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This Company Makes Hilarious Cardboard Tanks, Planes And Houses For Cats

There’s no better way of showing how much you love your cat than getting it its own tank. Now that’s a sentence I never thought I’ll write… But now I can, thanks to the makers of crazy pet accessories SUCK UK.

How Heidi Swanson made 101 Cookbooks

“Heidi Swanson makes everything beautiful,” wrote The Washington Post’s food and dining editor Joe Yonan of her 2015 book Near & Far.

The 5 Best Drones You Can Buy In 2017

Drones have really hit new heights in the last year or so, huge companies have finally released flying photography machines that have some awesome tech, as well as a price tag that won't completely break the bank.


“Solo was going to fire again but suddenly an invisible force swept up his pistol and delivered it to Vader’s hands.” A panel from Diguo Fanjizhan’s The Emperor Strikes Back (1982) (image courtesy Orion Martin)  China’s Pulp Comics When: Tuesday, January 24, 7pm Where: Parsons School of Design (2 W 13th Street, Greenwich Village, Manhattan) For the NY Comics & Picture–story Symposium, Hyperallergic contributor Orion Martin will discuss what he calls the “largest comics industry ever”: China’s pulp comics.

10 Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes From Different Countries

Ok, so up till now, I was pretty sure, that I once saw the star of Fantastic Beasts, Eddie Redmayne, riding the London’s tube.

These Amazing Animal Sculptures Are Each Made From 100's of Tires

Blake McFarland is an artist who uses recycled rubber tires to create amazing life-like sculptures of animals.

Sleep Under The Northern Lights In "The Ultimate Treehouse" in Lapland

Architecture company Snøhetta has created the best treehouse you'll probably ever see in your life. "The 7th Room" is a luxury treehouse hotel and its goal is to shorten the distance between people and nature.

This Short Video Brilliantly Shows How Subtractive Colour Works

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (or Black)) is the colour model used in most printing techniques and has been for a while now It's called a subtractive model, and if you don't know what that means, or you've never heard of CMYK before, then this short video will perfectly demonstrate it.Read ...

Hand-Embroidered Photographs by Artist Diane Meyer

American artist Diane Meyer questions the ability of photography to accurately preserve our memory and experience, highlighting its tendency to obscure the past by transforming history into an object of nostalgia.

Artist Spotlight: HENSE

A selection of recent work by artist Alex Brewer aka HENSE. Click here for previous posts. See more images below.

Artist Spotlight: Matthew Bromhead

A series of collage and sculpture work inspired by the landscapes of Western New South Wales and Brush Island, on the South Coast of Australia by artist Matthew Bromhead.

Watch Women Of The World March Against Trump: The Crowds Are Enormous

While Trump’s press secretary used his first (and pretty short) conference to accuse the media of, as the administration insists, understating the crowd present at the Inauguration and prove the photographs from Obama’s and Trump’s ceremonies wrong, hundreds of thousands people all over the globe took the streets and led mass protests against the 45th President of the United States, who was already sworn in, on Sunday and Saturday (January, 21 and 22).

Opening Night: adidas Skateboarding "The Showcase" in NYC

adidas Skateboarding kicked off "The Showcase" this past Friday night in NYC, their first group art show of 2017 created by artists from the world of skateboarding and art.

In Open Letter, Hundreds of Architects Urge Trump to Take Action on Climate Change

The Spertus Institute, designed by the Chicago-based Krueck and Sexton Architects, one of the architecture firms that signed the open letter to Donald Trump (photo by John Zacherle/Flickr) Just ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration last Friday, over 400 American architecture firms signed an open letter advising action on climate change.

Drawings by Seungyea ParkSeungyea Park aka Spunky Zoe was born...

Drawings by Seungyea Park Seungyea Park aka Spunky Zoe was born in South Korea, and have received BFA, and MA in Longisland NY, USA.

An Artist Broadcasts Cyclists’ Conversations as They Explore the Site of a Future Park

Agustina Woodgate’s Radio Espacio Estacion (image courtesy Diana Larrea) MIAMI — While its walkability and bike-ability are questionable, Miami was once an epicenter for bicycle tourism.

Highlighting an Abandoned Parking Lot in Gold Before It’s Gone

Installation view, Corrie Baldauf, “GOLD ZERO” (2016) (all photos by Jack Johnstone, courtesy of Corrie Baldauf) We make much these days of the growing inability for the average person to see things that are plainly within sight (hello, incipient fascist dictatorship!

Florida Art Thief Drives Stolen Car 1,000 Miles to Ask Obama for Pardon

Marc Chagall’s “The Meeting of Ruth and Boaz” (left) and Pablo Picasso’s “Faune Devoilant une Femme” (right) (screenshot by the author via NBC) Miami resident and confessed art thief Marcus Sanford Patmon was arrested on Wednesday after driving a stolen car some 1,000 miles to Arlington, Virginia, where “he was looking to be pardoned by the Obama administration before the Trump administration came in,” Arlington Police Department spokesperson Ashley Savage told NBC.

Satellite Imagery Suggests ISIS Destroyed Two More Ancient Sites in Palmyra

Satellite imagery of the tetrapylon and Roman amphitheater after the significant damage by ISIS militants (all images courtesy ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives and DigitalGlobe) ISIS militants have reputedly wrecked two additional sites in Palmyra, in acts of cultural oppression that began just weeks after the terror group regained control of the ancient city from Syrian government forces.

Watch Researchers Slam Drones Into a Crash Test Dummy’s Face… for Science

How do you make drones safer? The answer to that question, if you’re this group of researchers from Virginia Tech, is on the other side of a few blunt crashes between commercial drones and a crash test dummy…’s face.