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World’s First Art Exhibition For Dogs

If you thought art was only for humans, we’ve got news for you. Last Friday, Dominic Wilcox opened the world’s first art exhibition for dogs – ‘Play More’.

This GIF Compares The Legroom Of Economy Seats Among Major US Airlines

Created by CNN, the following GIF compares the legroom of economy seats among major US airlines. It seems Jet Blue offers the most legroom space, while Spirit offers the least.

Guys Share How Their Texting Behavior Changes When It Involves A Girl They Fancy

Image via Shutterstock Many of us can likely attest to that excitement and anxiety felt when we exchange text messages with someone whom we fancy.

Closure Of Bansky���s ���Dismaland��� Inspires New Wave Of Support For Street Artists

A full year has passed since Bansky opened his high profile art exhibition ���Dismaland��� in the British seaside resort Weston-super-Mare, yet its effect on the lives of residents continues to ripple through the small town.

Stunning Street Photography Taken Exclusively From The Eyes Of London���s Homeless

Graffiti Area by Saffron Saidi After the whopping success of the 2015 edition of the MyLondon Photography Contest, the UK-based initiative Caf�� Art decided to bring the project back this year to continue shining a light on the homeless in Britain.

Watch: What Happens When You Pour Sulfuric Acid On A McDonald���s Big Mac

[Click here to view the video in this article] YouTube channel LET���S MELT THIS, known for running quirky science experiments that liquefy various objects including a toothbrush and Styrofoam cup, is back with a McDonald���s Big Mac and sulfuric acid for its latest tryout.

LOL: Mums And Dads Swap Faces With Their Babies

Face-swapping has become a popular way of editing photographs on social media as the resulting images are often hilarious.

More Magical Stories About The ���Harry Potter��� World To Come In New eBooks Series

Potterheads around the globe will rejoice at the announcement that more tantalizing tidbits are inching their way from the enchanted world of Harry Potter.

Creative, Minimalist, Kindergarten House That Comes With A Two-Story Slide

Located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, Chinese studio MAD has transformed an old house into a low-cost kindergarten by using recycled wooden structure from the existing building.

Infographics: 23 Things Never To Say To Your Coworkers, Even If You���re Friends

In the corporate world, getting along with your coworkers can make the working environment better and improve productivity.

Infographic: How ���Game of Thrones��� Characters And Marketing Roles Are Similar

Game of Thrones is filled with versatile characters and marketing company Agile CRM decided to present them with a twist.

Flexible Color Pencils That Don���t Need Sharpening For Your Adult Coloring Books

[Click here to view the video in this article] Created by consumer goods company Ausino New Material Company, the ���Flexcil��� is an innovative new product that is not only useful for children and schoolteachers, but also for grown ups who have an interest in adult coloring books.

NSFW: Makeup Embossed With Butts, Penises And Vaginas

We previously featured these strange lipsticks that are shaped like veiny penises. Bitchslap Cosmetics, the same company that brought us these NSFW lipsticks, is now back with more X-rated products.

British Olympic Athletes Play “Spot Your Bag” On Arrival At Heathrow Airport

Team GB may have returned from Rio with a record haul of Olympic medals, but unknown to them, one last challenge awaited them when they landed at Heathrow – trying to find their luggage.

Embroidered illustrations of Sarah Benning

The delicate embroidered illustrations of American artist Sarah K. Benning, who imagines soft and natural compositions filled with plants and flowers.

Beautiful terrariums by Nightshade Studio

The Canadian designer Alexander McLachlin, creator of Nightshade Studio, imagines beautiful geometric terrariums for your plants, mixing with talent the modern aesthetic to a deliciously vintage spirit.

BMX – The explosives tricks of Mark Webb

The British rider Mark Webb, BMX professional, opens the doors of his favorite skatepark and reveals the whole extent of his talent by chaining the most mind-blowing tricks and combos!

LOL: If The Ten Commandments Were Written In Modern Times For Millennials

[Click here to view the video in this article] If the Ten Commandments were written in the 21st century for millennials, what would they be?

For Designers: Great Google Fonts Combinations For Your Next Project

As a designer, you would probably have spent a lot of time trying to find perfect font combinations for your projects.

LOL: How To Ruin Someone���s Instagram Food Photo

[Click here to view the video in this article] Are you tired of seeing your friends capture food photos for Instagram?