogs, and Artists sporting the ‘hat that won the west’

Paul McCartney.   John Wayne got all those cowboys wrong. So did Clint Eastwood, come to that. Most cowboys didn’t wear Stetsons or ten-gallon hats on two-pint heads but generally anything that came to hand.

13 Bold Coats Because We're Not Done With Red Just Yet

Red dominated our feeds last last fall. From fire engine red sweaters to cherry patent ankle booties, the streets had never looked so bold, so unabashedly statement-making.

An Upcoming Software Update Will Address Your iPhone's Battery Performance

Update: In an interview with ABC News, Apple CEO Tim Cook said a new software update in coming months will provide you with more insight into your iPhone's battery health, allowing you to know when you might experience a slowdown.

Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell Closed Kim Jones' Last Vuitton Show

On Thursday afternoon, a host of celebrities and the fashion elite flocked to the Palais-Royal in Paris to attend the fall 2018 Louis Vuitton menswear show, Kim Jones' final collection after seven years at the men's helm of the French fashion house.

Lloyd Kahn's good advice on how to rebuild after disaster

After the California fires, the building expert has some suggestions that really make sense for anyone building.

UK government appoints a minister for loneliness

Prime Minister May is hoping to cheer up the millions of Britons who live in a sad and unhealthy state of chronic loneliness.

Hope rises for critically endangered monkey thanks to conservation efforts

The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey may survive because of work by communities, NGOs and the Myanmar and Chinese governments.

The Closest I Ever Came to Having a ‘Perfect’ Day at Work

The perfect work day is one of those days some of us have come close to experiencing but have probably missed.

Breaking Interview: Lead Author of ‘Dirty Vaccines’ Study Speaks Out

This article was written by James Lyons-Weiler, PhD  for It’s republished here with their permission.

Meet Carol Doda: Pioneering topless dancer & friend of The Monkees (NSFW)

Exotic dancer Carol Doda held up by Peter Tork of The Monkees, and surrounded by the rest of the band (Davy Jones, far left, Michael Nesmith, left back, and Micky Dolenz, right) in 1968.

Four songs from Yo La Tengo’s new LP ‘There’s A Riot Going On’

  Since their emergence as college radio and critical faves in the late ‘80s, Yo La Tengo have been among the most revered and influential standard-bearers of American independent rock music.

Can we stop treating kids like 'delicate morons'?

Kids aren't stupid, nor will they shatter, but most school playground rules treat them like they are.

Richard Pryor, Timothy Leary, Beach Boys and more talk psychedelia on Canadian TV, 1968

Canadian DJs Fred Latremouille and Red Robinson on the ‘Let’s Go’ set, 1964 (via Tom Hawthorn) The CBC television series Let’s Go, which grew out of a segment<...

No, your microwave oven isn't killing the planet

These stupid headlines miss the whole point- Microwaves use very little power, slightly more than a 7 watt LED bulb over its lifetime.

11 Stories The World Would Have Missed If It Wasn’t For Julian Assange & Wikileaks

Since 2006, Wikileaks has been exposing government and elite corruption, high-level crime, and other wrongdoings by leaking secret and classified information.

Photo: Bison versus snow in Yellowstone

It's hard not to respect the legacy of this herd.

'Trash Girl' won't back down: Despite bullies, 12 year old keeps up anti-litter fight

She picks trash on her way to and from school. And she's not going to let anyone stop her.

Edmunds reviews the Tesla Model 3

In almost all aspects, it lives up to the hype, says Edmunds. But man is that screen a distraction...