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Holiday Shopping: Gun Control

Embed from Getty Images Have you considered adding a bulletproof backpack for your children and grandchildren?

The Terrifying Potential for Masculinity

Embed from Getty Images — Men are aggressive. Men don’t show emotions. Men never avoid a fight. Men are reasonable.

How Can Men Win the Inner Game of Sex?

Embed from Getty Images Dr. Vibe asks certified sexologist Dr. Stephen de Wit about men and the game of sex During the conversation, Dr.

6 Reasons Why Dieting Fails You Every Time (And What To Do Instead)

Embed from Getty Images If you’ve tried to dieting more than once in your life, then you already know…Diets don’t work.

‘Last Flag Flying’ Has Three old Friends go on an Uplifting Journey

‘Last Flag Flying’ A film with some good moments War is the topic of a lot of movies recently. They can take place in the past, or deal with more recent events.

Dallara Stradale Road Car

Chassis constructor Dallara has built everything from Formula One to Le Mans and Indy Cars — pure racing vehicles under their own brand or for customers.

Don’t Allow Your Background To Put Your Back On The Ground!

Embed from Getty Images Contrary to popular opinions, we are not creatures of circumstances; we are creators of circumstances!

‘Justice League’ Does a Great Job Bringing These Heroes Together

‘Justice League’ A pretty well made movie I am a big Justice League fan. I have watched all of the cartoons, and know many of the characters pretty well.

This Gear News You Need to Know This Week

A week's worth of product news, reviews and buying guides, all in one place. Read More »

Vague Grey Fade Submariner Watch

Vague Watch Co.'s Grey Fade Submariner gets its name from the dark grey bezel insert, meant to mimic the sought-after "ghost bezel" effect found on the faded black bezels of...

White Terrorists Don’t Exist (Apparently)

Embed from Getty Images Some days you just have to count your blessings. I am really grateful to be a white, Christian man living in America in 2017. There are of course,  all sorts of reasons for this—but today I’m reminded of one specific benefit.

This Sneaky Psychology Secret Makes You Everyone’s #1 Priority

— The post This Sneaky Psychology Secret Makes You Everyone’s #1 Priority appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Ward Bennett

A supremely talented designer, Ward Bennett was a success story firmly rooted in his time. This 280-page monograph celebrates Bennett's life and career, from his first clothing collection (completed as...

Eight Things to Know About Co-Parenting (Or Why The H** Didn’t Anyone Explain These Things To Me More Clearly)

Embed from Getty Images I’ll spare you the data about marriage, divorce, and children in the U.S. Chances are, you know, love or are someone whose marriage with children has ended.

Know the Difference Between Compliments vs. Harassment in the Workplace

Embed from Getty Images — There has been a great deal in the news lately regarding sexual harassment.

Extra Butter & CAT Team up for a Tactical “Urban Delta” Boot

Visit the original post to see all 6 images from this gallery. Brands: Caterpillar (CAT), Extra Butter Model: “Urban Delta” boot Key Features: High abrasion ballistic nylon construction with rich full grain leather, micro-perforated suede, reflective laces, branded cross strap buckle and clip, “CATERPILLAR” branding on the heel and a semi-translucent outsole.

Is Your Dream Home a Tiny House?

Embed from Getty Images In a world where material things dominate and having lots of stuff is important to many, some of us are waking up. The tiny house phenomenon is taking off.

The Ultimate Advice: Success is a Journey, and Defeat is Nothing But Education

— The following was taken from an e-mail sent by Coach Ben Haim to his Columbia High School ultimate frisbee teams in November, 2017: Before I first fell in love with Ultimate at 13 years old, I had loved martial arts superstar Bruce Lee.  I must have seen “Enter the Dragon” at least 44 times.  Recently, I’ve begun to listen to his daughter Shannon Lee’s “The Bruce Lee Podcast.”  I want to recommend all our players give a listen to one of the earlier episodes titled, “Goals, Mistakes and Successes.” Bruce Lee was not all kung fu kicks and nun-chucks.  He was once a philosophy student at the University of Washington and even taught high school philosophy in Seattle.  Here is some of Bruce’s philosophy that I wish to share.

Everyone’s Crazy, But No One’s Mentally Ill

Embed from Getty Images I still remember my first training sessions as a budding psychotherapist. It was 1965 and I had just dropped out of medical school at U.C.

FEIT Unveils Premium Handmade Italian Leather Tote Bags

Visit the original post to see all 12 images from this gallery. Brand: FEIT Season: FW17 Key Pieces: Tote bags Editor’s Notes: New York label FEIT introduces a tote bag collection this fall to perfectly complement its popular footwear offerings.