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Fast Food Quiz: Wednesday Night! by PW Fun & Learning

Cue the guilty pleasure, we’re doing a Fast Food Quiz this week! Think slogans, signature items, famous commercials, and the like.

Pizza In Its Purest Form: The Story of Lucali

Lucali's Mark Iacono charts his journey from Brooklyn construction worker to international pizza master.

Why a Cookie Spatula Is My Most-Used Kitchen Tool (No, I'm Not a Professional Baker) — Amazon Deal of the Day

I love chocolate chip cookies so much that I have the classic Nestle Tollhouse recipe memorized. At any given point, my roommate and I have all the supplies required to make a batch (and can do the mental math to halve or even quarter the batch if we're running low on butter).

10 Flavor-Boosting Add-ins for Incredible Chili — Tips from The Kitchn

I've talked before about how soup is my go-to dinner party food in the fall and winter, but I recently read a piece on mean chili: spicy, exciting, innovative chili with unexpected flavors.

IKEA Made the "Fast Food of the Future" and It Includes Vegan Hotdogs — Pop Culture

Leave it to IKEA to make bug burgers and vegan hotdogs look delicious. Everyone knows that IKEA is a wonderland of surprisingly stylish flat-packed furniture and trendy and useful housewares.

10 Healthy Snacks You Can Only Find at Costco — Shopping

Costco is known for lots of things — humongous shopping carts, a generous free sample policy, and cheap hot dogs, to name a few — but it's not just a fabulous place to go when you want to stock up on giant jars of peanut butter or massive containers of dish detergent.

10 Breakfast-for-Dinner Recipes My Kids Are Guaranteed to Eat

We have breakfast for dinner on our weekly meal plan every week — usually on Thursdays — because it is a wonderful way to use up leftovers or scrape together staples into something easy enough for a weeknight but that everyone loves.

9 Inexpensive Things You Can Do to Refresh Your Tired Kitchen — Kitchen Makeovers

The kitchen is a hyper-functional space, which is, perhaps, why it's so easy to neglect its design appeal.

The Top Beer and Wine Trends for 2018, According to Whole Foods — Food Trends

Even though we're already into the month of March (seriously, where did February go?), Whole Foods Market has shared their trend predictions for beer and wine in 2018.

How My Picky Toddler Changed Dinnertime — You're a Parent Now

Long before I had kids, I watched a friend of mine, a stylish food blogger and soon-to-be cookbook author, pull Amy's macaroni and cheese out of her freezer for her kid before we left for dinner.

Healthy Baked Oatmeal: The Easiest Make-Ahead Method — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Whether you bake it in the oven, zap it in the microwave, simmer it on the stovetop, or forget about it overnight in the slow cooker or the fridge, oatmeal is the queen of breakfast foods.

Experts Explain Exactly Why You Spend Too Much Money at Target and IKEA — Shopping

She was standing in front of me in the IKEA checkout line. Dressed casually chic in cute jeans and carrying a brown leather purse just the right amount of broken in.

How Amazon Prime Can Help You Make a Cold Brew That’s Better than Starbucks

As far back as I can remember, my grandma was always pushing coffee. She loves the stuff and, for reasons unknown, wanted her people to love it too.

The Internet Is Very Excited About This $5 Costco Cheeseburger — Grocery News

Costco's food court hot dogs and pizzas are famous around the world, and with good reason, but all this time Costco has been missing one obvious item to complete the heavenly triumvirate of American food court junk food: a cheeseburger.

Memorize This to Make a Frittata Without a Recipe — Tips from The Kitchn

Frittatas are in heavy rotation in my household. They are a breakfast-for-dinner staple easy to enough to pull off when I don't want to cook, and a weekend morning go-to.

Disney Is Making an Effort to Be More Vegetarian-Friendly

Disney might be the most magical place on earth, however, when it comes to the park’s food, vegetarians are severely lacking in options (unless you enjoy settling for a hummus sandwich or want to make a meal out of churros, that is).

Weight Watchers Is Jumping on the Meal Kit Bandwagon — Food News

It seems like everyone is making meal kits these days. Blue Apron and Hello Fresh are a couple of the most famous, and Martha Stewart also has a meal kit.

Chicken Alfredo Stuffed Shells by The Pioneer Woman

I love chicken Alfredo. I love stuffed shells. Ergo, I love Chicken Alfredo Stuffed Shells! That doesn’t mean I’m good at math or logic—it simply means I’m good at eating.

5 Tips for Picking On-the-Go Snacks for Toddlers, According to 5 Pediatricians — Shopping

I never really mastered the "mom bag." I carry a big shoulder bag instead of a proper diaper bag, and I might not always have enough antibacterial wipes (or even regular baby wipes).

Easy Baked Pork Chops

Easy Baked Pork Chops come together with ease and require just a handful of simple ingredients. Serve them up with a green salad and pasta for a quick weeknight dinner.