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How Long Do You Have Until the Frostbite Hits?

It's cold outside! How long can you stay out there before you need to worry about frostbite? Pooja Gandhi and Adam Crahen used data from the National Weather Service to construct an interactive chart that combines air temperature and wind speed to calculate the time it takes to develop frostbite.


What's worse than being rejected in favor of a pet? Being rejected in favor of someone else's pet! Yes, it's true that dogs won't break your heart the way a person will.

Peugeot Will Produce Electric Cars by 2030

French automaker Peugeot will offer electric versions of its famous cars by 2025 as autonomous offerings by 2030.

Are You a Millennial?

Millennials don't want to be lumped into a group. And they don't want to be labeled -or do they? These folks don't hesitate to tell you how they are special and different, and they'll take a label as long as they get to choose it -and as long as it isn't Millennial.  (YouTube link) Not wanting to be seen as a Millennial is the most Millennial thing there is.

The White House Physician Doubles Down On Trump’s ‘Perfect’ Physical And Mental Fitness On ‘SNL’

Donald Trump is a tremendous six foot three and 239 pounds. If he was one inch shorter or one pound heavier, he’d be bigly obese, but thankfully, he’s not.

Billy Joel - "She's Got a Way"

YouTube link.

Two skiing videos

YouTube link. The top one features Candide Thovex. Candide Thovex (born 22 May 1982) is a French professional skier, filmmaker and entrepreneur.

Texas judge says God told him defendant not guilty

"A state district judge in Comal County said God told him to intervene in jury deliberations to sway jurors to return a not guilty verdict in the trial of a Buda woman accused of trafficking a teen girl for sex.

NIce car

It's a Bugatti.  "The Type 57SC Atlantic... 1 of 4 produced and 1 of 3 still known to exist."  Belongs to Ralph Lauren.  Valued at $40 million.  Via the CarPorn subreddit.

A Biblical reference to Minnesota

It's in John 21:3: - "Simon Peter said to them, "I'm going fishing." They told him, "We are also coming with you." They went out, and entered into the boat.

Voyager Returns To Earth To Find Tech Has Taken Over In This Animated Short

Humanity has dreamed of exploring the cosmos for centuries, but once we realized those dreams were still centuries away we created devices like the Voyager probe to bring the citizens of the cosmos to us.

A Streamer Makes History After Getting A 100 Percent On ‘Guitar Hero’s’ Toughest Song While Blindfolded For the most part, Guitar Hero and its spinoffs have been dead and buried for years.

Steve-O’s Connection With A Peruvian Street Dog Proves Jackasses Can Have Huge Hearts

Steve-O used to be a guy known as a guy who would do absolutely anything to get a laugh (except shove a toy car up his butt).

Post-Apocalyptic Digital Art Series Compares Social Media to Social Decay

Stark and haunting images of the decay of Facebook, Google, and other industry giants, make up a digital art series by Romanian artist Andrei Lacatusu.

Texts From SuperheroesFacebook | Twitter | Patreon

Texts From Superheroes Facebook | Twitter | Patreon

When Nixon Said “Sock it To Me” on Laugh-In

There was a time when politicians did not want to appear on TV outside of the news. it wasn't dignified.

“One night there was a huge storm and he didn’t come home from...

“One night there was a huge storm and he didn’t come home from work. I had told him to sleep at the shop, but he wouldn’t listen to me.

Death of the Petrodollar? European Central Banks Reveal Reserves Include Chinese Yuan

While the United States continues imperiously contending itself exceptional above all other nations, even its Western allies must recognize the sun setting fast upon American empire: European central banks revealed recently they’ve already invested in Chinese yuan — in some cases, dumping previously-sacrosanct petrodollars to bolster reserves with the currency — sounding the first creaks in a major pivot away from the once-monolithic superpower.

Soldiers Abroad Might Miss The NFC And AFC Championship Games Due To The Government Shutdown

Getty Image For the first time ever, the US government has been shut down under a single party. For their part, the GOP and the White House has responded by blaming “loser obstructionist” Democrats, despite holding a majority in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and White House, all while having members of their own party vote against a spending bill that would keep the government operating.

How a TV Works, in Slow Motion

Gavin Free, one of the Slow Mo Guys has an 85-inch TV in his house! That implies that he has a large TV room, and from there you can imagine how well viral videos pay.