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Fuji Announces New Entry-Level X-A3 Camera and Rugged 23mm f/2 Lens

Fujifilm picked a rough day to make a camera and lens announcement; but have no fear Fuji, we’ve got you!

Canon Reveals Two New L Lenses and an Interesting SD Card WiFi Adapter

The 5D Mark IV might be the big release of the day, but it’s certainly not the only news from Canon this Thursday.

Canon Unveils the 5D Mark IV with a 30MP Sensor and ‘Dual Pixel RAW’

It’s quite possibly the most anticipated camera announcement of the year, and it finally happened! Canon has revealed the long-awaited 5D Mark IV, with a new sensor, 4K video, and some interesting ‘Dual Pixel RAW’ capabilities.

Ep. 101: A Photographer’s Sony Service Nightmare

Episode 101 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. Download MP3 –  Subscribe via iTunes or RSS! Featured: Paul Nisely, Sporting News Director of Photography In This Episode If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to rate and review us and help us move up in the rankings so others interested in photography may find us.

Nikon’s ‘Worst’ & ‘Best’ Zoom Lenses Compared

I’m going to preface this by saying that this isn’t a lens review article, there are many photographers better suited for this topic, so if you’re after refraction index comparisons and chromatic aberration charts this article probably isn’t for you.

A Meaningful Tribute to the Candid Moments Between Shots

A compilation of 3 years of “awkward” GoPro clips with narration. That’s all this video is, but it somehow still strikes a chord.

3 Simple Steps to Taking a Great Photo

Photography is a presentation medium. At its most basic, a photograph is simply a means to communicate an idea to an audience.

Close-Up Portraits of People With and Without Clothes On… Can You Tell?

As portrait projects go, Dylan Hamm‘s series Naked Faces is strange… and creative. He shot two passport-style headshots of 43 different strangers—one with, and one without any clothes on.

I Built My Own Medium Format Film Scanner from a Shoe Box

Unless you have the dough to get a lab scanner, it is a painful process to scan your own film. Luckily one day all the photo labs dumped their Pakon F-135 to the market, and I remember you could get one for ~$250 a pop.

10 Similarities Between Pokemon Go and a Wedding Photography Business

Disclaimer: This ain’t a guide to Pokemon Go. 1. Everybody Starts Somewhere By the time I began my Pokemon Go journey, others much more experienced than I was had been levelling up their characters and Pokemon.

Tamron Patents 115mm f/1.4 VC Lens… Watch Out Nikon

Watch out Nikon, that 105mm f/1.4 might not be such a “novel” lens forever. The latest lens in what has been called “a never ending parade of optical formulas” from Tamron is a 115mm f/1.4 VC patent that’s bound to get some portrait photographers’ hearts pumping.

Jasmine Star Accused of Plagiarism Yet Again

Wedding photographer Jasmine Star is probably still recovering from the first slew of plagiarism accusations leveled against her in 2013; however, it seems the saga is entering Episode II.

Should We Care Who Took This Photo?

Mahmoud Raslan’s photograph of “the boy in the ambulance” from Aleppo has struck a chord with viewers in a way that we haven’t seen since Nilüfer Demir’s image of 3-year old refugee Alan Kurdi in 2015.

Rumor: Sony to Adopt a 16-Bit Lossless RAW Format in the Future

We definitely suggest reading this particular rumor with the mouse in one hand and a salt shaker in the other.

Have You Got the Brain for Street Photography?

It might sound like a provocation, but it’s not. Notice the little difference: I am not asking if you have got the brains for street photography, I am asking if you have got the brain for it.

Take a Look at the Hasselblad Camera Add-On for Motorola

Three more photos that allegedly show the Hasselblad-branded camera add-on (or ‘MotoMod’) for the MotoZ and MotoZ Force phones have surfaced, giving us a closer look at the next partnership between a smartphone maker and a major camera brand.

You Can Wallpaper Your Whole House with These Photo Studio Backdrops

If you like using Drop It Modern‘s photography backdrops, we’ve got good news for you: they sell those same patterns as wallpaper.

The Wing is a Tiny, Ingenious Camera Slider with No Rails

Edelkrone’s motto, lately, seems to be: “Why not? Let’s give it a shot!” It’s the spirit behind products like their StandPLUS, the “reinvented tripod”, and the strange-but-probably-useful Povie smartphone necklace mount.

A Rebuttal, or: How to Succeed at Your 365 Project

The hardest part of a 365 project is the first week. Actually, maybe it’s the first two-three weeks. It’s the period between introducing something new into your life and then making that thing a habit.

Quick Tip: How to Fix Uneven Eyes in Photoshop

Here’s a quick how-to that will probably come in handy sometime down the road for every portrait photographer.