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It’s All How You Look At It: Fixed Perspective Fun With White Paper and Black Marker

Is there anything cooler than anamorphic art? Whether simple or complex, seeing 2D art jump from a page is pretty flipping awesome.

A 24-Day Journey to the World’s Extreme Environments with Photographer Klaus Thymann and Casio G-Shock

SPONSORED ARTICLE: Award-winning photographer, filmmaker, and creative director Klaus Thymann recently partnered with Casio G-Shock on a 24-day, globe-circling expedition to capture 3 pristine environments and test the time zone and extreme environmental capabilities of the GPW1000 – the World’s First GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid watch.

How to Be More Productive as a Web Designer

by Konstantin Bredyuk A complicated piece of work such as website design is not something that can be watered down in three steps.

Charles Leval Makes Art That Interacts With the Streets of Paris

French street artist Charles Leval (aka Levalet) is pasting up Paris with highly original artwork that interacts with the street itself.

Sagmeister & Walsh’s Newest Project May Be Their Biggest Yet

Here, for your moment of eye candy Zen, is Sagmeister & Walsh’s latest project—a massive campaign launch for Frooti, one of India’s largest mango juice brands.

Ads for the Shoe Fetishist

In the 1940s, the remarkable Reba Sochis was one of the very few women in the world of design (with the notable exception of Cipe Pineles Burtin, art director at Seventeen magazine).

Lessons from a Master of Cinema: How Akira Kurosawa Composed Movement

If you haven’t seen Tony Zhou’s excellent series Every Frame A Painting (previously), you are in for a treat.

Print’s 75th Anniversary Issue — Spring 2015

In this historic issue of Print magazine, celebrate Print’s 75th anniversary with a one-of-a-kind feature from Debbie Millman and much more.

4 Key Benefits to Branding

Designers and brand development Designers possess unique ways of thinking, and they have unique problem solving skills that are decidedly different than their more linear, analytical coworkers.

Mind-Blowing, Laser Cut, Mathematical Art Lights Up the World

You may have seen the beautiful works of Cozo Designs, as fractal night lights on the Playa at Burning Man.

In 1939, Pontiac Built a Transparent Car from Plexiglas

For the 1939-1949 World’s Fair in New York, Pontiac had a special surprise in store. Working in collaboration with chemical company Rohm & Haas, who had just developed a new product called “Plexiglas”, they created an entire body shell for a 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six.

10 Tips for Delicious Menu Design

Have your ever thought about the way food items were presented to you on a menu? Can something as simple as a menu design determine what and where you will eat?

Designing for the White House: Q&A with Ashleigh Axios

Sounds like a cool job, right? Digital creative director for The White House. (Yep, that’s The White House.) We look forward to Ashleigh Axios’s presentation at HOW Design Live, where she’ll pull back the curtain on designing for the most famous address in the country and managing a small and mighty in-house creative team.

Why We Love 160over90’s Client Promotions Design

Editor’s Note: 160over90‘s crazy-good client promotions design won Best of Show in last year’s Promotion & Marketing Design Awards.

Could You Live in an Internet Cafe? Japan’s “Cyber Homeless” Do

The cities in Japan can be challenging to live in. If you are not making a full-time salary, which typically involves long hours and high stress, then you are a temporary worker, which basically means you are on a short-term contract and making half as much as a “salary man.” With such low wages and rising rental costs, it’s tough to make rent.

Schwinn As Its Own Spokesperson

  I love books that celebrate a company’s history — I must have two dozen of them, easy! My grabbing them up has less to do with my affinity for the actual corporation, and more with how much fun they seem to be having tooting their own horn.

Video Tutorial: Painted Watercolor Effect in Photoshop

In today’s video tutorial I explain how to create a realistic painted watercolor effect in Photoshop.

What is FLomm?

FLomm is a design history video game developed from a class Steve Mehallo has been teaching since 2003.

Hell No, Helvetica: The Yosemite Backlash

When Apple began using the Neue Helvetica type family for iOS 7 and later Mac OS X 10.10, an uprising ensued.

Bizarre and Beautiful Architecture Collages Feature Parts from Many Buildings

Take a series of old world buildings, chop up their best bits, and rearrange them with an eye for the surreal and fantastic.