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DIY Halloween Costumes Graphic Designers Will Love

A logo is one of the most important aspects of any business, and most designers have spent a fair share of time creating effective, cool logo designs for clients.

8 Design Mistakes That Ruin Your Content (And Easy Fixes)

Visual content is a crucial element in your content marketing. Whether it’s a one-off piece for social media or your latest company e-book, presentation is just as important as the content itself.

Design Links: Wes Kline, Katya Reka & Gatis Cirulis

Editor’s Note: This is part 37 in Emily Potts’ inspirational series, Design Links. Every other week she features three artists whose work offers fresh, fun and stimulating creative inspiration.

Top Brands Headline HOW Design Live

Design leaders working at the top of their game. Influencers who manage brand programs that companies large and small can learn from.

Video Tutorial: Trendy Folded Logo Design in Illustrator

I received a great topic suggestion on Twitter recently from Furquan101, who asked if I could make a guide on creating a folded logo in the style of Android N or the new Medium branding.

The Way It Was (and Somewhat Still Is)

There are 324,707,000 Americans living in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 12.3%–13.3% of the U.S.

20+ Realistic Lightroom Presets

Would you like to supercharge your workflow in Adobe Lightroom and be able to enhance your photographs with just one click?

Mary Kate McDevitt Talks Handlettering

Typography & Lettering Inspiration from Mary Kate McDevitt “It just has to feel right. If I look at a piece and something’s a bit off, it throws me.

How to Find Out the Design Budget (Even When the Client Doesn’t Know)

Don’t you hate it when you ask a client or prospect for their design budget on a project and they say they don’t have one?

DIY: A Photo Studio for Professional Product Shoots

Designers Roberto Blake and Jim Krause are on to something. They both passionately pursue photography as a side to their graphic design projects, and they advocate for other designers to pursue it as well.

This Clothing Line Actually Celebrates Awful Stock Photos

I don’t think most people are interested in t-shirts featuring awful stock photos plastered across the front, but if you’re one of the strange few, you’re in luck because Adobe Stock Apparel has an entire collection of them.

Get 3 Months of Skillshare Learning for $0.99

Keeping up with technology and maintaining your design skills has never been more important. From learning how to make the most of software and tools to learning how to create a watch app, there are plenty of opportunities for any designer, developer or freelancer to take advantage of on the path to success.

Type for Impaired Eyes

Thomas Bohm is a designer from Leicester College, England, whose studio User Design, Illustration and Typesetting works for book publishers and businesses, and is a graphic communication design, illustration and production service.

7 Coloring Books for Designers

This selection of coloring books for designers was originally featured in the Fall 2016 issue of HOW Magazine.

History in Wrigleyville: Vintage Cubs Memorabilia & Logo Designs

As a former Chicago resident who lived within two blocks of Wrigley Field, I have to admit my bias here.

Go On A Delightful Adventure With This Beautiful Folktale Game

If you’re looking for something fun and beautiful to play, Burly Men at Sea (BMAS) is the game for you.

Hand carved pearls by Shinji Nakaba.

Hand carved pearls by Shinji Nakaba.

The Center: An Identity Design Case Study

The following is a case study from past Logo Design Awards winner Hyperquake (winner in the identity applications category).

How to Make Color Overlays Work in Your Design

Color is an important part of almost any design. Whether you are a fan of bright, bold hues or prefer a more minimalist black and white, how you use color can have a great impact on the overall design.

30 Freakishly Good Movie Poster Designs for Your Favourite Horror Films

The run up to Halloween is the perfect time to absorb some inspiration from horror films! Designers, artists and illustrators love to produce fan art for their favourite movies, and the scary film genre provides plenty of creative avenues for them to explore.