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Images From Roswell? An Alien Craft With Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Greek Letters & Handprints To Steer

It’s great to see the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials amass more credibility as the years pass. It receives little attention from the mainstream, at least beyond ridicule, so this may come as a surprise to some, but there are hundreds of high ranking people who have come forward to tell the world that UFOs are not only real, but also that some of them are in fact extraterrestrial in origin.

A 92-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Explains Why His Duty Will Never Be Done

The story of the Holocaust has been told so many times and in so many ways, that ensuring its horrific legacy is never forgotten can sometimes be a struggle unto itself.

Scientists May Be On The Verge Of A Breakthrough In Diagnosing Brain Injuries In NFL Players

In July, the Journal of the American Medical Association published an updated study that examined the brains of deceased former NFL players.

New Moon In Scorpio: Deep Feelings And Making Adjustments

There will be a New Moon in Scorpio on November 18 at 11:42am Universal Time. This marks a new wave of energy influencing the upcoming lunar month, yet the astrological configurations at this time will be the strongest over the following two weeks leading up to the Full Moon on December 3.

California Becomes The First State To Approve LGBTQ-Inclusive History Books For Its Schools

The State of California Board of Education was recently looking into a new policy of recommending textbooks that include “fair, accurate, inclusive, and respectful representations” of LGBTQ people.

Photo Of Walmart Cashier’s Act Of Kindness Gets The Viral Treatment It Deserves

With all the talk these days of frightening stories about mass shootings, sexual predators, and escalating nuclear tensions, it’s easy to forget that most of our lives are lived outside of the headlines.

After Peru Qualified For The Country's First World Cup In 36 Years, Fans Threw One Hell Of A Party

After beating New Zealand 2-0 in a qualifying match, the Peruvian national team is taking the country to its first World Cup in what will be 36 years.

30 Unexpected Holiday Gifts That Are Guaranteed To Impress

You've made a list, and you've checked it twice. This year, you've got the whole holiday shopping thing on lock.

Is It Time To Retire "Mom" & "Dad"?

Deidre Olsen is a queer, non-binary writer and digital marketer based in Toronto. The opinions expressed here are their own.

Add This Spiked Gelatin Dessert To Your Treat Table

Segura Viudas Spiked Gelatin Dessert There are few things we savor more in life than a tall glass of wine (we'll take ours sparkling) and our favorite delicious dessert.

You Will Not Believe How Much BTS Has Changed

When BTS, a wildly popular K-pop band, took to the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas this summer, it sent the internet buzzing.

Songs For When You Will Bend, But Not Break, Under The Weight Of The World

After my first job MTV working as a music programmer, I can't stop trying to matchmake people with music they might like.

Is The Second Wave Of Sustainability Finally Here?

Sustainability is a buzzword many people are sick of hearing. It’s been overused and virtually lost its meaning (although trying to define it in practical terms is actually pretty hard).

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Beauty Gift Sets Of The Season

Product sets are a commitment-phobe’s dream: You can sample multiple items that have been sitting in your Sephora Loves List without taking the full-price plunge; in fact, you often get a massive price cut from the suggested retail value (think 30% off or more).

Now You Can Match Your Wallet To Your Mansur Gavriel Bag

Mansur Gavriel is a brand that built itself on creating hit after hit. After launching pretty much the definition of It accessories in 2012, in September, it ventured into the game of ready-to-wear during New York Fashion Week.

This Acrobatic Performance Shows How Far Robotics Have Come In Just A Matter Of Years

As we’ve been warned time and again, we should be careful what we wish for when it comes to robotics and artificial intelligence.

What The Body of A Pregnant Woman Eating Organic Looks Like Compared To One Eating Conventional

*Republished article with some minor updates  It seems as if it was yesterday when the masses were completely unaware of the concerns being raised by a number of internationally recognized scientists regarding Genetically Modified Foods (GM).

This Startup Wants To Put 100 Progressive Women In Congress By 2020 

Cries for diversity alone, no matter how numerous, can’t be equated with actual empowerment. But Project 100 aims to ensure that progressive women who decide to run for office can raise funds, recruit volunteers, and market themselves to create a successful campaign for office.  The new startup platform is run by former leader of the Tony Blair Foundation Danielle Gram, writer Isabel Kaplan, and former U.S.

Watch: A New York Giants Player’s Heartwarming Friendship With His Next-Door Neighbor

New York Giants offensive lineman Justin Pugh formed an unlikely friendship with an elderly neighbor.

J.Crew's Beauty Section Is Back & Better Than Ever

It's already been established that some of your favorite fashion retailers also offer top-notch beauty sections.