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Rick Silva’s “Antlers”

One word to describe GIFs by Rick Silva: sublime.

7 Rising Art Stars To Watch: Jack Early

Jack Early in his studio. Photo: Christian Grattan [Editor's note: This week and next we'll be featuring the work of seven artists we think you should keep an eye on.

Is worth looking at the other artworks by Jon Foster - freelance...

Is worth looking at the other artworks by Jon Foster - freelance illustrator, presented earlier  at our blog.

Don’t Forget About Nature: Designer and Photographer Julian Bialowas On the Importance of Exploration in the Digital Age

Julian Bialowas is always searching for the next adventure. Currently based in San Francisco, the Canadian photographer and designer has made his livelihood from encouraging others to go out and explore the world around them.

Illustration by Peony Yip On tumblr

Illustration by Peony Yip On tumblr

Incredible Moments of Tenderness Found In the Struggling Mill Towns of Pittsburgh

When photographer Dan Wetmore set out to capture the neighborhoods surrounding the abandoned steel mills of Pittsburgh, he was met at times with incredulity, for some believed the area to be little more than an industrial wasteland.

Ludicrous Images Of Porn Stars In between Sex Scenes

Porn stars are faced with a conundrum. If they act well, can the audience believe that they’re enjoying the sex?

Absurd But Genius Inventions By Dominic Wilcox

Bed made from a template of Dominic Wilcox’s body. Tea cup with inbuilt cooling fan. Finger nose stylus.

Photographer Takehito Miyatake Captures the Brilliant Natural Light Shows of Japan

In spring, firefly squid (hotaru ika) rise 2000 feet to the surface of the water and offer a fleeting glimpse of their magical lights Genji botaru fireflies around a small bridge over the Shimanto River (Kochi Prefecture) The moon lights up a waterfall against geometric rock formations / A close-up of the red-hot cinders erupting from the Showa crater on Sakurajima Volcanic lightning during the eruption of the Sakurajima volcano Scores of fishing rafts floating in the Uchino-umi highlighted by the light from the full moon Japanese photographer Takehito Miyatake is known for his accomplished long-exposure photographs of fireflies, volcanic eruptions, and beaches awash in bioluminescencnt firefly squid.

A Documentarian of Memory

Chris Marker, still from ‘Level Five’ (all images courtesy Icarus Films) Chris Marker’s death two years ago, on the day of his 91st birthday, heralded a surge of renewed interest in the enigmatic French filmmaker.

Sketchbook Project at Galerie F in Chicago

SARO / Jason Rowland On a quick local note, our friends from the mighty Sketchbook Project are stopping by Chicago on August 22 & 23 with some 4,000 sketchbooks for you to peruse from their famous mobile library.

By the Silent Line: Photographer Pierre Folk Spends Years Documenting a Vanishing 160-Year-Old Parisian Railway

The Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture (French for “little belt railway”) was a 32 km railway that encirled Paris, connecting all the major railway stations within fortified walls during the Industrial Revolution.

We’re All Nudists Under Our Clothes: ‘Lake Como’ Explores Those Who Live Life in the Buff (NSFW)

One of the primary fascinations of photography—for both the picture makers and the viewers—is the desire to examine the lives of others: those who live or experience differently than what is familiar to that person.

Brian Dettmer Uses Surgical Tools To Carve Intricate Drawings Into Old Books

New York-based artist Brian Dettmer’s sculptural, multi-layered books are so intricate that they require him to use surgeon tools in his process.

Stephanie Buer & Mary Iverson "After" @ Thinkspace Gallery, Culver City

Thinkspace is pleased to present After, featuring new works by Stephanie Buer and Mary Iverson. Portland based artist Stephanie Buer explores derelict and abandoned urban spaces in her meticulously detailed oil paintings and charcoal drawings.

LACMA Is the First Museum to Join Snapchat

(Hrag Vartanian/Hyperallergic) Social media has become a staple of museum communications plans, so we weren’t surprised to learn that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) became the first museum to join the Venice Beach–based social network last month.

Selçuk Yılmaz is an artist from Istanbul, Turkey who creates...

Selçuk Yılmaz is an artist from Istanbul, Turkey who creates this lion sculpture from 4000 pieces of scrap metal.

Music Video: Action Bronson "Easy Rider"

We have a close Juxta-family connection with Action Bronson, and when we caught a look at his newest video for the track "Easy Rider," a video that pays homage to the 1969 Peter Fonda/Dennis Hopper film, we pretty became convinced that Action is having the most fun in the music industry at the moment.

Rock Musicians before and after their Performances

By Desmond Ignaz Photographer Brandon Andersen’s portraits of musicians at the Vans Warped Tour show what rockstars look like before and after their energetic performances onstage.

Native American Artists Take Control of Their Market

The organizers of the Indigenous Fine Art Market, from left to right: Tailinh Agoyo (director of marketing and creative services), John Torres Nez (president), Paula Rivera (director of program operations) (photo by Abby Lewis) ALBUQUERQUE — Not often, when a popular board member leaves an arts organization, do constituents get riled enough to do something about it, other than perhaps grumble on Facebook.