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4 ways wellness pros deal with stress during holiday travel

The holidays are one of the most joyous times of the year thanks to QT with family and friends and seasonal fare (spiced chai cocktail, anyone?

Could getting a furry friend actually alleviate your pet allergies?

Having a pet is great for both your mental and physical health (score!). But when you throw allergies into the mix—cue sneezing, watery eyes, or even asthma attacks—bringing home a furry family member cause more stress than it would relieve.

4 things you should (and shouldn’t) do on an airplane to stay healthy, according to flight attendants

Healthy travel isn’t just about the destination. It’s about the journey, too. After all, no one wants to start a week-long wellness retreat in Bali feeling less than om-azing.

Could ACV be the dandruff solution you’ve been searching for?

Apple cider vinegar is one of those seemingly does-it-everything liquids, beneficial for a serious health boost in just one shot.

We Should Toss That $450M da Vinci into a Particle Accelerator

A portrait of the world’s most recognizable person, Jesus Christ, painted by an icon whose renown doesn’t trail too far behind, Leonardo da Vinci, on Wednesday sold at auction for $450.3 million, setting a new record for artistic largesse.

Everything you need to prep your bedroom for the post-Thanksgiving nap of your life 

Can you feel it? It’s officially holiday prep time. You may be coordinating travel schedules or meal planning for crowded gatherings.

How this new probiotic could seriously help the environment

It’s no secret that the environment is in trouble. Like, big trouble. The Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Act—California’s plan to drastically reduce carbon emissions and methane levels by 2030—aims to help, but since said plan partially focuses on methane produced by cows, many farmers are scrambling.

P&G has acquired cult-fave deodorant brand Native

First, mega beauty corporation Procter & Gamble announced that they’re going to be transparent about what’s truly in their fragrances by the end of 2019 —which is a huge move considering “fragrance” is an umbrella term that can include a myriad of chemicals, which are not legally required to be disclosed.

Why doing inversions on your period could be bad for your health

Have you ever been in a yoga class where the teacher’s recommend anyone on their period skip the pre-savasana shoulder stand and wondered why?

Your stepparents? Your siblings? Here’s the perfect gift for each type of Thanksgiving host

Picking out a Friendsgiving host gift is relatively easy—you basically just buy your party-throwing pal something that you would also love to receive.

Taryn Toomey and Pursoma just dropped a crystal-infused, magnesium-rich bath soak

Dream team alert: Cult-fave Pursoma just launched a post-workout bath product with Taryn Toomey, fitness influencer and founder of The Class—and it’s just as dreamy as you’d imagine.

Why your coffee creamer needs a healthy upgrade

While too much of any good thing can backfire (yes, caffeine, we mean you), your morning cup of joe qualifies as beneficial to your overall well-being.

How beauty gurus from around the world view aging

When Allure declared a ban on the term “anti-aging,” it shook the entire beauty industry and consumers around the world.

Here’s what you *shouldn’t* feed your dog on Thanksgiving

There are some pretty clear dos and don’ts of puppy parenting: Do dress up your dog for Halloween, don’t feed it chocolate, and maybe let it sleep in your bed. But should you feed your dog Thanksgiving leftovers?

The most common source of stress in relationships isn’t what you think

Healthy romantic relationships can be challenging to maintain. But, hey, if Michelle and Barack can navigate life’s stresses and keep their #relationshipgoals status intact, you and yours can do the same, right?

There’s a good chance you weren’t breastfed if you have eczema

Having eczema is no fun: The condition makes your skin red, itchy, and inflamed—and it tends to flare up at the worst times.

7 dreamy meditation nooks on Pinterest to inspire your mindfulness practice

With meditation, you either love it, or you aspire to love to love it. Regardless of which camp you fall into, a meditation nook can breathe new life into your practice.

Soak up all that Scorpio New Moon power with this at-home ritual

Mindfulness rockstar Kelly Morris is an expert at guided meditations—just ask the wellness insiders who listen to her Infinity Call every day, without fail. And she’s here to lead you through some serious intention-setting, divine-feminine magic every month.

5 healthy reasons Canada is an award-winning destination this year

If you’ve been itching for some life-changing travel, you may not need to venture so far: Canada—AKA the US’s more polite (and, honestly, way more put-together) neighbor to the north was just named Travel + Leisure‘s 2017 Destination of the Year.

The scientific reason to eat your Thanksgiving dinner slowly

Being surrounded by so much food on Thanksgiving probably only makes you want to do one thing: Make like a turkey, and gobble through your meal.