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Steel Animal Sculptures by Byeong Doo Moon at ‘Sculpture by the Sea’

Our memory in your place. 2014. Photo by GCImagery. Our memory in your place. 2014. Photo by Deepwarren.

Heroin Chic: Portraits of Russian Sex Workers in Designer Clothing (NSFW)

For Downtown Divas, artists Loral Amir and Gigi Ben Artzi constructed studio portraits of heroin-addicted prostitutes living in a confidential city in Russia.

Two Food Artists Who Create Ghoulishly Delicious Treats Perfect For Halloween

Ruth & Sira Christine McConnell Christine McConnell Ruth & Sira With Halloween just around the corner, costumes don’t have to be the only spooky things you you do to celebrate the holiday.

Thursday Links: Why Wouldn’t You Want to Ooze a Pumpkin?

Oozing pumpkins. Need we say more? [Youtube, via: Swissmiss] SUBMISSION GUIDELINES FOR OUR REFRIGERATOR DOOR.

Spectacular Digital Art by Federico Musetti

Federico Musetti is a talented 32-year-old digital artist based in Parma, Italy. Below, you may scroll through several hot artworks selected from his portfolio.

Video of the Day: Trippy Hand Drawn Animation by Gabe Mangold

Okay, this animation by Gabe Mangold is a masterpiece, and there wasn’t a single frame that I could pick that would do it justice.

Dusk in the Chilean Countryside

© Adan Torres / Offset To see more of Adan Torres’s work, please visit Offset. Offset is an exclusive category channel partner on Feature Shoot.

Modern Day Explorer Documents the World’s ‘Micronations’

The Kingdom of Calsahara Freetown Christiania The Republic of Molossia Drawn to small places with improbable histories, photographer Léo Delafontaine could be described as a modern day explorer.

Gravity-Defying Stone Balancing Art By Michael Grab

Canada-born and Colorado-based artist and photographer Michael Grab is a master of stone balancing. Perhaps magician’s a better word for it, actually, as it’s difficult to comprehend how he could have created his graceful works of balance art.

Maciek Jasik

“A Thousand Souls”, photos by Brooklyn-based photographer Maciek Jasik. More photos below. View the whole post: Maciek Jasik over on BOOOOOOOM!


Paintings by Teo Pirisi aka Moneyless, currently showing at White Walls in San Francisco. More images below.

Clare Grill

Paintings by New York-based artist Clare Grill. More below. View the whole post: Clare Grill over on BOOOOOOOM!

Andy Warhol And His Mother's Little-Known Collaborations

Way before Andy Warhol became the Pop pioneer that we now know him to be, he worked as a freelance children’s book illustrator.

Last House Standing by Ben Marcin

Living and working in Baltimore, MD, an area of constant demolition and reconstruction, photographer Ben Marcin became fascinated by the existence of lone row houses.

Designers Hack 3D Printer to Make an Automated Tattoo Gun

  Appropriate Audiences, a Paris-based design studio, has taken a 3D printer and combined it with a tattooist's needle to make an automated Tattoo "Printer." The studio took Autodesk software and turned tattoo designs into digital files that are downloaded into the machine.

Nadezhda Illarionova's Dark Fairy Tales

Nadezhda Illarionova is a Russian graphic artist and illustrator. Her whimsical illustrations, with nude nymph harpists and a cathedral filled with grisaille human-swan hybrids, seem as if they are pulled right from children's stories.

The Quiet Life x Katsuo Design

For The Quiet Life's latest collection, the brand collaborated with Japanese artist and illustrator Yusuke of Katsuo Design.

Painterly Japanese Street Photos by Junku Nishimura

The black-and-white street photography of Junku Nishimura captures the people and culture of Japan in a dramatic, painterly way.

Daniel Mullen

Daniel Mullen

Jon Lau

Jon Lau