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Liberal SJWs protest ‘Nazi’ Ben Shapiro but are completely clueless when asked one simple question

Last Monday, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro gave a speech about fascism and the breakdown of free speech on college campuses nationwide.

Priest urges church to abandon Christmas, ‘hijacked’ by Santa

A Catholic priest has urged the church to abandon the word “Christmas” because it has been “hijacked by Santa and reindeer.” Read Full Article at

Report: Trump’s Staff Keeps Him Happy With ‘Delusional’ Good Polls

He apparently gets upset when he sees the regular polls.

Top U.S. general says he would reject ‘illegal’ nuclear strike order from President Trump

What happened? The U.S. military’s top nuclear general said Saturday he would reject an order from President Donald Trump to launch a nuclear warhead if he deemed it “illegal.” Gen.

Lena Dunham defends Girls writer from rape accusation, provokes Twitter backlash

After coming to the defence of Murray Miller, a Girls writer who has been accused of rape, Lena Dunham faces a backlash on Twitter.

Swedish woman Raped by Syrian migrant commits Suicide after Prosecutor drops her Case

Investigative journalist and columnist Joakim Lamotte has reported a new story on his Facebook page, about a young woman, Angelica Wiktor, from Vittaryd in Småland, Sweden.

Serbia forgives USA for 1999 bombings, forgets all victims, holds joint drills with NATO

On November 14-17, Serbia will hold exercises of local and American paratroopers. The manoeuvres at Batajnica military airfield with the participation of about 100 servicemen from the 173rd Airborne Brigade of the US Army are to promote the expansion of relations between the countries and “enhance security and peace in the region.” The administration of Serbia, the territory of which the Americans were bombing for four months in 1999, agreed to the joint exercises to retain its power, chairman of the Russian Party of Serbia, Slobodan Nikolic, told Pravda.Ru.

Nations Join Ranks To Find A Missing Argentine Navy Submarine

Watch Video Authorities are stepping up search efforts after an Argentine navy submarine vanished earlier this week.

‘Russian Backdoor Overture’ to Kushner Involved Close Putin Ally

Just another Russian contact the president’s son-in-law conveniently forgot about.

Drain The Swamp: Sexual Harassment is Rampant in the Halls of Congress

Did you know that the House of Representatives has paid out $15,000,000 to victims of sexual harassment in recent years?

Liechtenstein GDP Larger than 14 African States Combined

Liechtenstein (population 37,000) has a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) larger than 14 African states, while Belgium (pop.

Lebanon's Absent Prime Minister Saad Hariri Says He'll Return Home

Watch Video Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said he'll soon return home. A trip to France ended his weekslong stay in Saudi Arabia that led to speculation he was being held against his will.

'I've lived out a James Bond movie': Ousted Caracas mayor on the run from Venezuelan government

The ousted mayor of Caracas pledged to spread his protest against Venezuela's socialist government across the world as he arrived in Spain on Saturday, a day after escaping from house arrest and slipping past Venezuelan security forces into Colombia.

Russia gives unique 3D Palmyra model to Syria to help restore ancient city (VIDEO)

Russian researchers have created a model of the ancient city of Palmyra, based on thousands of drone images.

Trump takes criticism of Hillary Clinton to all-time high after she questions legitimacy of election

President Donald Trump took his criticism of Hillary Clinton to new heights on Saturday after she once again questioned the legitimacy of the 2016 election.

‘Arrogant’ Saudi Arabia fails to dent Hezbollah with Hariri gambit, but won’t stop trying

Riyadh’s attempt to assert control in Lebanon and open up a new front against Hezbollah and Iran has brought little return, but substantial reputational damage.

Unfounded Pot Hysteria Spreads on the Internet

Headlines declaring the "first marijuana overdose" are sensational and misleading. A local Colorado NBC-affiliated news station recently ran a misleading and irresponsible story with the headline “Colorado doctors claim first marijuana overdose death.” In reality, experts have drawn no scientific or otherwise solid correlation has been drawn between cannabis and the death in question.

'King of cling' celebrity designer Azzedine Alaï​a dead at 77

Azzedine Alaï​a, a Tunisian fashion designer who dressed famous women from Michelle Obama to Madonna, has died at the age of 77, according to reports.

Country music star Neil McCoy debuts song mocking NFL anthem protests — and it’s going viral

A country music star’s song at a recent concert in Missouri is going viral because of its candid lyrics addressing NFL players’ protest of the national anthem.

A hot mic caught Sen. Jeff Flake saying the GOP is 'toast' if it's the party of Trump and Moore

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) was caught on a hot mic Saturday commenting that the Republican Party is "toast" if it becomes the party of President Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, both of whom are subject to multiple serious allegations of sexual misconduct.