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How To Create a Blueprint Effect in Adobe Photoshop

In today’s tutorial I’m going to take you through the process of creating a blueprint effect in Adobe Photoshop.

Man or Mouse! War is Hell!

In 1968, the war in Vietnam made Americans and the world aware that fighting on foreign soil could be government folly rather than a battle against falling dominoes.

Weekend Heller: Searching For Design History

The amazing thing about the internet is the internet. For design historians, what can be a better resource?

How to Silence Your Inner Critic & Get More Creative Work Done

Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted from Shut Your Monkey: How to silence the critic in your head and get to work by Danny Gregory.  by Danny Gregory Here you are, minding your own business.

Inspiration, Career Influencers and Design Heroes

I’m one of those lucky people who knew early on what I wanted to do when I grew up, and my parents always encouraged me to develop my talent.

The Rock Poster Art of Todd Slater

The gig posters of artist Todd Slater go beyond simple advertisements for a night of rock and roll. The band name is there.

Need Help Meditating? This Wonderful Chart Will Help

If you’re having a stressful day, this fantastic chart has all the tips and tricks you need to help you meditate.

Human-Centered Design at Daylight Design

Brothers Brett and Sven Newman: both designers, both alumni of Stanford d.School, and both leading social innovation and design consultancy Daylight Design.

JT Steiny’s Caustic Caricatures

Editor’s Note: Many of the following images are NSFW and feature adult themes. This much is unquestionably true: one, that the artwork in a new exhibition opening tomorrow in L.A.

Get Inspired: The Humble Beginnings Of 5 Billion Dollar Companies

When starting a company, the general rule of thumb is to get resources such as investments, a suitable location to grow, and encouragement from investors and sponsors.

Celebrate International Design: Australian Branding Edition

In celebration of this year’s HOW International Design Awards, we’re showcasing a selection of the finest branding and identity application projects from Australian design firms. The projects spotlighted below grabbed our attention for a variety of reasons: some utilize delightful photography, or represent solid application of the identity across collateral.

Hand-Drawn Vintage Racing Elements for Premium Members

There’s more vector goodies for Access All Areas members to download this week, thanks to another kind contribution from Adrian Pelletier.

Take My Art, Please!

Lou Beach is known for his collage illustrations, one of the masters of the comic side of this surreal artform.

This Absolutely Awesome Anti-Campaign Is Actually Promoting Tourism

The people Bowen Island in British Columbia want you to “Tell your friends it’s awful here.” The new community identity developed for the island stems from the love-hate relationship the people of Bowen have with tourists.

This Awesome Map Will Actually Teach You About Music

If you ever wanted to learn about the history of music and the insane amount of genres and subgenres, this map is for you.

Job Hopping: It’s Often Accepted if You’re Showing Growth

In the not-so-recent past, creative professional job hopping was considered a negative from an employers’ standpoint.

Here Are The Best Fixes For Your Content Marketing Problems

If you constantly face content marketing problems, you’re not alone. Limited resources, weak strategy, ineffective content—there are so many obstacles.

Designer of the Week: Christi du Toit

Meet Designer of the Week Christi du Toit, a funny, independent creative who hails from South Africa and specializes in illustration and custom lettering.

Psychedelic Black and White

Psychedelics are usually seen in color. But there was a black-and-white side to the experience represented here in the work of Lee Conklin, who produced posters for the Fillmore West from 1968–1970 and published a book of his drawings titled Viva La Mutation.

This Is What Happens When A Festival Goes Green

Cancel your holiday plans because you’re gonna want to go to Thailand instead. This winter in Pattaya, Thailand, Wonderfruit, Thailand’s world-renowned camping festival, is offering eclectic entertainment while making large strides towards becoming one of the top sustainable festivals in the world.