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Beam Me Up Soapy! Duncan Shotton’s UFO Abduction Soap Dispenser Is Out Of This World

Traditional soap dispensers are not that much fun, but British designer Duncan Shotton’s UFO soap pump does for hand washing what the rubber duck has done for bath time.

Keep Off the Lawn: A Giant Climbs Out of the Ground in Budapest

A giant recently climbed out of the ground in front of Széchenyi Square in Budapest, Hungary… or so it appeared. - Johns Hopkins Health Review, no.1 by... - Johns Hopkins Health Review, no.1 by Paweł Jońca.

Fascinating: This Animated GIF Shows 3 Different Ways To Breath

Hey there, Air Breathing Mammal. Think you get oxygen just like the other creatures around? Not even close.

Weekend Heller: Swastika Reclaimed

BBC producer Mukti Jain Campion, who founded Culture Wise to produce radio content, today aired “Reclaiming the Swastika” on BBC Radio 4, featuring an interview with me.

Excerpt: Archetypes & Brand Development Strategies

Margaret Hartwell (@MPHpov on Twitter) is an expert on brand development strategies. Margaret Hartwell is a strategy consultant, coach, educator and writer.

This Week in Design: Oct. 24, 2014

Most weeks, we head into our “Week in Design” recap with a theme in mind. This week that theme is lacking, but hopefully this mix of resources about logos, type design, photography and even beer as a team motivational tool will inspire you.

The Big Reveal: HOW Design Live 2015 Speakers + Sessions

Announcing Print’s all-new Typography & Lettering Awards! Whether you design your own typefaces, design type-centric pieces or create fascinating handlettered projects, we want to see your work.

The Beauty of Letterpress and Engraving

And now, two series that have been making us drool for quite a while: Neenah’s The Beauty of Engraving, and The Beauty of Letterpress, featuring commissioned work from Jessica Hische, Marian Bantjes, Design Army, Tad Carpenter, Armin Vit, and many others.


San Francisco’s Manual Creative launched their new website at the beginning of the month. It’s taken me this long to stop staring at it and post it on FFF, that’s how great it is!

Mash Creative

Mark Bloom sent us an email about 3 recent projects that are worth a feature, including a new Identity for Landscape Architect Mark Tessier and an ad campaign concept to promote Beats by Dre’s ‘Win the Game Before the Game’ custom World Cup country inspired headphones (both in collaboration with Hyp

Mid-Senior Designer

Window Illusions on the Streets of Istanbul

Spanish street artist Pejac recently took a trip to Istanbul, using his time there to give the city a few new windows (in his own illusory street art style of course).

Separated Well After Birth

Here is one of those classic cases of influence getting the better of a designer. Look at this 1990 poster by Stasys Eidrigevicius (left).

New Cityscape Sculptures “Sketched with a Bandsaw” from Artist James McNabb

When we last covered artist James McNabb, he was launching his series of bandsaw cut cities on Kickstarter, giving city blocks as rewards for support.

Plants With Pants! It’s Domsai by Matteo Cibic

Long days at the office in a cubicle can be very lonely. Now, instead of g-chatting your colleagues to feel more connected, you can place one of these stylish friends on your desk.

In the future we will absorb technology from the inside out and enhance our senses by eating ourselves

Stills from Lucy McRae’s short film MAKE YOUR MAKER Title: Lucy McRae See the film at the end of this post Play Video (3 min) Folkert

Mid-Senior Digital Designer

F-Bombs for Feminism

T-shirt company FCKH8′s F-Bombs for Feminism ad has been generating buzz and controversy in equal measure this week.

Bite of the Golden Bee

Mirko Ilic recently judged the prestigious 2014 Golden Bee Global Biennale in Moscow (as well as helped the parallel Moscow exhibition of SVA NYC subway posters).