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A Wine Glass Work of Art

Even from a distance, this stunning light fixture in the Visitor Center in Kufstein, Austria is a breathtaking focal point in the large space.

Can You Spot The Difference Between China’s Fake ‘Paris’ And The Real City?

Images by François Prost and featured with permission If you want to see the Eiffel Tower and the Versailles, you now have options.

H&M Hires ‘Diversity Leader’ Amid Controversial ‘Monkey Hoodie’ Backlash

Image via monticello / In its attempts to redeem itself following its controversial ‘monkey hoodie’ debacle, Swedish fashion retailer H&M has announced that it will be appointing a global leader in the area of “addressing diversity and inclusiveness.” Backlash towards the retailer ignited last week after Canadian singer The Weeknd expressed offense over the hoodie’s catalog image, which showed a young black boy dressed in the apparel with the words, “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle.” The Grammy-winning artist went on to publicly declare that he was severing ties with the brand, a move that was subsequently executed by American rapper G-Eazy—who was slated to release a clothing line in partnership with H&M on 1 March—as well.

Perfectly Matching Sweaters and Backgrounds

Les pulls se fondent dans les décors dans la série Knitted Camouflage du photographe Joseph Ford. Le projet, qui a duré quatre ans, a été réalisé en collaboration avec l’amie et tricoteuse Nina Dodd.

Pastel Pictures of Los Angeles

Franck Bohbot, photographe français basé à New-York, s’est rendu en Californie pour y shooter une sublime série aux doux accents vintages.

Mesmerizing Typography on Fashion Photographs

Le jeune artiste Parisien Louis Stimes brouille les lignes entre typographie, photographie et design dans ses oeuvres, dessinées à l’encre de chine sur des photographies de mode.

Front designs modular rugs that can be folded up into furniture

Swedish design studio Front has created a collection of colourful rugs, then transformed the design to produce matching poufs.

That time Naomi stepped off a runway to give Gianni Versace an award

Oh, the 90s. A time ruled by B*Witched, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and jelly sandals. While going back isn’t possible – even if fashion is hell-bent on bringing back trends from the time – you can reminisce via this clip of the VH1 Awards in 1995 which we’ve dug from the depths of YouTube just for your viewing pleasure.

McDonald’s Reveals Packaging Changes That Could Greatly Influence Its Industry

Image via 8th.creator / Fast food giant McDonald’s might not be creating an eco-friendlier version of its logo anytime soon, but the same can’t be said about all of its packaging.

McDonald’s Reveals Changes To Packaging That May Greatly Influence Its Industry

Image via 8th.creator / Fast food giant McDonald’s might not be creating an eco-friendlier version of its logo anytime soon, but the same can’t be said about all of its packaging.

NASA Unveils Makeup Kit That Its Men Designed For Female Astronauts

Image via Shutterstock You’ve probably seen the kind of food astronauts eat or how much cooler fidget spinners work in space—but did you know NASA was once interested in creating full-fledged makeup kits?

Starbucks Introduces An ‘Everything Croissant’—And It Is, Well, Everything

Image via Starbucks Starbucks has announced a French-inspired take on an American favorite, the ‘Everything Bagel’, and it truly has it all.

Bolton Residence by NatureHumaine

Bolton Residence is a project designed by NatureHumaine in 2014, covers an area of 1480.0 ft2 and is located in Montreal, Canada.

These Japanese memo pads will excavate objects as they get used

If you thought that paper notes blocks could not become a form of art, the Japanese will prove you wrong with the Omoshiro Block.

Steel Yourself For Girder

Memphis was sold in the U.S. through Melbert Cary, Jr’s Continental Typefounders Association under the name Girder.

‘Colonel Sanders’ Heads To France, Speaks French To Teach Them About His Spices

[Click here to view the video in this article] KFC together with agency Sid Lee Paris, are bringing the American chain’s iconic spokesperson, ‘Colonel Sanders’, to France for the first time.

Future iOS Update Will Let Users Disable Slowing Of iPhones, Says Tim Cook

[Click here to view the video in this article] Image via Anna Hoychuk / It’s been well established that Apple deliberately throttles the performance of iPhone batteries to prolong their lifespans.

The Classic UGG Boot Gets High-Fashion Makeovers That Might Just Stop Traffic

UGG has partnered with French brand Y/Project to create a capsule collection that might make some fans of its classic boots cringe.

There’s something different about this KTM

“What’s a transportation designer if he doesn’t mess with and personalize his bikes and cars!” – spoken like a true designer, Don Cammorata made some adjustments to the KTM 950 that can only be described as beautiful.

Stock Photo Tips and Tricks Every Designer Must Know

The sample images or photos you use can make or break your designs; there are times when choosing stock photos that really match the overall theme of the designs is important.