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Fuji Reveals Much-Improved Portable Instant Printer for Smartphone Snaps

Fuji’s first SP-1 Instax printer made a bit of a stir when it was unveiled back in January of 2014. A portable, Wi-Fi enabled instant printer, it made printing your smartphone photos practical and fun.

6 Tips for Telling Stories with Your Photos

Stories are integral to human culture and storytelling is timeless. In photographic practice, visual storytelling is often called a ‘photo essay’ or ‘photo story’.

Nature-Inspired Geometrical Tattoos By Jasper Andres

If you’re an artist then you know that in order to come up with something original you might have to find unique combinations of the things that already exist.

Superhero Bookshelves For Your Super Book Collection

Becoming a superhero does not always come overnight. Sometimes you need to do your research and where better to store it all than in a superhero bookshelf?

Tactile Performances that Probe the Body and Its Aging

Stephen Petronio rendition of “The Courtesan and the Crone” by Anna Halprin (2016). Exhibition detail from ‘Ally,’ produced in collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum (photo by Carlos Avendaño; all images courtesy of the artists and The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia) PHILADELPHIA — Ally, a new exhibition at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, is a collaboration between artist Janine Antoni, choreographer Stephen Petronio, and movement artist and activist Anna Halprin.

Psychedelic Daydreams from Mexico and Ecuador

Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico Ecuador Three years ago, Montreal-based photographer Benoit Paillé left everything behind, fitting his entire life inside a 21-foot camper.

Monochromatic Portraits by Dylan Andrews  Cross Connect Mag is...

Monochromatic Portraits by Dylan Andrews  Cross Connect Mag is on Facebook. Posted by Skumar’s 

Women Wearing Only Shadows Of Nature

There’s a certain beauty in a naked body. It’s something that we all share, yet also something we tend to make a taboo out of and hide.

Developing a Zoom Lens for the X1D ‘Almost Impossible’ Says Hasselblad

The exciting new Hasselblad X1D launched with two prime lenses—a 45mm and 90mm—and a third (30mm) in the works.

The Evolution of Dressmaking, from Hand- to Machine-Made

Yves Saint Laurent, “Embroidery Case Study Dress” (spring/summer 1983 haute couture), upper level gallery view (image courtesy Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent, Paris © The Metropolitan Museum of Art) A clever way of telling if a piece of clothing is a knock-off is to look at the stitching: if it’s crooked, it’s probably been hastily assembled in some sweatshop; if it’s straight, it’s been meticulously formed with the utmost sensitivity to detail in an atelier.

really-shit: Mesmerizing aerial photography by Aussie duo Salty...

really-shit: Mesmerizing aerial photography by Aussie duo Salty Wings. Follow us on Tumblr!

Oliur's Workspace Evolution

This post was originally posted to Oliur's personal blog.There’s always been a lot of interest in my workspace and I can understand why – it’s always interesting seeing how others have their workspace setup, why they chose what they chose and why they have it laid out like they do.I wanted to share ...

Strange But Beautiful Stretched Bronze & Stone Sculptures By Romain Langlois

French sculptor, Romain Langlois has been learning and perfecting his skills in sculpture making for 15 years.

Small Town ‘Art’ Galleries

The New 9GAG Offices In Hong Kong Are Perfection

9GAG is arguably the world's leading online social platform for funny, viral content. For some reason, when you think about them as a company, imagining them to have huge, professional offices, with plush decor and some excellent design features, doesn't come easy - but they do.Their ...

Polish Artist Creates Double Exposure Tattoos Inspired By ‘True Detective’

You’ve probably heard about double exposure photography when two images are merged together for interesting results.

Random Inspiration 244

Roundup of posts from our other sites BlazePress and Linxspiration.You can check out the previous episode here – Random Inspiration #243 Don't miss out on UltraLinx-related content straight to your inbox.

This Café Cleverly Incorporates Pantone Swatches Into Its Food and Decor

Pantone colour swatches lend themselves to all sorts of applications and have been at the heart of some of the most interesting and exciting projects of our generation.

Photographer Spotlight: Susan Worsham

A selection of photos from “By The Grace of God” by photographer Susan Worsham. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

Mind-melting sculptures by artist Yoshitoshi Kanemaki, from Chiba, Japan. More images below.