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He transforms the drawings of his son into badass manga characters

The French illustrator and animator Thomas Romain, based in Tokyo, is having fun transforming the drawings of his young son into really badass manga characters!

Mozilla���s Rebranding Gets Thumbs-Up From Designers

Unsurprisingly, the design community has quite a bit to say about Mozilla���s new open-sourced logo and branding identity that have just been unveiled.

9 Penny Pinching Metal Wallets to Fit Any Budget

The concept of a wallet is nearly obsolete. The bulky, bulgy, uncomfortable and uncouth boulder of previous decades is a thing of history.

Barack Obama – His official photographer unveils his favorite photos

Pete Souza, the White House’s official photographer for Barack Obama, reminds the eight years spent with the former president.

Shia LaBeouf confronts white supremacist on live stream

Three days into Shia LaBeouf, Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner’s four-year-long ‘HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US’ live art installation, LaBeouf confronted a white supremacist on-camera.

600-Year-Old Buddha Emerges From The Lake In China

A 600-year-old Buddha statue has emerged from the Hongmen Reservoir when 30 feet (10 m) of water was drained because of the nearby hydropower gate renovation.

Soulless Eyes – The tattoos of Slumdog

A selection of the tattoos by the Swiss artist Slumdog, inspired by vintage portraits or pin-ups to create mysterious and bewitching faces of women in blackwork.

Nature Interiors: When Nature Invades Abandoned Places

The British artist Suzanne Moxhay, based in London, imagines some amazing surreal creations, using collages, matte painting and digital retouching.

Colorful & Minimalist Miami Rescue Towers

Le photographe Paolo Pettigiani avait réalisé une magnifique série nous montrant la ville de New York en infrarouge.

10 Hot Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Cards: ���A card design became so popular in web design because of the popularity of Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and other services with card layout of their content.��� While design should not always be dictated by the latest trends, knowing what is up and coming in your field can lead you to explore new elements that was previously off your radar.

marina dunbar

Oooooh! So many layers of resin… if I could dive in, I totally would! These ocean-inspired pieces are the work of Belarus-born, US-based artist Marina Dunbar.

This Woman And Her Cat Have Been On The Most Gorgeous Sailboat Adventure Since 2006

Liz Clark, a self-proclaimed “she-pirate,” and her cat Amelia have been sailing around the world in an 11-by-40-foot boat since 2006.

Dad Turns His Sons’ Sketches Into Amazing Anime Characters

Thomas Romain is a French artist who lives in Tokyo. He’s worked on various anime series such as Symphogear, Space Dandy, Aria, and Basquash!

Mom and Girls – She poses with her two little girls in matching clothes

Mom of two little girls, the British blogger Dominique from All That is She is having fun staging herself with her daughters Amelia and Penny, wearing matching clothes.

Artist Playfully Reimagines Classic Art Paintings As LEGO People

You’ve seen LEGO minifigurines, those yellow humans that inhabit every imaginable LEGO universe. But what would happen if they magically appeared in some of the world’s most famous paintings?

Send A Post Card

I agree with Oliver Jeffers: “People of the USA, if you are concerned about the steps the new administration has already taken in the first few days of office (regarding climate change, women’s reproductive rights, LGBT rights, immigrant rights, civil rights, and the creation of ‘alternative facts’), then outline what matters to you in a postcard mailed to your senator.

Toe, Petal, Cosmos

Queer Wang created this piece based on Quantum Theory which describes that one object could exist at the same time in different parts of this world in any unexpected form.


“The noblest kind of retribution is not to become like your enemy.” – Marcus Aurelius lets you watch random YouTube videos with almost no views. (via Kottke)

Amazing Rock Art Pieces By Stefano Furlani

Born and raised in Fano, Italy, Stefano Furlani is accustomed to life lived along the sea and its sandy, rocky shores.