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Matteo Cibic envisions plants of the future for London Design Festival exhibition

Italian designer Matteo Cibic imagined futuristic plants when creating these bizarre-looking ceramic and glass objects that puff out perfume, which London gallery Seeds is showcasing during London Design Festival.

Don’t Waste Time Tracking your Time

The timesheet. Ah… the bane of every office-goer’s existence. Having to fill up logs showing how much time you devoted to each activity of the day.

This clock has hands… and legs!

MB&F is known to push boundaries with their timepieces. Unlike most watch brands that’s all about following tradition and legacy, Maximilian Büsser and his friends (MB&F) dabble with timekeeping on a different level, oftentimes creating watches that are more sculptural or are performance pieces rather than the standard two hands and a dial.

Atelier Pierre Thibault expands historic Montreal home to create writer's studio

Atelier Pierre Thibault has restored and enlarged an early 19th-century home in Montreal, creating two separate libraries and a writing studio overlooking a river.

Apple Quietly Removed This Useful, Once-Marquee Feature From iOS 11

[Click here to view the video in this article] Out with the old, in with the newРђћiOS 11 might pack some cool new features, but not everything has made the cut to this updated operating system.

Slices of timber align to form roof of outdoor classroom near Moscow

A huge tree trunk has been sliced into sections to create the slatted roof of this outdoor classroom designed by architecture students for a school at an art park in Russia's Kaluga region.

What must a bike look like?

If you really think about it, what must a bike really look like? Why must its shape be in a particular fashion, with a separate fuel-tank, a separate seat, a separate headlight.

Design Milk Travels to… San José del Cabo, Mexico

A feeling of misgivings can wash across the mind initially when arriving into Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.

Young people "don’t need a creative industries degree to work in the creative industries" says Peter Bazalgette

Students don't need to take creative subjects at school as they are already exposed to creative processes thanks to mobile phones, according to the author of a new government-commissioned report on the UK's creative sector.

KARA Launches Men's Bags: Expertly functional luxury backpacks and duffles, inspired by the designer's father and his Hong Kong racing days

Since we last spoke with designer Sarah Law, she's expanded her modern minimalist luxury backpack line KARA in very deliberately thought-out steps that emphasize individuality and functionality—rather than mindlessly churning out new designs to......

Minimalist Modular Light Art

The 2017 Red Dot Award Winning Vector Light is a modular system of sculptural units that create intriguing shapes and patterns against any surface in addition to providing illumination.

Incredible Grain Silo Transformation: Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

[ By SA Rogers in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ] 106 vertical concrete tubes making up a massive disused grain silo in Cape Town, South Africa are sliced and carved from the inside out to produce cathedral-like spaces in this incredible transformation.

Andersson-Wise's Tower House provides cabin with extra lakefront accommodation

US firm Andersson-Wise has created a tall silvery building containing bedrooms near a waterside holiday home in Austin, so that the owners can invite more guests to stay.

Splendid Illustrations Imagine What Disney Princesses Would Look Like In 2017

[Click here to view the video in this article] Image by Fernanda Suarez and featured with permission Earlier this year you mightРђЎve seen Isabelle StaubРђЎs gorgeous digital series where she repaints DisneyРђЎs famous princesses.

ListenUp: Mavis Staples: If All I Was Was Black

The title track from Mavis Staples' forthcoming album (out 17 November), "If All I Was Was Black" confronts not only racism the singer faced in her eight decades of performing, but also the violence she witnesses today in racial conflict.

Customizable, Human-Grade Dog Food from Ollie: Meet your pup's nutritional needs through a program developed with a specialized veterinarian

The dog food industry—almost all $30 billion of it—has been under the ownership of four conglomerates for years.

Villa Walala: A Landmark Project by Camille Walala for LDF 2017

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the London Design Festival, LDF’s partner British Land, invited artist and pattern maker extraordinaire Camille Walala to design this year’s Landmark Project.

10 residential spaces designed for reading books in

Influenced by Sam Jacob's micro cabin for MINI, we've rounded up homes that contain libraries for this week's Pinterest roundup. Examples range from tiny reading nooks to sprawling rooms stuffed floor-to-ceiling with books.

Creative careers seen as "worse than drug dealing or prostitution" says Peter Bazalgette

The UK government should fund the development of creative clusters around the country to make the creative industries less London-centric, less white and less middle class, according to an independent review of the sector conducted by TV executive Peter Bazalgette.

Watch: Logo Design Process From Start To Finish, A Comprehensive Guide

[Click here to view the video in this article] Designing a great logo for your client isnРђЎt just about appealing aesthetics.