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Typeverything.comClarity Affords Focus by Aurelie Maron. Clarity Affords Focus by Aurelie Maron. - Change the Game, mural by Stephen Powers. - Change the Game, mural by Stephen Powers.

Unusual fifteenth-century fonts: part 2

Nowadays, with tens of thousands of fonts available, we are accustomed to a great variety of letterforms.

ILT 2015

Way back in 2007, while living in rural Japan, I created ILT. I remember its birth with supreme clarity. Lovely by hmrck #lovewins Lovely by hmrck #lovewins

The Last Word on Helvetica?

Perhaps this article should have ended at the question mark in its title. And by the end of it, you may well concur.

New Transport | A2-Type / A2/SW/HK | Henrik Kubel / Margaret Calvert

New Transport™ is a digital adaption of Transport lettering originally designed by Jock Kinneir & Margaret Calvert in the 1960s; specifically for use on the United Kingdom’s new motorways (followed by the all-purpose roads).

Alphabet Logo | Counter-Print

Alphabet Logo / designed by Leterme Dowling is another excellent publication from Counter-Print, and part of the ‘Trademarks and Symbols’ series Alphabet Logo is a compendium of logos designed from letters of the alphabet.

Recorder Issue 2

After last years relaunch of the Monotype ‘Recorder’ magazine art-director & editor team Luke Tonge and Emma Tucker are back for round 2 – another type-focussed issue featuring a broad range of subjects.

Lee Goater | All the way round exhibition

Commissioned by Leeds Libraries and Dep Arts, Lee Goater was asked to create site specific work for The Art Space within Leeds Central Library, to form part of the WordPlay series of exhibitions and events.

Production Type | Gemeli Micro

Production type continues the series of companion publications to its typefaces. The second one is the Gemeli Micro typeface specimen. - 3D drop caps by Omar Aqil. - 3D drop caps by Omar Aqil.

The Pattern Project

Basically, two things came together. First: I am fascinated by the mesmerizing richness of detail of medieval initials.

Typeverything.comFicciones Typografika 880-882 by Phillip Koll. Ficciones Typografika 880-882 by Phillip Koll. - Beer cans archive.(via Friends of Type) - Beer cans archive. (via Friends of Type) - Typographic Illustration for Wired, by... - Typographic Illustration for Wired, by Sawdust. - LUWU, book design lectures by One Inch. - LUWU, book design lectures by One Inch. - Let’s all create type clouds with this foam... - Let’s all create type clouds with this foam printer. - Light my fire by @inkaboutit - Light my fire by @inkaboutit