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Apple of my i!

In the struggle to create a smart wearable device, we really warped the meaning of “watch” didn’t we?

easyFeed: Advanced Pet Feeder

Pet owners abound have experienced the dilemma of having to guiltily leave their beloved furry friends at home for perhaps a little too long.

For Hungry Hikers

A good barbecue can complete a camping trip but few have the capacity to feed more than one small person and others are too large to lug through a hike.

Tumbler Alarm Clock

Norm Architects and Menu’s Tumbler Alarm Clock turns the tumultuous business of waking up, on its head.

A Wee Workspace

Minimalistic in material and aesthetics, BEA is a reduced workspace concept that makes no sacrifices for style over functionality.

A child’s leafy friend

Children are truly pure and innocent at heart. Remember that video that went viral of the girl who was literally moved to tears by the plight of animals?

Zen amidst the chaos

Central London. Bustling. Central New York. Crowded. Central Mumbai. Congested. Central Tokyo… surprisingly calming.

Le Mans Goes Green

There have been a few electric proposals for future Le Mans races but this Pagani is one of the first that harnesses hydrogen power!

Vivlio Shelving System

Stylish shelves rarely are the most functional shelves. Vivlio is a shelving system that is stylish, versatile and functional.

Shape-shift Seating

At first glance, this simplistic cube stool looks rigid and inflexible… perhaps, even uncomfortable. Take a seat, however, and you’ll find its cleverly constructed to adapt comfortably to your bum!

Bao Yao Fei

The Hague based fashion designer Bao Yao Fei is a true discovery. Usually, writing an article on a designer with compelling images or exciting concepts starts with extensive Google research.

Specialized Smart Glasses

Ironically, smart specs (like Google Glasses) turned out to be a pretty dumb idea for mainstream users.


Holographic Hammer is a recently created design studio that aims to provide innovative design for motorcycles.


The guys over at Cool & Vintage have listed another one of a kind vehicle, a chance to own this stunning, fully restored vintage land rover.


Heimplanet, a brand known for their inflatable tents, have introduced a new item to their urban bag collection.


If you love the outdoors and camping out in the most remote and unbelievable spots, you?ve surely discovered that sometimes ground clearance to setup shop is not always perfect or easy to find.

Removu S1: Smartest Gimbal GoPro Stabilizer

The REMOVU S1 is the world’s most versatile 3-axis gimbal for GoPro cameras to date. It can be mounted to your bike, helmet, body and wherever else a GoPro can be mounted.

Life Tips Of The Week #163

#163-A: Spread pesto in a pan and place it in the freezer. Once frozen, break into various sized pieces.

Parqer Glass: Wineglass for the Outdoors

Picture yourself sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying some good food, laughter, and drinks at the family cottage, your favourite beach, or on a camping trip with friends.

#12 Clock

Three degrees of transparency: black, white, and transparent. One simple and familiar telling: time. Say hello to the minimal #12 Clock by Simone Cappellanti.