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Things We Saw Today: The Focus for the 2018 Women’s March Is “Power to the Polls”

On January 21, 2018, the national organizers of the Women’s March on Washington will launch the next phase of our movement in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For the First Time, There’s Enough All-Ages LGBTQ Content That the GLAAD Awards Have a Whole Category for It

The nominees for the 29th GLAAD Media Awards have been announced, and for the first time, they include a category for LGBTQ-inclusive Kids & Family Programming.

All Those Possible Harley Quinn Projects Have Reportedly Been Narrowed Down to Three

It’s no secret that DC and Warner Bros. have been trying to figure out where to go next with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.

Funko’s First Jurassic Park Set Includes a Gloriously Shirtless Dr. Ian Malcom, But Leaves Out Dr. Ellie Sattler

Funko has announced a new collection to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Jurassic Park film.

A Cosmetics Company Tried to Trademark #MeToo

According to a recent article in TMZ, Hard Candy Cosmetics recently applied to trademark #MeToo, the hashtag created by Tarana Burke.

Unsettlingly Apropos: On the Anniversary of Trump’s Inauguration, Government Shuts Down

On the one-year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, the U.S. government is shutting down. Congress failed to reach an agreement about the budget, and so non-essential government services will cease to operate until they do.

IZA: Izakaya with a Singaporean Twist

If you’re in the east and you’re up for some Izakaya but bored of the norm… I’ve got just the perfect place for you.

War on Women Report No. 12

The War on Women is in full force under the Trump administration. We refuse to go back, and we refuse to let the administration quietly dismantle the progress we’ve made.

15 Romantic Weekend Getaways That You Need To Book ASAP

Bring on the massages and wine tastings, please.

This Man Showed Up At The ER With A Massive Tapeworm After Eating Sushi

It. Was. Over. Five. Feet. Long.

Olympian Lindsey Vonn's Gym Routine Is Nothing Short Of Badass

We got the inside scoop straight from Lindsey and her trainer.

These Rumors About Handmaid’s Tale Director Reed Morano Joining the Star Wars Family Are Too Much for Us to Handle

Keep in mind, this is only a rumor. It’s a hint of a tease of something that may or may not be in discussion.

This Is How To Slice A Huge-Ass Watermelon Without Fear

Do it like a pro.

Things We Saw Today: Photographer Reshoots Sexist Vintage Ads to Highlight Their Ridiculousness

It’s easy to laugh at the sexism of the 1950s, thinking us so far removed from that way of thinking. However, photographer and artist Eli Rezkallah can’t help but notice the way in which those “old” ideas haven’t really gone away, and are still woven into the fabric of our daily lives.

'6 Things That Happened When I Tried Intermittent Fasting For A Week'

"The first day I managed to abstain all 18 hours, but it wasn't pretty."

Steven Universe: The Complete First Season Is Finally out on DVD, and It’s a Gem!

Steven Universe has been around since 2013, and we’re currently in the middle of the show’s fifth season.

Colin Firth Will Never Work With Woody Allen Again

The Oscar winner and forever Mr. Darcy joins a small list of male actors who have declared they won’t appear in a Woody Allen in the future.

Denis Villeneuve Says His Dune Film Will Be “Star Wars for Adults”

“So adult … swoon.” There is no denying that in the scope of science fiction, Dune, along with Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, is one of the most important pieces in the genre.

Rian Johnson Pulls Out the Sacred Jedi Texts to Destroy His Last Jedi Haters

**Spoilers for The Last Jedi ahead.** Luke had his shoulder brush, and now Rian Johnson has his microphone drop.

'How I Finally Lost 140 Pounds After Years Of Dieting'

Jenna Leveille had tried every plan out there.