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Infographic – Top 10 Digital Branding Trends for 2015

Infographic – Top 10 Digital Branding Trends for 2015 Top-10-Digital-Branding-Trends-for-2015-infographic_BorensteinGroup1.jpg (792×2304).

How to Create Realistic Water Drop Reflections in Adobe Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating As part of our series on creating custom Photoshop Brushes from Scratch, I published a Quick Tip on how to capture and create custom water drops and turn them into brushes in Adobe Photoshop.

11 Useful WordPress Plugins For Front-End Content Management

WordPress is offering few of those plugins, which will help the users to use WordPress with more ease, they will get all of their desired features on the front-end.

15 Free Resources for Google Material Designers

The popularity of Google Material Design has engendered a new era of user interface conceptualization.

Infographic – The Top 5 Web Trends of 2015

Infographic – The Top 5 Web Trends of 2015 top5trends2015_6.jpg (936×8451). The post Infographic – The Top 5 Web Trends of 2015 appeared first on cutpaste Artist.

Community Project Showcase: Your First Creations—Part Two

New to this project? Check out part one of our Tuts+ Community Project celebrating Your First Creations.

Theories of Psychology and their Application in Designing

For all marketers, it is obligatory to do the prerequisite courses in psychology. Why is that so? They prepare you for even more courses of psychology that follow basic marketing courses.

Vivaldi – A New Browser for Our Friends

In 1994, two programmers started working on a web browser. Their idea was to make a really fast browser, capable of running on limited hardware, keeping in mind that users are individuals with their own requirements and wishes.

Valentine’s Day Sweets! Chocolate Covered Strawberry Vector

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Rather than getting your loved one the same old cheap gifts you get every year, why not create a chocolate covered strawberry vector for them?

Are You Up-To-Date with the Best WP Themes in 2015?

How do you plan on tackling WordPress projects this year? You have a responsibility towards your client to create a website that works.

How to Create Infographics With Connector Tools in CorelDRAW

What You'll Be Creating In this tutorial we'll use some of CorelDRAW's excellent tools for creating infographics and flowcharts.

Branding – The important contributor to business success

Branding is without doubt one of the key contributors to the success of a business, services or products.

Learn How to Give Ephemera a New Life

What You'll Be Creating Giving ephemera a new life is easy with a few simple preparation steps. We'll prime our antique paper and then start to paint on the image of your choice.

8 Free Online Virtual Room Tools

Planning and designing your home is fun and we all love to do it. In this day and age, we live each day by looking at home improvement shows, checking architecture and interior websites and then spend countless hours in planning how we would like to design our space.

An Agile Trello Workflow That Keeps Tasks Flexible

Getting things done isn’t just about shipping a product, or checking off items on a list, or even about marking a project as “Done.” Getting things done is a process: it’s a way of thinking that involves planning, execution, iteration, and reflection.

Creating Micro Content in Web Design

Headlines, titles, taglines as well as a small group of words, intriguing images or a short captivating video can be attributed to micro content.

New Course: Designing Media Kits That Sell

Printed media kits are a driving force behind any promotional campaign and are still widely used today. In Designing Media Kits That Sell, you'll learn all the key components of a media kit, and how to design one for maximum impact.  What You'll Learn Whether you're designing a kit for your blog or for a big-time publication, this course gives you all the tools you need to create a media kit that sells.

Intercooler.js – Making AJAX As Simple As Anchor Tags

With intercooler you can add AJAX to your application without using client-side models, routing, validation, rendering, factories or dependency injection.

Tutorials and Plugins for Website Preloading Screens

Dynamic websites often utilize preloading screens to guarantee that all resources are loaded before the page fully renders in the browser.

How to Create Stylish Transparent Labels for your Web Images in Photoshop

Transparency is seriously trending in web design right now, due to the popular use of large images, transparencies help to make the text pop on the busy image.