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The super-fresh staples an in-demand NYC chef keeps in his fridge

Most busy Manhattanites don’t have the luxury to take a leisurely lunch break at Eleven Madison Park—AKA the “world’s best restaurant.” The next best thing just might be the restaurant group’s new fast-casual eatery, Made Nice.

How baby food is (finally) getting a much-needed upgrade

If you’ve been to a baby shower at some point in your life, you’re probably familiar with the baby food game: A Gerber jar is passed around and partygoers have to guess the flavor.

11 products for your bedroom to help you sleep blissfully

There are few words in the English language more beautiful than “sleep.” It restores you (and your relationship), keeps your brain in good shape—basically, it’s the most delicious eight-hour chunk of each day.

Your workout playlist just got way more radical

Kiran Gandhi burst onto the scene in 2016 when she ran the London Marathon while free-bleeding through the race.

6 signs you’re definitely a Libra

As extremely harmonious and sociable creatures, Libras are not shy, which might so many celebrities fall under the zodiac sign.

How Tracee Ellis Ross motivates herself through a Tracy Anderson workout

You can treat your workout studio as a (sweaty) runway and rock designer clothes, if you’re so bold, and get through those burpees in your best embellished leggings.

Lake Michigan Itself Is the Greatest Asian Carp Deterrent

For years, people have been freaking out that Asian carp are about to invade the Great Lakes. That concern seemed more real than ever this summer after an Illinois fisherman caught a carp in June less than 10 miles from Lake Michigan — beyond the barriers designed to keep them out.

7 tips for staying healthy during what looks to be a horrible flu season

With cold weather comes flu season, and this year isn’t looking too great when it comes to avoiding the sniffles—at least if the US follows in Australia’s footsteps.

5 tips for staying authentic on social media, according to Om and the City’s Jules Hunt

Wellness blogger and yoga instructor Jules Hunt of Om and the City inspires a community of over 23,000 followers with her gorgeous yoga pics, colorful healthy lunches, and—most importantly—her be-unapologetically-you message.

#BossBabe Shonda Rhimes somehow found time to launch an inspiring lifestyle site

For most mere mortals, finding extra minutes to meditate or bike to work can feel like a superhuman achievement.

Cher’s impressive daily routine proves planking knows no age

There’s no denying that Cher is a total legend—but not just for her hit songs and fearless fashion choices (and Oscar-winning acting chops, NBD).

The best city for single #bossbabe homebuyers is…

Who says you need to be part of a couple to buy home? Being single doesn’t compromise your #bossbabe status, and there’s a big market for these strong, independent homebuyers that proves it.

This first-of-its-kind online farmers’ market is the most natural food-delivery service

There’s nothing like hitting up your local farmers’ market on the weekend: You get fresh fruits and veggies from the source, which are perfect for both eating and churning out natural DIY projects.

Trade your olives for berries for this antioxidant-rich twist on a classic martini

The Outside Institute Laura Silverman; Photo: Bettina Lewin It’s essentially a farmers’ market shopping requirement to stock up on the season’s luscious ripe berries these last few warm-weathered weeks.

The astrological guide to crushing it at work this fall

To thrive in your work, look to the stars for guidance, says Jennifer Racioppi, an astrologer and career coach.

How 10 wellness pros stay healthy while traveling

The struggle to stick to your healthy routines while traveling might not feel so real if you’re staying at, say, a wellness-focused hotel or a resort whose gym has a truly epic view.

Are laxative teas good for your gut?

When you have a bad bout of bloating and want to, ahem, get things moving, reaching for a detox tea is a pretty common solution.

15 stylish purses that can double as chic gym bags

Fact: You don’t have to pack your workout garb in a gym bag. Sure, you could go the traditional route when it comes to your exercise accoutrement—and if you do, make sure to pack it like a pro—but there are times when just you don’t want additional baggage.

Is Starbucks’ new maple pecan latte healthier than the PSL?

Not even one month into pumpkin spice latte season and Starbucks already has a new headlining seasonal drink.

3 glowy-skinned celebs who love collagen

You can fill up on collagen—the essential protein that keeps your body and skin running smoothly—through injectables, topically applied skin-care boosters, or supplements.