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CKIE Product of the week – Shelfpack Portable Closet Suitcase

Showcasing an incredible design gives us joy, but actually having the opportunity to own that design gives everybody joy, doesn’t it!

Audacious, All-purpose Appliance!

Black and white are usually associated with retro or vintage, aren’t they? Well, this article is a glorious contradiction, because the Audi Layer input device looks unbelievably futuristic despite all the images on this page being black and white.

A wallet with $wag!

Just imagine the reaction of the cashier at the grocery or your barista or the food delivery guy’s reaction when you pull the Zenlet out to pay them.

Aging Never Looked So Good!

It might not be relevant to you NOW, but one day, there’s a good chance you might need a walker, my friend!

Funny Concept Car Proposal for KIA by Giorgi Tedoradze

Submitted by Giorgi Tedoradze, Funny Concept Car is a design proposal for Kia. Just like its name suggests, it does feature compact, funny body shape.

Peruse: The Piano Coatrack

Designed by Patrick Seha, Piano is an award winning coat hanger. That’s right, this inanimate object has won an award, now allow me to explain why.

Durable and Affordable Dromida Ominus Ready-to-Fly Drone to Practice Your Drone Pilot Skills

New to drones? Well, you can try to fly one with Dromida Ominus Ready-to-Fly Drone. It’s an easy to fly drone so whatever your skill level you are now, whether you are a pro or a beginner, controlling this drone would be piece of cake.

A Bug-inspired Builder

Safety is key when it comes to construction sites, so why does current heavy machinery have standard doors that are cumbersome and potentially dangerous?


Pyla’s Autumn Winter 2016 Collection is a curation of classic lines and primary shapes. The materiality of the line of necklaces is based on a purposed ability of the wearer and owner’s own interpretation of their own style.

Tetra Slide Lighter : No More Empty Lighter

Empty lighter? That’s not going to be a problem with Tetra Slide Lighter. You can light rolled smokes without a flame with this fuel-free lighter, it uses the heated-coil mechanism, just like car lighters.

A Chic Twist on the Sewing Machine

You expect your clothes to be stylish, so why not the machine that’s used to make them?! PDF HAUS explores this idea by applying the design language of Vifa, a high-end audio maker, to a modern sewing machine.


Our friend Ryan Barr from Whipping Post has added a new product to their line of vintage bags. The Large Messenger is, as the name implies, a bigger version of the more streamlined Vintage Messenger, and is beautifully crafted from Vegetable tanned leather, a material that only looks better with age.


American bicycle manufacturer Felt have recently presented their impressive Cargo E-Bike, an electric bicycle that?


Today?s Holiday Gift Guide roundup is focused on the handyman and experts on all things DIY. We bring you our pick of some great tools designed for their capable hands and making their job easier.


Ystudio is from Taiwan and was founded in 2012. They explore vanishing cultures and devote themselves to linking past memories with modern life, making fine artifacts for whoever is serious with their life.  Their new collection, a set of four fountain pens, was created to motivate the user to "put the pen to paper?

Let physics hold your table together

Take a look at the Multi Tier Shelf for a bit. Do you notice how the shelf is held together not by fixtures, but by sheer interference?

Lightweight Laundromat

Almost all consumer electronics have experienced the ‘portability’ wave, haven’t they? Vacuum cleaners became hand-held dustbusters, stoves have been portable for ages now.

Finder: Keep Track Of Your Belongings

A concept that has turned into an actual product, Finder is a two-part system that keeps track of your belongings, especially easy-to-lose possessions such as keys, wallets, and other daily miscellaneous items you use.

Yanko Claus Gift #2: Squarestreet

Pure black aluminum seems to be in major style this year. So what if you couldn’t get your hands on the iPhone 7 jet black edition, we’re giving away one deliciously black SQ31 Aluminum watch ($275) by Squarestreet to a lucky reader!

Alhazen Lamp by Saif FaisalThe Alhazen desk lamp is based on a...

Alhazen Lamp by Saif Faisal The Alhazen desk lamp is based on a concept work Saif Faisal did two years ago.