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Coming Soon to a Riot Near You: Crowd Control Vehicles With Electrified Hose Water

We've all had this problem: Sometimes you want to electrocute a lot of people all at once, and a single taser gun won't cut it.

archatlas: Gräfelfing 2012 by Architekt Uwe Klose

archatlas: Gräfelfing 2012 by Architekt Uwe Klose

Shigeru Ban's disaster relief structures take spotlight in new exhibition

The exhibit at Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation runs through July 1 You can now see, in person, two emergency shelters designed by Shigeru Ban, the Pritzer Prize-winning Japanese architect known for creating makeshift structures out of cardboard and other inexpensive materials.

Cool Lamps Every Home Should Have

People don’t think much about light, though we should. It is light reflecting off of the objects around us that allow us to see.

Broken by the Weight of Snow, a Tengu Nose is Now Repaired

all photos courtesy Sankei Photo Earlier this year in January, Japan saw heavy snowfall that caused the nose of a local Tengu to break off.

Designer Figures Out How to Perfect That Transforming "Open/Closed" Sign

Remember the clever, transforming "open/closed" sign invented by Japanese mime (you read that right) Yosuke Ikeda?

Link About It: An Online Auction For Change

With all proceeds going to the ACLU, Run for Something, Sierra Club, and Campaign Legal Center, Sight Unseen's Design for Progress auction is online now.

The ancient Chinese art of carved lacquer bares its intricacy in an ongoing exhibition

Carved lacquer, an important traditional Chinese art form, is the subject of “Cinnabar: The Chinese Art of Carved Lacquer,” an ongoing exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

archatlas: Plettenberg Bay Residence by SAOTA

archatlas: Plettenberg Bay Residence by SAOTA

17 “Girly” Drinks That Every “Man” Should Try

Men, stop it. Our fathers and their fathers and their fathers all tortured themselves with high proof strong drink that made them wince every time they even smelt it, let alone allowed it onto their tongue.

A Driverless Car Competition About Everything Except Cars, a Family Friendly Maker Festival and More

Jumpstart your week with our insider's guide to events in the design world. From must-see exhibitions to insightful lectures and the competitions you need to know about—here's the best of what's going on, right now.

Gravity Headphones

Stylish, comfortable, and innovative – Korean designer Kyumin Ha’s new conceptual headphones are literally turning audio design on its head.

Adorn Your Fingers with a Tiny Bouquet of Flowers

Referencing the Japanese art of flower arranging known as ikebana, NYC-based product designer Gahee Kang came up with a way to bring that joy to your hand.

Dögg Design turns dried fish into Uggi lights

Dögg Design adopted the Icelandic tradition of drying whole fish to create this series of lamps, which were exhibited during DesignMarch 2017.

Dyson remains “enormously optimistic” about UK business post-Brexit

Sir James Dyson has suggested that UK businesses should focus on developing trading relations with countries outside of Europe in post-Brexit Britain.

Link About It: Astronomy Rewind

The newly launched NASA-funded project called Astronomy Rewind calls on people to uncover old, lost cosmic images to create a public database.

Striking swimming pool complex is clad entirely in a white chevron pattern

It’s part of an 18th century mansion in Sweden Claesson Koivisto Rune, the Swedish multidisciplinary design studio, has created a striking swimming pool and spa facility that sits on the property of an 18th century mansion in southern Sweden.

Bjarke Ingels’s Instagram post draws attention to architecture’s gender gap

‘BIG BOYS&GIRL’ An Instagram post shared by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels over the weekend is generating an impassioned conversation in the comment section about gender in architecture.

PlayJam: A Stylish Portable Gaming Console

The PlayJam Gamining Console is a portable gaming system. There are two components in the PlayJam system, the handheld controller and the Puck, which is a small remote device which plugs into any display/TV.

The Fox Is Black is visiting Milan – April 1-6

Though I don’t do it as often as I’d like to, I love traveling. The pleasures of exploring the unknown, the excitement of having your first conversations in a foreign language, these are exhilarating feelings that can only be attained through traveling.