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Vision GT Concept Car Proposal for Ferrari by Peter Spriggs

As a Ferrai fan, Peter Spriggs wanted to design a Vision Gran Turismo car, infused with Ferrari’s DNA.

Triangle Collection: Wood Assembly Furniture

The designer Charlier Pommier has created the Triangle Collection. The Triangle Collection is a beautiful selection of wooden chairs and tables that can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Your Blowdryer’s Big Brother

Introducing, the Beast! Not quite a motorcycle, not quite a hovercraft… in fact, the closest thing to it might actually be one of those radial fan hairdryers from the 70s because it uses a similar power system!

Naxe : Professional Axe for Search and Rescue Teams

Hakan Gürsu has designed Naxe, a professional axe specially designed for search and rescue teams. Rescue missions usually need sturdy and stable tools for maximum performance.

Klipp Clock

Architecture, interior, objects: As soon as a designer — or in this case a trained architect — has found a style, an individual form of expression, working in the above categories mainly differs in terms of complexity, not so much in terms of accessibility.

Urban Regeneration

MLA+ in collaboration with Felixx Landscape Architects has reimagined the complicated and fragmented industrial landscape around the G107 highway (formerly the main entrance road from Hong Kong to Shenzhen) as a key driver for urban regeneration.

A Healthy Lifestyle in a Lamp!

It sounds strange to me too, but the Ambion lamps are genuinely therapeutic. We spend a large part of our lives indoors, built around a lifestyle that isn’t natural to us, and most people believe that this disconnect from the outdoors and from nature is the result of most ailments.

Tea and Coffee glassware by Jenkins&UhngerThomas Jenkins and...

Tea and Coffee glassware by Jenkins&Uhnger Thomas Jenkins and Sverre Hunger together collaborated with Ichendorf Milano to create this double walled series of glassware for the Wallpaper* Handmade during the Milan Design Week.

Life Tips Of The Week #157

#157-A: Sand the bottom of shoes that have slippery soles. (via The Krazy Koupon Lady) #157-B: Mark a large “X” with masking tape across your mirror if you are moving.

Rockwell Bassinet: For the Minimalist Baby

Rock your baby to sleep in style with the Rockwell Bassinet. Designers Ralph and Michelle Montemurro wanted to furnish a modern nursery for their son.


Kengo Kuma, the renowned architect known for his meticulous work with wooden structures, has utilised his knowledge in analogical joints to create a Japanese counterpart to Lego, named Tsumiki.


AETHER?s Frequency jacket is the epitome of athletic with attitude. Slim-fitting and easy-to-wear, this lightweight piece fuses mini ripstop with embossed detailing and breathable mesh panels for a sophisticated result.

An unnaturally natural phone!

The modern day phone isn’t ergonomic. No person in their right mind would make a device with a 6 inch long touch-screen when the human thumb isn’t more than 3 inches.

A Robotic Deodorant

What is a deodorant? Essentially something that removes odor. Ventilator fans and chimneys are deodorants too in that aspect, right?

Tuck a sofa prototype by Sverre UhngerSadly this sofa is just a...

Tuck a sofa prototype by Sverre Uhnger Sadly this sofa is just a prototype at the moment. It is referring to the traditional way of constructing a padded piece of furniture.

A Chair to Share

Saitens is a creative seating solution first inspired by sketches from Leonardo da Vincis Codices that show sunrays shining onto a parabolic mirror forming a very interesting structure.

Dynamics Concept Earphones for JBL Features 3D Printed Soft Texture on The Tip

Designed by Marco Schembri, Dynamic concept earphones offer universal products for everyone to enjoy music.

Uitto: The Biocomposite Skateboard

Waterproof, warp-proof, and 100% recyclable, the Uitto biocomposite skateboard brings traditional wooden boards into the 21st century.

Maestro Electric Violin with Companion App to Help You Learn to Play Easier

There are many ways to learn to play musical instruments these days, but learning to play violin can be difficult.

My Futuristic 6-wheel Drive!

The Tesla LMP1 looks like Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, and the Speed Racer co-created a vehicle. The LMP1 belongs to the era where the internal combustion engine’s rendered obsolete, and everything has shifted to electric and electromagnetic energy.