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BTS Look At The Amazing Real World Film Locations For ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

[Click here to view the video in this article] With Star Wars: The Last Jedi just around the corner, Lucasfilm takes you behind-the-scenes in this reveal featuring some of the movie’s most spectacular real world filming locations.

Justin Wadge

Justin Wadge: archatlas: Check out the amazing monochromatic ink architectural sketches by Justin Wadge on his tumblr!

42 Buried Buses Form America’s Largest Underground Nuclear Fallout Bunker

[ By WebUrbanist in Destinations & Sights & Travel. ] Composed of dozens of school buses surrounded with concrete, there may not be room for two of every Earthly animal in this “Ark Two” but there is space for around 500 humans (kids and adults) to cohabitate through a moderate apocalypse.

Book Recommendations: Gift Guide (2017)

Book Recommendations: Gift Guide (2017) AoiroStudio Dec 11, 2017 We hoped that you have been enjoying our gift guides from the past week, let's keep the holiday spirit alive with another guide.

crossconnectmag: The Wonderful Infra Red Photography of John...

crossconnectmag: The Wonderful Infra Red Photography of John Pilkington ( aka Infaredd ) I trained as an Illustrator/Graphic Designer at St Martins in the ‘70’s and worked in the Photographic industry for about 20 years before changing direction and becoming a Professional Model Maker/Painter selling my work at high end Craft Shows.

archatlas: 80-Year-Old Wooden Escalators Become...

archatlas: 80-Year-Old Wooden Escalators Become Art Turning old wooden escalators, 80 years old, into a beautiful aerial sculpture celebrating both the past and modernity?

It’s Monday!

Let’s do this thing.

Happy Birthday TeuxDeux!

8 years ago today, I launched TeuxDeux together with Cameron and his FictiveKin Crew. It has been keeping me organized ever since.

Dreamlike Portrait Photography by Damien Casals

Damien Casals is a talented 23-year-old photographer, retoucher, artist and student currently based in Paris, France.

crossconnectmag: Nikolay Polissky Creates Towering, Handcrafted...

crossconnectmag: Nikolay Polissky Creates Towering, Handcrafted Structures Across Russia     Born in 1957 in Moscow, artist Nikolay Polissky creates impressive, handcrafted structures in the middle of Russia’s vast landscapes.

Artist Philip Beesley Blends Artificial Intelligence and Interactivity to Build “Living” Architecture

Multidisciplinary artist and architect Philip Beesley weaves together such a broad array of technologies and systems in his artworks that they officially defy description, but the immediate effects of falling these sprawling interactive installations are visceral and awe-inspiring.

ELLE Brazil Reproduced 5 Iconic Paintings With Real People in Stunning Photosession

We have seen several recreations of famous artwork throughout the previous few years, every time breathing fresh life into all-too-familiar landscapes.

Stunning Photos Of A Beautiful Woman You Wouldn’t Believe That Were Taken Over 40 Years Ago

Jonathan Charles is an art photographer in South West England and the Charente region of France. These stunning photos of beautiful woman called Marie he mentioned above that were taken in the early 1970s.

Moody and Cinematic Adventure Photography by Simon von Broich

Simon von Broich is a talented self-taught photographer, filmmaker, traveler, creative director and daydreamer currently based in Münster, Germany.

Petroleum Pets: Coalinga’s Vanishing Iron Zoo

[ By Steve in Culture & History & Travel. ] Painted pump jacks with plenty of personality put the “pet” into petroleum at the venerable and vanishing Iron Zoo in and around Coalinga, California.

Kon Wajiro’s Archaeology of Present Times

Japanese architect, sociologist, and educator Kon Wajiro was living in Tokyo when the violent 1923 earthquake occurred.

Mysterious Jupiter Up Close Looks Like A Van Gogh Painting

Juno is NASA’s current mission attempting to understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter. The spacecraft is equipped with a suite of science instruments including several high-tech cameras that have been transmitting incredible images back to Earth for processing and analysis.

Peugeot Luxury Speed Boat Concept

In combination with esteemed ship manufacturers Beneteau, designers at Peugeot look to have developed the world’s first SUV-inspired speedboat for your water.

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Planétarium

A couple of years back Van Cleef & Arpels has decided to set the whole planetarium on our wrists, and that is the way the Midnight Planétarium watch was born.

True Differences Between Designers And Clients Show Why They Will Never Understand Each Other

Designers and clients see everything so differently that a conflict is only a question of time . To illustrate this, ‘Trust Me, I’m A “Designer”‘ made a witty animation that lists the things that cause the biggest disagreements.