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Toasted Coffee

Mornings can be a major rush, quick coffee and a dry toast is what we manage to down on most days. The Baking Pot is a toaster and coffee pot design that hopes to brew your cuppa blend and toast some bread at the same time.

Sexy Heat For Indoors

The ‘Panel Heater Triplet’ is a sexy carbon fiber construction that follows the minimalist design language of a modern home.

Cycle/Carry/Camp Combo!

Alejandra Castelao’s Bike Trailer concept is the ultimate accessory for overnight cycling adventures.

Luxury Porsche Design P’9983 Smartphone from BlackBerry

Porsche Design and BlackBerry has teamed up to bring you the latest product: Porsche Design P’9983 Smartphone from BlackBerry.

Exostrusion LED Watch Was Inspired by Rear Diffusers of Modern Sports Cars

Exostrusion LED watch concept was inspired by the rear diffusers of modern sports cars. It’s pretty simple actually, these diffusers are usually looking like extruded forms with various fins and facets, so, taking these forms in mind, Peter Fletcher has come up with unique and futuristic display frame for his latest watch design.

House Saint-Forget

Shot by Flemish photographer Frederik Vercruysse, this temple of modernism was built in the 1950s by Andre Wogenscky, a renowned architect who worked with Le Corbusier for a long time.

Outside In Kitchen

The Pond Kitchen is, at first glance, a futuristic vision exaggerated in stark white. Upon further observation, a gentler and more familiar aesthetic is revealed in natural lines, curves, and dimensions.

The Less is More Toy

ROLLARK is a minimal and simple yet sturdy and heavy-duty toy with plenty of FUNctionality! But it’s more than a toy….

Unbrella Turns The Umberlla’s Inside Out – Open Inside

Do you guys still remember Inverted Umbrella designed by Ilmo Ahn? Well, apparently, he’s not the only one who thought about the concept.

Hot Cuppa Love

Winter is round the bend and soon my cravings for something warm to sip will increase. Taking this into account, the ‘With Me’ stick is the right resource for folks like me to have around.

All it takes is a Tilt

To manage our multiple gadget charging needs, the power strip has turned out to be an effective tool.

X1 Water Bike With Inflatable Pontoons for Easy Transport

X1 Water Bike is the latest product of Schiller Sports that deliver the most advanced water bike in the world yet.

Luxembourg House

A gorgeous white form is located in a hilly, rural area of Luxembourg. Simply called Luxembourg House, this structure is designed to create dynamic spaces inside and out. The home was designed by the infamous Richard Meier, an architect who has received worldwide recognition for his minimal buildings.

Public Transport System for 2030 for PACE Forum Design Competition

The Public Transport System for 2030 project was carried out for PACE forum Design competition for the Category of “Emerging Market Mobility Vehicle”.

Bluetooth and Juice!

Can I get a DUH up in here?! — Because DENO is a portable audio design that just makes plain, perfect sense.

Urban Connectivity in Qatar

Appointed as the principal architect for the Qatar Integrated Railway Project (QIRP) which will extend to 60 stations, the design forms a bridge between past and future, drawing inspiration from the vast regional architecture lexicon while representing an effective vision of modernism and preservation.

Bringing People on the Tube Together!

Tube Games are a clever addition to the London Underground that bring commuters together for a bit of fun!

Sputnik Lamps by Julie Lansom

Julie Lansom makes lamps with her hands.

LUMBIENT Ceiling Light Features Numerous Light Shades to Create Beautiful Effects in Any Room

LUMBIENT is a new ceiling light, which possible design combinations surpass the number of atoms on earth!

Branca Chair + Stool

UK-Based Industrial Facility introduces the Branca Chair and its younger brother, the Branca Stool. Conceived together with the well-respected Italian Mattiazzi as their client, the brief was to design a chair that turned to nature, where complexity thrives on reason, where beauty is simply a reason for constant growth.