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Star Island by Studio Ceron&Ceron

Star Island is a project designed by Studio Ceron&Ceron A plunge in the eclectic world of Lady Rose, elegant shades of purple, creating a romantic atmosphere between precious mosaics and fine fabrics, which have a common thread, the roses …..

Dropbox Offices – Sydney

Gensler has designed the new offices of file sharing company Dropbox, located in Sydney, Australia. With a strategy based on the overarching concept of “workplace as home,” Gensler partnered with Dropbox to design and implement the interiors for their new Sydney office.

On The Edge Lamp

Hmm, this little lamp features a matte finish and multiple convex facets. So what, you say? Well, it’ll look and feel nice, and you’ll be able to position it in multiple ways to get the light right where you want it.

Tealium Offices – San Diego

ID Studios has designed the new offices of enterprise tag management company Tealium, located in San Diego, California.

Microsoft Studio H Offices – Redmond

B+H Architects have designed Microsoft’s new Studio H offices, located in Redmond, Washington. An award-winning design that is always client focused.

Bedroom Pendant Lights: 40 Unique Lighting Fixtures That Add Ambience To Your Sleeping Space

You have the bed, the duvet, the beautiful bed frame. You’ve bought a woolen rug, potted plants and small, intricate accessories.

Hasami Porcelain Teapot

Not only does this Hasami Porcelain Teapot have a classically modern shape, it shares the same diameter as other pieces in the Hasami Porcelain collection, which allows for easy transport and stacking.

Techpump Solutions S.L. Offices – Gijón

Estudio Bher Arquitectos has designed the new offices of web development company Techpump Solutions S.L., located in Gijón, Spain.

Innovative Ways to Upgrade the Look of Your Office

Staying focused and motivated is key when you are working in your home office. Then again, we get it office work is boring and many times it can be long and dreadful.

Private Residence in Ryhad by Mario Mazzer Architects

Mario Mazzer Architects studied the interior design of this villa in Ryhad, with an understated and minimalist decor.

10 Essentials for Your Dining Room Gallery Wall

Create a focal point in your home with a well-designed gallery wall. Your dining room has the potential to be an overlooked space if you don’t pay attention to the pieces you are adding to your walls.

Jewelry Box by Menu

Just a little something to keep those smaller odds and ends organized… jewelry, tiny office items, and the like.

Blackened Steel Bar Cart

Do you need a new bar cart? One that holds a little more liquor perhaps? You could do a hell of a lot worse than this Blackened Steel Bar Cart by Brad Sherman.

Danyel Biotech Offices – Rehovot

Setter Architects has designed the new offices of life-science marketing company Danyel Biotech, located in Rehovot, Israel.

Small Space Luxury: Three Modern Apartments Under 40 Square Metres That Ooze Class

Many people view small apartments with apprehension, thinking that they won’t have enough space to fully unleash their design aspirations.

Vodafone Offices – Istanbul

Swanke Hayden Connell Mimarlık has designed the new offices of telecommunications company Vodafone, located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Innovation Center Offices – Washington D.C.

OTJ Architects has designed new innovation center offices of management consulting company Booz Allen Hamilton, located in Washington D.C.

McCarter & English Offices – Philadelphia

Francis Cauffman has designed the new offices of law firm McCarter & English, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Wigwam Offices by Razvan Barsan + Partners

Wigwam Offices is a project designed by Razvan Barsan + Partners, covers an area of 25 sqm and is located in Bucharest, Romania.


This is the Tunisian summer home of French fashion designer Manon Martin. It is here where Manon escapes to when she needs inspiration, which she finds in the light, warmth, the smell of the spices in the souks and the … Continue reading →