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Flo-Bro: Universal Water Filter for Travelers

With the goal of an easy-to-use water filter in mind, Flo-Bro One was developed! No electricity or cartridges needed to filter out viruses, bacteria, and protozoa from your water.

OK, why is everyone eating Tide Pods? An investigation

In 2015, The Onion published an article titled “So Help Me God, I’m Going to Eat One of Those Multicoloured Detergent Pods”, in which a fictional toddler just...really wants to eat a Tide Pod.

Amazing & Vibrating Neon-Lit Photographs

On peut s’imaginer une histoire derrière chacune des photos de Toby Harvard. Le scénariste et photographe sait comment manier l’appareil et narrer le monde au travers de son objectif.

This Guy Bought A Giant Plastic Godzilla, And Now They Travel Everywhere Together

According to photographer Kieran Murray: “You’ve heard of the travelling gnome, now I present a travelling Godzilla figurine that I have photoshopped to look life sized.

This nightlight will notify you of your retweets so you never sleep again

It’s been well-documented that being online and instantly contactable for all of our waking hours is maybe, not actually, good for our mental health.

These Ads From Haiti Hope To Use Trump’s Words Against Him

Verdy Verna/Ari Levi & Brock Johnson President Trump’s comments referring to certain nations, including Haiti, as “shitholes” provoked widespread anger and outrage.

The art of making paper, kimchi or noodles – The fascinating traditional tutorials of Li Ziqi

On her YouTube channel, Li Ziqi reveals the art of making paper, kimchi, noodles or even smoked meat, using only traditional and old Chinese techniques.

Minimal Interior Design Inspiration | 134

'Minimal Interior Design Inspiration' is a weekly showcase of some of the most perfectly minimal interior design examples that we've found on the web - all for you to use as inspiration.

How to Put Together the Perfect Kid’s Room (That Your Little Ones Will Love)

Kid’s rooms need to meet both the parent’s and child’s needs. Image: Fastighetsbyrån Designing a kid’s room can seem like a daunting task at first glance.

Tom Hardy made a rap mixtape and it’s actually pretty good

When people dig up things that Hollywood actors have done or said in the past, they’re usually a cause of embarrassment at best, or a reason to retire from public life forever at worst.

Art Movements

E. L. Trouvelot, “Mare Humorum” (1881), color lithograph, 25 3/4 x 32 3/4 inches, Jay T. Last collection, The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens (© The Huntington) Art Movements is a weekly collection of news, developments, and stirrings in the art world. Subscribe to receive these posts as a weekly newsletter.

Electric Luxury Ahoy!

Don’t be deceived by those sails! The Kathreen yacht’s vertical honeycomb protrusions aren’t just for catching wind.

Sculptures by Lim Seung Seop.

Sculptures by Lim Seung Seop.

Chechnya’s president says all reports of his human rights abuse are ‘myths’

Last year Chechnya’s human rights abuse made headlines worldwide as over 100 were detained in concentration camps for being gay, and around 26 of them reportedly murdered.

Watch the snarky trailer for the Heathers TV series reboot

The notorious, same-named clique is back in a 2018 reboot.

Why models need more power

With every new allegation of abuse, the same questions ricochet through the media. Why did he do this?

Going from Town to Town across the UK, Niall McDiarmid makes a portrait of a place

“The term ‘Britishness’ has changed so much over the last ten years, I don’t really know what it means anymore to say ‘I’m British,’” observes Scottish photographer Niall McDiarmid, who has spent almost a decade photographing people in the street across Britain.

Back to the Borscht Belt: Exploring the Ruins of the Doomed Pines Resort Hotel

The Borscht Belt in the Catskill Mountains was once one of the New York’s premiere holiday destinations.

This artist paints tattooed hands with impressive realism

A selection of paintings by Scottish artist Jackee Sandelands-Strom, who paints tattooed hands with impressive realism.

Cardboard Art by kim Juyoung.

Cardboard Art by kim Juyoung.