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Shop WEL

Wide Eyed Legless is the blog and labour of love of Minneapolis-based designer and stylist Madelynn Furlong, who has now unveiled her latest project – The WEL shop, filled with highly curated goods that represent Wide Eyed Legless’ minimalist aesthetic and values.

Ovo Speaker by Monitillo Marmi

Design Father Design Father - Design We Love Advertise here with BSA Carved out from a single block of Cararra marble with the aid of a computer controlled cutting machine, Ovo is actually a unique iPhone analog amplification speaker, designed by stone craftsman company Monitillo Marmi.

House in Taiwan refurbished by House Design

Design Father Design Father - Design We Love Advertise here with BSA Our latest discovery is an old house, a treasure really, situated in Pingtung City, Taiwan.

Eccentric Plates by Daniel van Dijck

Design Father Design Father - Design We Love Advertise here with BSA Dutch designer Daniel van Dijck launched a line of tableware called “Eccentric Plates”, consisting of four handcrafted decorative and dinner plate designs – each unique design is made from various materials like ceramic, copper, and brass.

Kamasugar lollipops by Massimo Gammacurta

Design Father Design Father - Design We Love Advertise here with BSA Italian artist Massimo Gammacurta has found a way to combine two of our favorite things in life: sex and sugar.

Introducing Mid 2 and Low 3 by ETQ Amsterdam

Design Father Design Father - Design We Love Advertise here with BSA Introducing ETQ Amsterdam‘s F/W14 Capsule Collection, featuring two different styles; the Mid 2 and a new style premiering in this collection, the Low 3.

Chaise M°1

Switzerland based studio Kind of Design launched earlier this year their debut collection of furniture, called M°1.

The Donut Stool Using sedge for seats is an ancient art in...

The Donut Stool Using sedge for seats is an ancient art in Italy. The designer Alessandra Baldereschi keeps this tradition alive, by reinterpreting its use with this modern stool.

Trash Zip, As Simple As That!

Designed like a flexible plastic spring, the is a compressible trash can be downsized or upsized according to the amount of garbage disposed.

In Case Of Fire, Just Use The Hammer

Adding a definitive edge to the regular fire extinguisher, we have here the Fire Hammer, a life-protecting tool.

Goat Mug : Coffee Mug in The Shape of Goat’s Horn

Goat Mug has been designed to resemble goat’s horns to pay homage to those goats that discover this delicious dark liquid.

Try Live a Nomadic Lifestyle with Wide Path Camper

This design is great news for you who love nomadic lifestyle. Wide Path Camper is micro mobile home that is light enough to be hauled around with your bike.


w151 is another wonderful lamp collection developed by the Swedish architecture and design trio Claesso Koivisto Rune.

Light and Art – A Winning Combination

Skeletal sculpture meets functional light in the Molecula lamp by Benjamin Migliore. With its rounded intersections and crisp lines, the geometric structure is at once organic and intentional.

Hang Out Gecko Style!

The unique ability of geckos to scale walls and suspend from ceilings has attracted the interest of naturalists for ages.

Keebunga, dude!

Created for outdoor enthusiasts by outdoor enthusiasts, the Keebunga key case was designed to give the user peace of mind while they enjoy surfing, swimming, mountain biking, canoeing and more by keeping car keys safe and sound.

GPS Locator Concept by Raees PK

Lately we get a lot of submission for a small GPS locator, one of them is from Raees PK. It’s a small device that works GPS enabled mobile phone, so whenever you lose your valuable things such as money, purse, laptop, key or any other small things, you can easily track them if you attach the device onto those stuff.

Bring Home Some Moonlight

I love the creative expressions possible with the MoonLight Lamp. It is essentially an interactive wall LED lamp designed to produce endless possibilities when playing with lights, shadows and creating beautiful atmosphere.

In-flight Solar Phone Charger – Do Want NOW!

On a flight from London to Chicago, I was very happy to note that my Business Class seat had a USB charging station.

Vipp Shelter Offers Steel Shelter That You Can Place Anywhere You Want

Grab your bag for a weekend getaway, thanks to Vipp Shelter, you can decide where you want to stay for that weekend.