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Vibrant Bar&Restaurant Inside an Articulated Wooden Snake: Izakaya Kinoya

Izakaya Kinoya in Montreal, Canada is the latest restaurant & bar project belonging to interior designer Jean de Lessard.  In his work, the architect emulates the primary spirit, function and aesthetics of the izakaya, an informal place where people drank beer and sake.

Salt water-powered electric car approved for roads in Europe

News: a company that claims to have developed the first electric car powered by salt water says the vehicle has now been approved for testing on public roads in Germany and the EU (+ slideshow).


When I started my blog in 2006 there were just a few interior & life style bloggers out there. Decor8 was one of the very first interior blogs and over the years this blog has grown into on of the largest and best blogs in the field.

Extremely Creative Vertical Apartment Showroom: IKEA Climbing Wall in France

The advertising campaigns implemented by Swedish furniture brand IKEA usually rank high in creativity, but wait ’till you see the company’s latest “stunt”!

Kindergarten by Ecker Architekten features an austere colour palette and a spiral staircase

The distinctive grey and yellow colour palette of this nursery school in Germany, by Ecker Architekten, extends to lighting fixtures, storage closets, doors and staircases (+ slideshow).

House in Rydsgård

This house is a hybrid of old carpentry and airy modern home originally built in 1912 and covers an area of 3,229 square feet.

Formafantasma uses saxophones and a brass pendulum to track the passing of time

London Design Festival 2014: Italian design duo Formafantasma has installed a range of unusual timepieces in the showroom of British furniture brand Established & Sons.

Serve, then Swish: Beer Carrier Has 2nd Life as a Frisbee

Most product packaging is meant to be used once and then thrown away or recycled. It seems a pity to let still-usable materials go to waste, and designer Simon Kern agrees.

27 Unexpected Colorful And Vibrant Halloween Décor Ideas

We got used to Halloween parties in black, red or orange but what about rocking some hot colors? Go green, purple, red, hot pink or any other colors that you like.

Minimalist Wind Chimes: Two-Piece Musical Decorations

Wind chimes can be a lovely addition to any home, and although they come in hundreds of shapes and sizes they are more or less all the same.

Brutalist buildings: Unité d'Habitation, Marseille by Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier's first Unité d'Habitation is arguably the most influential Brutalist building of all time.

"There was good brutalism and bad, but even the bad was done in earnest"

Opinion: challenging, idealistic and serious – Brutalism is architecture for grown ups, says Jonathan Meades.

Keiichi Matsuda to "explore the future of the city" in new film

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: London designer Keiichi Matsuda shows us how he is making his new film about the future of augmented reality in the next preview of our Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition.

10 Design Lessons You Can Learn From Scandinavian Interiors

Scandinavian design is modern and minimalist with plenty of natural views. Image Source: Jeffers Design Group You may be surprised to hear that the beauty of the Scandinavian design movement wasn’t fully recognized until the 1950′s.

Stylish Modern Bathroom Renovation With Wood And Concrete

This stylish bathroom is in the house of furniture maker Chris Brigham, founder of Knife & Saw. He wasn’t satisfied with his bathroom and decided to rebuild it, so he planned out a complete overhaul of the room that features no shortage of custom built-ins.

Soba Cable Director from Bluelounge

Most of us would like to ignore the unfortunate mess of cords lurking underneath and around our desks.

Ilona Gaynor designs staging for a hypothetical court case

London designer and filmmaker Ilona Gaynor looks at how the setup of a courtroom can manipulate how a case is perceived for her Designers in Residence commission at London's Design Museum (+ slideshow).

ZZZ Stool

Another piece from Ethnicraft’s Universo Positivo collection? You got it, and it certainly won’t put you to sleep.

Conradt Optik by Ippolito Fleitz Group

Snapshot: New owners of Conradt Optik contracted Ippolito Fleitz Group for a new design that would communicate their business philosophy of selected brand displays married to peak customer service.

Chopping Board Set

When you’re out on an adventure, there’s no reason to do without decent kitchen tools. This medium sized chopping board folds up and stores a knife inside, allowing you to prepare foods with ease on your picnic or day trip.