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Try Making Your Own 3D Handprint With This Tutorial

Wondering how you’re going to keep your kids from uttering those utterly painful words “I’m bored” over the holiday break?

Weekend Heller: Multilingual Design

Afsoon Talai introduces his company Golreezan, a multilingual design store offering products in Hebrew, Persian, Armenian, Arabic and Urdu.

Comedy Improv: Ideation Central

Fear is an unavoidable part of the creative life, but too much of it can stifle your imagination. Discover how improv training can give you the courage to let go of your worries—and positively fuel your idea-sparking potential.

This Week in Design: Nov. 21, 2014

Challenges and solutions. These are the essence of what a designer does in a visual format. And it’s what we are looking at this week in design, from better ways to design responsive websites to a typeface for dyslexics to presenting complex information in an award-winning way.

IdeaWork Studios: Branding and Interactive Experts

IdeaWork Studios Inc., a full-service branding and interactive agency with offices in Santa Barbara, New York and Las Vegas, is one of those firms we love to hear about that’s proving that oftentimes the biggest work comes from small offices.

Tom Haugomat

Parisian based illustrator Tom Haugomat, has mastered the power of negative space in his beautifully simple illustrations work.

Poster Designs by Michael Osborne

San Francisco–based Michael Osborne Design has been creating some of the most memorable design around since 1981. Their award-winning work ranges from packaging to corporate identity and retail design for clients like Target, Williams-Sonoma and the U.S.

6 Vintage Guarantee Badges for Premium Members

Last month Jascha from Creatticon kindly donated a set of 26 hand drawn vector ribbons for Access All Areas members to download.

Monotype Revives Its Reputable Recorder

Monotype in the ’20s and ’30s issued various magazines and journals, including The Monotype Recorder.

11 Great Books to Help You Unwind

As one of those people perpetually on the hunt for great books, I often find myself need of some serious literary TLC.

The World’s First Circular Keyboard Puts The Old Straight 88 To Shame

Although the piano wasn’t born this way, Lady Gaga’s lead keyboardist, Brockett Parsons had to have something just as unconventional as the shows he was performing in.

Using Case Studies In House

One of the benefits of using Scrum for your in-house projects includes conducting a retrospective: you look at the problem you had to solve, what you created, what results you had, and what feedback you got, as well as any items remaining to be done.

A Radical Wooden Roadster Built from Plans (in 1959)

If you were “the least bit handy with ordinary tools and not afraid to get your hands dirty” you could build the car in these pictures, read an article in the September 1956 issue of Mechanix Illustrated magazine.

Is This How Millennials Will Save the World? It’s Beautifully Simple, and Incredibly Lazy.

They’ve been called the “selfie generation,” lazy, entitled and worse. But as this beautiful video explores, maybe there’s more to millennials.

A Button Said It All

Through sit-ins and picket lines, CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) had success in integrating northern public facilities in the 1940s.

A World Filled with Light and Love, Illustrated by Pascal Campion

Illustrator Pascal Campion has a big heart, and every one of his artworks shows it. That’s saying a lot too, because he’s amassed well over 3000 sketches since he started his Sketch of the Day project in 2006.

4 Copywriting Tools for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers increasingly need to add copywriting to their skillset. While the design itself sends a message, it needs to be coupled with verbal communication to enforce the content and meaning.

Interview: Khoi Vinh Discusses Wildcard

Designing for the mobile web is a challenge, designing the interfaces that we use to browse the Web is a greater challenge.

Supple Studio: New website

Lovely to see young studio Supple Studio have launched a shiny new website showcasing some of their latest work — can’t wait to see more!

Inside the Warrior: Photographer Highlights the Masculine Side of Yoga

While yoga classes in the US generally tend to have a high female to male ratio, there are increasingly more men embracing the practice.