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Weekend Heller: Relive Pain

Relive and Relieve. Take time out of your busy day to lotion up with a liniment that works as well on humans as on horses.

Podcast Episode 36 – Bill Gardner on LogoLounge

HOW Design Live is more than a professional conference. It’s an inspiration-packed, global creative gathering guaranteed to open your mind, fuel your soul and power your career.

See How Hotels Are Attracting Millennials In The Era of AirBnB

Everybody loves to travel and since the its founding in 2008, AirBnB has made it possible for people to vacation and experience different cities more economically.

Vibrant Landscapes Photoshop Actions for Premium Members

Access All Areas members have a great new set of premium Photoshop Actions to download this week, courtesy of the photography experts at Contrastly.

Button Design: Low Tech, High Intensity

There is never a dearth of campaign buttons because buttons are the most intimate display of loyalty, preference and affiliation.

The Keys to a Successful Student Design Competition Entry

Advice from design director and current Adobe Design Achievement Awards judge, Paul Hoppe Concept, Execution & Presentation – Keys to a Successful Student Design Competition Entry By: Paul Hoppe We all want to get better at what we do, but this requires challenging ourselves.

Here Are 4 Absolutely Awesome Printed Annual Reports

Nowadays, everything is going digital. From books and images, to in office memos and reports. But one company is proving that print is not dead.

Designer of the Week: Bethany Heck

PRINT’s latest Designer of the Week, Seattle-based Bethany Heck, is the creative lead for the Microsoft Power BI team and enjoys putting her traditional design education to use in new media.

3 Tips for Building Client Relationships

Every designer, rather in-house or entrepreneur, benefits from establishing positive client relationships – this is a no-brainer.

Literacy and Resonance: Humanity and Design

Jessica Helfand’s thought-provoking new book of essays, Design: The Invention of Desire, is more than a design book or a book about design—it is a treatise on humanism, a critical philosophy of the values and consequences of our field.

7 Designer Stationery Boutiques from Around the World

Stationery shops are not what they used to be—they’ve become designer shops and luxury paper boutiques in their own right.

Good Luck Finding Your Way Out of This Challenging Maze Print

A love of mazes never goes away. It’s an easily understood concept that always has the potential to stump you.

In-Demand Design Jobs and Hiring Trends for Creative Professionals

From web designers to social media specialists, creative professionals looking for new challenges have plenty of options.

The 4 C’s of Social Media Marketing for Creatives

Editor’s Note: This article expands on Roberto Blake’s 2016 HOW Design Live session on creative self-promotion and social media marketing.

HOW Design Live Strategy Sessions at SVA

When Veronika Scott, founder and CEO of The Empowerment Plan, took the stage on Day Five of HOW Design Live in Atlanta she captivated all of us with her story.

These Photos Will Change The Way You Look At Strangers

When walking down the street, most people will either disregard or make judgments about the strangers around them.

These Tools Provide the Ultimate Shortcut to Creating Incredible Design Work

Having a library of tools and assets to work with is the best way to blast through your creative projects and create stunning results.

Why Falling in a Manhole Isn’t Funny

Michael Gerber is the publisher and editor of The American Bystander, one of the few, if the only, humor book/magazine left in the United States.

How to Be More Creative: Introverts vs. Extroverts

Everyone is desperate to be more creative these days. Between downloading the latest Tim Ferriss podcast or brushing off an old copy of The Artists’ Way (a relic of the ‘90s), we all want an IV drip of inspiration pumping into us 24/7.

Ever Wondered Where All That Annoying Spam Comes From?

From annoying junk mail to phishing scams to long lost relatives with large inheritances just waiting for you to come claim them, spam has become an everyday fact of life.