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Budnitz No.1

The Budnitz No.1 by Budnitz Bicycles is a stunning urban bicycle designed to last a lifetime. The model No.1 has a titanium cantilever frame engineered to absorb road shock while providing lateral stiffness for power and speed.

Everyday Carry: The 10 Best EDC Pens

Never get caught with a huge contract to sign and no writing utensil. Look like a professional with one of the best EDC pens out there.

Olloclip Studio Mobile Photography System

Olloclip Studio's newest mobile photography system easily adds accessories to your iPhone 6 for better photography.

MagKey EDC Key Holder

Thus is the case with the MagKey EDC Key Holder, which is a simple 4-pack of neodymium magnets for your unruly keys.

Tool (Cool) Chair!

We’ve just seen so many chair designs that it’s difficult to think beyond the veritable smorgasbord of stuff we’ve seen.

Garmin Varia Rearview Radar

One of the biggest dangers of being a cyclist is the threat of traffic approaching from behind you. Now, the Garmin Varia aims to combat that issue.

Leather Apple Watch Strap by Bexar

If you're looking for a classic-looking watch band for your Apple Watch, look no further.

Bend It like H2O

Got lured in by the picture you saw, didn’t you? Well, so did I. Designer Chao Chen has been developing and working with a material that has an unusual type of shape memory.

Casa Brutale Cliffside Residence by OPA

Casa Brutale could be the coolest cliffside house ever built.

A table with socks onThe name of this table is Crew Table. It is...

A table with socks on The name of this table is Crew Table. It is a very nice minimalist wooden table designed by the Tom Will Make Studio.

Biopod is A Redesigned Port-A-Potty to Provide You with Better Hygiene and Comfort

Port-a-Potty or portable toilet hasn’t been redesigned since its conception in 1940s, except that maybe the materials.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Features Faceted D-Pad and Rubberized Grip

In October 2015, Xbox will launch Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Designed in collaboration with pro-level game players, this device unlocks your full potential by adapting to your unique style of play.


LinePosters is a lovely collection of modern, minimal and graphic interpretations of popular city transit systems, created by graphic designer, Cayla Ferari and engineer, John Breznichy.

The Swiss Army Knife of Vans?

The very Volkswagen E-Box channels the brand’s notable utilitarian fleet in an extreme way that’s very….

Modern Man’s Must-have Wallet

Imossi combines style and practicality for the guy who’s serious about his accessories! Cut from a single, solid sheet of aluminum, it’s lighter, thinner and more durable than traditional wallets.


Our good friends over at Huckberry have added to their online shop an exclusive "Pre-Owned Watch Shop", giving users the opportunity to purchase some of the most iconic Omega watches such as the Speedmaster series.


Casa Brutale is a spectacular project by OPA Works, an ambitious concept home that sits inside a cliff above the aegean sea.


Glowpear is a self watering planter for urban spaces. The Glowpear system in fact, enables anyone to be successful in the attempt of growing your own plants, either indoors or outdoors.


We spend most of our days searching the web for the best and most noteworthy products, and a lot of that time is spent on the greatest website of all.

Pinhole Paring: The 8 Best Nose Hair Trimmers

Using a nose hair trimmer is one of the embarrassing aspects to being a guy. But if you go with one of the best, it doesn't need to be painful too.