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Blow-Up Party: Inflatable Black Plastic Dance Club & Bar

[ By SA Rogers in Drawing & Digital. ] Deliberately dark and pipe-like to recreate the feel of being in a secret subterranean space, this inflatable nightclub and bar by Bureau A comes complete with blow-up benches, tables and a DJ booth.

Wanderlust Alphabet (A – E) by Jack Daly

Letters A – E of the Wanderlust Alphabet, an ongoing illustration project by Jack Daly. Jack Daly is a graphic designer, illustrator, and art director who lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

‘ReActor’ house rotates atop a concrete column

REACTOR is the latest work in an experimental series of ‘social relationship architecture’ designed and built by artists Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley.

Patta & Carhartt W.I.P. – 2016 Fall/Winter Collection

This is the two brands’ second collab, following on from their 2014 ‘Wild at Hartt’ partnership. This time they say there is more on offer: a wide range of classic Carhartt apparel and accessories reworked with Patta‘s street-ready style.

Put your dog’s mug, on a mug

Put your dog’s mug, on a mug

Remembered Friends

yourboystookahellofabeating: My tumblr dash is sadly a lot quieter now that @archatlas has been shifted off to Tumblr heaven due to the vagaries of the the DCMA takedown system.

Moroso — Romantic Chic — Udine, Italy

Be inspired by the creative MOROSO world of the romantic touch with floral patterns, damask embroidery and picturesque designs.

Old timber chapel offers historic bones in the English countryside

If you’ve ever dreamed of setting off into the English countryside to live a simpler life, this may be your chance.

The legs of New York

As the photo series Humans of New York has grown in popularity, Stacey Baker has taken a different approach to documenting the city and its diverse population.

Caring Animal Hospital Provides Custom Wheelchairs for All Disabled Dogs

The dogs rescued at Adăpostul Speranța, a Romanian animal hospital, are provided shelter and care for the rest of their lives.

Paris officially bans cars along a bank of the Seine to address pollution concerns

Part of a larger “Paris Breathes” program The Paris mayor’s ambitious (and controversial) plan to make the banks of the Seine more pedestrian-friendly has been approved by the city council, Le Monde reports, and is part of a larger "Paris Breathes" anti-pollution campaign by mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Artist Transforms Single Sheets of Paper Into Intricately Cut Designs

Delicate and exceptionally elaborate, Pippa Dyrlaga’s exquisite paper art is a cut above the rest. The Yorkshire-based artist transforms simple sheets of plain paper into extraordinarily complex works of art using nothing but a pencil and a scalpel.

Link About It: Unlike Trump's Wall, Tecate Wants One Made of Beer

In time for the first debate and 41 days until the election, Tecate released a clever TV spot that's funny, but political.

9 More Cartoons to Help You Avoid Any Actual Work

If you want to continue avoiding any actual work, follow the sage advice in these nine cartoons. #1 Always listen to science.

Furniture made from recycled newspaper has brick-like strength, marble finish

An upgrade from cardboard certainly Sometimes designers make furniture out of paper and leave nothing to the imagination—just look at these lumpy lamps and stools.

Unexpected Design: Check Out How This Traditional Chinese Foot-Powered Lathe Works 

It's incredible that over the centuries, folks on different continents devised different-but-similar solutions to the same problem.

Limited Edition Spooky Graveyard Set

Loving the super spooky limited edition Graveyard Set.

Zeixs — 52Aces III — Köln, Germany

52Aces – “The Original” in its third edition — is a limited poker deck (999 Decks), were all 54 cards were created unique by international artists in there own style.

Bruce Conner’s Rebellion

In film and photography, the subversive artist confronted American life in the Atomic Age. By Maika Pollack Bruce Conner, BOMBHEAD, 1989.

U-505 Submarine Dive Simulator

Leviathan and Luci Creative have developed a U-505 submarine dive simulator for the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago.