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Give Me Five Streetlights : Slap Those Little Hands to Give Those Lamp Posts Electricity

We must say Give Me Five Streetlight is a smart and green design. It’s a concept lamp post with small rotatable hands that encourage passers-by to slap them as in “give me five” to generate electricity.

Little Star: World’s 1st Digital Art Furniture

Have you ever found yourself staring rather intently at the repetitive yet mesmerizing animation of a screensaver?

A Wild Half Copter, Half Plane Drone

The Zelator-28 takes home first place in the Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge for its super-streamlined yet highly functional design.

Perpetual Calendar Watch: Innovative Analog Watch for Everyday Use

Perpetual calendar watch offers unique design as the result of 40 years watchmaking experience of Dr.


In Minimalism, it’s the little things that count. Which doesn’t mean that it’s all about fancy details one would discover on second glance.

The Rubiks Cube of Organizers

As you scroll through the photos of this design, called MTO, you’ll notice the most subtle differences.

Mix It Up Lighting

The Pit collection of lighting objects are a minimalist take on familiar fragments from the candle world!

Get Up, Stand Up

It’s so important now a days as we all are behind a computer screen for over 40 hours a week to get up and move around.

Life Tips Of The Week #154

#154-A: Use towel hangers and bamboo buckets to make a beautiful storage unit. Simply drill holes into the buckets and use metal shower curtain rings to attach each bucket to the rod.

Mellom: Between Furniture and Art

Unlike oil and water, sometimes, when you combine different elements, they work out aesthetically.  Like this stool design by Thomas Kaland and Sofie Margrethe Bjørnå, two industrial designers from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway.


Monuments is a minimal magazine holder created by Danish designers Dubokk. The term monument may refer to man-made objects of significant size or cultural influence.

Egg-cellent Egg-xecution!

Why bring modularity to complicated things like phones and furniture when egg trays need it the most?

It’s a Futuristic Horse-carriage!

Any avid transportation buff will know how cars evolved as a replacement to horse-carriages. All vintage cars retained palanquin-based visual elements.

The New and Improved Oco Cloud Camera!

Big brother to the Oco1 currently for sale, the Oco2 now features self-learning, a full HD camera, hybrid storage, a handy magnetic base and even two-way talk!

Liquid Table by Mathieu LehanneurBased on his Liquid Marble art...

Liquid Table by Mathieu Lehanneur Based on his Liquid Marble art installation the designer Mathieu Lehanneur imagined a coffee table called Liquid Table, but he switched the marble for Aluminum.

Eco Catamaran Yacht Concept by Rene Gabrielli

Designed by Rene Gabrielli, this catamaran yacht concept focuses on ecologic technologies that use clean energy (sun & wind) and unique design solutions.

Noke: Bluetooth Padlock

You’re about to walk out the door of your house. What do you always need to bring with you? You probably need to bring your wallet, phone, and of course, your keys.  However, keys can be lost, can be rather brittle, and at times can be difficult to use.

B’lock’buster Design!

I get these mixed feelings when I see brilliant design. I’m awed by it but at the same time, I’m jealous for not thinking of something similar before.

SONO: For Peace and Quiet at Home

The SONO allows you to filter sounds from outside, giving you ultimate noise control. Don’t you hate the sound of the garbage truck picking up your trash when you’re trying to sleep in?

DiMO Lamp: Syringe Inspired Compact Lamp with A Wooden Lever

Inspired by how syringe works, DiMO lamp was born. It’s a uniquely designed lamp that allows you to adjust and create atmosphere of your space.