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Justin WIlliams @ VIOLET'S CAFE


The Feelies: The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness

Eric Veit

Time is an instrument that nature strums, 2014 One-year Pineapple, Benzoin, Pane Italiano, Glass, Caster, 2014 link

Stefan Tcherepnin @ RFA


acrylicalchemy: Michael Carini | Detail Shots: Foreverandever |...

acrylicalchemy: Michael Carini | Detail Shots: Foreverandever | Acrylic on Canvas | 60” x 96” Website | Time-Lapse | Instagram | YouTube | Flickr  

crossconnectmag: Misha Gordin was born in 1946 in Riga, capital...

crossconnectmag: Misha Gordin was born in 1946 in Riga, capital of Latvia then part of USSR. After graduating from aviation college he joined the Riga Motion Studio’s special effect department.

"Application Narrative," 2014, Jaya Howey


mymodernmet: Blending vivid colors, sleek geometric patterns,...

mymodernmet: Blending vivid colors, sleek geometric patterns, and minimalist elegance, American designer Travis Purrington offers up a bold new vision for US currency.

Ryan Foerster @ C L E A R I N G, New York


artruby: Damien Hirst. 

artruby: Damien Hirst. 


Picked by Josh


Picked by Folkert

David Armacost


Cheryl Donegan

Untitled ( pink and blue floor plan), 2014 Untitled ( small drab study), 2014 Untitled ( blue and pink object mapping), 2014 link

Andreas Dobler @ HACIENDA


Taylor Swift, Picture-Perfect

Taylor Swift is a profoundly sentimental artist. She is also, of course, a gifted songwriter, a clear, convincing singer, a striking melodist, a hook machine as irresistible as any to grace Top 40 radio, a celebrity about as benevolent as they come, and, let us not forget, a role model worth obsessing over.

Steve McCurry's "Oltre Lo Sguardo” @ Villa Reale di Monza, Italy

Decorating the corridors of the former Italian royal home is Steve McCurry’s retrospective, “Oltre Lo Sguardo”.

Man of Steel: The Welded Transfigurations of Melvin Edwards

Melvin Edwards, “Wayou Tugge” (2014), welded steel, 15.25 x 15.25 x 6.25 inches (courtesy Alexander Gray Associates, New York; Stephen Friedman Gallery, London.

Photographers Elijah Hurwitz, Søren Drastrup, Marvin Unger, Ken Wong, and Mark Makela Take Over Our Instagram

Elijah Hurwitz [@elijahsol] / November 22, 23, 24 Søren Drastrup [@sorendrastrup] / November 25, 26, 27 ’Tis the season for falling leaves and hot cider, and our latest lineup Guest Instagrammers will show us just how much we have to be grateful for.

Ursula von Rydingsvard and the Drill Bit’s Caress

Ursula von Rydingsvard, “Bent Lace” (2014), bronze; 112 x 69 x 40 inches. Edition of 3 (all images via In a video produced by Art 21, Ursula von Rydingsvard recalls her childhood in refugee camps after World War II, living in barracks made of “raw wooden floors, raw wooden walls, and raw wooden ceilings.” Her current show at Galerie Lelong, Permeated Shield, is the first solo of her long career with a title that alludes at least indirectly to warfare.