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A Mirror for Reflecting

Architect Roberto Paoli’s LOID mirror isn’t just for checking your makeup and hair… it’s for pondering your perspective altogether.

YD & Red Dot Award: Design Concept Present the One-Hour Free Registration Window Is now LIVE!

It’s that time once again! Go for it tigers! Hit this link to claim your FREE registration code for the 2015 Red Dot Award: Design Concept.

Prynt Instant Camera Case for iPhone and Android Prints Your Photo in Less Than A Minute

Prynt is a great instant camera case for anyone who love taking pictures. Designed especially for iPhone and Android, this case functions as an instant printer when you can to print your photo in seconds.

Pencil Drawings by Paul

Design Father Design Father - Design We Love Advertise here with BSA Recently we have stumbled upon the absolutely fantastic work of Shanghai-based artist Paul.

The BeoSound Moment Home Music Player by Bang & Olufsen

Design Father Design Father - Design We Love Advertise here with BSA The latest innovation from Bang & Olufsen is the intelligent and sociable music system called BeoSound Moment, designed by studio Frackenpohl Poulheim, that actually is an intuitive wireless music system that integrates your music collection and services into one.

Electric Supermoto Concept by Eyal Melnick

It’s good to hearing from Eyal Melnick again, he has submitted his latest motorcycle concept to Tuvie.

Casa Balint

Casa Balint is an elegant white home located adjacent to a golf course outside of Valencia, Spain. Designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, this unique home is formed of one sweeping elliptical motion.

Egloo Candle Powered Heater Is A Cheap Way to Create Warm Environment

Stop wasting money on your heater, use Egloo to reduce waste of electricity while still creating warm environment.

Quick Exit And More

Combining a siren to the standard fire extinguisher is quite a clever move by Jeon Yangwon. The purpose of the design is to alert both rescuers and trapped victims of the location and forge an easy pathway to evacuation.

Let’s All Just Jump

We have seen many skipping rope (Jump Rope) iterations for harnessing Kinetic Energy and transforming it into torchlights.

Drunken Design

The Skoki chair is proof that inspiration can come from the most unexpected of places! Designer Michael Kushner envisioned the chair while observing drunk people’s posture at a pub.

An EV of the Third Dimension

After 3 years in the making, the INNVELO Three electric prototype has arrived, making it one step closer to the consumer market!

Popcorn Monsoon by Jolene Carlier

Jolene Carlier's playful popcorn machine amplifies the experience of popping popcorn.


Simon Legald’s Pocket for Normann Copenhagen adds a niche, literally, to any space. Made from Polypropylene, available in six colours, these pockets add an element of storage that goes beyond the traditional.

Spot Stick : Detachable Device to Help Blind Person Uses Public Transportation in India

“Spot Stick” concept is a modular product that can be attached to a cane. This concept device has been specially designed for Indian Blind people.

The Best Way to Enjoy Math

A winner of the Red Dot and Good Design awards, the Parabola Chair is lauded for its innovative form derived from mathematical analysis and ergonomics!

Swirl, Dip, Splash!

Bathroom faucets have evolved from the lowly status of being tools to wash our hands to status symbols.

ROTE-A Libellule Remotely Operated Aircraft for Extreme Evacuation Process

As a remotely operated aircraft, ROTE-A Libellule doesn’t require any pilot or aircrew to conduct evacuation missions.

Nixie Machine’s Clock by Frank Buchwald

Nixie Machine’s Clock is available in limited edition of 12 pieces. designed by Frank Buchwald for MB&F M.A.D Gallery, this object is a beautiful sculptural clock with 6 iconic, glowing Nixie tubes from 1960.

Keeping Kids SmartFit

As a parent, it is so easy for us to put the blame on distractive devices and gadgets for our children’s sedentary lifestyle.