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Happy & Red RUSter Candy - adorable lollipop...

Happy & Red RUSter Candy - adorable lollipop shape and packaging. (Want more? See and

Christopher Konecki’s Surreal Urban Explorations

Christopher Konecki’s vibrant paintings, sculptures, and murals distort and create surreal artifacts out of urban landscapes.

Newfields, a Place for Nature & the Arts in...

Newfields, a Place for Nature & the Arts in Indianapolis, IN has a great logo by Young & Laramore. (Want more?

10 Creative and Original Navigation Menus

The main thing that separates a good site from a great site is how easy it is to navigate.  If the links aren’t consistent throughout the site and the viewer gets more and more lost the deeper they go into your site, eventually they will become so frustrated they will leave.  Or if the content is laid out in a manner that a dozen clicks are required just to get the information they’re looking for, they’ll leave.  Let’s take a look at these few web sites that I think are in a league of their own in regards to navigation.

A shelf so smart, it’s designed to adapt to our different needs and spaces

Designed by Laurindo Marta for WEWOOD, X2 is a versatile bookshelf in 100% solid oak with a high-level of customization, once it is made from two blocks with the same size that allow a free composition.

Head Back To The 80s With Chris Mcveigh’s LEGO Retro Desk Kits

Feeling nostalgic? Illustrator, photographer, and LEGO-builder extraordinaire Chris Mcveigh has a knack for toy brick building.

Drinkin' Smokin' & West Coastin': A Group...

Drinkin' Smokin' & West Coastin': A Group Love/Hate Letter to LA opens tonight at the Think Tank Gallery in DTLA - and that just the beginning of an epic month of events, installations, and quite the roster of artists.

Janaina Mello Landini’s Fractal Rope Installations

Janaina Mello Landini's work may appear as representations of the circulatory system of the human body or roots from the natural world.

Artist Remixes Classic Disney Characters, Reimagines Them As Transgender

Image by trans.disney and featured with permission Imagine if Cinderella never wanted to put on glass slippers and transform into the belle of the ball.

Grace and Truth: an exploration of physical and metaphorical transformation

Who would have thought that time would be the main component for art? Lisa Folino has never strived to make a perfect photograph, in fact, she has embraced the imperfections and accidents in the photographic process.

Art In The Shadows: Artist Damon Belanger Enlivens City With Serendipitous Paintwork

Damon Belanger Damon Belanger, a local artist from San Carlos, created the stencil designs for his latest art project at his home before heading to downtown Redwood City where he draws it out in chalk and paints the design on the sidewalk.

Link About It: This Week's Picks: Freelance achievement stickers, Prince's own purple, the science of magic mushrooms and more

1. Understanding the Natural Chemicals Within Magic Mushrooms Since 1968, scientists have explored the enzymatic process in magic mushrooms that produces its active chemical, psilocybin.

Papier Machine booklet features electronic toys that are made from its pages

French designers Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage have designed a set of 13 electronic toys that are cut, folded and assembled from paper printed in special ink.  The pair set out to create toys that would highlight the omnipresence of electronics, using paper printed with conductive or thermosensitive ink, and a kit of components such as batteries and propellors.

Hyperrealism Colored Pencil Drawings By CJ Hendry

You may know artist Cj Hendry for her black and white work, including a Chanel perfume bottle and Kayne West’s face on a $100 bill.

The director of live-action Death Note talks white-washing

Following the Ghost in the Shell cinematic adaption, years of Akira rumours and news of upcoming Bleach and Cowboy Bebop film releases, Death Note is the latest Japanese anime set to hit screens as a live-action film.

Spanish Designer Fernando Abellanas Works In A Secret Studio Right Under The Bridge

One designer has come up with a novel response to the urban space shortage in Valencia – slot a pop-up studio into the underside of a traffic bridge.

Can You Spot Yourself In These Designer Stereotypes?

Whether your desk is messy or tidy, your walls adorned with pop culture posters or neatly framed art pieces, you could see yourself in one of these delightfully stereotypical designer character illustrations.

A Banksy artwork lost for a decade has been rediscovered

A Banksy piece that first appeared on the wall of public toilets in Shoreditch, east London has been rediscovered over a decade later.

Luxury brand presented as mass consumption’s logos

We can easily recognize fonts and colors as if they were universal symbols, almost religious signs. In his last work Reilly, a Scottish graphic designer interested in luxury brands logos and their influence on society, questions our relationship with visual brand contents. He therefore makes fun of it, turning these elements into something else, at the opposite of their signification.

Do you remember? An exhibition of childhood memory sculptures

Australian sculptor John Abery has created a series of sculptures about childhood memories. The sculptures, which are primarily made of wood depict oversize ‘hyper-real’ items that are or were of significance to his and other people’s childhoods.