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Retro-futuristic Radness

A tribute to the classic Citroën DS of yesteryear and its designer Flaminio Bertoni, the DS21 Renaissance captures the core styling of the iconic estate wagon in a fashion on par with the French brand’s modern identity.

Bougie-fy Your Bathroom

The EIKON Touch Water Control system represents the last frontier in tech & aesthetic progress in the shower & bath industry.

Honda CB1100 Inspired Cafe Racer by Bez Dimitri

This concept cafe racer is based on Honda CB1100 that combines technical raw elements with bright, clean lines.


Prazeres, or Pleasures, rests on an unassuming street in the Alcântara district of Portugal. From the exterior, this home looks very similar to its traditionally designed neighbors.

7 Reasons to Get Back into the Kitchen and Cook!

Just like me, you have been hibernating all this winter long, dreading to do the dishes and at the most making some hot cocoa.

Snow Crawler : A Snow Mobile That Will Make You Love Winter

Snow Crawler is a concept transportation that aims to make you love winter. It’s born out of man’s defiant nature and inborn stubbornness to challenge anyone who doesn’t like winter is wrong, this vehicle will be the reason of it.

Expandable Wooden Cloth Table by Nathalie Dackelid

Wooden Cloth is an expandable table designed to adapt itself in size to different occasions in your life.

Change in Equilibrium

Inspired by the literary work of Paulo Coelho, the Animada chair is the sculptural genius of designer Eduardo Benamor Duarte that channels the animistic belief that every non-human form has a spiritual essence.


Have you ever tried picking up a steel scale directly from a flat surface? It’s a nightmare! You just can’t get the correct grip.


Phones have really started focusing on slimness now. Which means that you compromise on power, be it battery life, or even audio playback.

SWYP Card Consolidates All Your Credit Cards Into One Ultra-Thin Metal Card

Hate bulky wallet? Well, with smart phone, smart TV, smart car, it’s time for smart wallet. SWYP introduces you to ultra thin metal card that can save more than 25 credit, debit, loyalty, and gift cards, eliminating that bulky wallet as well as making it easy to pay your shopping items.

This is Gonna Be Big

The latest and greatest since the selfie-stick, Stesco is the first peripheral add-on that allows you to make high-quality 3D stereoscopic photos using two iPhones!

Dish 60

Dish 60 by Minimalux is a seductive and sophisticated gesture to the professional desktop. Amid the gadgets of interconnectedness, this piece sits as a sculptural nuance.

LEXUS LF-LC GT for Vision Gran Turismo Project

Gran Turismo fans, if you happen to be Lexus fans as well, you will be thrilled to know that this auto maker has announced Lexus LF-LC GT “Vision Gran Turismo”.

Creatura Drink for Human by Jérôme Olivet

Isn’t it time you upgraded your soft drink? Pounding empty calories and questionable ingredients is so 1985.

A Perfect Blend: Patchwork Wood

Table 101 is an exploration in the manipulation of wood to achieve an aesthetic that’s slightly askew in character.

Meet, Llama

This clever coat rack provides a whimsical way to hang and store everything from jackets to umbrellas.

Rethink Sitting: The Re-launch of the Iconic Globe Garden Chair

"Our ancestors lived in the trees." Explained furniture designer Peter Opsvik when he first revealed his rather unusual Globe Garden chair in 1984.

Pop-A-Point Tools

Rewind to school days and do you recollect absentmindedly play with the Pop-A-Point rainbow pen? Who knew that such a simple idea of a functional mechanical pencil would inspire a bunch of designers to create an innovation that revolutionizes the tool industry!

Hip to be Square

The square-shaped smartphone never caught on, but a look at the BlackBerry L and we might consider it!